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friends with snacks

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genre: dramatic fluff; roommates!au; friends to lovers!au; drabble

pairing: jin x reader

length: 2.8k

summary: after your roommate jin commits yet another dire misconduct, you come to the revelation that you two would never work out as more than friends. ‘what could he have possibly done? did he cheat on you or something?’ your friends ask you, but it’s far worse than that. no one would understand the repercussions of his actions - no one but you and him, a couple founded on the concept of friends with snacks.

“i tried my best to not feel anything for you. guess what? i failed.”
“don’t you dare die on me!”

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hey guys! I haven’t been on in a few days but I just bought this book and it looks really cool! each page has a tiny prompt at the top and a list of things to include in your story and I’m hoping to get through a few of these and maybe I’ll post them on here!
I’ll be on later tonight to check my ask box and answer any asks that are there, but for now I have to get back to reading!

Accidents Happen (reader x Bucky)

Hiya. Confession: So I took a long break from tumblr because it was taking over my life but I’m back now because Bucky. Obviously. I’ve mostly been writing fiction the past few years, but this is my VERY FIRST dipped toe into fiction of the “fan” variety. This story was running through my head ALL day at work yesterday so I had to get it out. I was brought back to writing from all the awesome (Y/N) x Bucky blogs I’ve been reading, devouring entire Master lists in fact. (Ahem, @squishybucky @writingruna and @imaginingbucky. Still making my way through @you-and-bucky ‘s list and I’m loving it!)

I’m still learning this new form of writing, so please be kind but helpful tips are welcome! I pretty much wrote it last night from top to bottom with very little editing, but mostly I’m posting now before I lose my nerve. :D This story is loosely based on my life experience when I fell hard for a guy, wishing I could’ve been as bold as the reader is. 


Accidents Happen

Summary: Reader is 26 years old training with the avengers. She is slightly accident prone with a sheltered background, resulting in aversion to swearing. No verbal filter and says most things without thinking. She gets creative with curse words. First meeting and developing feelings for Bucky. 

Warnings: none? Mostly Fluff with a little heat at the end. :) I can’t handle pretty much any smut without dying of embarrassment. :)


“Nice try, Hawk, but you’re about to eat mat, mother trucker!”

You had no verbal filter. Everyone on the team knew that. After almost a year of training together, they were used to your bizarre outbursts and ridiculous exclamations. However, you grew up in a very religious, uptight household and despite distancing yourself from those beliefs years ago, old habits held strong. Such as your inability to curse like a normal person. Any response to excitement, pain, surprise, or fear resulted in a random phrase that usually began with the first syllable of the intended word.

“Kick his asteroid, Nat!”

The redhead rolled her eyes, but kept focus and had Clint on the mat in seconds.

You pumped your fists in the air with a triumphant yell, then approaching the mat in anticipation of your own sparring match. All training focus had dissolved, however, as the gym doors opened revealing Steve and a dark-haired stranger. Curiosity peaked as you joined the welcome crowd approaching the newcomer.  Shoulder-length hair covered his down-turned face, but the glint of a silver hand not covered by his left jacket sleeve explained all.

“It’s Bucky!!” you whispered too loudly.

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Things in the Infinity War trailer that have  KILLED ME
  • “There was an idea…to bring together a group of remarkable people-”
  • Literally the first scene is Tony rocking back an forth, living out his worst nightmare WHY-
  • Closely followed by an equally as painful shot of Bruce in a hole about to be thrown to Strange and Wong and then  into another war. C’mon guys, he just got back
  • Look at how epic and serious Thor is, oh my sweet thunder god
  • I see you hiding behind that adorable scientist, Hulkbuster armor
  • Spidey-senses and the re-introduction of Peter Parker & his new suit was very much appreciated thanks (although it’d be hard to miss that big-ass metal ring in the sky so )
  • What are you doing Loki boi PUT THAT DOWN!!!
  • Can I take this moment to talk about the Avengers Theme playing in the background, all sad and serious and then BAM! ALL PUNCHING IS NOW TO THE BEAT 
  • WOAH! Whomsoever the hell caught that spear is now top on my list of the most badass- oH HoLY ShiT IT’S STEVE ROGERS!!!!
  • T’challa is going to single-handedly destroy Thanos THAT PUPRLE GRAPE BETTER RUN
  • Seriously the Wakandans are running the show here guys!!!
  • oH there’s  Rhodey and Sam flying over the Wakandan army!!!! With Bucky and Natasha running along side! 
  • Eyyyy Guardians of the Galaxy, niceee 


Top 10 anime guys

Thank you @lexinthymia for tagging me again! I wanted to limit this to one character per series; it was hard but here we are! Also, I will admit that some of these choices are not only based on the anime these character were in, but also what happened to them later on the manga (if the anime stopped at a certain point). I probably went into more detail about each of these guys then I needed to and their will be some spoilers for certain series, but I love talking about them!

Honourable mention who didn’t make it on to the list: Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul), D (Vampire Hunter D), Karou Hitachiin and Tameki Suoh (Ouran Highschool Host Club), Germany (Hetalia), Ling Yao (Fullmetal Alchemist), and a whole smattering of characters from BLEACH.

10. Kiyosama ‘Crow’ Senji - Deadman Wonderland

Originally posted by kaizoku-niiichan

Senji’s the biggest badass in the whole series and had some of the best fights. I love his character arc and how he basically become an older brother-figure to Ganta; their friendship has become on of my favourite BROTPs ever. It also helps that he’s voiced by Patrick Seitz, one of my favourite voice actor of all time.

9. Vash the Stampede - Trigun

Originally posted by kaworubunga-surfs-up-shinji-kun

There are very few characters that can be badass one minute and an absolute goofball the next without it feeling jarring to me. Vash is one of these few, and he’s brilliant because of it. All of his actions, whether they’re serious or comedic, make sense to his character - his mystery and loneliness is as much a part of him as his eccentricities and obsession with donuts. And he has a awesome character design to boot!

8. Johan Liebert - Monster

Originally posted by yuzuqi

Johan is such a masterfully crafted character, to the point where you can feel his presence even when he is off panel/screen. He’s present in everyone of the character actions, the puppet master behind the scenes. There’s also his intriguing relationship with his twin Nina, which brings out the very few sympathetic parts of him. He’s low on the list because I haven’t  finished either the anime or manga yet, and while I definitely don’t ‘love’ him in any sense, but he’s somehow both captivating and distrubing all at once. I can’t wait to see how his character unfolds.

7. Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist

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I had a hard time choosing between Edward and Ling Yao, but in the end I chose Ed because of how much development he went through. He’s inspiring in a lot of ways, with his steadfast determination and his relateable moral dilemmas, and he’s also one of the few characters that can be badass one minute and an absolute dork the next without it be jarring or taking away from his character. The bonds he shares with everyone only made me like him even more likeable and relateable, especially his relationships with Al, Winry, and Ling.

6. Levi Ackerman - Shingeki no Kyojin 

Originally posted by immanime

Levi has been through so much tradegy and loss. I can’t get over his past as a child (the fact he stayed by his mother’s bedside to the point where he tarved himself and was wearing her shirt, it makes me tear up every time) and with Farlan and Isabel (the emotions he diplayed after their deaths…oh God). His more recent development in the manga was amazing to see: he smiled at his comrades, learned more about his past, and the explosive rage he showed when he lost one of the dearest people to him had me in shock and awe. Also, the animation they put on this guy in both seaons is jaw-dropping a lot of the time.

5. Shigeo ‘Mob’ Kageyama - Mob Psycho 100

Originally posted by anime-angel-lover

My second son! Mob is the heart and soul of this anime: he’s such a kind, likeable, and gentle character who only wants to fit in, make friends, and get the attention of the girl he likes. What I love most about Mob is his will to better himself whichever way he can and the hard work he’s willing to put into that goal. He doesn’t rely on his psychic powers to make friends, but as a result of not fully embracing that part of himself and fearing his own abilities, he haa emotionally hindered himself; it makes him incredibly sympathetic to me (I cried with him when he unintentionally tore the school apart and I cheered when he was reunited with Ritsu).

4. Ayame Sohma - Fruits Basket

Originally posted by fewtruevillains

This man and his glorious antics. Oh, Ayame…we go back a long way. Everything about this guy is just hilarious: his past as the student council president, his spontaneous displays of affect and drama, and his innuendos with Shigure. He never fails to put a smile on my face whenever he’s on screen! However, his serious moments are great too: they added a lot to him and I was 100% invested in his character arc and development (i.e. trying to reconcil with his actions made in the past and reconnect with his younger brother Yuki).

3. Makoto Sunakawa - Ore Monogatari!!

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This guy is the very definition of ‘bro’. I love how supportive and caring he is towards Takeo. Heck, one of the highlights of both the anime and manga is the friendship between Suna and Takeo: Ore Momogatari!! is one of the rare shoujo series that actually focuses on another type of relationship outside of the main romance. I sense a genuine, platonic love from him to Takeo and vice-versa, and enhance both of them as character and the story as a whole. There’s also the fact he’s perceptive of those around him, often able to tell what kind of person an individual is, and his placid, calming attitude is a nice change of pace for what I usually find in shoujo male characters.

2. Guts - Berserk

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Oh, Guts…Like a lot of character on this list, I love Guts for the fact he’s gone through so much tragedy and still strives forward. Why he’s higher on the list is because his tragedy is still ongoing but he’s moving forward growing as character in such realisitic and painful ways. He has a horrowing, painful past even before he got to the Band of the Hawk, and even after the events of the Eclipse, his life has been anything but a happy. He’s such a deep, magnificently-crafted character, and the closest I’ve seen to a ‘character become a real human in all of anime. Every emotion he expresses feels so real to me ( I have cried for him more time then I can count and I have no word to describe how I felt watching him suffering during the Eclipse), and of course this is helped tremendoul by Miruma’s incredible art. I wish I could say SO MUCH more about him, but we’d be here all day and this post is long enough as is. I wait freverently for the day he finally confronts Griffith!

1. Toshiro Hitsugaya - BLEACH

Originally posted by ulquimaniac

Well of course I was going to my fictional son at the top of this list! Okay, in all seriousness though, it’s been a weird journey with Toshiro. I started off being indifferent towards him, but when he revealed other facets of himself through the relationships he had with others (in particular his bond with Hinamori), I really started to like him. And now here we are, eight years later and I love this little guy so much that, as a fan of his, I am so proud of how far he has come. He’s one of the most selfless character I’ve seen, willing to put anything on the line for those he cares about and push himelf to his limit to become stronger…and he’s only a kid (by Shinigami standards)!! I could go on all day about him, but I’ll leave that to my other posts where I’ve talked about his character and development. He, along with Momo, holds a special, nostalgic place in my heart.

I tag @sakura-warrior, @herprettysmile, @ishiyo, @xxhanabifireworksxx  and @johnnysjoestar if you guys want to do this :D

My Top 10 Favourite Anime Guys


10. Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)

Best character development ever. He would be a lot higher but it’s been a really long time since I’ve last watched TG. Probably should just read the manga.

9. Ja’far (Magi)

I’m not even sure WHY I like him. I just do.

8. Satoru Fujinuma (ERASED)

He is my adoptive son. Period. 

7. Todoroki Shōto (BnHA)

For obvious reasons.

6. Saitama (One Punch Man)

Because he’s bald, awesome, has a great personality and can totally beat Goku and Superman any day.

5. Karma Akabane (Assassination Classroom)

Because never have I been so scared, impressed and attracted to a character at the same time. 

4. The Four Dragons (Akatsuki no Yona)

I can’t choose who I love the most.

3. Korosensei (Assassination Classroom)

Can we all just admit that he’s the teacher we wish we had?

2. Ed Elric (FMAB)

I never expected to fall in love with him like this. At first, after watching the first few episodes of FMA, I hated Edward Elric. But while watching the Brotherhood series, I grew to love his character a lot. Like really, A LOT. I love how strong, mature and wise he is, unlike a lot of other shounen protagonists. I love how he is ambitious but still so kind. Also, he’s short like me.

1. Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

Haha. Just kidding.

I. Do. Not. Like. Levi. Because. I. Find. Him. Hot. Or sexy. Or anything like that. In fact, he’s one of the first anime characters that I fell in love with only because of his personality. I really did not think he was handsome when I first saw pictures of him. But then I saw how he fought and I thought he was cool. But what really made me fall for him is his personality and actions, especially during the Female Titan arc. The guy who was already slowly starting to like from just shot up to become my #1 favourite anime guy. He’s not cold or emotionless. He’s one of the bravest, strongest, kindest and most selfless person in any work of fiction I have ever seen. Humanity’s strongest soldier, indeed.

I’m going to tag @lexinthymia and @herprettysmile to make a top ten anime ships/characters list. If you guys want to, that is.


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Love Is Love

Request- happy birthday love ❤ can I request a story were the reader plays the Winchester sister in the show, she’s 17 and during a day filming J2 realise she’s too quiet and sad, so they go talk to her after one of the scenes and found out that she’s having feelings for a friend (girl) and don’t know how to deal with that (thank you and sorry if I’m being to specific, but I’m in this situation and could use some J2 advice :c)

Requested by- anon.

Characters- jared x platonic!reader, Jensen x platonic!reader.


A/N- If there’s anybody reading this who are struggling to come to terms with their sexuality/gender just know that what you’re feeling is SO OKAY! Coming to terms with something like that is difficult, but you’ll be okay, it’ll all be okay! I’ve had to come out to myself and others twice, once as Bisexual and again as Gay.

“I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not”

-Kurt Cobain

They knew something was wrong, being on the show from when you were six years old and growing up surrounded by it meant they could read you like an open book, there had been numerous times where you’d try and deal with stuff on your own but they’d always find out and they’d always help you through it no matter how much you protested, saying that ‘you’ve got this’ when in reality you really didn’t.

Jensen and Jared were your brothers on and off camera, they’ve always been insanely protective over you so when you spent half of the week spacing out, they were concerned.

You were in the middle of filming a scene in the bunker, you were subconsciously drumming your fingers on the wooden surface of the table with your face leaning against your hand, you were staring at a mark on the table, your brows were furrowed and you were chewing on your lip.

This did not go unnoticed by the boys, or by anybody for that matter. They knew that something was wrong, they just didn’t push or pry, hoping you’d open up when you were ready.

You were snapped out of your zombie like state by somebody shaking you slightly by the shoulder, you blinked and turned to your left and met Jared’s concerned gaze, “you alright?” He asked, you sent him a small smile and nodded your head “yeah, yeah just a bit tired” you chuckled drily, the boys narrowed their eyes at each other, obviously they didn’t believe you, you weren’t a very good liar. 

They re-started the scene, you were paying attention but then your mind started to wander again, you pinched your leg under the table to bring yourself out of whatever trance you were stuck in, you raised a hand and stood at the same time, “sorry but I need to cut” you mumbled loud enough for the director to hear. 

You made a bee line for the exit leaving everyone in the room silent, “okay everyone, take fifteen, Jared, Jensen go find her” the director demanded, the boys nodded their heads and went searching for you.

“What do you think’s going on with her?” Jared asked, Jensen shrugged and let out a sigh, “who knows? She’s secretive, you know she won’t talk about it” he replied, the boys stayed silent as they walked towards Jared’s trailer, they knew you’d be in here cuddled up to one of his dogs.

They opened the trailer door and walked in to see you curled up next to Sadie lightly stroking her fur, “hey” Jared said softly sitting down on the couch next to you, you continued to stroke Sadie’s soft fur, Jensen knelt down in front of you and brushed some stray hairs away from your face, “y/n, we know something’s wrong, talk to us” he softly spoke, you sighed and looked at them before sitting up, you smiled softly at Sadie who rested her head on top of your thigh.

“Remember Abigail?” You asked them, they nodded their head, “well, I uh… I kinda, like her…” You trailed off slowly, the room was plunged into a silence. The guys looked at each other, “you mean, like like?” Jensen asked, you nodded your head, “is that whats been bothering you?” Jared asked, you nodded your head again, “It’s just–I’m not sure how to deal with this, okay?” You replied lying back down, burying your face into the couch, Sadie’s body blocking it from the guys’ view.

“Y/N, look at us” Jensen spoke softly, you peaked your head up and looked at him, “everything’s going to be okay, feelings are confusing, they’re going to shake you around but at the end of it? You’ll be with somebody who makes you happy, and if you’re happy being with a girl then screw what other people think, you’ll be fine, okay?” he concluded, you smiled lightly and wrapped your arms around his neck, “thanks, Jay” you muttered, you pulled back and leant against Jared, “thank you for always being there for me, honestly I’d be so lost without my big brothers” you smiled at the cheesiness of what you just said, Jared wrapped an arm around your shoulders and placed a kiss on top of your head, “you’re welcome, sweetie. Now come on, we gotta finish filming” he said getting up, you let out a groan and led back down, “I wanna nap” you said tiredly, the guys laughed, “you can nap all you want after the scene is finished, come on” Jensen chuckled whilst pulling you to your feet.

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hey! 🕊 what are your favorite tops atm?

hey anon!! here’s my faves right now - most of it is pretty new :’-)

  1. pixelunivairse’s spaghetti tank top
  2. keikosims’ cropped polo
  3. tajsiwel’s spend it bodysuit - i just downloaded this like an hour ago and i love it so much
  4. catplnt’s c-thru turtlenecks
  5. waekey’s ribbon shirt - you guys must be sick of seeing this shirt on my blog omfg

other lists I’ve done can be found here, I think I’ve covered the bulk of everything I could possibly do, if there’s still one not there that you want - go ahead and hit me up :’-)

Top Ten Fic Recs

Tagged by  @callioope and @justkeeponthegrass thanks guys!

This says top ten fic recs and I was like ‘I guess I can limit myself to ten’ and now having started going through them I’m like ‘ahahahahahahah NO’ so without further ado, split into three categories, here are thirty-nine of my favourite Rebelcaptain fic recs, listed in no particular order, because you see how easy it was for me to cut down the list I have, there’s no way I could chose between them. The only concession I could make was to keep it to one per author, but know that if one is on the list, all the rest of their stuff is amazing too! All the links are to AO3 and I’ve tagged the authors on Tumblr when I know their handle, but if you spot one of yours and I’ve not tagged you, let me know! :) Recs are below the cut because this is a LONG POST.

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The Joker x Reader - “The Bucket List” part 2

Two months after breaking up with The Joker, you found out the bad news. You didn’t have a choice but to ask for his help and J didn’t even show up for the meeting. Of course he didn’t care, but now that he heard why you wanted to see him so badly, it might be too late for any amendments.

Part 1:

8:30am - your home

You quietly get out of bed, groggy from the meds you have to take at 6am. The Joker is still sleeping and you try not to wake him up. After a few steps a wave of violent cough hits and you cover your mouth, rushing for the bathroom. You close the door behind you and keep coughing above the sink, a few drops of blood staining the white marble. You turn on the water to cover the sounds, hoping J won’t hear you.

After a few moments you calm down and wash your face, starting to brush your teeth.

“Pumpkin, are you OK?” he impatiently knocks on the door.

“Yes, I’m fine, go back to sleep please,” you muffle the words, finishing your morning routine.

J walks in and you run behind the bamboo panel, starting to take your PJ’s off, getting ready for a shower.

“Why do you always hide behind that?” The Joker crosses his arms on his chest, waiting for the reply. You are so self-conscious about your appearance you don’t really want him to see you naked anymore.

“Umm…I just think it’s better to…”

“Get out of there!” he commands, sucking on his teeth.

“I can’t…” you whisper, gulping.

“I wanna see you, stop hiding behind that thing all the time!”

You quickly wrap yourself in a towel and step away from the screen. The Joker rolls his eyes, leaning against the mahogany cabinet.  

“Drop the towel, Doll!”

You whimper, anxious to his demand:

“I don’t want to…Don’t make me!”

“Drop the damned towel, Princess!” he snaps and you slowly uncover your body, not remembering feeling so vulnerable in your entire life.

“This is humiliating,” you stare at him while he grins, pleased you complied so fast.

“Like I’ve never seen you naked before,” he scoffs, analyzing the view.

“I look horrible!” you blur out, covering your breasts with one hand.

“Well,” he pretends to debate,” you’re scrawny and I have to admit the lack of hair doesn’t give you extra points, but…”

You gasp, frowning.

“You definitely are a terrible person!”

“Yet another skill I take great pride in. Anyway, my point is that it could be worse, Kitten.We gotta work with what we have, hm? Turn around.”

You take a deep breath, nervous as hell.

“Not too bad, Y/N, but you do have a big butt. If you go in the backyard like this, I think we’ll have another solar eclipse.”

“What?!” you turn your head to glare, alarmed.

“Ha!” J snorts, “I made you look.”

You start laughing, embarrassed:

“You’re so horrible!”

“U-hum. Com’ere!” he signals and you hesitantly go in his arms. “I believe that…” You don’t let him finish. You reach for his lips and kiss him, pulling down on his boxers.

“Well, well, well,” he purrs, “What is this, Doll?”

“Something on my bucket list,” you mutter in his ear, still tense.

“I don’t recall seeing this on that piece of paper,” he teases, smirking.

“I didn’t have a chance to write it down,” you trace the playing cards tattoo on his neck as innocently as possible.

“Interesting,” he lifts you up and you wrap your legs around his waist. “Just admit you want to get in my boxers.”

You giggle, not answering.

“You’re so light,” J sulks, beginning to walk back towards the bedroom. “You think you can handle me, Princess?”

You raise your shoulders up, kissing him again.

“Oh, yeah,” you moan, determined to make love to him even if it kills you.

“Two baldies having sex, that’s pretty hot, huh?” he winks at you and then bites your lower lip, placing you on the bed.

“Not quite,” you chuckle, caressing his hairless head.

“Speak for yourself, woman; I’m still handsome. Plus, I don’t have a huge butt,” The Joker maliciously laughs when he sees how big your eyes got.

“You’re the worst person ever!” you yank his hand, stunned.

“From all the skills I’m proud of, this is my top favorite. Now stop praising me, I’m starting to blush,” he dramatically accentuates his little speech with a sneer, glad he got you all worked up.


You didn’t want to go with him at the warehouse because you don’t feel too good, but J insisted. You see the henchmen running around with a bunch of boxes, making space and getting rid of the old stuff you guys didn’t use in forever.

“What did you want to show me?” you lean on his arm, grateful you already took your painkillers since your body is getting stiff again.

“Your stupid bucket list, Doll,” he explains. “You wanted to go to Japan and you are aware we can’t because we’ll get caught. We don’t use this place very often so I got you a bunch of Japanese items; do what you want with them. Tell our men where you want everything and they’ll move it for you.”

He senses you’re squeezing his hand really hard and your eyes get watery.

“Spare me, Y/N!” he elbows you, irritated. “Let’s skip the drama!” but he kisses your temple and you nod in acceptance, excited to see what he got for you.

“What else did you have on that’s stupid list? Oh, yeah: a family,” The Joker answers his own question, mad about it. You want to say a few things but he keeps on yapping.

“Why do you need a family for, huh? Nothing but trouble. See these jerks here?” and he points out towards the goons laboring hard to accomplish the task at hand. “They’ll do whatever you ask them and won’t fight back. Better than a family. And you have me. I hate you, but we gotta work with what we have, OK?”J gets angrier since he hopes you won’t get very emotional again; he can’t stand it.

“OK…” you are fast to please him but start crying, unable to hold it in. The henchmen keep on glaring your way, rapidly averting their gaze when they realize there’s something very intimate going on between the both of you: you’re sobbing on J’s shoulder and he has this “fed up with everything” expression on his face while holding your waist. The lack of hair makes him look even more imposing, menacing and vicious.


The Joker dragged you to one of the clubs where he will have a meeting with one of his smugglers that has a new medication for you. Another experimental product found only on the black market that might help.

It’s your IV day so you retreated to the sound proof room, trying to take a nap until the IV bag is done.  J is in the VIP section, talking to Nix. Frost is there also, keeping an eye on things. The discussion is going reasonably smooth until the asshole forgets who he’s talking to.

“I can’t believe you’re dating the same bitch, Mister J!” he puffs, acting surprised. Jonny lifts his eyebrows, ready to react but his boss didn’t signal him yet. The Joker holds his breath for a few long seconds, then loudly exhales.

“Yeah, same bitch,” he stares at the guy with a crazy sparkle in his blue eyes.

“So the pills are for her? I heard she’s really sick, but still alive and kicking. Tough bitch I guess,” Nix laughs, confident of his funny remarks. He has a reputation of being fierce and stepping over boundaries because he has access to a lot of merchandise on the black market that not too many smugglers can obtain.

“Tough bitch indeed,” J agrees, holding his breath again.

“Word is you shaved your head for her. Now, I’ve never thought I’ll see a man like you in love, Mister J,” Nix snickers, taking the tablets out of the suitcase.

Is this fucking prick for reals?! Frost thinks, waiting for a sign and he finally sees J tapping his fingers on the cane. Jonny cracks his neck, relieved.

It’s gonna be my pleasure, he grins, punching his fists together.


The door being busted makes you open your eyes. J turns the lights on and pushes Nix in front of you, kicking him in the shin so hard he collapses on his knees.

“What’s going on, baby?” you rub your face, getting up on your elbow.

“This asshole is here to apologize!” The Joker barks and you have no clue about this new outburst. “Apologize to my Queen!!” he yells at the guy who’s in a pretty bad shape with a black eye, busted lip and a few visible bruises.

“I-I’m sorry…” Nix stammers, groaning in pain.

“For what?!” you feel the need to ask, baffled.

“You don’t need to know!” J shouts. “You are owed apologies and that’s it!”

You don’t fight it and slide to the left corner of the velvet couch, careful not to move the needle in your vein.

“Apologize for waking her up too, you bastard!” and J lifts Nix up, violently pulling him towards the door where Frost is waiting to take over.
“I’m s-sorry…for waking you up,” the guy stutters as he gets shoved out of your sound proof retreat.

“Take care of this!” The joker tells Jonny, still fuming.

“Anything I should know?” you reach for your anti-nausea medication and take some.

“Nope, go back to sleep,” J hisses, displeased at how the night turned out. “After your IV is done, we’ll go for a ride.”

“That sounds nice.” You feel like crap but you still give him a smile.

He turns off the lights and hears you:

“Were you defending my honor or something?”

“What honor, Pumpkin?!” he grumbles, shutting the door so you can rest in darkness.


J returned to the VIP room and he’s typing on his laptop. Frost is overseeing what’s going on in the club behind the smoky windows. You part the gold beads and step inside, barely seeing where you’re going; your vision is clouded from the liquid medication you just finished.

“I’m done, baby,” you announce, holding onto the armchair. “I’m drained, I don’t think I can go on that ride tonight. I need to rest, it hurts all over. Can we please go tomorrow?” you beg, closing your eyes when the stomach-turning vertigo sensation creeps up on you.

The Joker gives you a cold stare, still flustered from the earlier incident and not happy to find out about your rain check. He goes back to his typing, mumbling:

“If you’re so miserable, why don’t you hurry up and die, hmm?”
Frost immediately peeks your way, shocked about what came out of his boss’s mouth; he’s seen you having a lot of bad days before, but you never looked more in pain like you do now.

“Well…” you dig your nails in the purple leather and sigh, heartbroken. “If there is one thing I am very good at lately is dying. So… don’t worry, it will happen soon enough,” and you rush out, stumbling a few times while trying to get away from his venom as fast as possible.

5 more minutes pass and J finally stops typing, annoyed.

“Shit… … … Frost, go get her!” he voices out and Jonny moves away from the window and stops in front of him, speaking up without hesitation:

“Sir, that was very cruel to say to somebody struggling to survive from one day to the other.”

J’s temple is twitching, definitely not liking what Jonny just articulated with such vehemence.

“Did I ask for your opinion, Frost?!” he raises his voice, pissed at the trespass.

“No, sir.”

“Is this a rebellion of some sort?!”

“No, sir, I wouldn’t dare,” Jonny replies with a calm attitude, figuring out this is the best way to go about it.

“Then shut your mouth and bring me my girl!!!” The Joker snarls, considering blowing his trusted man’s brains out.

“Yes, sir,” is the last thing he discerns before the deafening music takes over the club.


Frost couldn’t find you and one of the bouncers reports that saw you driving away in J’s SUV.  The news doesn’t go well with The Clown Prince of Crime.

“How is Y/N going to drive in the state she’s in?! She has to take her medications and can’t skip doses!!” J screams at everyone, taken aback by the conflict he created himself, not that he would ever admit it’s his fault. “We have to find her!!!” he directs the operation, instructing all of them to seek in some places he guesses you might be. They are searching all night, unable to find any traces of you.

Finally, around 7am, Richard reports he found J’s car parked near the beach, close to your favorite spot you like to go and look at the ocean. It’s a small, hidden strip of sand behind the highway; at least you went to one of the places The Joker thought you might go to. J doesn’t even know when he got there, driving so fast he almost got unwanted attention from the cops.

You spent the night on the beach, having to stop a lot of times on your way there because you had a hard time seeing and concentrating on driving. You didn’t take your pills, not really giving a damn since they don’t really help anyway as far as you’re concerned. You have a bag full of all the stuff you take, taking out a few at a time and tossing them in the ocean from the flat rock you found refuge on at the crack of dawn.

“That’s 2000 dollars a piece on the black market you’re throwing away Doll,” you hear J’s voice and ignore him, continuing to do as you please. You’re wheezing pretty loud, fighting to breathe since the salty, strong air puts quite the strain on your weakened lungs. You don't’ care: what’s another issue added to the others?!

You shrivel under your thick hoodie, covering your face even more, not wanting to see him.

J comes and sits by you, quietly watching the waves crushing on the nearby stones. He hears you sniffle but doesn’t attempt to uncover your head. His right arm reaches in front of you, holding a purple capsule in the palm of his hand:

“If you take the new med, you don’t have to take the white and brown tablets anymore. I’ll trade you…yes?” The Joker’s voice gets really deep as you move away from him, not replying. “Fine, then I’ll take it! I don’t want to waste 5000 dollars on just one capsule,” and he almost puts it in his mouth when you scoot back towards him and slap his hand. He drops the pill on the sandy rock and you are irked:

“Are you insane?!”

“Is this a trick question, kid?” he licks his lower lip, intrigued.

“It will make you sick, it’s not for healthy people!” you slowly blink and turn to finally face him. He inspects you and it doesn’t look great: your eyes are red from crying all night and the grimace of pain on your face lets him know you didn’t even take your painkillers; your labored breathing makes you shake a bit and the dried blood stains on the sleeve you used to clean your lips with after coughing disturb him.

“Somebody has to take it, it’s expensive!” The Joker has a smooth comeback (in his opinion).

“You have a shitty strategy, you know that?” you pick the capsule up from the sand, wiping it on your pants and swallow it, grumpier than you were before he arrived.

Without any warning, he buries his face in your lap, wrapping his arms around your knees. You try to push him away but he won’t budge.

“I don’t want you to die,” you hear the muttered sentence and it strikes a chord in your heart. “I don’t hate you,” he persists and you whimper when you feel his grip getting tighter. “But you can’t tell anybody, it will ruin my reputation,” he rambles on and you snort, wiping your tears. “As your knight in shining armor…”

“You’re not my knight in shining armor!” you interrupt, softly kicking his arm with your knee.

“Oh, I’m soooorry!” he lifts his head up from your lap, shifting so he can look up to you.” I didn’t see a huge line of suitors fighting for the title!” J sarcastically indicates. “You think that loser will ever show up?? Forget about it, it’s a myth! I’m the only one around so we gotta work with what we have, OK?… Just nod a yes, woman, and stop crying! Can we skip the drama for once?” he kisses your wrist and inhales your scent again. “You smell nice, what is it?” he diverts your attention since he masters this skill also.

“Death,” you divulge, smiling through tears.

He growls, exasperated, pinching your side.

“Shut up! You’re not dying!”

You take the small roll-on perfume decorated with a silver skull out of your pocket, showing him the name: Death.

“Why would you wear a fragrance with this name?!” J snaps, irked.

“It smells nice, you said so yourself,” you defend your choice, forgetting about your emotional surge.

“Gimme!” he urges you and you hand the tiny vial over. He takes it, glances at it for a few seconds then gets up and tosses it as far as he can in the ocean.

You gasp.

“Did you just…throw away my perfume?!”

“Yeah, it sucks! Use another one, you have so many,” The Joker cuts you off, keeping both hands on his bald head, satisfied at his accomplishment. Before you can protest some more, he proceeds with new updates:

“Tonight I’ll have Commissar Gordon kidnaped for you. I’ve been working on it for a month; we’ll take him to your Japanese oasis. Another thing on your dumb bucket list taken care of. “

You have such a happy smirk flourishing on your lips he feels he has no choice but to sit down by you again.

“You’ll get him for me?!”

“U-hum… Wanna kill him?” he pretends not to notice your sudden cough that calms down after you cover your mouth with the side of your hoodie.
“Kill him?! No way, he’s my favorite; I just want to see him.”

“Huh?! I thought Batsy is your favorite!” J waves his hands around, vexed.

“No, Batsy is your favorite, mine is Gordon; you know that,” and you are so dizzy you lean to rest your forehead on his shoulder. The new med must be very strong, you can already tell.

“I don’t know who you are anymore, Pumpkin,” he rolls his eyes, faking his surprise.

“Fuck…” you whisper, sweating even if you are cold as ice. “This crap is messing me up, I think I need to go home now…”
“Penthouse or your house?” J gives you the choice, instantly serious.

“My house, please,” you groan in pain when he helps you up. He signals you to get on his back and you obey, enjoying the piggyback ride. At this point it would be hard for you to walk anyway.

“Why do you have finding out who Batsy is on your list?! Like, why do we care to know who that jerk is ?! Our job is to keep him busy since he seems the type that gets bored easily, am I right? Hey, Doll, wake up,” he pats your leg and you moan, napping since you are so tired and uncomfortable. As soon as you get home, you’ll definitely need at least two painkillers.

The Joker continues to walk, basically talking to himself at this point.

“I know you also wanted to steal more diamonds but I can’t take you on a heist like this: consider it crossed off your idiotic Bucket list. I got you 3 boxes of jewelry so it should be fine for now. We gotta work with what we have, hm?”

He lifts you up higher on his back and struts on the beach.

“Hey, Y/N, I’ll send the boys to get the other vehicle… God, Princess, you’re so light,” he puckers his lips, listening to your heavy breathing in his ear. “I really don’t want you to die…” he stops in his tracks and gently spanks your thighs behind his back. “But I really do hate you, I lied when I said I don’t…”

“Mmmm…” you grumble in your sleep, probably out of it.

J takes advantage of you not being able to fight him and restarts walking:

“You know why it’s clouded? I bet you anything it is because of your big butt, hm? We are having a solar eclipse right now and you’re responsible,” he grins and squints his eyes when he senses your fingers nipping his skin.

“I heard that…” you protest, too tired to do more and doze off again.

The Joker mischievously snickers, sprinting towards the cars he can see in the distance.

He is not the ideal knight in shining armor and you are not the same woman you were before you got ill. But you gotta work with what you have.

Life’s too short to complain.

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Jack (early 2014): I would LOVE to do a video with Markiplier, that’s like high on the top of my world accomplishment list! Being in a video with him would be literally, my dream come true. 

Jack 2015: BEST WEEKEND EVER! It’s crazy now because just last year I could only dream of things like this, and now there I was having dinner with them! 

Jack 2016: I got to hang out with everybody! It was so cool! AND WE GOT TO GO TO DISNEY LAND! 

Jack 2017: FUCK YOU GUYS! (During colabs) 

Drunken Problems//Carl Gallagher

Teen wolf/Shameless crossover

warnings: smutish, alcohol abuse, mentions rape, protective liam, drinking, mentions weed

Word count: 796

(Y/N)’ s p.o.v

“hey carl pass me another bear, will ya”

i said while slamming my now empty bud light onto my moms glass coffee table.

“on one condition” carl responded with his stupid smirk.

i smirked back knowing what he had in mind. i wasn’t drunk-well not yet, at least.

“if you really want another bear, kiss me”

his eyes dropped down to stare at my lips.

i smiled. “just kiss me already gallagher”

carl wasted no time in closing the gap between us.

i ran my fingers threw carl’s hair, he had recently taken out his cornrows and damn did he look fine with his hair down.

he pushed me back onto the leather couch and started rubbing his arms up and down my body.

a shrill moan escaped my mouth as I felt carl lift up my top and draw little circles on my hips.

his hands were cold, but yet something about them made me feel warm all over.

carl then groans against my mouth and ripped my top off leaving me in my shorts and bra.

he then started attacking my neck with love bites.

carl and i have been dating for three months, we only told his family and my best friend malia.

yeah she was a senior in high school and i’m only in eighth grade but she treated me like an adult, just the way carl does.

and that’s how I wanted to be treated. carl never held out on me. he told me shit straight up.

a thing no one else could, not even my older brother liam.

that’s why I chose not to tell him, he would say some stupid shit like ‘I’m to young to be dating’ or ‘he’s not good enough for you’.

bullshit. yeah carl was fifteen, drank, sold drugs, and occasionally got high but that doesn’t make me love him any less. hell it makes him even hotter in my eyes.

i whined when I realized carl’s lips were no longer on my body. i looked at him and saw him taking off his shirt.

i smirked up at him and pushed him down and started kissing his jawline and stopped at his neck.

i started kissing around trying to find his sweet spot. once i found it, i attacked it with bites.

“mhhhh, right there babygirl” carl moaned out.

i licked the love bite and blew on it making carl shiver underneath me.

i smirked knowing only I had this effect on him.

“WHAT THE FCK (y/n)!?!”

my head shot up from looking at carl to see my brother liam and the pack all staring at carl and i.

“for fucks sakes” i mumbled.

i slid off of Carl’s waist and quickly grabbed my shirt from off the floor. I put it on and stood with carl.

i saw malia smirking at us.

“what the actual hell (y/n)” liam said

i rolled my eyes. liam’s eyes scanned the room, hey stopped when he saw the coffee table.

“no…you didn’t!”

i looked away, a few months back my dad walked out of my life. i went out for a drink with carl and within a week i was 'addicted’ to booze.

my mom took me in for rehab and hid all he alcohol in the house. i wasn’t really addicted, i knew when to stop.

today was the only time I drank, it had been five months. i would never become an addict. after meeting frank, carl’s dad I realized I didn’t want to end up like him.

“you said you would stop!” liam beamed.

“yeah, i did say that. but it’s not like I’m addicted to this shit ok!?, i know when to stop. i’m not some type of junky!”

“oh yeah! that’s not what you said five month ago when dad walked out and you developed this stupid addiction! i walked in on you with a bottle of vodka in your hands, half the bottle was empty, your eyes were bloodshot, you were wearing shorts and a bra with your top ripped to shreds by a guy who tried to rape you!”

i stared at him mouth agap.

“well thanks for broadcasting my fucking personal life to everyone!”

i grabbed carl’s hand about to walk out.

“(y/n) stop, you can’t leave. lydia just cracked the second deadpool list and your on it, we can’t let you out of our sight” scott said.

i looked at him as if he was crazy, “i really don’t need this shit right now, i just want some alone time, with carl”

carl kissed my forehead and walked me outside.

“i got a blunt, want to light it and get high?” carl asked.

i smirked “hell ya i do”

Part 2?

Randy Orton Sex Headcannons

Alright. I have some words to say alright. I have grown up with this man being number 3 on the list of my favourite wrestlers. Now, hes like 7 or 8 but he’s still top 10. 

He was admittedly one of my first crushes as a kid because I watched Smackdown v Raw all the time. So he has a special place in my heart. 

Don’t be afraid to request. My asks are open all the time!

Originally posted by temomi

- He is rough as fuck. But only if you ask him to be, he can also make love; not well, but the poor guy tries. Seriously, all you have to say is something like “Fuck me up daddy” and that is exactly what he will do. I tell thee.

- One look from him can put you back in your place. But he’ll still spank you into submission if he has to. He loves to have you over his knee though, he basically lives for it. 

- Will never bottom. Or so he thinks. Your dominant side shocked him at first but he couldn’t hide how much he enjoyed you taking control that one time, and he secretly hopes you’ll do it again.

- Daddy kink, kitten kink, praise kink, think of a really kinky kink and the guy probably has it. 

- See when I said he’s rough… Yeah, I felt the need to say it again to emphasize my point.

- LOVES to have you on your knees. But he spends equally as long in between your legs. 

- Dirty talk is a must for this guy. 

- Orgasm ratio is 3:1 to you, because he’s such a generous guy. 

- He loves it when you beg. It’s the fastest way to get what you want because he can’t resist it when you do it. 

- You guys could so have angry sex, make up sex, morning sex, any kind of sex.

- You guys could be friends with benefits too because he’s that chill. 

His sexuality was part of him now and there was nothing he could do to change that, not that he actually wanted to. Not anymore. The problem was that not everyone could grasp the idea that sex wasn’t in his priority list, it didn’t even make it to the top ten. So, what was the first reaction? The “don’t you trust me?” or the “don’t you want me?” For Raphael, any type of sex was about intimacy, so for him to ever potentially want it there must be a strong connection, an emotional one, which was so hard to get.
—  Raphael Santiago about his sexuality (source)

These toddlers are so cute you guys! So! cute! I have gone through and done some cleaning/minor fixes on top of enabling all my stuff for toddlers. Everything that needed updating has now been updated, with the exception of the default versions of my Summer Skeletons and Nature Boy skins. I will be adding those a little later. Toddler default skins are live, check them out here!


For those who are interested, I have a master list of specific changes as well as which downloads have been updated below:

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anonymous asked:

What are your favorite things about Jean?

How long do you have, anon?

Here are just a few things I really like about Jean, in no particular order :)

  1. His face is cool! I know I’ve been getting into some “discourse” (as we say here on The Tumblr xD) about Jean’s looks recently, but those are some nice angles on his face! And I really do love his “bad guy” eyes ;)
  2. He cares about individual humans and has some kind of ethical code he tries to stick to as much as possible (even as he says stuff like “I’m only looking out for number one, I swear!”). I appreciate that a lot.
  3. I love that he’s honest. I was suspicious of it a first (because we all know those guys who just say mean things under the guise of “honesty”) but he is really committed to trying to understand the world and to speak uncomfortable truths. He’s also honest about himself and his own shortcomings–you can really trust Jean.
  4. He’s smart! I will fight people over this. He keeps up with Armin; he even fills in for Armin for a bit when Armin needs a little time to come up with another strategy in the battle for Shiganshina–he can never replace Armin (just like Armin can never replace Jean), but he definitely knows what he’s doing.
  5. He’s empathetic. You don’t think he’s going to be when you start reading–it slowly dawns on you. First he’s helping Connie up, then he’s comforting Armin after a series of traumas, then he’s struggling with killing other humans, and then he’s helping Eren work through his depression after the events of the Reiss chapel … and he does each of these things in ways that are unique to the person he’s assisting! It’s so great!
  6. He’s flawed. While I don’t fault him for his self-preservation instinct and I think it (as Marco says) has real value for him and the people he leads, its also something he could take too far (as in the training arc). He’s also contrary and crass, which creates distance between him and others. And sometimes he freezes up when a situation just gets too stressful (though he usually recovers quickly). Yet these are shortcomings which he recognizes about himself and that he works on a bit over the course of the series–but I also like that he keeps some of these as well? Like Jean wouldn’t be Jean if he didn’t occasionally tease people.
  7. Jean cares about his friends and comrades. He joins the SC to protect them, I think that’s great.
  8. He encouraged Historia to punch Levi in chapter 69. I think that’s wonderful.
  9. He was the kind of twelve year-old kid who would point out when he thought another kid was using empty rhetoric by calling them “eloquent.” He was THAT twelve year-old.
  10. He has an impeccable sense of style! His fedora and coat are top-notch. 

I think I’ll stop the list there for now because it’s getting late and I really have to sleep xD Thanks for the note, anon! And let me field this question out to my followers as well: what are your favorite things about Jean?

  • <p> <b></b> Unpopular opinion that Not Fall in Love with You from Vol 3 is actually a bees song in disguise.<p/><b></b> How?<p/><b></b> Well from my understanding the argument that it's a BlackSun song is because it played during a BlackSun moment and that the song is from Sun's point of view. But a few lines don't really make sense if it's from Sun's point of view.<p/><b></b> Sun has shown countless times that he is flirty with Blake. With the wink when first introduced, to asking her to the dance, to pointing to her during the Vytal festival. So saying "can I do anything to conceal it?" Doesn't make much sense as he has shown it multiple times. Arguing that he is just a flirtatious person also doesn't work. Neptune is a flirtatious person, a person that has flirted with Weiss, and team INDG. Sun has only been seen to flirt with Blake.<p/><b></b> This outward show of affection is not concealing anything. Nor is it "locking up [his] heart and not feel[ing] it".<p/><b></b> As the song progresses the narrator explains to the listeners that they have fallen hard for their crush and how they wish their crush could "fall for me like I fell for you". When looking at Sun and Blake both have been seen showing some sort of affection to one another. Sun asked Blake to the dance, Blake said yes (albiet after some convincing to go to the dance via Yang). During the festival Sun is able to elicit a blush from Blake. These thing show there is at least some feelings between them, that it's not just one sided.<p/><b></b> "Now how the heck do you think it's Yang singing then?" You ask.<p/><b></b> If you ask any Bee shipper they'll be able to list off some bee moments. The most popular probably being Yang talking one on one with Blake before the dance, the dance snippit, Yang attacking Adam to protect Blake, and then how both characters talk about each other during vol 4.<p/><b></b> Now returning to the lyrics. With Yang as our narrator the lines seem to make more sense with the narrative of the song. Yang has been seen to be flirtatious few times. Off the top of my head I can think of the first night at Beacon where she was checking out the guys, and at Junior's club (if you can call that flirting). But as of late Yang has shown very little flirting overall except for a few times with Blake. In this sense Yang could be concealing her true feelings. Trying to "lock up [her] heart and not feel it". Of course her feelings are seen countless times as Yang constantly worries about her partner and tries her best to encourage and help Blake.<p/><b></b> Then later in Vol 3 when Adam threatens Blake that he will destroy everything she loves a single look at Yang can tell Adam that Yang cares, or dare I say, loves Blake. The lyrics can easily match up with this scene as Yang, who is a complete stranger to Adam is instantly made a target due to her simply looking for Blake. Also having it be Adam attacking Yang and not some Joe Smoe can invent tension that Adam understands what it's like being in love with Blake (although not confirmed Adam and Blake have a past, and the fact Adam is deliberately targeting people Blake loves, or love Blake can be a sign that he is jealous or wants Blake back to himself).<p/><b></b> Then there's the "if your heart would agree" lines. This is a common fear when falling for someone, that they won't feel the same back. Which can be used to enforce hiding one's feelings in the first place. Sun and Blake have already shown they have some sort of feelings for one another, whether it's one sided or not. Yang on the other hand would have more to fear from if Blake didn't feel the same. If found out their current relationship as partners and friends would change and can add more tension to the team in general. This also can explain the "could you fall for me like I fell for you" as that would make things not one sided and ultimately, take any fear Yang would have about the situation away. But the romance in the song is also referred to as a "dream romance" which can imply the narrator doesn't think their crush actually reciprocates the feelings (again Sun and Blake have done this on some level).<p/><b></b> Lastly, this song is a coming to terms song. The narrator is coming to terms that they are in love with this person. The narrator is trying to hide their feelings, trying to not fall in love with someone. Yet the final line of the song is "I'm in love". This is important because again the few times Yang has flirted was with men. In a sense this can also simply be a song about Yang coming to terms with her sexuality, which can further explain why the narrator is trying to hide their feelings and feels like the romance will never happen.<p/><b></b> With the Vol 4 soundtrack practically out (I'm still waiting, thanks Amazon) we got BMBLB, a song that's being praised as the bees song showing Yang loves Blake. But songs, specifically RWBY songs, have a narrative and are known to have multiple parts (ex. Red Like Roses, Mirror Mirror). Not Fall in Love with You can be seen as part one of a story and part 2 can be BMBLB(this is based purely on lyrics I've seen). Not Fall in Love with You is about coming to terms with loving someone, and BMBLB is about embracing that love. Or as Yang coming to terms being into Blake and finally accepting that she is and embracing the hell out of it.<p/><b></b> I want to point out that I am not trying to say BlackSun will never happen, or that Bumbleby will never happen. I am just making an observation about the songs from what we've seen in the show.<p/></p>
The Deal (Dean X Reader)

WEDIM Day Sixteen




SUMMARY: You knew you shouldn’t have done it but it had to be done. The Winchester’s must be saved. 

I’d never run so fast in my life. 

I run full pelt back to the motel, fumbling with the key’s as I unlocked the door. I prayed he wouldn’t be awake yet, that I had time to make everything look like nothing happened. But as soon as I opened the door I was met by Dean, who was just about to walk out. 

I was relieved beyond words. He was alive! 

I jumped on him, giving him a big hug. Dean laughed nervously and hugged me back. I didn’t even realise I was crying until I moved off him and saw the damp patch on his chest. 

“Hey, what’s the matter?” Dean asked with a concerned look on his face. 

“Nothing, I’m so glad you’re okay,” I whispered hugging him again. 

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Dean asked, laughing again. I just shook my head and continued to cry. 

Dean raised his eyebrow and gently pulled me inside the motel room, shutting the door behind me.  

“Spill,” He said as he sat down. I followed and sat down on the sofa opposite the chair Dean was sat in.

I sighed and closed my eyes. I didn’t want to tell him what had happened or tell him what I’d just done. He would surely hate me for. I knew what I’d done was wrong but I couldn’t have gone on without him. It was my fault he died and my mess to clear up. If it took a bad deal with a crossroads demon, then that’s what I had to do. The world needed Dean Winchester. It did not need little old me! “Y/n, what did you do?” 

I sighed again, and gave him an apologetic look as I began to tell him what happened.
My tears fell freely as I knelt down in the middle of the crossroads scrambling to bury the small box. Inside was a photo of myself, graveyard dirt and a bone from a black cat. I stood up and turned around, looking everywhere for the sight of the demon. There was no one. Just dirt track going off in each direction.

I stomped angrily on the small mound of soil where the box was buried and screamed. Cursing and sobbing loudly. This had to work, it had to!
“Hey, sunshine. Calm down no need to get in such a flap,” A man’s voice said from behind me. 

I spun around to see a tall man standing right in front of me. He had a lazy grin on his face, sparking blue eyes and shaggy blonde hair. If it wasn’t for the smart black suit he was wearing I would have thought he’d walked straight out of Venice Beach. He blinked and let his blood red eyes show, letting me know that he was a cross roads demon. I took a few deep breathes, calming myself down. This was my only chance to save Dean so I had to make it count. “There we go! Now, what can I do for such a beautiful girl as yourself?” 

“Save him,” I said without missing a beat. Confidence and fake assertion laced my voice. Knew what I wanted. I knew how to get it too. “Save Dean Winchester,” 

The demon scoffed and his eyes widened slightly. He whistled and run his hand through his hair. “Dean Winchester?” The demon asked, “No can do I’m afraid. That guys on the top of the kings hit list. Sorry, no,”  

I frowned. 

“I didn’t ask, I told. Now. Save. Dean. Winchester,” I said angrily stepping closer to the demon. I pulled out the demon blade from my pocket. The demon stepped backwards, away from me and stepped right into my trap. I smirked and stepped back away from the demon then pointed at the floor where the paint marked the ground. 

“Shit,” The demon cursed. 

“I’m not gonna tell you again,” I said through gritted teeth. The demon laughed cruelly and stepped to the edge of the trap.


“Then. Then it was all a blue. I can’t really remember what I did or how I managed to get him to say yes but I did,” 

“How long have you got?” Dean asked quietly. 

“A year,” I said sadly. Dean sighed and ran his hands over his face. He was pissed. “Please don’t be mad at me,” I pleaded. “Please,” 

Dean looked up at me again. A couple small tears rolling down his face but he quickly wiped them away. He stood up and sat next to me, grabbing hold of my hands and pulling them into him lap. He played over the back of my hand for a moment then finally said:

“It’s going to be okay,” He kissed my hand and looked me straight in the eye, “I love you, okay? Sure, I’m mad as hell that you did that but I love you,” I opened my mouth to say something, but all that came out were more sobs. Dean frowned and hugged me tight, “It’s going to be okay,”


Devin Gutierrez is a straight man, but he’s never dated a straight woman.
A transgender man, Gutierrez grew up as a woman. In high school, he was a bit of a tomboy and came out as a lesbian. But even then, he knew there was something more he was missing.“Being in a woman’s body, I felt trapped,” he said. “I would see myself in the mirror and see the feminine features of my body, and I would hate it.”

A year ago, the 30-year-old began taking testosterone, and his life completely changed.He expected some of the change: Gutierrez knew his his muscles would grow, his voice would drop and his facial hair would come in. But there were surprising changes as well.“The sex drive itself – it’s crazy,” he said. “I even asked one of my gay friends, ‘What is this feeling? Why am I so excited all the time?’ I can’t get it out of my head, it’s a constant thing. He said 'Welcome, now you know what guys go through.’”

Gutierrez began to date, a struggle for any single person, but especially difficult for those in the transgender community. Until recently, most mainstream dating apps have had only “female” and “male” listed as genders.

While Gutierrez has gotten top surgery and had his breasts removed, he has yet to get bottom surgery. That meant straight women were “looking for something I don’t have.” And if he dated lesbians, he realized, those women would have to confront their own sexuality as well, because they’d be dating a man.

It becomes especially difficult at lesbian clubs, where he prefers to go. “The music’s loud and I don’t have the opportunity to say I’m a trans guy. I don’t get hit on and if I do get hit on I get hit on by gay guys.”

Recently, Gutierrez had his first date with Ari Dee, a woman who said she does not define her sexuality. This was Ari’s first time going on a date with a trans person.“I prefer not to have labels,” said Dee, a 29-year-old makeup artist. “I just kind of go with my heart."The two met through a mutual friend before Gutierrez’s transition, and at the time neither knew they were attracted to one another.

But post-transition Gutierrez decided to ask Dee on a date. She said yes. A month after their first date, Gutierrez asked Ari to be his girlfriend. She said yes.Dating may get a little easier in the future for those in the transgender community.