now the word looks weird

when you fuck up his lovely face..

Fuck the word “Regular”

You say you want a regular coffee.

I have heard Regular mean these things:

Regular as opposed to Decaf
hot as opposed to iced
cream & sugar
cream only
sugar only

So when you order a regular coffee and you don’t specify what the fuck you’re talking about, I’m going to look at you like you’re an idiot. Because no matter what I ask to specify, I usually get treated like trash in response, and get one of those above answers plus “obviously” added to the end of your sentence.

Fuck right off with your regular coffee.


Team Leckie goes Ghostbusters

“If there’s something weird and it don’t look good - who can you call?”

                               “ G H O S T B U S T E R S ! “

So I found a specific description in the brick saying Javert’s coat had a triple cape (which is awesome).

(I just really like his description, so I’ll just leave this bit here)

So, his coat would look like this (although, this has four–two of them being fake. But I liked the illustration details of the woman’s version on the right, and you get the point):

Also, things that particular coat can be classified as:

  • Overcoat
  • Greatcoat
  • Coachman’s coat
  • Box coat
  • Garrick (or Carrick) coat

Been debating whether or not to post up a pic of me or not but I really like how this came out and it was such a nice day ;o;/
My housemate and I went to a small film festival all produced by women and on the way back home we came across this mural and my housemate wanted to do a little photo shoot 😂

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Jinki and his invisible chair  (⊙_◎)

…he has thighs of steel…glorious thighs of steel

anonymous asked:

who initiates hand holding/pda in public, alex or maggie?

Maggie definitely lets Alex take the lead at first. Maggie is the seasoned lesbian, she’s used to holding hands with her girlfriends in public and any of the dirty looks that comes with it.

Alex is tentative, at first. Maggie knows she’s thinking about it when she brushes her fingers against Maggie’s. Maggie’s hand twitches to reach out and intertwine their fingers, but she has to let Alex do this on her own time.

Alex slowly warms up to PDA with her girlfriend.  She goes from tentatively reaching out for Maggie’s hand in the middle of the day, to easily threading their fingers together the moment they’re out the door. She goes from shying away from cheek kisses, to giving Maggie a soft kiss on the lips when she greets her for lunch at work.

The biggest surprise is when they’re at a crime scene and Maggie feels Alex’s hand slide into her back pocket and squeeze her ass.  Maggie bites away the smirk that’s tugging at her lips and raises an eyebrow at her girlfriend.  Alex just shrugs and gives another squeeze.

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this gets funnier and funnier ever time i watch it