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Smiley & Frowny

While browsing the interwebs, I had a random thought come to me that ended up working out really well, to the point where I think this parallel was intentional. 

We all remember Future Boy Zoltron right? Most people, including myself, didn’t find much in this episode when it first aired, but I’ve found something extremely relevant now. 

Quick recap: Steven breaks Mr. Smiley’s fortune telling machine and spends a day telling fortunes to make up for it. He meets a sad man named Mr. Frowny, who repeatedly asks uncomfortable and personal questions about himself and someone else. It is eventually revealed this person is Mr. Smiley and that they’ve been separated for some years. 

I’m lead to believe that these two characters parallel Lapis and Peridot’s relationship in the show right now. Here’s the proof. 

Even on stage he was always sad. Nothing would cheer him up. Not even a packed house, not a standing ovation, not even me. But boy did I try.

This sure does this sound similar to a certain green gem.

Lapis was very agitated when you were on Homeworld. I was bending over backwards to make her feel better.

Peridot reveals in Raising The Barn, and through other actions she has done in the show, that she often takes things too far and felt a duty to try and fix Lapis. She constantly is trying to distract her, feels a need to lie about her feelings, and almost leaves Earth just so Lapis could be happy. But this was something Peridot couldn’t do without Lapis trying. Reminiscent of how Mr. Smiley always tried to make Mr. Frowny feel better, but to no avail. 

You said you were always trying to make him happy. Did he even know that he was making you sad?

Again, relevant. 

Peridot gave up a lot of her own happiness, thoughts, and feelings to try to appease and fix Lapis. But by doing this, it made her extremely frustrated, and deepened some of her darker aspects.

And just a general sense of complete hopelessness I tend to deal with on a day to day basis.

Now while I don’t think the root cause of Peridot’s depression was Lapis, her situation certainly exacerbated these feelings in Peridot. It was not healthy to devote so much attention, and in turn, was making Peridot sad too for she was not caring for herself.

That’s the bulk of the theory. I could draw a few more lines between the comedy duo and wacky barn mates deal they had going on, but this post should make the similarities obvious enough. 

The short lived reunion of Smiley and still sad Frowny highlights the fact that Peridot and Lapis cannot mend their relationship before they take a look at themselves, especially Lapis. Make your own conclusions about the ending, but I’ve said what I needed to say and thanks for reading. 

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The beauty supply I worked at closed permanently two months ago. I recently got a Facebook message from one of our old customers (who is a man much older than I) asking where I'm working now. I never gave that creep my name to find me on Facebook. I may tell him off, not sure yet.

Yoongi in love
  • Yoongi: [to Namjoon] he's so cute, and so are his dimples. God his dimples. And the way he dances makes my heart beat so hard in my chest. I love his laugh, have you ever noticed how lovely it is?
  • Hoseok: Yoongi you know I can hear everything you're saying, I'm literally standing right here.
  • Yoongi: [pauses for a second] wow I never realized how good my name sounds on his lips, oh did I mention how nice his lips are? I want to kiss them all the damn time because they are just too fucking pretty.
  • Namjoon: shouldn't you be telling Hoseok this?
  • Yoongi: I tried but then he said that he already knew it all.
  • Hoseok: babe as much as I love that you talk about it all the time I had to practice and you were distracting me.
  • Namjoon: talk about what
  • Yoongi: how much I love Hoseok! Keep up Joon... Now where was I? Ah! His lips!

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Playing hard to get with sweet pea

Ok I hope you meant this from Sweet’s point of view If not I could always do it reverse

  • Sweet Pea loves a good challenge
  • Calling you pet names every time
  • Babe, doll, princess – everything
  • You tell him to stop
  • Him smirking and making a stupid remark about you blushing
  • “I thought my words didn’t affect you, babe.”
  • “They don’t asshole. Now stop calling me babe. Before I make you.”
  • “You’re hot when you’re angry.”
  • Him trying to get as close to you as humanly possible, brushing away your hair, touching your face, keeping you trapped
  • “Are you sure I don’t make you nervous?”
  • “You’re invading my personal space.”
  • Biting his lip, leaning in until you turn away, catching yourself quickly before you fall into his trap
  • Him not giving up though because he knows you will kiss him one day
  • One day his advances suddenly stop and it confuses/ annoys the hell out of you
  • So you bribe Toni into telling you what the hell is going on with Sweet Pea
  • “Fangs told him something about reverse psychology and he just went with it.”
  • “Fucking idiot.”
  • “So, you do miss him. This is hilarious.”
  • Fuck, you miss Sweet Pea, you like Sweet Pea
  • Texting him to come over
  • Him smirking at you, arms crossed over his chest and looking at you challengingly
  • “So, you couldn’t survive a week without me? Tragic.”
  • “Do you mean it? Do you mean all of it? Because you’re not wasting my time. You’re not just going to play me around. I’m no fuck and chuck.”
  • “Princess, this was never just about fucking you. I like you. Is that so hard to believe?”
  • “Well, then show me.”
  • Him walking towards you, devilish grin spread across his face and kissing you hungrily
  • “I knew you would break.”
  • “Shut up and put that mouth of yours to a better use.”

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Okay I’m loving how much Tony Stark love there is in these asks so imagine Iron Dad bursting into tears when you and Bucky tell him that his grandson’s middle name is Anthony and that there’s a girl too and you named her Rebecca Maria after Bucky’s sister and Tony’s mother and Bucky is like “now that it seems I’m in the Stark family to stay can I borrow the red Ferrari” “Fine but NOT with my grandchildren inside it”

I am here for this hahaha 

Daddy Wednesday™


@aoimotion @rem289 @remartarchive @lonewolfwriter Hello! How are you guys? Actually I want to ask you something and it’s really important for me. Help if you can, please. And thanks anyways, I would really appreciate your help.
Well once I read a Zootopia fanfiction and now I can’t find it. Help me to find the title, please!
The plot was something like this: Nick and Judy were on case. There were a lost fox kid, and despite of telling the ZPD, Nick carried the kid and wanted to find his parents by himself. Later, after getting scolded by Bogo, Judy kept asking him about his strange behavior and finally Nick told her about his childhood sad story, that he fought with his mother and escaped from the house. Judy forced him to find his mother, if I remember right, her name was Valerie Wilde or something V-name. During that they meet wolf and sheep, who escaped from their house to be together and Judy realized that she loved Nick, which made her to help Nick to find his mother. After their efforts they finally found the house of Nick’s mother. But, unfortunately she was dead, and there were a fox in the house, who obviously was Nick’s father. But the only consolation was that Nick’s mother were aware about his son’s success, like he was police officer. He listened his mother’s voice messages given by the male fox and then he wept. Later him and Judy were together.
Hope I can reread this magnificent masterpiece. P.S. I cried a lot…

Stretch: Does Cavendish know about North and South Dakota?

Me: I… honestly couldn’t tell you. Now that you mention it, I’m surprised the show hasn’t made a North or South Dakota joke yet…

Stretch: It’s just I got to thinking, Dakota is from the “Mississippi Purchase” timeline. Maybe in that timeline, The Dakota’s get named something else because they never become part of the United States of America.

Me: They are west of the Mississippi…

So I’ll miss you now, when you’re here. In your arms, I will long for you with every breath. I will pretend every goodbye is the last, until my ears know nothing but the sound of closing doors. Until my eyes can’t tell between sunset and sunrise. Apologies will fade across their distance, no matter how loud you scream. You will never know why I carved you out of absence. But see, if I name you after loneliness, I can take you with me when I leave.
—  D.K. // On loving what’s left
Reasons Why I am Probably a Changeling

- I have a strange name and no one seems to know where it came from. My parents have no idea where they heard it only that they loved the name. They get vague and just weird when I talk about it.

- when I was little, I talked to flowers for hours. Literally HOURS

- when I found out my mom was pregnant, I woke up that night crying to my parents, completely convinced the baby was a boy while I wanted a sister. I forgot about this until much later when playing with my little brother

- I gave a ritualistic funeral to a dead imagined person, complete with circles of salt as a kid.

- I didn’t know that salt rings were a thing (my family is religious and I couldn’t watch/read anything with odd things like that until I was older) but I convinced my cousin to pretend we were protecting ourselves from goblins/ghosts/monsters by hiding in circles of rock salt

- wearing wool gloves or hats makes my skin crawl. It feels like pins and needles, but only where the wool is. Still don’t understand that.

- was convinced for years that I could make things happen by specifically NOT thinking about that thing. (And?? It usually worked???) For example, what I wanted for dinner, what TV show I wanted to come on, what my brother was thinking, etc..

- I have zero fear of heights. Like, it’s a problem

-can climb a tree like no one’s business

- unusual dumpster diving luck? Found juggling knives, large watches, love letters…

- mood swings like woah

- was super thirsty so I thought super hard at the back of a friend’s head until they turned around and announced they’d by us water

- probably asexual, I am realizing

-books are my home

- when I was a baby, I talked/sang way too early and the doctors wouldn’t believe I could say as many words as my parents said I could.

- I in all seriousness once asked a cat to touch her paw to my nose if she could understand me. She did cause she’s chill like that.

- made wishes on dandelions that came true.

- in my head, numbers have personalities and relationships with each other. (I could expand on this but that’ll take too long here)

- I am pretty much never surprised when someone tells me a secret. Like, I didn’t know what they were going to say, but… I kinda already knew. Which generally freaks people out because they think they’re being too obvious or whatever.

- Dreams happen when I wake up. (dreamed about maggots and woke up to find them trashing our kitchen, etc.)

- And I’m a writer so… that just seals the deal, don't it?

Ehem. So yes. Clearly, I am a creature of the fae. 

Or maybe I'm just crazy.

What about you, hmm?


so I thought we could all kinda move on from the discourse now since it’s blown over, and me and the OP of the original whitewashing post have agreed to disagree. but it looks like I was wrong, and theres a handful of people trying to make me look bad by digging shit up from my AO3 and looking at my boyfriend’s blog.

I don’t really get why any of this is necessary, but it’s happening anyway. I’m not gonna name anyone, I just want to tell my followers and anyone else that if they have a problem with me, I’d appreciate them actually letting me know. people are coming up with all sorts of names for me and pinning claims on me in posts where I’m not tagged, so I don’t even get a chance to clear my name. I haven’t done anything wrong, and neither has my boyfriend - leave him out of this.

I don’t have to tell you not to believe everything you read. if you want to know anything, my DMs and asks are always open, and I will respond to you as soon as I can.

massive thanks to my followers and the people that are being supportive.

- J

tl;dr: people are spreading shit about me because I shared my opinion. if you have a question or claim, please take it up with me personally

ID #35943

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 18
Country: USA

Well, I’m currently going to college for music business. I enjoy art - even though I’m not the best at it. I have a small dream of becoming a writer, but I never finish any story that I start. Eating goldfish and reading books are my favorite ways to pass the time. Also, I’m so happy that it’s hot chocolate season now.
I recently moved to Philadelphia for college, and let me tell you, it’s one hell of an interesting place to live. I’d love to tell you about the fun and exciting city of Philadelphia.

Preferences: I guess 18+

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I love your trollsona you gotta tell me everything you can about them

uhhh Ferlis took their name from a now extinct cat constellation called felis and added an r to make it right for trolls

they’re cerulean / teal cusp with a minor saturation mutation, but it wasn’t enough to get them culled cause they weren’t an albino or anythin

they actually look up more so to a Rustblood ancestor by the name the of the Director, who helped use the arts to uprise against HIC outside of the Signless “cult” [in their terms] but he got culled quick. there’s no way they’re related but Ferlis so wishes they were

here they are thinkin about their 8lackcrush.

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TMI Tuesday: What can you tease about On The Rocks/its sequel you hinted at?????

I can. The working title for this fic is currently Rocky Road, Not totally sure where this bit fits in the narrative just yet, but here you go :)


Neal was calm as they drove towards the tiny town of Storybrooke. Emma was a bag of nerves, not that it showed as she sang along to the radio with Henry, but Neal knew her tells; her thumb kept rubbing at the flower tattooed on the inside of her wrist. He reached over and gave her hand a squeeze.

“It’s gonna be okay, Em.”

She gave him a small, tight smile; “I know.”

They were into Storybrooke’s centre now, all looking out of the windows at the shopfronts. As they drove by the pawnshop Neal shivered. Gold was a common enough name for a pawn and antiques shop, but for some reason it stirred an old memory. He shook away the thoughts of the father who had abandoned him so long ago. They were here to find Emma’s parents, that was the only reason he was thinking of his own. At least there had been a reason for Emma’s mother giving her up, his own father was just a bastard who’d run away.

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all three for the girls ~ ♪

Send “♪” for a song that reminds me of my muse.

They looking right at me
To see if I succeed
To see if I believe
They looking up to me
They want the best of me now

Send “♪ reverse” for a song that reminds me of your muse.

Don’t you wanna tell me your name?
Feels like you got a lot to say
See you lookin’, lookin’ my way
Been waitin’ for you all day

Send “♫” for a song that reminds me of our muses relationship.

Ha! Tried to breathe but I can’t
‘Cause the air she feeds me is damned
Got a touch like a thorn
‘Cause the girl she’s hiding horns

yugyeom & bambam discuss the 97line gc

  • info from a recent radio broadcast, trans credit to shmesm
  • Yugyeom and BamBam said that Mingyu talks the most in the 97 chat group while Jaehyun talks the least…he has trouble keeping up lol 
  • Yugyeom & Jungkook were first friends. JK met 17 during MAMA. YG & JK added BamBam & 17 to the group. DK added Jaehyun (they went to school together)
  • YugBam said when 97 line meets, they eat meat, go bowling, noraebang, Jungkook is best at bowling (of course), DK & JK sing most at noraebang
  • introducing SEVENTEEN’s song for the 97-idols, BamBam: “…very loud Mingyu, The8, and Dokyeom” omg if even loud BamBam says Mingyu is loud.. 
why you should NEVER skip class in college

ok story time.

so my ethics & morals philosophy class has about 45 students. however, on a typical day only the same 17 of us show up. on rare occasion a group of 5 others will show up, and when they do it’s clear that they didn’t do the reading and don’t care about the class because they just talk and use their phone all class. now this really started to piss of my teacher. so my teacher decided that at the start of each class we will have a mini extra credit assignment: 1 point for just showing up and putting your name on it, 3 points for writing a few sentences that “prove that we did the reading”. he’s asking us to not tell any of the people who don’t show up about these to wait and see if they figure it out one day if they actually show up to class. and here’s the thing: there’s so little assignments in the class that if we do all of the extra credit assignments our grades will go up by two whole letter grades. JUST FOR SHOWING UP.

moral of the story: unless you got a damn good excuse, ALWAYS SHOW UP TO CLASS

i feel like i need to add: this is extra credit. it’s not like the teacher is punishing the people who don’t show up, they aren’t going to get failing grades or anything, they just aren’t getting the opportunity to get extra credit to raise their gpa. it’s simply a way to say thank you to the students who actually show up and do the homework, he’s not punishing the other students in any way. 

also, when i mean they don’t show up i mean they literally never show up. some people have only shown up once since august. there’s a difference between missing a week or two because something happened and not showing up at all for 3 months yet still being enrolled in the class. and it’s a philosophy class so a lot of the test is based on the lectures and our class discussions. there’s no slides or anything he posts online so there’s no way for them to know what we’re doing in class other than the syllabus. 

More Details About the Kindergarten

Thanks to Peridot, we now know that the order of Gem’s classification names (8XJ, 8XL, etc) are given from top to bottom alphabetically, and apparently in some kind of zagging/non-linear pattern? I’ve seen some people attempt to map out where each of those Gems came from in the photo above in the past and found it fascinating! I tried to do the same with what we learned now, but the holes Amethyst bounced around to in “Back to the Kindergarten” were too zoomed in to tell where they might’ve lined up. Either way, I’d love for someone to attempt to map out the Amethysts now that we have this new information.

Additionally, I loved this exchange from Amethyst and Peridot:

That’s 8XJ … curly hair, right?”

“Yeah! How’d you know?”

“You can tell by the iron deposits in the formation there.”

According to Peridot, iron is involved with giving Gems the Gemetic trait of curly hair. It can then be inferred that the more iron involved in making a Gem, the curlier her hair will be once she forms. If 8XJ’s formation had enough visible iron deposits for Peridot to notice, which only gave her one distinct curl in her hair, just imagine how much iron went into making Rose!


I didn’t expect anyone to request the twins so I’m pleasantly surprised :p

I like to call this “stop squishing Lily 2.0″