now that's what i call poetry

Life is a Soup Bowl

I am drowning in a soupçon
of a flood of emotions:
cayenne peppery anger,
salty lachrymose,
gingery guilt,
chunky disillusionment,
oniony restlessness,
and smouldering in the steam
of my own bad taste.

Long Distance Relationships

You are far away.

    I can’t extend my arm and feel you.

    I can’t hear your heartbeat against your chest,

    Nor can I feel your warmth against me.

I miss you.

    I can’t stop missing you.

    I can’t stop crying,

    And I can’t sleep knowing you aren’t here.

You hurt just as much as I do.

    I can’t do anything to help either of us.

    I can’t brush your tears away,

    Nor can I hug you to feel less lonely.

I want to be closer to you

    I want to roll over and see you sleeping.

    I want to snuggle closer to you when I remember the distance.

    And I want to stay and never have to leave.

You know this pain.

    I forgot to tell you I loved you today.

    I can’t take back the times I hurt you,

    Nor can I forget how much hurting you, hurts me.

I will one day see you.

    I may have to leave.

    I may even have to make you feel more lonely.

    And making you feel lonely is what hurts the most.

You are in pain.

    I know me being so far away from you hurts.

    I know and I can’t think of a single thing to do to help you,

    Nor can I help myself figure out how to deal with this pain.

I will get to you.

    I will hold you in my arms.

    I don’t know when it will be,

    And I can’t tell you it will be soon.

You might have to wait.

     I will get to you.

     I can’t promise it will be soon and,

    Nor can I make you wait.

We will be together.

    If you will wait for me.

    I will make these lonely tears go away.

    But for now we must brace this horrific storm.

    So please.

    Please wait for me.

    I love you.

    Through the miles and back.

    I love you.