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-          “pretty pastel boy Dan cumming in his pants in class because punk Phil is being a tease”

My first fic!!! (ofc its smut) but thanks to the anon who suggested this

Contains: Daddy kink, dirty talk, sexting, blowjobs, throat-fucking, a little humiliation (like cockslut, etc) all that good stufffffffffffff

               Dan was sitting in math class, fixing his pink flower crown so it sat perfectly on top of his brown curls. It was his favorite crown because it was a present given to him by his boyfriend, Phil. The two were inseparable, but very different. Dan, an innocent, brightly colored freshman, definitely looked strange next to Phil, a senior who wore black and had many tattoos and piercings.

               Dan smiled to himself as he thought of his boyfriend, his Phil. God, he loved him so much. He loved every aspect of their relationship. Especially the times when Phil’s parents weren’t home, and they could do as they pleased. Dan’s pants started to feel tighter as he thought of last week, when Phil spread Dan’s legs and shoved a big vibrator up his- “Daniel Howell!”. Dan was knocked out of his thoughts as he looked up to see his angry teacher. “Maybe try paying attention for once and stop daydreaming in my class” He scolded and Dan sunk lower in his seat, highly embarrassed as he heard the class laugh.

               After his teacher had begun continuing the lesson, Dan felt a buzz in his back pocket. He sneakily took out his phone and unlocked it under his desk. He saw that he got a text from Phil.

FROM: Philly<3

Hey baby boy ;)

               ‘Oh god’ Dan thought. Phil only used that nickname in bed, so he must want something. He quickly typed back a response.

TO: Philly<3

Phil im in maths, ur gonna get me in trouble

FROM: Philly<3

Sorry to interrupt baby I was just thinking about you. Thinking about your face, your lips, your perfect ass……


TO: Philly<3

Christ, phil cant this wait till after school?


FROM: Philly<3

Why? Am I turning you on, baby boy? Making your little cock leak? ;))


               Dan was already getting hard, a bulge was definitely obvious through his skinny jeans.

TO: Philly<3

Phil stop……


FROM: Philly<3

But baby ive just gotten started. Remember last week? When I shoved that pink vibrator right up your tight ass? Felt so good, didn’t it, baby? ;)


               Ok now Dan was completely hard, the memories making his cock twitch.

TO: Philly<3

Daddy…… im gonna cum if you don’t stop…


FROM: Philly<3

What a brilliant idea, go ahead. Cum in your pants, cum right on those pretty panties I know you’re wearing ;) im waiting.

               Dan takes a deep breath and starts rutting himself against his desk, wanting more. It only takes a few more seconds until his orgasm takes over. He whimpers silently as he releases inside of his pants.

FROM: Philly<3

Meet me in the toilets baby, im not finished yet ;)

               Dan quickly excuses himself and makes his way towards the toilets. When he walks in, he’s automatically pushed against the wall by someone. It’s phil, of course. The younger boy moans loudly as Phil sucks on his neck. Phil pulls back and smirks. “As much as I’d love to see you cum again, you have to take care of me now” he grabs Dan by his hair and forces him onto his knees. Dan quickly unbuckles Phil’s belt and pulls his jeans down.

               Dan grabs Phil’s hard member and lightly licks the head and through his slit, but phil’s not happy about his pace. He grabs Dan’s chin and forces his mouth open, shoving his length down Dan’s throat. The boy gags a little but gets used to it, and Phil begins thrusting in and out, fucking his throat.

               “You like that baby boy? Like Daddy’s thick cock forced down your throat? Such a cockslut. My cockslut.” Dan looks up at Phil and nods slightly, moaning around his cock.

               Phil’s head is leaned back and he moans loudly, cumming right down Dan’s throat. He pulls out and sits next to his baby.

               “Christ, Phil my throat hurts like a bitch” He complains, his voice becoming scratchy. “Sorry babe” Phil giggled “I just cant resist” He kisses Dan’s cheek. Dan looks down at his stained jeans. “Great. Now im all sticky”.

Oh my god im sorry, after rereading that its so bad, I hope its still ok >.<

“why dont you stop reading tg if you dont like it! its ishidas manga!”

BIH ive been following this series for almost 5 years now, even prior to the anime airing (which is when the fandom started to blow up). i WISH i could stop but im too attached to it so all i can do is watch a mangaka i looked up to butcher the series ive been obsessing over for the past years

if i cant stop, imma just keep complaining and have that teeny tiny bit of hope that this is all just a fever dream lmao

Im okay going to hell, as long as im with you (Shownu) SMUT

Originally posted by hyeonwoo


This has something that will offend really religious people. If you arent too sensitive, by all means, come and read it! 

Request:  so this GUARANTEES ME A 100% spot in hell, and idk if you want to follow me down there but could you do a big thick Shownu smut where it’s either his gf giving him a blow job in the back pews, or yall staying behind to have sex on the altar table

Hope you like it~~~

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i love your artstyle!! do you/have you played overwatch, cuz i think your artstyle fits the game really well and idk it just reminds me of it ANYWAYS i lvoe ur art so much,,,

i recently started playing actually!!!!! like maybe a week ago! and im totally hooked lmao. school has been stopping me from really making any personal art lately but i have been doodling a little bit during class and whatnot

apologies for the horrendous scanner quality its all i can manage right now im in a hurry lol


i wanna get better // a nice, happy, feelgood mix

[listen here]

(photo credit)

i. i wanna get better by bleachers // ii. take your time by tamara fritz // iii. brave by sara bareilles // iv. anxiety song by human petting zoo // v. therapy by all time low // vi. this is me by charlie mcdonnell //vii. odds are by barenaked ladies // viii. shake it out by florence + the machine // ix. starting now by ingrid michaelson // x. alright by shiloh // xi. quiet by lights // xii. 93 million miles by jason mraz

he’s not here but just a little reminder that i love @stangelo so much?? like he’s such a great dude like wow austin?? i love you. you mean so much to me and i can’t say it enough. you know me from a few months back and like?? now that ive started talking to you again i cANT STOP?? WONDERING HOW YOU ARE?? like wow you’ve had such a major impact on my life it’d be impossible to lie about that. you’re so amazing and i love you so much

Criminal!5sos (part 4)

Part 5

Originally posted by pixie-tot

I followed Michael from the dining room to a to a hallway that leads to the kitchen. ‘ Why are we in the kitchen? Shouldnt he be taking me to his room?’ I ask myself, not really caring because all i really want is to go home. Michael opens a door that shows a stair case which leads to a dark room. I take in a sharp breath of air and swallow a lump in my throat, fear and anxiety building up inside me. I look at Michael with a look of fear and he gives me a smile as if a sign of saying its ok… I dont know why but he makes me fell kinda safe out of the rest of the boys, I dont trust any of them though. 

As I walk down the stairs they make a creaking noise with every step i take, Michael follows behind me flipping a switch that turns on a light so i can see the rest of the stairs. He shuts the door behind him and follows me down the rest of the stairs. At the end of what seemed like a fucking century of stairs (A/N which there are probably only 12 steps but IT FELT LIKE A LONG TIME OK!!) Michael steps to the side and flips another switch that lights up a room that has black and white walls with some pretty fancy furniture for a young adult boy such as Michael, a flat screen T.V. that’s connected to multiple gaming counsels, a mini fridge and 2 other doors. 

‘’Its not what you were expecting, huh?” Michael says with giggle.

“Nope.” I say as I looked around at all the new surroundings.

“come on, I’ll show you the bedroom and the bathroom.” He said walking toward the 2 doors.

I follow him as he opens the door to the right, he turns on another light that reveals a room with clothes scattered on the ground, a laptop and a computer and a desk in the corner along with some used plates and cups. I laugh to myself ‘Now this is what i was expecting’. The bed is unmade and has black sheets and pillows and a blue comforter. I look over to Michael and see him red faced and rubbing the back of his neck. “I d-didnt r-really know I-I would be having someb-body down here” hes stutters, looking to the floor and not meeting my gaze. 

He rushes into the room and mumbles curses to himself for not cleaning his room. I find this quite amusing and let out a small giggle, even though he wasnt planning on this, the scene occurring in front of me has made me a bit more comfortable being in the situation im in. Michael looks up at me from his spot on the, arms full of dirty laundry and the expression on his face  a mix of confusion and embarrassment. 

“Michael, its fine. Here, I’ll help.”

I get down on the floor picking up some of the clothes and trash putting them in separate piles.

“Wait, you dont have to! Its m-” he starts but I interrupt

“Its fine, I kinda want to move around more after being tied to a bed for who knows how long.”I say.

“ya know, I didnt want to tie you up.” He says looking down and picking up more thing to throw in the piles.

“Then why did you?”

“Ashton said we should. He said you would try and escape and call the police…He did have a point, because of coarse you would want to get away, its what anybody would do.”

“ya… Why did he seem so mad with me, does he get annoyed easily?”

“Ashton gets grumpy a lot, dont take it personally.” Michael says and looks up at me with a small smile.

After picking up Michael’s room, he shows me the bathroom and the small things that are scattered around his place…its more of an apartment actually. 

“Ill be sleeping on the couch, you’ll have the bedroom.” Michael says to me, handing me a pair of his boxers and a t-shirt so I would be more comfortable to sleep. I take the clothes from his hands and give him a small smile, showing my gratitude for all the nice things hes done for me over the time ive spent here. I go into the bedroom and shut the door to change, there isnt any windows  in the room so i cant escape. I open the door after im dressed and step back into the living room area where i see Michael laying pillows and blankets on the couch,he notices me and he stops what hes doing. His face turns red and starts rubbing the back of his neck, a nervous habit ive now notice that happens.

“you’re g-gonna have to k-keep the um.. door o-open so I can uh.. keep an eye on you.” He says nervously, avoiding looking at me.

I nod and head back in the room, I turn off the light and crawl under the covers. Soon letting sleep take over me…

*** Im back in my car, the smoke no longer there and the radio play a different tune that i remember as The Entertainer by Scott Joplin (also known as the ice cream song) I open the car door and step out of my vehicle, walking in the middle of the road and following the street lights to find somewhere to get help. I walk for what seems to be a life time and then I find myself unable to move. I look down to see the road turning into a black tar that crawls up my feet. I scream and try to get free from the substance, but its no use. It crawls up my body and soon I find myself unable to breath or move…***

Im awoken by someone calling my name and shaking me.

“Y/N, Y/N. Hey wake up! wake up!”

I gasp and sit up, placing my hands on both sides of myself and look over to see the familiar pare of green eyes.

“W-what h-happened?” I ask, fear still evident in my features.

“I heard you mumbling in your sleep, so I came to see what was happening and you were moving around and sweating…you looked like you were having a nightmare so I woke you up.” Michael said giving me a worried look.

“Thank you”. 

“No problem.. I’ll go back to the couch, tell me if you need anything.” He says while stroking a piece of my hair behind my ear.

Michael shuts the light off and leaves the room, letting me get my rest. The only thing is I cant fall asleep, not after the nightmare that I  just had. I try to sleep but I cant, so I do the only thing I think can help…

“Michael?”I, starting to hear shuffling and foot steps coming toward the room.

“ya?” says the sleepy eyed boy with a yawn, looking at me from the doorway.

“can you please sleep in here? I c-cant uh..sleep.” I stutter

“um..y-ya..sure.” He says turning off the light and walking to the opposite side of the bed.

He crawls under the covers and gets comfortable, facing away from me. I dont find any relief from this though.

“Michael?” I whisper


“can you hold me?”

“um… y-ya, sure.” he says, turning around and placing his arm around my body.

I scoot closer to his chest and find myself finally at ease… a bit later I feel Michael relax and hold me tighter, burying his face in the nape of my neck…


WOOOH PART 4 FOR YA’LL!! im really happy with this one because ive been having major mikey feels so im pumped about this one!!!THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 150 FOLLOWERS XXXXXXX!!!

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im 14 and I just feel depressed and lonely , I feel like if I try and get help no one will understand me .

nope nope nope nope nope nope!!! 14 youre at a young age. you have not even lived half of your life. you have so much to live for! so im going to take this from another prospective ive never tried this. but im going to tell you my story. 

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i was gonna just grab random selfies to write my story and stuff under for no shame day but??? that isnt the proper way to truly convey how my disabilities affect me so this is what u get instead. me in my natural habitat: bed.

im noah im 19 and i have lupus. i also have bipolar/mild paranoid schizophrenia/general anxiety disorders/severe adhd the list goes on. my lupus started at 15, and all the mental stuff was pretty much since birth! im also queer + trans but idk if that matters here. most days im physically unable to get out of bed for longer than it takes to go to the bathroom. if i go out one day, i can expect to be down for the count for a couple after. a busy weekend (like a con) can take me out for up to 2 weeks. its frustrating. ever since my symptoms started i have been furious. why is my body acting decades and decades older when im supposed to be in the prime of my youth?? im just a kid! ive spent the whole time angry, and only now im starting to accept that i cant expect to be like im “supposed to.” im starting to drop the shame.

heres to all the “but youre so young!” and “stop being lazy!” and “you dont look sick.” your illness is valid and so are you.

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y r your tags so relatable??? and hurt my heart???

ofmgf im v sorry i got all emo but also now that ive started i cant stop bc i rlly think caspar has helped joe a lot without even realising it?? 

like i said in my tags, i think caspar has helped joe become more comfortable with his feelings and with sharing affection. whats so great about their friendship is that they have an emotional bond that usually men dont have with each other?? bc men are taught to not have emotions basically, but caspar is a very emotional person and has sort of let joe realise that he can be emotional too and, more specifically, can be emotional with other men. hes just,,,made joe more open minded. its so great, since joe grew up in a small town he wouldve had some very traditional views (especially abt things like gender and sexuality) which ofc, his other youtuber friends wouldve helped changed, but caspar is so so open and accepting that i think joe wouldve been influenced by him quite a bit and become more open about it all too.

also, i think caspar would be comforting to joe in a way?? bc joe is very anti-drama and just wants to live a pretty carefree life and caspar never brings any drama and is v carefree and idk theyre just so gOOD for each otHER

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Oh my gosh im so sorry he did that thats terrible, and ive never been in that situation before so i cant tell you exactly what to do but i would start by trying to relax, this post has some tips for that (x). If he keeps taunting you tell an adult you trust because theyre probably going to know how to handle it better than me-