now that i have my tea

Without thinking now, I always have the volume on an even number. Even if I’m in someone else’s car, I keep the radio on an even number. I find myself picking my feet up over train tracks, still making one morning coffee and one morning tea, and bringing two shakers to the gym. I find myself making a joke and listening for your laugh. I make a fool of myself and miss hearing you say “I hate you” followed by a smile. Somehow regular pancakes that aren’t in the shape of our initials just don’t taste the same. Sitting across from someone at a diner and not having them shoot water at me, just feels odd. I find myself taking long drives to no where, only to look in the passenger seat and miss you cuddled on my arm half asleep. I no longer watch movies until 2 am, horribly decorate cookies or have someone squeeze my butt to get my attention. But you’re happy now. I hoped we could have been happy together. I hoped I could have been the person you needed. I hoped you were becoming the person I always saw who you could be. And now I hope you find all those things and then some. I hope you miss me. I hope I’ve rubbed off on you. I hope you find yourself saying “good bit” and “so polite.” I hope you have that one hoodie that’s the best for cardio. I hope you say yes to everything life throws at you. I hope you walk into the gym with all the confidence in the world. I hope you climb to the top of a mountain, overcome your obstacles, sit on a picnic bench and get lost in the view. All while knowing that somewhere down there, you left your mark on me.

29.03.2017 22:27// [March Study Challenge - Days 28 & 29] Coffee, tea or hot chocolate? & Bookshelf

Coffee is a functional thing for me, either I take it or I get a headache. Tea is for mornings that I don’t have to rush and I can eat breakfast calmly.
On my bookshelf right now there are Harry Potter #2 and my diary, and then old books from my childhood.

The photos are from yesterday when I was studying bones and today when I was bullet journaling before heading to Krav maga.

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can u be less vague for the tea sippers but still vague enough to stay safe *clutching tea*

idk dog just the whole fandom atmosphere right now–the fact that i have to be ‘vague’ to ‘stay safe’, when in theory we’re all here to have fun. it makes me really tired and it makes me want to leave the sub-culture that for all intents and purposes raised me. 

i know that i’m older than a lot of people in fandom, so i don’t want to be that person who’s like “well in my day we etc etc etc” because i know times change, but for real. i miss being allowed to explore characters and circumstances that aren’t 100% healthy and “positive” because so much of my life and the world does not feel healthy or positive. 

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lol where'd the smut go? Alright lets do it again! Remember that gifset you reblogged of Daryl passionately throwing his head back and pouring soda into his mouth? I bet that's also what he looks like when Carol is riding his face, her juices on his lips. One of his hands is holding tightly onto her hip, making sure she can't squirm away from his relentless tongue, while his other hand is pumping up and down his hard cock.¸.•*¨*✧♡✧

Smut Fairy, listen, I’m in this nice family friendly establishment known as Applebees, losing my shit right now. I can’t. I spit iced tea in my mom’s direction. Her shirt is done. She is glaring at me and I have this in my brain and I’m supposed to order my food with a straight face now. I can’t. I am fragile.

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*Takes Pastel's glasses and quickly smooches her on the cheek before lightly jogging away.*

Pastel: What….j–… I have so many questions… H-hey My glasses!


Mod: Sorry I haven’t been posting much And they aren’t really questions.. I will try to answer actual questions and such. Also, Im going to be answering asks for Milk Tea now


Last week, Burt Macklin said he wants me to buy a tea house and operate it and live in the upstairs of the tea house. He’ll take over when he gets older.

That actually sounds amazing, kid. I have to tell you. It’s now my goal to make this happen haha.

Then today, he made his teachers send the empty cracker box home with him because he loved the look of the hors d'ouvres on the front of the box and wants me to make them. 🙄(a Brie, apricot jam, walnut thing in case you were curious.)

These examples may or may not be byproducts of exclusively listening to the broadway Sirius channel. I have no regrets.

Update on the worm virus

So I’ve been puffing on my little inhaler the doc gave me and drinking gallons of tea. The past 2-3 days were really hard and scary and painful. I literally thought I was cracking ribs. Good news is I think I’ve survived the worst of the virus, but I’m not gonna jinx it by going out or working. My body is really tender right now so I have to keep nursing it until I’m completely over the virus. 

Thank you all for rooting for me!! I was too sick to answer all the messages right away but I saw them all. 

So hopefully with time and rest I’ll be back to full strength soon. 

Thanks for the love! 

XOXO Spazz

Need a tea party right now

I’m lonely today. Wish I had a friend who was available to just come over and have a cup of tea and get fat with me on cake. All my friends are at work today, so they can’t just come around at the drop of a hat. Oh well I’ll just have a tea party with my dog today

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playlist with your headline as the title?

“You Were My Cup of Tea. I Drink Champagne Now.”

(In specific order)

• Starring Role – Marina and the Diamonds
• Disenchanted – My Chemical Romance
• Opheliac – Emilie Autumn
• Dead To Me – Melanie Martinez
• Still Breathing – Green Day
• Thnks Fr Th Mmrs – Fall Out Boy
• Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes – Panic! at the disco
• I Can Do Better – Avril Lavigne
• Shout Out to My Ex – Little Mix

quickest weightloss masterpost

I dont recommend it to anyone, its dangerous and u will do it on ur own risk


I asked my angels about  their  quickest weight loss and how it have been done, so here’s the answers:

1.  Quickest weight loss for me happened when I started my day with 2 cups of water before anythin else. And then a cup before each meal and whenever the desire pops up. Even now that I’m eating crappy, my weight is stayin constant because the water helps you metabolize quicker.

2. 44lbs in a month and a week. 200-300 cals a day max with about 10fast days mixed in. 5-15miles cycled a day + other workouts(t25 and some ones on here). I also took some stimulants: caffeine pills, adderall, and ephedrine(in ma huang tea form).

3. 30lbs in 1 ½ months by working out, fasting two days a week, eating 500kcl at max and ONLY eating breakfast so I have at least 20h between my meals.

4. 5 lbs in less than two days, just by fasting.  

 Update on my 72 hour fast: I have lost 8 lbs already and still have a few hours to go + my fast stops at 11 pm, so I’m ‘fasting’ another 7 hours or more because I don’t know yet if I’m gonna eat in the morning

5. 6 pounds in a week, done by eating 500 cal a day and exercising for an hour and a half a day

6.  The time I lost the most weight the quickest was when I was on holiday. I hated American food because it was all so greasy so I only ate grapes and fruits. My family didn’t realise because we were busy all the time and I ended up not really realising myself.

7.  I lost 9 lbs in a week once. Actually that was just last month. But basically I did the ABC diet (not the first two days) and my weight just dropped and dropped and dropped

8.  Monday to today (sunday). I went from 161 to that (151) . I had about only 200 or less calories daily and yesterday I fasted for 24 hours

9.  40 lbs down in 6 weeks. 500 cal > 1200 cal a day with intermediate fasting (6-20 hours a day depending on the day). The key is to not starve, but restrict and change the amount each day.


feel free to add ur personal weightloss story x


The amount of pastel in this spread hasn’t truly hit me until just now. Ah wellll :3

I’m working on color schemes! This was definitely a purply-bluish one. I started a Youtube channel, which has study with me’s and plan with me’s! And I recorded this bujo process so feel free to check it out. My channel is Lentil Studies but the link to this video is:

Have a great week! :)

even his fucking wrist is beautiful i can’t believe i have to quit my job now nothing i’m saying is coherent i just told my friend i was making tea like i’m not even doing that why did i lie about it i can’t find my socks nothing makes sense


{15.03.17} keeping my notes for economics simple today. tbh it has been /super hard/ trying to keep to my schedule ahh. some days i’m just toooo tired to keep pushing on. ੨( ・᷄ ︵・᷅ )シ i thought that the number of tasks i allocated for in a day was manageable, but i guess i have to make some adjustments now. my mental health & wellbeing is more important than anything else!! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

hey guys heres a terrifying thought

homestuck, john dies at the end, and the adventure zone all have weirdly similar fanbases that are, in some cases, nearly impossible to tell apart