now that is what i call character development


that small moment of sadness because even if you miss being Voltron’s leader you are immensely proud of what Keith has become

bonus: Keith not having any of it because he knows Shiro belongs with Black

Honestly, the fact that people actually may blame Zack for the whole scene of Barry falling onto Diana’s chest and Amazon costume change is kinda gross…..

Like, y'all…are forgetting who took over from Zack here, right? You know, the person that took over was also responsible for Bruce falling onto Natasha’s chest, sexualising Natasha actually period, having Natasha refer to herself as a monster for being unable to have kids, having Natasha being called a whining cunt by Loki, having Buffy nearly being raped by Spike, actually planning for Firefly season 2 to have a rape scene so that a male can develop, mistreating actresses in the past and literally, HIS WONDER WOMAN SCRIPT?!

Now what was that persons name…..hmm….hes directing Batgirl and already planning to fuck up her backstory next….hmm…

Oh, thats right.

Joss Whedon.

Overall? Don’t even consider Zack would include any jokes like a male character falling into a female characters breasts- and we have no clue what happened with the amazon costume change but I just don’t think that’s on Zack either- Zacks pretty much respected woman in every film hes made- hes included WOC in his movies and treated woman all together in his films as characters- not just there for man pain and male gaze.

On the other hand with Joss well….*nervous laugh*…lets just say its clear who wanted that Barry falling onto Dianas chest scene there….

"I am so dumb."

Okay, but like the first (and even like the second, third, you can go on) listen to “Marvin Hits Trina,” you’re so up in arms with a deep satisfaction that Whizzer and Trina are finally calling Marvin on his bullshit (We had fights and games / Marvin called us funny names / Marvin always played the clown) and then shock and anger at Marvin for freaking out and hitting Trina. And I’m not trying to justify Marvin’s freak out - it was completely inappropriate. But like, the “I am so dumb” declaration is one of the most important lines of the entire show - especially for Marvin’s development as a character. 

He isn’t /just/ freaking out because of the dissipation of a future that he naively envisioned (a tight-knit family, an ex-wife and lover and son that blindly adored him, making a male housewife out of Whizzer)…

He’s freaking out also because of what Whizzer said and what that means for his previous actions and sacrifices.

Whizzer says, “Do I love him? No.”

And that devastates Marvin. Because if that were true, then that meant Marvin would have to accept that all he did - leave his wife, alienate his kid, tear apart his family - was for nothing. 

It’s clear that Marvin loved Whizzer because he gave up everything for him. And it was in that moment that Marvin realized:

It was all for /nothing/. Whizzer didn’t love him. Like, his entire life is falling apart - and also, he now believes that he ruined his life and isolated himself from his family all for a guy that he loved but didn’t love him back (allegedly, of course).

Marvin says, “I am so dumb.” It’s so significant because throughout the musical, Marvin constantly bragged about being so smart and successful. Even in most of “Marvin Hits Trina,” Marvin is still bragging about himself (accusing Trina of “ruining his seed,” of trying to “make him look bad,” and essentially telling her that he did treat her well with the lyric “how could you ever deny what we had?”). But it takes Whizzer - someone who Marvin dehumanizes and calls stupid and who he obviously thinks is below him - to first knock him down by beating him at chese and then to destroy him further with one word: “[Do I love him?] No.”

Marvin finally feels dumb because now he thinks that Whizzer never loved him, that he threw his life away for a man who truly did not give two shits about him.

That part is so heartbreaking because it’s the peak of Marvin’s character development - Whizzer finally makes him stop blinding himself with all these self-praises and blaming other people for his mistakes in order to soothe his ego by tearing him down with a truth that Marvin had refused to ever accept.

Because if Whizzer didn’t love him, then that meant that Marvin would have to admit that he’s not so smart and desired and deserving of love. He’s “so dumb.” And that’s what makes him freak out. He let himself love and give up everything for someone who never cared, and it’s such a devastating blow to his self-esteem. He’s been “tricked” by some stupid tramp of man - someone that he thought he could always dominate and force his will upon.

I don’t know. It’s the best part of the first act - especially for Marvin as a character. I feel like that was the moment he stopped bullshitting himself and learned to face a very clear fact that everyone knew since the beginning:

Marvin /is/ so dumb.


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Your review for chapter 143 please. No Hide in this chapter but I suppose it's not a big deal. It means he's still safe and sound.

@nitsuki-baka said:
I think this abrupt ending is pretty good and strong, even if everyone seems to hate it. There is Kaneki who worked so hard for this moment but has still has to realise that everything can be gone within a second. And the desperation that he still had to make him crawl, I cried my eyes out. Hyped for the next bit we’ll get.

anonymous said:
do you think the “GAME OVER” could have meant that there is going to be a new start/new beginning for kaneki? the caterpillar thing also makes me think he’ll change again into smth else and have a new beginning. And that that’s what we’ll see in part 3? maybe one where hide shows up and instigates a reform in kaneki’s group and leadership into something better yk?

anonymous said:
Reading the spoilers of chapter 143 makes me feel like we’re going to have a trilogy. Especially the way Furuta is acting.

Alright, so I read both the MS and JB translations twice to try and understand the chapter as well as I could and hopefully catch on to anything I might have missed and I think I have a bit to say on the direction I think the series is going to take now.

This chapter has been the big turning point that I think Kaneki really needs to push him in the right direction. He took up the role of the One Eyed King, and that means that he has a whole lot of responsibility on his shoulders whether he likes it or not, and I’ve mentioned before how most of his decisions as King have mostly just been influenced by his emotions. (I’ve given these examples before, but for those who haven’t seen, a couple examples would be when Kaneki wanted to endanger their mission by talking with Amon and another would be his refusal to kill Hajime which essentially lead to the twenty fourth being attacked. Both times Kaneki’s actions have been criticised by Ayato and Tsukiyama respectively. To me, this shows an awareness by the series that this is a major flaw of Kaneki’s which he’s chosen to ignore.)

Kaneki made yet another decision based on his emotions to return to the twenty fourth ward (because he has a “bad feeling”) and that decision went abysmally wrong. To me, this is actually a good thing for Kaneki’s character. This devastation has now been a direct result of his original emotionally driven decision not to kill Hajime, and now, his second emotionally driven decision to return to the twenty fourth ward has resulted in Furuta’s supposed victory.

He’s now not only having to face the fact that he has these flaws as a result of the situation, but it’s also blatantly laid out for him by Furuta himself.

Kaneki is finally being forced to face these flaws that he has in his leadership and the way that he approaches and tackles situations. Even as King, knowing that he’s responsible for the lives of hundreds, even thousands, he still too often thinks of himself and does things for selfish reasons, even if he doesn’t know it.

He only takes the side of ghouls because he wants to protect those who are close to him. He doesn’t really care for the unification of species in and of itself, he only cares about it because it would put the people he cares for in a better position and make them safe.

And this always reminds me of the scene in chapter 120 of Tokyo Ghoul where Touka confronts Kaneki about this exact motive and indicates exactly how it is driven by Kaneki’s own selfishness.

Kaneki still hasn’t moved on from this mindset, and even he himself acknowledges that this makes him a terrible leader, yet he appears to have no desire to change this, presumably because he doesn’t realise that it’s the exact reason why he could be putting the people he cares about in trouble.

In fact, I think it still isn’t clear to him what his role as leader should be. He still isn’t looking at the big picture, and seems to only focus on his own role within all of this, which is ironically inhibiting him from being able to take up the position that he wants to and become the leader that he has to in order to achieve his goals.

He touches his chin when he tells Hinami that he’ll be right behind her; at least a part of him knows that he isn’t going to make it out of this, but I think he’s made himself content with that. This is the moment he claims to have been living for; this is the moment he finally gets to protect everyone he loves. This is the moment that he shows himself as a true leader, by becoming a martyr to protect the ones he loves.

It may have appeared that he had chosen to live alongside Touka, but the reality is that he never really moved on from that mindset he had back in cochlea; wanting to die “in style” for the sake of someone else.

This much is clear in his dialogue in this chapter.

He says he’s been living for this day, this day that he seems to apparently realise he won’t be able to survive, but he’s content with that. All this time, he never really moved on from wanting to protect others with his life; that’s been his motivation since the beginning of the series, and it still is, and although this isn’t exactly a negative thing, it is preventing him from seeing the bigger picture. His desire is still the same, just he’s shifted his focus from death to life.

He’s so concerned with himself in this situation; he wants to defeat Furuta, and in his death, he’ll be able to protect all those who are close to him, but he isn’t considering what his role as King really means beyond this. Killing Furuta isn’t just going to magically bring about the unification of humans and ghouls; it isn’t going to guarantee the safety of those close to him. As King, as a leader, there is so much more work to be done, but Kaneki fails to really see his role in this in perspective as a result of his bias.

That’s why I think this whole chapter’s themes have been a pivotal point for Kaneki’s character. Not only is he forced to come face to face with the fact that his methods are inefficient, but we also get more subtle symbolism.

Firstly, as some have pointed out, Furuta’s referral to Kaneki as a caterpillar could be foreshadowing of a coming transformation he may make, a metamorphosis, which links to Franz Kafka’s story of the same name which Kaneki’s story has been compared to before.

Not only that, but the butterfly has been a symbol of positive change in the series before, and assuming we are currently in the Judgement arc, this points to significant development and flourishing in Kaneki’s character to come, which brings me onto why I think there will be a third part and how this will line up with the Fool’s journey.

Judgement is a card which calls for a period of self-reflection and self-evaluation. Kaneki is now being forced reflect and evaluate his approach, and this is the key to his fulfilment. The Judgement card calls for a moment in someone’s life in which they “come to a point of deep understanding about the common themes throughout [their] life and what [they] can do or change to avoid these situations in the future.”

“The Judgement card suggests that you have had a recent epiphany or an ‘awakening’ where you have come to a realisation that you need to live your life in a different way and you need to be true to yourself and your needs. You have opened yourself up to a new possibility – to lead a fulfilling life that serves your higher needs and that offers inspiration and hope to others. You feel as though you have had a ‘calling’ in life, and you are getting much closer to the point where you need to take action. Something that was lying dormant within you, some unconscious knowledge or truth is finally being awakened and brought into the light.”

“The Fool has been reborn.

His false, ego-self has been shed, allowing his radiant, true self to manifest. He has discovered that joy, not fear, is at life’s centre.

The Fool feels absolved. He forgives himself and others, knowing that his real self is pure and good. He may regret past mistakes, but he knows they were due to his ignorance of his true nature. He feels cleansed and refreshed, ready to start anew.

It is time for the Fool to make a deeper Judgement (20) about his life. His own personal day of reckoning has arrived. Since he now sees himself truly, he can make the necessary decisions about the future. He can choose wisely which values to cherish, and which to discard.”

To me, this is reminiscent of this piece of art which foreshadows this awakening with the caption “I stand here with my past self,” indicating that Kaneki has moved on from his past self and his old mindset, ready to start anew.

Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re are the stories of the Fool’s journey on his path to personal development and self-fulfilment. Judgement is the second to last stage of the Fool’s journey, so that may leave you asking, what could come after this to warrant a third part?

I believe a third part to the series would serve as “the World” stage of the Fool’s journey. Though Kaneki’s journey of self-development and fulfilment comes to an end in Tokyo Ghoul:re, the third instalment should be about how he uses this fulfilment and flourishing to make his influence on the World and finally pursue the goal he’s established as the One Eyed King. The Fool’s own personal journey ends with Tokyo Ghoul:re, but that just means that he’s now ready to begin his influence on the world.

“The Fool reenters the World (21), but this time with a more complete understanding. He has integrated all the disparate parts of himself and achieved wholeness. He has reached a new level of happiness and fulfilment

The Fool experiences life as full and meaningful. The future is filled with infinite promise. In line with his personal calling, he becomes actively involved in the world. He renders service by sharing his unique gifts and talents and finds that he prospers at whatever he attempts. Because he acts from inner certainty, the whole world conspires to see that his efforts are rewarded. His accomplishments are many.

So the Fool’s Journey was not so foolish after all. Through perseverance and honesty, he reestablished the spontaneous courage that first impelled him on his search for Self, but now he is fully aware of his place in the world. This cycle is over, but, the Fool will never stop growing. Soon he will be ready to begin a new journey that will lead him to ever greater levels of understanding.

I want to attempt to address this before it starts:

Can we please tone it down with the Prince hate right now?

I’ve seen lots of posts in the last two days alone about people hating Prince, saying he’s a bad character, saying Prinxiety can’t be a thing, etc.

Prince is a flawed character. He has his problems with anxiety, because that’s what a character/person is! Flawed! They have problems, and the point of Thomas’ videos, last time I checked was to help educate and grow.

This whole Prinxiety can’t be real thing- y'all, you’ve been shipping it before this video, why do you suddenly wanna call it terrible? Maybe not next week, or the week following, characters will develop and the two will find a way to maybe become acquaintances or friends.

And, I want to stress this, there is a difference between canon and fanon. Please, this is exactly what the start of ship wars looks like, and I’ve been in enough fandom’s to know it doesn’t end well. Ever.

Fanon can be fun, fanon can be a thousand word fic where, hey, prince learns to accept anxiety. Fanon can be they’re an established couple. Fanon can be a fantasy au where prince is an alien and anxiety is a sentient tree, or whatever.

Of course I’m not saying erase canon, but isn’t the point of fanon to be able to create for characters and give them sad or happy endings, or create out of the world AU’s, and to fix mistakes we refuse to accept like Captain Americas idiotic plans in Captain America Civil War??

Please, I’m hesitant to speak on this, because I’ve seen backlash over people trying to defend a flawed character before.

Prince is my favorite character, and yes he has flaws but all good characters do

And I do love seeing theories, and I love reading about the flaws of a character and lots of y'all make great points about how harming Prince’s behavior is and such, and how mean he can be. But I’ve also seen posts bordering on straight up saying prinxiety can’t be a thing, prince is a terrible person, etc. And it worries me

Just remember that characters are flawed, people are flawed, and there is a difference between fanon and canon

A really quick thing for @thesecretsaturdaysvault​‘s 9th anniversary event; day 1: Beginnings.

I didn’t really know what to draw and I didn’t really have much time today ahhah. But I guess everything began when they found that dang stone now didn’t it :^)