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  • Dragonborn: I've defeated Alduin, and I'm the Harbinger of the Companions, the Guild Master of the Thieves Guild, the Listener of The Dark Brotherhood, the Archmage of the College of Winterhold, I stopped Miraak, and stopped the Vampires from blotting out the sun
  • Dragonborn: and Now I can finally kick back and relax with my family
  • Dragonborn: Life is good
  • Dragonborn:
  • Dragonborn:
  • Dragonborn:
  • Dragonborn: ...
  • Dragonborn: ........
  • Dragonborn: Oh my Gods

some folks who have been following me a long time may be aware that after ultron my tony struggled a lot with insomnia, not like the nightmares after New York, but straight up inability to sleep. he was a mess, after losing JARVIS, and by civil war we can tell that things never really got better, his relationship being on the rocks and all that. it was obvious to anyone around him that in spite of his ‘retirement’ he was a mess.

after civil war, the nightmares are back full force, he’s sleeping less because he’s under so much pressure and stress, he doesn’t feel like he has time to sleep. the pressure from ross and everyone keeps piling on, he hasn’t had a chance to heal from the disaster in germany or siberia. his trust issues are back, his paranoia is probably getting worse. he’s probably suffering just as much mentally as he was after New York, except now he’s more aware of his problems, he knows how to deal with it better. 

except, the difference is, after civil war tony’s doing his damn hardest to keep appearances up. he’s told himself he’s gotta stay strong for rhodey to support his best buddy, he’s got to stay strong for peter, he’s gotta be the strong and decisive leader of the avengers in the public’s eye. he’s trying to fix his relationship, he’s trying to deal with all his responsibilities. so to all outward appearances, tony seems fine. he seems great. the public are probably loving that he’s being way more responsible than before. but it’s all a lie. he’s a mess inside. and he’s keeping it all bottled up, and sooner or later it’s gonna explode, and it’s gonna be messy and awful when it does. the only sign of it to most people is that tony’s temper is a lot shorter now than it ever was before. 

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wtf why wont you let me live i JUST got back to civilization and this happens i’m ready to KERMIT i’m yelling rn like i saw minhyuk’s blonde hair and i LITERALLY THREW MY PHONE AT MY BED and YELLED “NO YOU DID NOT JUST DO THAT TO YOUR HAIR SHITTTTTT” omg guys and JINWOO and his dark hair and i’m living because just jinwoo and he has DARK HAIR and it’s down and looks so soft i just wanna touch it and gOD what is Astro DOING to mE can’t i have ONe day tO RELAX.

okay i’m not done ranting but if i dont stop i’m nEVER gonna stop because like………….


you know what i’m trying to say i hope

Over the past 48 hours he lost everything he cared about, everyone he once had a friendship with were now his enemies, he wanted them to feel nothing but fear of making one misstep and him killing them and showing them no mercy. He tried to handle everything civilized and it just wasn’t working out. He was tired of feeling like a fool in his own city. The one he built up right back from the bottom. After talking to Davina, hearing her defend that disgrace of a family it sent him over the edge. He went on a killing rampage, he locked one door to a bar and killed everyone who was in there. He still felt hunger, feeding off of others who weren’t the Mikaelson didn’t give him his feel of completion. He then heard Davina in his head defending Kol, the enemy and Marcel was not pleased.

He sped away to find a scent that smelled distinctly of Kol Mikaelson. He wiped his mouth and stood watching Davina and Kol all close and it made him sick. He could hear everything that they were saying, Davina was worried about him but he didn’t care, he wanted her to fear him and get away from this place, his kingdom and take Kol’s sorry ass with her so he never has to see that bastard again. Or he’d just kill Kol give himself the feeling of complete power. Once they were heading towards the door, he got ready to attack his fangs out ready to kill Kol once and for all and he rushed over to them.

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So, we saw how our favorite little Corn Chip interact with Wendy, Stan, and the twins. What I'm wondering is how he would handle meeting Gideon or Pacifica.

He wouldn’t hate anyone outright the first time meeting them…but Pacifica knows exactly what buttons to push. He’s civil, but he’ll throw some backhanded complements right back at her.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Sharon Carter is an amazing agent and a really overall cool lady but the chemistry between her and Steve Rogers is completely forced. James Buchanan Barnes and Steven Rogers have been best friends since childhood. When Bucky is brainwashed and turned into the Winter Soldier, the only thing that keeps him grounded to his past is Steve. This relationship was explored in Captain America: Winter Soldier and now in Civil War we see how Bucky continues to only feel a connection towards Steve as he starts to assimilate back into having control of his own body. As Steve and Bucky travel down the elevator to find Zemo and the other Winter Soldier experiments, there is an undeniable chemistry between them. The three, maybe four seconds of man pain that we see exchanged in the glance they share with one another, speaks volumes about their deeply intimate relationship. Even in the beginning when Steve finds Bucky, Bucky has cutouts of him in his journal, showing just how much Steve means to him. In conclusion, Sharon Carter is a wonderful human but Bucky and Steve have more chemistry together in one glance then those two do with their lips locked.

[What would you say,
if your loved someone was here?]

Silly boy.
Little shit.
(I need you)
Stupid kid.
(Please, don’t go)
(I can’t follow you there!)

[What would you tell him,
if he was here right now?]

(I need you)
(I wasn’t enough?)
Son of a bitch.
(Please, come back…)
Go to hell.
(my happily ever after is only with you.)

—  therapy workshop. PD

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Okay so I knew that Bucky was chubby in civil war, I saw it twice in theaters, but seeing all of these HQ pics all close up and shit, I didn't realize HOW chubby he looked in civil war, and i'm so jfjdjfjkfk right now

Dude.  jfjdjfkfk is the absolutely appropriate response.

I think I had kind of forgotten how chubby he really was.  Because we never, ever get to see our faves get chunky, right?  And if one of them gains like two pounds we throw a freaking ticker tape parade, even if it’s like the most infinitesimal amount of softness ever.  So I think I had sort of thought, in the back of my mind, that we were all exaggerating the thickness of CW-era Bucky, just because it was such a fun fantasy.  Right?

But now all these new images are coming out.

Like this, with cheeks that are so pinchable that I can barely contain my joy:


Or, god help me, this one, which is really painful – but also an absolute aesthetic delight:


Or, while we’re at it, maybe another shot of The Titties:

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He was freaking huge, and I don’t think I’ll ever recover. 

My fave is, for at least one shining moment, canonically chubby. 

My fave is canonically chubby.

It’s a big fuckin’ deal because it never happens, and I think we should all just roll around in the glory of it, anon.  It is beautiful and good. 

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steve/natasha, battle

He startles awake to see her sitting up next to him in the bed, a tablet in her hands. It looks like a book, but he’s not entirely sure because he knocks it out of her hand as he pulls his fist back. 

She doesn’t move out of the way. Instead she watches her tablet fly and land face down on the dirty floor with an unimpressed frown. 

“I was almost finished with that.”


His fist is still hovering in the air, until she reaches a finger out and gently pushes his arm back down. “Your security is terrible. Any assassin could have just crawled right into your bed.”

He blinks at her. “And read a book?”

“I’m doing more of the spy thing these days.” She crosses her legs at the ankles, leaning back against the cracked headboard. 

He sits back and runs a hand through his sleep-touseled hair. “You didn’t think meeting in the morning would have been a better idea?”

The way her gaze moves over his body, he gets the impression that there wasn’t a very good reason to crawl into bed with him. He’s shirtless, wearing only shorts, and he has to resist the urge to at least cover up with the sheet. Maybe she can read that in the way he sits or something in his face, but her eyebrows go up in a sort of challenging expression. 

“I wanted to test your security. You have none, which I feel is ridiculous, considering that Captain America is quite the fugitive these days.” Natasha pats the space next to her that he only just barely occupies.

“I know what I’m doing,” he tells her. 

Steve scoots in next to her, her thigh pressing against his when he does.

“You’re good in battle, Steve, but this isn’t the kind of playing field you’re really used to. And Sam? Forget it. He’s even worse than you.”

He turns his head to look at her, a smile playing on his lips. “Are you offering your services to me and Sam?”



“What’s the pay for my services?”

Steve laughs, an unexpected noise that rumbles in his chest. Natasha smirks, head tilting to the side. Her hair fans against her cheek when she does it. And maybe it’s because it’s the middle of the night. Maybe it’s because she’s come back, because she wants to stay. Maybe it’s because he’s missed her.

But his hand reaches out, fingers brushing against her skin as he tucks hair behind her ear. “Well, I am on the run. Pay isn’t going to be much.”

The way her mouth curves now is what he would actually call a smile. “I like negotiations.”

  • Steve: hey Peggy, it's me, Steve
  • Peggy: Steve, it's been so long
  • Steve: I know, I've missed you
  • Peggy: I've missed you too
  • Steve: things have been pretty weird lately, Bucky's back, he was an assassin for Hydra though, but now he's disappeared
  • Peggy: Bucky? He's alive?
  • Steve: yeah, he's alive
  • Peggy: well you've gotta find him! Steve, he loves you!
  • Steve: he...he what?
  • Peggy: Steve, I may be an old lady, but I sure know that you aren't dumb. Bucky has always loved you and I know you love him
  • Steve: ...
  • Peggy: find him!
  • Steve: ...
  • Steve: was it that obvious?
  • Peggy: I'm sure even the Red Skull knew you loved him,honey
  • Steve: ...
  • Steve: ...fudge
Day In The Life [Day 11]

Read The Day Before

Pairing: Roommate!Bucky x Your Writer

A/N: I have nothing to say. Other than the fact it took flight on its own and did not follow what I had planned, but I like it.  x. T

          I couldn’t sleep the night before Bucky had to leave. We laid in bed together, but as his breathing settled into a steady rhythm and his tight grip on me loosened, I couldn’t put my racing mind at ease. Something was pulling me to the folder containing the Sokovia Accords and I finally had to get up.

           Bucky made a soft noise when I tiptoed across the room and I froze in front of the door, before I saw him sit up in the corner of my eye. His voice was rough and thick with sleep, “Darling, what are you doing?”

           I walked back over to the bed and crawled across the covers to curl into the warmth of his solid body, and he immediately slid his arm around my waist.

           The files could wait.

           His calloused fingers brushed over the skin of my stomach and I pressed a soft kiss to the edge of his jaw, his beard tickling my lips. Bucky hummed quietly and I ran my index finger over the scar marking his ribs.

           “You never answered my question.” Bucky murmured, peeling an eye open to see I was focused on my finger ghosting over his scar.

           I peeked up at him and sighed, pausing in tracing to rest my hand over the hard muscle of his abdomen. “I don’t think you should go on this mission.”

           Bucky stilled beneath me and I slightly gasped when he came to hover over me, trapping me under him with his hips pressing into my pelvis. I subconsciously licked my lips as my gaze flickered between his lips and eyes, and Bucky smirked. He dropped onto his elbows and pressed his face into the curve of my shoulder, his beard scratching at the sensitive skin, and his lips ghosted over the shell of my ear.

           He whispered, “You’re going to forget all about your worries real soon, darlin’.”

           I tried to keep from encouraging him as he trailed open-mouthed kisses along my pulse and collarbone, his teeth often nipping at the tender skin, and between him working bruises onto me and his hips rolling into my pelvis—I knew I wasn’t going to restrain myself for long.

           “B-Bucky…” My eyes rolled back when he hummed into the fresh bruise he made, and I breathlessly continued, “I don’t know if you’ll walk out—ah!—I don’t know if you’ll come back from this mission…” I dropped my hands from gripping his forearms and he retracted to meet my gaze. His eyes were dark with need, but he pursed his lips and blew a breath out of his nose.

           “It’s a standard covert mission. I promise you I’ll come back.” Bucky lifted his metal hand and leaned heavily on his other arm, brushing his metal fingers over my cheek. He then bent down and pressed a gentle kiss to my lips before he pulled away. “I always have…”

           I bit my lip and whispered, “Please, come back to me. I need you to…”

           “I will. I will, darling.” Bucky promised, leaning down to pepper kisses over the bridge of my nose and down to my cupid’s bow. When our lips met, I kissed him hungrily, my hands gripping his face to pull him flush against me. He groaned into my mouth and as soon as my lips parted, his tongue touched mine, and we melted into each other.

           He tugged the t-shirt I took from him over my head and sat back on his heels, his breathing heavy as he marveled at the sight. I pushed myself up to him and wrapped my arms around his neck, his hands splaying over my back as he held me to him. Bucky touched his forehead to mine and we gazed at each other, knowing that this wasn’t going to be just sex it was going to be just as intimate as the times before; we were going to make love.

           Bucky asked softly, “Do you want to do this?”

           I nodded. “Yes.”

           He swallowed thickly and carefully laid me onto the mattress, a worry now replacing his features as he shakily slid his finger under the hem of my underwear. I cupped his cheek and tipped his head up so he could look at me, knowing how much he was afraid he would hurt me. Every time we reached this point it was almost a struggle to ease him into the moment and out of his own head.

           I pressed a soft kiss to the creases in his brow and whispered, “I trust you, James…”

           He nodded and closed his eyes. “I know, darling. I just don’t want to hurt you.”

           “Hey, look at me.” I tucked a few locks of his hair back behind his ear, and he met my gaze. “I love you.”

           Bucky’s lips parted as he heard what I said, the first time I uttered those three words to him, and he was in awe. He then kissed me, and I couldn’t breathe with how much emotion it contained. Bucky pulled away and his voice took on a definite tone as he said, “I love you too.”

           And he kept saying it every time he kissed me.

           So, when I woke up in the morning to an empty bed, and a note on the side table I had the daunting feeling that the long night we shared might be our last. I reached out and grabbed the note, reading the words scrawled in Bucky’s handwriting: 

I feel so terrible having to leave you alone after one of the most amazing nights we have shared, but I had to go. I promise I’ll be back, darling. I’ll make it up to you.

I love you. 

P.S - I left my shirt at the end of the bed.

          I clutched the note tightly in my hand and fell back into the pillows, squeezing my eyes shut as I fought the sobs creeping up my throat. I whimpered, “I love you too, Bucky…”

          He didn’t come back two days later, and I knew.

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Omg no take it back I've never cried so much during a trailer than I did for the civil war like my heart just fucking drop when he said "so was I" like is marvel trying to destroy me like I am so emotionally unstable right now I should be in a mental place that trailer got me fucked up right now I'm happy I don't have school I might've Just either died or killed someone after seeing that
Finland and Russia, from the early 1800 to this day
  • Russia and France: Sweden you need to hate England with us
  • Sweden: No
  • Russia: War *goes to Finland*
  • Sweden and Finland: Fuck
  • Finland: *fights Russia while Sweden watches*
  • Russia: Finland is mine now, fuck you Sweden
  • Finland: Fuck
  • Russia: I saved you from Sweden, I will take good care of you
  • Finland: Okay
  • Russia: Wow this Swedish way works really well, you can keep going like this
  • Finland: Okay yay!
  • Poland: Fuck you Russia I hate you *rebel*
  • Russia: WHAT DID YOU SAY *fight*
  • Finland: Let me help Russia *fight over Poland loses*
  • Russia: You're my favourite, never change bb
  • Finland: OK I'll remember that
  • Russia: Here have all this freedom and education and nice things
  • Finland: Oh cool thanks!
  • Finland: *journey of self discovery*
  • Finland: Wow I'm actually pretty cool
  • Russia: Fuck I've got problems
  • Russia: Finland I need you to be more Russian
  • Finland: But you told me to never change!
  • Finland: NO
  • Russia: FINLAND
  • Finland: NO
  • WWI: hi
  • Russia: FUCKING HELL
  • Finland: Hey Russia we didn't finish
  • Russia: NOT NOW
  • Finland: But there's all this stuff
  • Finland: Dammit
  • Finland: Could I be independent
  • Finland: HEY, I could be independent
  • Finland: Hey Russia, I'm independent now
  • Russia: WHAT
  • Finland: Yeah
  • Russia: Fucking shit, fine, I'm busy
  • Finland: YAY
  • Finland: *civil war*
  • Finland: Damn, I need to pull my shit together
  • Russia: If you need me remember, I'm always ready to take you back
  • Finland: NO
  • Finland: *gets shit done but is still conflicted*
  • WWII: hi
  • Russia: I want these things from you Finland
  • Finland: WHAT NO
  • Russia: fuck you Finland
  • Russia: heehee imma take over Finland in two weeks
  • Finland: FUCKING ASSHOLE *winter war badass*
  • Russia: Oh
  • Russia: This didn't work like it should've
  • Russia: Fuck you Finland I'm still taking these things
  • Finland: Fuck you Russia
  • Finland: Well atleast I am still independent and now united
  • Germany: Hey Finland
  • Finland: What do you want
  • Germany: You're kinda hot and I like you, I can help you get your things back if you help me
  • Finland: *suspicious* Okay but I'm not really interested in you okay
  • Finland: *goes to Russia* GIMME MY THINGS BACK
  • Russia: NO *continuation war*
  • Russia: I won I'll keep these things and take some more
  • Finland: Fine, atleast I'm independent
  • Russia: Also get rid of Germany, I've seen the way he looks at you
  • Finland: FINE
  • Russia: I'm watching you
  • Cold war: hi
  • Russia: Fuck you world atleast I have my communist friends
  • Russia: And Finland is my friend
  • Russia: Right Finland
  • Finland: Yeah, sure, whatever, you don't mind if I play with western world, right?
  • Russia: Okay, as long as you're my friend
  • Finland: Great, okay, see ya later "friend"
  • World: Finland aren't you a commie
  • Finland: No
  • World: But you're friends with Russia
  • Finland: Wellllll
  • Russia: WELL?
  • Finland: Yeah, whatever, we're friends
  • Finland: Fuck
  • Russia: *identity crisis*
  • Finland: Shit
  • Finland: I better join EU
  • Russia: Okay communism was not a good idea
  • Russia: Finland you're still my friend right
  • Finland: Well, about that, that one deal about our friendship and stuff
  • Russia: Yea
  • Finland: You changed and it's not working anymore
  • Russia: Oh
  • Russia: We're still friends right
  • Finland: Um
  • Russia: FRIENDS
  • Finland: fuck
  • Finland: Fine
  • Finland: Please remember that this time

OH LOOK YOU GUYS! IT’S HERE! We finally got to this! YEAH!

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Okay, now that we cheered and fangirled, lets’ get to the serious things. 

HOW to actually get him!

First: get the fight against the Red Skull to start. There should be a mission (to me it was Madame Hydra that triggered it, don’t know who it’ll be for whoever doesn’t have her). Anyway, after a cutscene you’ll finally had Red Skull on your Quad ready to be defeated.

Let me tell you this:

if you battled against Ronan during the Guardians event and against Madame Hydra during this event, you’ll get the gist of it just by looking at this and reading the in game guide. 

The only thing really different from Madame Hydra is that you’ll need Resistant prototypes/recruits to defeat his guards too, but you’ll get the chance to upgrade them now, so don’t worry. 

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