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p5/khr au

Sawada had been a well-dressed young man with clear intent in his eyes when Akira had found him waiting in Leblanc’s attic. Soft-spoken and painfully shy, surrounded by three other men, none of whom looked nearly as friendly.

“Change my heart,” he had asked, with a twist on his face that looked like a grimace.

Sawada’s Palace was nothing like any of them had expected.

It burned.

Walls of ice and walls of fire welcomed them, unbearable heat and bone-chilling cold, a floor melted by the flames or made slippery by water. Every room hid a shadow and all shadows looked too stark and personal to be anything but someone that Sawada had mourned.

The scrawny, scared little boy with wild brown hair and eyes had blood dripping from every one of his fingers endlessly.

He never said anything to them. The shadow dogged Joker’s footsteps and whimpered and pleaded but never attacked or spoke. He cried when they beat a shadow. For some shadows, he cried harder than the others.

When Ann dealt the finishing blow to a boy with red hair who controlled gravity, Sawada’s child self choked so hard on his own sobs that even Morgana wanted to help.

Joker didn’t want to stay here any longer than they had to. The heat wasn’t any more real than the clothes they wore were, but he still felt his coat stick to his skin and slow his movements considerably; Yusuke looked ready to keel over, and the leather of Makoto’s outfit was leaving bright red marks on her skin that he felt his own echo under his gloves.

Sawada’s Treasure was guarded by a string of six shadows. One of them wasn’t even as old as Joker himself.

“What the fuck was that?” Ryuji whispered once the one with the sword, one of the men who had accompanied Sawada to Akira’s home, fell.

Sawada’s shadow had long stopped crying. He was hovering in place near them, face wet with sweat and tears, blood dripping from his tiny hands.

Joker didn’t answer. He strolled to the small black box behind where the last of the shadows had stood and picked it up. Forcing the lock open was difficult with the heaviness in his hands and the sweat slicking his fingers; he had to pause with a grunt, to drink in some of the bitter medicine that Takemi had made, just so he could open it.

There was a child’s toy on the black velvet inside. A yellow pacifier.

Sawada didn’t cry when he saw it. He put his red hand on it, said, “I’m sorry,” and smiled.

The pacifier started glowing; once it was done, Sawada dissolved slowly, and the blood was gone from his hands.

“Oh my God,” Makoto let out, almost a whimper. “Let’s just—”

“Yeah,” Joker cut in. He pocketed the pacifier and tried to ignore how warm it was through the fabric of his pants—as if it were alive. “Let’s go.”

The Palace burned itself to ashes slowly as they left. The ice walls melted, and the vapor that emerged from it was streaked with colors.

Akira and his friends emerged into the wide and abandoned living-room of the house where Sawada had directed them. Sawada was waiting at the dusty table, an untouched cup of coffee sitting cold in front of him.

Ann and Ryuji recoiled violently at the sight of him.

“How did it go?” Sawada asked them.

His voice didn’t betray anything. Akira was familiar enough with feeling the earth shatter under his feet that he recognized the shortness of his breath, though.

“It went fine,” he answered, and, masking his own screaming unease, he walked toward the man.

When he put the pacifier in Sawada’s hands, Sawada didn’t close it immediately. The look on his face had a little bit of rapture in it, and a lot of aching regret. “Thank you,” he said.

Akira should go. He had several severely unsettled friends to comfort waiting three meters behind him, exhaustion coursing through his whole body, the smell of blood in his nose…

He asked, “Whose was it?”

Sawada’s hand closed on the toy gently. “A mentor’s,” he replied. “Someone who would be very disappointed to see me now.”

“It’s not too late to fix it.”

The eyes that met Akira’s were gentle. “Sometimes it is. Make sure to never reach that point, Phantom Thief.”

I was gonna reblog this to comment but a) it’s a long-ass post now and b) I think @lesbomoon might have blocked me cause tumblr won’t let me post it. Ah well. So here it is, and I’m gonna say this slowly.

If you are living

In a first-world country

With all your human rights intact


Are not


Hey fishblr/bettablr! (I think thats what the fish side of tumblr is called?)

My mom might be letting me finally buy all the stuff my bettas really need (right now they are in a 1.5 gallon, unheated, unfiltered tank with potentially harmful plastic plants).

So I need a price estimate for all the supplies Ill be needing to get + a list of what I need. Im thinking a 2.5-3 gallon tank because we dont have much room in our house! It would be great if anyone could also recomend some brands of heaters + filters that work well for bettas and are not too expensive. If the total price is over $100, I doubt she will let me buy everything and she sure wont be buying anything either.

Keep in mind I am only buying for ONE male betta (probably when my two current ones die).

Thank you!

  • Adam: *scrolling through Midam fanart on tumblr*
  • Adam: *muttering under his breath* what the hell is this-
  • Michael: *suddenly appears behind Adam* Hello, Ad-
  • Adam: *shrieks and slams the laptop shut* Fuck, Michael-
  • Michael: What...?
  • Adam: *speaking fast af* No, no, fuck, that's not what I meant to say, not now-
  • Michael: ..... What....?
  • Adam: Oh God, I think I should just go.
  • Chuck: You called?

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You actually post very little study-related content. 🤔 Why is it a "Study diary" then? Your aesthetics is nice and drags attention but I must sadly admit it's quite little of a studyblr nowadays. 😔

Hi 😊 When I made this tumblr almost 2(!!) years ago, I called it a study diary, because it was supposed to be a way for me to keep track of my studying. I don’t think the term “study diary” was used that much then, but thats what it means to me 😊
Now I love seeing all the different “study diary of a …..” tumblrs, and I kinda imagine/hope that the amazing people who make those tumblrs, got a spec of inspiration from me 😊 basically my goal is to inspire and motivate, so as long as there are some people out there that find my pictures motivating I will be posting them 😊
Also; I do like to share my tips and study tricks, but I’ve gotten a bit self conscious about what I post and what I don’t post. But seems like I need to get better at ignoring it again 😉

STEP 3 - Inbetweens that defines subtle movements.

Still more gaps to fill, but the overall timing and important parts are done. Thats is what I call texture, subtle movements like that small rotation of his head. Now the rest is just a matter of filling the gaps, basic interpolation, almost mindless inbetweens, but as I said, really rewarding because I want to see a fluid animation without any buffering.

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(1)You know what? I fucking hate what tumblr (and to an extent, liberal media and the absolute idiocy of young Americans) has done to me. A few years ago, had someone told me "that person is racist" I would have gone "oh that's awful, I'll stay away from them, they must be horrible." Now I'm much more likely to go "Are they though? Are they really?" And hold more disdain for the person throwing the accusations than the accused. I've seen the stupid shit people get called racist over nowadays.

(2/3)When someone brings up racism I automatically feel my hackles raising and I start getting annoyed about people victimising themselves and pretending to be oppressed before even considering whether their points are valid or they’re talking about actual racism or not. It’s ironic, that in these people’s quest to demonise racists and eradicate racism, they seem to be making people worse. Although, I’m fairly convinced at this point they don’t even want that.

(3/3) They just want a ‘cause’ so they can cosplay as activists. I never used to be this cynical. Fuck you tumblr.

It’s the old “Boy Who Cried Wolf” scenario. I’m the same. I used to absolutely believe anyone that accused someone else of something, because I used to think, “Why would someone lie about something so awful and serious?” but then it turned out that, yes, people do lie about it. I’ve been personally accused of some horrendous things for no other reason but not following the narrative and being fair.

I mean, today you can be accused of genuinely hating all black people for saying nothing more than racism can be against any race or ethnicity. That’s how messed up the accusations are.

It’s safer – and better – to listen to accusations, to wait for proof and then make a personal judgement after having all the evidence in front of you. That’s all you can do. 

But really, you’re right. The last thing that they want is for people to be less racist. They want to pretend that the majority are racist. Because as soon as they accept that the situation is better than it has been before, that it’s slowly improving (which is what every decent person wants), then they lose their power and they have less to complain about.

Why do you think that there’s so much focus on “micro-aggressions”? Because if they can convince everyone that even the most well-meaning or accidental-then-apologetic “slights” (if they even are slights in the first place), then they automatically get to claim that the majority are vile, evil, violent racists that support racism. Which gives them more power and an excuse to pretend to be an oppressed victim when they, as individuals, are objectively not.

It’s ridiculous. And as you said, it means that less people are taking not only them seriously, but actual cases of racism seriously. And that’s not what we want at all.

so I’m supposed to make a presentation about HLA and it’s role in transplantation, I grab something to eat and sit in front of my laptop, ready to spend the next 3h writing about science stuff. 
And then I (stupidly) decide to check tumblr, and after seeing there is something new in the DtoA tag, I ( stupidly) go look what’s there. 

and guess what 



*pterodactyl screech*

sorry science gods, you will have to forgive me because I can give this presentation
 only one hour 

DtoA is calling me

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im a little bit confused as to what the strawberry post is referring to, it is talking about when ppl get called out for creating media that normalises pedophilia, rape, incest, ect. then the creator tell ppl "you can just scroll past, no one is making you look at this"? like i'm not trying to criticise you i'm just trying to figure out if i missed the point or smth :/

I didn’t write that post myself, so I couldn’t possibly comment on what the OP was referring to, but I can tell you why I reblogged it.

I interpreted it as being about a topic which I’ve discussed in some depth before: the fact that tumblr as a whole is not any sort of “safe space”, but rather an open social media platform that is not intended to cater specifically to any one type of person.  People use this website for a huge host of reasons, and not all of those reasons are even vaguely compatible with each other, nor do they need to be.  Most blogs will inevitably include content that is not suitable or appropriate for every single person on the website; that’s not a problem, it’s a feature.  Tumblr isn’t a homogeneous hivemind of blogs that are all meant for everyone, it’s millions of people each doing their own thing, and sometimes interacting with each other.  Not everything on tumblr is suitable for every single user of the website, and that’s a good thing.

The content you see on tumblr depends entirely on whom you choose to follow and what content-filtering options you use.  As I’ve mentioned before in a different context, it’s reasonable to expect blogs to at least take the most basic steps to allow others the chance to avoid content that they don’t want to see (like tagging things properly or flagging a blog as NSFW, when those things are warranted).  However, it’s totally unreasonable to insist that blogs for which you are not the intended audience must tailor their content to suit your individual needs.  If you’re not willing or able to learn how to customize your tumblr experience to make it palatable for your own consumption, you’re not yet ready to use a website like this.

Additionally - and I wouldn’t think this needs to be said at all, but unfortunately I’ve seen too much evidence to the contrary - if you are well aware that something disgusts or upsets you, and then you intentionally seek it out (despite having the ability to avoid it) and become disgusted or upset, you have no one to blame but yourself.

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Idk if I skipped this out in the books or something but how does Gansey get his mint leaves? Does he buy them or does he have a mint plant called Richard Campbell Gansey IV? Its something that's been bugging me for a while now

Dear rico-di-angelo,

I don’t like to talk about this because children read this blog too, but I guess they’re on Tumblr, they can handle the truth. 

Once a week after his Ethics class Gansey gets in the Pig and he meets a guy parked in a Taurus behind the Henrietta Dairy Freeze and he says do you have anything for me and the guy says yeah man mentha spicata just like always I know what you like and then Gansey thumbs through his wallet and gives him, like, four laundromat tokens. The guy is all hey I always wondered why you didn’t just chew mint gum like all the other Aglionbros? and Gansey snaps I don’t pay you to ask questions. 

Also it says in the books there’s a mint plant on his desk but that could be a coincidence.



one-one questions


1. always post the rules.
2. answer the questions given by the person who tagged you.
3. write 11 questions of your own and tag 11 (or however many) people to answer them.

tagged by the very amazing @nahrky ! thanks for tagging me, love. you rock! :3

1. what time is it where you are and why are you on tumblr at this time of day?it’s 4PM on my side of the planet and i’m lurking around the Tumblr shadows because i’m feeling a tad sleepy while at work. lol. pls don’t report me to my boss.

2. who are your three favourite characters of all time?
Mark Darcy, Tony Stark, Sherlock Holmes (that is in particular order coz i’m an OC piece of crap)

3. using your answers from above, fuck, marry, kill? >:)
damn this is a hard one. you are so evil loli’d obviously and definitely fuck Mark Darcy! probably marry Tony Stark because of obvious reasons as well. but i’d feel very broken and sorry to kill Sherlock (Moriarty fan here!).

4. what is something you would really like to eat right now?
grilled cheese sandwich. idk it’s a sudden craving.

5. would you describe yourself as smol, medium, or tol?
is 5′2″ medium? or smol?

6. what’s your go-to drink, alcoholic or otherwise?
coffee in ordinary days. alcohol (beer/vodka) if i get a bit emotional.

7. do you play a musical instrument, if so which one? if not which one would you most like to learn?
i can play the guitar and i used to play a recorder during high school. would love to learn to play the piano and the drums in the future.

8. what’s the last message you sent to someone?
i’m doing great thanks hbu?”

9. is there a fandom idea or headcanon you’ve had in your head for a while but not had the opportunity to say?
Merlin’s real name. just kidding. XD would love to see “origin/history” stories for the Kingsman agents. more like a “young Kingsman agents universe”. we see them as the modern knights but we don’t know what their life stories are. i’m curious.

10. coke or pepsi (or neither)?
not really a carbonated drinks fan but i’d choose coke.

11. do you read tumblr tags? (generally the answer to this is yes but i’m curious)
YES! it’s fun to read them. XD

wow that was fun answering those questions. thanks again for tagging me, Bea!

now for my questions. pardon me if it seems a bit silly. :)

  1. last five songs you’ve listened to today?
  2. are you a “dog person” or a “cat person”?
  3. if you could be a villain for one day, who would you be and why?
  4. speaking of villains, who is/are your favorite superhero/es?
  5. what would be the title of your autobiography?
  6. do you collect anything?
  7. what fandoms are you in? for how long now?
  8. what are the places you’ve already visited/would like to visit?
  9. if you earn a dollar for every hour that you spend on Tumblr, how much would you earn for a day? XD
  10. what is the last tv show/movie you have watched?
  11. what’s the most wierd word you’ve ever encountered?

i’m tagging @kingscunt @leggsyunwin @cravingcolin @unwinnedhart @rei-kazuhiko @mittooo @gentlekingsmen @hartwin-af @the-proper-martini @mannersmakethmoi @mrharryhart. xoxo <3 <3 <3

Why I call my followers'Hun'

Let’s cut straight to the point.
I’m a redneck. A glorified redneck with a love for technology and anything artistic.
And whenever people needed me, some would say “Dear!”, “Sug!” And one time even “Honey!”
I remember when someone called me sissy…
Aw well.

I call my followers ‘Hun’ because thats what I call all my friends, and that’s what my followers are. My friends, and even an extended family. And as of right now, I know many on Tumblr are younger than me.

I’m looking at you IG and Socky! I KNOW u younger by how u talk! Plus, Socky told, but I’m not saying her age. Nope, cuz fuck that.

Anyway, I say 'Hun’ as a way to let you know “Hey, you’re part of the family now since u followed, and you can never leave, so get used to it.”

And that’s why I call my followers “Hun”.

K, luv u all u cute little biscuits!

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I'm looking to get in to the sugar bowl but I'm not really sure where to start. Any advice? xo

Hey there and welcome to the bowl! There are definitely a few important steps to go through and I’ll do my best to lay them out for you. 

1. Make sure that this lifestyle is something that you can handle. It is NOT for everyone and thats okay, you just have to really go through the pros and cons with yourself before delving into it. Will your friends/family judge you? Are you okay with them judging you? Is this something you will regret 20 years from now? Just be sure.

2. Google, google, google. There are so many articles that spell it out so clearly. Also follow the tags (#sugar baby #sugar bowl) All of us on tumblr are pretty good about rebloging lots of tips and advice and I wouldn’t reblog it if I didn’t agree with it. Personally, I did about a months worth of research before I did anything. I felt it really gave me a leg up and I didn’t feel so blind going into it. 

3. In this order: Pick a sugar name and make sure you like it because thats what people will be calling you. Then make a sugarring email address, this will be the address you can use to sign up for services or give out to POTs. Download a texting app (I just text free ultra) so you don’t have to give out your real number. I get my allowance in cash but if you don’t want to do it that way, set up a pay pal. This would be in your real name though so only give it to SDs that you trust, I wouldn’t let POTs have it. 

4. Fill out a DBA (doing business as) form. It does cost some $$ but it’s super handy. This allows you to do business under your sugar name. After you fill this out go to a post office in a town near yours and get a P.O box. That way a SD or POT can send you gifts without getting your real info. It’s brilliant.

5. Make sure ALL of your social media counts are private! This is SO important if you intend on being discrete and also if anyone gets salty, they can’t find you and blackmail you. 

6. Time to make your account! I suggest starting with Seeking Arrangement (SA). Take time with your profile and be clear about what it is that you are looking for. Spell check everything at least 3 times because no with an annual salary of over $500,000 will take you seriously otherwise. Know your worth! If you want $3,000 then say thats what you want. But don’t put minimal and expect to be given moderate, and vice versa, DON’T SETTLE. You are hot and deserve a man that can give you what you need. When picking out pictures, make sure you don’t use any that are on any social medias. Because even though you privated your accounts, these guys can reverse google search your pictures (you should do this to theirs) and no one wants that. Once you’ve got the hang of this site, try Whats your price (WYP) and Ashley Madison (AM). There are a few other sites, but personally, for my area, they are all salts so I don’t use them. 

7. Got a POT? Great!! Meet in a public area for lunch/coffee or whatever. Try to avoid talking about allowance on the first date, even if they bring it up, it’ll show that you’re in it for more than money (LOL) and they will more likely to take you seriously. Heals are your friend, honestly. Also never sleep with a POT on the first date, EVER. I don’t care how good looking he is, I don’t care what he promised you, don’t do it. You HAVE to see the money first before sex is EVER introduced. Always make sure someone knows where you are. For me, I let my sugar friends that are in my area know since I keep my SB life separate from my personal life. Also, ALWAYS use a condom (if your relationship is not platonic). Even if you are on birth control or he claims to be as clean as it gets. Condoms are NOT negotiable and they never should be. 

All in all, its all about educating yourself and learning the lifestyle. Start off slow and only take on what you can handle at a time, and you’ll be fine! Be safe, be smart, and happy sugaring! xoxo

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I love it when you chew out annoying goyim

they’re saying they’re gonna hate all of us because of me now and still trying to garner sympathy by crytyping. pomrania dot tumblr dot com is literally trying to make people feel bad for them because now they hate jews because of me. 

its like thats how hitler started hating us. or. something.

I have no sympathy for that antisemetic bullshit

please go bombard them with asks calling them out. they blocked me so I can’t. antisemites should never feel safe