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Hey ya’ll so I know you think this isn’t exactly what should be posted during a crisis like this. But I think it’s exactly what should be done. We need to calm down, we need to smile and laugh. Take in some deep breaths and laugh/cry it out.

We can make it through this.

Honestly I think the phantom of the opera was such a good villain because he’s so relatable. I too would lock myself away in my bedroom, demand ridiculous amounts of money, and use my unhealthy obsessions to unsuccessfully seduce someone I have the hots for


Anonymous asked: bellarke modern social media where clarke sends a message to groupchat instead of bellamy and the others are going crazy pls


my album’s here!!!!!!!!!!!

Living with anger issues I can’t work on
  • I get angry at technology A LOT
  • When people tell me how to feel the only thing i feel is ANGER
  • I’m not gonna calm down because your voice is whispered and kind
  • i’m still angry
  • there are some days where i don’t want to here a single person’s voice.
  • if you try to tell me something you found on the internet i will get extremely impatient
  • i fucking hate when i’m being so unfair but i don’t know how to not be unfair
  • there are sometimes i really want to cry but i can’t because I’M ANGRY. 
  • I am a total ass to everyone and everything 
  • i’m a pacifist but even i wanna throw a bag of bricks at your face when you tell me how i’m supposed to react

Let’s be fashion twice.

I had the absolute privilege of being commissioned by @warsonghold to draw her beautiful Karis Lavellan! Not only has she put so much love into her character (which made my job all the more enjoyable), but she was also dream to talk to and work with! And I can’t thank her enough for that.

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yugyeom comfort+chest please

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He’s tired. You can’t say that you’re not either, after the whole day of being scolded for being spotted out together by fans you were home, finally. With your relationship out to the public it made it a lot easier - but he was quiet, and you knew he had a lot of things weighing heavily on his mind. He sat on the couch as you began to get ready to cook dinner, things had been so simple when you two were just beginning to like one another - the sweet flirting or the subtle touches to one another’s arms; the shy smiles he’d flash you when you said something funny. Now everything felt so stiff, you nearly jumped when you felt him touch your hand but you smiled up at him. He took the knife from your hand setting it on the counter, he leaned down burying his face into your chest and it was like the damn had broke; he was sobbing. 

“Geomie,” you whispered gently as your stroked his auburn hair affectionately, he pulled your body flush against his like he was scared you’d disappear. “whats wrong?’ you asked him softy as you attempted to comfort your distraught boyfriend.

He lifted his head, his red puffy eyes meeting yours, “don’t leave me, [y/n] - please?” he was begging and it broke your heart. He crushed his lips to yours then placed kisses down your neck and over your collarbones before settling his head on your chest - the position was awkward because you were so short but you didn’t mind. 

“I’m never going to leave you, Yugyeom,” you whispered, “I promise,”

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Well @little-lady-rose I hope you understand my choice with my children! Haha also Viktor and Yuuri were the ones who got those amazing skates for me. Best Christmas gift ever! I love the rain, it’s fun to take naps and to drink my favorite drink. 


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(NSFW) 'Ride' and Remember - Mamoru Kishi

A/N: A long due giveaway prize for @anime-and-randomness-with-lucy. A spin on the jealousy plot. Also, this turned out long (again) so spare some time~

MC Name: Ayu 

‘There’s our Mamo…’ Baba pointed into the near distance, a roguish grin beginning to play on his lips as Mamoru came into view, casually leaning against his car.  

Ayu threw Baba a wary look, far too well acquainted with that smile of his to mistake it for something innocuous. ‘Don’t start thinking something funny now. Mamoru’s been really stressed with that last case, don’t aggravate him.’ 

‘Oh come on, pretty lady. A little jealousy adds some spice, no?’ 

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30 day AU challenge - day 8, disney movie/fairytale [part 3]

nick and charlie (x), jock and nerd, in high school musical

Compliments I’ve Gotten That Are Very INTP-Esque
  • “Your handwriting looks like a scientist’s writing.”
  • “I feel like I’m sitting in a lecture hall listening to the ‘really cool professor’ get off topic.” (Just after I told someone to wait while I collected my thoughts, to then continue explaining something.)
  • “How are you not a famous scientist yet.”
  • (I get a lot of scientist-related compliments)
  • “I can tell when you start thinking seriously about something; it’s like I can literally see the gears turning in your head!”
  • “I like hearing your stream of thought.”