now the song is stuck in my head again

Kim Jongdae//Impetuous

Summary: A chance encounter in the shared laundry room lets you get to know Kim Jongdae, but he’s not all you thought he would be.
Scenario: swimmer!au
Word Count: 6,998

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Anywhere, anytime I would do anything for you Anything for you Yesterday got away Melodies stuck inside your head A song in every breath

Sing me to sleep now Sing me to sleep Won’t you sing me to sleep now? Sing me to sleep

Remember me now, time cannot erase I can hear your whispers in my mind I’ve become what you cannot embrace Our memory will be my lullaby


Someone stop me before I strike again.


clexa aesthetic - two oceans in between us

I watched my wild youth disappear in front of my eyes. Moments of magic go under.
It seems so hard to find.                                             Is it ever coming back again (?)

or that summer lovers au

I just woke up from a five hour nap to discover these messages sent to me by friends and thought I’d share them.

INTJ: I got another phone call from that strange number again today and decided to be bold and pick up. Assuming it’s a telemarketer or a scammer I just answered with “Fuck off already” And it turned out to be my grandmother calling from her landline. I TOLD MY GRANDMOTHER TO FUCK OFF.

ENFP: You’re handsome and intelligent and deserve a lot of love and pizza. Also, there are bats living inside my walls now, how do I tell them to stop meeping at me?

INFP: Here, I drew you this dick. Good luck with your appointment today!

ISFP: I’ve had every love song I know stuck in my head for weeks now. Please, help me.

INFJ: I’m in town for the weekend, wanna get high and discuss the downward spiral of humanity?


♢ Pairing: Kang Daniel x Reader

♢ Word count: 2.3 k

♢ Genre: Fluff, humor including a heavy make out session ;)

   ⌲ Description: Y/N finally managed to give her boyfriend a small visit, as they spent the time in their own way. Until they got busted that is. 

A/N: I knoow that I usually only write for BTS, but I have just fallen into the kpop hole yet again, and this time for Wanna One. I just fell in love with that group after Produce 101, which is dangerous because i’m going to sob at their disbandment. Not only have I several biases *cough* Kang Daniel *couch* Ong Seongwoo, but their debut song is stuck in my head. So yes please enjoy this one shot with the adorable God Daniel. 

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I got stuck in my head for much too long / so now all I hear is an exhausted song / dark and faded like the sky before rain / except now every word is replaced with your name
—  To K.E. IV Pt. 3: 1:38 p.m. | Sarah Z.

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"i didnt know you can sing!" ladynoir please !!! thank you so much for writing these. they are very enjoyable

Aww, thanks so much, Nonny! Glad you are enjoying them. <3

“I didn’t know you could sing!” Chat Noir exclaimed gleefully, clapping his hands together. “Sing me something else.”

Ladybug flushed and grabbed her yo-yo. “You weren’t supposed to hear that, Chat.”

He reached out, touching her arm. “Don’t go, please. You don’t have to sing if you don’t want to.”

She bit her bottom lip and nodded. “Okay, I can stay out for a bit longer.”

“Good.” He sat down on the roof ledge, swinging his legs over the side, and patted the space beside him. “Let’s talk for a bit. I feel like I haven’t seen you in weeks.”

“We saw each other two days ago,” she replied but sat down beside him, knocking her heels against the brick wall.

“We fought an akuma together two days ago. I suppose technically, yes, we saw each other but we didn’t get to talk or anything. You had to disappear as soon as the akuma was cleansed.”

“Yeah, that was a close one.”

Chat Noir’s lips twitched. “Just for the record, you do have a lovely singing voice, my Lady.”

“Chat,” she warned.

“It was just a surprise is all. Not that I should be surprised. Everything about you is wonderful.”

“You’re really making me regret staying now.”

Chat Noir grinned and took her hand in his. “This is the part where you say, ‘Thank you, Chat. I am a lovely singer.’”

“Thank you, Chat,” she smiled, rolling her eyes. 

“I am a…” he prodded.

“You’re acting like it was the best thing ever. I’ve just had this song stuck in my head the past few days.”

“Will you sing it for me again?”


“Why not?” he pouted.

Her cheeks went pink. “It’s just…ugh, I’m not singing for you.”

“My Lady, are you embarrassed?”


“Aww, sweet Bugaboo, don’t be shy. It’s just you and me and the night air.” 

“You’ve made it this big thing now. I’m really not that good,” she huffed.

Chat Noir swung his legs back onto the rooftop and stood. “I’m going to go way over there, okay? I’ll even turn my back. Please sing for me.”

She hunched her shoulders, cheeks now a dark red. “Fine, if it will make you drop it.”

He beamed at her and strode across the roof. Ladybug took a deep breath and began to sing again, and Chat Noir closed his eyes, taking it in. Her voice faded into the darkness as she finished and he turned to her, closing the distance between them. “Beautiful, my Lady, absolutely beautiful.”

She looked up at him with big eyes. “Really?”

He nodded and cupped her cheek. “Just like you.”

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One long car ride

Harry Styles - 1514 words (smut)


“Harry..” I whine, throwing my head against the seat as I try to kick my shoes off. Harry wanted to visit Liam and Niall, who were enjoying their time off in some sort of beach hours fucking miles away. Of course he decided this at six in the evening, so we had to drive the whole night to reach our destination. I was bored out of my mind, H not wanting to put the radio on, and he himself being awfully quiet since we left.

“Yeah babe?” I decided to kick my shoes off, my bare feet resting against the dashboard of Harry’s car, my free hand dangling out of the window. I am bored out of my mind and I’m ready to jump out of this riding death trap and meet Satan in hell.
“I’m bored.”

“It’s just a couple more hours babe, you’ll be fine.” Harry sighs out as he gives me a quick smile before averting his gaze back towards the road. We were the only one out, seeing how it was like two A.M., darkness surrounding us except for the lights of the car that illuminated our way. I started fidgeting with my fingers, the only thing I wanted was to enjoy Harry for the few days I had him all by myself, and now we’re leaving to spend those free alone time with the people I actually wanted to get away from. Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole band as if they were my brothers, but a girl has needs, you know.

I remember the night when H came home from tour, I had bribed my roommate into leaving the premises for the rest of the night. Harry knows exactly where to touch, with what pressure, and don’t get me started on that tongue of his. The boy is pure magic.
My eyes involuntarily close as I rethink the very welcome memories, the feeling of Harry’s fingers ghosting over my wet core as I wriggle and beg for more, beg for him to take me as he pleases. He had gotten even more fit, strong and muscly, I couldn’t do anything but to try and touch every single square centimeter of skin.

I opened my eyes again to see that Harry did not pay attention to me, a song stuck in his head which he hummed along to, his fingers tapping along the steering wheel.
I could feel my heart beating faster, my knickers wetter and my hands trembling to touch him. But I’m fairly certain that if I tried anything right now we would get into a fight, which isn’t something pleasant to look forward to if you’re still stuck in the same car for the rest of the night. I guess I’ll just have to help myself out.

My fingers fiddle with the straws of my sweatpants as I glance once more towards H, still nothing. I let my hand glide into my sweatpants, closing my eyes as I let my fingers toy with my slit, my mind bringing me back when Harry was banging me, the headboard shaking against the wall as his grunts vibrated through the air.
I bite my lip, letting one of my fingers slip into my core as I lean back a bit, opening my legs a little to give myself more access. I didn’t care about Harry anymore, if he wasn’t going to pay attention to me, I would pay attention to myself.

I could hear my breathing get heavier, that along with the gravel on the road the only thing being heard. Harry was still tapping the steering wheel along to an imaginary beat, and I let my imagination run freely.
What if he just pulls off the road now and shags me against his the hood of his car? I could be moaning into thin air, begging for more and nobody would even notice.

“Mm.” I accidentally let a little moan slip out as I buck my hips up, my mind giving me vivid images of what could happen. All of the sudden the beating of H’s fingers stop and I can her him scrape his throat. “What are you doing?”
I cock one eye open, trailing it over his shocked yet amused face.
“What does it look like? You ignore me so I’ll help myself out.”

“Fuck.” Harry curses and I moan freely now bucking my hips up to meet my own touch as I can hear Harry curse once more.
I am shaken from my own little world when I feel the car come to an abrupt stop, and I open my eyes to see Harry staring at me.
“What’s wrong H? You wanted to be there by nine, so don’t you think you should step on it?” I blatantly state, still annoyed that I couldn’t get my alone time like I had wished for all those months.

“I- Fuck.” I let my eyes fall onto his jeans, the tight clothing straining against his growing bulge and I smirk as I raise my eyebrows before meeting his eyes again.
“You like this?” I slip my hand from my own knickers and crawl on top of Harry, my back resting against the steering wheel as I let my fingertip trail over his collarbone, my lips wetted by my tongue every couple of seconds as I kept his gaze.

I press my core down onto his aching crotch, cupping his neck with my cheek. “Answer me H.”
“Ye-yeah. Fucking hell.” His hands come up to grab one of my breasts but I quickly slap his hand away, pinning them to the side of his car seat.

“You didn’t want to touch me before H, so you can’t right now.” I chuckle darkly taking my shirt of slowly, exposing my breasts to Harry since I couldn’t care less to wear a bra if I was sitting in a car all night. His eyes almost pop out of their sockets as he tries to touch me again but I growl and his hands fly back down, his puppy dog eyes coming out as he pouts his lip at me. I ignore it, pushing my sweatpants down before pulling Harry’s jeans and boxers down in one swift motion to his knees.

My fingernails scratch over his hips as I rid him of his shirt as slowly as I can, my hips in meanwhile circling against his exposed cock, slicking him with my arousal and his pre-cum. He was a groaning, withering mess underneath me and I had to take all my willpower in me to not just ride him immediately. He deserved to be toyed with.

I kiss, lick and nibble my way up on his torso towards his jaw, licking a stripe up his neck before I let my teeth sink into his sweet spot, Harry by now a groaning, muttering mess underneath me. “Please, please.”
“Please what H?” I smirk, stilling the movements off my hips as my nails continue their movement over his abs.

“Let me fuck you.”
Instead of answering him, I let myself sink down onto his cock, a hiss drawn from his lips as he closes his eyes and leans his head against the car seat.
“Mm H.” I moan out, riding him by circling my hips, and I grab his hands and set them on my waist and he takes that as his cue to kick in.

Within a second his grip tightens, enough to bruise, and his hips start to meet mine in short, quick thrusts. Both of us are panting and moaning profanities, and this is what I’ve wanted, some alone time for us to connect, not the sweet and innocent giggly H but the one that’s passionate and rough with me.
His hands grab my breasts and by now I’m bouncing on his lap by just the motion of his hips, I’m a mess, moaning his name over and over again as I reach my high.

It doesn’t take long for Harry to finish as well, his arms immediately snaking around my waist as he hauls me into his chest, his ragged breathing warming my neck as he tries to regain his breath.

“I missed you.” Harry breathes out in pure bliss, my own lips leaving tiny kisses near the nape of his hairline, my eyes closing at the smell of vanilla and sex. My favorite scent on H.
“I did too H. Really.” My nails scrape his neck, up to his hair to pull there lightly as he lets out a breath he had been holding in.
“I’m sorry I’m dragging you across the country, Niall and Liam just really like you and were complaining they want to spend some time with their best mate.” My heart flutters at the realization that his best friends, band mates and practically his whole life actually enjoys my company and wants me around.
“I don’t mind babe, as long as I’m with you.” I wink and let my lips catch his.

Lots of love,
L. xox

Taehyung Scenario: When I Was Your Man.

Request: DO you think you could write a Taehyung or Yoongi scenario based off the song When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars? (lol the song played on my bus on Friday now it is just stuck in my head)

Genre: Angst / Drama.

Groggily Taehyung put his arms around you pulling you closer to his chest, you snuggled to his body getting comfy in his warmth which made Taehyung hum in content, having you close like this made him want to stay in bed cuddling you all day. He nuzzled your hair and neck to then try to turn you around but you went rigid in his grasp. He was confused, why you didn’t want to turn to him? Taehyung pulled you again but you just wouldn’t budge, he groaned and tried to make you look at him but when he saw your face Taehyung realized it wasn’t you.

With a gasp he opened his eyes, it was a dream, just a dream. Taehyung sighed and tried to distract his thoughts of you without succeeding, he remembered those times when events like the ones in his dream would occur every morning since you loved to stay over and waked up with him, at least you had loved it before, cuddling all morning and then have a late lazy breakfast, until Taehyung went out in a rush and left you wanting more, alone. He groaned and looked at the ceiling to not look at the wide extension of his bed, before occupied by you, but now it was empty, it had been like that since a year ago when you took the final step and left him.

It was sunday, he was free for the day so he decided to catch up with some of his friends and clear out his mind.
So went out to Jin’s place were he was sure he’d find Jungkook messing around as always, he also made sure to call Jimin to bring a few drinks or something, maybe a couple of beers would be good to him.

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General announcement that I’ve had the Ducktales theme song stuck in my head for hours now. The duck era has once again come just as the prophecies have told. Brainwashing is the first step, but we must not fear. We are safe until The Terror That Flaps in The Night comes and that is not the case right no–

Oh. Welp.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I just wanted to say first on how much I love your blog! You have the best writing I've seen in a long time! And second, I was wondering if I could get a scenario for Akira, Ryuji, Yusuke and Haru: Their S/O that's good at an instrument, invites them to an empty room and plays a song they wrote just for them as a thank you gift for helping them stick to their passion for music. (I hope that makes sense! I'm sorry if it doesn't!)

Hi!! I am SO GLAD you’re enjoying my blog and my writing still has a ways to go, but I appreciate your generosity all the same!! ;A; Thank you for this request, it made perfect sense and it’s so romantic!!


“Come on, Akira. There’s something I need you to hear.”

S/O had ensnared Akira’s hand with their own and they were currently dragging him through the desolate auditorium of Shujin High. He didn’t have the slightest notion as to what S/O was plotting; regardless, the bespectacled student played along, his curiosity expressed by his attentive onyx eyes and slightly furrowed brows.

S/O warily guided him up the stairs leading to the stage, where a lone, forgotten piano stood at the opposite end. Akira suppressed the temptation to drum his fingers on the concealed ivory keys; incidentally, however, that’s exactly where S/O strayed. The couple halted just in front of the instrument, and Akira flashed S/O a questioning look. They returned the gesture with a reassuring smile as they squeezed his hand prior to procuring a few sheets of paper from their carry-on.

Akira’s eyes widened upon recognizing the dots and dashes that unified a music score, and S/O hesitated a moment before speaking, their eyes grazing over the flimsy paper. “I’ve seen you play the piano here after school. Seeing you play each note with such passion… it’s truly inspired my own.” 

S/O paused again to place the sheet music on the rack, then they perched themself upon one half of the wooden stool before their eyes locked with Akira’s. A glint of determination nestled in their eyes as they stated, “This piece requires two people. So…” They extended their hand toward him. “Will you join me?”

Akira simply stood there for a moment, disguising his astonishment with a neutral expression. Verily, could a person be any more lovely? 

He promptly nodded and grasped their hand, his eyes soft as he responded, “It would be my honor.” Akira seated himself adjacent to S/O, gently releasing their hand and uplifting the fallboard with them to expose the dichromatic keys underneath. The duo exchanged a final, affirmative glance before diverting their attention on the composition, their eager hands levitating above the keys. On S/O’s count, the duet commenced with Akira supporting the harmony and S/O dominating the melody. 

The nocturne reverberated throughout the vicinity, the mellifluous series of trills and chords dancing in Akira’s ears; the dulcet tones embraced him and the ensuing sense of euphoria conjured goosebumps on his skin in addition to an electric chill zipping down his spine. This feeling was one of the few things he treasured, that gave him peace; the fact that his dear S/O was alongside him, playing with such fervor and flair, amplified the sentiment.

The song was gradually concluded with a hushed set of triplets, and S/O abruptly hugged Akira around his waist.

“That was incredible,” they whispered breathlessly. “I thought this feeling would never come back… thank you, Akira.”

His arms delicately snaked around them; he empathized perfectly with what S/O was feeling, as evidenced by his swelling heart. Akira resolved to display his own appreciation for another day. 

“You’re welcome,” he replied, followed by a soft kiss on S/O’s crown, “And… thank you for this, S/O. You really do play beautifully.”


Ryuji retained minimal to no knowledge pertaining to music, but the wondrous ballad emanating from S/O’s instrument was quite captivating, even to untrained ears such as his. 

Lately, S/O had been struggling with their motivation, or rather their lack thereof, and Ryuji had been their most devoted supporter, assisting them in any way he could through words of encouragement or spectating while they practiced. 

On this occasion, however, S/O had mentioned that this particular ballad they were currently playing in their isolated studio was an original piece dedicated to him as a symbol of their gratitude. He believed he didn’t do anything to warrant such a touching gesture, but S/O insisted so earnestly that he couldn’t refuse. Truthfully, Ryuji was grateful he didn’t.

Despite his infamous indifference to the arts, he could feel S/O’s heart dripping from every note that hung in the air, and it had steadily lulled him into a peaceful reverie. Once it had ended, all he could do was sit there with wide, awestruck eyes. 

S/O’s voice was dense with concern. “Ryuji…? Are you all right?”

Ryuji shook his head to jerk out of his trance and apologized, “S-sorry, I think I’m still in shock… where’d ya learn to play like that?”

S/O grasped the elbow of their limp arm in embarrassment as they explained, “I’m self taught.”

“For real?!” Ryuji exclaimed with raised eyebrows. “That’s incredible! You’re incredible. I feel like I could run a freakin’ marathon after hearin’ that.“

S/O laughed, and to Ryuji, it was just as musical as their ballad. “Save it for after I thank you properly.”

“Babe, ya don’t gotta thank me. This was all you,” he proclaimed, his muscular arms circling around S/O’s waist.

S/O shook their head prior to resting their own pair of arms around his shoulders. “Don’t dismiss yourself so easily. I nearly gave up a few times, but you always gave me a reason not to.” S/O’s amused eyes twinkled like the stars as they reminisced, “There was even that one time you borrowed my instrument and played it yourself, and you were sharper than needles.”

A smug grin danced on his lips. “But it worked out in the end, didn’t it?”

S/O tenderly pecked him on his lips. “Yeah, it did. Thank you again, Ryuji… for being my inspiration.”

Although S/O’s voice was soft, their words carried enormous weight and emotion, catching Ryuji off guard. A faint blush had permeated the apples of his cheeks, and a sudden temptation to embrace S/O forever overcame him. He decided to subdue the urge… for now. “Of course. It would be a shame to rob yourself of somethin’ that makes you so happy. I should be thankin’ you for creatin’ this song. To be honest, it’s kinda stuck in my head now.” 

Ryuji broke away from the embrace and proceeded to bashfully rub the back of his head. His demeanor was similar to a child that was about to ask for something expensive. “Uh, if it isn’t too much trouble… could ya record it? For me, I mean. I-I’d be willin’ to pay.”

S/O slowly blinked at the blonde before smiling brightly, prompting Ryuji’s heart to flutter. “I’ll see what I can do. Don’t worry about money, just think of it as a thank you gift. And…” S/O paused and timidly clasped their hands together. “I’d be willing to play for you any time you like.”

Ryuji’s consciousness was threatening to escape him; if S/O became any more perfect, it would certainly prove to be detrimental to his health. Even so, they were one of the most precious gifts to have ever befallen him, so he figured they were worth the risk.

“Yeah… I’d really like that.”


“Is it really okay that we’re here, Yusuke?”

“It is all right, my dear. This room isn’t occupied on weekends, and the acoustics are splendid.”

Once school had been dismissed and the students had finished tidying up, Yusuke invited S/O to the Kosei choir room upon their request for a quiet, vacant area. He ascertained that it was relevant to music, since S/O was carrying a case befitting of an instrument. 

The couple had reached their destination, and Yusuke cautiously turned the doorknob. “Hm, it’s unlocked, like usual. How careless of them; anyone could sneak in here.”

The irony of his words elicited a reluctant smile from S/O, but once Yusuke opened the door, they merely gaped in reverence; concert hall would be a more appropriate term for this vicinity, rather than choir room.

“Is something the matter?” He spoke with a hushed volume, but Yusuke’s pleasant voice wafted through the air and faded with a wispy finality. He was correct; the acoustics were most magnificent.

S/O shook their head as they joined him inside the ‘choir room’. “I’m all right, honey. It’s just… amazing.” They gasped softly as their hand shot up to their vaguely parted mouth; their echoingthey voice had surprised them, and they suddenly longed to enroll for admission to this school.

Yusuke emitted a low chuckle from how adorable they appeared with their child-like wonder. “I suppose it is rather impressive. If I may ask, what did you want to use this room for? I’m assuming it has something to do with the instrument fastened to you.”

“Oh, right.” S/O detached the instrument’s bag and fumbled around with the zipper before finally retrieving the object. They discarded the bag and pivoted toward Yusuke, their instrument nested in their hands. “I… wrote something for you, if you’d like to hear it.”

Yusuke hesitated from surprise, but he hastily recovered to give S/O a confirmation. “Yes, dear, by all means.” S/O smiled cheerily and bobbed their head once prior to directing their focus to their instrument as they initiated their arrangement.

S/O’s aria was enchanting beyond compare, and it enraptured Yusuke like a moth to a flame. Of course he knew they played an instrument, but their aptitude surpassed what he could have imagined. Not only was he struck speechless, but his mind was devoid of any thought, and for once, that included art. The melodious sounds echoed throughout the chamber and rung like bells in Yusuke’s eardrums. 

It had ceased much too soon, and his astonished gaze had promptly met S/O’s expectant one.

“My love,” the artist started, raising himself from the seat he had occupied, “music isn’t exactly my forte, but that was truly the most divine thing I have ever had the pleasure of hearing.” He elegantly sauntered to S/O as he continued, “But what precisely did I do to earn such a treat?”

S/O shyly shuffled their feet after they returned their instrument to its bag. “I wanted to repay you. Your passion for art was always something I strived to have, and you inspire me to keep going. So… thank you.”

Yusuke halted directly in front of S/O, subsequently clasping their hands with his. “I must admit, I’m… surprised to hear that you think of me this way. Surprised…” He ascended their hands to his face and daintily pressed his lips to each of them before continuing, “But elated, all the same. If you are comfortable with it, can you play that tune for me again sometime?”


Haru was entirely aware of S/O’s adeptness for their instrument; in fact, the two had performed in various duets in her private studio, and their chemistry was seemingly unparalleled. Even if they improvise, they’re still able to support and harmonize with the other, as if they were one. 

However, despite all of this, Haru remained stunned by the graceful etude S/O had composed specifically for her, as a method of expressing their gratification. She marveled at their impeccable technique, and each measure contained a fraction of S/O, all of it assembling to manifest a breathtaking piece. 

Once S/O finished, Haru eagerly applauded from her seat. “That was remarkable, S/O! I can’t even begin to properly express how much I loved it. All I can say for now is… thank you. This means so much to me.”

S/O smiled fondly from her praise as they returned their instrument to its stand. “You took the words right out of my mouth, Haru. Our duets give me the passion to continue pursuing music, and I hope my composition was enough to get my point across.”

“S/O…” Haru breathed, her cocoa eyes glimmering with admiration. She couldn’t prevent herself from standing up and embracing S/O, her gentle warmth radiating like sunshine. “It makes me feel so happy to hear you say that. Watching and listening to you play is such a beautiful experience, so I’m glad you can find joy in it as well.”

S/O could never grow accustomed to Haru’s natural kindness, yet they reciprocated her affectionate gesture regardless.

“I have a confession to make,” Haru confided suddenly. “This might seem selfish, but I may have recorded you with the intention of, um… keeping it for myself.” When S/O retracted slightly to glance at Haru’s face, it was as scarlet as a rose. “I-I feel bad for not telling you, but… is it okay?”

A chuckle bubbled from S/O’s throat against their will. “Of course you can keep it, I wrote it for you. I… hope you think of me when you listen to it.” They stroked Haru’s cheek, and she covered their hand with her own, her adoration written all over her porcelain face.

“I promise.”

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EXO's reaction to their ex (who's a songwriter for their label) writing really angry song about them and they end up having to perform it ;))) (i know it's kinda random, but i think it's really funny)

EXO reaction to their ex writing a break up song they have to perform.

OMG! I love this! I really wanted to use some lyrics in some of the reactions and for some reason the song ‘Survivor’ by Destiny’s Child was stuck in my head so i decided to use that. 

This is the version I imagine them performing. 

Happy reading!

                         - Admin Elle 

(Gif credit to original owners)

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Her hidden talent

a/n: This is a little nonsense I came up with, hope you’ll enjoy it! Reference to smut and a little teasing. Feedback is appreciated!

word count: 1806

I was still in my pyjamas, sitting on our bed with my guitar Shawn bought me for my birthday last year and a notebook that looked all creased and beaten. The page where it was open was full of scribbles, crossed-out lines and new ones written above them.

‘What if after G I play a D and then an Em.’ - I mumbled to myself as I was trying to figure out the chord progression. I placed my hand on the fret and played the chords while humming the lyrics. ‘Yeah, that sounds about right.’ - I took my pencil and wrote the chords above the words.

‘Okay, let’s see from the beginning.’ I started playing again but heard the front door open and close.

‘Honey, I’m back! - Shawn’s voice came from downstairs.

I panicked and tossed the notebook under the blanket and put the guitar back on its stand like I didn’t even touch it. I exited the bedroom and walked downstairs quickly. We met halfway on the stairs. I hugged him without really thinking about it, and he had to drop his gym bag to be able to catch me.

‘I’m really sweaty!’ - he chuckled as I buried my face in his chest.

‘And smelly.’ - I grimaced as the strong scent of the gym filled my nostrils. I lifted my head to plant a kiss on his lips and because I was standing higher on the stairs than him I didn’t even have to go on tiptoe to do that. ‘But I still love you, even when you’re sweaty and smelly.’ I smiled at him.

‘Lucky me.’ he pulled me in for another kiss. ‘I go take a shower and then I’m yours all day.

‘Really? I thought you have a meeting with Andrew.’

‘No. It got pushed to tomorrow. I’m all yours for today.’

‘Sweet. And what do you wanna do? We could go out and have brunch or stay in all day. Whatever you want.’

‘I think we should stay in, watch Netflix and chill.’ - his hands travelled down from my waist to my arse and gave it a firm squeeze.

I giggled to his suggestion and kissed him again but with more passion this time showing him how much I like his idea.

‘Go and take that shower then. Be quick. - I whispered pulling away from him, stepping out of the way.

He walked upstairs with a cheeky grin all over his face and I watched him disappear into the foyer admiring his perfect body. I grabbed his gym bag and walked downstairs to the laundry room to put away his training gear. After I finished I decided to watch some TV until Shawn was ready with his shower.

I watched an entire episode of The Big Bang Theory when I started wondering where the hell he was. I didn’t hear water running anymore so I went to search for him. I walked upstairs and into our bedroom where I found him sitting on the bed, only wearing a boxer and reading a notebook. MY notebook. Shit.

‘Hey, that’s mine!’ I said with panic in my voice and tried to grab the notebook to get it back. He reacted quickly and hold out his arm so I couldn’t reach the book. I stepped closer to him still aiming to reach the book but he grabbed my waist with his free hand and pulled me to his lap. Now I was kneeling on the bed straddle style in Shawn’s lap but still couldn’t reach the book.

‘Shawn, give it back! It’s mine!’ but he was just laughing at me, still holding the notebook out of my reach.’ It’s not funny! Give it back! I’m serious!’ I tried to free myself from his grip but he was too strong. I changed tactics and stopped wrestling in his lap, pouting at him. ‘Please, would you give it back to me?’

‘Not until you explain what this is.’ he said, a cocky smile spread on his beautiful face.

‘Nothing.’ I replied with annoyance.

‘Really? Because to me, it seems like song lyrics.’

‘You weren’t supposed to see that. It’s not for you. Please, give it back.’ I tried again, but I knew he won’t let it go.

‘Did you start writing songs?’

I didn’t answer, instead, I pressed my lips to his, hoped it would surprise him enough to let go of the notebook. Taking advantage of the fact that he was wearing only boxers I tried to distract him enough he would forget about that stupid notebook I didn’t hide properly. I deepened the kiss, wrapping my hands around his neck, grinding on the soft fabric of his underwear. He didn’t protest and even pulled me closer by wrapping his hands around my waist. My hands travelled down his well-trained arms and I was inches away from the book he was still holding in his hand when he broke the kiss and pulled away from me.

‘Good try! But I’m not gonna let this go that easily.’ he said with a husky voice.

I moved my hips against his erection as a final try, but he tossed the notebook to the other side of the bed, grabbed my waist and lifted me off his lap, putting me down on the bed next to him.

‘Spill the beans, y/l/n! Did you start writing songs?’ - he used my last name, which meant I won’t get out of this without giving him an explanation.

I leant back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling before I finally gave in.

‘Maybe.’ - I said letting out a sign.

‘When?’ he asked, laying down next to me.

‘After you went away for tour.’ I felt my cheeks burning up. It was supposed to be my secret. No one should have found out. Especially not Shawn.

‘Why?’ came his next question and it felt like I’m at an interrogation.

‘I don’t know.’ I lied, finally looking at him desperately wanting him to drop the subject.

He rolled to his side, reaching out to brush away a lock of hair from my face with his fingers.

‘Tell me, please.’ He pleaded.

Maybe it was because of the way he said please, the words started pouring out of me.

‘I was feeling so alone after your tour started. I was here all by myself, we just moved in here, everything was new and it didn’t feel like home yet. Without you, I felt miserable in this big house. I tried to distract myself, working harder, staying at the office later than usual, going out with my friends more or asking them over for a girls night in, visiting my family more often so I wouldn’t have to be alone. I did everything to avoid being here alone. But I not always had a choice. One night it was this huge storm. It was pouring rain, crazy wind, thunder, lightning, everything you can imagine. And I was so scared. I didn’t know why. Usually, a storm doesn’t bother me. But I guess because I was alone in a new house that didn’t feel like home yet, I just didn’t feel safe enough either.’

‘Why didn’t you call me? We could have facetimed. It’s not the same, I know, but maybe it would have helped.’ he interrupted me, his voice filled with worry and guilt.

‘And admit that a stupid storm scared the living shit out of me? You know me better than that! My proud would never let me do that! Anyway, the storm was on full blast, I couldn’t go back to sleep so I grabbed my guitar and started playing the songs you taught me. It felt like you were there with me. It distracted me from the storm, from how alone I felt. After that night I played every day. It was the best distraction. I learnt new songs, watched a bunch of tutorials on Youtube. It helped pass the time and slowly I felt better and better. One day I started humming this melody. It got stuck in my head so I wrote it down. A few hours later I had a song. With lyrics and everything. It felt amazing. So I kept writing and playing. I thought it will end when you’re finally back home. But tour ended a month ago, you’re here, everything is back to normal, but I’m still coming up with new stuff.’ Now a big smile was playing on my lips I couldn’t explain. I didn’t mind that Shawn found out about my little secret. I was happy about it actually.

He reached out above my head to seize the notebook again, and this time I let him. For a few minutes, none of us said anything, I was watching him study the songs I wrote.

‘I’m sorry I left you alone here like that.’ he glanced up from the book, sounded sad.

‘Don’t. It’s not your fault. And you couldn’t have done anything. You were on tour. I’m fine now.’ I kissed him softly to reassure him that everything was okay. ‘You’re here now.’

‘But I still feel like a let you down…’

‘Shawn, stop! You didn’t! It was a tough year, but I swear I’m okay. Really! Believe me!’ I wrapped myself around him, resting my head on his chest. I wanted to be as close to him as I possibly can.

‘I believe you!’ he kissed my forehead. ‘You know, some of this stuff in here are actually really good!’ he waved the book in front of me.

‘You really think so?’ I looked up at him in surprise.

‘Absolutely! We should record them and release them! People should hear it!’

‘Don’t be ridiculous. I’m not a musician. I’m sure no one would like my songs!’

‘I’m not kidding! You are talented! I know you can sing too! Seriously we should record these songs, put out and EP and launch your music career! I’ll talk to Andrew about it tomorrow.’ he was not kidding and it shocked me. I don’t want to start a music career. This is absurd.

‘You’re crazy!’ I said in complete disbelief.

‘I am not! I always knew you’re good! You should really do something with it!’ he started rambling about label contract, singing lessons, studio sessions and a bunch of other stuff I couldn’t keep up with. He got so excited about this whole thing I just didn’t know what to do, so I did the first thing that came to my mind to shut him up. I kissed him.

‘Right now I just want you to kiss me everywhere and make love to me. Please, drop this nonsense!’

I kissed him again, he rolled us over so he ended up being on top and we didn’t talk about my imaginary music career for a long time after that.

[Fic][Request] Every Time You Do That Thing You Do

I love head-over-heels Jungkook. <3 Thank you for the prompt!

Title: Every Time You Do That Thing You Do
Word Count: 3k
Genre: Fluff, Angst
Summary: The five times Jungkook is obvious about his feelings for Jimin, and the one time Jimin actually gets it.

AO3 link here

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Charli XCX - Boys [SEVENTEEN Ver.] 

Hello all!! I’ve been seeing a few of the kpop versions of this music video floating around on twitter and it inspired me to create a rendition of my own! I spent a good few hours to edit this, my neck is about to break and this song is now stuck in my head too haha. This was supposed to be uploaded here on tumblr but it kept having errors so I uploaded it onto YouTube instead. Also, this is my first time making videos like these so please bear with the horrendous quality! But then again, it came out better than expected :p Hence, hats off to the people that edit their videos flawlessly!  I hope you’ll enjoy watching this little video I made today. This is probably my first and last time doing this because my holidays are ending in 2 weeks and please do let me know if you liked it or not!! Do reblog and like this video!!! I want this video to be viewed by many because seventeen deserves that attention ^^ I also want this lil video to somehow make your day/night a lil better!! Alas, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST LEADER IN THE WORLD THAT IS SCOUPS!!!!!! 소리질러!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

Can I request a Lysander drabble? Closer by chainsmokers has been stuck in my head for a while now and I can't help imagining the characters in the song being Candy and Lys. ❤️ some angst with a happy/hopeful ending please :3

I happen to really love that song and I’m a sucker for going drabbles based off songs. Hope you like it!

There was a brief second that Lysander swore he forgot to breathe. It was like the air left his lungs and if he ever breathed again, it would be inhaling her breath or the scent of her perfume. Instead, he stood there simply staring just at the end of the bar, his eyes firmly planted on the girl sitting alone on one of the stools, absently stirring a drink.

Last time he saw her, her hair was shorter and a lighter color. She seemed to be a few inches taller, but he wasn’t sure if that was due to her heels or not. Her body was drastically different than the small, petite girl he remembered that could fit underneath him perfectly. Her eyes were the same – swirling so deep that he could drown in them. There was sting in his chest as old feelings rose to the surface.

“Candy,” he breathed her name like a whispered confession.

She turned her head sharply at her name. As their eyes met, time slowed to a still and he was acutely aware of the pounding in his chest. There was so much in her eyes that he knew that it was the same girl he fell in love with four years ago, but that also made her the same one that broke his heart without hesitation. He couldn’t seem to look away, but his feet moved on their own straight toward her.

“Hey,” Candy spoke first, softly as if she didn’t want to scare him off. Her eyes broke contact with his just brief enough to look him over, “You’re – uh – you’re looking pretty good.”

He swallowed thickly, “You too.”

She was. He told her years ago that she was the most beautiful person in the world.  He meant it then and despite knowing that it was dangerous to believe so now, he couldn’t help it. She was still Candy. The same Candy that whispered to him in the movie theater with her hand on his thigh. The one who loved being the small spoon, but halfway through the night would squirm away and steal the blankets. Who he told his secrets to and who confessed to him more than once about things that no one else knew.

He needed a drink if she was going to keep talking to him. He sat down beside her and waved down the bartender for a quick shot, well aware that she kept her eyes closely on him.

He couldn’t say exactly how it happened, but the next thing he knew they were in the back seat of her rover parked behind the bar with their lips pressed together that he couldn’t tell where his ended and hers began. His hands slipped under her shirt as Blink-182 played on the radio and a groan left her lips.

“Wait, Lys - “ Candy pulled away briefly, with her face flushed and her breathing a bit labored, “If we do this, I have to know that I’m not going to be stepping on anyone’s toes.”

He could see past the clouds of lust in her eyes to see the worry shining in them. He gave a sad smile, his hands politely backing away from her body to answer her.

“I’m not with anyone,” he answers honestly, “I… I haven’t really been with anyone seriously since you left so there’s no exes you need to look out for either.”

Candy’s gaze softened and her hand tenderly cupped his cheek. He leaned into the touch with a sigh.

“If we’re being honest,” she admitted, “I can’t remember why I left you in the first place -”

“- You wanted to explore and see the country,” he supplied the reason, remembering it so clearly. He wanted to go with her and create new memories, to go on adventures with her hand in his. “You said a relationship would slow you down.”

Candy let out a small laugh in disbelief, “I gave up the most perfect guy I’ve ever met because of that. God, how insane was I back then?”

“Fairly much so according to Castiel,” Lysander’s voice was dry and she couldn’t help but laugh once more before she put her hand on the back of his head to bring him in closer for another kiss.

“Then show me what I’ve been missing these past four years.”