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And at the centre of it all, of the Mountain, of the rebellion, of the entire world, were seven straight backed girls with circlets of flowers and steel upon their foreheads, thick blood upon their hands, loose wildfires in their hearts and fingers laced together.

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Ok but I have a headcannon that Hearth is rlly bad at ice skating and he's super self concious about it and makes up excuses as to why he can't go skating with the rest of the gang (I can't go, I have to feed the birds. "Hearth, we don't have birds." 'I'm going to go buy birds to feed brb) and Blitz finally convinces him to go and he just stands there being a Very Uncomfortable Elf and I just need to see Hearth being a dork with ice skates in ur style imsorry

this is the best thing to wake up to thAnk you for skating Hearth


u said he got a bird


Transparent background Dan and Phil picture thingys,, these literally took me forever so it’d be nice if you didn’t repost them and say they’re yours, thank youu :))) (although reblogging with that button thing is v nice) feel free to use them as your icon!! (you don’t need to give me credit for that)) yay bye