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I used to enjoy this blog b4 it got overly angsty?? Ok so this isnt anon hate. Im gonna give you a bit of criticism. I personally used to enjoy your blog, and i get that people enjoy angst like this. But you need to tone it down a bit. Michael wouldve died with the way his burns are. CPR and life support only do so much. The angst here is over saturated. Theres too much for some people to properly enjoy this blog at this rate. Please dont take this as anon hate, im only giving a bit of criticism

Please do your research before stuff like this…?

People have been burned much, much worse and survived. Michael was in the fire for about 30 minutes. Smoke inhalation, 3rd degree burns to his body, and partial blindness. Now, some part of Michael did die, his arm. some parts of him weren’t able to be saved, I.E. his arm elbow down, and his right eye.

As for people not being able to enjoy the blog… That’s their own fault! The reasons I chose to do this is because many, MANY of you asked for it! The top was blindness, then burns, then loosing a limb. MOST OF YOU ACTUALLY WANTED HIM TO DIE. I am showing restraint as it is.

Don’t “witch hunt” this person, please. This was the most thoughtful and well written one I got. Death threats are rolling in again, so, this blog might not even be up that long if it continues.

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Thomas wakes up to mo cooking breakfast for everyone because they're hanging out with dodie today so they can't sleep in. he pours everyone coffee and offers around the pot for a second cup (of course he takes it, it's so early) virge and roman disappear while logan and Patton keep him busy talking. they come back and load in the car and it's about halfway there that Thomas realizes he really has to piss. He alerts the car to the fact and no one has a reaction besides mo clucking his tongue(1/?)

at him. He leans back and groans and Roman can’t help but look over at Thomas and wink. And it hits him and he knows EXACTLY what they’re doing. They reach the coffee shop dodie wanted to meet at, and mo refuses to go home until he’s finished his third cup, even though Thomas is obviously half hard under the table. Dodie goes home with him (she just flew in and her hotel room isn’t ready yet) and prince, being the good host offers tea and even if she tries to refuse mo just insists and (2/?)

Verge is leaning against him until now he’s in his lap and Thomas is happy that his now rather obvious boner is covered until Virgil shifts his arm under his head and his elbow is pressing directly under Thomas’s bladder. Dodie excuses herself to the bathroom and Thomas allows himself a small hiss of pain and a glare at mo, who smirks back. Dodie comes back and theres more tea, which Thomas can barely finish, and then her hotel is ready and she’s gone (I need more characters I swear) (3/?)

Thomas closes the door behind her and whirls around with a very hostile “what the fuck,” but the effect is diminished because of the fact that he’s not only hard, so is everyone in the room. Logan stalks forward and cards his hands through Thomas’s hair and whispers “talking like that isn’t making the situation better baby,” and anx is palming him through his jeans, his hands are tied behind his back. “Can I please go now? She’s gone” Mo’s reply is instant. “Only if you can cum first,”. (4/?)

IM SO SORRY FOR ALL THE EXPOSITION IT WAS SO LONG IM ONLY USED TO WRITING FLUFF AND AGNST IVE NEVER ACTUALLY WRITTEN SMUT AND I FEEL LIKE I DID A TERRIBLE JOB EVEN THOUGH IT WASN’T ACTUAL SMUT. Gah. Thank you for putting up with me and waiting so long for the rest of it lmao (5/5 unless I ever actually write this but it’ll show up on my blog then)

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I just got into your tiny burr au ficlets and I was wondering could you maybe do something about thomas and james worrying about aaron when he's caught?

It had been a while since Aaron last visited. James frequently worried about the younger man, feeling sometimes like Aaron was still that skittish thirteen year old who moved in all on his own. But James knew he was a worrier, it was normal. Still he pointed it out to Thomas. 

“He’s just being an antisocial little shit. Let him be.” And that was that. Until another few days passed, and they still didn’t see him. 

James prompted Thomas about it again, only this time, Thomas’ scowl held a hint of worry. “He’s small, but not stupid. Burr would tell us if something were wrong.” 

There were many things that could be wrong. Aaron was small, even for their kind (though not as small as James himself, as Aaron often retaliated to such comments). He was also clumsy and occasionally absent minded. There were many pitfalls Aaron could have fallen into, not the least of which what every borrower feared- discovery by the big people. 

James shook that thought off. Aaron wasn’t dumb enough for that.

Still, more another several days passed, until eventually Thomas was the one to bring it up. “I’m going to give that little shit an earful. He knows better than to avoid us this long.” Thomas wasn’t bothering to hide his worry, and the very fact that his partner worried set James’ mind into overdrive. 

“Let’s,” He agreed. Thomas graciously helped James through the single gap between the interior walls that connected James and Thomas’ living space and Aaron’s. Though a single gap, it was actually a long stretch, a carefully knotted string bridge connecting it. 

Thomas lifted James over the last gap, earning a short laugh despite the situation. “Stop that, now’s not the time.” He admonished, still grinning. 

“It’s always the time for being a proper gentleman,” Thomas gave an exaggerated wink, earning a light shove. Then they crossed into Aaron’s territory, and it was time to be serious again. 

Aaron wasn’t in his favourite portion of the walls, where his bed and kitchen were. He wasn’t in his leisure area, or in any of the lookout spots. James and Thomas checked the library next- a bigger alcove stuffed with stolen papers from his Big Person. No luck. 

“I’m going to kill him when we find him,” Thomas muttered, biting the skin at his thumbnail. The pit in James’ stomach grew with each passing moment. Aaron’s territory was not all that big, he always preferred a smaller, tidier space. He wasn’t the type to wander the wall either, even though the entire rest of the building’s walls were free of pests and other borrowers. 

“He could be foraging?” James suggested, glancing pointedly at one of the many entrance points to the interior apartment. 

“He better not be, his Big person is home I saw him in the kitchen through the lookout.” Thomas scowled, eyes narrowed, considering the idea. 

That caused James to pause. “Really? But his Big Person is never home, especially not in the middle of the day. Aaron’s told me that many times before, his person is an obsessed over-worker.”

Thomas went silent for a long moment. “You don’t think…” 

“That he got interrupted while foraging? I’d hope he has more sense than that, but it still wouldn’t explain why we haven’t been seeing him.” 

“No,” Thomas corrected. “I didn’t get a good look at what the Big Person was doing. They were in the kitchen, that lookout doesn’t have a good vantage point for that. But he was talking to someone.” 

Fear gripped James’ chest. “He could have been talking on the phone.” He started moving, nearly tripping over himself. There was another lookout in the kitchen that would give them a clear view. Thomas was right behind him. 

“You’re probably right. Burr’s going to get back as soon as his person is asleep, then we can wring his neck.” The joke was strained and flat. 

Thomas was the first to the kitchen lookout, peeking out immediately. James jostled him over so they could both look. The Big Person- Alexander, James recalled, was indeed there, huddled over with his elbows on the counter. He was peering intently into a birdcage. A birdcage that held one familiar small figure. Aaron’s arms were crossed, defiantly faced away from his captor, who continued cajoling, begging to be addressed. 

“Oh, shit.” Thomas gasped. James concurred. 

  • Sherlock & Molly: *leaving Divination*
  • Molly: *dreamily* Wow, I had no idea Professor Firenze was so...good-looking.
  • Sherlock: *scowling* Mmm.
  • Molly: *sighs* That hair, those eyes! He has such a love and passion for stars and their meaning.
  • Sherlock: *annoyed* Stupid stars, stupid subject...stupid horse man.
  • Molly: *elbows him* Oi, you. I know you don't like the subject but there's no need to be mean. He's very clever.
  • Sherlock: *offended* I'm very clever!
  • Molly: *confused* I never said you weren't.
  • Sherlock: *pouts* Well, it would be nice if you said it now and again.
  • Molly: *frowns* Why are you being like this?
  • Sherlock: *frustrated* Nothing! *tries to walk ahead*
  • Molly: *siezes his arm* No, you always behave like this after Divination. What the hell is wrong with you?
  • Sherlock: *looking around at the gathering crowd; lowers his voice* Molly, not now.
  • Molly: *angry* Yes, now! You insist on behaving like a complete arse, you're going to have an audience.
  • Sherlock: *shakes his head* Molly, I'm warning you-
  • Molly: *folds her arms* It's me, isn't it? You hate working with me because I love Divination and you don't!
  • Sherlock: *scoffs* You couldn't be further from the truth.
  • Molly: *shakes his arm* Then, what is it? And so help me God if you don't tell me, I'll-
  • Sherlock: *softly* I love you.
  • -audience gasps and 'awwww's-
  • Molly: *blinking*
  • Sherlock: *clears his throat* And he is a bit stupid.
  • Molly: *bites her lip* No, he isn't.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* You still fancy him.
  • Molly: *chuckles nervously* Well, yeah.
  • Sherlock: *breathes* For the love of Merlin *grabs her face and snogs her silly*
  • -crowd cheers-
  • Molly: *pulls back; blushing* Okay, you win.
  • Sherlock: *caresses her cheek, smiling* We'll see about that, Molly Hooper.

Simon’s tattoos: 

  • carpe diem: left upper chest (over heart); first tattoo. he had it done shortly after being signed professionally.
  • Filipino tribal art: right shoulder to elbow; the sleeve is partially completed. in its finished state, it will run the length of his arm from shoulder to wrist. hidden within the art is the number 11 written in roman numerals, which commemorates the first number he wore. 
  • sun mandala: right elbow; a part of the tribal sleeve. it circles his right elbow.
  • turtle: inner right wrist; it will become a part of the sleeve once completed. it is a representation of his mother. its placement on the inner wrist and the plan to incorporate it into the sleeve shows that her memory is honored and protected, a piece of his story that he would be incomplete without. 
How To Seduce Your Basketball Coach: A Completely Insane Memoir By Park Jimin

Pairing: Yoonmin

Rated: M

Summary: When Jimin’s childhood crush bulldozes back into his life, he’s determined not to let the opportunity slip by again. He plans on getting what he wants at all costs, but the only problem is: Yoongi is his coach and Jimin’s still (technically) a minor, oops!

WARNING: Contains foul language and underage sex (in future updates), so beware. Just a note, Jimin is initiating everything and is a consenting party. And idk what Im even doing w my life.

aff ;  ao3

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