now that i think about it the second one looks better

ok but now all i’m thinking of is how lena, ceo of a multi billion dollar corporation, who’s probably scheduled every second, forget minute, of every day, who just told her assistant that kara is to be letup at any time. and how kara came barging in, the assistant saying that she looked away for one second and she was gone, kara coming in with the assistant telling her not to.

ad she’s asking for lena’s help. at first she thinks here we go, no one can be as sincere and as genuine as kara seems, she’s asking for a favor and she’s even going for the classic ‘asking for a friend’ scenario to make herself seem better.

except, it really is for a friend, the panic in kara’s eyes real and genuine–someone she cares about has gone missing. she’s not being selfish, she really is being as selfless as she seems.

even more noticeable, she’s not asking for lena to fix it. she’s just asking for a name, a location, and that’s it–not money or power or even lena’s involvement. she just wants to know something that lena already knows, something that lena knows–that’s the key. Lena knows about her because she went to boarding school with Roulette, and really, nothing she tells kara even costs her anything. Not even time–she knows it off the top of her head. She doesn’t have to bribe politicians, or hire investigators, or say anything that could hurt L Corp–she just wants information about a woman she already doesn’t really like, all to protect someone else.

In Lena’s experience, we’re kind of given the impression that anything she’s experienced that seems too good to be true is–except, kara’s been proving her wrong, time and time again.

She wrote a phenomenal article about L Corp, but wasn’t afraid to tell her–with a huge, genuine smile–that she disagreed with Lena’s ideas. She asks for help, but not for herself. She’s not asking this because she wants to use Lena–she just wants to keep her friend safe. Kara’s looking at Lena with such gratitude and relief shining in her eyes, and Lena wonders when was the last time she was

This small time reporter, probably from the middle of nowhere, is brazen enough to barge right into the office of one of the most powerful women on the planet, all for a friend. Really, who wouldn’t want a woman like that as a friend? Or maybe even something more? Kara may look like a mouse in disguise but forget steel, she has a diamond core.

Lena’s probably tired of the two extremes– yes-men, who just want to use her for her money and her influence, and people who hate her because of her family. Kara is someone who isn’t afraid to speak up to her, to say she thinks she’s wrong, but she doesn’t demonize Lena. She treats her like she would any other friend.

And clearly, Lena’s enjoying it. There was the whole really gay flirting  on the couch scene, and the fact that kara has free reign into her office. God, it’s been like a month and already she’s so infatuated with one of the most oblivious people in National City. Poor Lena. Kara really should come with a warning:

“Hi my name is Kara Danvers and if you are a powerful and brilliant woman who’s never really had many friends and also a rough family life there’s a 100% chance you will fall in love with me. References: Lucy Lane and Cat Grant. Possibly more to follow.”

i’ve been thinking about time lately.
think about it. they say that
my 20’s will fly by. how many
hours have I spent at a job that
I hate? how many cigarettes
have I smoked until I realize
that if I quit now my lungs
will breathe better? how many
days will I spend on dreaming
rather than doing? how many
nights have I stressed over
something I said to you?
you’re not crazy. you’re not.
we waste so many seconds
being stagnant. every decision
you’ve ever made… every mistake
that you will learn from…
one day you’ll look back
and laugh because it really
wasn’t that bad. they tell
you to live in the moment,
but sometimes you need
to manage that shit.
it’ll consume you if you don’t.
don’t beat yourself over
every little detail. let some
of it go. flow like rivers.
ease into yourself. grow.

but imagine a reverse au


non titan shifters become shifters (leeeeviiii)

poor eren cant heal anymore;;

so when she loses her arm and leg she somehow makes prosthetics for herself

i said genderbending i didnt misgender anyone

what the fuck armin is humanitys strongest soldier

ymir is the king

so the vets are all trainees and the trainees are in command

mikasa takes a liking to levi

levi looks up to eren

does this mean levi is humanitys last hope?? and is fifteen??

someone draw eren in his/her thirties

i know someone has to switch eyesbrows with erwin

oh yeah i forgot about hanji for a second there

does this mean mikasa is the one doing experiments now

so in this au eren is short and levi is tall

holy shit this gets better as i think about it even if it might not sound that way

(spoiler under the cut)

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Reckless Abandon

Title: Reckless Abandon 
Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam
Summary: Demon!Dean captures and tortures the reader for information on his brother.
Word Count: 2,169
Warnings: torture, profanity, 
POV: Readers, 2nd person
A/N: This is part one of I think about three parts, so that’s why it’s kind of short for me. I have a good amount written for the second part right now, so hopefully I can get these out relatively quickly. As always, please let me know what you guys think! Hearing from you always makes my day infinitely better :)

It was never supposed to be like this. He was never supposed to be so cruel, so unforgiving, with a foreign malice in his dark eyes and hatred written across his once kind and encouraging features. He was never supposed to be the one who caused you pain, the one who dragged a dull blade against your skin until blood seeped through the seams. He was never supposed to look at you like that, without any care or regard for your life.

Dean Winchester was never supposed to hurt you, not like this. And yet, here you were, bound with rope to the cool surface of a old, rusted, metal table, bringing no comfort to the burning hot sensation surrounding your wrists and ankles. Any movement in the slightest charred away at another layer of skin, leaving behind a bloodied redness of raw flesh. You closed your eyes, trying to imagine a world where things were different; a world where the love of your life had never taken on the mark, that he had never been so self-sacrificing, that he hadn’t died, that he hadn’t become a demon at all, that the world was a much kinder and forgiving place.

But this was no time for senseless dreams.

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ghostbusters was almost better the second time around

definitely enjoyed the emotional and badass beats more, and caught a couple of jokes i’d missed the first time.

and now i just want to take a second to talk about some of the gender commentary in it.

others have already talked about kevin’s treatment as the “dumb blond trope” in a far more eloquent way than i could manage, so instead i’m going to focus on the underlying feminist theme re: the girls themselves.

erin’s biggest motivation for most of the film is acknowledgement. she’s been ridiculed, ignored, and looked down upon since she was a child, and more than (almost) anything, she just wants people to believe and validate her.

how many ladies struggle with this? all of us, in one form or another. so often our voices are silenced, our opinions ignored, our achievements stolen from us – having three of the core four ladies be involved in the STEM fields, naturally we can’t help but think of ladies like ada lovelace, hedy lamarr, rosalind franklin (just to name three of the hundreds if not THOUSANDS of women involved in the development of science and technology). all three were brilliant scientific minds whose contributions to science were either reduced or outright stolen by male counterparts.

(people know of the “babbage difference engine” but not many know ada contributed significantly to its development; hedy is now credited for her work with spread spectrum technology, which inevitably led us to wi-fi, but to most of the world she will always be remembered as a sex kitten actress rather than a scientist or inventor; and poor rosalind’s discovery was outright stolen by her male contemporaries – who then won awards and accolades for their thievery – in a move that still makes me boil with rage today.)

in the opening of the film, erin is desperate to secure tenure at columbia, something she’s spent years working hard to achieve. given the fact that she’s gotten a recommendation letter from a professor at princeton and is shown to be a very capable and accredited physicist, it’s frustrating that filmore is so eager to grasp at the slightest wiff of “impropriety” to deny her that desired tenure. he acts as if princeton isn’t good enough for a recommendation, he even has to comment on her attire – you bet your sweet ass a male professor wouldn’t have elicited such scrutiny/advice.

it’s a proven fact that women are less likely than men to get promoted (in this case, tenure), and in just a couple scenes ghostbusters commented on that in a relatively subtle way.

then there’s the scene when abby, holtzmann, and erin go to the dean of higgins to see if erin can get a job there. the school itself isn’t exactly prestigious, but the dean himself is even more of a joke. as abby puts it, he “spells science with a ‘y’“ unironically. here’s a guy who is laughably underqualified for his job, and yet he’s the one with power. he turns abby and holtz out of the school in the most unprofessional and immature way, even though they’re both able scientists/researchers who undoubtedly are more educated and qualified for their jobs than he is.

again, showing how women rarely hold positions of power and can be subject to the whims of their male counterparts.

when the girls face down rowan at the mercado and he gives his rant about how “clearly you’ve never been denied the respect and common decency that should be afforded a human being!” the entire quartet look at him in outright disbelief and abby even says, “no, everybody pretty much always dumps on us, 24/7.”

of course they know what it feels like to be treated as less than, you ignorant doorknob. probably in more ways than you’ve ever known – particularly patty, since she’s had to deal with the dual stumbling block of being both a woman and black.

when the mayor and homeland security purposefully discredit the team “to allay panic” and smear them in the media as frauds, yet again our girls have to deal with ridicule and public dismissal despite all of the hard facts and scientific proof they have to back their story up. there are few things more frustrating than knowing you’re telling the truth and having the entire world disbelieve you, or outright attack you, and that’s something a lot of women have to struggle with on a daily basis (rape culture and victim blaming immediately comes to mind here, where women who tell their stories are often smeared as liars and attention grabbers).

women are taught to make themselves small from a young age. don’t draw too much attention to yourself, don’t talk too loudly, don’t be too forthright or opinionated, don’t be visible and passionate in areas where you don’t “belong” (meaning everywhere outside of the house/family arenas, really, but especially in fields where men dominate, like the STEM fields). women are vilified when they step outside of society’s set “rules” for them, lambasted online and in the media (as our heroines experience via youtube/TV), physically attacked or threatened in public.

to have a movie revolve around a team of loud and proud scientists/researchers who refuse to shut up or back down, who continue to push forward despite the ridicule and disbelief they face at every turn, is both important and heartening. and while the original ghostbusting team faced scrutiny and disbelief in the first half of their movie, i feel like that theme is much more resonant and real in this movie with its female cast.

i know plenty will watch this film and just find it a pleasant diversion (and it is that, too), but for the impressionable young women in the audience, the subtler themes in this can make a real difference. we’ve always emulated the heroes on our screens, and in this case the ladies don’t have to stretch their imaginations to see themselves in a male character: they can literally just see themselves on the screen.

representation is important, and telling female stories is just as valid and significant as telling male ones.

in that very last scene, where the girls all go to the roof to see the lights just for them, the XOXO NYC <3s THE GB isn’t just a middle-finger to the naysayers and haters of the film; it’s also the moment when the ladies are truly validated and acknowledged for their work, their intelligence, and their gumption.

it’s a love letter to them, and it’s a love letter to all of the women in the audience, too.


Well, I’m not actually too sure what it equals, but I do have one question to ask…

Does this dress make me look fat?


Red is a far better colour on me. Goes with my smile. Pity my shoes got cut out, I could kill a man in those heels. And still run rather fast, which suits me more anyway.

How about something more summery?

Nope, nope, that was a terrible idea. It’s bloody freezing today.
No, seriously, it’s winter here. What on earth was I thinking wearing a summer dress and no shoes on tiled floors?

I’ll just huddle up in something warm for a while. Or maybe…

Something a bit differently dapper? Now all I’m missing is a tommy gun in a violin case.

Wait a second! Dial left his clothes lying around!
I wonder…


I am incinerating this outfit first chance I get. That’s what you do with bio-hazards, correct? And with my cousin’s reluctance to bathe I’m certain these rags count as such.

Ugh, excuse me while I find a pool of bleach to wash off in. Fashion show’s over.


I know in the past i said that i would continue working on my woy fan comic this October, but lately i’ve been having second thoughts about it. On one hand i already got a couple of parts done, i actually like how the story progresses and i don’t want to leave people on a cliffhanger, but on the other i feel like i should just cancel the whole comic and work on other things, plus both Wander and the backgrounds look kind of weird in those last pages that i posted. I honestly didn’t think this comic would take so long to finish when i first wrote the script. How foolish was i? Anyways what do you guys think i should do? It’s almost October and right now i feel like i’m between a rock in a hard place..

for now please enjoy this pic~

Always Keep You Safe

This is AU where Ladybug/Marinette lost her confidence. This is a new idea, and please tell me what you think. Thanks.

Chapter 1: I will make you better. I promise.


I look at the news and see the screen as the big news header for the second week in the row “Ladybug Missing”. I frown a little my eyes tearing up a little. It is getting hard to even get out of bed these days… nothing seems to be going right, and the last thing this town needs is for klutz to return. The night is cold anyway, and Chat Nior is doing just fine by himself. Plus. No one misses me, they just miss Ladybug. Alya is the only person who has been by for the past three weeks to visit me. It’s been hard ever since the accident. My fingers brush against the scars on my body. The accident…. I shake my head.

Don’t think about it now, Marinette. I hear myself think.

Tikki comes up and hugs my cheek tightly. Tears are swelling into my eyes. “Marinette, please don’t cry,” she begs me. “Talk to me. Please. It’s me…” My eyes shut tightly trying to stop myself from crying. Tikki hides behind my pillow. The wind blows into my room and I feel something. Someone is in my room. I swing around quickly and wince in pain. Pain rushes throughout my arm. I bite my lip and I feel a hand on my good shoulder. My eyes gaze up as I see a black jumpsuit with cat ears standing in front of me.

Anyone but him. I think to myself.

“Hey, hey, hey, careful,” he whispers to me. He pushes me gently back into bed and pulls the cover over myself. “Have you taken your meds today?” I lay back and just stare at him blankly. I haven’t spoken a word to anyone for three weeks. Not even Alya, not my father, not my mother, to no one. He grabs my pills and counts them one by one. “Okay. Good. That’s a step up.” He smiles a little. “What about eaten?” He looks around and scratches his head.

No. I think to myself.

He looks at me with sad eyes. He opens the door and walks down quickly. I guess he must have figured I hadn’t. This is a regular thing now for him to do. Chat Nior, my hero. I remember the first night he came, it was the first night back from the hospital. He was in tears saying that he was sorry. I guess he takes on what happened to me as his fault, but it wasn’t. I could let anyone get hurt. I did this to myself. But that’s not how Chat works. A couple of minutes later he comes back with a tray, it has some tea, soup, and croissant from my father’s bakery. He lifts me up a little and puts my pillows so I can sit up right. He sits next to me and gets a spoonful of soup. He blows on it and cups his hand under it.

“Please,” he gets me, “you need to eat…” I look at him, my eyes dead. “Marinette, think about your family, your friends. They need you to get better. I need you to get better.” He begs. I look at him. The soup did smell good. It was my favorite as well, sweet and sour soup. I open my mouth slowly and he puts the soup in my mouth. I eat it. He smiles and gets another spoonful. “That’s my girl, purrrrfect.” He winks. I roll my eyes, and what is the closest thing I have come to a smile in a long time. “Hey, is that a smile?” he asks me.

I use my good arm to push him playfully.

He just laughs and smiles. “I remember you,” he tells me feeding me another spoonful. “You were the girl that Ladybug told me to protect from the artist. You were really brave in that plan by the way. I don’t think I had ever told you that before. But yeah… you were really brave and smart. Ladybug could learn a thing or two from you.”

I don’t respond, but I do eat. He slowly feeds me the soup. This is normally how we spend our days, he would stay here with me and try to get me to talk and eat. I would stay here not doing anything but eat. It isn’t much of a time together, but he seems to never give up on me. He always comes back, and he always comes to make sure I am okay. Chat has always been there for me.

“People are becoming worried about you,” he tells me. “You are falling behind in everything. You need to start doing your homework again. I can help you.” I blink twice for him. “No? Come on, Marinette. Let me help,” he begs. I blink twice again. It is our code that he came up with. Blink one for yes, and blink twice for no. “What about that guy you like? Don’t you want to see him again?”

I frown a little and my eyes close. Adrien came and visited me a few times in the hospital, it was mostly Alya though, sometimes Nino, and one day the entire class came to visit me. They called me Ladybug’s helper. Chloe was even being nice to me. My eyes shit and tears fall down and this time, I can’t stop them.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Chat whispers setting everything down. He climbs into my bed and holds me tightly in his arms. “I-I-I-I take it back! Don’t cry! Don’t cry! Don’t cry, my lady.” My eyes cry a little as I lean into his arms. “My lady, shhh it’s okay. It’s okay. It will be okay. I will make sure it will be okay. Over my dead body will I let you get anymore hurt.” I look at Chat. He has been so… so kind to me. This is a side of him I have never seen before. He holds me tightly and looks at me. “Do you want me to stay until you all asleep?” he asks me. I look up at him and blink once. He smiles and does something he has never done before. He kissed my forehead and I lean against his chest. “I will always be here,” he whispers to me. “Always.”

I close my eyes. He rocks me to sleep. I slowly start to drift off not even caring anymore. He has my trust. He has always had my trust. Chat is my best friend besides Tikki and Alya, he has been here for me, he always has my back, and he promises me he will always be here. That is enough for me. I fall asleep in Chat’s arms something feels right. I don’t know what yet, but something feels right.


I look down at Marinette sleeping. Not only was I getting worried about her, everyone else was. She only eats when I force her too, and she is just lying in bed all day. I saw what she did to end up like this…

The day was raining, Hawkmoth himself was attacking the town. He was yelling was Ladybug and for me. I remember saving people and keeping them safe, and then I turn around and see Marinette. She is running with people helping the school get everyone out. Alya was missing and she ran and pushed her best friend out of the way and some of the wall crumpled down on top of her. It crushed some of her ribs and her shoulder. That day I really needed Ladybug.

That was the only time she had let me down. I brush Marinette’s hair softly as she falls asleep. I smile a little. She is the best kind of person. I really did mean it when I said that Ladybug could learn from her or maybe she could be her.

Marinette is fast asleep. She is beautiful, her hair smells like bakery, and her skin was flawless. My fingers brush through her unbrushed hair, and it has something beautiful to it. Why? I wonder why, I mean why do I think she is so pretty? She seems just so… she is never this Marinette at school. The day I saw her push Alya away… this is a side I had never seen her before.

My ring beeps and I look down at my ring and see I’m almost out of power. I kiss her cheek and smile. My hands scoot her down and lay her down on her bed. She is still sound asleep. A small smile curls on my lips as I pull the covers over her.

I extend my staff and get out of her room. I make my way back to my own house just as I am about to turn back to normal. Plagg comes out and lays down on my bed and curls into getting some cheese. “Yummy.” I laugh a little and brush my hair back getting changed. “Come on,” I tell him. “Let’s go to bed.”

“How is Marinette?” Plagg asks me smirking.

I go under my blanket and smile a little. “She ate today,” I tell him. “She is taking her medication. She will get better.” My eyes close. “Even if it’s the last thing I do. I will make sure she gets better.”

Imagine Dean realising you have a crush on Sam


‘No! No. Do not make that face at me,’ you said, raising a finger in warning.

‘You like Sam?’

You said nothing but the look in your eyes seemed to say it all.

‘You do! You like him! Man, I was just messing with you…’

'Shut up, Dean!’ you hissed, your cheeks hot with embarrassment, 'Please don’t say anything?’

He narrowed his eyes playfully at you as he thought about it. You waited nervously, knowing the leverage he now had on you.

'Fine. I won’t.’

'Really? You swear?’

'On one condition, you have to think about telling him yourself. No “buts”!’ He raised his eyebrow at you and held out a hand to seal the deal.

You chewed your lip for a second. You supposed it would be better coming from you than Dean, and at least you wouldn’t have to put up with the teasing but the thought of telling Sam twisted your stomach in knots. Seeing no alternative you took his hand, scowling at him as you did so, and shook it.   

'You do know he has a better looking, older brother, right?’ he teased. You chuckled and rolled your eyes at him.

He flashed you a cheeky grin as he made a mental note to start dropping hints to his equally smitten brother.  

Dear UK,
What the actual fuck.
Did you think for one fucking second about the implications of this decision? Or did you really just fall hook, line and sinker for the promises of a bunch of racist fearmongers.
I hope you have a good long think about it now.
About the children of migrants who have to go to school this morning unsure whether or not they’re welcome, because you have spoken and you have told them that they are not. About the small business owners whose livelihoods you’ve thrown into the lurch. About the newly graduating students looking for work in an economy you voted into chaos.
This vote was the result of hate, and it’s going to ruin lives. You scoffed at America for backing Trump, but now you are no better. You would rather see your economy burn than welcome migrants into your country.
What the hell were you thinking.
A neighbour whose own economy is about to suffer for your selfish decision.

I have seen a few people saying “seriously how many of you looked to see Sam Heughan’s penis during that scene with BJR” and It makes me groan. One of the most graphic acts of sexual violence ever portrayed on television is taking place and your wanting to see Sam Heughan’s Little Sam? First of all, not cool, second of all, NOT COOL. There is nothing that made me even think of seeing Sam Heughan’s penis. I was a bit to preoccupied with being horrified by what was happening to him on screen. Yes I know that scene was not realy but it felt real. It’s bad enough that women get subjected to that sort of objectification and now you’re going to do it with Sam? We women are always complaining about how we are subjected to objectification in the media. Appreciation of the male body or female body, is not the same as showing disrespect to an actor who wants to maintain his modesty. And honestly. it undermines the entire point of that scene if you’re looking for his dick instead of paying attention to the trauma and great acting taking place, then you are just as bad as the basement dwelling guys that get off on women being sexually violated on screen. It’s not cool, it’s not cute, it’s not funny. Sam deserves more respect than that. Appreciate him as an actor, stop trying to look up his kilt because I’m sure you wouldn’t want a man looking up your skirt to stare at your vagina.

okay so for the people freaking out in my inbox – literally look at emma’s face. she is angry, she is confrontational. she is saying “i stuck my neck out for you, now you better do the same because you owe me.” which is exactly congruent with what to expect for this whole arc.

regina is not going to save emma. she WILL help. she WILL have an important role. but she’s not going to be the one to ultimately fix it. emma does that. but what emma is CLEARLY SAYING HERE is “you better pay me back.” emma is well aware of what she did and she’s also well aware that everyone is in her debt. in fact, i expect to see dark swan pushing regina the HARDEST to make sure she’s carrying through. AND THAT IS GOOD FOR BOTH OF THEM. also, please remember everything adam and eddy have reinforced about how, you know, REGINA IS NOT GOING TO BE THE ONE TO DO IT ALONE, IT’LL BE A TEAM EFFORT ENDING WITH EMMA DOING IT.

if you can’t deal with that: i’m sorry. but it’s really really obvious. and how about we NOT leap to conclusions based on .01 seconds of promos. anyway, i am busy and have other stuff to do (LIKE PACKING FOR AN INTERNATIONAL MOVE WHICH IS TIRING AND WHY DID I SIGN UP FOR THIS) but i literally got 5 messages or so all at once bitching about this. and: no.

This is just so unashamedly over-the-top ridiculous, and I love it.

What’s better than flying around in your own personal helicopter?

Two helicopters.

Why two helicopters? Was it crowded in the first helicopter? Did Haruka just want an excuse to buy a second one? Is it just that she’s a 16-year-old with too much money who thinks helicopters are really really cool?

Or was this Michiru? Did Haruka brag about having her own helicopter named after her, and Michiru looked at her perfectly manicured nails and said, “I suppose I’ll never be popular enough to get a helicopter named after me,” in that chilling way that she does? And then Haruka’s scrambling to get on the phone to buy a second one and now they can’t ride in the same one anymore because Michiru deserves her own because she’s a princess and all Haruka wanted was to ride around in her cool helicopter with her girlfriend but now her girlfriend is in the other helicopter and they have to text about the nice view on their separate rides to school.

Here’s the thing…

Some of you were losing your damn MIIIIINDS over Madison coming in after quals with a higher score.  I mean….making some seriously gross snubs against Madison personally, her feet, her gymnastics, her skills.  Some even said they were going to kill her.   But hey, the gymternet was “in agreement”, so mostly all of that was an okay thing to do and continued for about two days straight.

Now one or two people just say they think Maddie had the better routine or flash a singular second of disappointment on their face that she didn’t get it, and THAT is being torn to shreds?  Did y’all just forget about the way you tore Madison to actual pieces for coming in to this final as the victor? When your fave wasn’t on top it wasn’t JUST saying Musty should’ve been higher, but obliterating Maddie as an athlete and critically looking at every single piece of her gymnastics with a finetooth comb bc it was an outrage?  

If you can’t see the difference between the few who are expressing they wished Maddie won, over the reactions of those who felt Aliya should’ve had the higher score coming IN??  I don’t know what to tell you.  But the hypocrisy around here is at an all-time high.  And wtf, I’m an Aliya stan for life and I think this is gross???

High school virgins ||thelittlestarprince


It’s been a few months since Gavin and Ray were together. Holding hands don the hall, sneaking pick kisses while no one was looking. Needless to say the two were very happy together and how everything was going. There was one thought running through the brit’s mind though, and what better time to talk about it than cuddling up to said boyfriend watching a movie?

“Hey, babe. We’ve been together for a few months now, and I uh.. I was kind of thinking….”

The stupid brit began freezing up as he spoke his words, face growing more and more red as seconds flew by. How does someone ask this sort of thing? Gavin’s never done it before, what if Ray has? What if Ray was more experienced than him.

“I was just….”