now that was a grammy awards


Adele to Beyoncé: “The way you make me and my friends feel, the way you make my Black friends feel, is empowering”

WOW. Now *that* was a speech. Did Adele just turn down that Grammy award, or did she just dedicate it to Beyoncé? Either way, it was totally incredible. And Adele is right: Beyoncé easily deserved to win, especially after so many years of Grammy snubs.

Gifs: The Grammys on CBS

Well now that the Garbage Awards have cancelled themselves at least I’ll never waste another 4 hours of my life watching them pretend to award musical prowess while they actually just award whiteness and ghettoize everyone else to side categories and let folks of color present and perform to maintain the facade of equality while still ultimately upholding white supremacy in short everyone who didn’t vote for Beyoncé’s Lemonade for album of the year can choke


If that’s not proof that awards ≠ success or impact I don’t know what else is. 

These are the only black artists to ever win Album Of The Year Grammys:

Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Natalie Cole, Lionel Richie, Lauryn Hill, Outkast, H. Hancock, Whitney Houston & Quincy Jones. Now Adele and Taylor Swift have won album of the year twice and Beyonce has never won it. 

White mediocrity is always rewarded we know this.   

You know what is so great about Death of a Bachelor being nominated for a Grammy, Brendon was so scared to release Vices and Virtues because he didn’t have confidence in his writing ability. Now an album that he wrote without other band members went straight to number 1 on the billboard charts (the first of their albums to do so) and is now nominated for such an important music award.


Taehyung got a grammy award in math   (つд`)

“She had a little Taylor guitar, she got it out and she was like, ‘I had this idea for this song’ and she pretty much had the verse, bridge and chorus done, but we argued about that one chord — 'I just want to know you, better know you’ — she didn’t like that, and I kind of forced it upon her. It was quite a funny situation. It’s like [her room is] surrounded by Grammys; she has like seven or eight and like Billboard Awards and Songwriting Guild. And I’m like, ‘this chord,’ and she’s like [pointing to her awards]”
- Ed Sheeran

'Everything Has Changed’ music video came out 2 years ago today.

Lauryn Hill is the Last Black Woman to win the Grammy for Album Of The Year for “The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill” in 1999. It’s now 2017 which marks 18 years since this happened and your telling me out of all the great music Black people have been putting out for all those years the Grammys just had keep giving the biggest awards to white mediocre artists. Black people birthed all these genres of music yet we can’t be recognized for our talents instead they downsized our awards by giving black people Best URBAN contemporary album GRAMMYS or Best R&B/Hip Hop GRAMMYS that all we’re good for now huh?

People didn’t get why I was mad yesterday it’s not that Adele had won Album Of The Year over Beyonce it’s the simple fact that 18 years ago Lauryn Hill was the LAST black woman to win that award and black people of have been nominated in the category for the last 18 years and still hasn’t won the award despite all the great ass music black people have been putting out.


Beyoncé leads the nominations for the 59th Grammy Awards with 9 nominations including:

“LEMONADE”- Album Of The Year

“FORMATION”- Record Of The Year

“FORMATION”- Song Of The Year

“Hold Up”- Best Pop Solo Performance

“Don’t Hurt Yourself” - Beyoncé Feat. Jack White- Best Rock Performance

“LEMONADE”- Best Urban Contemporary Album

“Freedom”- Beyoncé Featuring Kendrick Lamar- Best Rap/Sung Performance


“FORMATION”- Best Music Video


Beyoncé now has 62 Grammy nominations and is 4th most nominated artist in the history of the GRAMMYS.

Cat queen and jury duty trailblazer Taylor Swift has had an incredible career. Four number one albums! Ten Grammy Awards! More than 170 albums sold worldwide! It’s been a trip watching Swift evolve as an artist over the past 10 years; she’s transitioned from plucky country gal to glossy pop goddess with style and aplomb. Her music eras have their own sets of memorabilia and outfits that will stand the the test of time—and, now, some of those items are on display for your viewing pleasure.
— (The Taylor Swift Grammy Museum Exhibit Is Now in New York, and It’s Awesome)