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Okay, so my dog will NOT let anyone hug around him. He starts howling and barking like crazy. UNLESS, we let him in the middle of the hug, so we have to hug over him. Then he's cool with it. Now every time he does it, all I can imagine is Yuuri and Viktor having a romantic moment, then Makachin says 'no'. 'not without me.'


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do not play v's route if you want to keep your emotional well-being, just putting that out there (i'm on day 10 and it is s u f f e r i n g)

There is no shred of emotion left in me after playing that game in its entirety. I am ready.

The times Yona told Hak she loved him without saying “I like/love you” (Part 1)

Translation: “I can’t imagine my life from now on without you, so even though I’m being incredibly selfish, I demand that you stay by my side always and forever.”

Translation: “Please live! I can’t have another important person in my life dying in front of me.”

Translation: “I’m willing to fight for you and even kill for you.”

Translation is not needed. This was practically a love confession, she just didn’t know it yet.

Translation: “I will make it back to you. We’ll be together again and forever.”

Translation: “You’re the only one with connections to my past life in this group, and you have been the only constantly good, faithful thing in my life until now. Therefore I entrust my title, my memories of my father to you, and I want you to be the one who reminds me about the path that I chose to take as the princess of this country from now on.”

Translation: “I want to be stronger, to fight alongside you, to be your equal. That way I can feel a little bit closer to you, who is so strong and reliable all the time.”

Translation: “Let us start another journey together. Stay by my side always.”

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Are you at all overwhelmed by the fact Jed'hin is canon now? I can't even imagine a headcanon I created becoming canon in a Blizzard game!

I’m very happy it was accepted and loved by the community as it was! And a special thank you for all those people, and guilds, that kept it alive over the years in between as well!

So I was watching the scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier were Steve and Natasha show up at Sam’s house and I noticed something

when they get there Nat’s hair is a little messy (which is expected considering that she was near an explosion) but for the most part its still straight 

when we see her again she’s drying her  hair and it’s wavy/kinda curly now because that’s what happens when you wash your hair if you don’t have naturally straight hair and you have to use a hair straightener 

and when the scene changes her hair goes back to being straight, so my guess is that for some reason Sam Wilson has a hair straightener at home 

maybe he had long hair at one point and now all I can imagine is Sam taking his time to straighten his hair before he goes out 

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Ok so everything on the rp blog is killing me. Now all I can imagine is pat showing up with Cade n telling V and V running and hiding and when pat comes by himself to find him saying "I want my daddy" bc ofc he's still little and pat bein like "daddy's here baby boy" and V saying "no, I want /my/ daddy" and idc if it's not happening my heart hurts how come you made me feel things like Mae never said a single word and I'm sobbing f u ck

Fuck this hurt me really badly guys this is way too angsty for a monday night

Prayer Request

Please pray for my family. Our house was under contract, but it fell through when the buyers decided that the inspection turned up too many issues for their taste. We’re back at square one. The kicker is that my family is currently out of state looking at new houses. They took the whole family on a 7 hour car trip only to find out the day after they arrived that the buyers had pulled out of the contract. I’m not with my family right now, so I can only imagine the distress this is causing my mom. Please please pray for a swift resolution to our situation!

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Another for the musical thing, between Mateo and Elena. Sunrise from In the Heights. A love song about how they want to stay together and has a Latin feel that the other songs in EoA have.

Oooh! That’s a beautiful song! I’ve not seen this musical but listening to the song, it sounds like the couple is just now realizing their feelings (or at least just now admitting them) during the song. I can almost imagine that instead of the girl teaching the boy words in Spanish, Mateo is telling Elena about different magic spells. I like this song a lot because it goes with my head canon that Elena and Mateo— while they were still “just friends”— would go for long walks late at night after their daily duties were complete and lose track of the time as they talked— sometimes until sunrise. And with this song, one night they talk about how anything can happen just before the sunrise and realize they are so much more than just friends and want to be together even though they are sort of from different worlds. Maybe even the backdrop for their first kiss?

Ok guys, stop me before my silly, overly romantic imagination runs away with me yet again, haha!!!

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Okay but tbh me and my boyfriend were talking about long distance toys and we found one that is like a small vibe that you can control from your phone?? So now I'm just imagining Jack having you wear it out one day for lunch and putting it on the lowest setting. and you're on edge the whole time, and while you're talking to the waitress he spikes it up and you have to act like you're coughing to cover it up ~💋

Jfc I can totally see this happening