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January 15, 2016: Kaner trying to get Jonny’s attention while Jonny and Panarin are chatting away on the bench

When writing, I’ve always had a little trouble understanding “show, don’t tell”. How do you show something about a character, rather than just saying it?

I found something called the camera test. If you took a photo of your character, would a viewer be able to see the traits you want to tell them about, just from looking at the picture? If the answer is no, then those are the things you need to show.

Show that your character is smart, or dumb, or naive, or pretentious, or innocent, or rude. Don’t point those things out. Let the character’s actions speak for themselves.

Can you imagine when Will finds out how old Nico is?
  • Will: So.. I'm dating an older man?
  • Nico: Not really.
  • Nico: No, we don't.
  • Will: Were you ever a Greaser?
  • Nico: What is a Grea-
  • Will: I can't see you as a soc
  • Nico: I literally have no idea what you-
  • Will: Did you ever go to one of Gatsby's parties?
  • Nico: Who?
  • Will: Do you have a flapper costume?
  • Nico: *Runs back to the Lotus Hotel*

please, climbing class shippers, hear my plea. i came up with an au that i would love to see someone write! it’s a soulmate au, but with a twist. more under the cut! (no, but seriously. it’s really long. if someone would be so kind as to write this that would be AMAZING but… also i guess technically this is long enough to be a fic on its own now, cause it REALLY got away from me)

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okay also kalindasharmas pointed this out but?? the best part of this episode?? is that it isn’t witch hunt or breaking glass! it wasn’t a swan queen centric! it was just a normal everyday 4b episode with a monster of the week and a whole bunch of different arcs. but still swan queen POPPED. they were the beginning-middle-end and supporting each other and working together and it was a seamless and necessary part of the story instead of being the whole story! 

and that bodes super well for the future because emma and regina working together is a necessary part of the story- and gives us more resonant moments and still a tighter plot! with tighter arcs all around! this show is sooo much better when it’s an ensemble with swan queen at the forefront omg.

Hello hello hello if you like someone’s writing please say something to the writer about it!!!!!!! 

Full sentences are magnificent. Paragraphs are wonderful. Lots of !!!!!!!! are fabulous. 

Giving specifics about what you liked makes a writer feel as if you’re paying attention to all of their hard work. 

Without positive feedback a writer assumes their work is merely being consumed but not appreciated.