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Hate You (Wonho)

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Chapter 3

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Paring: Wonho x Reader
Genre:  Romance, Fluff af, kinda mad af Wonho

“Wonho?” he turned towards me. “Be my one night stand.” I confidently stated while I climbed on top of him. I must have shocked him because he froze. A smirk played on my lips as I leaned forward. One hand found its way to the back of his neck while the other trailed down his chest, toying with the buttons on his shirt. My lips grazed against his before they gently made contact with his neck.

He must have finally realized what was happening because his hands instantly went to the small of my back and my hips, in an attempt to pull me closer to him. I pulled away from his neck to look at him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more serious look on him. his hands trail up my body to my neck. He pulls me into a passionate kiss, so passionate it knocks the breath out of the both of us. My hands pull on his shirt before unbuttoning it. I could feel his muscles underneath my hands.

Wonho was suddenly everywhere. He was all around me. Consuming me. Pulling me into bliss. I couldn’t think anymore. My mind clouded over. His hands were everywhere all at once. And then he wasn’t.

“Wait.” he hesitated. “You don't want to do this.” 

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one direction // preference // he insults you behind your back
  • harry: you had been walking past his bedroom when you could hear the talking from inside. the two of you hadn't ever really gotten all that close after you met him through niall - of course that didn't mean you didn't find him super attractive - but the two of you never really hit it off. you'd never exactly snapped at each other, but you weren't exactly friends. the talking was only just audible so you could understand exactly what harry was saying to zayn as they chatted in the spare bedroom of niall's house where you were staying for the weekend. 'she's fucking boring.' harry said through a chuckle, to which came no response from zayn, 'like, i hate when she's around.' there was another silence before zayn spoke up, 'mate, you hardly know her. maybe if you tried to talk to her you'd actually see that she's pretty good to be around.' then you pushed the door open, leaving harry to turn around as the colour drained from his skin, 'yes i heard you. dinner's ready.' you said before making your way back downstairs.
  • zayn: you were in the same room as the boys, chatting with lou quietly as you played with lux. the bustle around the room as people tried to get the boys ready for the interview they were about to do, was loud. but you could still hear everything the boys were saying - but it was obvious that zayn thought you couldn't hear. you'd been with niall for a few months now, and after the blonde-haired boy had moved off to get a drink, zayn took the opportunity to talk. 'she's got her head up her ass i reckon. i've never seen someone so fucking confident in themselves. it's sad actually.' you heard every word - and so did lou - the blond storming over to him and scolding him for what he had said. niall overheard what lou was saying, furrowing his brow as he made his way over to you, 'what'd he say?' niall ask, to which you told him, 'are you kidding? well he's wrong, and second, i'm gonna go punch him in the balls in a sec.'
  • louis: you stood outside of the door to the dressing room, harry right behind you. just as you were about to open the door you heard the voice from behind it - instantly recognising it at louis'. you and harry weren't exactly together yet, but it was definitely going to happen soon. you'd been hanging out and sleeping together - and the boys knew about that. louis was talking pretty badly of someone, and you furrowed your brow as soon as you heard your name. 'if i have to see her face around here one more time i'm gonna go mental. like seriously, i'm gonna get harry to end things with her - i'm sick of her being here. like, nobody likes you love.' just as you went to turn around, harry was stopping you. he grabbed your hand and moved into the dressing room, walking straight over to louis. 'don't you even think about talking about her like that you asshole. and she heard all of that. you know what, she's not gonna be around you anymore because she deserves to be around people that aren't cunts.'
  • niall: you'd seen it on a video that had been posted by some fans that had seen them after they'd been out at a club. he was clearly very drunk, and therefore his filter didn't really seem to be on. the two of you had been hanging out a little bit after zayn introduced you two, and you honestly thought that the both of you were getting along just fine. until this video was released. in it, he slurred on about how annoying you could get, and that he was sick of always getting messages from you. it was literally like you'd been stabbed in the stomach. you felt sick when you saw it. and perhaps you hadn't realised before-hand just how strong your feelings were towards him until they weren't at all returned by him. you sent him a text after you saw it, letting him know that it was fine and he'd never hear from you again. and then you got a text from zayn, telling you not to worry about it and that he enjoyed your texts more than you'd ever know.
  • liam: you'd all just come back from an event, where you were on louis' arm all night. he'd enjoyed taking you as his date - seeing as the tour had meant the two of you were hardly spending any time together. the whole night had been a blast for you, and you'd gotten to meet a whole heap of celebrities and be able to see the A lister world in action. but you were completely exhausted when you were in the car back. you'd curled up in louis' side and once you arrived at the hotel, he carried you up to the room where he had you curled up on his lap as the boys all chatted. you had woken up as he brought you up to the room, and were listening in on the conversation with your eyes closed. louis was chatting with niall and harry, as liam chatted with zayn quietly; though you could hear every word. 'what the hell was she wearing? and her face wasn't much better. maybe she should've got lou to get her ready, she looked shit.' he said with a laugh and a slight slur from the alcohol. you moved up from louis' chest, shaking your head at liam, 'nice. asshole.' you muttered before leaving the room and going up to you and louis' hotel room.
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