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Hello guys! It’s Mod Seitarou again, back with some more news about the planned Nanbaka games!

According to our plans so far, we are going to have 4 teams. Team Building 13, team Building 5, team Building 4 and team Building 3! If there is a demand for it, we might make a fifth team that’ll be simply called team Guards. But right now, I would just like to see how many people are interested in joining all in all.

So please, if you are interested in participating (as a player, team captain, or even mod), let us know! I’m going to open the inbox in case someone has a question about the upcoming game, but please do not send in any more confessions. We are only taking questions now.

We are really excited about hosting these games, so I hope a lot of you will be interested in playing with us!!(*’∀’人)♥

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what are your thoughts on the idea that gon is very toxic to killua and doesn't deserve him (especially after everything thats happened in the chimera ant arc) etc etc ???

Hellooo, anon! Okay, this might be a litttllee long buut. (also i’m really bad at explaining things, trying to describe what’s in my head can sometimes be hard)

First off, this kind of mind-set seriously boggles me. That either of these kids could be toxic to one another and I’ll tell you why.

They’re children. 

You can not hold 12 year-old kids to adult standards. But everyone seems to do so, automatically. 

Second of all, at which point didn’t Gon deserve Killua? Because, in practically every episode, you have Gon thanking Killua for being there, telling him how much he means. Like why?? Would you tell this child??? He doesn’t??? Deserve his best goddamn friend????? WHYYYYY!!!!!

The point I really want to make and drive home about these two characters is they are children. Sure, they might be 14/15 by the end of the arc but what EXACTLY does that mean? Beyond the physical and physiological changes.. You throw two little boys into a fucking war. They understand what death is but they want everyone, EVERYONE to live-despite themselves. You murder someone they care about, someone they greatly valued.

Here’s the thing about Gon, it’s incredibly clear he does not value himself. It’s entirely clear he doesn’t think he is deserving or worth anything or anyone’s time. Kill him, he’s okay with that, he’ll fight until it’s over. 

Kill someone he loves? Someone that got involved with a fight because of him? Just because they were near him? 

How do you tell a child that already hates himself that it wasn’t his fault? That it’s not his fight? That it’s okay to break down and feel his pain? 

Who the fuck even asked him? No one. 

Instead, every single adult on hxh literally took advantage of this child’s grief, loss, confusion and anger, of his misanthropy because they knew they could use it. [i.e. when Morel wanted to “test” Gon] Every adult in these two boys’ life, FAILED them. They’re strong, but so what? They’re not soldiers!

So, imagine being 14. You hate yourself and you are willing to literally throw yourself in front of ANYONE to take a bullet because you don’t matter, because everyone is more important than you’ll ever be, because everyone is amazing (including your best friend, who you think you don’t deserve anyway). Imagine looking up to someone who you not only have a past with (and has saved your life, twice already) but who has a link to your future. Who shows you kindness and compassion. And then imagine on a cold night, that person is taken away from you completely. Imagine wanting that person back so bad, holding that belief that you’ll get them back, you have to!! Because.. Because.. If you don’t. It’s your fault. It’s all your fucking fault and you’re worthless and they’re dead even though YOU should be and fuck it who fucking caress, if they’re dead, you wanna be dead anyway!

These kids are filled with grief. They don’t truly understand and no one gives a shit if they do, anyway. 

Which part of this makes them undeserving of one another? 

One who is so lost to his own darkness and his best friend who is just struggling to keep hold of him because he cares about him so much and never wants to see him break or struggle. 

The only person Gon Freecss is toxic to–is himself.

 Even if you want to get into the “Since it means nothing to you” comment, you still have a kid whose hell bent on revenge and heartbroken, filled to the brim and overflowing with his emotion simply taking his anger out on someone who asked him to stop. But who else asked before that? I’m pretty sure we covered it and it was no one. Gon went into that fight, alone. Gon wanted to murder Neferpitou or die trying, alone.

You didn’t allow these kids to feel a fucking thing. You took advantage of their pain for your war. Anything to get the job done, right? ‘Cause that’s what hunters do, right? 

Anyway, I’m likely rambling now but my point is.

Gon and Killua are kids who were tasked with something everyone should have objected to. They weren’t allowed to deal or sort their feelings, only to bury them until it was the “right” time to unleash them. 

How can someone, based off that, unanimously decide that one child is toxic to the other and doesn’t deserve them? Idk man, that’s some shit. 

So, no, I don’t think Gon is toxic to Killua and I don’t think he doesn’t deserve him. If anything, I think these kids need to fucking hug each other, flip off Ging and ride off into the goddamn sunset with Alluka/Nanika in tow to live Happily Ever After. 

so when the ny times reports about duterte being practically responsible for over 7k random deaths in one year, in metro manila alone i might add, y’all r silent af

but one guy decides to write about his (again, very EXTREME) lifelong experience with his house help in the atlantic and suddenly y’all are up in arms???? suddenly the philippines is a relevant country and u suddenly KNOW EVERYTHING about what goes on here???


if intelligence were the only criteria then i literally wouldn’t need a psychiatrist, would i?
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Hello I know I said I wasn’t going to open commissions anytime soon, but I’m finding it hard to afford school at the moment so I’m opening them back up temporarily before the semester starts! I’d like to have enough for my books, I don’t have an estimate on that right now, but yeah…

I’m sorry to say that I won’t be doing any fullbody commissions because I’m afraid they take too much time and I don’t have that much time left before school starts so I hope you understand! I am only doing icons and chibis at the moment!

Even if you don’t/can’t commission me spreading this post will help me out a lot thank you so much again for your continuing support it really means a lot to me!!

(If you wanna see more examples of my work feel free to check out my blog!)

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small but needs your love too

Like all fish that trickle into the chain store markets, I’m seeing ottos being housed improperly more and more, and it’s important to remember that they have a specific needs that might not mesh with your tank set up. These fish can live for 5 years or more in the right setup.

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The Story of Us

Summary: Peter and Y/N break it off at the end of high school, leaving them both heartbroken. 4 years fly by, and their paths cross at a press conference, with Y/N being a reporter and Peter being the person in question. Will the story of Y/N and Peter end?

Warnings: None, maybe like 2 swear words?

Word Count:  2743 (I didn’t mean for it to be THAT long)

A/N: So this is kinda based of off Taylor’s song The Story of Us. I’m not a big fan of her, just this song. I recommend giving it a listen if you read the story. I was gonna have the story end a different way but it ended up like this??? Anyway if this isn’t a flop I’ll a part 2 so if you want a part 2 comment :^) thanks for reading and it might be messy, I didn’t proofread it. xx

The Story of Us

Chapter 1: When it all broke down

“I’m saying goodbye, Peter. I have to.” Y/N was trying her hardest not to cry. “High school is over…And…And so are we.”

Peter on the other hand, already had tears starting to pour out of his eyes. “Y/N, baby please I know we can handle it. You won’t even be that far, I can still see you everyday and-”

“No, Peter.” She took a sharp breath in. “This…Us… It’ll only ever be  part of my childhood.”

“Are you kidding me? Was I just a toy to you? A heart you could throw around until it breaks?” Peter’s voice cracked.

“No, that’s not what I-”

“Y/N, I’m not gonna fight for you if you don’t even care to let me.” He hung his head and turned around.

“I still love you.” Y/N whispered.

He walked out of her life that day, and she’d never regret anything more. Did she mean it? Of course not. Did she need to do it? Of course not.

Y/N still loved Peter, but for some reason she thought it’d be easier to start a new life with no strings attached. How wrong she was…

Chapter 2: So many things that I wish you knew

4 Years Later

Cutting all ties with Peter was a process for Y/N. First she was in denial, thinking he’d come back and understand why she did it. Then she experienced heartbreak, and thought she was never good enough for him in the first place. Then she experienced anger, blaming it all on Peter for pushing her away (She later realized the pushing away was all her doing). And after a few months, she accepted it. He was gone for good.

Of course there were moments, where she’d see news of Spider-man on the television, or she’d see a shirt she knew he would’ve loved… Or maybe someone would even mention Star Wars, and her thoughts would immediately go to Peter. Her heart would ache for his embrace.

After a year of getting over him, she had finally taken the last step, and moved on as best as she could from Spider-man. She had just been promoted from being a paid intern to a full on assistant to Scarlett Magazine’s Executive Editor, Sylvia Sloane.

Y/N made an amazing best friend through the job, Gina, whom she shared an apartment in NYC with. The two girls told eachother everything. Y/N eventually told them everything about Peter, except the fact that, well, he’s Spider-man.

Y/N was quickly promoted to an actual writer for the magazine, as she was actually quite skilled at writing, and enjoyed informing the readers. A year into the job and she’d already achieved so much, with all her celebrity interviews, fashion tips, and for even exposing one politician!

One day Y/N was starting to type up an article on “Why Being Strong Doesn’t Make You a Diva” when Scarlett Lynn, the Editor in Chief, told her she had a new assignment.

“Tony Stark apparently has an announcement regarding the Avengers, and our readers just eat anything with super-heroes up!” Scarlett talked with such confidence and authority that nobody would dare defy her. “I want you to go to that Press Conference being held on Sunday.”

“Yes, ma'am, I understand, but-”

“But what? You’re one of the best interviewers on the team! You’re so pretty and charismatic Y/N, I have nobody else to send but you!”

Y/N couldn’t exactly turn her boss down, so all she mustered out was “Okay, I won’t disappoint.”

Later that night at their apartment Y/N started to complain to Gina “Gosh, I hate press conferences, especially with superheroes!”

Ginaust rolled her eyes. “Y/N, you’re literally going to be in the same room as the Avengers, what’s the problem?”

“The problem is…” Y/N let out a deep breath. “Nevermind… You wouldn’t understand.”

“Get over yourself! So many girls would kill to be in your position! Especially if you get to see Spider-Man, I heard he’s around our age…” Gina winked

“He’s the worst one!” Y/N felt the blood rush to her cheeks. “He just looks dumb, he’s not even an avenger.”

“Ugh, just go to bed already.”

Y/N lied in her bed, trying to not think about Peter. She had no idea what he was doing now, because she’d tried to avoid any mention of Spider-Man at all costs. Her mind was racing of all the possibilities, but then realized he might not even be there. Y/N was still overthinking everything until she fell asleep.

The two days before the conference she only spent avoiding any thoughts of the conference, and before she realized it, Sunday was here.

Y/N spent a little too much time getting ready, and she knew why. She wanted to impress him (if he was even there), and show just how much she’d changed. She pulled her y/h/c locks up into a messy, wavy ponytail, and made sure to do her makeup nicely. Y/N slid into a maroon bodycon dress, and black strappy heels. She grabbed a black clutch and went out the door with a recorder in hand.

Chapter 3: Alone in a crowded room

The conference was filled with reporters, all there for the same reason Y/N was. This was a reason why she dreaded attending; it was just a sweaty pit of people asking questions. A million other magazines would be writing just the same things she would.

However, the main reason she dreaded this conference specifically was because of the possibility he might be there. She probably wouldn’t even see his face, but just knowing that they’re in the same crowded room, and not even speaking would break her heart. Y/N understood that it’s been four years, and that this shouldn’t even bother her, but she can’t help but imagine what she would say to him.

He won’t be here. Y/N kept telling herself. He’s not even part of the Avengers, he turned it down. Plus, isn’t it just supposed to be Tony Stark? Her heart sank. She didn’t realize that before and was almost sure he wouldn’t be here now. But what if he does show up? He probably won’t even see me, all of these reporters are bigger than me… She kept overthinking and only increased her conflicted feelings.

While she was lost in thought, Tony Stark appeared from the dark curtain, with a confident and charming smile on his face. The murmurs of the room came to a hush once his presence was noticed. People began taking out their iPads and phones to record, and Y/N just took out a little notebook.

Cameras began flashing, and Y/N sat up straight to see over the people seated in front of her. Her seat was somewhat near the front, three rows away from the table. Of course, there was another row of photographers in front.

Tony Stark had taken a seat at the table, with a microphone and water in front him. There was another set up to the right of him. Y/N could feel her heart speed up in her chest. Tony Stark began speaking, but the girl was oblivious. She was too focused on the fact that Peter could actually be here? Y/N wanted to get up and leave, she didn’t want him to see her.

“I would like to welcome Spider-Man to the Avengers.” Was all Y/N had heard from Tony’s introduction speech. She threw away all thoughts of leaving the room and froze where she was. In walked a hero in red and dark blue spandex, with gold lining. Spider-Man’s costume was a lot more glamorous than Y/N had remembered.

Her eyes were glued to the man who had emerged from behind the curtain. He had the same lanky yet muscular body frame, but she couldn’t tell if he looked the same. She wanted to rip his mask off, throws her arms around him and tell him just how much she missed him… But all she could do was stare.

“Hello everyone.” Spider-Man gave a small wave and cleared his throat. “I’m, uh, Spider-Man. It’s a huge honor to be welcomed to the team and I’m just really excited to be here.”

Chapter 4: I was losing my mind when I saw you here

“We’ll be taking questions now.” (UmMmmM Idk how press conferences work exactly BUT lets just imagine these are how they go o k??)

A man raises his hand behind you, and Tony nods to him “I’m Joshua and I’m from California. I was wondering if you were ever going to reveal your identity?”

Spider-Man shook his head. “I don’t see it happening anytime soon, no. It’s something I like, because I can still be a normal guy while still being a superhero.”

His voice hadn’t changed, and it was still pretty high-pitched, just as Y/N remembered. She always loved Peter’s voice, even though he self-conscious over the fact that he “sounded like a girl.” She loved his fruity laugh, and it always managed to put a smile on her face.

The conference continued on, and Y/N would write down answers and questions on her notebook. The questions were somewhat the same:

“Do you think you’re talented and strong enough to share the weight of the world with the Avengers?”

“Well that’s a big question. I’d say I’m prepared, yeah, but is anyone ever really strong enough?”

“Don’t you feel like you’re a little too young, compared to the rest of the Avengers?”

“Well, at first yes, but not now. I’ve been in this superhero business since I was in high school. After six years it’s nothing new.”

There was, however, one question that really stood out to Y/N:

“Does Spider-Man have a Spider-Woman?”

“Is that you asking if I have a girlfriend?” Peter chuckled.


“Well to answer your question, no. The last relationship I had was four years ago.”

Once Spider-Man made a comment about one relationship, other questions came flooding in:

“Why haven’t you dated anyone else since then?”

“You see, this girl was a big part of my life, and it took me quite a while to get over her…” He scratched the back of his head. “Also, life has been pretty busy and I just haven’t found room for a woman in my life right now.”

“So this girl, you two broke up… Why is that exactly?”

“Um I’m not really going to go into details but we broke off at the end of high school. Our lives were going in different directions and it was just easier to end the relationship there than see it fall apart.”

Y/N’s cheeks were red the entire time, and she kept her face down. She didn’t come here to hear Peter tell people about herself.

“So, Spider-Man, the girl-”

Tony Stark interrupted the man trying to speak, “Okay enough with the relationship questions please! He did just join the Avengers you know?”

Questions resumed on the path that they were before. Y/N checked the time on her phone to see she had gotten a message from her boss, Sylvia.

I’m watching the livestream, and the relationship topic is interesting. I’d much appreciate it if you could ask what type of girl he likes? Our readers would love that!

Y/N sighed. She didn’t want Peter to even look at her, let alone speak to her. This was the one thing she was avoiding for so long, and she wasn’t going to break the silence now for her boss. She began to type a reply.

Ms. Sloane, we were asked not to ask anymore questions about his relationships. I’m sorry, but I did write everything down!

Y/N, dear, I don’t like asking twice, and I don’t like doing this to you. Ask the damn question or you’ll be demoted back to my assistant. I took a leap of faith making you a writer, don’t make me regret it a year in!

The girl’s heart pounded in her chest. She couldn’t lose this job, she loved writing. She only had one option. She lifted her hand up, and waited to be called on like she was in elementary school again.

Tony Stark saw her and said, “Yes, the little lady with the ponytail.”

Chapter 5: Is it killing you like it’s killing me?

Y/N stood up slowly and plastered on a smile. “Um hi, I’m Y/N from Scarlett magazine.”

The girl took a deep breath and looked directly at Peter. “My question for you, um, Spider-Man… What type of girl… What’s the thing you look most for in a woman?” She said the last bit rather fast, and she was quite nervous.

Peter’s eyes were wide under the mask. This was the last place he wanted to see her… He didn’t even know she was a writer for Scarlett magazine… She loved that magazine in high school. He couldn’t help but feel proud of her.

“Look, I said no more relationship ques-”

“Mr. Stark, it’s okay. I’ll take this one….” His voice faltered. “Hi Y/N. Um what do I look for in a girl? I like a girl who can make me feel better on a bad day, one who’ll tell me everything will be okay because… We have each other. Or someone who will nerd out with me when we watch movies, or when I make science jokes…A girl who’ll patch me up after the worst of fights… Is that too specific?” Y/N couldn’t quite see his expression, under his mask, but she sure could hear the grin in his voice. She couldn’t hide her shy smile from him like he could from her.

Peter described her. She’d constantly tell him when he felt bad, that it’ll work out; they had each other. They had movie nights every week and would watch Star Wars, or some Disney movie. She’d laugh at his dork science jokes. He’d come to her window sometimes, with a small cut from a fight, so Nurse Y/N would make an appearance and patch him up. Memories from high school surfaced in Y/N’s brain…

“No, it’s perfect. Thank you.” Y/N sat back down in her chair.

Peter’s eyes were on his ex for most the interview after that. He couldn’t believe Y/N was here… He wanted to talk to her afterwards, he had to. Spider-Man tried to stop staring at her, but he couldn’t help himself. He hadn’t see in her so long, and look at her now. She was a writer for a magazine!

Y/N looked down at her phone, seeing a few new messages from her boss.

Great work Ms. Y/L/N! I’m trying to schedule a one-on-one interview with Spider-Boy.

Thank you Ms. Sloane. I appreciate it.

Y/N let out a deep breath. She’d done it. She’d spoken to Peter and pleased her boss.

The conference wrapped up shortly after, and Y/N was on her way out when her phone started buzzing.


“Y/N, it’s Sylvia. I did get the interview scheduled for you. It’s in 30 minutes. They denied me at first, but then they said it was Spider-Man himself who agreed to it. Be ready.”


Then line went dead. Y/N really couldn’t catch a break.

Chapter 6: How’d we end up this way?

Y/N timidly walked up to the table, and walked behind the curtain that Peter and Tony Stark appeared from earlier. There was a body-guard right behind it.

“Oh um. Sorry. Hi…” She tucked her hair behind her ear. It was her nervous habit. “I’m Y/N Y/L/N, from Scarlett magazine? M-My boss told me…

“Right this way Ms. Y/L/N.” He nodded toward you, and you followed him to a some weird hallway. “He’s waiting for you in there.” And then the bodyguard walked away.

She hesitated. She grabbed the door knob. It’s just Peter behind that door… Just- “Peter..” Y/N huffed out. She’d opened the door to find Peter standing there, in the Spider-Man attire, without his mask. Y/N looked into his deep chocolate eyes just as she did many years ago.

“Hi Y/N…”

To be continued…

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Nozomi, why did you want to be Student Council Vice President?

Hehe, my fate was sealed the moment I met a certain seitokaichou.

She could walk boldly into the jaws of death- or worse, politics- and I would be steadfast by her side, without question.

What can I say? She showed this weird little occult loner kid what true friendship looks like, and I’ll be forever grateful to her for that.

It’s not all one-sided, of course- I think she’d have a hard time without me, too. Heh, that sounds kinda arrogant, doesn’t it… but, it’s true!

Elichi is no doubt a fantastic leader- equal parts thoughtful, caring, and decisive… but she sometimes forgets to consider her own feelings when making decisions. I’m there to remind her that she’s a person, too. It’s my most important job.

Plus! She gets a free fortune-reading and massage any time she wants. What other vice-pres could offer that kind of service!


[!] just a very quick question!

for groupchats i initially plan to do a style like the one on the left (whatsapp format) but i think doing it like the one i did on the right (imessage format) is much easier and faster for me. 

plus it doesn’t look that bad (to me)! 

so which do you guys prefer?

A: whatsapp format or B: imessage format?

Vld Atlantis: The Lost Empire AU Chapter One

The city was in chaos. A large explosion, followed by a monstrous wave and warships, triggered the Altean warning system. A man shouted over the speaker system for everyone to evacuate into the shelters while several other men struck large bells. Red spotlights shone across the city in seemingly random patterns.

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