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;lostmyhead (m)

pairing— kim seokjin x reader x min yoongi
genre/warnings—smut, threesome, fuckboy! Seokjin, dom! Seokjin, dom! Yoongi, dicks with photo filters, dirty talk
words— 13, 332

:: summary— Kim Seokjin is the worst thing you’ve ever done, quite literally. Hooking up with him—continuously, for months, is something you regret doing. Mainly because you now have a boyfriend and have seen the error of your ways (mistake!). However, even then, you can’t seem to escape him…or say no for that matter…


→ Jin somehow convinces you and Yoongi to have a threesome with him…

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quick devlog: i’ve been making a lot of improvements to how the dog behaves during walks. notably, he behaves more poorly (and thus more interestingly imo): like the jerk dog that he is, he will now pull and drag you during walks.

basically, if the dog sees something he is *really* interested in, he’ll dash to the end of the leash and then start pulling you. when that happens you get dragged along - you can try to pull him back: that works if you’ve built up enough trust and affection with the dog, but early on in the game you’ll probably get owned more often than not, like you see above.

like most things in the game, my shiba used to do this. not that he was ever strong enough to actually bring me to the ground though

Fictional Character Analysis: INFJ

SUBMITTED by anonymous

Needless to say, the INFJ type is one that raises the a lot interest in MBTI culture … who am I kidding? They raise THE most interest in MBTI culture, but the same can’t be said for fictional portrayals of the type, which tend to be lukewarm at best. Almost never the central characters of their work and usually relegated to distant supporting character filled with tired stereotypes such as the prescient guide who supplies valuable information to the more Se-keen protagonist about their destiny and such. On the one hand I think they are much more versatile and complex than that, while on the other hand I usually fight off these “mystical” attributes constantly assigned to them and prefer to see your everyday INFJ as a very responsible, duty-bound citizen with a strong penchant for healing, philosophy and sometimes science.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): As I mentioned in the INTJ entry, Ni is a function that is practically impossible to pin down in fiction and we have to rely on the more superficial definition of it. Just as we type a ISxJ character based on the fact that they like routine, so do we type INFJs based on the fact they they know the villain’s devious plans and will guide the reluctant hero to defeat him. This doesn’t mean the character is mistyped, simply it’s a default typing of a Ni-dom. A more realistic portrayal of a Ni-Dom would be someone who constantly retreats in their head to figure out underlying implications of current matters, but again, I understand that this is hard to portray so your typical INFJ will  have to take the cliché “I sense great power in you” route.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): I sorta blame Fe for leaving fictional INFJ characters bound to the “guide” archetype. Because that’s strong Fe in a nutshell “I live to help others.” Admirable quality in real life, kinda boring in a movie. This is why the INFJ villain tends to be infinitely more interesting because they will have messed up Fe. You just have to be careful not to confuse them with their much more frequent INTJ counterparts. An INFJ villain usually has a messiah complex. They want to be recognized for changing the way people think or will think in the future, unlike the INTJ villains who just pride themselves on outsmarting people and may want to feed their selfish Fi ego. The INFJ villain can be more manipulative but usually thinks that way down the line their actions will help humanity, but for now… many people are going to have to die.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Like all J types, the lower functions are what make the INFJs more interesting and break the “uptight/responsible” mold. Whereas the INTJ character carries a plan to motion, the INFJ characters dissects things. A combination of Ni/Ti is usually why the INFJ is often seen as the most scientifically-inclined F type. For instance Lisa Simpsons’ idealistic views often being put in the back burner in favor in academic and scientific curiosity. It’s also this function that often allows both the fictional and real-life INFJ to be independent or lone wolves despite having Fe need to connect with people. 

Extroverted Sensing (Se): And just like fictional INTJs, Inferior Se is the reason why main INFJ protagonists are really hard to come by. People want to watch a main characters who are active and kicks ass, not someone who contemplates from their lair for hours on end. But it’s especially bad for the INFJ because their Fe focuses on other characters as well, making sure their their being in the middle of the spotlight is practically impossible. Fortunately, not all works of fiction are a Michael Bay-esque guns and explosion fests, so it is possible to catch a decent and more central INFJ performance every now and then if you look for it. 

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So seeing the ask regarding the translation/possible meaning of Shisui's name made me want to point out another interesting parallel. Now feel free to ignore this as I know you dislike this character but I think you might find this interesting in spite of that. In Japanese folklore Itachi (weasels) are believed to be able to hypnotize people just by looking at them. Often believed to be Yokai and are considered harbingers of a greater evil. Misfortune and despair follow in their wake.

I did know that, and - for all the shit Kishimoto pulled, he is exceptional at giving people and things ironic and/or meaningful names. It’s one of my favorite things about Naruto, tbh.


I wanted a minute to say my thanks. And I want to thank Supernatural. It feels weird thanking a TV show, but it’s so much more than that.

Because of Supernatural, I have gained so many things. Friends across the country and world I would have never talked to otherwise. People that are there for you when you needed it the most. Friends on here, and on Twitter. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of these friends, and it’s such a wonderful experience.

Supernatural also brought me the courage to write. It’s something I’ve always been interested in, but was never brave enough to attempt until I belonged to the SPNfamily. I started out slow, and filled with nerves, but it’s one of my greatest joys now.

Supernatural has also made me realize things about myself. That it’s okay to lean on others for help. That you aren’t alone. It’s pushed me out of my comfort zone (gishwhes) and I will be forever thankful for that!

So while it feels silly to be thanking a TV show, this TV show has brought so many of us together, giving us friends and meaning. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, but it is something meaningful, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of my SPNFamily!


Tagging some of my favorite peeps. But this goes for everyone!!! @mysterious-398 @amanda-teaches, @just-another-busy-fangirl, @just-another-winchester, @winchester-writes, @oneshoeshort, @abbessolute, @sgarrett49, @atc74, @captainemwinchester, @zombiewerewolfqueen and all of my followers!!

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Oooh. I wanna hear more about this cult AU. Sounds really interesting!

ok so i made a basic premise for this au. im turning it into a circus cult au now

shinguuji, who is the ringmaster, recruits/collects people that are naturally different, so to speak! like conjoined twins or synesthesia, that sort of thing. the circus is to show them off, really!

meanwhile angie, who is part of the circus but disagrees with shinguuji’s way of doing things, collects/recruits people who are more supernaturally dangerous to make her cult. she believes she can use their “god-given gifts” for the betterment of humanity.

for example, shuuichi, a cult member, has abnormally sharp teeth while kaede, a circus performer, has chromesthesia!!

if u buds have any suggestions for the rest of the class as supernaturally dangerous cult members or odd circus members, i’m open to suggestions!!

I love the idea that Morty has had special interests in science and astronomy since he was a little kid, and that Beth would sometimes tell him stories about his amazing scientist-space-traveler grandpa and he was just fascinated.

their adventires now certainly aren’t what Morty expected they would be, but they do have similar interests and get excited over the same things like interdimensional cable, minecraft, astronomy, etc.

Tinhatting conspiracy theorist crazies with mental issues

Now that I’ve got your attention, I just want to say what an incredible bunch of level headed, nice, interesting fans all of you are. Every single person that I interact with in this fandom is amazing. So many people are open to new, different and abstract thoughts and ideas. So many people welcome direct interaction and in depth conversation. I love that so many people dedicate their time and energy to celebrating beautiful things that make people happy. I love that so many people are capable of having fun yet being real when necessary. You may not be perfect but you are definitely not tinhatting conspiracy theorist crazies with mental issues. You are fun loving, creative and passionate human beings. Just like these two dags. That’s something to be proud of.

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So has Elvis explained the deleted tweet? Or are we supposed to pretend this whole fiasco never happened? Even IF D is an investor (part of agreement maybe?) it is VERY obvious that he did NOT want this to go public. I can see her going over budget and not getting the PR push she wanted & asking him for help yet again but don’t get why E is involved in any way? If he was trying to help — it didn’t work. Now I’m wondering how they are going to backpedal this? Any thoughts?

Anon, your guess is as good as mine. But my guess, just like with every other blunder or mistake, they will ignore it and pretend it did not happen.  

I think the tweet was deleted as soon as D discovered it existed and I imagine he spoke with his friend.  because it was very misleading and not only made it sound more and more like he has an ownership interest, it implied “love” and “child” two things I think he never wants associated with that woman. Plus, if the intent was to have E pretend to be as involved to take away from it being a couple’s venture that tweet completely contradicted the intent.

I would imagine after Thanksgiving (which I am anticipating to be a full PR nightmare for the entire weekend as D clearly escaped from her for a few days) E will go on to promote the bar and his involvement. Hopefully now though they will stop with the ownership nonsense.  And this will lead to the bar opening sometime around Christmas/NYE.  My guess (my poor friend I am traveling with, if this bar opens when I am in Thailand, so will be getting a play by play when we are taking internet breaks).

And for the record, if D provided a financial contribution (likely) it was part of the agreement made with her, likely in the spring, the defined the final terms and conditions of her deal and what payout was required.

How they hint that they like you

Gravity Falls

Older!Dipper Pines

- Even when he is older, Dipper still tends to be a bit shy I guess.
- He will be more subtle with how he hint to like his s/o then his sister would be
- He always tried to impress Wendy when he had a crush on her. Now, older, he’s doing the same thing but like I said more subtle. like, he tries to impress his s/o with his knowledge. If his s/o is interested in Magic he will begin to boast. Holy shit. This boy won’t shut up. Dipper will tell his s/o SO much about Magic. But he won’t tell his s/o from Gravity Falls, yet. Also, he will warn his s/o about the consequences.
“You know, if you want I can show you a book about Creatures! We…could study it together if you want?”

Older!Mabel Pines

- Mabel doesn’t really changed. She is the bubbly, lively girl with the cute sweatshirts like back then. But she got more BadAss I guess. Anyway, she won’t be very subtle abput liking her s/o
- she would totally tell them every detail of her day and asks for every detail in her s/o’s day
- wouldn’t tell her s/o about gravity falls either
- Mabel would drag her s/o everywhere she goes! Literally dragging. Like, dragging them on their shirt or something like that
“Hey s/o! Wanna go watching UFO’s at night?!”

Older!Dipper Gleeful

- I think Dipper here would be very sly. Like, does he like his s/ now or not?
- He would say some flirts things to his s/o and in the next minute he would be cold and stoic to them like he is to everyone.
- That guy would use any excuse to touch his s/o hair. Wether it be that there is something in their hair or that they look like a total mess.
- He wouldn’t  allow anyone near his s/o he doesn’t like or seems to like HIS s/o. He is a bit overprotective I guess
“There is a Leaf in your hair…let me remove it for you..”

Older!Mabel Gleeful

- That gurl. She would totally claim her s/o in an instant!
- Like, where ever her s/o goes. She is going with them no matter what!
- Will give everyone a glare who is just glancing at them
- She will give everyone her attitude but she will be like an angel to her s/o
“What do you think about my new dress, my dear?”

PROJECT: Hunters

The Vigilante

> I frown.

> Data feeds indicate three deaths in the last three days, all clustered in Substructure 43. A janitor, a peacekeeper, and a renowned digi-artist - interesting spread. No known personal connections. No known reasons for being in the area. Yet their corpses were found there regardless.

> I swipe a hand across the feed, calling up the image gallery. It’s supposed to be restricted - but then again, breaking into peacekeeper data is the least illegal thing I’ve done. Stills of each death scroll across the feed.

> In every one, a single digital flower can be seen.

> Biometrics chime in my ear, indicating elevated pulse. It’s been years since I last saw him - but now he’s finally made his first appearance since escaping from PROJECT. Knowing his particular style, he’s planned a fourth death for tonight.

> Not if I can help it.

> I kill the feeds and head for the garage. PROJECT and G/Netic can wait. This one is all mine. 

The Cop

>> I grin.

>> Looks like that tip-off was right after all. She’s on the move, speeding out from her little bolt hole on that tremendously inefficient motorcycle of hers. Translocation would have been faster - but then again, if she’d have been so foolish as to install a translocater in her hideout, we would have found her years ago.

>> I direct the peacekeeper drone to follow her from a distance, hoping that it can keep on her despite having the floodlight off. No sense in letting her know that I know - and no sense in having her shoot down the drone. With that done, I step away from the console and towards the nearest translocation pad.

>> People always think they can get away with breaking the law, but vigilantes are the worst of the bunch. They think what they do is right - and it might be - but it isn’t just. That’s for us to decide. And no matter how good she thinks she is, she’s no match for me.

>> I hesitate briefly before the pad. Backup might be nice to have on this one, but they’d probably be more trouble than they’re worth.

>> Besides, I’m my own backup.

The Artist

4: I /w4it/.

4: The tip would gu4r4ntee th4t the Enforcer would come. No possibility exists for her to ignore 4 ch4nce to c4pture her greatest qu4rry - just 4s no possibility exists for her to know wh4t I h4ve done. She is brut4l, but not subtle - and in this show, subtlety is /everything/.

4: The Hunter knows wh4t I h4ve done. She sees my work 4nd thinks to stop it before it is complete. Little does she know that she is to be 4 p4rt of the show - the l4st performer before the curt4in f4lls. She comes for me, but the Enforcer’s  4rriv4l will ensure th4t I h4ve the /edge/.

4: 4udio receptors recognize the sounds of the tr4nsloc4tion port4l firing, 4nd the whine of 4 single-engined vehicle. I dr4w my we4pons, check the pl4cement of tr4ps, and stride out into the spotlight 4t the center of the /Substructure/.

4: 4nd now, the curt4in /rises/…

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is it normal to start disliking dresses/skirts/ makeup and stuff like that as you realize you are a lesbian? i don't know how to word this but i barely ever wore that stuff and i was indifferent to it but after coming to terms with my lesbianism they just feel like physically uncomfortable? like i'm not femme and i don't really know if i'm butch but? idk is this weird

i don’t think that’s weird! it could be that now that you’ve realized you have no interest in men, you’re not interested in wearing things that they find attractive


Summary: Reader and the Avengers have finished a big mission. Bucky is having a hard time again getting back into the groove of things. Reader is up to help him.

A/N: Some mention of depression, anxiety, and self-harm (also Thor and Bruce would be in Asgard during all this- sorry for the no mention of them.)

Originally posted by xmidnight-moonlightx

“Good job everyone, now let’s take a well deserved kip.” Clint joked around, getting on the big quinjet.

“Tell the family we said hi.” You said giving him a hug. He nodded as you pulled away and watched him head back to his home. 

It was always interesting going back to waiting for another mission. Especially for you, because unlike Peter who had school to get back to, Nat and Steve who had recruits to train, Sam who had veterans to help memtally, Tony made more inventions, obviously Clint had his family, and even Wanda had found a place with Vision you would always end up back in a place that S.H.I.E.L.D had set-up as a shelter.

This time though, you noticed Bucky wondering off somewhere away from everyone. Usually you didn’t get involved with him, seeing as he was still a bit out of it. Everyone else was still saying their goodbyes so you left unnoticed and followed the long haired old man. 

“So what’re you gonna do you now?” You asked catching up to him.

“What?” He asked, taking in your presence.

“What’s the plan now? Back to cryo or are you gonna go see the world?” You asked him, he chuckled a bit and then sat on the floor. Confused, but not wanting to leave him like that, you sat besides him.

“You’re a good fighter, you should stay with Nat and Steve.” He said looking over at his friends.

“I’m new that’s all. This gets to everyone eventually. It isn’t war but it’s just as traumatizing.” You said with a small scoff, then looked at your feet not sure what else to say.

“You’re too young for that kid.” Bucky said giving you a sad smile.

“Wanna come with me? I got a safe house up in Washington state, it’s always calm and rainy. You could get your head straight,” you said knowing he probably needed it.

‘Sure, why not.” He said looking over at you.

So it was settled and in a couple of hours you found yourself on a plane watching a movie about dalmatian puppies and a crazy lady. When you’d arrived in Washington, he was taken by surprise. He never knew the ocean and mountains connected the way they did here. Being only in east coast and Europe most of the time, the world seemed different elsewhere. However, Washington was cloudy and cool. Something that he was used to.

Days passed with the help of movies and good coffee. He was like a big brother to you. Little by little stories about the past were shared. There were trips to farmers markets and thrift stores. Trinkets and new furnishings filled the once empty space of the safe house. One day the comfort was shifted by a bad memory that led to an anxiety attack. Bucky wasn’t all that sure what to do but he sat beside you holding you tight.

“Sorry it usually isn’t that bad.” You said once it’d passed, your eyes stinging from tears.

“It’s alright, just what happened?” He asked softly.

“Just bad memories and thoughts too quick to process. It happens sometimes, becoming part of this team meant losing family. All ties cutoff, I had to protect them from this.Then knowing people are after you. I like to act like a crazy person on missions, maybe it’s because I get to get away with being insane. Helps to lower the worry,” you said with a shrug.

“well, I’m here if you need somebody to listen. I know how you feel, sometimes being in that chair made me feel better. I felt like I deserved to be electrocuted after killing the people I did. When I started  remembering, the guilt ate at me. This life is one I never wanted, but the one I have.” He said.

“i was never electrocuted but I’ve done things to myself that I’m not proud of. You just get so low some days that even Stark’s sarcasm doesn’t work on making you feel something else but gray. But like you said, I’m here for you as long as you’re here for me and maybe this’ll day down a twinge.” You said giving him a small smile.

“Maybe it will,” he said holding you closer as you sighed.

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The fact that you know where Byron lives, What pet he has, What his children look like, what their names and ages is extremely creepy. Why do you need to know this? its almost like your trying to be apart of their family as Dylans "spiritual hippy dippy girlfriend" The Klebold family would be creeped the fuck out by you if they met you and found out about this blog. Being interested and knowing a lot about Dylan is one thing but knowing a lot about a person who is not notorious for anything anot

It’s not that I need to know it, it’s just that I know it (for reasons I’m not about to go into) and people have asked. The fact that you’ve (apparently) spent a fair amount of time on my blog reading it enough to know various detailed information about the Klebolds should by your own judgmental standards make you feel kinda creepy about your own self, now shouldn’t it? 

Look. No one here is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to stay and read my blog and yet..and yet. you’ve spent considerable time doing so.  If you don’t like what I do then leave. Simple as that.  Go visit blogs that have the standard general information that can be found anywhere if that’s what floats your boat, doesn’t threaten you or ‘creep you out’. 

(Un-)Beloved creatures

Author: lilyme (aka. redslilstories aka me ;))
Summary: A school project for Thanksgiving reveals a secret long kept.
Characters: Callie/Arizona; Sofia
Rating: K
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show “Grey’s Anatomy”. They were created by Shonda Rhimes and belong to her and the ABC network. No copyright infringement intended!All mistakes are mine.

Author’s notes: Oh, and Happy Turkey Day!

“Knock, knock,” she announced her presence with a smile as she entered her daughter’s room. “Hey, sweetie, how are things coming along?”

The kids in Sofia’s class had to do a report on a topic related to Thanksgiving. And Sofia had picked turkeys. She had already finished drawing an exemplar of this species on a big poster. And now she was researching in a book for some interesting facts about the bird and its emergence as part of the Thanksgiving tradition which she wanted to put all around the picture of her gobble gobble.

“Good!” the little brunette returned, looking up from the notes she was taking. “Did you know that the turkey’s head changes color depending on its mood?”

“Oh? No, I didn’t,” Arizona confessed, as she walked further into the brightly painted room and took a look at the bird Sofia had designed. “Well, yours looks pretty happy, I’d say,” she made a move to pretend-tickle the colorful animal. She didn’t know how happy would look on this creature, but whatever. Any bird drawn by Sofia had to be a happy bird.

“I think he is,” Sofia agreed, proud of her depiction of the animal.

“So, what else did you learn?” Arizona wondered and sat down on the edge of the third-grader’s desk. Sofia always insisted on doing her homework herself – and was being very successful at it. But still they checked on it, of course, to see if she might need help after all.

“Well, they have two stomachs. They have really good eyes and can see far more colors than we do. And every year the President pardons one on Thanksgiving, which is pretty cool”.

“Um-hm,” the blonde nodded along the information the little student was presenting with such enthusiasm.

“And President Lincoln’s son actually had a pet turkey at the White House,” she concluded, suddenly her eyes becoming wide as her mind really took the time to work on this fact. “Mommy, can we have some turkeys? For our garden?”

“Can we have what as what?” an incredulous voice could be heard from outside the room, and seconds later Callie appeared in the doorway, carrying a laundry basket.

“Well, Sofia seems to be entertaining the thought of having some turkeys as pets,” Arizona repeated the idea with a shrug as she positioned herself behind Sofia’s chair. From her expression one could tell the blonde was fairly intrigued by the proposal.

Which was not surprising, since… “What is it with you two and birds?” Callie’s voice portrayed a nervousness that seemed strange to the other girls in the room. “Your mom once said she wanted chicken as pets,” the older brunette explained to Sofia, who immediately craned her neck to look at the blonde with excited eyes.


The other woman remembered that one time she had let her then girlfriend of a little over a year in on her secret wish. Sadly then differentiating opinions on a very crucial topic had entered their world and had temporarily pulled them apart before the topic of chicken ever could be brought up again.

In retrospect, their baby discussion seemed surreal now. And despite how everything had happened, Arizona could not for one second imagine her life without Sofia now.

She shared a brief look with Callie, portraying she knew exactly, which moment her wife was referring to, before she leaned down to give excited Sofia a loving kiss on the forehead. “Really”.

“Chicken are cool too,” Sofia smiled into the caress.

“So, I guess now we just have to see what Mama likes better, and then maybe we’ll have some animals soon”, Arizona concluded and they both focused their attention on Callie… who busied herself with the folding of socks. “Callie?” she lured, when the brunette didn’t react to them in whatever way.

“Can’t we have… a more normal pet?” the woman in question finally suggested hesitantly, her pout evidence that she wasn’t really down with the other choices.

She was okay with a pet or even several, really. They had had this discussion a few months ago already. With Sofia now being old enough to look after an animal by herself to some extent, they had figured it could be a good opportunity for her to learn some responsibility.

However, birds had never been one of the proposals until now. And Callie had been pretty glad about it.

Arizona chuckled at the brunette’s remark about getting a ‘normal’ animal as pet, unaware of the true reason for her objection. Instead she returned, “Says the woman who had a pet ferret as a kid”.

And by a comment simple as that, Sofia once more found herself surprised by a detail revealed by her parents.

“Well, it’s just…,” Callie wanted to argue with the girls and their convincing arguments. Under any other circumstances, birds wouldn’t be a problem… probably. But… “I’m afraid of birds, okay?” she finally confessed in a low voice, her eyes finding the yellow and red-dotted pair of socks squeezed in her hands very interesting. “Aria’s stupid cockatiel bit my hand pretty badly when I was five. And I’ve tried to avoid birds ever since,” she elaborated, sounding every bit like her five year old self.

And the bigger the bird, the worse it got. So… turkeys… were really the last thing she wanted anywhere near her.

“What?” Arizona exclaimed, all the teasing having disappeared from her voice. “We’ve known each other for more than ten years, and this is the first time you mentioned this,” she moved towards Callie and caressed her arm to soothe her.

“Well, it never came up,” Callie countered. “Plus, it always made me feel a little embarrassed. I mean, who’s afraid of birds, right?”

“Aww, honey, there is no need to,” the blonde reassured and kissed the brunette on the still pouting lips.

Callie smiled at this and even more so when Sofia came running over for a comfort cuddle as well.

“So, okay, no turkeys or chicken or any feathered animal for us. Agreed?” Arizona asked and earned nods all around.

“Bunnies, maybe?” Sofia suggested.

“That I could live with,” Callie returned in relief.

“Um…,” Arizona suddenly remarked and bit her lip with panicked eyes. And the two brunettes felt that there was yet another unforeseen story to come…


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Do we have an actual age for Sun at all? As of now we only have an idea that he might be an older student? So he'd likely be anywhere between 17-21 right? Honestly just for decency's sake I'd prefer if he was 17/18 at the time of meeting Blake. God I hate love interest with unconfirmed ages to characters who are barely 18 it leads to all sorts of uncomfortable things. And idk if that's just me or if others feel the same.

Anonymous said:

To add to my previous anon I’m only bringing this up because I saw someone headcanon Sun as being 21 and I got really uncomfortable because of the whole thing with Blake. I’m certain Sun is close to Blake’s age and its a ship I like despite the bs RT has pulled so I just want his age confirmed so people will stop making him uncomfortably older then Blake..

well it’s been a year in-universe, so 18 at the youngest - but no, we don’t have an actual age

and yeah, i mean it’s already creepy enough that because i think the closest we’ve got to a confirmed age for Adam was from cast commentary in volume 3, thinking he’s around 23 (which makes sense given his leadership position) - meaning that when Sienna took over the White Fang and Blake left her parents 5 years prior to the series (so Blake could’ve been anywhere between 11 and 13), Adam would have almost been or already was an adult. and we don’t know when that ‘relationship’ started, but Adam would’ve definitely been an adult by that point. so Paedo Taurus is something Blake has already dealt with

to almost immediately follow that up in-universe with a drastically older student following her around and not respecting her space or privacy is… well it doesn’t make Sun’s actions look any better if he is a few years older than her, let’s put it that way (it also makes his lack of teamwork skills and mediocre fighting performance really weird - as does the fact that he’s continually hanging around younger students instead of students in his own year group)

especially as some of Sun’s behaviours, because it seems that not much thought has gone into how they look in context, come off as red flags to similar behaviours Adam has exhibited in his limited screentime (being dismissive of Blake’s concerns/feelings, not accepting responsibility for his actions and finding a way to pin blame on someone else, etc.). nothing about Sun’s behaviour is inherently abusive so far, i have to strongly emphasise that - his actions have definitely been creepy, invasive and harassing, but they’re not at the point of abuse yet - but with the context that Adam has shown similar behaviour, it makes it look like Blake is falling into old patterns because the behaviour is familiar and Adam’s influence warped her perception of what the limits of acceptable behaviour actually are, and that’s obviously not a good thing for a character who is still recovering from her trauma at the hands of her abuser

my brain is overwhelmed with stories i want to tell

like i want to write four at the same time???? what the fuck???

first one is of course, the famous olicity home verse that i’ve been writing since 2014 and now it’s on its way of being rewritten

then i started to write this kastle fic about the aftermath of the punisher s01 and how karen plays the central role in frank’s after life he builds for himself

but, ofc between these two ideas, i get the inspiration to outline a new version of time can be rewritten (once in a while) because clearly i cannot write a s03!oliver anymore cause it’s too close to whom oliver used to be in s02. no i have to go further and make things interesting to everyone instead of just doing a different version of a story that has been told a few times

and you ask, isn’t it enough? three ideas that will last at least 6 months to work it out

and i tell you: FUCKING NO

cause now i need also to write a frank pov character study about the two great loves of his life: maria and karen - cause you know what? deep and all encompassing love is not just an once in a life time event, some people are lucky enough to get two and i do believe frank is one of those lucky ones. (also there are people who are really unlucky and never experience this kind of feeling, that can burn someone from the inside out. and i really need to talk about it.

There’s this guy at work that I think has a thing for me because he asked my best friend if I was single like a month ago and he knows that I’m single now… and I really hope he doesn’t ask me out because he’s so not my type and I’m not interested and I don’t want to have to awkwardly be like “… no thank you”. >.< Ugh. Actually there are 2 guys that have a thing for me at work that both know I’m single… Think it would be appropriate to say “Thank you but I don’t date co-workers” if either of them asks me out? 

Calling Artists For Project!

So, after quite some time, we’ve all the voice-actors we need for the time being. At least all of the main. But now, to really get the project started and going, we would need artist for some visuals. 
Please, if you’re interested, send some of your artwork as preview, and tell a bit about you’re art experience. We’re quite in need of artist, so please. But one thing we would prefer, at least have experince of atleast a year.
You can send them to my mail to the projects gmail

If you’ve any questions, please feel free to ask!