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everything i read in 2017: deltora quest series by emily rodda

“the enemy is clever and sly, and to its anger and envy a thousand years is like the blink of an eye”

  • it honestly amazes me how well akaashi knows bokuto. besides the whole list of weaknesses + solutions to combat them, he really knows how to read bokuto’s body language and mood well. he tries his best to understand bokuto through his ups and downs and that just screams how much akaashi cares about him. but seriously, i think it’s cute how they hang out outside practice too bc it shows how akaashi thinks of bokuto more than just the “ace/teammate.”
  • maybe… when bokuto started getting frustrated that his cross-spikes were getting blocked, maybe that’s when all the endless spiking practices started and akaashi agreed to practice w/ him because a happy bokuto is a happy akaashi. he’ll help bokuto jump over any hurdle they meet.
  • akaashi knows bokuto is capable of reaching his full potential (and beyond) on his own. in ch.244 when akaashi says he can only draw out bokuto’s top condition for a short time, i’d like to think that akaashi knows that bokuto just needs a little push from time to time, but the rest is all bokuto. akaashi believes in bokuto.
  • several months ago, i said how bokuto has complete trust in akaashi and i’m screaming bc of they think so fondly of each other and i’m just :’))) please get together. the day akaashi directly compliments bokuto, i will cry. will it happen at some point during spring interhigh?? bokuto’s graduation?? /cries
  • sometimes i wonder how far fukurodani will make it in nationals (i’m on the empty boat that thinks fukurodani’s gonna win, mainly bc my heart is gonna shatter if they don’t) but i really can’t decide. 100% sure nekoma v. karasuno will happen soon, but WHEN lol… i’ll just let the manga unfold itself c:

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Help i've started the new CR campagne thanks to you and now it's the middle of the night and I can't stop

When I said that this fandom never sleeps, I meant it - literally. 

WELCOME TO THE FAMILY! Enjoy your sleep deprivation ♥

a masterlist of prompts and sentence starters
  • ☂: our muses get caught in the rain outside without an umbrella
  • ★: our muses stargaze together
  • ✈: your muse is going away for a time and says goodbye to my muse or vice versa
  • ❤: one of our muses says the first "i love you" to the other
  • ✿: your muse asks my muse to dance with them or vice versa
  • ☤: my muse visits your muse at the hospital
  • ☢: your muse tells my muse that they need to break up
  • ☯: our muses have their first kiss
  • ❅: our muses have a snowball fight
  • ☠: my muse visits your muse's grave
  • ▲: how our muses first met
  • ➳: how one of our muses asked the other on a first date
  • ✌: our muses' wedding
  • ⌚: my muse proposes to your muse or vice versa
  • "Please don't leave me."
  • "I don't want to lose you, okay?"
  • "Because I love you!"
  • "And I thought I could trust you."
  • "I can't believe you forgot."
  • "What did you do this time?"
  • "We're going to get caught!"
  • "Kiss me."
  • "I'm sorry, I screwed up."
  • "I might be drunk."
  • "You look beautiful."
  • "That smirk is annoyingly hard to ignore."
  • "Stop staring at me!"
  • "Please go away, you can't see me like this."
  • "Come on, dance with me."
  • "I need you. I need us."
  • "You can't just lead me on like that!"
  • "I can't do this anymore."
  • "Oh, I'm nothing special."
  • "Just don't forget me, okay?"
  • "You have to let me go."
  • "We'll get through this together."
  • "You're not alone, you know."
  • "Shut up! I hate you!"
  • "I wish this could last forever."
  • "Maybe I was right in thinking that I should never have even fallen in love with you."
  • "What would the world be like without you?"
  • "Why do you like me so much?"
  • "Are you okay?"
  • "Shit, what did I do?"
  • [text]: Fuck you.
  • [text]: Where are you?
  • [text]: I'm sick.
  • [text]: I love you.
  • [text]: I wish I could be with you right now.
  • [text]: I'm at your door.
  • [text]: Is that all you care about?
  • [text]: Please stop talking about her/him.
  • [text]: Just come over, watch a movie, and cuddle with me.
  • [text]: Don't even start.
  • [text]: Is that all I am to you?
  • [text]: Help me.
  • [text]: Wait, what happened?
  • [text]: I can't go to sleep because you're on my mind.
  • [text]: I miss you.
  • [text]: Good night.
  • [text]: Stop leaving me voicemails, I'm not going to forgive you.
  • [text]: Tell me you didn't forget.
  • [text]: I've had such a bad day.
  • [text]: Don't talk to me ever again.
  • [text]: I have nothing if I don't have you.
  • [text]: After all we've been through, you can't leave me... please.
  • [text]: Breaking up over a text? You've stooped that low?
  • [text]: Can you stop ignoring me for a second?
  • [text]: Sometimes I worry that you won't know how much I love you.

Armie Hammer & Timothée Chalamet | call me by your name press tour (so far)

source: Sundance (x, x, x), Berlin (x, x)

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Hey there! Though I am not an avid writer, I do love to write. It started with poems, then I started doing scenes with random characters. One stuck with me, so I started writing their story. There was a big change in my life, and I stopped writing for a while. Now I can't. Everytime I try to write, it doesn't feel right. Everything's forced and dull, and I second guess the direction, no matter what it is I'm working​ on. How do I transfer this world I've created out of my head and onto paper?

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    I got super excited when I saw your ask because this is actually how I started writing! I had a rut of a few years too, where everything I wrote was dull and didn’t sound as amazing as the story in my head. Sigh. But enough lollygagging, let’s begin.

Keep Writing!

    Okay, I know this sounds silly because your writing sounds dull to you and you don’t like it, but just write. Sometimes the problem isn’t that your writing is dull, rather it’s that you have heard/read it so many times. To a new reader, this idea is fresh and exciting and unique because you came up with it. Even if your writing truly does sound forced and dull (which I highly doubt, by the way), still write out your story and simply edit later. Editing is every writer’s best friend. For now, just get the words on the page. A rough draft is a rough draft for a reason. Also, your writing will grow and change as you write and one day you may read something and realize exactly how amazing it sounds!  Just write and worry about how it sounds later.

    Speaking of your writing changing, you mentioned that you stopping writing for a while and now you can’t write. It may not be that you can’t write, but that simply you are out of practice. Writing is like riding a bicycle.  If you haven’t in a few years, the first few turns of the pedals are wobbly until you find your balance. It is not uncommon to get out of practice of writing, in fact this is why so many authors constantly journal or use daily writing prompts which is similar to how you were writing before. These get the creative juices flowing but also practice the flow of writing. If your style has changed, again, nothing to worry about. This just means you are growing as a writer. Don’t stop simply because it doesn’t sound the same as it did one paragraph earlier. If your plot is changing and taking a different direction, run with it. If you don’t like it, edit later. Sometimes the best moments in writing, are the moments that we didn’t plan out.

    Also, one problem may be that you are too comfortable with your idea which is why it sounds dull when you write it out. If the planning of your world happened in your head, the disconnect is that it was never on paper to start with. Try writing out your ideas in a journal where you can find them easily. Not necessarily all of them, but the main ones to get the creative juices flowing. Sometimes once they are on paper, you can see where you want to make changes to your ideas, giving them a new edge that they didn’t have before.

Writing Friend

     This one is optional, but it helped me get out of my rut so I thought I’d share. :) Okay, so a “writing friend” is a person who you, preferably, know personally and trust enough to have read your work and give you feedback. They are like a beta reader, but a little more personal. For me, my writing friend also writes and she and I exchange work every so often to read and then give feedback on it. This helped me to finish writing my book, even though the first draft was full of mistakes. It was like having unofficial deadlines because she would constantly text “Did you write more yet?” She was encouraging and looked past all the mistakes. Instead, she focused on the characters and how my idea was unique and could grow. Focus on how to grow your story rather than all the mistakes, you the author, see.

     My point is, just write! Your ideas are different and unique because you wrote them. Don’t let them collect cobwebs in a corner of your mind. Put them on a page. Even if no one reads it till you feel it is finished, at least now your idea is in ink. I strongly encourage you to continue writing. This is your story and it’s different from any other.

Happy writing!


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girl i was just casually watching pewdipie video 'my coming out story', i saw a fragment with jimin on blood, sweet&tears and the hell started...jimin is the most beautiful human being i've seen in my life. I don't sleep at night i only watch and read everything with bts i can find ;-; i even started learning korean alphabet. It's good that it's the end of the year cause i'd be fucked.. I CAN'T STOP, i freaking love this men

casually watching something bangtan related never ends well lol it’s okay, welcome to the never ending suffering and pain, there is no coming back now cause once you jimIN you can’t jimOUT. but SAME,no words can describe how much I love him and don’t get me started on his beauty cause…

how is he real?????

anon time, ask away~

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Why do YOU like to write?

Ohhhh I think you asked me this last night  and like a very responsible onion I fell asleep before answering. <3 

I’ve been trying all day to come up with some sort of sophisticated and elegant, profoundly deep answer - and I just don’t think I have one, other than I really just….have to write. I’ve gone through periods in my life where I haven’t done so, and they’ve been a different sort of dark and lonely and less bright, if that makes sense. I love the feeling of seeing something in your head - kind of like a movie - and then finding just the right words to explain it. That tugging in your gut when something lands just right - a cliffhanger, or the perfect image - uhggghhh I live for those moments. I love creating something that didn’t exist before i took the time to sit down and make it so. Isn’t that neat? Art is such a beautiful form of expression - in any context - because of that unique, performative quality to it. Art does not exist until we, the dreamers and pushers and shakers and movers, make it so. It doesn’t matter the form or the context. We just have to sit down, show up, and do the work. And the end result is sometimes so breathtakingly beautiful. 

It’s always worth it. Even if it’s a struggle (and it often is; I don’t want to romanticize this), I always learn something from what I’m writing. New ways of characterization? New ways of expressing emotions through body languages? New ways of exploring tenses, or sneaking around filter words, or playing with styles and formatting? guhhhhh I live for those. I love learning and growing in this art form - any art form. And I really do love sharing these words and ideas and gifts with people, but that’s like a cherry on top. I write first and foremost because it’s a gift I have and I really firmly believe in using the gifts we’ve been given for good and beautiful purposes. Why else do we have them? Secondly, because nobody else will tell these stories in my head if I don’t do the thing. Thirdly, I’m a sucker for punishment and like beating my head against the wall and crying when the fic won’t edit itself, when the plot is dumb, when the fic is 15k long with no end in sight…

Ehhhh this got wordy. What’d you expect, it’s me <3 I LOVE WRITING. I hope I never stop. What a great question.

  • Tony: Brace yourselves, guys, Steve is making us brunch.
  • Bucky: Oh god, no.
  • Natasha: Oh, I can't go through this again.
  • Bruce: This is just a bad idea.
  • Thor: Wait, I've got an idea. If we leave now, we can get to the pub down the street and get drunk enough that he can't force feed us without it being illegal.
  • Everyone: *start moving towards the door, only to find it blocked by steve when it opens*
  • Steve: Fleeing somewhere?
  • Everyone: *denying it*
  • Steve: Oh, good! Then let's get going to the dining room, come on, move it, let's go, stop crying Natasha.
  • Natasha: *sobbing noises*
Father’s Day Visit

Summary: After a fulfilling Father’s Day, Soos visits his own.

Today was a good day.

Soos was happy to be surrounded by his children all day and to be spoiled for being a father. He loved every moment of it and reciprocated the love whenever possible. He hangs up the gifts given to him in the museum and smiles.

The most beautiful art you’ll ever see… nice ring to it, Soos thinks with a smile.

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a gentleman's guide to love and murder songs: a summary
  • a warning to the audience: ok the play hasn't even started yet but please leave already
  • you're a d'ysquith: tragic backstory time but look at me i'm nobility now
  • i don't know what i'd do: shut up and look at how fucking cute i look
  • foolish to think: i'll be better than all of you someday you'll see
  • a warning to monty: you can't sit with us
  • i don't understand the poor: rich white republicans be like
  • foolish to think (reprise): [scar voice] long live the king
  • poison in my pocket: on thin ice (literally)
  • poor monty: congratulations i played myself
  • better with a man: the theme song for bros everywhere
  • inside out: i wish everybody weren't so fake also high notes EVERYWHERE
  • lady hyacinth abroad: i lived bitch
  • the last one you'd expect: started from the bottom now we're here
  • why are all the d'ysquiths dying: why is this family so extra even after death
  • why are all the d'ysquiths dying (reprise): and then there was one
  • sibella: how can a song sound so seductive and sad at the same time
  • i've decided to marry you: WADSWORTH
  • final warning: you can't sit with us pt 2
  • poison in my pocket (reprise): this dinner looks good too bad i have to poison part of it
  • looking down the barrel of a gun: ADALBERT
  • stop! wait! what?!: wasn't me this time
  • that horrible woman: monty navarro did nothing wrong uwu
  • finale: i get to be earl and have two girlfriends even tho i murdered ppl fuck yeah for getting off scot-free

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This is a weirdly specific thing to ask, but a while ago I found a short comic (it was linked to tapastic) about a guy going to kill himself but this really nice ghost soldier stops him and they start to get to know each other/help each other and it was really sweet and ahhhhhh I can't find it! I've been looking for a while now but can't dig it up. Can you or someone else here help me find it? It'd be very appreciated.

At Ease, by Joanne Kwan! She’s great and does some of my favourite webcomics.

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Another one - because now i've started i can't stop - Bucky... our Sarge... he found a old 1940's uniform just like his own in a thrift store, and totally gets off on a girl blowing him whilst she wears his uniform hat.

This is one of my favorite HC. Just imagine him saying “Darlin’ if you let the hat fall you don’t get to come” You’d whine around his cock and he would chuckle and taunt you some more asking “You want to come, don’t you baby doll?”

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Help me please I've made it a habit to say "classic gemini" to my gemini friends whenever they mention they're bored or get bored easily. It started with just them but now it's starting with other ppl who do things typical of their sun signs now I can't stop I just get this unspeakable urge to say it help me please -astro nerd pisces

classic Pisces