now that i've giffed you so much its apparently the only thing i can

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this is not really about the pairing, but i have a doubt about baekhyun, so i've been heard(mostly on twitter) rumors that baekhyun apparently got a nose plastic surgery? i think there's a difference between his nose in mama era and his nose from now, i tried to look up pictures and make comparasion but i can't see any difference

There is a lot of rumors about Exo’s plastic surgery tbh. I actually wanted to address this subject before, so thanks for giving me the opportunity anon.

This is going to be long.

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Family of Rogues Scene Analysis #4

Okay there is SO MUCH to say about this episode so I’m splitting it into a few posts.

Here’s the (first part of the) post for the family-fun heist scenes. 

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