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Draco; Intoxicating

/Part III

“All Eyez” ~ The Game ft. Jeremih

Warning(s): smut, cussing, hair pulling, pregnancy kink

Disclaimer: There’s no lyrics to follow.\


Five Months Later

“Welcome back, Y/N.“ Ed said as you walked down the same floor which was walked on by drunken men and dolled up ladies. “How was the summer with Ophelia?” Ed asked, wiping the counters. “It was fantastic, she had the best time of her life.” You replied.

“Where’s F/N?” You question. “She’s in a room doing her womanly charms.” Ed sighed. “Oh.” You said. “You’re up on the stage today and happy to see you.” Ed smiled. “Thanks Ed, bye!” You dismiss yourself to the dressing rooms. You changed into an outfit with a pink laces bra with matching panties underneath it, a robe on top covering it all.

You walked out onto the stage with a pole glimmering in the middle. You took off your robe, the whistles began. You studied your audience and saw him.

Your breath quickened and heart pumped. You wore a white button up blouse flashing your laced bra with a schoolgirl skirt that’s unbelievably short. His eyes concentrated on you, a mischievous smirk plastered onto his face. You put a leg up on the pole, your eyes bore into his. You made a spin around the pole then dropped onto all fours on the stage floor. You slowly crawled your way to him.

When you came close to him you winked. You were undeniably close, you started nipping on his neck peppering it with kisses. A low groan escaped his mouth as he whispered into your ear, “Welcome back, babygirl.“

You stood up and swayed your hips on the way to the pole. All the men were entranced with you, and you could see the jealousy displayed in his eyes.

All eyes on ya
Ask you how your week been
Workin’ always, let me
Work you out for the weekend
Baby, I’m a beast, uh-huh
Can you tame me?
I’m gon’ let it out
Lay you down

You did as much as you could to tease and make him jealous. Such as going to ‘serve’ others and avoiding him. Until your time on stage came to an end. You walked off stage, walking towards the bar, until footsteps were heard behind you. You turned around and met him. You smirked, “Need anyth-” “Listen here, babygirl, I saw what you were doing and you are going to get punished for being a bad girl.” He cut you off.

“Jealous Draco?” You slightly whimper. “Scared Y/N?” It was Draco’s turn to smirk, you gulped in slight fear and adrenaline. Draco pulled on your hand taking you to the room, where sinful events took place. “Get down on your knees.“ Draco commanded.

You complied getting on your knees, Draco’s member was right in front of your face, you placed your slightly cold hand around it, he shivered at the cold sensation. You began to pump up and down. “In your mouth.” Draco said, you took it in your mouth. Your tongue swirling around the tip till you took most of him in and pumped the rest.

“Oh yes, babygirl.” Draco grunted. You went faster, his moans and praises were bouncing off the walls. “I’m goning to cum into your mouth like the good cock slut you are.” Draco grunted. You only mumbled a ‘yes’, which sent vibrations to his member. He took your head and face fucked you. “Oh-oh-yes! Oh shit!” Draco came in your mouth a huge load pouring out, you swallowed it in groups.

“Good girl.” Draco panted. “Stand up.” You stood up, and stood still. “Now strip, but don’t take off your skirt.” Draco but his lip looking at you. You slowly began to strip, he just stared at you, until you were left in the schoolgirl skirt.

Breakfast on the beach, that mean sex is on the beach
You lookin’ like a fruit platter, I'ma bite into your peach
And um, I think about to massage your feet
And um, you got a body, you remind of my Jeep
And um, I must look amazing with you ‘Cause every time you on my arm I got

“Oh yes, lovely. I’m going to teach you a lesson Miss Brankovitch.” Draco pushed you onto the bed. You fumbled backwards and landed on the bed unaware of what was happening. Until, “Ah!” You screamed as Draco entered you, thrusting in a rapid speed.

All eyes on me
I need your attention
Put your body on me
You the one I’m missin’
All eyes on me
I don’t want your love
We ain’t gotta fake it
We both tryna fuck

“Hmm, seems like I haven’t fucked you in so long if your this tight.” Draco groans. “Then tear me apart, daddy.” You moan. Draco goes faster and harder, adjusting you to find that certain point. “Yes, right there!” You scream. “Oh, da-” You began, only to stop when Draco pulled out. “What the hell!” You shout.

“I’ll leave you like this, seems like you’ve learned your lesson.” Draco smirked. “No, I haven’t.” You say. “Really?” Draco snickered. “I want you to keep pounding into me, until your seed comes out of me and you fill me up to the brim.” You pant.

“That’s what you want?” Draco asks, you nod, “Good words to put it into.” Draco said. Shoving himself up into you again. “I want you to come into me. Breed me.” You breath. “Hmm I want to fill you up till I’m assured your having my child.” Draco kept pounding into you.

Girl, you know my intentions
I put you on the wall like a picture
Round after round to decisions
Say you wanna show me what I’m missin’
All the lights low, but we lit up
I don’t let you down if I get up
Like you got a man, but you’re fed up
(You want me to say your name huh?)
But you know when we get together

“Come inside me! I know you want to!” You moan. “I’m coming!” Draco said, pushing himself deep into you. His seeds seeping deep into you, the erratic spurts made your eyes flutter. Draco pulled out, all the cum leaking out of you onto the floor.

All eyes on me
I need your attention
Put your body on me
You the one I’m missin’
All eyes on me
I don’t want your love
We ain’t gotta fake it
We both tryna fuck

You both got dressed, cum still leaking out of you. You went outside with Draco, “Oh my.” Everyone stared at the two of you. Draco put an arm around your waist, protectively.

All eyes on me
All eyes on me

Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 21

I was instantly filled with regret over my unintentionally feisty behavior. The last thing I wanted to do was get myself into more trouble. And I knew what I just did was practically asking for it.

“I’m so sorry, Sir…” I began, my words stumbling out of my mouth as my mind began to fill with fear, “I didn’t mean….”

Gasping for a breath, I felt his hand cup my cheek, “It’s all right baby… You’re in the mood to be sassy and I’m in the mood to punish.”

“No, no, no, no…” I begged, “Please!”

I continued to beg for forgiveness but he didn’t speak about it again. Slowly, I was coming to the realization I needed to keep myself in better check. I knew he was standing over me, I could feel his presence. He didn’t move though. He was just watching.

It felt like forever as I laid there, trying to calm myself down. My body was so exhausted and felt weak but at the same time my muscles were tense and tight. I was a ball of contradictions. I tried one more time, his silence was killing me.

“Sir, I’m sorry I was sassy.” I quietly said, hoping my voice conveyed my remorse.

“I had thought about canceling our dinner reservations and ordering in but I’d like to take you out, baby girl.” Jared said, “I have special plans for us tonight.”

As he was speaking, I heard a low buzzing sound near me but I couldn’t tell exactly where it was coming from. Suddenly, remembering the wand I saw earlier, I began to tense up again. I was so totally wound up, I felt like I couldn’t control anything and the LAST thing I wanted to do was not be able to hold back my orgasm if he should deny me. Unfortunately the way we were going, I had a feeling that was definitely a distinct possibility.

“You’d still like to go to dinner with me, right baby?” Jared asked almost as if he were talking to himself instead of me. At least that’s how I took it.

As he was speaking, Jared placed the rounded tip of the wand on the inside of my bent knee and slowly started to trail it up my leg. Perspiration broke out across my body but my mouth suddenly dry. I was trying to answer him just in case but I ended up choking on my words.

“I didn’t hear you..” he said sternly at my lack of answer.

“I. I. I umm, yes…” I was totally stumbling the closer that little vibrating ball got to my pussy, “Yeess, Sir. Yes, dinner…”

Each syllable was stretched out as I tried to answer him coherently. Thankfully, I was able to answer just before he got to my core. Thinking he would be using it on my overly stimulated clit, I was relieved when instead, he trailed it softly over my hip to circle my belly button.

I felt like I was a bundle of nerves and I couldn’t stop squirming away from the vibrations. They seemed to go right through me, electrifying every single cell in my body.

“I’m glad, baby. I’ve been looking forward to this dinner all day.” He said.

Something in his voice caught my attention, I was just too distracted to concentrate on that in the moment. As he grazed the wand over my ribs I really began to pull away even more although I couldn’t go far. Circling my breasts in a figure eight, I was terrified at the realization of his intentions.

I was moaning in anticipation as soon as I felt him lift the wand from my skin. Just as I feared, I felt the rounded tip just barely graze my tight nipple. My chest caved and my hips jerked up as I tried to squirm away. Unfortunately for me, my restraints did their job.

“Ohhh my godddd, Sir, please!!!” I begged as he move to the other nipple. “I'ma.. Can I cum… Ohhh!!!”

“No, you many not.” He said, promptly pulling the wand from my nipples.

I could feel my eyes welling with tears under the mask, I honestly couldn’t take much more without release. That fact only made worse as I felt the tip of the wand against my skin again, only this time he was was circling it around the outer edge of my nipples. Continuing down to my elbows then back up my arms before gliding it between my breasts to rest on my tummy. I was biting my lip so hard, I could taste blood as I tried to keep control.

“We’re almost there, baby.” Jared whispered in my ear.

“Yes, Sir..” I said, slowly beginning to calm down again. Easing into the rhythm of the vibrations, it began to relax me.

“My god you look so fucking sexy laying there masked and bound, dripping with anticipation.” He murmured.

Thoughts of his hard cock pushing into me played through my mind. I know I was only imagining it but I swear I could almost FEEL him inside me. Fucking me. Thrusting into thin air as if he were there, I was in my own little world.

“Ahhh…” I moaned at my memories.

“Remember, you may not cum without permission.” Jared warned.

Without warning, I felt the air vibrate around my aching hole a split second before Jared dipped the rounded tip into my already throbbing core. He was truly testing my limits more than he ever had before.

And, I couldn’t handle it.

“Reeedddddd!” I screamed as the vibrations radiated through my pussy. “Reedddd!”

Jared immediately pulled the wand away and dropped it to the floor, placing his open palm in the center of my heaving chest. I did the only other thing I could do besides letting myself hurl over the edge into ecstasy.

“Shhhh…. Shhhhh… I won’t use the wand again.” He soothed, pulling the mask from my eyes with his other hand.

Through my tears, I tried to explain, “I just wouldn’t have been able to hold back anymore… I knew I couldn’t!”

“I know, baby girl. Shhhh, it’s okay.” He continued to soothe and slowly, I began to calm down. “You did the right thing. Let’s get you out of these restraints.”

Starting at my wrists, Jared quickly unbuckled each of them. Once the cuffs were off he brought my arms back to my sides, rubbing the stiffness out. Moving onto my ankles, he went through the same steps as he released them too.

“What color are we now baby?” Jared asked as he looked up at me, his eyes first glancing at my still dripping pussy before connecting to mine.

My voice was still shaky as I answered him, not knowing how much more punishment I was going to have to endure, “Green, Sir.” I answered.

“Good girl. I want you to sit up.” He instructed, walking around to my side and wrapping his arm around the back of my neck, helping me to sit. I nearly jumped out of my skin as my clit skimmed the material of the ottoman as I sat up. Even now, I was still riding the edge and I knew with just the slightest touch, I’d cum.

“How are you feeling sitting up?” Jared asked as he bent down in front of me, his hands going to the buckle on my collar so he could remove that too.

Once the collar was gone, he massaged my neck to ease the tension. Using my fingers to rub the wetness from my eyes, I responded, “I’m good, Sir.”

From his tone, I could tell he wasn’t quite through with me yet. He was just changing tactics. I only hoped I could hold out until he gave me permission to cum because the thought of another punishment sent chills down my spine.

“Good.” He said with a slight smile as he stood all the way up in front of me, “Do you remember what I said earlier this morning in the bathroom?”

I instantly remembered what he was talking about. Looking up, our eyes connected as he pulled the button on his jeans apart then slowly lowered the zipper. Still holding my gaze, he brought his hands to his hips then pushed his jeans down enough to allow his ridged cock to finally spring free.

Jared silently watched my every expression as he waited for the realization hit me as to where my place was to be.

“I remember, Sir.” I said as I eased to my knees in front of him, his ridged cock inches from my lips.

“I knew you would. Now open that pretty little mouth for me, baby girl.” Jared said as he fisted my hair in his hands.

Opening wide, I laid my tongue across my bottom teeth just as he pushed his cock into my mouth, thrusting to the back of my throat. Holding me against him by his iron clad grip in my hair, he placed his other hand on my cheek as he held my jaw. Letting out a stuttering breath, he eased back to cradle his tip between my lips.

With more control than I have ever seen, he slowly fucked my mouth. His thrusts were deep and it took all my control to not gag but I was surprised by his gentleness at the same time. His rhythm was smooth and consistent and I did my best to please him.

I could feel his cock swell in my mouth and tasted a rush of precum, knowing he must be close to orgasming. Tasting him always turned me on and with my body wound so tight, I was so anxious to finally feel him inside me hopefully sharing in our release. I knew it was coming but when I felt his grip tighten in my hair and his hips falter, I couldn’t understand why he kept going.

With one more deep thrust, he silently let go as he exploded against the back of my throat. Swallowing as much as I could, Jared rode out his orgasm just as slowly as he got there. I could hear his jagged breathing echo in the otherwise silent room.

He stilled for a second, his cock resting on my tongue before pulling his hips back and allowing his cock to slip from between my lips. Smiling down on me as I sat back on my calves, he cupped my cheek in his hand.

“You did very well, baby girl, I’m proud of you.” He praised, “I think it’s safe to say you’ve learned your lesson.”

I sat there speechless. Wait a minute… What about me?!