now they can make pancake babies

Pancakes (Ethan)


You stirred the pancake batter in the large bowl placed in front of you as you danced to the music currently blasting through your speakers. You had woken up in a good mood from a well night’s rest and Ethan had gone out to an early morning meeting so you had the apartment to yourself. He was expected to be home in a matter of minutes and you decided, being the amazing girlfriend that you were, you’d make him some chocolate chip pancakes to greet him with. You were in the midst of adding the chocolate chips into the mix, popping one in your mouth along the way, as you wiggled your hips to the music. You turned around to grab some more when you gasped seeing Ethan standing in the doorway, a sexy smirk plastered across his face, as he watched you. He quirked his eyebrow when you locked eyes with him. He gave your body a once over before breaking into an ear splitting grin. You were dressed in nothing but a plain grey t-shirt of his and some panties. Your hair was in a messy bun on top of your head but he still thought this was the sexiest you’d ever looked.

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Prompt List

Here is my prompt list! It is organized and labelled! Feel free to send in requests for the numbers and reblog and use for yourself, just give credit where appropriate ;) Enjoy! (I can always add more categories! But this is what I have for now!)


1. “I like your face.” 

2. “You’re too damn overprotective!” 

3. “Stop being so jealous will you?” 

4. “You’re my favorite.” 

5. “Come cuddle me.” 

6. “I just need a hug.” 

7. “I’ll kill the bitch.”

8. “Are you sure you like me?” “One hundred percent.” 

9. “You’re too damn perfect.” 

10. “Why do you send me porn audio messages while I’m in class?” “So you can meet me in detention and we can try that under the desk.” 

11. “Hold my hand so people know we’re dating.”

12. “Did you just lick the side of my face?” “I claimed you.” 

13. ”Okay but if my parents catch us, we’re dead.” 

14. “So we order a bunch of food and pig out?” “Pretty much.” 

15. “Come sit on my lap.” 

16. “Don’t cry, please?” 

17. “There’s no need to shove your tongue down my throat. I just wanted a kiss.”

18. “Your makeup is running. I think I know a way I could help. “

19. “You know I’m here if you need me.” 

20. “I can try to help you with your homework.”

Marriage/Relationship after wedding-

21. “Are you still sure you love me?” “A thousand percent.” 

22. “I can’t tell you enough how beautiful you look in that dress.”

23. “I can’t tell you enough how handsome you look as my groom.”

24. “So who will be the first to get cake smashed in their face?”

25. “We’re so having fun tonight after the ceremony is over.” 

26. “Just wait until I get you back to the hotel.” 

27. “Thank you for loving me no matter what, even though I piss you off a lot.” 

28. “Do you have to spoon so close to me?”

29. “I like this bed sheet.” “It doesn’t matter for me, you take all of the blankets and mattress space anyway.”

30. “Is walking around naked really necessary?”

31. “Watching you do you makeup still turns me on to this day.” 

32. “I still appreciate your lingerie.” 

33. “Can I help you make dinner?” 

34. “What do you want for breakfast?” “Is it pancake Sunday?”

35. “You’re sick, just chill out and let me clean for you.” 

36. “You mixed the reds and the whites! I’m never letting you do laundry ever again!” 

37. “So how about children?” “You think we’re ready for that?” “I’m ready for anything with you.”

38. “Join me in the shower?” 

39. “I’m taking you out tonight, go get ready.” 

40. “You know I’d do anything for you.” 


41. “So I have really good news…”

42. “So what do we name him?” “Girl…its a girl.” 

43. “I can feel it moving! Get over here quick!” 

44. “I’m really craving salt and sugar.” “I’ll go get you something from the store.” 

45. “Is there a reason you’re hunched over the toilet bowl?” “I should have told you this sooner…but I’m pregnant…surprise?”

46. “I feel fat.” “But you’re perfect.”

47. “This stomach just makes it harder to cuddle.” 

48. “I love the both of you with all of my heart.” “Actually, the three of us.”

49. “Twins? No that can’t be right.” 

50. “I skipped my period…” “What? No no no…” “Oh my god.” 

51. “So these are the pictures from the doctor’s visit?” “Yeah, that’s our baby right there.” 

52. “Every night at midnight I have to pee I swear.” 

53. “I can’t look at food all of a sudden.” 

54. “That sandwich looks really good right now.” 

55. “At least your boobs are bigger.” “Is that too much?”

56. “I hope the baby has your eyes because they’re beautiful.” 

57. “I think my water just broke.” 

58. “Can you feel it kicking?” 

59. “Um…we need to get to the hospital right now. This child is coming out of me.” 

60. “This hurts so much. We have to use condoms next time, you can never plan this pain as much as you plan for the baby!” 


61. “Don’t eat that!” 

62. “Mommy will be mad if you do that!” 

63. “Daddy won’t be too happy if you do that!”

64. “I can make you pancakes or waffles for breakfast.” 

65. “Be nice to your sister!” 

66. “Don’t treater your brother like that!” 

67. “No cussing in this house young man/young lady!”

68. “We can go to the park if you do your homework.”

69. “Mommy, Daddy, I want a little sister or brother.” 

70. “Where do babies come from?” 

Sex/Sexual Suggestions-

71. “So how about we take this…down the hall?” “No.” “Oh come on! Please?” 

72. “We haven’t had sex in like a month, you’re just going to tease me like that?”

73. “Aww you’re blushing, but I’d like to make another pair blush.” 

74. “Don’t bite that fucking lip.”

75. “You know you can go faster right?”

76. ”Did you just…really?! Inside me?” 

77. “You’re literally perfect.” 

78. “Did you dress like this all for me?” “You know I did.” “Well let me unwrap you.” 

79. “I could watch you ride me all day.” 

80. “Your head between my legs sounds good right now.” 

81. “If you dressed in a suit I would fuck you as an equivalent to you fucking me in lingerie.” 

82. “You have ten minutes, if my parents hear us or see us we are done for.” 

83. “You’re really cute when you’re bent over and waiting for me.” 

84. “My hand or the belt?” 

85. “Let’s get you cleaned up and I’ll buy you something to eat.” 

86. “What are you doing? That was my favorite shirt, I told you not to tear that.” 

87. “Keep the panties on, I’ve only dreamed of fucking you in that exact pair.” 

88. “Are you sure?” “Yes I trust you with my life.” “Well then get over here.” 

89. “Don’t make too much noise, we wouldn’t want everyone to hear you now would we?” 

90. “Why so much noise? Have you never been fingered before?” “N-no.” “Good let me continue to enlighten you.” 


91. “Why do your eyes look like that?” 

92. “No you can’t be, no no no.” 

93. “So how old are you really?” 

94. “My boyfriend/girlfriend is a vampire.” 

95. “How did you do that? I mean you just changed into something stronger.” 

96. “If we want to be together then you have to tell me the truth, that’s all I ask. I’ve been nothing but truthful to you!”

97. “Y-your teeth. What?” “It’s nothing.” “That isn’t just ‘nothing’ what was that?” 

98. “I think its best if you stayed away from me, you’re nothing but dangerous to me.” 

99. “I’ve thought it over…I want to be with you still. You being a vampire doesn’t change how I feel about you.” 

100. “Tell me everything. You know I soak up history like a sponge.” 


101. “What is with all the chains?” “You shouldn’t be here.” “I’m just curious. Is something wrong?” 

102. “No! You’re obviously in pain I’m not leaving you!” 

103. “That’s how you break the curse? Oh…my god.” 

104. “Isn’t this going to cause problems between you and I?” 

105. “Your mate? No way.” “But my wolf desires you.” “You’re crazy this isn’t real.” 

106. “I appreciate you protecting me but isn’t it getting to be a little too much?” 

107. “I’ll keep your secret.”

108. “Y-your eyes…they’re beautiful.” 

109. “How many…people have you hurt since you turned?”

110. “I’m not afraid of you. So don’t think I am.” “You should be, you’re stupid if you aren’t.” “I do a lot of stupid things and falling head over heels for a werewolf is one.” 

Professor Evans Drabble: Birthday Boy

Summary: It’s Chris’ birthday and Y/N decides to something special for the birthday boy

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader 

Word Count: 925

Warnings: Nope this is fluffy as a pillow 

A/N: This is part of my Professor Evans series but of course it’s in the future. But this is for the birthday boy, Chris. Feedback is much appreciated ♡

*Gif is not mine*

Professor Evans Masterlist 

Y/N walked in slowly as she could ever do not wanting to make any noise knowing that if Dodger heard he would spoil the surprise. She headed to Chris’ kitchen placing the box of cupcakes onto the counter as she went back to the front door grabbing the other things she bought as she made sure to lock the door. She grabbed a bowl from a cupboard to put the jellybeans into knowing how much Chris liked them and she opened the box cupcakes so when he came downstairs he would be able to see the decorative treats. She turned on the coffee machine and got straight to work as she decided to make him some pancakes and wanted to make it special as it was his birthday.

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Music Series: Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson

Just a feel-good story to make you smile. “Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson. Enjoy! xo

Link to this song on my Spotify playlist called Rainy Saturday Morning:



Can’t you see that it’s just raining?

There’s no need to go outside

As you lay in bed, Harry’s arm wrapped around you from behind, you hear the distant thunder and the light rain tapping at the windows. Harry’s gentle puffs of air against your ear are in perfect rhythm to the rain dancing against the glass. You smile to yourself as you think about how happy you are. You’re living your dream with the man you love who also loves you.

You hear the cooing sound coming from the monitor on the table next to Harry’s side of the bed. You stretch, yawning, not wanting to leave the comfortable spot you’ve found between covers and Harry.

“Da-Da,” you hear your 9-month-old gurgle to herself. “Da-Da.”

You smile as Harry squeezes you tightly, lightly planting kisses to your shoulder. You feel his smile against your skin as he chuckles gently. “I’ll get her, love. She’s asking for me anyway,” he states, proudly.

Baby, you hardly even notice when I try to show you this song is meant to keep you

From doing what you’re supposed to

Waking up too early, maybe we can sleep in

I’ll make you banana pancakes, pretend like it’s the weekend now

“Smells good in here!” Harry says, as he walks into the kitchen carrying his and your daughter. “What’s mumma makin’ for us, peanut?” Harry looks over your shoulder, kissing your cheek. “Banana pancakes? Smells delicious!”

Harry continues kissing your cheek and your neck as your try to fix breakfast. He giggles at distracting you, humming some tune in your ear, dancing with you in one arm and his baby girl in his other.

“Now, how am I supposed to feed my family if you’re distracting me?” you giggle. “Anyway, I thought it sounded good on a rainy morning with nowhere we have to be,” you grin, as you decorate each pancakes with slices of banana. Harry looks toward the direction of the large living room windows, seeing the lightning as a loud clap of thunder sounds.

And we could pretend it all the time

Can’t you see that it’s just raining?

Ain’t no need to go outside

“Perfect day for just staying at home with my girls, right, angel?” Harry asks his daughter, kissing her cheeks as she places her hands on his face, kissing him until he’s giggling.

But just maybe, laka ukulele, Mommy made a baby

Really don’t mind the breakfast, because you’re my little lady

Lady, lady, love me, because I love to lay here lazy

We could close the curtains, pretend like there’s no world outside

Harry and you smile at each other, lying on the blanket on the living room floor, watching your child playing with her feet, trying to bend in half to chew on them. You feel Harry’s hand reach for yours, lacing his fingers with yours and caressing your hand with his thumb. You both laugh as your baby loses her balance and topples over against Harry.

“I’ve got ya, angel,” he says proudly, setting her upright again. “Daddy’s got ya.”

Can’t you see, can’t you see? Rain all day, and I don’t mind

The telephone is singing, ringing. It’s too early. Don’t pick it up.

We don’t need to, we got everything we need right here

And everything we need is enough

Just so easy when the whole world fits inside of your arms

Don’t really need to pay attention to the alarm. Wake up slow, mhmmm, wake up slow

Harry cradles his sleeping child as she lays between the two of you in your bed, sleeping soundly. He lightly kisses her cheek, then looks at you, smiling and gently stroking your hair.

“Thank you for her,” he says, genuinely and affectionately. “You and she are my world, you know. Could stay like this forever and never complain.”

“I wish she’d stay little forever,” you say, gently placing your finger in your daughter’s grasp. “She’s growing so fast.”

“Time to think about making her a little brother or sister, you think?” he smiles mischievously at you. “I’d like our babies to be close in age, wouldn’t you?”

You pull his hand to your lips and kiss it, laying your cheek against it. “Yeah, I would.”

“Settled then,” he says, looking at you then at his daughter. “Take as many of these little wonders as you’ll give me. And more days like today.”

And we could pretend it all the time. Can’t you see that it’s just raining?

Ain’t no need to go outside. Ain’t no need, ain’t no need

Rain all day and I really, really, really don’t mind

Can’t you see, can’t you see? You got to wake up slow

Pls imagine keith unashamedly and enthusiastically singing and dancing along to Spice Girls’ Wannabe while making pancakes in his pajamas

Now pls consider shiro walking in on him and not being able to stop laughing, but then he joins cause he loves his boyfriend and no one can resist the spice girls let’s be real here

It’s the little things

Dan wakes up before him, so that when he finally yawns and stretches into life on the queen-sized bed –covers askew, still radiating warmth and sleep– he can hear the faint sounds of cooking taking place in the kitchen. There’s the delicate clinking of silverware, the tap, running steadily; there’s the keurig whirring to life clumsily and a steady, humming sizzle that carries the scent of pancakes.

Arin inhales. Smiles.

8:00 in the morning. An abhorrent time, really, and yet Arin is whistling as he pads down the hall, barefoot, comforter over his shoulders. He passes the bathroom and notices the sunlight pouring in through the open window, making the linoleum floors shine. It’s a cold, sterile kind of light, and it makes his eyes ache, but he stops and looks for a minute, listening to the melody of Dan in the kitchen, and finds the whole the kind of beautiful.

“Morning, beautiful,” Arin says as he walks into the living room, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he grins at Dan over the breakfast bar.

Dan’s hair is back, pulled into a messy bun high on his head. He’s leaning into a bowl of pancake batter, trying to scrape the last of it into a ladle; running it again and again over the same area as he fails to pick up what’s at the bottom of the bowl each time.

“Morning, Ar,” he says, turning to greet him. He’s beaming— the same sleepy grin as Arin’s, but brighter, somehow. He has a bit of flour smeared over his temple, teeming at the frizz of his hair. “Ready for a busy day?”

“Don’t remind me,” he grumbles bitelessly. “What’s on the schedule? Guest Grumps, that Polaris meeting?” As he speaks he wanders around the counter, reaching Dan and snaking his arms around his hips, placing a kiss between his shoulder blades and letting his head rest there.

“Don’t forget voice lessons,” Dan adds cheerily. “And today’s a recording day, obviously— hey, Arin!

Arin’s hands are in Dan’s face, trying to work that spot of flour out of his hair. He shushes him against his back, smile hidden in the folds of his shirt. Dan squirms, twisting and shoving in his grip so that he can turn to face him and put his palms on his shoulder blades, pushing him away.

“You’re ridiculous,” he says, holding him at an arm’s width.

“You’re making pancakes?” Arin asks.

“Yeah, and now you’re not getting any.”

“You had powder in your hair,” he snorts, eyes twinkling, “will you ever forgive me?”

Dan stares at him, affectionate, as the grin creeps up his face. Absentmindedly, he runs his fingers through the tendrils of baby hair near his forehead. The keurig gives one last shudder and spurts the rest of it’s contents into a waiting mug, and Arin kisses Dan as it trips into heating mode.

When they pull away Arin’s eyes no longer ache, but his stomach keens hungrily and he works himself out of Dan’s embrace to go to the fridge for a glass of orange juice. He drags the jug over to the counter, next to the skillet where the pancakes are cooking. As he opens the cupboards, seeking a cup to pour his juice in, he looks down. Oh.

“They’re burning.”


Marquis de Lafayette x Margarita “Peggy” Schuyler

Word Count: 2.7k+

Summary: Each morning tells a story, and each morning brings them one step closer to forever. (Modern AU)

Warnings: A little language, implied smut, implied argument, but this is mostly just fluff.

Author’s Note- I do not claim ownership to the lyrics I used from Jack Johnson’s ‘Better Together’ and ‘Banana Pancakes’. Now that that’s out of the way, hi! This is my first fic on this blog, let me know what you think and thanks for reading :)

Masterlist | Ask Box

One Week

“Oh my god, please never put on a shirt again.” Peggy sighed, entering the kitchen to find Lafayette standing over the stove in only his boxers.

“If you keep walking around in only my shirts then maybe we can make that arrangement.” He responded, feeling her arms snake around his torso, her forehead leant against the space between his shoulder blades. He turned around in her arms,

“It’s a deal.” She pushed up onto her tiptoes and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. Lafayette dared to increase the heat on his side of their kiss, and Peggy happily responded. His hand trailed up her bare thigh, pulling up the hem of the t-shirt she was wearing. After finding her hip, his fingers traveled to the waistline of her panties, pulling it down just slightly.

“Hey, keep it PG frenchie, I’m not sure I’m ready for another round quite yet.” Peggy giggled, pulling away and laid her hand over his, her dainty fingers in stark contrast to his calloused, long ones. He feigned disappointment and the heat of his hand retreated from her skin. She beamed up at him, “I better go get dressed then.” She turned around and began to walk away, Lafayette’s hand still resting on her arm, slipping further down as she walked away.

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The Blinds Were Closed

Pairing: Soukoku

Rating: T

Summary: Chuuya awakes one morning to find that Dazai isn’t in their bedroom, or anywhere in their apartment. He’s left no sign of where he’s gone or when he’ll be back and he isn’t answering his phone. When Shuuji wakes up and asks where his Dad is, Chuuya has to say he doesn’t know, and he doesn’t know how to express to Shuuji that Dazai might never be coming back.

Author’s Notes: This is more shit we’ve been talking about in the soukoku channel on the chuuya’s harem discord, we’ve all been pretty obsessed with Shuuji lately and also how Dazai is a less-than-stellar Dad even though he tries so hard. @ariukoart really wanted me to write a fic about this so I did it for her! 

I’m also really obsessed with the thought of Dazai and Chuuya reciting Jugemu to Shuuji as a bedtime ritual now… The idea originally came from Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu if anyone has seen that–and if not, you just definitely give it a watch because it’s one of my favorite animes of all time it’s absolutely amazing and I actually have a pretty angsty kunichuuzai AU that goes with it.

Anyways, hope you all enjoyed the story again!! Love you!!

Read it on AO3

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to build a home

‘She smiles, and he smiles, and it feels like something settles inside her, something she hadn’t even realized was out of place.’ CS. Adoption fic. 

Notes: So I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and have been working on it for a while, too. Title comes from the song of the same name by Cinematic Orchestra but the song itself in no way relates to this fic. Special thanks to @jadeddiva​ and @swallowedsong​ for listening to me drone on about this fic, and reading it over and such. Enjoy. 

            It starts simply, quietly. Some group gathering or other, seeing him with Roland, with her brother. Seeing the way he smiled at her son and ruffled his hair. Hearing the two of them up late in the kitchen, talking. It made something in her shift, want—want something she’s not sure she ever really wanted in the first place. But it grows stronger, the more time passes—the desire to see him like this with a kid that is theirs.

            She doesn’t tell him, of course, because that would be easy, because that would make sense, because why should they do this the easy way? Why should she tell her husband, the love of her life—her true love for God’s sake—that she wants to have a baby? Another baby, a baby with him. A baby she won’t be so afraid of and afraid for, whose movements will be welcome reminders rather than painful ones—whose birth will cause so much joy and not the feeling like her chest might cave in on itself for how much it hurts.

            A baby she will hold when he’s born, whom she will look down on and smile at and love because she’s capable of it, now, knows she can do it, now, knows she can love and is loved and—

            Fuck. She wants that.

            Everything she missed with Henry and more.

            And she wants it with him, her husband with the smirk and the eyebrow and the leather jacket and terrible bed head, who makes the best pancakes and takes them out sailing and loves her more than she ever thought anyone would ever love her. She wants to share this with him, because she looks at him with the other people in their life and she knows he would be such a good dad.

            (He’s already been such a good father figure for Henry, and some nights she can barely bite back the tears that her son has this.)

            But she doesn’t tell him, of course not.

            That would be dumb.

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“So, can I ask your age?”
I squinted. “Why?”
“It was an all ages show, just making sure I’m not being a predator or something.”
I laughed and cut into the soft golden brown of my pancake.
“Well, you’re not looking for anything so why would my age matter?”
“Oh come on Max, I just don’t want to be talking to a baby.”
“I am a baby, but not because of my age.” I directed the soft fluffiness towards my mouth as the syrup created a trail on the table. I let the pancake hover outside my mouth, “I’m twenty.” I quickly stuffed it inside.
She pulled her mouth up and tried to act casual. I was trying to hold in a smile by now.
“I’m uh, twenty-six.”
“Well I’m about to turn twenty-one next week!”
“Yeah, that doesn’t make me feel any better.” She frowned and pushed her plate away.
“Age is irrelevant. I think, or-or at least I like to think that way.”
I didn’t know why I was trying so hard to defend my age. She wasn’t available anyway. Wouldn’t matter if I was her age. I honestly didn’t care about that, I didn’t get why she did.

anonymous asked:

That last post got me thinking that this disconnect showed very clearly in the beginning of the season (can't remember the name). Cas says he's going backstage to distract Lucifer like that's not suicidal at all and Dean calls him on it with help from Sam. Cas is so ready to jump on any grenade that he will invent some if there aren't any around and Dean is developing an ulcer and high bloodpressure trying to stop him. Dean is starting to really understand that CAS IS NEVER OK, EVER.

HAAAAAAAaaaaaaaoh gosh. Yeah, back in 12.07 (It’s called Rock Never Dies, in case you were still trying to remember :D), they were all at a pretty horrible place about what it might take to stop Lucifer. But Cas specifically felt responsible for that mess. He was the one who said yes and essentially bought Lucifer his ticket out of the cage in the first place. He’s willing to do anything to put that mistake to rights, even if he dies trying… It’s not a great mental place to be in.

But as of 12.08, as far as he knows, Lucifer IS back in the cage. That WAS a win, for all of them (well, as far as everyone aside from Crowley knows…)

And the nephilim existing at all is a direct result of Cas having freed Lucifer as well. He made it possible for Lucifer to have been free to make the nephilim in the first place.

And he’s seen pretty directly how that’s affected (read: ruined) Kelly’s life. She had it pretty good, working in the White House, in love with the President, talking about maybe having a family with him someday… And now she’s been on the run, guarded by a demon, carrying Lucifer’s baby. None of which she asked for. She was driven to kill herself over all of this, and it’s not likely she’ll survive the birth of the baby anyway.

And now she’s lost everything, and has become just one more thing Cas feels responsible for ruining.

The up side of all of this? I really do think Dean understands all of this. He just needs better words than, “we’ll find a better way.”

The words he needs are “I understand, it’s not your fault, we’ll fix this together, because I love you too, dumbass.”

And then they can go out for pancakes.


And now for our leader, the amazing the smart the handsome Kim Namjoon aka Rap Mon aka joonie aka I need more Namjoon in glasses I n e e d it I want cardigans and glasses and the blonde hair bc that was such a good look for him (I mean every look is but the blonde was !!)

  • Proposal here, wedding here, honeymoon here
  • For anyone that hasn’t read either of those posts (which you don’t have to, they all make sense without reading the other parts) this features father!Namjoon (all of the father related posts are here)
  • He’s honestly such a great husband  
  • Namjoon wasn’t in a rush to get married bc like he’s chill with just being your boyfriend, as long as he’s yours he’s ight
  • But once he has that husband title, he finds himself really enjoying it??
  • Like when you introduce him to a new friend, it’s always oh this is my husband Namjoon
  • He gets all smiley bc oh hey that’s me I’m the husband fuck yeah
  • He had done the same thing when your daughter started speaking
  • Like the first time he heard her call him dad he just about cried bc he was so so happy
  • It took him a few months to get used to her saying it but he stills has to smile every time he hears it bc her voice is so lil and cute and the way she waddles over to him when he comes home is just !!!
  • Okay but just think about this
  • You get to hear his cute lil loud laugh every day like wh o a
  • Everyday with the Kims is filled with laughter bc of bby kim
  • No matter how upset you or joon are she can always make you smile in the simplest of ways
  • All she has to is smile and then that’s it done your entire day has been made by this child’s dimpled smile
  • She normally wakes him up first and the two of them go downstairs to make breakfast for the three of you
  • Namjoon’s specialty is toast that is just that perfect crunch level and he knows the exact way you like yours
  • He used to burn the toast quite often but over the years he’s mastered it and can now make a really nice piece of toast
  • Sometimes he gets fancy and makes French toast bc why not
  • Also waffles/pancakes are a frequent thing bc they’re lil princess’s favorites
  • They often make you a lil breakfast in bed complete with a full on tray and a lil cup with a flower in it
  • Namjoon seems to have a liking for the pet name “baby”
  • He’s used it a few different times so I think that’d probably be the favorite
  • But I mean have you heard him say baby its honestly say nice
  • Okay but just picture joon mumbling out a “good morning baby” when he’s still half asleep and his eyes aren’t even open and his hair is just a mess
  • But side note, he still looks really good in the morning
  • His cuddles are honestly so so amazing
  • He just reminds me a giant teddy bear like he looks so warm and cuddly and you could just spend hours in his arms
  • While it’s rare to get a day to yourselves (not that either of you mine bc bby kim is the light of your lives) the days you do get are v v special to both of you
  • They’re filled with doing nothing but cuddling and talking and listening to music and just overall relaxing in each other’s embraces
  • He’s definitely the type to want you to lay your head on his chest bc he likes to be able to pull you close
  • You like it bc you can hear his heartbeat and it’s so relaxing
  • It’s really really cute how it speeds up a bit whenever you touch him bc even after years and years of being with each other, you can still make his heart jump by simply rubbing his arm
  • Husband!Namjoon is a loving father and a loving husband that would just want to spend all of his time with his lil family
Silence (Request)

Could you maybe do a oneshot based of the song You Are In Love By Taylor Swift?

Side note, I <3 this song. So much.


You can hear it in the silence, silence

Your relationship with Harry was unlike anything you could have ever dreamed of. What had started as a couple dates and late night phone calls had quickly turned into long nights sitting up talking and not being able to live without each other.

You had never been in love. You knew now that you were.

The first time you had gotten a feeling unlike any you had ever had before was when the two of you were sitting up watching a movie. You had been dating for a couple of months and were having fun, but hadn’t really had the “how serious is this?” conversation yet. Your typical evening movie routine consisted of picking out a film that both of you thought you would like, making up a bowl of popcorn and sitting on the couch cuddling with one another.

This particular movie wasn’t the most joyful of genres, so when it came to a part that was more sad than you had anticipated, you tried to desperately hide your face and calm your sniffling so Harry wouldn’t know you were crying.

He noticed, of course, because he was seated only inches from you. But instead of making a comment and teasing you about it, he simply pulled you closer to him, throwing an arm around your shoulder and positioning himself so you could easily rest your head on his shoulder. He gave you a quick kiss on the forehead and the two of you continued on watching the movie in silence.

It was within that silence that you felt the first little pin pricks of love starting to invade your heart. Looking up at the boy sitting next to you, you spent the rest of the movie watching his facial expressions. His eyes were so captivating, and you couldn’t help but smile to yourself when a particularly humorous scene came on which caused his dimple to pop out in full force. To most, it was just a dimple. To you, it was the essence of Harry. Your Harry. You settled your head back down on his shoulder in sheer contentment as he continued to hold you for the rest of the movie.

You didn’t know what you were feeling, but you thought it could have been love.

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Monsta X react to you lecturing them.

Thank you for you’re request. this was hard to think of things to lecture about to them haha XD i hope you like it~



“Woah whats the matter with you this morning? you ask me to wake you everyday at this time…..” /sits on the bed and kisses your cheek/

Y/N: “yes i know but do you really have to do it with cymbals all the time? i mean yeah thank you for waking me up, but cymbals? really? why do you have to pick the noisiest thing in the house? why can’t you wake me up slowly? you know i’ve not been getting much sleep lately, the baby kicking and causing me back problems at night so i cant sleep properly, i blame you for getting me pregnant. i wouldn’t be in pain if you didn’t get me pregnant. why cant you carry the baby this is so unfair!!!!”

/nodding when you go off on one/ “okay….. are you done now?”

Y/N: “yeah…” /pouts/

“pancakes for breakfast?”

Y/N: /smiles/ “yes please~ and in bed~ love you~”

“love you too~” /goes off to make you pancakes/


/Kihyun hanging out with the members who visited him at your house/

Y/N: “Kihyun would you please stop taking pictures of yourself in the mirror with just your boxers on, on my phone please! its so annoying, if youre going to do that can you at least delete them after?! you have like 50+ from today! what the hell you even made a fucking folder?! ‘It’s your sexy boyfriend babe’ with a fucking smirk face. are you kidding me aigoooooooooo”

(You have no idea his friend are there)

/So shocked and embarrassed, his friends start teasing him, causing him to become more embarrassed/


Y/N: /comes inside, soaking wet from the rain and sees him sat on the couch watching tv and puts your hands on your hips/ “are you serious? it’s starting to annoy me now Changkyun… you dont even help around the house that much anymore. i asked you to take out the trash yesterday and i woke up today to find it was still there and now they already took all the trash out in the street so now its going to be there for another week. you always do this. look at me, i’m soaking because i had to do your only chore.. aigoooooo … i’m having a shower” /goes to the bathroom/

/feels super bad when he sees you walk to the bathroom after your lecture and gets up, grabs some gloves and starts to clean the house. you come out the shower to see him washing the floor/

Y/N: /smiles brightly and walks over and kisses his cheek/ “thank you babe, sorry about going on at you”

“It’s okay~ ill help out more, i promise” /softly kisses your lips/


/Walks in and takes off his shoes and looks up to find you sat on the couch, hugging a people looking at him/

“Hey babe~ what are you doing up? its 4 am”

Y/N: “i’m waiting for you to come home of course. i get so scared when you dont come home till early hours in the morning. i really cant sleep, you know that right? i know you were out with your friends but i miss you here when we cuddle and watch movies all night but now that happens rarely. im trying not to be selfish cause you need to have time with your friends and you’re normally at work but it would be nice just to have you here at home sometimes” /pouts/

/feels quite bad but knows where you’re coming from and goes over to you, wrapping his arms around you and holds you close to him/ “i’m sorry babe~ lets go on a date on the weekend~ you deserve it” /puts a piece of hair behind your ear and kisses the top of your head/ “love you~”


Y/N: oppa you’re always playing video games~ you even tell me to hush while you play them most of the time~ notice me once in a while. whats even the point of me being here? you wouldn’t even know if i left. Wonho! are you even listening to me? aigoooo /sat on the couch, watching him play his game/

“oh im sorry babe, hold on” /sits up on the couch next to you and hugs you and buries his head into your neck/

Y/N: /rolls your eyes and ends up laughing/ “what am i going to do with you?~”

(You’re Minhyuk)



/door opens and he sheepish smiles at you while you glare at him, he jumps and hugs you and keeps telling you how much he loves you, so you wont stay mad at him. you eventually smile at his cuteness/

(you’re Wonho)


Y/N: “omg Shownu please if you want to moisturize your face get your own moisturizer, every time i go to use it, its all gone. what do you do with it? eat it? aigooo. i know its you who uses it because you never shut the lid properly”

/Shownu is lied on the bed, watching your reflection complain as you are sat at your dressing table, putting on your makeup/

“‘i’m sorry for being so good looking…”

- Admin L
Time for School

Because I can’t let @heidipoo-xox captain this ship alone. <3

Brock wasn’t sure what time it was, but he knew it was entirely too early for a small body to be bouncing on their bed, chanting, “Time to wake up! Time to wake up!”

“Brock, your daughter is awake.” Came the muffled response from the lump next to him.

“Why is she always my daughter in the morning?” He grumbled as he turned onto his back and gazed up at his daughter.

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Imagine #91- Jake Virtanen *Requested*


Being an aunt was one of your favorite things, your sister had a baby girl just about a six month ago and your niece very easily has become your favorite person, well her and Jake. So it was no surprise to your sister when you volunteered to babysit her for the day, bright and early they were knocking on your apartment door. Sleepy, but excited, you went and got the door to see your sister and your niece. This wasn’t your first time babysitting so your sister was rushing back out of the door before you could even ask a question. A sleepy Jake made his way into the living room, “Good morning beautiful” he says placing a kiss on top of your head, “Good morning” you say smiling. “This is Emily” you say looking down at the infant, Jake was yet to meet her in person because of his busy hockey schedule. “Hi Emily” he says in his best baby voice, “She’s so cute, looks like her aunt” he says to you with a little wink.

You spent the morning making breakfast while Jake sat on the couch with Emily laying on his chest, the sight was enough to warm your heart. Your moment of bliss was interrupted by the shrieks of Emily, “(Y/N)?” Jake says wandering into the kitchen holding a now screaming Emily. The look on his face made you laugh a little, “She’s probably just hungry there’s a bottle in the fridge, can you warm it up while I finish these” you say motioning to the pancakes you were making for him and yourself. A crying baby one arm Jake did as you instructed and while it was in the microwave he was trying to make her happy again, “You’re so good with her Jake”! You say setting the pancakes down on the table and taking Emily from him so you could feed her her bottle.

After breakfast and after Emily ate she was back to not crying so Jake suggested you guys go for a walk or something. The weather’s perfect so you figured why not, wasn’t every day Jake didn’t have hockey to do and you had your niece all at once. While you went and got changed Jake stayed downstairs getting Emily into her stroller, when you were coming back into the room you could hear Jake talking to Emily. “You know your aunt is pretty perfect, I hope one day maybe we can give you some cousins together” hearing that made your heart flutter, you knew you wanted a future with Jake but you never knew if he felt that way too. He looks up when he hears you coming into the room, “Ready?” “Yep” you say giving him a hug.

Jake was pushing the stroller as you walked along beside him, Emily seemed to be loving it. Every time Jake looked down at her she would smile real big, “I think she has a crush on me like her Aunt does” he says oh so casually with a smirk, you roll your eyes and laugh, “You wish”. On your walk you ended up in the local park so you decided to stop and sit at the bench for a little bit, “Thanks for being so good with her Jake” you say placing your head on his shoulder, “Ah of course (Y/N) she’s amazing I’m glad we finally got to me” he says reaching out to shake her foot lightly, of course making her laugh.

While you were both looking down at her an elderly lady came over, “I don’t mean to interrupt but you are the most adorable family your little girl loves you, have a nice day guys” before you can even protest and say she isn’t actually your kid, the lady is gone. “Well how’s it feel to be a Mom” Jake says cracking a smile, “I wouldn’t mind the title how’s it feel being a Dad”, “I think I could like that idea one day”. You felt a smile creep up on you, “You mean that?” “Yeah of course (Y/N) I want a future with you, and Emily needs some cousins eventually” you laugh and agree.

Walking home imaging a couple years down the road with you, Jake, and your own family is enough to leave a permanent smile on your face.

4 Domestic Christmas Morning

Dan: You took the part of Father Christmas in the Howell home, being the only early riser in the family. But you didn’t mind in the least. Filling stockings and wrapping presents was your specialty, and you were more than happy to do it. But when you got up at your usual five thirty a.m. alarm, Dan’s place in bed was cold and empty. How weird. He never gets up until at least eight thirty if he doesn’t have to.

You walked into the lounge, welcomed by the sight of a groggy-looking Dan with your four-year-old son asleep in his arms, all dimly lit by the yellowy glow of the Christmas tree just metres away. Dan held a finger to his lips, shushing any potential noise from waking the little one. “He wanted to wake up early to see Santa Claus,” Dan whispered. You nodded in understanding, not even trying to hide your adoring smile.

You filled each stocking, all three, to the brim with little knick knacks and sweets and toys in the next room, as not to wake your son. You hung them back up on the mantle as quiet as you could, leaving sprinkles of glittery “snow” all about to signify Santa Claus’s presence. You made your morning tea and sat in the lounge with your phone as you let Dan and your son sleep until the sun came up. As if at the crack of dawn, the little boy rose from his place with his father and leapt to the fireplace to retrieve his stocking.

“Mummy, Daddy, it’s Christmas!” He shouted, unable to hide his excitement, “Father Christmas was here, look, Mummy!” The little boy threw the glittery snow in the air in a confetti fashion.

“Look in your stocking, bear; what did he get for you?” Dan encouraged, rising from his position on the sofa. His hair was messy and slightly curled from his unusual sleep, and you liked it best that way. Your son dove into the stocking and found little plastic horses that occupied him for a while. He played with them on the floor, creating some sort of imaginary game with them. You’d never seen him so happy. Dan looked at you with his dumb cute brown eyes and a little smile. “Thank you,” he said, kissing you with his stubbly warmth.

“Merry Christmas,” you smiled, keeping your face close to his. You kissed him again, never ever getting enough. “Now look in your stocking, babe, you’ve got something too,” you told him. Along with all the other inside joke gifts and little things he’d been needing, you put something special in there that you’d been dying to give him.

Dan snatched his stocking and began pulling out little silly things. Socks, little pins, and chocolates were all part of the bounty, but he had only now gotten to the bottom of the stocking. He reached in and brought out a small stick-like object. Dan turned it around and examined it for a moment before finding the correct side and reading the small blue plus sign displayed on its side. It was a positive pregnancy test, more importantly, your positive pregnancy test. Dan sat still for the shortest moment before smiling with his mouth agape. “Are you serious?” He asked, not yet processing the entirety of his own joy. You nodded with tears in your eyes. He caught you in a hug, spinning you around as best he could without falling on his ass, laughing and crying and shouting and smiling.

I fucking love you,“ Dan laughed, actually crying tears of pure joy, “I love you,” he kissed you with enthusiasm, gripping your waist to make sure you won’t float away. He took a knee and kissed the little stripe of exposed skin between your pyjama bottoms and top repeatedly, nuzzling his face into your middle. “I love you,” he kissed your skin once more. “I love you,” he kissed your smiling little boy on the forehead. “And I love you,” he stood and found your lips again, savoring every moment he had with you in his arms.

“Merry Christmas, Dan,” you smiled. He kissed you for the umpteenth time.

“Merry Christmas!” Your son cheered as an echo. Dan picked him up and went in for a family hug, all three of you, soon to be four.

Phil: You rose before the sun on Christmas morning, surprisingly not the last of your family. The smell of eggnog and pancakes was wafting throughout the house. Of course, it wouldn’t really be Christmas if Phil didn’t go all-out on a homemade breakfast.

You made it into the lounge and caught Phil rocking your six-month-old in the chair beside the Christmas tree, singing “O Tannenbaum” quietly to the little one as he slept. “Merry Christmas, love,” Phil said to you as he finished his song. “Pancakes are in the kitchen.”

You walked over to him and touched the baby boy’s face. “Merry Christmas,” you told the both of them. You kissed Phil on the lips, ignoring his blocky glasses in your face. He tasted of coffee and syrup and Christmas and love. If it were up to you, you’d never leave his lips. But your lungs needed air, and so did his.

“I assume the little princess has yet to rise?” You asked, referring to your spritely three-year-old daughter that had only this year understood the magic of Father Christmas and his gift-giving. You were almost excited as she was to have her open gifts today.

“Last I checked she was fast asleep,” Phil said, still doting on the little boy in his arms, not letting go for anything.

As if on cue, your daughter ran in with a clumsy toddler gait and greeted everyone with a particularly loud “Merry Christmas!”

“Shh,” you hushed her, not wanting to startle the baby, “we’ve got to be quiet,” you picked her up and propped her upon your hip, smoothing her hair down and kissing her cheek. “Merry Christmas, princess.”

“Can we open presents, Mummy?” She asked, obviously too preoccupied for early morning manners.

“We haven’t eaten breakfast yet, darling,” you told her, tapping her nose enough to make her giggle.

Phil chimed in, “We wouldn’t want you to get hungry while opening presents now, would we?”

She shook her head with certainty, and you set her down in the kitchen. You dished up pancakes for her, making sure she got extra strawberries per her request, as well as plates for you and Phil. “Breakfast is served, Phil,” you called.

Phil came to the table with the baby clutched close to him. He was getting fussy, quietly mewling for food and affection. “I don’t really have the…tools…for feeding him,” Phil said, gesturing to your boobs with his free hand. God, for a second-time father Phil could be such a dork.

You laughed at his attempt of prudent censorship. “Phil, you’ve literally impregnated me twice, I think you can handle the word ‘breastfeeding,’” you giggled.

As he handed off the baby to you, your little family took their seats at the table for Christmas breakfast. At one point, your daughter had moved from her own chair to Phil’s lap, as they sang some made-up Christmas carol. Your son fed from under a festive blanket draped across your chest, and all was right with the world. This was the first Christmas with the four of you, the best so far; and they would only get better.


Prompt: Jaehyun’s daughter asks about where babies come from.

– Your POV –  

I let out yet another yawn as I deposit myself onto the rocking chair beside the crib. I forgot just how exhausting taking care of a newborn could be. It’s been only three days since we brought him home from the hospital, and despite him being the most well behaved baby that I’ve ever had the pleasure of calling my own, the sleepless nights keep on piling up. Lost in my own thoughts, I’m slowly drifting off into dreamland, when my daughter accidentally slams the nursery door open, jolting me awake.

“Sorry, mommy.” She whispers, tiptoeing towards the crib to get another look at her baby brother. She took the news of my pregnancy so well and, even though she’s still a toddler, she’s been assisting me around the house nonstop. She inserts here hand through the bars of the crib and gently plays with his smaller fingers. It’s so obvious that she’s just as in love with him as Jaehyun and I.

“Sweetie, what are you doing up so early? The sun hasn’t even fully risen. Don’t you want to get some more sleep?” She shakes her head no, but I can tell she’s feeling just as tired as I am. She gives her brother one last loving glance before walking in my direction. I carefully pick her up and place her on my lap.

“Mommy, I’m hungry!” Hahahaha! I can’t seem to stop my laughing. Her apatite is insatiable at four, I can’t even imagine what she’s going to be like when she hits puberty.

“Alright, give me a few minutes to get changed and I’ll make you breakfast.”

“Yay!” She shouts, bouncing off my lap and dancing around until she remembers her brother is sleeping a few feet away and then goes completely silent. “Oops.”

“It’s okay. It was an accident, and from the looks of it, your brother doesn’t seem to mind. Why don’t you go get some more sleep? I’ll wake you up when breakfast is ready.” I bend down to give her a hug prior to exiting the nursery.

I gently nudge the door to the master bedroom open, so as not to wake Jae up. He spent the vast majority of the night looking after our son. I make a detour to the onsuite and wash my face before I tackle my hair, it doesn’t exactly look fabulous, but at least it’s no longer sticking out in every direction. Throwing my pjs in the hamper, I the rummage through my closet picking out the first t-shirt and comfy linen shorts I can find. I turn to take one last look around the room, only to find Jaehyun staring at me. “How long have you been awake?”

“Since you got out of bed over an hour ago.”

“What? You should be sleeping. You stayed up all night.”

“You know I can’t sleep without you.” He says groggily. He looks so good, even when he’s sleep deprived. Life just isn’t fair, then again I am married to him, so maybe it is? I lean over and give him a quick kiss.

“That’s not an excuse. Plus, you’re always traveling for work, you can’t honestly tell me you never sleep then.”

“Well believe it.”

“Uhhhhh, still full of it I see.”

“Full of what?” He inquires, smirking at me.

“Of shit. Anyway, your daughter is starving, as usual, so I’m going to make her some breakfast. Go to sleep.” I turn to leave, but Jae wraps his arms around me from behind, stopping me in my tracks.

“Just give me a minute to collect myself, I’ll make breakfast.”

“You can’t make breakfast, you’re exhausted. Sleep. It’s okay.”

“It’s not okay. It’s barely been a week since you gave birth. If anything you should be in bed right now, not walking around.”

“It’s not like I’m working myself to death, and I’d really like to stretch my legs a little. I’ve been confined to this bed ever since I got back from the hospital, thanks to you.”

“And that’s the way it should be. I love our son, but have you seen how big his head is? I was in the delivery room, remember? I can’t say I know what you went through, but it looked pretty damn intense. I still don’t know how you managed to push him out.”

“Push who out?” We were so caught up in our conversation, that we didn’t even notice our daughter had been standing in the doorway for the past five minutes listening in on us.

“Sweetie, what are you doing here?” Jae asks, attempting to distract her.

“I came to get mommy. I’m hungry!”

“Daddy will make breakfast soon, okay?”

“Okay! Who did mommy push out?” I don’t really want to go into the details of childbirth with her, when she can’t even tie her own shoes, but there’s really no other choice here. I mean, who else can I possibly lie and say I pushed out? No one, that would be way creepier than the truth.

“Your brother.”

“How?” I’m about to answer her, when I hear a muffled cry over the baby monitor. It’s been nearly two hours, I should really go feed him.

“I have to go check on your bother, but daddy can finish answering your questions.” I give Jae an apologetic smile and rush to the nursery.

– Jaehyun’s POV –

Well, this is fantastic. I’m the dad, I shouldn’t have to have the talk with our daughter, especially when she’s only four. “Daddy! Daddy!”

“Huh? Sorry, what is it sweetie?”

“How did mommy push him out?”

“Won’t you rather daddy make breakfast?”

“No! I want to know!” She’s so stubborn. There’s no doubt in my mind she gets it from Y/N. I lift her onto the bed and take a few deep breaths in an attempt to prepare myself for the most awkward conversation of my life.

“You know how mommy’s belly kept getting bigger?” After receiving a nod, I continued with my explanation. “Well, your brother was growing inside of mommy and then when he got big enough mommy pushed him out.”

“Did she push him out her butt?”

“What? No!” Why do children always say the weirdest things? If I wasn’t so uncomfortable right now, I probably would have laughed at that.

“Where did she push him out of?”

“Uhhhhh, you see it’s a little difficult to explain. There’s a body part that women have that men don’t, which your mom can teach you about because daddy is a man, so he doesn’t have one nor does he know about one, so don’t ask, and that’s the body part that mommy pushed your brother out of. End of story.”

“How did he get in mommy?” Crap, and just when I thought we were done with the questions, now I have to explain sex.

“When, and only when, a woman turns fifty, no sooner, and she’s married, that’s also very important, there’s a special… uhhhh… dance… yeah dance, and at the end of the dance, a baby will begin to grow inside of her.” That should keep her away from sex for at least another four decades, right?

“Daddy, I didn’t know mommy was fifty.”

“What? Who told you mommy was fifty?”

“You. You said you can’t do the baby-dance until you’re fifty, so mommy is fifty.” This is why I shouldn’t be the one having to discuss this with her.

“Ohhhhh. Yes, she is, but she’s sensitive about her age, so let’s keep it a secret. We don’t want mommy crying.”

“Okay, daddy. Can you make breakfast now?” I let out a huge sigh of relief. I’m so happy this interrogation is finally over.

“Of course, lets go! I’ll make you my famous chocolate chip pancakes.” She lets out a squeal of joy and takes my hand, dragging me to the kitchen with all her might. Y/N may have gotten out of this conversation, but when baby number three is on the way she’s going to be the one giving our son the talk. As much as I love spending time with my little princess, I could have done without this experience.

I didn’t know that I was starving till I tasted you.

“Dance with me,” Ali whispers drunkenly into her girlfriend’s ear. She’d definitely had too much to drink and she wouldn’t usually be practically straddling Ash in a club, but it was the end of the season and all being well, she’d be moving to Orlando for the foreseeable future and all she wanted to do was to drag her girlfriend onto the dance floor and grind up against her. Plus she was so ridiculously turned on by Ash right now; not that she wasn’t most of the time, but the second Ash had sent her a snapchat of her new haircut Ali had been dying to run her hands through the short locks and tug lightly on them, wondering how Ash would look both ridiculously adorable and sexy first thing in the morning with her hair all mussed up.

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