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“This Scarlet…you’re in love with her, aren’t you?”
He froze, becoming stone still. As the hover climbed the hill to the palace, his shoulders sank, and he returned his gaze to the window. “She’s my alpha,” he murmured, with a haunting sadness in his voice.
Cress leaned forward, propping her elbows on her knees. “Like the star?
“What star?”
She stiffened, instantly embarrassed, and scooted back from him again. “Oh. Um. In a constellation, the brightest star is called the alpha. I thought maybe you meant that she’s…like…your brightest star.” Looking away, she knotted her hands in her lap, aware that she was blushing furiously now and this beast of a man was about to realize what an over-romantic sap she was.
But instead of sneering or laughing, Wolf sighed. “Yes,” he said, his gaze climbing up to the full moon that had emerged over the city. “Exactly like that.”

when you fuck up his lovely face..

OKAY BUT LISTEN.  An AU where Lance and Keith still have their rivalry that eventually gets benched in the bigger picture and they become close and spend a lot of time together and suddenly have inside jokes and Lance gets Keith to agree to let him paint his nails and Keith helps Lance in training and everything between them is so easy and natural.

And everyone thinks they’re together - EVERYONE, including the Blade of Mamora, the Galra Empire, random Aliens on the streets of a planet they’re all walking on.  EVERYONE.

There’s intergalatic gossip shows that talk about their relationship and when they’re going to take the next big step and mate/marry/get tied/ect together, and in the Resistance a bunch of the younger ones write Real Person fanfiction about them and how they might’ve gotten together and what dates they might go on.  A few of the stores that aren’t yet tied down by the Galra Empire sell Klance Merchandise.

Literally everyone believes they’re together.

But actually this whole time they’re just really good friends.


They think it’s kinda funny.


Keith admits to Lance that he maybe kinda likes Hunk and Lance tries to help him get the guy.

Lance admits to maybe kinda liking Shiro and Keith is…a bit uncomfortable with it at first (because Shiro is basically his brother) but since Lance is helping him with Hunk then he can help him with Shiro.


They kinda fail because eVERYONE THINKS KLANCE IS REAL.

Ginhijigin week Day 7- Future

//casually rises from the dead at the end of ginhijiweek
sorry ya’ll QQ went dormant for a couple months cause of cosplay season and summer job…art muse flew out the window and went to pasture (¦3[▓▓]

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so uh minor housekeeping note:

i’m thinking about posting all my fic that have thus far been confined to tumblr on ao3 (for ease of access, among other reasons), since i’ve amassed a lot more than i ever expected to when i started this blog about two months ago (thanks for all the prompts guys!!). i’m leaning towards yes, I’ll definitely do this (and end up spamming the ao3 lance/pidge tags for the next week or so lmao). 

basically i’m wondering if you guys - my lovely followers - have any interest in me doing this?? 

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Would William forgive Ron if he caught him cheating?


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Idea for a prompt, Tina flirting with Farah and Farah not picking up on it

(ok so I do not know how to flirting so I just kinda wrote Tina using bad pickup lines but uh I hope you like it anyway.)

“Hey Farah, Farah, ok ready, I have another one: are you a disney princess? Cos you’re cinderHELLA fine!” Tina called across the office, she was onto something like her 50th attempt at using pickup lines on Farah, so far no success, she had even resorted to looking up pickup lines.

“Hahaha.” Farah called back sarcastically.

“Oh come on,” Tina said, walking over and sitting on the desk Farah was sitting at, “that was a good one.”

“Was it?” Farah replied, not looking up from the computer screen where she was researching something for the case.

“Yeah! That was by far my best one yet!”

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Team Leckie goes Ghostbusters

“If there’s something weird and it don’t look good - who can you call?”

                               “ G H O S T B U S T E R S ! “

So I found a specific description in the brick saying Javert’s coat had a triple cape (which is awesome).

(I just really like his description, so I’ll just leave this bit here)

So, his coat would look like this (although, this has four–two of them being fake. But I liked the illustration details of the woman’s version on the right, and you get the point):

Also, things that particular coat can be classified as:

  • Overcoat
  • Greatcoat
  • Coachman’s coat
  • Box coat
  • Garrick (or Carrick) coat

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You seem to be a strong spirited individual. Tell me, would you care to make a contract with me to become a magical girl?~ It will be tons of fun, I promise~

The vampire, just blinked in perplexity, staring at the white, ferret-like creature with the menacing red eyes. Dark marks the colour of blood ran along the back of the delicate animal to form a circle while red dots of the same nature littered the ends of the two pig-tail like attachment to its ears, one golden ring floating on each side.

“Me? A magical girl? Surely, you can’t be serious!” He grinned, not exactly sure how to handle a situation like this. An alien-like creature that supposedly seeks out random people to form a contract with wasn’t a scenario vampires experience on a daily basis after all.

“But say…” the brunet started slowly, kneeling down to get closer to the critter, realising a vital point it had left out, most likely on purpose.
“What do you get out of suggesting a deal like that? It seems pretty one-sided if you ask me and that can’t be everything there is to it, little one. You’re a salesman, that’s quite the obvious fact, so please be so kind to tell me what I want to hear from you: the truth.”
Ky’s words gradually took on a threatening undertone as gloved fingers firmly held Kyubey in place by grabbing the scruff of his neck, squeezing just a little tighter with every word that left those cold lips.
“What’s the catch to your little offering?”