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in response to the "why you know so much about everything" post, i would like to inquire about the aforementioned banana famine

Ah, yes, the great Banana Famine. Dark, dark days indeed. Gather round my children, I am going to tell you a story of great tragedy.

Eons back, in a strange far away land, in a world now long gone (circa 1950), the Gros Michel reigned supreme. It was the one Banana to rule All bananas. Gros Michel (literally Fat Michael in French, also known as “Big Mike”) was the main banana cultivar grown in Central America and sold around the globe. A noble specimen, it’s thick peel and dense bunches made it resilient, easy to ship, and yes also fat. Look. Look at it. This banana is thiiiiiiiicc

hard to find good photos. it would have also resembled the goldfinger banana. looooook et it, it so thicc

so thicc. 


And all was well and good and peaceful.

Everything changed when the Panama disease attacked.

Ah, the Panama disease. The great banana plague. The Banana Blight, if you will. Songs were written in elegy to the terrible destruction it wrought. Like, actually. Here’s the “Yes we have no bananas” song:

It was Chaos.

Vast tracts of plantation banana trees, noble warriors, slaughtered, cut down in their prime. Ah! the grief. Ah! the loss.

But, amid the havoc of what wikipedia and I refer to as the Gros Michel Devastation Era, an unlikely hero arose. You know it as simply a humble banana. But our hero has a name:

cavendish, it’s named cavendish. 

The Cavendish banana, a cultivar that had been mass produced since the turn of the century, but only just then got it’s Time to Shine. For whatever reason, Cavendish bananas grew just fine in the same Panama disease-ridden soil that destroyed Gros Michel trees. So yeah, we planted them, fought the blight, won the war, got bananas back. 

But every war has casualties. 

Never again were bananas so tasty. Never again, were bananas so thicc.

I warned you this was the story of a tragedy. A moment of silence for our fallen comrade, please. Raise your wands to our late, great hero, Gros Michel.

(You can still get em in some places tho. Or like hybrids? idk. ) 

And kiddies, that’s the story of the banana famine as i know it.

Other deets:



bananas were cultivated over time to be seedless. 

Bananas were deboned. dwell on that.

unnfff yeah

feels so wrong but so good


misc stuff 

  • cavendish bananas may or may not be dying. We may or may not see the dark days of plague descend again. idk, look it up.
  • There’s a story (not proven) that the reason artificial banana flavor tastes weird is b/c it was based on the flavor of the Gros Michel. If so, it might be cause Fat Mike had a stronger taste (due to higher levels of isoamyl acetate). idk.
  • the “Yes we have no bananas” song was written in 1922 during an earlier outbreak. src.  like any good plague, panama disease has a history of hovering over it’s fearful victims, sometimes for years, before striking the final blow.
  • sources are in the links above, also see the links on these wiki pages
  • i swear if i get hate mail on a banana post i don’t even know what i’ll do, probably stab a wall with a fork and eat it.

I want to share one more thing with you.

I saw this with my own two eyeballs. now you have too. we never speak of this again. we take this to our graves

shhit I’m tired. 

you guys owe me a reblog on this one. Honor system, don’t mooch.

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I’m A Fighter

Hey guys- here is my new season 14 fic- based on Amelia’s new storyline on the show about the shocking discovery of her brain tumor and how she and those around her handle the news.

Dear @kazziieee had requested me to write about Addison/Charlotte flying over to Seattle to be with Amelia, so this is dedicated to her. <3

 I also dedicate this fic to dear friends whom I regularly chat with, thank you for always keeping my lonely soul company! I really love and appreciate you all! <3

@elipcius, @fight-till-u-cant-fight-anymore @private-practice-fan

Thank you so much also to @francescabuccino​ and @filterlessmia for helping me to proofread and give feedback. You guys are the best!! <3 <3

 P.S. This chapter is also loosely based on the promo for episode 3 of the actual show.

  Chapter 1

 Throughout her entire career, Amelia Shepherd had studied numerous brain scans of her patients. She had seen all sort of brain tumors, both benign and malignant. She had always been fascinated by tumors, seeing them on scans and removing them had always given her life joy and excitement. She loved the thrill of detecting a tumor in a patient’s brain and subsequently cutting the tumor out in the OR. The bonus? Patients were always grateful and thanked her for it.

 But now, this was different. This was her own brain, not a patient’s. It felt really strange, studying her own brain.

 She stood still, staring at the scans, feeling her entire world crumble around her yet again. Having lost so many loved ones in her life, she should have been accustomed to grief and pain. But each time she learned of more bad news, she would feel like the universe had dealt her another blow.

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Dawn of the FAQ

Hey! So these past few months have been insanely busy, and the next few don’t look much lighter. I’ve really let the Tumblr asks pile up. And it’s super embarrassing. I’m going to make a slow, measured attempt to reach inbox zero, but it’s gonna take a while! Please bear with me, and thank you all so much for your interest in my little ol’ comic!

There have been a few big questions I’ve gotten from multiple people. I will be doing an overhaul of of the Glass Scientists FAQ page that should catch most of those recurring questions. The story is finally far enough along that I can begin to talk about the main characters–when I first drafted that page, not even Jasper had been introduced! … God, weekly webcomics take a long time to make.

Anonymous said to glass-scientists: Are Jekyll and Hyde ever gonna get their own lady? I think personally that would add to character development, and 1000000000000/10 would read XD but I’ll still enjoy the comics either way!

They’re gonna get their own something. Technically they already have their own something. But: spoilers!

Anonymous said to glass-scientists: Hello! I adore your TGS, and I was curious about whether something had changed: I saw that you’d commented about having an incarnation of Lucy about a year ago, and I was just a little curious if we’re going to see her still? 

She’s showing up in the comic! But I’m afraid it will be a while before she appears, in the flesh at least–she has a bit of legendary status among one of the characters of TGS, so you’ll mostly hear about her through his fanboying. 

Anonymous said: Hey Arythusa I am a BIG fan of your art, speaking of which, Have you ever though of Lanyon having a crush on Jekyll or they are just friends?

Yes to both.

Anonymous said to glass-scientists: What is the name of Henry Haircut? i have it saw before and i want to have it ♥♥ gosh i love to see your artwork im a huge fan and amazing me the way Jekyll and Edward had changed the style over the years.

It’s the “I’ve been drawing and developing this character for so long that I can’t really remember where any one element of his design comes from” haircut. The biggest inspiration for his look was John Barrymore in the 1920 adaptation of Jekyll and Hyde (beautiful <3 ):

But I have no excuse for where that insane forelock came from.

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Prompt: Dan had always hated that Phil stuck cat stickers to everything, but now they were the only things left. As each sticker lost it’s stick, Phil was fading away faster and faster and Dan finds himself obsessively glueing them back onto his piano because maybe if he plays it loud enough Phil will be able to hear him. Maybe if he goes crazy enough, Phil will be able to save him. Maybe if he screams loud enough, Phil will be able to come back to him.

Genre: Angst
Word Count:
Warnings: Depression, mentions of suicide

“What is with the stickers? Why do you put them fucking everywhere?”

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