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And now, the Weather.

In My Mind, by Amanda Palmer

Be More Chill - Monster AU

take that title loosely cause they arent all technically monsters

Jeremy: Werewolf - first things first he is a VERY scrawny werewolf even when he is transformed. I know its kind of unfitting but i honestly couldnt think of anything other than just making him human but that would be weird so im just gonna use his furry kink as an explanation for this one folks 

EDIT:. Jeremy is a satyr now 

Michael: Half dragon hybrid - i dont know what to call it but think wings, tail, fangs, and a fire breath exclusively used for lighting joints. hes a music obsessed stoner dragon with anxiety what more do i say

Christine: Angel - you heard it here first folks shes a literal angel. 

Rich: Halfling dwarf - think lord farquaad. thats it. literally his only powers are being short and buff (also if i remember from DnD they can kind of see in the dark but i havent reviewed the handbook in a while)

Jake: Demon - his parents stole money from some important dudes in hell so he’s just chillin while they flee. He’s actually a pretty high class demon so he naturally excels at a lot of things, hence the all of the extracurriculars he does

Brooke: Siren (the mermaid kind not the freaky bird kind) - you know those mermaid movies where they only have tails in the water? think of it like that. she has a beautiful voice (obviously) but shes insecure about it because it can kind of straight up lure people to her (and occasionally kill them)

Chloe: Just a really sexy witch - think hogwarts student but she doesnt need a wand. Lowkey jealous of other people at school because all she can do is cast spells while there are some that can straight up murder people

Jenna: I cant think of anything - i actually cant think of anything feel free to help me out. please EDIT:. Shes a psychic and can see peoples futures/do very basic mind readings! Thats how she knows the dirt on everyone

The SQUIPS: the squips are a species of spirit-like shapeshifters capable of minor possessions that convince you that they can help you get whatever you want before using you, your status or even just straight up taking over your body to get what they need

also this is just extra and unnecessary but Madeline is a succubus and thats why she always manages to have sex with dudes


And now, the Weather.

Here (in Your Arms), by Hellogoodbye

Remember these? They played in the background while you were growing up. 

Three hours of annoying alt and pop rock from the 90s to the early 2000s. Some of these songs you love, some of them are your guilty pleasures, and some of them you want to annihilate with flames and sledgehammers.


come out and play the offspring (1993) smells like teen spirit nirvana (1991) sex and candy marcy playground (1997) you oughta know alanis morisette (1995) father of mine everclear (1997) only happy when it rains garbage (1995) wonderwall oasis (1995) one week barenaked ladies (1998) parallel universe red hot chili peppers (1999) bitch meredith brooks (1997) sabotage beastie boys (1994) killing in the name of rage against the machine (1991) everlong foo fighters (1997) inside out eve 6 (1998) save tonight eagle eye cherry (1997) semi-charmed life third eye blind (1997) meet virginia train (1998) float on modest mouse (2004) jumper third eye blind (1998) name goo goo dolls (1995) hey jealousy gin blossoms (1989) spiderwebs no doubt (1995) creep radiohead (1993) santeria sublime (1996) drive incubus (2001) she likes me for me blessed union of souls (1999) somewhere out there our lady peace (2002) send the pain below chevelle (2002) my name is jonas weezer (1994) 3 AM matchbox twenty (1996) hanging by a moment lifehouse (2000) grey sky morning vertical horizon (1999) kryptonite 3 doors down (2000) i hate everything about you three days grace (2003) closer nine inch nails (1994) chop suey system of a down (2001) blurry puddle of mud (2001) bittersweet symphony the verve (1997) rockabye shawn mullins (1998) she’s so high tal beckman (1999) tubthumping chumbawumba (1997) fly sugar ray (1997) say it ain’t so weezer (1994) hand in my pocket alanis morisette (1995) why don’t you get a job offspring (1998) what’s my age again blink-182 (1999) 

Updated Dec 2014: shuffled the order, swapped out six songs for others, and edited the tracklist to show the year of album release, because someone was doubting my 90s street cred  

So me and @goldenclawsandplatinumsouls were talking about the differences between the book and the musical versions of Squip and while I don’t know much about Book!Squip other than he seems somewhat nicer, we have come to the conclusion that Musical!Squip would probably walk into Michael’s house using Jeremy’s body, drink all of Michael’s vintage Crystal Pepsi and call him a bitch


I take you to, the Weather!

Foundations, by Kate Nash


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