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Calum imagine - It should've been me

Your POV

Tonight was Calum and I’s date night. He had planned to surprise me by taking me out to a fancy restaurant… To as you would say… Wine and dine me. He had been spending more time with me ever since he got back from tour two weeks ago, and I wasn’t complaining. He was spoiling me because he said he missed me so much and felt bad because he couldn’t be here for me over the past few months. I kept telling him not to worry about it, but he never listened to me. He desperately wanted to make it up to me so I let him.
The restaurant was perfect and the meal was amazing but the company was even better. When we finished and left I headed straight to my car and went to put the keys in the door but Calum pulled me back. “Nope” he said taking the keys from my hand. “I’m driving us home” he smirked. “But Cal it’s my car I want to drive” I whined. “Sorry princess. What kind of man would I be if I let my girlfriend drive me around?” “Bu…” As I was about to protest I was cut off when he smashed his lips onto mine. He put one of his hands on the back of my neck and one on my waist, pulling me in closer to him, deepening the kiss. As he pulled away he mumbled against my lips “not a very good one. Now go get in the passenger side and relax babe.” I nodded my head and made my way to the other side of the car. I was in no state of mind to protest.
We had the radio turned up singing at the top of our lungs - very badly might I add- but it only made it more the fun. We pulled up at a red light at the intersection and I couldn’t stop laughing at how badly Calum was singing. He kept going going off tune and messing up the words but he didn’t care and neither did I. As the light turned green Calum began to drive, just as he drove past the lights I heard tires screeching. Just as I was about to turn around, there was a great impacted on the car and all I felt before everything went black was immense pain.

Calum’s POV

I was driving y/n and I home, we were messing around singing badly and just having fun. Hearing her laugh made me so happy. I’d missed her so much over the past few months and seeing her smiling and laughing away I just couldn’t keep the smile off my face. God I love her so much. Michael always makes fun of me calling me whipped, but I don’t care. I’d crawl to the ends of the earth for her. She’s my world.
As I was pulling out of the intersection I heard tires screeching. I turned around to see a car heading straight towards us. I tried to reverse back, to get out of the way but it was too late. I felt him smashes straight into us, flipping us over. That was the last thing I remember before I passed out.

I heard faint beeping noises in the background and quiet chattering. Where the hell am I? Why the hell can’t I move my left arm? Why does my head hurt? The last thing I remember was going out with y/n. And we were driving home. Oh shit Y/N!! At that I opened my eyes and immediately sat up straight, which was a bad idea as pain shoot through my body. “Wow calm down mate. It’s okay” I looked up to see Ashton right beside me with his hand on my shoulder. “What the fuck happened?” I croaked out. My throat was so dry. Luke noticed this and handed me a cup of water. “Thanks” I whispered as I took a huge gulp of water. “What happened?” I repeated feeling slightly better. No one answered me. When I looked up Michael, Ashton and Luke all had worried looks on their faces. “What is it?” I asked slightly concerned. Michael was the first to answer. “Mate you were in a car accident.” And that’s when everything came back to me. “WHERES Y/N ? IS SHE OKAY?” “Mate calm down” ashton said trying to calm me down. I looked up at him, silently begging him to answer me. That’s when Luke spoke up “Cal I’m really sorry but Y/n’s in ICU. The force was on the passenger side. Y/n took most of the impact. It was some drunk driver that hit you guys. The doctors told us that you’re okay. You only have a broken arm and some bumps and bruises … But…but y/n…she’s really bad. She’s not responding to anything… They don’t thinking she’ll make it.” With each word he spoke I felt my heart break, the tears kept rolling out of my eyes like a waterfall. I couldn’t breathe. My heart monitor was going off the charts. “No” I whimpered. “You’re lying to me” god please let this be some kind of sick joke. “I’m so sorry Calum, but we’re not” Ashton sadly replied. I couldn’t take this. I began to rip out all the wires and IV’s “what are you doing?” Michael said as he rushed over to me. “I…IM FUCKING GOING TO SEE… TO SEE HER! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK IM DOING?!” I yelled out between sobs. “I don’t think that’s a good Idea.” Michael replied. “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! SHES IN THERE BECAUSE OF ME. SHE WANTED TO DRIVE HOME BUT I HAD TO FUCKING STOP HER. ITS ALL MY FUCKING FAULT. It should’ve been me” I whimpered the last part out as I completely broke down in tears. Nurses came rushing in to try and calm me down, trying to put me back in the bed. “Please… Please let me see y/n. Please” I cried out to them. They agreed I could see her, but only when they examined me to make sure there wasn’t anymore damage. However the said the doctor that would be examining me wouldn’t be here until later that night.

A couple of hours later after I was poked and prodded with needles, the nurse finally allowed me to see y/n. As we approach the ICU, I felt my stomach twist. I wanted to throw up. I hated myself for this. God damn it I’m such a fucking idiot. My thoughts were interrupted as we walked past the intensive care unit. “Excuse me miss? But aren’t we going to see y/n?” I question the nurse. “We are” “but isn’t she in ICU?” I was so confused now. “She was but her conditions have improved and now she’s resting comfortable in one of the private rooms. She woke up about ten minutes ago. Now she’s just sleeping” as she said this it felt like the weight of the world was just lifted off my shoulders. She stopped at one of the rooms she opened the door for me. “I’ll give you some time alone.“I thanked her and walked over to y/n. God she looked horrible she had stitches on her head, a black eye, a busted lip. Bruises all over her and a broken left arm and leg. I would give anything for it to be me and not her. I gently picked up her right hand I intertwined our fingers. I sat there with her for about five minute before she began to stir. I lifted my head from the side of her hospital bed and looked up at her. She open her eyes and I swear my heart skipped a beat. "Hey princess” I whispered to her while lifting her right hand and placing a gentle kiss on it. “Calum I was so scared. I thought I’d never see you again.” She said, barely audible as tears leaked from her eyes. “I’m not going anywhere anytime soon baby, you got that?” I leaned up and kissed her lips, they were dry and rough but I didn’t care. I love y/n so much. As I pulled away I looked her in the eyes and said to her “I’m so sorry baby this is all my fault. And don’t try and argue with me that it’s not. I’m just so happy that you’re okay. You’re my whole world. I’d be lost without you. I love you so much princess” she smiled up at me “I love you to Calum”