now tell me she doesnt love her fans

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I would like to ask a ??, okay so Kylo killed Han and Rey adores Han. Now, how will a romance bet. kylo and rey bloom? and dont tell me abt force bond, thats not how the force works. I mean would you be able to love the man who killed his dad who happens to be ur friend and sort of idol? im a kylo fan and as much i'd like to some forbidden reylo romance it just doesnt make sense? altho bit similar but reylo and revanbastilla is very different.

I’m going to be real here for a minute. Rey knew Han for how long? A day? She planned to go back to Jakku even when Han offered her a job. So she was going to forget he even existed.

How do I think a romance will bloom? I think Luke will tell her about the abuse and grooming that Kylo has been fighting against for his entire life. And I think that will make her have compassion for him.

Obviously Kylo already has an interest in Rey. Maybe he will do something to change her mind about him. Like turning on Snoke. Maybe Snoke will threaten Rey or his mother.

So yes, I do believe it’s very possible for a romance.

125 reasons why I love Taylor Swift
  1. She’s kind
  2. She loves her fans
  3. she is an amazing songwriter
  4. she’s funny
  5. She’s tall and beautiful as hell
  6. She has eyeliner that could kill someone
  7. she knows how to put on a concert
  8. She created Swiftmas
  9. She loves her family
  10. she has cute cats
  11. she like foxes and whale
  12.  wrote speak now all by herself
  13. she doesnt let people tell her who to be
  14. she believes in herself
  15. she is fearless
  16. she taught me to be fearless and speak now
  17. she treats her fans like her friends
  18. she loves her squad
  19. she has killer style
  20. shes got that red lip classic thing that I like
  21. she has always been there for me
  22. she is just like us only super famous
  23. She isnt afraid to try new things
  24. she just shakes it off
  25. she isnt afraid to write how she feels about something in a song
  26. she is one of the strongest people
  27. She does loft 89 out of the goodness of her heart and loves every minute of it
  28. she is an angel
  29. she comes on tumblr after a 3 hour show just to be with us
  30. did I mention her cats are ADORABLE
  31. We like the same shows ( Law and Order SVU and Grey’s)
  32. She likes food
  33. she is sassy
  34. she understands us
  35. she is not arrogant
  36. she is so grateful
  37. her smile could light up this whole town
  38. she is a professional lurker
  39. She invites fans to her home
  40. long live was written for us
  41. she laughs at herself
  42. her laugh is precious
  43. I have made friends because of her
  44. The family of swifties
  45. we can always talk to her
  46. shes the reason we stand up in the moring
  47. It’s like we got this music in our minds that it’s going to be alright
  48. she can bake
  49. her facial expressions
  50. shes loves us no matter what
  51. her dance moves
  52. the way she smiles
  53. she tries to meet as many fans as possible
  54. she’s very crazy
  55. she always comments and replies to us
  56. She is so active on social media
  57. her band
  58. no its becky
  59. amazing music videos
  60. 7 grammys
  61. every interview is adorable
  62. hair flips for days
  63. flamingo legs
  64. shake it off dance moves
  65. hidden messages
  66. her speeches
  67. her tour outfits
  68. her music is timeless
  69. her voice 
  70. every single song she has ever written
  71. we are all her best friends
  72. shes afraid of getting framed
  73. she will never change but never change the same either
  74. the hand hearts
  75. every word she says touches us
  76. she appeals to all ages
  77. she has the best sense of humor
  78. she is humble
  79. taylurking
  80. grammypro session
  81.  1989 
  82. red 
  83. speak now
  84. fearless
  85. 1989 Polaroid’s
  86. shes flawless
  87. she was an adorable child
  88. forgiveness is important to her
  89. she has the best hair
  90. she loves being a role model
  91. she is so proud of 1989
  92. her happiness
  93. she found herself and somehow that was everything
  94. she is a dork
  95. she sells out concerts in minutes
  96. she calls herself swifty
  97. she is sneaky
  98. she loves to watch us squirm
  99. she is still surprised by her success
  100. her attitude
  101. the pegacorn costume
  102. she gives fans as much attention as she can
  103. her short hair
  104. the secret lyrics before 1989 came out
  105. tayvin
  106. swan goals
  107. her squad
  108. Andrea, Scott, and Austin
  109. Natalie
  110. she loves friends
  111. the song recordings on her phone
  112. she shares so much of her life with us
  113. getting notifications from her
  114. Blank Space
  115. her belly button
  116. twerking in shake it off
  117. her charity work
  118. nashiville music museum
  119. taylor swift education center
  120. she wrote a song about Tim Mcgraw
  121. she buys copies of all of her albums when they drop
  122. incredible things
  123. the way she struts down the catwalk during style
  124. all of her surprises guys during the 1989 tour

Ariana Grande is an amazing person, and for the media and all these various unknown sources to just make up shit about her is outrageous. I love her so much, to the point where it’s unhealthy💜. She’s so caring, loving, humble, sassy (which is so amazing), devoted, and she’s funny. Honestly, where are they getting “Ariana Grande is a Diva?” from? If you cant tell the difference between sassy and being a diva,then shame on you. Ariana isn’t a diva, she’s sassy. She doesn’t take shit from nobody and she stands up for herself, which is exactly what you gotta have now a days in the music industry. Ariana doesn’t whine or complain about her oatmeal not having fruit imported from a different country. That’s what divasdo, they whine about the littlest stuff.

Then what really drives me up a wall is when people say “Ariana doesn’t love her fans.” or “Ariana doesnt care about her fans.” EXCUSE ME WHEN HAS YOUR FAVORITE ARTIST EVER RAN IMPROMPTU M&G?



Ariana loves her fans so much, it’s amazing how much she does. She takes the time out of her day to have fans not only meet her individually, but talk to her and take pictures with her. She didn’t have to do that, considering how tired she must be after performances. People need to give this woman more credit, because she does care & love her fans. Us Arianators do everything we can to cheer her up, support her through her darkest and happiest times, and we’re just here for her like a family. 

Another thing that annoys me greatly is when she’s doing an interview, the interviewer always asks the same questions; “Are you and Big Sean dating?”, “How is your love life?”, or “You and Big Sean were a little handsy at the VMAs, are you two dating?” like come on man, I know it’s their job to ask the questions and all but I’m sure they watched her other interviews where she was asked that question and she didn’t answer it, so what makes them think she’s going to answer it then? It’s not any of our business if she and Sean are dating. If they’re dating, then I’m happy for the both of him. She doesn’t have to publicize her love life, that’s a choice of hers she’ll make when she’s ready. Besides who’s to say they’re actually dating? As long as Ariana is happy I’m happy for her, whether she and Sean are dating or if they’re not. Look at how y’all acting now just because they were holding hands at the VMAs. Did anyone not see her fall back there? I’m not trying to be funny or anything but the woman was so happy she won an award she was stumbling and Sean being there for her, held her hand so she wouldn’t fall again. Then we got the jokes of her having a “baby” face or a “little girl” body. Damn, the girl just turned 21 can y’all let her get a chance to actually start looking her age? Oh and I can’t forget females saying “She need to stop wearing that ponytail, it makes her look childish.” when half the females wearing sew-ins year round, and struggling to buy some quality hair at that. Sean was is for her for support because she lost her grandfather, when a certain someone was in Mexico (no shade no shade) So when people grow up, I think that’s when Ariana will actually confirm whether they’re dating or whether they’re not dating. Oh I also recall seeing an article or something saying that she walked out of an interview though, which I gotta say was actually hilarious (lol I was watching the stream of that interview to omg). “Is Big Sean a Pisces?” really? why would he even say that? Just goes to show she’s getting annoyed with those questions. Hell there are other questions they can ask. Like if she’s ever going to star in big screen movies in the future (I’m hoping she do, she’s an amazing actress too) or if she might make a guest appearance on Law and Order or CSI Miami, questions like that.

OH LAST THING. If I see another person complaining about how she’s dressing or acting, I literally will jump out of my bedroom window (fret not, all I gotta do is open the window and jump out I’ll land on my feet it’s not that high) DAMN SHE A GROWN ASS WOMAN SHE 21 SHE CAN CURSE AS MUCH AS SHE WANT AND SHE CAN DRESS HOWEVER SHE WANTS. When y’all get some money, y’all can dress like a queen. Until then shut ya poor ass mouth. She’s been viewed as such a innocent young girl, when she was actually 20, she’s trying to get people to see her as the  mature, grown woman that she is. Everyone goes through that experimenting phase where they try different things to see if that’s something they like or don’t like. It’s a part of life, and it’s also a part of growing up.

I wish people would realize not everything that the media says is true, and that goes for anything. Majority of the time those unknown sources that say they’re close to Ariana, don’t even know her or haven’t even stepped foot in a 6ft proximity of her. Just like I saw an article saying she was being a “brat” because she was complaining about only wanting to be photographed on her left side. If y’all don’t get that shit out the air. Ariana is a human just like us. She bleeds red blood just like the rest of us, she breathes the same air like us. I really wish people would treat her better than how they do, because it’s not fair at all. At the end of the day Arianators know the truth about our idol💜.