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Ummm so any headcanon about Hanji with Isabel and Farland?

It would be nice if they lived in the end so like, there would be folks like them teasing Levi from time to time! It’ll be so cute! Isabel will come to approach Hanji and tell her “Ne, Hanji-san! You still have that nice bag of candies?” And she will give her with a nice smile and grab it on some of her pockets. Then she will ruffle her hair while she chews on some of the candies and tell her “I’ll be going now! You should too, Levi and Farlan will come searching for you!” Then Isabel will hesitate and answer her “But I want to tell you somethiinngggg~” Hanji will laugh and ask her about it. “It would be nice of Bro will marry a woman like you someday then you guys will have dozens of cute little–” Farlan will be seen running to Isabel and he will put his hands on her mouth and he will be like “Hey Isabel, I think you ate too much candy, no? Hanji-san, you shouldn’t listen to a kid like her. She gets really hyper when she eats sweets.” He laughed nervously. Then the two will end up tearing each other’s hair apart. Hanji will just scratch her head not knowing what the hell was happening.

Living A Dream

Frannie Peters, formally known as Fabray found her life lacked meaning. And by that she decided the married life wasn’t something she wanted. at the age of eighteen she married the first guy to come along, just to leave the house. Neither of them were ready, five years later and no kids; she was done and so was he. They were still friends and decided to stay in each others life. She told him she was going to go and live her life, the dream she always wanted; she was going to try and be a model… can you be a model at twenty five? She wasn’t sure.

Getting herself an agent a year ago, Isabelle promised she would find her an opening and she did. Now she sat in the waiting area with about six other girls with a folder in hand. She dressed to impress, she hoped to impress and her age wouldn’t be an issue.

On Boundaries and Harvard Law

Burt gives Kurt’s number to a total stranger. Based on this post. Also for my klaine bingo prompt “blind date”. Mostly father/son nonsense. Hope you enjoy :) 
Also available on AO3

Kurt hates that he has to work while his dad is visiting him, but when he’d told Isabelle he was staying over Christmas break she insisted he put some hours in since everyone else was taking off. He probably would have said no, but she’s actually paying him. Time and a half, in fact. So even though he really wishes he could have two weeks off to just hang out with his dad, he’s really not in the financial situation to turn down time and a half from his usually unpaid internship.

It’s his sixth shift since his dad got here, and thankfully his last. He’s almost done organizing some files for Isabelle when his phone buzzes. He glances at the phone and sees he’s received a text from his dad. Kurt’s eyebrows shoot up and he quickly opens it to read it. His dad has never texted him when he knows Kurt’s working, which means it must be important, and given his dad’s recent health scares…

To: Kurt
From: Dad
I’m sitting next to the nicest guy at Starbucks across from your office. Very handsome. Originally from Ohio, here visiting friends, attending Harvard Law. Showed him your Facebook profile picture and gave him your number.

Kurt stares, eyes wide and jaw dropped. He reads the text again, and again. Then quickly goes to type a reply.

From: Kurt
To: Dad
Dad you can’t just give out my number to random strangers.

The reply is instant

From: Dad
To: Kurt


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Soulmate + Colors AU

- because every fandom needs one
- so u know that soulmate au variation where a person only sees color when they meet their soulmate? yeah, we’re using that one
- basic things to note: soulmates are highly regarded (most of the time. some people couldnt care less bcs faulty system, u feel? idk its confusing, will explain later); not all soulmate connections or whatever u wanna call it are romantic; some people are already born seeing colors
ok so the last one is where the mixed feelings about soulmates come from because tradition says its harsh when u dont have a soulmate but like all systems, its hella faulty and the people know that??????????? so maybe seeing colors already is a good thing bcs u can choose who u wanna love or whatever
- OKAY, so. the people in this au who can already see colors are mabini and goyong (and maybe jose, depending on the path u guys wanna take) and it helped them focus on the serious stuff like smarts and climbing the ranks
- other stuff below the cut

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love {fluff: m.c.}

michael clifford fluff, enjoy!
Life was anything but calm for you these last few months. With your baby being born and Michael finally coming home, you were a little ball of sleep deprived stress. Your newborn baby girl had finally, finally gone to bed, leaving you with some peace and quiet. You walked into your room, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. You plopped down on the bed next to Michael, who was peacefully sleeping. Michael opened his eyes, “Hey, YN. Is she asleep yet?” He asked tiredly. You just nodded and cuddled to him. You laid you head on his lil tummy, your arm around his waist, legs intertwined. Your breathing calm and you soon tried to drift to sleep as Michael rubbed circles on your back, lightly singing songs to you. “Michael,” you whispered, “Yeah??” He asked down to you. “Do you still love me? I know I’m not the same girl I was when we first met, and I have all this baby weight still, and horrible dark circles because, Isabel is always freaking crying and I never sleep, and my hair is always a mess, and we never get to do any.. Grown up things anymore and—” you rambled. “YN,” he sighed, “I’ll always fucking love you. I married you for you, not how well you fuck or how good you look, which you always look perfect, I couldn’t love you any more than I do now if I tried. You gave me my little princess, you make me the happiest I’ve ever been. I couldn’t imagine life without you or my little Isabel. I love you guys more than anything else I’m the world.” “Even more than you love your band?” You asked, smiling. “Way more.” He laughed, holding you closer than you were before.


#277: The Start of Forever

Ashton: “Baby, listen to me,” Ashton says, sitting on the table in front of you to block your view of all of the paperwork you had. “Everything’s going to be fine. You want to know why? Because it’s our wedding. We’re getting married, that’s already good enough to me. Don’t worry about how the one aunt on your mom’s side doesn’t like the one uncle on your dad’s side. If there’s no space, then sit them near each other or at the same table. Don’t stress yourself out about this just to make other people happy because this is our day to be happy. Our wedding day is going to be the start of forever, so stop stressing.”

Calum: “We only have 16 hours left,” Calum informs you the second you answer the phone. “Until what?” you ask, acting clueless to mess with him. “Until we get married, dummy,” he says, and you could just picture his amused grin as he rolls his eyes. “We’re getting married?” you ask, pretending to be shocked. “No, I specifically wanted to marry an Australian bass player who’s initials are CH and has blonde hair.” “Technically, I do have blonde hair,” he points out, making you laugh. “Alright, you got me there,” you nod. “I can’t wait to see you, Cal.” “We’ll see each other soon, babe. Besides, we have a long time ahead of us to be together.”

Luke: “I’m nervous,” you confess into the phone as you fiddle with your veil. “Having second thoughts?” Luke jokes, although now that he brought it up, he was starting to think that maybe you were. “No way, Luke!” you chuckle. “I want to marry you, I want to be your wife, and I want to be with you forever. I don’t know, I’m just scared that I’ll trip while I’m walking down the aisle or I’ll drop your ring or-” “Well then I guess I should be nervous too since I’ll probably end up doing those things,” Luke laughs. “Babe, this will be perfect no matter what. Besides, it would make an interesting story for our kids in the future.”

Michael: “So Mrs. Clifford,” Michael teases, his heart speeding up at the use of his last name for you. “What do you want to do?” “Sleep,” you sigh, collapsing on the huge bed in the room. “We just got married and we’re on a beautiful island and the first thing you want to do is sleep,” he states monotonously, staring at your figure on the bed. “You got that right,” you nod, struggling to climb under the covers. “Just for a little bit, Mikey. Please? I’m tired.” “I guess our life as a married couple is going to have to wait,” Michael mumbles. “We have forever, I think we can give up a few hours for a nap.”

A/N: Cute wedding preference, can I get a booyah. I don’t know what that was, I’m so tired right now I’m so sorry. I hope you guys enjoyed this preference and please like it if you did, we really appreciate it. Requests are always open! -Isabelle xx