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…AND i ended up taking care of a few built up commissions with end-of-the-year deadlines

AND THEN i got a big surprise one that, when it’s time to reveal, i think you guys are going to be really happy about. i know i was.


mostly portraits and such, but i’m still super super excited. i won’t lie, after being defeated by those missed 4 days in inktober, i felt myself fall into a slump, BUT I’M BACK

now, if tumblr would load any/all content for my at any point that would be superb

okay but like zack snyder made barry canonically jewish and made a black man so integral to the story that you just couldn’t remove him from this film completely (even if his scenes were cut short he was still a crucial character), which never would’ve happened had whedon taken full reigns

thanks for protecting my sons zack, love you!


It’s a day early but I’m feeling sappy and proud of myself for these drawings so here. This is my boy. This is Mat. I’ve been with him for over 8 years now. What a long time. I HATE HIM SO MUCH but I’m very very very stupidly thankful that he is in my life and loves me and my derpy dogs so much~.

so i’ve officially made the decision to major in business instead of marine biology and it’s literally the most crushing thing i’ve ever dealt with in my life :)

Just gotta say that I love Kim youngbin with all my heart and that if I could I’d give him the whole world because he deserves it. He’s the most precious bean in the world and I just want him to be happy. Words can’t express how his smile fills my heart with happiness. 😭😭


You know, out of all of my brother’s friends, you’re my favorite. You’ve always been my favorite.


she’s trying her best

I’m half-convinced that many Germans regard it as a point of national pride to have words for every conceivable emotion, and every time anyone anywhere asks “is there a word for [obscure emotional state]?”, the entire nation of Germany collectively invents one, edits their dictionaries so that it’s retroactively always existed, and says “yes, yes there is”.

Marinette is curious about the whole purr thing while Chat is more confused and embarrased than he wants to admit

Totally based on that trailer 


Happy Birthday, Steven Universe!

Thank you @stevencrewniverse for all your hard work on the show! Especially @rebeccasugar who probably never gets a day off. lol Thank you to @pearl-likes-pi for running the podcast, too! It’s a lot of fun, and it helped make the hiatus a little more bearable.

Now, in honor of SU’s B-Day, here is a list of all my favorite fandom moments from over the years.

1) Back in the day, people thought Onion was Yellow Diamond/secretly a Homeworld Gem. Hilarity ensued.

2) When “Stronger Than You”/Garnet being a fusion was revealed, everyone lost their collective minds.

3) All the “So this is what Homeworld thinks of fusion!” memes

4) People replacing scenes of the Crystal Gems with Jamie wearing bad Crystal Gem cosplay. Also, people going to cons dressed as Jamie, dressed as a Crystal Gem (cosplay-ception?)

5) Baby Sour Cream is literally the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) face, and this did not go unnoticed.

6)  “If you defuse Garnet, the Crystal Gems are just Pearl standing over a bunch of child-sized munchkins.”

7) 5 million “cotton candy Garnet” fanarts 20 minutes after “The Answer” aired.

8) When the gems bought Andy a wedding cake, and the fandom declared “every ship is canon now”.

9)  “ Padparadscha is Internet Explorer”

10) That one time Cartoon Network photoshopped Rose holding baby Steven in a promotional image, and the crewniverse was like: “???” when asked about it, so everyone started photoshopping baby Steven into the show, in increasingly ridiculous locations.

11)  “…Is that a weapon?” memes

12) “TERRIFYING RENEGADE PEARL” followed by a picture of Pearl being eccentric, or crying.

13) People photoshopping Amethyst swallowing things after she swallowed the giant burrito in “Bismuth”.

14) “Steven Universe episode 1. Steven sings about icecream. Steven Universe episode x. Steven *insert traumatizing experience here*”

Thank you to all my fandom friends, you guys are amazing <3

Here, have a thing