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i wish straight people understood the real fear behind coming out. we dont come out days after we find out, we keep that shit inside for years, and when we do its usually only a select few until we’re brave enough to tell everyone.

like i remember making plans to have my friends be able to stay at my house if their parents kicked them out. i remember shyly telling everyone i was a straight ally in gsa, the one place you’re supposed to be yourself. i remember not being able to say the word “gay” out loud for a very long time, and i’m still uncomfortable with saying “lesbian.” even though i know who i am, and i’m confident in it.

coming out is terrifying, no matter how liberal your friends and family are. no matter how safe it is. coming out is not some trivial thing that you can laugh about. its not a fun way to put angst in your fanfic.

its just frustrating as hell when a straight person makes a “oh im coming out of the closet lol” joke when coming out for me was years of hiding and honestly hiding still. god just seriously stop.

31 J2 Tinhat Facts (Updated Edition)

This is an updated version of the hot tea I severed back in 2016. You will see some of the same facts that I have used before in my previous TInhat facts post, along with a some of my own commentary/opinions. However, you will also see new facts added to this list, hence why this is now 31 Tinhat facts instead of 21. Many Tinhats already know these facts, but for those of you that don’t and for my new followers here you go.


1.) Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles both had mutual friends/acquaintances in common before they even met one another. 

2.) J2 shared a mortgage back when they lived together in the earlier seasons of Supernatural. (I have linked below one of my many “Friendly Reminders” that I made back in March of 2016 that shows the screen shots and proof of what Sona, the writer of the article had to say about how “we” (most likely meaning her and her team) fact checked the mortgage situation. Aren’t facts beautiful you guys? Keep in mind this was back in 2009 and while being a J2 Tinhat was certainly a thing and gaining traction. This was sort of before “Tinhatting” was HUGE on basically every social media platform like it is now.)

Link: Jensen and Jared Sharing a Mortgage

3.) Jensen Ackles “married” one of his former close friends and fellow actor Riley Smith’s ex-girlfriend Danneel Harris now known as Danneel Ackles on May 15th, 2010.

4.) Jared Padalecki worked with Jensen’s friend Riley Smith, who was dating Danneel at the time lol, in the Olsen twins movie New York Minute which was released in 2004.

5.) Cliff (the J’s “bodyguard”) has posted on Spn_gossip a few times in the past.

6.) Genevieve Padalecki’s sister posted on Spn_Gossip in the past too and said  regarding the J’s and I quote (grammar errors included): “What business of yours if they are gay and straight? They don’t owe you anything. You people sound vindictive and nasty.” Once Gen’s sister realized that she accidentally posted off anon, she deleted her comment. But it was too late, she’d already been caught lol.

7.) Jim Beaver, who plays Bobby on the show. Has publicly admitted to reading on Spn_Gossip for many years and has posted on there in the past as well.

8.) One of Jensen’s more publicly known “girlfriends” Joanna Krupa (from The Real Housewives of Miami) said she used to beard for someone. Keep in my Jensen was her only famous “boyfriend” that she “truly” dated. She has recently gotten divorced from her husband of many years. Also on the show another housewife accused her of being an escort and everyone knowing about it.

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Hey! I was wondering if you have any Gorillaz headcanon.... also you seem so nice like a warm tea on a foggy day! I don't know if it sounds weird I'm sorry, english is not my first language so I don't really know how to explain it

It’s not strange to me thank you for thinking that of me, hmm umhmmm I’ll make up a few right now:


  • Most diligent about his chores, he dances when he does them
  • Always trying to make everything into a bong
  • Can do Damon’s cigarette tick with ease (Damon hates him for it)
  • Doesn’t actually care for animals much


  • Thinks Apple products are better
  • Will dedicate some off days to searching for new artists and music, she’ll lock herself in her room and no one’s allowed to talk to her
  • Sometimes she’ll make Cyborg take her place for shows so she can binge watch TV 
  • Loves wheels: scooters, skates, bikes, skateboards; she’s all about it


  • Is a history buff
  • Always telling people “It’s because you’re always on your phone”
  • He’s actually the one to introduce the others to books, all their favorites have been recommendations from Russ. I imagine him reading a lot.
  • Still uses e-mail as a form of casual communication


  • Favorite foods are gross but refined like escargots or something
  • All his toiletries are stuff he’s stolen from hotels
  • Reads every Gorillaz review he can find
  • He cuts the hair for everyone in the house to “save money”

I’m not going to lie, almost every thing I do in my spare time now, I think to myself ‘How could I turn this into a one-shot?’

More recent things include:

- digging a hole to put a dead pet in

- baking a cake

- burning kale in the oven

- dealing with a spot on my face the size of a grape

- chatting to my car about whether it does realistically need to be filled with petrol right now or if it could last a little longer

- using up all the hot water in the shower thus annoying the rest of the family who also wanted showers

- deciding what sort of tea to have

- trying to stop the cat from getting in the kitchen sink with its muddy paws 🙄

- slow dancing under the stars with my s/o, freezing our butts off while we wait for our friends to pick us up to go out

- trying to justify the reason why there’s a tonne of my socks at the bottom of the bed (I go to sleep with cold feet but get hot in the night, okay??)

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I’m dying for some melt stone!!! 😭😭😭

lmaaaaao ikr

i cant write atm but ill give u a teaser:

[Elphaba] took a sip of the ice tea. “Huh. This is really nice.”

Glinda smiled proudly. “Thank you. I know my tea.”

“I usually have coffee.”

“I’ve never been able to do more than one coffee a day.”

“Good,” Elphaba remarked. “Caffeine dependencies are unhealthy and far too normalised. I wouldn’t recommend it.”

Glinda smiled incredulously. “And yet you drink coffee regularly.”

“I smoke too,” they said with a lopsided grin. “I never said I’m a role model.”

Glinda looked away from them, nodding slowly. They felt a stab of anxiety - maybe Glinda hated smokers. Maybe they’d just jeopardized whatever this was that was happening with them. Could they handle quitting right now? They’d probably google it later, even as they acknowledged that making life changing decisions for a hot girl they’d met a week ago was legitimately worrying behaviour.

“I know it’s sort of a disgusting habit,” they said, their voice very flat. Glinda looked at them with a little surprise.

“Oh, I was just thinking about dinner,” she said. Elphaba almost laughed with relief.

I was having a nice cup of tea and texting a friend, and then the playlist I had on took a turn for the emotional and now I’m severely conscious of how many people in my life I miss (like my friend I’m texting, who is too far away)

Go hug a friend, people. And have a cup of tea, because that will also not disappoint

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Hi lovely♡ Hope you're having a wonderful day...your blog never fails to cheer me up so thank you♡ Anyways, just wanted to ask if you had any book recommendations? I've been having a bit of a hard time lately and would love to escape into some fairyland or the other....

hello, dearest darling!! i completely understand needing an escape - and aren’t books just the thing to do that? ♡ my own taste in reading is pretty scattered, 😅 i read a lot of witty essay-type stuff that might not be everyone’s cup of tea (like Chuck Klosterman + David Sedaris). but when i need something light, i always adore girly, easy-to-digest novels! right now i’m in the middle of the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella, hehe - they’re impossibly simple, but like candy in the sense of how addicting they are! chick lit is always good for indulging yourself in. 😌 i also really adore Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (a classic that always leaves me feeling magical), A Little Princess, Paris, My Sweet; Valley Of the Dolls (more chick-lit candy), The Last Unicorn, The Secret Garden, Franny & Zooey; Pain, Parties, Work; Wildflower by Drew Barrymore (a super-sweet and easy to read biography of uplifting stories), and the poetry of Pablo Neruda! whichever you end up choosing, i hope you end up finding something grand and fun, lovely! happy reading!! 😊📚

Questions Thing

My love @maroon-richie tagged me to do this so ITS HAPPENING 


How many people on tumblr do you know in real life?

1 @suncapricorn my best friend who I LOVE 

Do you want to change your name?

Oh yeah I fucking hate my name

What time did you wake up this morning?


What were you doing last night?

writing a french composition and having a dance party to 80s music

is there something you can’t wait for?

yes the end of school year bc goddamn i’m over it

what’s getting on your nerves right now?

uhhhh a select few of my irl friends 

do you have a crush on someone?

bahaha no 

what do you like about yourself?

my intelligence i think 


kids: ehhh maybe

marriage: ehhhh maybe

career: astrophysicist 


Last drink: green tea

last meal: popcorn

last phone call: asking my mom to buy soup lmao 

last text message: ‘if i could type the noise of contempt i just made i would’

last song i listened to: For Elise- Saint Motel

Last time you cried: stress crying over midterms last week


made a new friend?

yes all my lovely friends on here 

fallen out of love?

never been in love to fall out of

met someone who changed you?

nah i don’t think so 

found out who your true friends are?

yeah, the hard way 

found out someone was talking about you?

yes lol 


Eating: I just made chicken pot pie soup yum-o 

drinking: Green iced tea 

listening: Peyton Read’s writing vlogs on youtube

I’m about to: finish a vocab test that I never made up


Lips or eyes? eyes for sure

hugs or kisses? HUGS IM SUCH A HOE FOR HUGS

Neck kisses or nose kisses? Nose 

shorter or taller? taller

older or younger? Older

hook up or relationship? NEITHER let me be single 


Kissed a stranger? I haven’t even kissed someone I know

drank liquor: Nope

lost glasses?: YES I lost a pair of glasses in my living room and legitimately never saw them again 

sex on the first date?: NO IM A LITTLE CHILD 

Broken someone’s heart? probably not- no wait, actually yes 

been arrested? hell no

turned someone down? yes. the same guy. multiple times. 

developed a crush on a friend? yea

dated someone twice? nope

been cheated on? nope

kissed someone and regretted it? no lol i’ve never kissed anyone

lost someone special? yea

been depressed? let’s just say life’s not been all sunshine and lollipops

talked to someone with the same name as you?

Yes I go to school with her and we call her Kaitlyn #2 because I was here first


In yourself? yeah sometimes

Miracles? Yeah sure 

love at first sight? No but if I saw it happen then yeah sure

heaven? I don’t know, maybe

Santa: nooo i’m sorry

witchcraft: Depends like,,, wicked witch no but wicca yes 

I tag @trashmouthwheelr now you’re double tagged and @letmewriteyoustuff

I really want to go to the hood and build and test and do stuff, but work ended at eight, I was home by nine, then I just ate and had my tea and now it’s 21:41 and I’m tired and thinking of bed just so I can wake up tomorrow at six and be at work by eight. Adulting is so overrated! 

Tomorrow after work I have to do stuff, but maybe I’ll have a few hours in the evening. 

Also really looking forward for the day when somody converts all the laundry items to TS3 ^_^ I really like the style. 

Imagine Cas bringing you soup and tea when you’re sick and laying with you as you rest.

*Knock, knock* you heard. The door opened and Cas walked in with a bowl of soup and cup of tea in his hands. You smiled and tried to sit better in your bed. “Cas, you didn’t have to do all this. I can barely eat, or maybe you want to clean up my puke off the floor.” You exclaimed. “I want to do all this. Come on, Y/N you’ve been sick for days now. If you don’t eat you won’t get better. “ You sigh. He was right.

It took long before you were finally done with your soup and tea. Cas took away the bowl and cup and sat it on the nightstand. “Come you should rest.” You nodded and lied down under your blankets.

Cas grabbed the bowl and cup and walked away but got stopped. You grabbed him by the wrist. “Cas ? Would you stay please ?” He turned around and put the stuff back on the nightstand. He smiled and walked around the bed to lay next to you. “Cas what are you doing ? What if you get sick.” Cas smiled. “I’m an angel, I can’t get sick.” You had a slight smile on your face and put your head on his chest. The even breathing of Cas made you sleepy and soon after you fell asleep. When Cas felt that you were asleep he said “Goodnight, Y/N” and kissed your forehead.

A/N: getting sick of the flu. trying to go to school tomorrow. hope the flu is away then. I hope you like the imagine. this is not the edited one the edited one is coming later. sorry for that if you see a lot of grammar faults. 

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CATHREL!! i've been following you since you drew Free! art and then PJO art and while I always love how you drew Voltron, I never really got into it but GODS YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY I AM THAT YOU'RE DOING FFXV NOW??? EVEN IF ITS JUST COMMISSIONS?? YOUR PROMPTO COMMISSION PUT SUCH A HUGE SMILE ON MY FACE HE'S SO CUTE. i might be late but WELCOME TO FFXV HELL <3

SKJDFHKSJDHFKJSDF Free! art is gonna come back my friend because Season 3 is going to kill me OTL It’s fine about Voltron XD I understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea BUT HOLY FRIG DUDE THERE WILL BE MORE FINAL FANTASY XV ART????? Because I got commissions for them skhfkasdf AND I AM EXCITED TO SHARE ONCE I’M DONE!! <33333 I absolutely welcome ffxv commissions tbh i’m sobbing

I know i’m super late dying and living in FFXV Hell, but thank you! <3 I’m currently playing it again as a new game so i’m back to level one lmao

5 Things Meme

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5 things you’ll find in my bag backpack

A winter hat, usually, crumpled in the bottom

Sharpies or something unhelpful (never the needed pen)

Old sunglasses

Very Heavy Law Textbooks (also Overpriced)

My mom’s old wallet, now mine

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom


a mug of tea, that’s, oh crap, COLD NOW

pictures of people I love and/or loved

my felt LOTR blanket that I got for Christmas (currently cuddling with it)

fandom posters (Sherlock and Suits, prominently)

5 things that make me happy

finding good fic

writing good fic

finding that something I thought was too small fits me

seeing my friends

finishing assignments early and having real free time

5 things I’m currently into

REYLO (honestly could be items 1-5)

dark nail polish

moisturizing, for, like, the first time in my life

chocolate (always)

not giving a crap about other people’s negative opinions

5 things in my to-do list

edit about 400 footnotes this week

run a meeting where I try not to yell at the other people who should be editing

get ahead with homework

revise a bunch of old bylaws because nobody else is competent enough to do it

clean my apartment (I just did, I whine, and then realize that was like a week and a half ago)

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30 day ts song challenge: day 2 // favorite album of all time
   ↳ Speak Now: Real life is a funny thing, you know. In real life, saying the right thing at the right moment is beyond crucial. So crucial, in fact, that most of us start to hesitate, for fear of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. But lately what I’ve began to fear more than that is letting the moment pass without saying anything

Have a quick scribble of ya boi

I’ve discussed with friends and settled on Mic for his nickname. Everyone in the Casino knows and calls him by that - but for his real name only a few knows.

King Dice sometimes calls him Micboy when he’s feeling snarky enough pffft

Also I didn’t mention this before, but please credit me back if you wanna use him or any of my HCs, thank you! 👌