now that is a telling name

There’s a lesson to be learnt here today:

If you threaten to kill yourself because I won’t unban you from a chatroom…

…it won’t work.

On a very related note, you really really don’t want to go anywhere near a user named Blazsword. I’m not one for “calling people out” and starting witchhunts, but he’s been spamming me and my girlfriend for hours now with such gems like: 

Which is pretty much why he was banned from the chatroom in the first place.

Blaz, buddy, if you’re reading this, this isn’t how you make friends. I was happy just removing you from my chatroom. Now I’m having to tell people to actively avoid you so you don’t do the same to them. Notice how you’ve made a bad situation much much worse?

No, probably not.

Something I haven’t specifically seen anyone else mention so far that I really like about the Tangled Series.

“I’ve Got a Dream” portrayed Big Nose as a hopeless romantic, which is all well and good, but he’s also a thug. I think the series does a really good job of balancing the aspects of his personality. When Eugene shows him the ring he’s planning to propose to Rapunzel with, Big Nose’s response is, “Nice.” Not the kind of reaction you’d expect a hopeless romantic to have. Yet, he writes poetry for and about Asunta (yay, she has a name now! I hope we get to see more of her!), in which he declares his love a secret, at least in the title (”Can You Keep a Secret? I Love You”).

It’s possible that he’s still not comfortable showing his softer side. Rapunzel is often the exception for people, bringing things out in them that they aren’t willing to tell anyone else about. She was for Eugene, for Maximus, for all the other thugs in the Snuggly Duckling. I’m really appreciating that they don’t think everyone who she’s come across has had a complete 180 in personality. It’s really realistic to have them maintain the core personalities they’ve been living with for years.

Good job, Crew!

(As an aside, I think it’s sweet that the guys ask Big Nose about his relationship.)

Day 1- 31 Days of Trans Visibility

Make yourself known. Tell the world your name, age, and how you identify. Post a picture of yourself.

I’m starting this when March is almost over because I do not like posting pictures of myself so I put it off. :P

Anyway, I’m Francis, a 26 year old bisexual nonbinary trans man/demiguy. I use they/them or he/him pronouns. (Also this is VERY hard to type with my kitten climbing on me demanding I pet her RIGHT NOW.)

Hey, new afternoon driver of the mostly empty bus I catch to go back home. A word.
I don’t mind chatting. At all. Okay, I may be more willing to chat when I’m not just off work and clearly listening to music to unwind, but okay. You’re in a chatty mood, so I’ll pull out my earbuds, tell you my name, and chat. 

But chatting is one thing. Having to sit through a fucking interrogation on my love life or lack thereof is another. And so is getting a complete stranger whose name I didn’t know until five minutes earlier questioning my life choices.

No, I do not want a relationship. No, I am not going to change my mind. No, I do not need a complete fucking stranger to tell me how well he has figured me out.

So don’t get surprised that I now board the bus, listen to music while looking out of the window the whole time, ignore any attempt you make at being heard over said music, and say nothing more than “hi” and “bye”.

No, it’s not “because you’re black”.
It’s because you’re fucking obnoxious.

TalesFromYourServer: I'm beginning to hate what makes me unique...

This isn’t a story, but rather just an observantion from working in the industry for a few years.

Customers love to point out the obvious. The chatty ones really want to talk about whatever stupid thing immediately pops into their head at the time. I have an old Irish name that doesn’t line up with how English phonetics work. This is a topic I have to talk about at least twice during every single one of my shifts. I use to love my name, but now I’ve heard every Tom, Dick, and Harry’s opinion on it and it’s driving me crazy. Some people think it’s pretty. Some think it’s weird. EVERYONE has to tell me about their last/eventual trip to Ireland. I just hate talking about it now.

One of my coworkers is Japanese and we live in a snallish town full of mainly white folks. She gets similar treatment. “Where are you from?” “I LOVE Japan”. She’s starting to crack, too. Everyday the same conversation.

I’m at the point where I’m afraid to try anything new aesthetic wise, because I don’t want to have to talk about it with any of our many regulars.

I’m burning out.

By: tgrdem

Re-watching Joker Game: Ep 12 XX Double Cross

So, as I proposed a re-watching, here I go continuing on doing the re-watching. Hopefully someone else will join! ^_-

Also, hopefully there’s someone out there that read all this stuff… as I know it’s pretty long… shame on me for analyzing things too in deep…

Mind you, what follows are my ramblings over Ep 12, comprehensive of my impression on how the frames were structured and so on with some occasional reference to the other Joker Game media.

Also, for personal comfort, I’ll use the characters’ names even if the anime hasn’t stated them yet. In short, as this is a re-watching and not a first watching, you’ll also get a telling that’s mixed with my knowledge of the future. Consider yourself warned.

And now, let’s start.

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Duece is the owner of Club Fuego. His real name is Noel, at least that’s what he told me. He said it was a secret and not to tell anyone. He got real comfortable with me real quick. One thing led to another and we live together now. I’ve only been here a year and three months. I’m his “favorite” because he knows that I can’t say no to him. Not because I don’t want to, but because I’m not allowed to.

Noel: Are you listening?

Journey: Huh? Oh, sorry. What did you say?

Noel: {sighs} We’re two girls short. I need you to do lap dances tonight.

Journey: But-

Noel: I’ll buy you something nice. Now, be a good girl and go make my money.


call for submissions: indige•zine issue #3 spring: rebirth: renewal

in honor of the warmth & life this season brings, we are looking for all things spring, rebirth, and renewal. share with us your original artwork, songs, poetry, selfies, and even recipes for fresh spring dishes. tell us what spring and renewal means to you, to your indigenous communities, and to indian country as a whole. think green, blossoming and sunny!

indige•zine will be taking submissions from now until april 25th. please send us your work at with a brief bio (your name, your nation, what you do). shonabish!

The Great Wall (2017)

hello everybody. Bonafide Chinese person, here, raised in a Chinese household with Chinese parents born on the mainland, to talk about This Movie

First things first, GO FUCKING SEE IT. This movie is a work of art and you’ll encourage more diversity in Hollywood by supporting a Chinese director and production team. SHOW people that we want diversity by making this movie a hit.

Now I’m going to tell you why you’re going to go see it, and hopefully I won’t get arrested. I don’t remember any of the names except that Matt Damon was Williams something or other. They aren’t really important.

  1. I’ll put your first worries at ease. Matt Damon does not save the day. The badass lady in the blue armor does. But Matt Damon does help in a major way. He is the main character, after all.
  2. There are a total of 10 white people in the movie. Only 3 play a substantial part, and only 2 survive.
  3. The movie states right at the beginning that it’s based off a legend. Stop being snarky about the wall keeping out the Mongols.
  4. No romance.
  5. Speaking of the lady in the blue, she’s commander of a squad of leaping warrior women. Holy fucking shit, am I right?

I am in no way a film critic, so I can’t comment on the movie’s general quality. But please please go see it. I can answer any questions in private you might have, just send me an ask. Also, do everybody a favor and hit reblog for me.

I’ve been thinking about this scene again (constantly since Wedensday tbh) and then I thought:

What if Victor looks so confused here because Yuuri is actually speaking Japanese now that he’s really drunk and can’t even tell the difference between languages?

What’s interesting is that when Yuuri speaks here

he reverts back to his Kyushu/Saga accent (dialect?). It’s not something you can translate but it’s totally there if you understand Japanese. Mind you, you can’t do a Japanese dialect in English (and it’s assumed that they communicate in English) which means that Yuuri would indeed have to be speaking Japanese here.

So the initial surprise when Victor hears this

isn’t necessarily Victor being stunned at the request. If anything, it’s him going “What in the name of the Lord is this boy saying?”

Need more proof?

It’s only after Yuuri asks him in English

that Victor’s expression changes to this

and suddenly everything makes sense.

Mastering The Elements

Professor (Flitwick… probably): “Good afternoon class! Today we will be learning how to manipulate the elements. Before we begin, it is important to understand each element and how it relates to the others. Now who can tell me the 4 basic elements?”

Slytherin: “Water”

Hufflepuff: “Earth”

Gryffindor: “Fire”

Ravenclaw: “Air”

Professor: “Very good. Now…”

Gryffindor: “Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.”

Ravenclaw: “Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished.”

*students: “what is happening?”*

Slytherin: “A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named Aang.”

Hufflepuff: “And although his airbending skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he’s ready to save anyone.”

The 4 students in unison: “But I believe Aang can save the world.”


Professor: “Well done! You are the first group of students to recite it perfectly. I liked how all of you said the last line together. 10 points to each house. Simply wonderful.”

🍰 Cake Shop Asks 🍰

Cheesecake: What is your favourite sweet treat?

Pound Cake: A picnic on a summer’s day with all your favourite treats or a rainy day in a cozy coffee shop with a book?

Chocolate Fudge Cake: What song can always make you dance/feel good?

Strawberry Shortcake: Name five of your favourite fictional characters.

Vanilla Cake: How do you spend a lazy, rainy day?

Coconut Cake: A lazy, beautiful tropical paradise or a busy, wondrous city?

Angelfood Cake: Tell us a cringey childhood story. 

Chocolate Cake: What was the last movie you saw? Did you enjoy it? Why?

Red Velvet Cake: Name your ultimate guilty pleasure. 

Ice-cream Cake: What is your go-to ice-cream order (toppings included!)?

Princess Cake: Name some of the things you wanted to be when you grew up. 

Fairy Cake: If you could live in one imaginative land (eg: from a book, movie, etc), where would it be and why?

Mooncake: What is your Chinese zodiac sign (eg: Year of the Rooster, etc)? 

Carrot Cake: What does someone have to do to get you to be their friend? 

Birthday Cake: What is on your birthday wishlist? 

Victorian Sponge Cake: You are at a shop that sells body lotions, soaps, shower gel, etc in lots of different smells. What scented lotion do you get?

Lemon Cake: What/who makes you smile the most? 

Coffee Cake: How do you usually take your coffee/tea? 

Italian Cream Cake: Name five of your top travel destinations.

ok so, moist is my favorite discworld character. i love the guy, he’s just swell.

thing is, i’m not a native english speaker. even though i know and understand that ‘moist von lipwig’ is probably the weirdest name ever conceived, i just don’t fully get the full effect.

but today i checked to see what he’s called in the spanish version, and lemme tell you, seeing 'húmedo von mustachen’ has taken like 15 years of my life and now i want to die.

Just say it and let her know what you feel towards her. Don’t let what ifs and regrets haunt you. Tell her that her smiles light up your world. Tell her that her eyes are the kindest you’ve ever seen and it’s your favorite among others. Tell her that whenever she laughs after you cracked a joke, it gives you a heavenly feeling. Tell her that whenever it rains, you remember her name and every stardust she made. Tell her that her simple gestures brighten up your gloomy day. Tell her that you are ready to paint her empty canvas with colors she haven’t seen before. Tell her you adore her and you’re ready to walk your entire lifetime with her. Tell her that she’s the reason why you have stopped counting your years. Tell her every single star in your chest, you adore her. And she’s the reason why you’re happy now.
—  E.J. Cenita

On Feb. 20, 1962, John Glenn blasted off into space and became the first American to orbit the Earth. Behind the scenes, thousands of engineers and mathematicians worked tirelessly to make NASA’s Friendship 7 mission a success. Historical photos show them as white men in crisp white shirts and ties — but we now know there’s more to that picture.

In her book Hidden Figures, author Margot Lee Shetterly gives name and voice to the African-American women who worked as human “computers” in the space program. Now, just a few months after the book was published, a new movie is also telling that story. (The film rights were optioned just a couple weeks after Shetterly got her book deal.) As mathematicians and engineers, these women made incalculable contributions to the space program — and the fact that they were African-Americans working in the segregated South makes their stories even more remarkable.’

‘Hidden Figures’ No More: Meet The Black Women Who Helped Send America To Space

Photo: Bob Nye/Courtesy NASA Langley
Caption: According to NASA, Mary Jackson “may have been the only black female aeronautical engineer in the field” in the 1950s. Singer and actress Janelle Monae plays her in the film
Hidden Figures.

A Little Too Drunk Starters:
  • “Oh, HELL no! Not in MY bed!”
  • "We watched some horror movie.. I think it’s called, ‘the Teletubbies..’?”
  • “Pants are just an illusion.”
  • “Shut the fuck up a pikachu onesie does so suit me.”
  • “Hey, man, I hate to tell you this, but I think your dog’s cheating on you..”
  • “Hey, the cat crashed your car.”
  • “I thought today was your birthday, so I rented a bouncy house, but then I remembered it isn’t, so now we have a bouncy house.”
  • “It’s not a mattress, it’s my kingdom and you are encroaching on it.”
  • “[NAME]’s a VIP at that one strip club….. What’s it called again… 'Golden Corral’?”
  • “I’m bleeding?!”
  • “I have to tell you a secret…”
  • “You think it’s important that I lost my shirt?! You think it’s important?! I’LL TELL YOU WHAT’S IMPORTANT!!! CALLIOU CAN’T FUCKIN’ TIE HIS SHOES!!!”
  • “I need at least seven sweet and sour sauces or I’m fucked.”
  • “I was pretending to be a ninja and the blade of the knife just flew right off and broke the window.”
  • “Look, man, I didn’t mean to pee on you.”
  • “Thanks for letting me room with you… By the way, vodka makes me gassy.”  
  • “You want to go to Taco Bell?”
  • “I lost [NAME]. Have you seen them?”
  • “Wow, you look so much better when I’m drunk. You should try it more often.”
  • “Hello, 911? Are you still awake?”
  • “Jesus told me to do it.”
  • “I’m really sorry I’m so creepy everybody…”
  • "This is awful. I am inventing electricity, and you look like an asshole.”
  • “How many nutrients do you think there are in dog biscuits? I already ate, like five.”
  • “Hamsters have feelings, too..”
  • “Who convinced me to come here?”
  • “The dog looked so lonely.. So I took it home.”
  • “Look at all this snow. Imagine if it was sand, but still cold. No wait, warm snow. Man, that’d be cool..”
  • “You’re not very hot, but maybe after another beer or two..”
Hospital Starters
  • [ Requested by Anon about a week ago. Warnings for blood, suicidal thoughts, and medical stuff. Thanks! : ]
  • "Hey, you're awake!"
  • "Where am I?"
  • "You hit your head. There was so much blood that I got scared."
  • "Don't try to get up. You're safe here."
  • "I hate this place..."
  • "How could you do this to yourself?"
  • "The world didn't give me a choice, and now, I'm suffering even more!"
  • "You really came..."
  • "I told you I would be here when you woke up."
  • "How many tests did they do on you?"
  • "If I wasn't drugged up, I could tell you the names of every test they do in this place."
  • "When are they going to let you leave?"
  • "They said that I'll be here for a few days. Maybe a week."
  • "What happened to you? You have so many things sticking out of you."
  • "That's what happens when you're dying."
  • "It's probably time to change those bandages..."
  • "You aren't in pain, are you?"
  • "You were in an accident. You almost didn't make it."
  • "That would explain why I feel terrible."
  • "I thought you were dead..."
  • "I'm not dead, am I?"
  • "I didn't know it was this bad..."
  • "I may not live much longer..."
  • "I'm dying..."
  • "You can't die! There has to be something they can do!"
  • "I'm too far gone for any surgery to fix me."
  • "I want you to know that I'll miss you most."
  • "Don't say that! I don't like it when you talk like this..."
  • "I just want it to happen so I don't have to think about it all the time."
  • "I wanted to say goodbye to you one more time."
  • "If you don't get some sleep, I'm going to hit this button and tell a nurse you're bothering me."
  • "Don't abuse that call button!"
  • "You know that button only works every five seconds, right?"
  • "Maybe if I push it hard enough, more will come out."
  • "I get to come home today."
  • "Did you fill out the release forms yet?"
  • "They hooked me up with a bunch of prescriptions. I'm gonna be high as a kite."

*Justice League Conference Room*

Clark: Alright, now that we have finished up those few items, I have one last thing on the agenda. We received a video resume from a young man with an interest in joining the league.

Ollie: We accept video resumes?

Clark: Not generally, but because he has trained with and worked alongside Batman, I figured we could make an exception.

Bruce: *Stoic silence*

*Video begins to play*

Jason: *In Bruce’s hot tub with his helmet on and a large Margarita in hand* Hi there, my name is Jason Todd. And I’m here to tell you why I would make an amazing addition to the Justice League…

*Five minutes later*

Diana: What does he mean by his fighting style is… “Arya Stark with guns”?

Bruce: *Groans*