now they are being all cute

Kris's assurance towards a girl concerned with losing weight to achieve thinness

<72 Floors of Mystery>

Girl: This is my concern. As of late I’ve been trying to lose weight to get thin. But really crave pancakes, cakes, hot pot, egg waffles. What should I do? It’s really frustrating. Dieting is too hard.

Kris: This question troubles me too!

Girl: I think it’s really hard, I really love eating all kinds of delicious food, but at the same time I also want to become thin.

Kris: That’s right. (That you have a cute appearance) You’re perfect, really perfect. Right now I’ll explain in detail my viewpoint as a guy, towards this matter. First of all I don’t think that you’re fat at all. Secondly, if you insist on saying that you are fat, at the most I will say you are just chubby. Have you ever heard that being chubby is the best?

Girl: Heard of it

Kris: Have you heard it before? There’s such a saying, right.

Girl: Yes

Kris: What I said has meaning, right. I’m telling you, honestly, if you say that you want to lose weight due to health reasons, I will strongly support you. And you look really healthy. So there’s no need at all. So long as your weight is not affecting your health, you shouldn’t worry too much about these things. Yes, (being able to eat is a blessing). As long as you are happy, all is well. Wishing you happiness always.

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About the Flynn part acting immature, bruh, I'm so tired of the writers making him act like a 10 year old. I get it, he's not super serious at all times, but he didn't act so juvenile in Tangled, so why now? Maybe it's just me, but besides how blunt he can be or how he is around rapunzel, I hate how he's being written in this show overall, it's not cute, it's stupid and cringe

Several people seem to share your opinion, but I don’t. I feel like what we’re looking at is a man who no longer constantly has his guard up, when he’s had his guard up for probably well over a decade.

Eugene is finally able to relax and have fun. His tendency to say stupid things is because he often doesn’t care about what the other person is saying, and so isn’t actually paying attention. He’s acting silly because he hasn’t been able to just be himself since he was a kid. What you’re seeing in the series is all (or almost all) Eugene. What you saw in the movie was mostly Flynn.

Just look at how he acted in both “The Return of Strongbow” and “In Like Flynn”. When he takes what he’s doing seriously, he is so quick to drop the silliness and be serious and competent (and even get frustrated with other people’s incompetence). Even in most of “Fitzherbert P.I.”, when he’s focused on getting into the guard and catching criminals! But for the first time since he was a kid, he hasn’t had to take every single aspect of life seriously, and so he doesn’t. Unfortunately, this causes the pendulum to swing a little too far in the other direction, into that careless territory where he breaks vases and takes a beat to realize he’s just been insulted.

Eugene is still finding Eugene. He’s lived with the Flynn persona for so long that the true crux of Eugene Fitzherbert got lost inside, and now is time for rebirth and rediscovery and learning who he is when the law is not constantly on his backside. And, for the first time, he’s genuinely happy. So, let a happy guy steal food from a gopher and cheer his heart out at sporting events.

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Aa, can I request Robert giggling?

Cute giggling rugged dad, coming right up! hopefully this prompt satisfies your giggling knife dad needs. 


Robert Small X MC Daddy 

Robert and I occasionally drink from time to time. Now, he hasn’t been drinking is as often. No more of his daily dose of whiskey shots at Jim & Kim’s. Nope. He’s on a schedule now and taking control over his bad drinking habits and vices. I’m pretty proud. At the same time, it made me think of how I have never really seen Robert drunk. When we drank before, his tolerance was as strong as duct tape. I’d be all tipsy and he’d still have the strength to walk straight.


“ready for date night?”

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Hey I just want to tell you this okay know mater what anyone's says, if they say your art is bad then tell them something nice and then you can check them off gard with out being mean to each other and maybe one day there find out their miskes and when they will Fix's them so that's all I wanted to say to you for now so bye~ PS: Every time you post a photo I start dieing of cuteness XD its to cute and adorable man it is XD!!

Offykffoogyoyf O-oh..uh…o-ok…t-thank you a-anon. O////O

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“stops cOPIES ME!!”

Being a paladin isn’t easy.
@dynamesvirtue , I am not able to draw all of them. But hey. At least I drew Skwisgaar. (I usually don’t draw him…I…don’t like him, still.)
Oh. And.
A little Bonus:

A transparent Galra Magnus. :’D 
(I think he looks cute.)

you’ll realize you’re in too deep when you find yourself staring a little longer than you used to, or when you realize you’ve been imagining scenarios where you wake up to them in your arms, or when you realize that they’ve done something ordinary but all you can do is smile because it’s just so cute, because they’re just so cute
that’s when you realize you’re fucked

you’ve fallen

they didn’t catch you
and now you’ve hit the ground without anything to brace yourself again, nothing to soften the blow
you’ve got a face full of gravel and blood and when you look up at them, you decide you can’t blame them for not wanting to get their hands dirty

you blame the stars for not aligning the way they should have
you blame time for not being on your side
you blame circumstance
you blame situations
you blame fate
you blame them
you blame yourself

you love them
and it’s a goddamn tragedy
because you look at them as if they’re the sun
and you can’t even see that they’ve lit your whole world on fire

there’s no saying whether or not this story will end in tears or smiles, whether you two will be making love or making your ways through life separately
all i know is
everything will work out the way that it’s meant to
and that broken hearts can be mended
—  on loving someone who loves another
(cc, 2017)

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let me tell you, i was having a really REALLY bad day like a month ago and i was scrolling through tumblr and someone had reblogged one of your Keith fanarts and it made me feel all giddy and wonderful bc it was so adorable ? and now every time i have a bad day i just scroll through your art tag and just stare for hours at like all of your Keith and Klance posts, so i just want to thank you for making me feel better and for being a wonderful artist and person ♥ hope you have a wonderful day!

oh my gosh that’s such a nice thing to say?? i’m gonna cry???

by all means, have more cute keiths as thanks for seriously making my whole week, anon

hope you enjoy!

listen … this is so dan … this is SOOO!!! DAN!!!! just … acknowledging things without saying anything at all. i love him so much i’m actually crying right now wtf … i felt this way so often last year when he started casually talking about boys being cute in nearly every live show and video, when he made the sexuality comment in his diss track and dressed in fucking sequins and wore rhinestoned hats .. and i feel it again. he’s the king of just existing and having that be enough, no pomp and circumstance necessary. rejecting labels!! existing outside of the spectrums and the binaries!!!! resisting social categorization!!! refusing to be othered by a society that still always sees heterosexuality as the default and the norm. sometimes dan is lowkey the most rad. what a good dude. i love him <3


There’s really no easy way to lose fat in a few weeks. You could lose body weight in a few weeks, you could lose water or maybe burn through some muscle. But if you wanna lose fat it will take you about four or five months. And that’s just cutting out the crap. No alcohol, no sugar, no salt. (x)

Recent JPN Teen Magazine Situation

when i first saw the translations of the new jpn teen magazine here i saw ppl being upset (which i dont blame) but i already knew right away it was fishy and figured those are all old interviews/festa from the past. and looking into it, i was right lmao, so no we gonna go into the details right now and compare the old to the new

part 1. sexy or cute question 


pt.2 describing the members







Pt.3 KBOYS x smart Magazine 2015 SS issue 



the text segment, i highlighted the things they said that was used for the new magazine

what hoseok “said” in the new magazine

q: long or short (hair) which do u like?
q: pants or skirt
“one piece (dress)”
q: sneakers or heels?
q: smthn thats nonnegotiable (w.e the fuck this means)
 "high heels and fancy looks are no good"

old interview

what yoongi “said” in the new magazine 

q: long/short (hair) which do u like? tall/short?
“doesnt matter”
q: pants or skirt
“skinny pants" 
q: sneakers or heels?
q: smthn thats nonnegotiable
“dressing up in different fashion”

old interview 

what jin “said” in the new magazine

q: long or short (hair) which do u like?
q: tall or short?
“doesnt matter”
q: pants or skirt
“skinny pants" 
q: sneakers or heels?
q: smthn thats nonnegotiable
“clothes that dont match ur age is no good”

old interview 

what tae “said” in the new magazine

q: long or short (hair) which do u like?
“short or long black hair”
q: tall or short?
“doesnt matter" 
q: pants or skirt
"skinny pants/skirt”
q: sneakers/heels?
q: smthn thats nonnegotiable
“fashion similar to mine”

yall get the idea, im too lazy to do the other three lol you can find the old interview here

as for the ugly skin type preference question, im just gonna assume they used old interviews as well like i mean…thats what they did for the other questions so like lol namjoon, jin and tae said they liked pale skin back in the old days, jimin and hoseok never said anything which is why the magazine said it didnt matter, yoongi was fucking weird bc im pretty sure vato said he didnt care at all abt appearance multiple times and as for jeongguk, early 2014 he said he preferred pale skin and then after ahl he said he preferred tan skin which is why the magazine said he liked both

so BAM none of this shit is new, thank god, its all old shit piled up together, modified and then got called “new”

HOWEVER with the skin preference question i didnt appreciate how some of ya tried to defend bts smh what was said was ugly but luckily its in the past, just be aware of the things bts said before and know its wrong, you can still support them while doing that


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It is true that Captain Kidd has a small detail on his right thigh that is basically (or at least what looks like) a bandage:

Here is a bit of a simple trivia/analysis about this though:

In the game it is confirmed that Ryuji’s leg was broken (not just a minor injury) he literally broke his femur, which is the strongest bone of the human body. It is hard as hell to break, but it is not impossible.

Besides, if Kamoshida broke it he wouldn’t have just kicked it with force or else he would be the one to get a broken foot instead (you see that a lot in boxing fights). If he broke it it is more likely that he would’ve had to brutally throw Ryuji on the ground instead or used his knees/foot carefully as a “hammer” (having a strong build would help to do that too) and even that would be difficult to cause this injury.

But this helps a lot to give us more insight on Ryuji’s character since injuries like that are more likely to affect not only on his sports career but on his whole health. A thigh injury is the most painful and difficult bone fracture to recover from and can affect nerves and blood vessels.

It may take even half a year to recover, but some people (like Ryuji) may never increase their flexibility or bear weight even with rehab.

You can see when they are running to get out of Kamoshida’s palace that Ryuji looks at his right side with pain:

He puts his hand over his right leg slightly to control the pain:

But then he falls when he puts his weight on his right side again (if you see the scene again you can clearly see that he is on his right foot when he loses balance):

And falls holding the same exactly place that Captain Kidd has covered in a bandage (the position is not the best, but you can see that his left leg is actually under his right one and he is holding his right thigh, close to his knee):

Ryuji also walks and runs slightly with a limp (his right leg doesn’t move as smoothly) and even his habit of putting his right leg over his left one can also be an indication of his injury. 

He may also have a scar or a deformity on the leg (something like a bone “tenting” the skin slightly) since femur fractures are mostly likely to cause it, but we can’t see that in the game.

It is a mark of his character and it is actually really nice to see the effort to make small details like that in game and how much Ryuji still thinks that this is just part of who he is and embodies this side of him in his own persona. It’s like he is saying “this is me now and I’ll deal with it”.

Now let us have happy Ryuji being cute after all this angst thing with my boy:

  • Jin being the judge because him joining any team will be cheating
  • Blackholes Rapmon and V get into each team to ruin everything
  • The ships SWAP: Jungkook picking Jhope and Suga Jimin
  • Suga and Jimin decide to offer bread and milk to Tae so he gets distracted
  • Jk proposes to V to just sit and pose 
  • Rapmon decides to prepare a chicken (And we all prayed he do not cut himself)
  • Taehyung eating bread and feeding Jimin was sooooo cute SO SO CUTE
  • We witnessed V’s first time peeling poratoes (He found it soooo fascinating somehow lol)
  • All the shipping moments in this episode: Vmin was insane, Yoonmin was sooo alive. Jimin being a playboy was so real dude.
  • Rapmon discovering that carrots have skin …
  • Jungkook, jhope and RM dilemma: “should we peel the caerots or not?” Jk :“idk I am no expert”. NOW you need to be an expert to peel carrots …
  • Suga preparing squid is another story (he was cringing while having an orgasm or something)
  • Jimin decides to send Taehyung to the market to get them a blender
  • Taehyung really found a blender and Jimin is so shook he gives tae a hug #Soulmates
  • Dilemna number two: Do chicken have tails? (Why are they in a kitchen again?)
  • Taehyung making a sauce in a squirrel bowl (how extra can you be)
  • Jimin making potato balls in his SMOL hands “Kyaaaaaa, Me DEAD BAI” said all of his stans
  • V finding all kinds of plates
  • Cooking Tip from Jhope and Rapmon : Yell at the dish so it gets scared and turns tasty!
  • Suga is really good. That guy speaks less and works more #GENIUS 
  • Jungkook added sooo much sugar to his potatos that they stuck together and they are now defying gravity 
  • The sauce bowl is bigger than the main and side dish put together lol. Tae did one small thing and It took all the spotlight. 
  • Suga’s team philosophy: we prioritize sanitation (but we all know they washed nothing)
  • Jungkook’s team philosophy: Adhesive strength LMAO
  • BTS holding hands YALL
  • Suga, Jimin and Taehyung win and hug and our hearts melted
  • That talking at the end about them not cooking now and how it reminded them of their debut days got us so EMO.
  • SWEET SWEET SWEEEET Jin helping the losing team clean up
  • This Run was, cute, gay, funny and WHOLESOME AWESOME. 

Hope you like it ^^ @mimibtsghost

i love the idea of bones realizing he’s in love with spock and being Grumpy™ about it as much as the next guy but have you considered: bones realizing he’s in love with spock and finding it hilarious because it’s been years and he’s finally accepted it and he can’t help but laugh at himself for being so ignorant about his own damn feelings like the irony of it is just too much for him and so for the next week or so he’s just constantly shaking his head and chuckling when he sees spock like “god i am an idiot how did i not see this before” and spock is just ???? “are you okay doctor?” and bones just fuckin loSES IT and he’s in such a good mood because he gets all sweet and bright when he’s attracted to someone (we’ve seen evidence of this in at least two episodes i can think of off the top of my head okay) and at this point he’s damn near giddy and doing his little bounce thing and eVERYTHING IS SO PURE AND SPOCK IS CONFUSED BUT PLEASED TO SEE THE DOCTOR SO HAPPY EVEN THOUGH HE’S GOT NO IDEA WHAT GOT INTO HIM AND I’M CRYING

i’m adding to the trend of making a list of all the gr8 things about Liam:

  • the lil wave, even though he has no idea who you are ?? he’s just so excited and Ryder is one of the first people he sees after waking up
  • when you lose gravity, everyone else is staying really still, but he’s cartwheeling through the air
  • “Been waiting six hundred years for this.”
  • the fact that he can’t help, but he’s seen pacing while Lexi and Charlyle work on Ryder (and that means he’s there to help them carry Ryder to SAM node)
  • not only did he watch over Ryder, he checked on their twin
  • “I was fiercely bearded.”
  • his little “nope” when you find the back room full of dormant assembler bots
  • The way he stands ?? with his hip cocked and his hands on his hips
  • “When we’re old, and people ask us how we got together…”
  • the fact that in that scene, Ryder leans her head back with her eyes closed, but Liam looks at her, just at her.

  • i will probably feel like adding more later but these are all the ones i could think of right now
Dating Tom Holland Would Include...

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ok I couldn’t help myself, sorry I haven’t written in years- but ya enjoy!!

  • alright, like tom would be the sweetest boyfriend don’t even try to fight me lol
  • like he would be such a gentleman 
  • always holding doors for you and pulling out chairs for you and ordering on your behalf and such
  • but he’d also be really cheeky 
  • like he’s not one to shy away from a good prank I feel
  • like he’d hide behind the door and give you a good jump scare or fill your car up with balloons or something- innocent things
  • but like if it ever got too far or if you even got the slightest bit hurt from it, he’d immediately rush over to you and make sure you’re alright
  • the little gymnist would constantly be doing flips and all these cool parkour moves which would make you so worried and on edge
  • “babe, stop, you’re going to hurt yourself”
  • “oh come on, darling, I’m spider-man”
  • and that would be his excuse for everything “darling, I am spider man after all”
  • and yes, his favorite thing to call you would be “darling”
  • and you’d also be worried about him doing some of his own stunts
  • like you’d walk over and he’d be hanging from some cables and casually be like, “oh, hey babe! want to grab some dinner after this?” 
  • taking Tessa on regular walks through the park would probably be one of the highlights of your day because it’d usually just be you and tom
  • and you’d find a quiet spot and just throw some tennis balls out for Tess and relax for a bit, it’d be a great get away from all the flashing cameras and noise
  • hanging out with Tess most of the time in his trailer
  • I feel like your relationship would be kind of private
  • I mean, people would know you’re dating, but you guys wouldn’t flaunt it
  • there may be a couple of pictures of you through out his Instagram feed, but it wouldn’t be overboard
  • and when you do post a picture together, the fans will all go crazy
  • however, on twitter, I feel like you two would get into little witty battles, here and there, and people would take sides and everything
  • but it wouldn’t be anything major, it’d be stupid stuff- like the correct pronunciation for “croissant” or something lol 
  • he’d be dancing all over the place all the time
  • and if you’re not good at dancing he would teach you a move or two and crack up at the amount of rhythm you lack, but he’d find it really cute and endearing
  • teasing him about lip sync battle
  • and sometimes if it’s raining he’ll do a tiny bit of the routine just to make you laugh
  • lots of insiders
  • beach dates
  • you would hang out with Harrison a lot and go to interviews and watch behind the cameras 
  • and Tom would get distracted every now and then with you being right there, and he’d stare off and you’d point your finger to the interviewer and signal at him to focus back, even though it’s really cute 
  • seeing the world while joining him on press tour every now and then
  • sneaking him off set every once in a while to grab a bite to eat or go adventuring and putting him in an elaborate disguise 
  • waking up to him making a nice cup of tea and breakfast every morning
  • having spider man merch lying all over the house because tom can’t help himself
  • and every time you’re at target and pass the toy isle where all the action figures are and the masks are, he’ll stop and shout “hey, look it’s me!!” 
  • sweet little kisses 
  • planning the future together
  • “what if our kid prefers superman?”
  • “then we’ll send them off to military school” 
  • obviously being his date to red carpet events and ceremonies 
  • and he’d always be very nervous and making sure you’re alright because all the flashing cameras, rude reporters, and screaming fans are a bit much
  • cheering him on in the crowd when he’s up for an award
  • and you being one of the first people he thanks in his speeches
  • if you aren’t from England and he’s near your home town for press tour or comic con, you take him all around town and show him where you grew up and share funny stories about each of your stops
  • him getting on great with your family, who can’t get enough of him
  • going over to see his family on holidays, who absolutely adore you
  • one of his brothers will probably have a not so secret crush on you and you jokingly threaten tom to leave him for them 
  • you being his whole world and him constantly talking about you in interviews
  • also lots of rumors about you guys getting married, having a baby, or breaking up, but you just tune those out 
  • lots of movie nights at his place which lead to you guys crashing out on the couch 
  • stealing his clothes
  • him whispering sweet nothings in your ear
  • and Harrison screaming “get a room”
  • lots of “I love you’s” 

let me know if you want a part 2 lol 

So my Skyrim character was an elf, and then after a while I decided I wanted her to be a khajiit instead, so I used console commands to make her a cute cat. Easy. Except then, for unfathomable reasons, she went back to being an elf.

Except she was Very Wrong. She was a vampire, so she kept the vampire teeth placement in the khajiit position, jutting out in front of her face, and she kept all the khajiit face markings. But the face markings change wildly - sometimes she’s got stripes, sometimes it’s random and mottled, sometimes it’s black and white. Some combo of elf, khajiit and vampire really did a number on her and now she’s a horrible tall mess and it’s just great.

((Still can’t believe it’s actually Saeran who cutely announces “CHERIT-CHU!” when you open the MM app instead of Seven))

BTS as things my friends have said whilst shopping...
  • Seokjin: Do you think if I bat my eyelashes they'll give me it for free?
  • Yoongi: *walks out with no bags* it was all overpriced but I tried all the samples - smell me
  • Hoseok: *has about twenty bags* I'm definitely broke now but I'll look cute so it's fine!
  • Namjoon: *knocks over a display* ... Well...
  • Taehyung: *dancing to the background music* WHAT is this radio station?! It's literally my new favourite thing
  • Jimin: You know what sucks? Being short and wanting the item on the top shelf. That's what sucks.
  • Jungkook: *is under the illusion that the shopping cart is actually a scooter*

I couldn’t help but remember some of Yomo’s words from :re Chapter 71:

And seeing how happy he is now at his niece’s wedding:

(which even newlyweds Kaneki and Touka notice and comment on:


Makes it all the more adorable - especially when you take into account how he’s normally much more of a reserved character!