now that is bamf

ok we got a lot of lance angst and lance hurt/comfort

now i want to see bamf!lance

lance saving the day

lance finding out he has magical/alien powers

black paladin!lance fics in action with him as a great leader

lance knowing the right answer when everyone even the smartest person in the room is stumped

lance being feared by the enemy

bamf!lance bamf!lance BAMF!LANCE BAMF!LANCE

listen…i can tell you all the shortcuts to finding good fic w/finn in it:

tags to avoid like the plague:

”protective finn” : just means mammy finn save ya time keep scrolling

”poe dameron hurts so prettily”: usually in finnpoe fics.. fetishizes/sexualizes the a latinx characters pain plus u gonna get some mammy finn takin care of poe. issa no

”bamf finn/competent finn”: he’s not a bamf lmao they just wrote him as protective finn. aka mammy finn back at it again. PLUS he got a 12 inch dick and he’s 6′5″ now lskjflkjdfl. i know i know “but j i wanna read bamf finn w/o all this racist shit?” dont we all? avoid the tag

”top finn”: so most top finn isn’t even tagged top finn because that’s how common it is. it’s really everything i’ve described. theres nothing inherently wrong with top finn ya know? but the implications/biases that are assigned to top/bottom = dom/sum or caretaker/vulnerable is the reason that you should just steer away from this tag as well. honeslty… the only ppl who should write top finn are black ppl… i just don’t trust nonblack ppl not to continue reproducing racist narratives w/this tag - it’s almost always racist! ugh!

tags to get with:

“finn-centric”: its self-explantory..almost 100% good fics…almost.

“finn deals with some shit”: i know…finn…a known black…dealing with his trauma… unlikely. this tag is just gen but it can also be written as “finn deal with trauma”/etc. 

“protective __(not finn)”: lmao what? someone caring for finn???? a black character gets someone to care for them?? wtf? its less likely than u think but click the shit out of it 

Your Color Pt.2

Word Count: 4071 

Summary: Bucky thought he finally found the one but it turned out to be your sister. And being the big sister you are, you went to talk the bastard who played with your sister’s feelings. Unbeknownst to him, you are his superior in the army and is more than prepared in giving him a hard time. 

Pairing: 40s!Bucky Barnes x bamf!reader 

Warning: Angst. Language. Not as long as the other one. 40s!Bucky is again not my specialty. Tell me if you want more oneshots or not please. ⚠️ I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH FOR YOU TO READ THE PART ONE FIRST BEFORE READING THIS ONE. PLEASE READ IT FIRST FOR ALL THIS TO MAKE SENSE. ⚠️ 

A/N: Guess who just watched First Avenger again and cried. So hey, have some angst because I felt angsty after watching it. 



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Bucky woke up earlier than usual. He wanted to surprise [Y/N]. It was the first time in months that Bucky got a good nights sleep. He wanted to be the first one to great her good morning and not some other soldier. He caught a glimpse of her, [Y/N] looked absolutely breathtaking in her full uniform, head up high and dripping with confidence. He couldn’t be anyway luckier. 

Bucky stalked her back, being as quiet as possible. [Y/N] senses someone behind her and was about swing her fist but Bucky caught it in time. “Woah there.” Bucky chuckled, putting his arms around her. [Y/N]’s eyes bulged his action but all he did was smile at her reaction. ‘She’s so cute,’ he thought.

“There’s my doll. I’ve been waiting for you." 

[Y/N] pulled away and let his hands fall from her waist. "Bucky-" 

"How are you? Did you sleep well?” Bucky asked, taking her hands to his.

“James, what are you doing? I’ll look-" 

"Amazing as always.” Bucky breathed out, meaning every word. He entwined their fingers together as Bucky grinned at her. Instead of smiling back, [Y/N] removed his hold and stepped back a respectable distance from him. 

“You have no respect. Do you treat your superiors as if they are just your fellow soldiers?” [Y/N] barked, her authority was prominent in her voice. Bucky was confused. He took a step forward and reached out to her but [Y/N] avoided his hold, making him worry. 


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Punk Omega Headcanons

-The Alpha meeting the Omega for the first time in a very strict school and the Omega is very pretty and funny and cute and the Alpha is instantly smitten, they walk together at the end of school but as they pass the bathrooms the Omega asks them to wait a minute because they need to use the bathroom, but once the Omega comes back out they are changed out of their uniform and decked out in black and spikes and “were you wearing a blond wig before or did you just dye your hair blue in the school bathroom?” and the Alpha is doomed after that…especially once they learn how against having a mate the Omega is

-The Alpha trying to talk to the Omega like, “what about when you’re over this phase and you want to settle down?” and the Omega glares and says “I’ll never settle down, I don’t need you or this town”

-The Alpha’s Beta friend convincing them that getting a giant tattoo on their chest will impress the Omega…but it doesn’t and now they have a giant tattoo that they don’t even really like that they have to hide from their parents

-The Alpha trying the usual courting gifts of books and stuffed animals but being bluntly shot down every time because the gifts they chose are stupid, but still being ridiculously determined to win the Omega’s heart

-After many failed courting attempts the Alpha asks the Omega’s Beta friend for advice and this time ends up with a piercing…that still does not impress the stubborn Omega, so now the Alpha has a tattoo and a piercing for no good reason, but they keep trying because Alphas rarely give up when they want something

-The two Beta friends always watching from a distance and making bets on what’s going to happen next and what kinds of stupid things they can get the Alpha to do

-The Omega being harrassed and right as the Alpha is about to step in and finally be able to do something impressive, the little Omega snaps and beats the shit out of their significantly larger harrasser themselves and the Alpha is just so done but also so in love

-The Omega always wearing chokers that draw attention to their scent glands and their long dainty neck, the Alpha always noticing it and finally one day they are struck with the idea to give the Omega a choker as a courting gift…which shockingly, they accept without insulting it too much

-Quite a ways into this failing courtship the Alpha is becoming more determined than ever and they are carefully planning their next move when the Omega randomly is just “I like you, let’s be mates now” and the Alpha is so torn between being thrilled and just exploding because “That wasn’t how this was supposed to go! That wasn’t the satisfying victory I was aiming for! I was supposed to woo you into submission! All that build up for such a simple ending?!” and the Omega is really confused but they end up kissing the Alpha just to shut them up and all the inner turmoil is suddenly forgotten

-Officially introducing the Omega to the Alpha’s family for the first time and everyone is so excited to finally meet the Omega they had been hearing about, but as soon as the parents catch sight of their polite and well groomed Alpha child standing next to someone bright blue hair and piercings and everything else it’s just “oh dear”


-Anon request

Dating Percy Jackson would involve…

  • Him teaching you how to swim
  • Surprise dates organised by the shy -but oddly romantic- demigod
  • Frequent visits to the lake of an evening when you should be in bed- spending the whole evening kissing and relaxing in the water under the stars
  • Becoming close friends with Annabeth- who was wary of you at first but now rejoices in more BAMF girls added to their little group
  • Too often losing yourself in his incredibly blue blue eyes
  • Learning more about your parent’s legends
  • Learning to fight well and draw power and strength from your demigodness
  • Becoming close friends with Grover- who has always been friendly towards you and quick to accept you, and the two of you love to joke around together
  • Tender sweet kisses when you’re alone 
  • Percy being shy when you kiss him in public
  • Percy being more comfortable and confident with you when you’re both swimming in water together
  • Going on lots of adventures with him because you’re ‘a badass fucking fighter’
We Were In Screaming Color  |  Part III

Notes: Again, thank you all for the kindness and interest in this FIC, hearing what anyone thinks really makes me days so much brighter😄💖 This part is a lot longer, and when it it reaches Alec being 20 years old–Which is blatantly stated–THat’s when we take off directly from 1x04, AKA Malec’s first meeting. Lines will be taken directly from the ep :) 

Hope to chat soon! 

Catch up  »  Part I  »  Part II


He’s sixteen years old when the convictions he had been enslaved to, begin to crumble.
Alec extracts a single arrow from his quiver. Though, prior to his slicing it through the air with his bow, he shrinks back from the sound of his sister calling for him to hit a particular point. (As if Alec was some sort of machine that she could put a quarter in, and watch it dance to her heart’s content.)

He swirls around, and tells her as much. A glower plastered onto Alec’s face all the while.

Izzy only retorts with nothing more than A slight smile playing on the edges of her lips, and a shrugging of the shoulders. long legs swinging, and fingers tapping against the slab of stone she’s perched upon, all the while…A true picture of innocence that she has so expertly pieced together.

“I’m just trying to test you big brother,” she remedies in mock cluelessness. “You should really be thanking me.”

Alec fights against the exasperated chuckle threatening to tear through his lips. But alas it was to no avail. So with a doting shake of the head, he returns to his position, and aims for the nest that Izzy had instructed him to hit—feeling More than slightly smug when he hears her cheers post his success, accompanied by the, “Nice going bro,” by Jace.

Standing there, nestled within the alcove of lavish Evergreens, and the subtle lapping shoreline of Lake Lynn, Alec allows himself to relish within the tranquility of it all. And he thinks that perhaps he could remain here, this corner of forever within their own Garden of Eaton, for all the eons to come. Where Alec and his siblings could circumvent all the expectations lying upon all their shoulders, from acting as the elite Nephilim Soldiers they are meant to constantly depict, to the heavy duty of upholding the Lightwood name. Instead, they can lose themselves within the haze of golden beams intertwined with their ebullient chortles, and the games their clever minds had so effortlessly woven together.

But of course, Alec knows all too well that soon his parents will return from their consultation with the Silent Brothers and Iron Sisters of idris, (Whom will be executing the next round of protection rituals for Alec’s baby brother, Max, in a matter of days.) And once they inevitably restore their position as the heads of the New York Institute, the Lightwood children will be thrust back into their seemingly never ending studies, and training seminars. A monotonous way of life for all the years to come. And they cannot so much as even display a spark of aggravation towards the situation as a whole, without being spared the painful sensation of rejection for disappointing their ever so proud parents.

“Do the red bows do anything particularly spectacular?” A new voice interjects, effectively jolting Alec from the melancholy recollection of what awaits him back in New York.

As if on cue, the trio swivel their gazes harmoniously towards the interloper of the sacred ground they have escaped to sense childhood. (A recess within the outskirts of Alicante that only their closest companions know of.) Though, each of their defensive stances fall back into a sense of ease, once they catch on the sight of the familiarly striking Asian girl tossing them a playful smirk.

“Aline!” Izzy cheers in greeting, pouncing onto the girl whom she has always seen as an older sister of sorts. Alec only slightly perceives the way Jace embraces her as well, and knows that he should most probably join in on the exchanging of hellos, After all, Aline holds the title of being one of the few people on this planet that Alec is not completely repulsed to being stranded on an island with. (Which is astonishingly high praises when coming from the ebony haired boy.)

But it is as if something had short circuited on the path between his brain’s wavelengths and spinal system.

Alec couldn’t move even if a Shacks Demon had just appeared out of no where, and commenced to catapult towards him.

“…Red arrow…”

She had said, “Red! arrow!”


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“wait, warlock… that has to be a mistake.”

there was a strained kind of quiet in the room the minute those words fell from this man’s lips, the glow of the warm lamp light lighting him up from behind as he stood over magnus’s desk. magnus’s face was illuminated by the subtle blue light spilling from his fingers as they swirled over the piece of paper in front of him. his jaw was set in a tight line, slightly jutted forward and his eyebrows pulled together. despite that his body language was entirely relaxed, nearly lounging in the large armchair as he drew up the bill in front of him, magic spilling from his fingertips as easy as the steady rise and fall of his chest.

"i assure you, shadowhunter, there is no mistake.” magnus’s eyes snapped up, appraising the man with a pointed kind of disdain from underneath heavy brows. his tone was somewhere between a snarl and a purr, too relaxed but with an icy kind of anger curled into each syllable. it had been a long day, far too long. a day filled with not enough work that felt truly meaningful and this man had lit a match too close to an extremely short fuse.

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I have so many issues with the Mulan (2018) remake....

And most of them revolve around Chen Honghui and his replacement of Li Shang.

Chen Honghui is a bully who wants to be the very best, like no one ever was. And he is also going to be her “love interest”. But it’s not until he finds out that Mulan is a woman that he starts to develop feelings for her. Or even respect. (Can anyone else say “enemies to lovers” tag on ao3?) (No word yet on if they are actually going to “fall in love…” or if it’s a one sided thing. Going with Disney’s track record? It’s the former.). Until then he hates her because she’s better than him. How is that a good romance in a movie in 2017/18? Especially with how good Disney has been in the past few years! “Oh i hate you until you’re stripped of your rank and thrown out of the army and THEN I love you. Cause you’re not a guy. #nohomo.” They’ve shown in recent years that true love isn’t always your significant other, but through the people you love and who love you back (Maleficent, Brave, Frozen, Wreck-It-Ralph, MOANA!!!! I can go on if you want.). If you don’t want a love interest that’s fine! Make it about the love and loyalty soldiers have to have in each other in order to make it through war alive. No possible homo involved. Plus, who’s gonna have the rank to stick their neck out for Mulan without Captain Shang there? Certainly not Chen, cause he’s just a recruit like Mulan. And the others can’t/won’t.

(Is STILL going on about Shang because holy crap Disney you screwed the pooch on this one…)

Shang felt respect and camaraderie with Ping when Ping was a man, and was deeply betrayed by the fact that he was actually a she. When Mulan saved all of China by personally ensuring the safety of the Emperor, she was honored by the highest power in the land. She. A. Woman. Was honored as one of China’s strongest warriors. And after, when Shang is willing to just let her walk away, to honor the fact that she is a warrior (and also because he doesn’t know how to approach this new incarnation of the person he’s trained with for months), the Emperor himself gives his blessing for him to go see her again. Shang is a fucking beautiful character, who loves his Father and wants to serve China and grows to respect the stand out new recruit (whether or not he actually develops feelings for Ping before the reveal). And you replace him with a bully who is offended by the bean pole little squirt who is standing in his way of eternal glory? Gtfuohwts.

Like I said, if you want #nohomo, then make it about the brotherhood that comes with living and training with the men around you for months. Make it about how you need to depend on each other to survive. Make it about how you can be more than what society expects of you! Keep Mulan single and still BAMF.

(Now onto something that isn’t Shang related…)

The music. The music plays the part it’s given. It’s one of the most beautiful parts of any disney movie, and all the other live action remakes have it! You can have a dark movie with beautiful music in it (Sound of Music, Sweeney Todd, Nightmare before Christmas). It would be a beautiful way to play on the emotions of the audience, to increase shock when the Army finally gets to the pass (after a song about what they want after the war to get to the destroyed mountain pass outpost), to show how Mulan feels about how lost she is, not knowing who she as a person truly is on the inside, THEGOSHDARNTRAININGSONG! (LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS. TO DEFEAT. THE HUNS.)

Mulan was always about self empowerment and the journey to find yourself as you protect the people you love. She was a small town farm girl who was supposed to be married off. Instead she steals her fathers enlistment papers (after failing to impress the matchmaker) and runs off to the front lines. She’s risking everything to be there. And you’re taking away from that by changing the things that make these movies so beautiful. Because, the honor she received, the respect of an entire kingdom, an Emperor (and the love of a good man who respects her and her abilities as a warrior) wasn’t her being chosen. It wasn’t handed to her by someone else. It was her reward for being who she is. It was her reward for her choice. It was her reward after she worked her ass off and impressed the most important person there, was disgraced, AND THEN TURNED AROUND AND IMPRESSED THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON EVER. It was her reward after she nearly gave her life three times in service to her family and country. Not because she’s the only girl in a 50 mile radius.

She earned that respect. And no bully-cum-lover will ever be a good replacement character. The songs? Fine. No love interest? Also fine. But don’t make this a “I fall in love because you’re a girl” thing. Make it like it’s supposed to be made. Hua Mulan fought to stay alive to protect her family (her crippled father) and protect her country. She earned to respect of the people around her. Don’t cheapen that.

But I digress.

The formula was perfect, and the songs would be a nice take away from what’s sure to be a dark interpretation of war. You stuck with the original stuff and were still able to make the remakes beautiful. What are you gonna do next Disney? Put white people in there? Cast a man to play Ping and a woman to play Mulan? Remove the ancestors, Mushu, and cricket? Get rid of the three dorks who grow to be Mulan’s best friends?Please.

Frequently Asked Question #1

How long did it take to lose the weight?

I try not to focus too hard on the numbers with my blog, but I thought I’d answer this since I get asked it a lot. What I’d call the “main” portion of my weight loss journey occurred over 4 college semesters (you know, back when life was measured in semesters instead of years). So, about 2 years. Between the summer of 2009 and the fall semester of 2011, I went from 312 lbs to 173 lbs.

Well, what happened between then and now?

2012-2013 was my (second, lol) senior year. Not going to lie, I just maintained. Which, I’m happy about! That’s real life! Between classes, exams, graduation, being a lab technician, planning a relocation, and more I’m 100% absolutely jazzed that I maintained that weight loss with only a few up here and a few down there. What that means is my lifestyle change was successful! It stuck! 

What about after, after that?

I moved to Michigan, which was super exciting. My boyfriend had a great job locked in, and while I was lagging a bit I picked up a grocery job right down the street to occupy my time and get at least a little cash flowing. It was a pretty labor intensive job in the produce section where it wasn’t uncommon for me to walk 8 miles by the end of my day all whilst lifting 40 lb sacks of potatoes all day. Surely I lost some weight then?

A little. I went down to 165 lbs in 2014. Even with all that movement? Well, I had a problem. Retail is really stressful. People are batshit insane and ultra-entitled. What was my problem?

Pretty frequently after an 8-hour shift, I’d shimmy up to the register on my way out with some chocolates and a tipple of wine. It’s sobering how little it takes, but this little ritual a few times a week was enough to take my daily moderate labor to -8lbs over a whole year. And, that’s nothing to really get upset about. Surely the hoisting of potatoes for 18 months did something great for my body? I had only really walked, biked, and done simple (light) weight exercises up until this point. I got a lot stronger on this job.

2015-2016 was my year for getting revved up again, though. We moved to a new apartment, I started doing freelance, and we signed up for a gym and a half marathon. I got down to my current weight. I started weight lifting and we’ve kept running. That brings us to today where I’m going to the gym 5 times a week now, lifting significantly heavier things, meal prepping like a BAMF, and training for a second half marathon. 

I know this post may beg a few more questions, but this is the “very long” version of my answer to “how long did it take to lose the weight?”

Any pace is a good pace. Always remember that both the good and bad parts of life happen. We have fun, vacations, and holidays. We have losses and upsets. You’re not racing. You’re not “locking” yourself away in a box that can only be opened later. This is real life, and it’s now. It’s not paused until you lose weight. 

anonymous asked:

Omg your writing is so pure I love it, especially the one with the children and overwatch characters! Could I get scenarios or headcanon for hanzo, genji, McCree, dad76, zenyatta, and Reinhardt doing their best to make their s/o a handmade gift? What would they make and how would it turn out? Pls and thanks! If it's too many characters you can exclude some

I’m so glad you liked the imagine about the kids! I really enjoyed writing it. It was kind of challenging since I feel I suck when it comes to things to do with kids (like writing about them and interacting with them irl)

FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKK gift hcs are so cute and pure and precious okay let me do this.

Hanzo Shimada

  • Poor Hanzo, not in touch with his own feelings sometimes, so this whole ‘sentimental handmade gift’ thing is just like—phew, a whole other ball game.
  • I mean, this guy broods on a whole other level over this and everyone is really concerned because he looks like he’s upset for like a whole week over it. You deserve nothing except absolute perfection and Hanzo is really stubborn so he’s stuck in this perpetual cycle of ‘this gift isn’t good enough’.
  • In the end he finds a way to craft an intricate ring in the shape of a dragon. It also bears the crest of the Shimada clan on it. It looks ornate, but Hanzo thinks it’s still too simple.
  • In the end he gives it to you with stumbling apologies. He knows the ring isn’t good enough for you, but really nothing would be good enough. He wanted to share with you something that was important to him and what else was more important than family and—
  • Oh, hang on a minute. “Marry me.” That seems like a much better gift right? Although it’s probably more of a gift to himself. Pfft.

Genji Shimada

  • So Genji has this shit down, son. He’s not like his brother at all.
  • His gift is a bracelet that’s made of similar materials his body is made from and woven between the twisted strands is actually strip of material that came from the cloth that’s attached to his helm.
  • The idea of the bracelet is that he’ll be with you wherever you go. You get concerned for your green cyborg ninja boyfriend, so maybe this will put your mind at ease?
  • Although oh my god what if you don’t? What if you think it’s trash because this bracelet is literally made of scrap materials? Holy shit, what if you didn’t understand? He didn’t want you to laugh at him and he didn’t want you to think that you don’t deserve really expensive things. Genji kind of loses all confidence when he’s about to give you the gift.
  • You coax him to tell you what’s up and it’s kind of funny because he blurts out the idea of the gift before you speak and then you start crying because it’s super sweet, except Genji thinks you’re really disappointed, but you’re actually super happy.
  • Its okay, smooch the cyborg boyfee and he’ll calm down.

Jesse McCree

  • Jesse is kinda chill when it comes to gifts which is kinda good because he isn’t that chill when it comes to your relationship. He’s just all over you all the time. He loves you so much, there’s nothing wrong with showing it right? Like all the time. Yeah it’s fine. Shut up, it’s not dorky.
  • But okay, when I say ‘kinda chill when it comes to gifts’ I mean like, big gifts. He’s always giving you little presents or silly things like souvenirs from different places all over the world or like candy when you feel like you really need it.
  • McCree gets his idea for your lovely gift when one day you tease him about his BAMF belt buckle. “It’s sooo dorky!” But it always makes you smile and oh boy does Jesse McCree love your beautiful smile.
  • Soooooooooooooooo he gets your very own BAMF belt buckle!
  • SURPRISE. You laugh and laugh when you see it, but it’s good natured. McCree admits that you’re probably more deserving of the title than he is, so honestly it’s okay if you have the same belt buckle that he does. But only you can wear it! Don’t you be giving it to anyone else.
  • “So d’you like it, darlin’?”
    “It’s so dorky!! I love it. Just like I love you.”
  • Aww man. He’s gotta keep you for life now. Couples that wear BAMF belt buckles together stay together, y’know!

Soldier 76

  • So 76 is all about dat practicality. So don’t expect too many gifts like jewelry or whatever. Like, if you ask for it or hint at it, he’ll get you stuff like that, but he doesn’t feel like it they’re the best gifts he can give you. But hey, if you love it, it’s great.
  • He tries to think of a practical gift for you, but it also has to be something memorable, but it’s not like the current Overwatch crew leave you wanting for stuff. Everyone loves you, so all your gear is pretty much perfect and you have what you need.
  • Honestly one of the best things he gives you is his time in private. In public, even though people know you’re together, 76 isn’t too affectionate. It doesn’t help that he puts himself on the clock most of the time, so when you get him to yourself you’re really happy.
  • One evening in his room, something compels you to try on his jacket. It’s worn, has scratches and what not, but its warm and smells like him. 76 watches you from the bed and it makes him grin. “You look good.” His comment makes you preen and you do a little spin.
  • “You can keep it.” It’s probably time he got a new one anyway.
    “Mmm, but you gotta c’mere and give me a little something too.”
  • Well, for such an awesome gift, you’re more than happy to oblige, right?

Tekhartha Zenyatta

  • Getting gifts from Zenyatta aren’t common or expected. He is a monk afterall and has the mentality of getting by with necesscities. It’s something you learn early on in the relationship and honestly it’s not that big of a bother.
  • However one day someone says something that makes you slightly upset. It’s just a silly and careless offhand comment from a nobody agent, something about how it doesn’t seem like Zenyatta appreciates you as much as he could. Honestly the agent is probably jealous that you’ve chosen Zenyatta as your significant other.
  • Still it’s not like Zenyatta can’t feel that your usual energy is out of balance. The chaos stirs in you, stronger than before and he gently prompts you to speak with him after a meditation session.
  • You apologise profusely because you know Zenyatta cares deeply for you. It’s something so profound that most people likely won’t understand your relationship if they observe it with a shallow mentality. You admit to him that you would like a gift every now and then, but you want to take the words back because it seems so materialistic.
  • Zenyatta tells you not to worry and soothes you. The agent had no right to rile you up and honestly they had no right to comment on things they didn’t understand. His words calm you right down.
  • One day he shows up with a beautifully made hairpin. There’s a small replica of one of his Orbs of Harmony that dangles delicately at the end of a chain. The pin itself has hand crafted flowers made of a gorgeous metal. It honestly brings tears to your eyes. “May it always keep you at ease, my dearest one. I will always be with you.”
  • Also Zenyatta totally finds that agent who upset you and sticks an exceptionally powerful Orb of Discord on them.

post one favorite from 11 fandoms & tag 11 people 

(Ayy thanks @/ignite-the-stars for tagging me. Plus there is no way I can pick just one)

Star Wars Rebels- Kallus (#HotKallus for Life)

Fallout 4- Nick Valentine (my pure, dorky robo dad)

Star Trek; TNG- Data & Geordi (I had to pick both they’re both precious (and in love)

Alien- Ellen Ripley (She is so rad)

Aliens- Bishop (he was so nice plus that knife thing was so cool)

Alien: Isolation- Amanda Ripley & Christopher Samuels (How can I pick between kickbutt Amanda “just like her mom” Ripley and Christopher “is pure robo-son but is scary af” Samuels?)

The Adventure Zone- Taako (I’ve actually never listened to one of their podcasts. I’ve only seen animatics and comics but it is rad.)

Criminal Minds- Spencer Reid (This poor boy deserves so much more than the bullcrap he’s going though. Just let him be happy for once!!)

Star Wars (OT)- Luke Skywalker (He is so pure but scary af, I mean have you seen his arms on Dagobah? Probably from lifting farm equipment all day) & Wedge Antilles (My kickbutt gay pilot son) [I love more in SW like Leia, Han, Lando etc. but I’ll just list two for now]

Doctor Who- 11th Doctor (cause he was the first Doctor I watched), Rory (He’s cool and nice, plus he waited like 500 years for his wife so yea), 12th Doctor (I was ok, then iffy, but now with the recent season I LOVE him), Bill (She is too cool to explain)

Watch Dogs 2- Wrench (He is so wild but secretly insecure, I love this precious bi/gay/idk boy)

KHR fanon VS DET: The Tragedy And Darkness Of Sawada Tsunayoshi

<<KHRF VS DET Part 2: The Station Location

Now that DET is over, I can FINALLY talk about how I broke a minimum of 3 fanon!Tsunas over my knee out of spite because I’m a bitter, bitter person who bathes in plot bunnies 24/7. This one is really long, because Tsuna is the main character and one of the most consistent elements in fic I’ve read.

So let’s talk about fanfic based around Tsuna’s tragic backstory.

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Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S7, Vol. 1

BACK IN IT, TO WIN IT: Deep Space Nine Season 7!!!!!

7x01 ‘Image in the Sand’
- Majel Barrett’s voice, omg, I’m home
- COLONEL. Colonel Anastasia Komananov. naahh I’m just teasing — COLONEL KIRA :D

new hair too

- Kira: “I remember when the cult of the Pah-Wraiths used to be a joke. Now those red armbands are appearing all over Bajor. It’s like everyone’s gone crazy.”
  Odo: “A lot of people feel abandoned by the Prophets.”
  Kira: “Believe me I know how they feel. But that’s no excuse to turn to hate and fear.”
  anyway it’s 2017 in America and I’m struck
- whattup I missed Miles and Julian like my own friends
- life’s ambition tbh: serving on a starship alongside Career NCO Chief O’Brien
- turns out Ben can play the piano, and it very figures. he’s currently trying to jazz out his feelings.
- I love this show like a childhood I didn’t have. how is this like, retrograde formative. I’m emosh.
- Admiral Ross: “You still think he’s coming back?”
  Kira: “Don’t you?”
  Admiral Ross: “—I’ll be in touch.” ho hoho
- Deep Space Nine is straightforward but not simple. maybe that’s the phrase I’ve been trying to put my finger on for months. because I love a lot of…kinda ornate shows? with a lot of heady stuff going on, all sorts of stylistic experimentation, blah blah blah, and Star Trek…isn’t that. but it’s STRONG. the themes and emotional resonance might be purer for being uncluttered.

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12x19 The Future

#OpinionTime I don’t get that scene. It seems out of place in that episode. Disconnected. Cass has ignored the boys for ages, and came out of blue just to give back a gift? The scene is cute but he could have just came to talk with Dean. No need for the cassette tape thingy. I like Castiel. I’m a huge fan of Team Free Will. But honestly? I don’t get the way Cass is written this season. I had hopes at the beginning. He looked back to his old self. Angel of the Lord BAMF. But now? Now, Castiel is kinda depressing. Full on “I’m a big looser” mode. He just keeps repeating the same old mistakes like he hadn’t learnt anything. I really really hope it will change in the future (no pun intended) cause Castiel deserves better and the boys too. That’s only my opinion, of course. I care a lot about the show (without any ship concern, that, I keep for fanfics) And this season leaves me confused af. The writers keep selling us “it’s all about family” but it doesn’t sound like it. Anyway, I’m gonna try to stay positive cause I trust Jared and Jensen to take care of Sam and Dean.