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Now we KNOW where Tama get it from

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I vote that at some point Captain Georgiou found out that Michael had never had a nickname yet she’d always wanted one(I feel like Vulcans just wouldn’t do nicknames) so for like a month Georgiou insisted they refer to each other exclusively as Mikey and Pippa.

“It’s what we humans do,” the Captain says with a friendly smile.

“It is not particularly logical,” Michael insists, though she notes that argument does little to dissuade her new superior officer. “It was remiss of me to ask about nicknames. You do not need to give me one to make me feel better, captain.”

“Pippa,” Captain Georgiou corrects.

Michael’s mouth clamps shut, and she feels a sudden surge of warm giddiness prickling along her skin, like the too warm sunshine of Vulcan.


Georgiou rests her chin in her hands, and leans herself forward by her elbows on the desk between them. She has a mischievous look on her face that Michael is becoming intimately acquainted with.

“Pippa. It’s the nickname I had as a child. Or Pip, if you prefer.”

“Starfleet regulations clearly state that I am to address you as ‘sir’, 'ma'am’, or 'captain’ during my active duty hours.”

Georgiou simply shrugs. “Captain Pippa, then.” And there’s that smile once more, although this time it’s much more relaxed, sympathetic even, as if she can see through Michael’s skull and straight into her mind and read exactly what she is feeling like text on a screen. “If it makes you uncomfortable for me to call you by a nickname, Number One, I won’t do it.”

“No, it’s not that,” Michael cuts in immediately. Georgiou raises an eyebrow at the contraction, something Michael rarely if ever uses, but doesn’t say a word. She only waits patiently for Michael to continue.

Michael runs her tongue across the back of her front teeth. “I actually prefer Mikey over Mike,” she finally says, hesitantly.

Georgiou’s grin is as bright as any star, and Michael’s heart flutters when it happens. It’s at that moment she knows without a doubt that she definitely wants to see it again.

“Of course, First Officer Mikey.”

(Eventually the entire Shenzhou bridge crew got in on it. It was great.)

Let’s talk about this.

Okay, but like.

Can someone explain to me why there’s so much hate for the design change for the Klingons?

I personally find them extremely interesting to look at, designed a lot more alien than before, and their armour is utterly stunning? Like, just, wow???

I mean, I get it, they’re not humans painted up to look different like in TOS, nor are they Klingons like Worf in TNG, or the pierced design in the AOS movies, but in my mind, I VERY much picture them to be Klingon like any other Klingons shown in the series., and BOI AM I GONNA TELL YOU WHY I THINK THAT.

(look at these handsome bois, all of them are the best.)

There was often times that people attempted to connect Klingon from TOS to the ones that were shown later with brow ridges because we as humans like continuity and want everything to flow together. However, it was hard to get a concrete answer to why exactly Klingon ended up looking as different as they did compared to their first version.

Some content in the form of the canon novels, however, may have given us an answer!

Keep in mind, this is what I know of the novels and, from my understanding, is considered canon since it was brought up in or hinted at in other media.

In them, it was stated that there was a type of Klingon augment virus that spread through a large portion of the population due to Klingon researchers attempting to create a strong, better Klingon by bio-engineering them.  Through the use of human augment embryos left over from Earth’s eugenics wars that were found in a hi-jacked Klingon bird of prey that had been destroyed in orbit of the Qu’Vat Colony, they began to, essentially, splice it in with great caution. They did this in part because they feared human augments being staffed on ships would overwhelm the empire.

It worked, - how amazing right?!, - creating stronger and more intelligent Klingons, but a lot of the subjects that were used in these experiments began to show more physically human characteristics, from the simple to the blatantly obvious, including personality and loss of, - YOU GUESSED IT, - the well known forehead ridges!

(pictured: Klingon ridges dissolving due to augment DNA being used. also, a good Klingon ‘O’ face.)

One of the test subjects they used, however, had the Levodian flu, and the mixing of the flu with the augment DNA pretty much messed up all the controlled experimentation by the researchers and created an epidemic that nearly killed all the klingons.

Still with me?

Millions within months were infected.

The researchers scrambled to attempt to find a cure. First, attempting to capture Doctor Arik Soong led nowhere as, lo and behold, the doctor was in a high security detention facility. Their next attempt was with Doctor Phlox with Phlox being forced to work with Antaak, the main Klingon researcher, to find that cure.

Problem is that the Klingon High Council got really tired of waiting for them to get it finished, and went on to destroy infected colony planets to clear the virus.

Basically, the research team was put under a heavy clock with nothing else to do but to not cure the virus, but stabilize it, because it would apparently take them weeks to try and make the cure. They were successful in stabilizing it early on in the infection, -  after the cranial ridges had dissolved and some minor neural re-ordering had occurred (which caused the personality changes), - and with the help of Admiral Krell, they called off the destruction of the planets! The cure was made with the new amount of time and was passed around, helping solve the problem of the whole dying and mass extinction thing.

Problem is, the cure also caused many Klingons to lose their brow ridges.

(Antaak with his ridges, prior to the cure being administered.)

(Oh! And there they go, - poof! - post cure!)

Thing is, any descendants of these Klingons would pass on the genetic human-like appearance.

This all happened back in 2154!

The Klingons we see in TOS are placed around 2267 are the descendants of those same Klingons!

No one in the Federation really thought much else about it because they simply didn’t know any other Klingons aside from them!

Among the Klingon researchers and some of the population, there was a great worry that these same Klingons would be considered outcasts due to their appearance and mental and personality changes, - cowardice, in example, was one such problem - but, were later on able to hold positions of power, even receiving the title of Dahar Master and getting their statues in the Hall of Heros on Qo’noS -  like, ie. General Kor in TOS which many people are familiar with!

Later on, it was available to some to get the brow ridges cosmetically added back on; however, there may have been more done, medically, that helped reinsert the Klingon head ridges as we see them from TNG and later on.




Some times, Klingons considered these ‘augmented’ Klingons to be lesser then and were not ‘True Klingons’, - and as far as I remember, this is a thing that was talked about in canon as well, - and lo and behold, the idea of purity comes into play!

Forget that it’s a fucking dick move to do, let’s try and keep Klingons pure, guys!

How do we keep Klingons pure?

Marry between the royal houses of the High Council.


To us, that may seem weird and a little squicky, but consider that this is something that royal families in our past have done on multiple occasions! It wouldn’t be that far off from thinking that the Klingon royal houses would due the same! Due to this, there have been lots of medical and genetic problems due to families attempting to keep the line pure.

Anywhere from reduced intelligence or personality changes to physical deformities, - larger, oddly shaped heads, cleft lips, blood disorders, - to what else you can think of! 

While it seems that the Klingons in ST:D are still, obviously, intelligent, it comes to our understanding that their physical differences are much different to what we have come to understand to be the norm in a standard Klingon. 

The ridges are more aggressive, pushing out the profile as well as following the line of the neck into their armour, the brows heavier, the noses wider with two nostrils and no dip slope of the nose, no hair, oddly shaped heads due to the size of the ridges, most likely, smaller ears pressed closer to the skull,  more slurring due to possible throat differences, and harsher, grating noises in the throat that we don’t normally hear even in normal Klingons.

Then again, that last one may be more due to a possible dialect change for spoken Klingon in the High Council or a possible House dialect, which, could also be possible. This is, after all, an alien language that we only know one side of. 

I don’t know, my xenolinguistics is a little rusty!

Moving on to their armour, check out this utterly stunning costume design!

The Klingons in ST:D wear more ornamental armour then we’re accustomed to seeing, sharp and almost decorative in design, and possibly breakable, though I wouldn’t advise testing it!

However, these are Klingons, and while they don’t seem practical, you can be damn sure that they’re supposed to be used in combat even if they look like the way do in ST:D.

T’Khumva, - pictured above, - is wearing something a lot more decorative  then what the rest of his people are wearing. A higher collar, sharpened points, aggressive, bold lines in a gold alloy trim, black leathers being the main base point with the gold being the accent, decorated the collar and points of the spikes with what looks to be stones. It seems he’s even wearing a house crest on his abdomen, though that may still be a design choice to go with the chest and collar piece pattern.

Let’s take a look at the others in his ‘court’.

Their style is simpler, with lower collars, with drabber and less prominent colour and designs with no aggressive lines or defining markers of a Klingon house. Less decorative and more practical. I wouldn’t think these Klingons to be servants, but maybe they are, or maybe they’re lesser nobles from lesser houses, who knows! But there is a harsh difference between their armour styles and the way T’Khumva wears his.

They’re from royal houses with those serving under them considered of their house, so obviously they’re going to wear what, to us, would be overly fancy, formal clothes, but with much more practical use to keep you from, you know, dying?

The design and style of them, from their armour to their physical appearance, even to their spoken words, phrases, and language, they are different, but not quite different enough, to not be Klingon.

All of this points to the factor that the houses have been inbreeding within their own genetic lines over a possibly lengthy time, - ST:D happens a decade prior to TOS and the virus happened 113 years in the past, a decent time for gestation and passing of genetic material dependent on Klingon breeding and reproduction standards, - and have slowly pushed further and further out from what is commonly known as the standard Klingon. 

Who knows, maybe they’ve been doing this for centuries?

I understand that people are upset about the design change due to something they have always known being shifted so drastically, I get it, but consider what I said!

What we are seeing, the Klingon High Council and their houses, could quite literally be extremely inbred specimens born from attempts of keeping the blood line pure.

I’m totally open for comments, critique, and further speculation if anyone wants to add more to this or to argue this!

IwlIj jachjaj! Qapla’!

What we see of Eggsy/Tilde

- they fuck after he saves the world.
- a couple (?) of years later they’re living together and in love.
- she’s likes his friends
- he tricks her (admittedly arsehole) father into liking him ( i like to think he calls Roxy AFTER the king asks an awkward question)
- when he calls to tell her that he has to sleep with a mark she holds out on saying it’s ok - fair enough - but as soon as he says he wants to be with her forever she jumps on it and immediately tries to guilt him into marrying her. I don’t know about you but if I was someone’s SO concerned about them sleeping with someone else I wouldn’t immediately feel better if they proposed. She was basically holding out to see what he was going to offer her in his guilt.
- when he suggests that they postpone a serious conversation for later because he’s honestly on a schedule and is WORKING she basically breaks up with him. Not by telling him but by cutting off all contact with him.
- he has a legitimate reason for not wanting to marry her as it would make him a public figure and mess with his career
- she only calls him back when she’s ill. Now I know it can be interpreted as her calling him while delusional, but I kind of interpreted it by her smile when she first calls as her calling her spy ex to see if he could help her.
- she comes back to him when he saves her life. It’s adorable. It might have happened anyway.
- They get married in a wedding scene where he has more of a significant moment with his best man than he does with her

Now I’m not saying that its a badly written, boring, no homo-esque romance that has no build up and little to do with the plot but that’s exactly what I’m saying.

I was talking about the current bnha arc with a friend and at some point he’s like “is Shinsou still a thing” and when I told him that yeh, he isn’t dead or anything, he’s like “then once they capture Chisaki they should just get Shinsou to mindcontrol him into fixing Mirio” which, honestly, while highly improbable is still the best option for how to give Mirio his quirk back I’ve heard to this point

he also called Chisaki “chiwawa” so probably that’s why I loved the idea so much ngl

anonymous asked:

Okay but imagine Kusanagi x Misaki's mom

The rarest of rare pairs. I feel like this would be so weird for Yata, seeing his real mom dating his Homra mom. Maybe something happens to Yata’s stepdad, like he dies in a car accident or something and Yata starts going home a bit more often to be supportive. One day he’s eating dinner at his house when the doorbell rings and Kusanagi’s there to pick him up, like there was some kind of Homra emergency and it was quicker for Kusanagi to grab Yata in his car than to wait for Yata to skateboard back. Yata’s mom is a bit intrigued by Yata’s friend, like despite the emergency Kusanagi’s all smooth and polite, being super charming to Yata’s mom as he apologizes and says he has to borrow her son for a bit. Yata’s mom maybe is intrigued after that and asks Yata about Kusanagi later over the phone, Yata tells her that Kusanagi’s super cool and runs a bar that Yata hangs out at a lot and helps out with odd jobs. One day Yata’s mom is out shopping in the city when she spots Bar Homra and recognizes the name, she decides to stop in and see if Yata’s there. Instead it’s just Kusanagi, who recognizes her and invites her in for a drink. They end up talking about Yata for a bit and then maybe somehow the talk shifts to her dead husband and that prompts Kusanagi to talk a bit about Mikoto and Totsuka and they bond over their significant losses. After that the two of them start talking regularly and maybe Yata’s got no idea that Kusanagi and his mom are dating until he’s invited for dinner one day and Kusanagi’s there and it is so weird for Yata, like how and why and also how. He’d probably be happy that Kusanagi’s got someone who makes him happy but on the other hand it’s Yata’s mom and she’s older than Kusanagi and she’s his mom and Yata just has no idea how to handle this.

    y’all ready for ghost story time because holy fuck.

    so I work overnight in a house where a young man with autism lives and because of certain issues we have cameras throughout the house so we’re able to see him at all times. well, my coworker ( jason ) and I were chilling in the living room and we had the video app open on the ipad so we could watch e asleep in his room. the swing in the living room was moving already because the dog has bumped into it, but I watched it physically start to go faster. I pointed it out to jason and we sort of just shrugged it off ( that happens a lot, actually, and we always just ignore it ). about two minutes later, I saw e jerk awake on the video. now he doesn’t really just jerk awake like that so it sort of worried me so I start watching him a bit more intently. he’s looking around his room ( mind you, it’s pitch black in there and he can’t see a thing ) and he looks terrified. he looks straight up scared. he then completely covered himself up and went back to sleep. less than thirty seconds later, the perfectly content dog leaps up and stares at the stairway leading right up to e’s room. jason and I just sort look at each other and the dog keeps looking between us and the stairway. so I had jason go back in the video so he could see how e jerked awake because it had concerned me ( e had gone back to sleep so I decided not to check on him ). I wasn’t fully paying attention to the video, because I was still weirded out by the dog when jason nearly threw the phone from his hands and shouted, “did you just fucking see that???” it took like three times but I finally saw it: you can see something move under the blankets and grab e’s foot and pull it. that’s what woke him up. I watched this fucking video a dozen times and you can clearly see something move toward his foot and pull his leg down the bed. he woke up so fucking scared and he’s looking around so terrified this poor kid. and then seconds after this happened the dog is freaked out and staring toward e’s room. to top it off, about three minutes later we heard beeps from the keypad to get in the house ( they only beep when you press the numbers ).

     tldr; in the span of five minutes we had: a swing move faster on its own, client’s leg be pulled and have him wake up terrified, the dog freaking out toward client’s room, and the keypad making noise. fuck.

 me.rlin ,  yelling  as  loud  as  he  possibly  can  outside  his  window :   IT  SURE  WOULD  BE  A  SHAME  IF  SOMEONE  KISSED  ME  RIGHT  NOW !

so basically I had a 20% off coupon for petco beds and my dog is like 15 and really needed a new one. so we went down there and it turned out to be the last 2 hours of the store being open at all. they’re moving and everything was 50% off. We picked out this huge fancy ass dog bed that was like $110 bc hey, half off!! and then when we got up the cashier told us they are also still accepting the coupons so !?!? fuck yes! now my old boy is all happy and sleeping in his new comfy bed and is way happier with this one :’) I’m glad we could get it bc honestly we don’t really know how long he has left. he’s really old and sleeps most of the day but doesn’t really have too bad of arthritis or anything like that but?? I’m glad he’s happy with the bed ☺️