now that is what i call character development

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Hi, I'm in love with your blog! Question: I spend a lot of time planning my story, however I'm stuck because I don't know if I should narrate it by third-person omniscient or first-person. What are the pros and cons of each type of narrator? I would like to have three people as the protagonists, but it's also my first novel so...

Thank you!

Now this is a struggle that I know particularly well. It’s a debate I often have with my own stories. There’s always one that will work with your particular story the best, but sometimes it’s a really close call. 

Let’s compare the two.

First Person:


  • It’s natural: For a lot of writers, using the first person is the easiest way to tell a story, just because it’s what we do in our daily lives. We don’t say “The anonymous asker- who is myself- sent a question the other day,” we say “I sent a question on anon the other day.”
  • Your narrating character has a unique voice: Most well-developed characters will often have their own way of talking that is different from the voices of your other characters or from your own voice. Using first person means that you can play around a lot more with the language. 
  • VIP Tropes: Like with the other perspectives, there are special tropes or tricks that you can only do with this perspective, such as the Unreliable Narrator and more. 
  • Front Row Seats to the Angst: One of my favorite parts about using first person is the ability to really tap into the main character’s emotions. Characters can directly state how they are feeling and why, which actually very much helps readers relate to or understand them.
  • Empathy and Understanding: Basically like the point above, but more specifically, it can help the reader understand decisions that might otherwise seem strange, immoral, etc


  • Limitations: The most obvious downside is that the story is now limited to only the scenes in which your character is present, which can limit things such as your additional character arcs, etc.
  • Tinted Glasses: Because things are only seen through your character’s perspective, the details they provide are therefore tinted by their thoughts and opinions.
  • Lack of outside perspective: You don’t always know what the other characters think of the main character, because the main character is only perceiving the details of their interactions based off of what they think of themselves. Again, a colored perspective, but this time involving interactions. 
  • Poetry sounds a little weird: Most people don’t really talk like that. You say “the wind was like, biting cold today”, not “the wind bit like a sharpened blade grazing the skin.” If your character says the latter, I am a little concerned and befuddled by them. 

Third Person Omniscient: 


  • You don’t have to use their voice: If you don’t like to use your characters’ voice, congrats, you don’t have to. You can now write with your own Special Writer Voice.
  • Details: Because third person is no longer limited to that which your character can sense, you can bring a bunch of random details that people tend not to actually notice, which means all that poetic stuff can now be included. That means you can now say the thing about the wind.
  • In fact, all the descriptions get a lot more posh. One of the other problems with first person is that your main character probably won’t be very well described unless they have a cheesy Mirror Scene or something, and as I also mentioned, you have little idea about what the other characters think of MC. In third person, that all opens up.
  • You can play around behind closed doors: Once again, since you are no longer reliant upon what your character can sense, you can now track other characters and their goings-on. That means the reader now gets to be privy to all the secrets, betrayals, and other private interactions between the other characters. This is particularly good if you have multiple character arcs to keep track of. 
  • Mindreading: You can now dive a little bit into everyone’s minds to see how they think or feel. Granted, you don’t get to know anyone as especially well as you come to know the first person MC, but now everyone has the same level of empathy, and bonus, without the “tinted glasses” of the MC.


Basically, everything you gained in first person is lost in third person.

  • Mindreading 2: You know everybody, but only kind of. 
  • Empathy gaps: It becomes a lot harder to establish an emotional connection from reader to character. When you cannot relate directly to the character’s feelings, it takes a lot more work on the writer’s part to make them care. 
  • Confusion: True, you now have more opportunity for moving around settings and perspectives, but sometimes, with so much to keep track of, it can be disorienting if you don’t balance all of your scene changes and movements. 

It may seem like there are a lot less disadvantages, but the whole-emotional disconnect thing is a lot more significant than it seems.

How do we know which one to use? Well, it’s hard to say sometimes. One way that modern writers have developed these days to get around a few of the disadvantages of the first person is to have multiple main characters, and alternate between their perspectives. In that way, you get multiple views, opinions, etc.

Of course, that presents its own problems as well. For one, if a reader doesn’t like a particular perspective, they’ll be tempted to skip their chapters, and for another, it can sometimes be difficult determining which scenes should be narrated by whom, just as examples.

Upon looking at the advantages and disadvantages, think of what best serves your particular story. As I frequently advise, when in doubt, try it out. Sometimes I start in third but then find that the characters are begging to tell it themselves. Other times, they are incredibly grudging and unwilling to speak.

With consideration, you might be able to figure out just by the obvious pros and cons which option is best suited for your story. If not, that’s okay. Try a chapter either way and see what conveys the correct flow.

It’s a rather important decision to make, and sometimes it takes a lot of writing it one way and then changing your mind thousands and thousands of words in, but ultimately, finding the right way is imperative.

Best of luck to you, and I hope this helps you sort it out a little easier :)


I’ve just popped back to note:

1) A* CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT FROM BERENICE (Like I’m immensely proud of her, you have no idea, we started from the bottom and now we’re here)

2) I never knew I needed Serena Campbell, drunk on the roof, sat on a deckchair, glass and cigarette in hand under a blanket with headphones in (joined by Bernie) until now.

3) Catherine Russell has impeccable comedic timing, I laughed so much during this episode, it was grand

4) That ending was the softest scene in the entire universe and you can fight me. It was just perfect.

(Like the ending gave those who needed it that reassured hope, bless Holby.)

5) I will miss Catherine Russell / Serena Campbell more than I ever thought I would.

ALSO, my heart is full for the first time in ages

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I want to know about trash!jimin! I joined bts late and therefore jikook late and I always hear about trash!jimin but it's hard to find the moments cuz what do I look up? "Jimin being super ass in love with jungkook"?

*slams fist on table* YES. LET ME TELL YOU AND HELP ABOUT ONE OF THE BEST FORMS OF TRASH JIMIN (which was, give or take, how I got into BTS).

if you don’t wanna read all this: just Youtube search “Jimin TV”. pfft. trust. It’s all you need (it pretty much analogous to  “Jimin being super ass in love with jungkook” anyway so)

Strange that you ask me this with impeccable timing, because I’ve been watching their old videos lately because…idk it was such a nice form of jikook and it was so freaking funny. jikook nowadays is definitely more loving and fluff and romantic but back then it was like a crack fanfic, but irl. Which made it my absolute favourite thing. 

You know what a child gets exposed to certain fuqed up things it may fuq them up for the rest of their lives. Yeah, well that was jikook @ me in 2014, because of course I was doing research on this evidently cute new boy group and the first bangtan bomb and bts video I ever watched was this one:

…honestly, just seeing the thumbnail makes me want to laugh. No spoilers but pretty sure Jimin sang one of the best lines he’s ever sang within his entire singing career in this video. Ha.

And then prequel which I found soon afterwards was:

Which I remember I did not enjoy watching at the time because I was like “why is Jungkook being such a loser” but now I watch it to laugh sadistically because I know what the future of this video is. 

 You’ve probably watched this classic but this is the closest thing I ever got to Jimin giving Jungkook a lap-dance so :D 

and there’s this video, which is absolute garbage (sorry. i never watch it. too trashy. even for me. :P :P :P), which, at the time, I remember the 2014 jikook shippers always referred to while saying: “IF JUNGKOOK HATED JIMIN SO MUCH HE WOULDN’T BE HAVING SO MUCH FUN WITH HIM. SEE EXHIBIT A”

Exhibit A:

There’s a bunch of other crud like this or this where young master Park Jimin is constantly clamouring to get at Jungkook’s ass but like…yeah you get the point. Navigate around the sidebar suggestions and see where this journey takes you :) I hope it’s entertaining though.

I live you with a personal favourite, where Park Jimin blatantly displays his lack of knowledge of the phrase “bros before h–

*sigh* good times. bring back this jimin. he so put together now cause he got what he wanted ;) LOL


Save Me (Part 1.)

Character(s): Rick Grimes, Shane Walsh, Negan, Simon, and Reader (pre-apocalypse)
Summary: Rick and Shane receive a call about a domestic disturbance, but so did Negan and Simon.
Word Count: 4,019
Warning: Domestic violence, abuse, and of course, Negan’s colorful language. 
Author’s Note: I am extremely excited to write this! For now, it is a one-shot, but I am most likely going to develop it into a series of some sorts. I always wanted to know what it’d be like if these four men met before the apocalypse. I’m also changing up a few things (only in terms of Negan’s occupation). I hope you enjoy! 

(GIF Source: @macheteandpython || also, credit goes to the original source of the Negan gif! if anyone knows where it was originally posted, let me know!)

It was ten o’clock at night. You were staying late at the coffee shop to finish the essay that was due in a couple of days. You always liked to get ahead of your assignments; it gave you more time to relax once it was done with and out of the way.

Though, with the nonstop phone calls and text messages, you knew your boyfriend wasn’t happy that he had come home to an empty apartment. You feared him. You feared what he was capable of – you had bruises and stitches to make up for it, too.

But every time he hit you, you always realized it was your fault. He made sure to make it known that he didn’t want to hurt you. You had made him that way.

You believed that every time he laid his hands on you, it was because of you.

Your friends couldn’t help you. Your family couldn’t help you. You didn’t want to leave. Despite the pain your boyfriend put you through, you still loved him. He still cared for you.

He always apologized afterwards, anyway.

If he didn’t love you, if he didn’t care about you, he wouldn’t apologize… Right?

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Let me talk about this for a second. 

In the beginning, Grunkle Stan turned out to be gruff and greedy, only caring for himself. 

But leave it to a cute pair of twins to change his heart throughout the show. 

I mean just look:

Spending time with the twins had really made this cute old man soft and more sweet. 

Now that, my friends, is what I call character development. :)

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my boy… my son…. my baby… this is what i call a wonderful a+ character development, im sorry i need to find a tissue im crying again. just look for the tiny details in season 1. he whispers when he talks about magnus, he doesnt even let him close, he is so deep in the closet and now he is kissing him and holding so close as he can, literally screaming how much he loves him without even using a word and i need to lay down 

Fanfic Rec list PART 2!

Fanfic Rec List Part 2: (All stories found on AO3. I would do the cool link through the title thing but that requires tech skills that I don’t have… cause I have none… I can barely post on tumblr)

Satisfaction Brought it Back @siderealsandman

I am not going to lie- when I saw Miraculous Ladybug and BDSM in the same tag set I was hesitant. However eventually I caved to the high kudos ratings and I am SO glad I did. This story is an absolute gem. Not only does it handle a somewhat controversial subject with breathtaking sensitivity and care, but the actual build up of the romance is some of the best I have seen in the fandom. It is the best kind of slow burn (in a smut fic no less??? ) and leaves you really cheering for the characters. (This is NSFW so know that going in) 

Trouble in White @imthepunchlord

Another author with many great titles to their name, however this one in particular jumps out at me. Anyone who has ever had a longer than 2 minute conversation with me about fanfics would know that i am a very harsh judge of soulmate AUs for a variety of reasons, so the fact that i have 2 on this list is saying something. This fic also did something very refreshing with the “Chat Blanc” troupe which is what caught my attention in the first place. The story really emphasizes what Adrien and Marinette can bring to each other in a relationship by taking away the Ladynoir dynamic and having them building to the same sort of trust and support in a more round about way. A great read that I highly recommend. ^_^

Summer in the City kali_asleep (don’t know tumblr url ::sobs:: ) 

This fic is just so fun! And sexy. Getting to watch Adrien struggle with his feelings for Ladybug and dedication to her while being attracted to his classmate is just endearing. This is only 3 chapters long (with an additional explicit sequel for you sinners out there) so if you want something quick to brighten up your day I highly recommend it.

A Wolf by the Ear by Anthemyst  ( @miraculouspaon on tumblr)

Straying off the beaten path a little bit- this is a HawkNath Soulmate AU.

Yes you heard me.

This is worth every second of your time to read it. From Nathalie’s POV it’s a great look at dealing with a difficult situation and a difficult person and finding the balance between being forgiving and knowing when it’s time to punch someone in the face. (Literally)

Psyche by poppicock ( @gabriel-fucking-agreste on tumblr)

My other “Older generation” rec on today’s list- this was a story that was actually recommended to me and I am going to be honest- I was a little skeptical going in. I tend to not get invested in “Alternate” miraculous users (and by that I mean things that are highly unlike in canon or directly contradict canon). Nothing wrong with them just not something that really clicks for me. However this story sold me. Nathalie centered again and Gabe/Nath ship based, this story really hits home with the “Agreste Family Feels” as I like to call them. The lore building was really neat and I did NOT see the plot twist coming- which is not something I say often. This fic is a great example of why it’s a good idea to be willing to look outside your normal ship zone. It can be worth the adventure.

Won’t Tell as Soul/The Weight of Jade @thelastpilot

Turtle!Nino I will continue to be devoted to the hope of you happening someday ^_^

I will be shocked if you guys don’t already know about this universe, but even so it deserves to be called out. I adore the dynamic that is established between Nino and his assorted friends as well as seeing one of my favorite characters get the development they deserve. The other thing I love about this story is that at least from what I saw, the writing gets better every chapter, and I love seeing a good author (I had already read several of Pilots earlier works at this point) truly find their voice.

Talk to Me by 1004_Angel ( @the-noble-idiot  on tumblr)

Ok I am going to admit this now- I am a sucker for Non-magic AUs. I will always give them a shot when I am scrolling through AO3 looking for new fics. This one caught my attention and kept the same engaging, fun dynamic that got me hooked all the way through to the end. There is a really nice balance of tension where we get to see the characters dancing around each other’s lives without feeling like it is being drawn out just for the sake of torturing the readers.

You don’t Know Me @ferisae

OK, so I am not usually all about the angsty train- and this story definitely cranks the the angst dial up to the max. (Seriously give poor Chat a break my poor baby!) However the story is wonderfully compelling and this is one of the few fics I have walked away from remembering the akumas we have encountered because of the attention and care given to the action sequences, which I really appreciate seeing in a fic. Tom and Sabine feature heavily as well and they are just such a blessing. If you don’t mind crying your eyes out, this is a well done story that is worth getting invested in.

If you missed part 1 you can find it here:

I am also doing a Fanfic Rec page link on my main tumblr as I still have a LOT more to do >_<  and I figure that is a better way to keep it easy for people to find if they want it! (Plus then I can just add things as I read/reread them) 

Elias Bakkoush: a controversial character for no reason whatsoever

As you could probably tell from the title, this is going to be a rant. It hasn’t even been two episodes and yet people are yelling “Elias is sexist and misogynistic!” and failing to not only give his character a chance but even the slightest bit of understanding. So many others and myself are quite frankly very tired and very annoyed by the dramatic responses of people towards Elias so I’m going to break down why he isn’t sexist (because apparently you can make conclusive judgements like that from one episode!) I’m going to start with the ‘slave’ dispute because people are still somehow pressed about it.

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Hey! And I know that he gets a lot of hate but that’s something I have to ignore and continue to love him with all my heart! And I’ll explain why I love him down below! It’ll kinda be a little positivity thread for Chris?

Okay so one of the main reasons why I love him is how smart and helpful he is (mostly in season 3), he’s always there to help his friends and put himself willingly in danger for their sake, he was always up for adventure’s with the gang and he was always there to lend them a helping hand whenever they needed it! and let’s face it without him Sonic and the others wouldn’t even last a day on The Blue Typhoon! He’s brilliant with technical stuff and let’s not forget his glorious “shoe inventions” which helped Sonic A LOT! He’s just a really smart guy who loves his friends and care about them a whole lot and I love him for that!!

Another reason is that I love how much he grew emotionally in the whole series! He gained some wonderful friends, got amazing memories and he also gained some great experience from it all, I think his adventure’s with Sonic made him to the person he was supposed to be! And I find it really sad that people overlook how sad and alone Chris actually was before Sonic showed up, Sonic taught Chris so much and they shared a unique bond that will never be broken. They love each other and they will always be like brothers, like a family. And that’s why it was so hard for Chris to say goodbye, he couldn’t bare to lose Sonic, to lose a brother but he let Sonic go back to his own world in the end, because he cared about him and he was ready to say goodbye, he know that their friendship could survive anything. That’s what I call a big character development but people still hate him because of it! I just wish people could see it from another perspective.

I admire him for his need of adventure, and how he wants to live an exciting life! I find that very interesting and he seems like a fun guy to be around!

And let’s not forget how damn cute he is!! I love this boy no matter what and I will always be here to defend him, because he deserves nothing but only happiness! So um I guess that’s all, i’m gonna stop now because this is already way too long and I could talk about Chris way longer but as I said this is a little too long so I’ll stop now! And I may have forgotten a few things but just know that I really really love him!!