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some of my favorite pics of lee donghyuck

author’s note: this pic set includes:

cute hyuck, candid hyuck, rude hyuck, boyfriend hyuck and pre-debut hyuck! (plus, captions expressed by yours truly)

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One of the many things that went wrong in my side campaign

As a bit of a background, our party consists of me, a half-orc barbarian who thinks they have magic, a halfling rogue, a dwarf fighter, and a gnome ranger.

DM: Alright, it turns out that lich you killed was guarding a powerful circlet. Once per long rest, it can double one of your stat modifiers for 30 seconds.

Rogue: (gives the circlet to my character) Here, [Barbarian], this crown will strengthen your magic muscles for a short time each day.


Me OOC: Too late. When I activate that circlet I’m going to have a +12 modifier to strength, not counting feats, proficiency, and the like.

DM: why did I do this. First there were all the times we narrowly avoided ERP, and now this.

(As for what happened because of that circlet, let’s just say many walls were destroyed. Many.)

|| guilty crown ||

[[request prompt: Please do a Peter x Reader where he failed to save a citizen and goes to the Reader for tending his wounds, comfort and hugs. Kinda angsty and with drama please, hehe.]]

I need to work on requests hhhhhh

I’m literally writing this on my phone while going on a short road trip, so I apologize for any errors.

tags: on mobile sadly; I can’t do tags

**warnings: quite a bit of angst, with some fluff

**please don’t plagiarize/repost this story**


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Something Found

requested by @forcenturiestogether - Jon and Arya, platonic 

Season 8: Jon and Dany arrive at Winterfell and we get that long awaited Stark reunion. I love writing the Stark siblings so much, especially how they might interact with Dany because it makes for such an interesting dynamic. 

Also, very important notes at the end of the story. Please read.

Jon smelled Winterfell before he saw it-the smell of open fields and forest interrupted by woodsmoke and faint horse excrement. Then he hears the sounds of the castle-men laughing and working, the clang of swords, the whinnies of horses. It’s like coming home and something inside of him shifts back into place, missing ever since he made landfall at Dragonstone. 

Dany is half out the window of the carriage, taking it all in. He tries not to laugh; he laughed yesterday when she saw snow for the first time because the look on her face was almost comical. “So this is Winterfell.” The wind snatches away her voice and carries it away. 

He nods. “Home of the Starks for time out of mind. You’ll meet my sister, Sansa. I think the two of you will get along well.”

The carriage rolls to a stop in the front walk and they climb out, sick of traveling. Jon barely has both feet on the ground when he’s practically knocked down by the force of Sansa’s hug. “My king,” she says playfully, smiling up at him. “You know, I wasn’t sure you were going to come back. I thought maybe you’d grown weary of your crown and had decided to give it to me instead.”

He laughed. “I won’t say the thought didn’t cross my mind a time or two. So? Have you managed to keep the North intact in my absence?”

“Better than that.” He can’t remember seeing her smile like this; it’s as bright as a flash of lightning in the night sky. “Jon, there are some people I want you to meet-”

Someone steps out of the shadows and Jon has to rub his eyes because he thinks he might be dreaming. “Hello Jon.”


Bran’s smiling now and he looks…different. His hair is shorter and his eyes…there’s something else to them, something Jon’s never seen there before. Perhaps it comes from maturity. Or maybe they’ve all just seen things that they shouldn’t have, things that changed them in ways that can never be undone. Even so, Jon rushes to hug him. “The lord of Winterfell, back at last.”

Bran laughs. “Perhaps a lord, but not a king.” 

Sansa rolls her eyes, the long suffering older sister, but there’s joy in that too. “I’ll explain it to you later, Jon. Bran…he’s…”

“The three eyed raven.”

Jon’s just about to ask what in the seven hells a three eyed raven is when he suddenly hears someone else call his name. But he knows this has to be a delusion-one of Winterfell’s many ghosts calling out to him, a reminder of the life he used to have-because Arya can’t be here. She’s dead, just like Robb, Rickon, and their parents. The gods would never be so kind. 

The girl who’s run up to meet him looks like Arya and sounds like Arya. Her eyes sparkle the way Arya’s used to when she told a particularly funny joke, and there’s the same energy to her that Arya used to have. But he has to tell himself that it’s not Arya, because he can’t let himself down. Not with this. 

“Don’t you remember me?” The girl swings a sword and looks at him playfully-but he can see in her eyes that she’s terrified that he doesn’t. 

The sword is the selling point more than anything else-of course he’d remember it. And of course she would still have it. “How could I ever forget you, Arya?” 

She jumps into his arms, practically dropping the sword at his feet. She hugs him fiercely, tightly, burrowing her head into the crook of his neck when he lifts her up so that her feet dangle off the ground (she’s still Arya Underfoot, if nothing else). Her breathing comes fast and hard and he gets the impression that she’s trying not to cry. “You have no idea how much I missed you,” she whispers fiercely. 

“I think I can try and guess. I’m sure I felt the same way,” he replies. They stay there for what feels like a long time, unable to let each other go, unable to accept that this is reality and not some strange and terrifying dream that neither one wants to wake up from. 

Finally Arya jumps down lightly, landing on her feet easily. She moves with a fluid grace he doesn’t remember her having, no longer a small girl but a young woman. “We have to catch up later.” She glances once at Dany, who stands next to the carriage in one of Jon’s furs (because she doesn’t have her own yet) curiously. 

“Queen Daenerys,” Sansa says, inclining her head slightly. It’s obvious none of the Starks know what to make of her, no more than she knows what to make of them. It’s surreal seeing the two sides of his life collide, ice and fire coming together. He’s written and told Sansa what she has to know about of course-how he bent the knee in exchange for her armies and the dragonglass, and how Daenerys saved his life beyond the Wall. Sansa doesn’t yet trust her, and he doesn’t blame her, but the reception is warm rather than frosty and it’s better than he could have hoped for. 

“Lady Sansa.” Daenerys smiles, Sansa smiles back, and Jon suddenly realizes that he’s going to have to share his family with her. He feels like he should have been expecting that, but then again this day isn’t going at all how he imagined it would. 

“And my other siblings, Arya and Bran.”

Arya nods to her, still sizing her up carefully. “I don’t care how many times you’ve lain with him,” she says humorlessly, “because he’s my brother first and foremost.”

Jon conceivably wants to die of embarrassment, but Dany doesn’t even bat an eyelash. “Fair enough. I wouldn’t want to take him from you.”

Jon tries to say “We’re not-” and then gives up because he can tell that absolutely no one believes it. 

“Would you like to come inside?” Sansa says, leading them up the steps and into the castle. “It made not be as warm as what you’re used to, your Grace. Is this your first time seeing snow?”

Dany glances back at him and nods, gesturing animatedly as she and Sansa start talking about something else-but Jon drops back to talk to Arya, while Bran makes no move to join them. 

“Do you like her?” Arya asks, matter of factly. Jon can’t help smiling; some things would never change. 

“I do.” A month ago he wouldn’t have said that, but now he knows that they don’t have time to mince words. “I really do.”

“That’s good. If anyone deserves happiness, it’s you.” 

He grins. “And what about you?”

She shrugs and slips his hand into his, as they walk into the warmth of Winterfell. “I already have everything I need.” 

So I’ve decided that my fics are sometimes getting buried under the sheer amount of…stuff I have on my blog, so I’m going to make another sideblog that’s just for my stories. I’ll reblog all of my fics onto this account, but I’d like to have them all in one place-it’s easier for me to reference and keep things in line. Information will be forthcoming within the next couple of days, but please stay tuned if you want to subscribe to the source. 

The first chapter in my multi chapter is finished and going up for sure tomorrow morning.

Prompts are open here ! Or whatever you want me to write about because I’m Jonerys/Snowstorm trash.  

Enjoy, lovelies <3


Have some Fairy Fraxus :’) I hope you like them!! I think I might do some more fairies (possibly complete the Raijinshuu?), I wanna design some little outfits for them! Maybe I’ll give someone a little mushroom/acorn hat XD

Thanks so much for requesting @arandomgirliam, I had a lot of fun!! <3

Inspired by this beautiful post :)

sf9 headcanon: prince!rowoon

Originally posted by winwinsgf1

  • when kim seokwoo was born on august 7th, 1996
  • he was a very ugly baby.
  • he was born to the queen and king of the castle
  • so everyone knew who he was
  • he was set to be the prince, when he turned eighteen
  • because of that, he was raised rather strictly
  • he was given the highest education and had tutors in every subject
  • he was raised to speak a certain way
  • act a certain way
  • when he was sixteen, he realized that this… wasn’t him
  • acting superior to everyone just because he had royal blood in him
  • so, around his parents, he acted like their spoiled little prince
  • but around his friends, around you
  • he was way different
  • you and your family gathered outside the castle that day
  • and you watched a golden crown be placed on your best friend’s head
  • “everyone, please welcome… prince rowoon!”
  • everyone was cheering, jumping around in excitement that they had such a handsome prince
  • you could hear other groups of boys and girls snicker about what he looked like under his clothes
  • or what it would be like ruling alongside him
  • which disgusted you to no end
  • seokwoo did get way more handsome as the years went by
  • he was tall too, taller than both of his parents
  • who wouldn’t want him, right?
  • after a while, seokwoo didn’t come around back to hang out with you or your friends anymore
  • whenever you saw him, he always adverted his eyes
  • he acted like he didn’t know you anymore.
  • “i knew this would happen,” one of your friends told you, shaking her head. “i knew it. ever since he became prince or whatever, he acts like he’s better than everybody. fuck him.”
  • your other friends cheered in agreement
  • you, however, knew something was wrong
  • seokwoo had been friends with you your whole life
  • this wasn’t him. there was no way he would just switch up on you like that.
  • so, weeks after he became prince
  • you used a secret passage that you and him helped create that led straight to his bedroom
  • so there you were
  • standing right next to prince rowoon’s bed as he slept
  • without even thinking twice, you slapped him, the sound loud and hard and probably leaving a bruise
  • he woke up immediately, eyes wide as he came face to face with you
  • “y/n?!” he whispered shouted, knowing there was probably sleeping guards outside. “what the hell are you doing in here?!”
  • “i came to talk to you.” you stated rather bluntly, your arms crossed
  • you did that whenever you were pissed off, so he knew something was wrong.
  • “you’ve been ignoring me-us-ever since you were crowned. you said you would never do that, ever. and i know what you’re doing isn’t you, so explain right now.
  • he just stared at you for a while
  • until he finally took a deep breath and confessed straight to your face
  • “its my parents. they track my every move, y/n. they knew we were friends and they didn’t want me hanging around with people that… weren’t royal, i guess.”
  • “i wanted to argue, but they threatened to kick me out, give the title to someone else. basically disown me, forget i ever existed.”
  • you immediately softened up
  • you were glad to know that seokwoo didn’t ignore you because of his own choices
  • but fuck… his parents were assholes
  • “it’s like, a royal rule or something.” he said once you two had been talking for hours
  • “i can talk with commoners, but i can’t be friends with them. if i am, then i’d be disowned. not that it matters, though.”
  • “well…” you grinned a little as you looked up at him, and he looked at you questionably
  • “breaking one rule can’t hurt, right?”

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Hellooooo!! Congrats on gaining 150 followers!!! 🎊🎊🎊 Can you do a Seungcheol + college sweetheart AU pls~~ Thank you~~ 💖

sorry that this took so long!! thank you, this was fun to write

Choi Seungcheol had a résumé that read like a small-town legend: football scholarship, fraternity president, board of trustees, a business major with a government minor who still managed to keep his 4.0 GPA.

He was competitive and commanded respect, a born leader with a handsome face and a razor-cut jaw that could inspire awe (and fear) in anyone. He was the pride of his town, the pride of his parents, the pride of the entire university, even, and no one would be surprised if he made a name for himself after graduation.

What would be a surprise, however, was how he was sitting in a grassy field with his brow furrowed, thick fingers clumsily braiding the long stems of white daisies together into a chain.

“If the world could see you now, Cheollie,” you laughed. You propped yourself up on the picnic blanket to take a sip of the ice-cold soda next to you, a perfect reprieve from the afternoon sun. You lowered your sunglasses to watch him for a few moments before fully sitting up and placing your hand over his. “I was really just joking about the daisy crown, babe. You’re sweet though,” you cooed, and he slapped your hand away to continue his determined braiding.

“No, you said you wanted a flower crown, so I’m making a flower crown.” He stopped his handiwork to reread the online tutorial that he had pulled up on his phone. “I think I’m almost done.” He proudly gestured to the long string of flowers before him and connected the two ends together to form a ring, threading the loose ends of the stems into a secure knot. “A beautiful crown for a beautiful princess,” he bowed, grinning goofily.

“I would be honored,” you mimicked, bowing your head as lady-like as you could. He placed the crown upon your head and beamed at you, one hand brushing loose hair behind your ear before leaning forward to steal a quick kiss.

“Let me take a picture,” he said, and you smiled while he focused on you with his phone. “Ugh, how am I with someone who is so pretty? Now I can see this every time I unlock my phone.”

“Okay, greaseball,” you snorted. “Let’s do your math problem set now.” You turned to lie on your stomach and he followed beside you, pausing to quickly throw an arm around you and give your waist a squeeze before grabbing his calculator and getting to work.

Choi Seungcheol was the campus golden boy, but to you, he was just Cheollie, a stubborn dork who made bad jokes and who loved you with all of his heart.

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Lotor hits on Lance. Keith doesn't take it well

A Cuban, an alien prince, and a human-alien hybrid are all stuck in a ditch…

Someone is throwing mud. Big, thick globs of it. The closest one lands half an inch away from his boot, which he spent a good twenty minutes shining. Not that it matters much now, considering how he’s got his ass kissing up a nice warm spot at the bottom of a muddy trench.

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Shit fanfic writers say
  • I had the brilliant idea of sticking two more oc’s in this fic and then they became snarky and the dialogue just went on forever and now there’s a whole subplot no one needed.
  • My fic is finally in the mood of giving me answers as to what ,exactly, it is
  • My crowning adult achievement yesterday was running two loads of laundry (I then spent the rest of the time playing computer games)
  • I nearly wrote in tragic pasts for these throwaway characters, someone help
  • bless google
  • I’m trying to fix the plot in this story to add just a little more motivation for the characters and the solution my brain, overexcited puppy that it is, came up with involves introducing ten characters and a bunch of convoluted yakuza politics
  •  At some point I should probably write a fic in which this character doesn’t suffer
  • my character won’t talk to me
  • for the record, i’ve been up for about thirty hours, so i cant actually tell if you’re being pissy or just sarcastic at this point
  • i’m oddly compelled to structure a fic based off the fibonacci sequence?
  • *shows picture of massive flow chart*
    “This is chapter 18 tot 28.  At this point I cannot afford to deviate from this because I have no idea what is happening ,so I’m praying that everything here is correct.”
    “Holy shit that’s a lot of notes.”
    “Oh? That’s only the table of contents one… I have a full set of notes here somewhere.”
  • would writing fluff derail you, enable you, or injure you?
  • I consulted my planning and apparently this character isn’t showing up again for A While. This is a problem because I just detoured to write 24k for him.
  • Oh boy ten redemption arcs

 Based on 100% real conversations. Names removed to protect the overly tired.

anonymous asked:

Please, Can I request being in a relationship with itachi? Like the deidara? my inglish is bad sorry ❤

Omggggg I love you anon!! Itachi is my favourite Naruto character, so is Sasuke! Ugh, they give me life! :3 I don’t remember writing a Deidara request yet, but for this preference I’ve done Sai, Sasuke, Shisui, Yamato, Kabuto and now Itachi. If you’d like me to do a Deidara one, then please let me know :3 

Your English is fine, lovely. I’ve used gender neutral pronouns. And the GIF IS NOT MINE! Ugh he’s so beautiful, someone put a flower crown on him…

Originally posted by lvzt

Kisses Itachi would cup your face in both of his hands, leaning in slowly with a soft smile on his face and in his eyes. He would simply press his lips to yours, giving you complete control of the pace and type of kiss. He would acquiesce to your wishes, though if you were in public he wouldn’t be comfortable with anything but a peck. If someone really pushed him, he might get a little jealous - but not much, because he’s really rational and trusts you immensely - he might deepen the kiss a little bit, just to show the world that you are his and he is yours.

Hugs Like with the kisses, he would be content to let you initiate any hugs.If you’re awkward with initiating physical contact, he would be able to read it because of how intuitive and perceptive he is, and he would do whatever he could to make it easier and more comfortable for you to initiate hugs. His general rule was to let you set the pace for everything, so long as you’re happy, he’s happy. Your arms would wrap around his waist, back or shoulders, depending on how you were hugging him, and it wouldn’t be even a second before his strong arms were wrapping around you tightly and bringing you closer to him… bringing you home. In public, however, he’s not really into the whole PDA thing, hed prefer to show his affection for you in a more Itachi-fashion.

Cuddles These would only happen in private, and most likely on those rare nights when neither you nor Itachi have any duties to do, shinobi or otherwise. You would lay as close to each other as you physically could, your legs entangled and your head or hand resting over his heart; its rhythmic beating being your favourite sound. He would murmur all the things he loves about you, and you would murmur all the things you love about him, about your relationship, and you’d eventually drift off to sleep, safe in the comfort of each other.

How he’d act around his crush You wouldn’t really know that anything was out of the ordinary, much like with Sasuke. Itachi is a very loyal person, and that would extend to your friendship. He can read people so he’d be able to tell when you’re down and may even know what the matter is before you’ve even told him. He would be sure to always support you in anything you needed him for, and even if you didn’t necessarily need him, like with training, he’d probably have some way of keeping an eye on you. He’d just be your very best friend and you’d slowly fall in love with him. Don’t worry, though; he’ll be sure to catch you.

How he’d eventually ask you out OMG it’d be the sweetest thing! He’d be nervous about asking you out but he’d have some inclination of your answer before he’d even asked you, feeding off of your body language. You wouldn’t really know what he’d have in mind, but one day he’d just ask you out to lunch or to dinner, or even to train together, and he’d ask you your views on relationships and family etc. because those things are very important to him. He’d probably be quite formal about it as well, to mask the nerves (though it didn’t fool you one bit), and just say “Would you do me the honour of becoming my girlfriend?”… you’d be a fool to say no. 

OMGGG blushing rn ugh I love Itachi and Sasuke so fkn much! Stay safe, my lovelies! <3

therapardalis replied to your postWhen you really want to do replies, but get…

*Gives Athos a flower crown.*

Not all heroes wear capes - some wear flower crowns. And fabulously so, if I might say so myself.

Some of my favourite lyrics

Motionless In White- Immaculate Misconception- 

To all the kids who’s letters I receive
The broken hearted, the damaged just like me
I will be your voice to let the world know we stand as one
We’re standing right here so come and fucking get us

Of Mice & Men- Glass Hearts- 

Your days are like pages,
The chapters unread,
You have to keep turning
Your book has no end.

Beartooth- Beaten In Lips

This is for the kids with the beaten in lips
Whose parents try to shut them up using their fists
Keep living loud and proud
They never can hold you down
This is for the kids with a soul like mine
When people tell you living is a waste of your time
Keep living loud and proud
They never can hold you down

Memphis May Fire- Beneath The Skin

All she wants is someone to notice; so sick of feeling invisible.
All she needs is someone to care.
If only they could see that she’s incredible. 
She dreams of a day when she won’t have to cry herself to sleep. 
Is our generation too blind to see true beauty lies beneath the skin?

Crown The Empire- Makeshift Chemistry 

All I wanted was to be your love
But now you’ve left and I can not fill the void

All I wanted was to be your love
But now I’m finally moving on

Ha ha ha ha, I don’t give a fuck.

Bring Me The Horizon- The House Of Wolves

When you die, the only kingdom you’ll see
Is 2 foot wide and 6 foot deep

The Amity Affliction- Pittsburgh 

I’ve been searching for an exit but I’m lost inside my head;
Where I spend every waking moment, wishing I was dead.
I’ll take another step for you -
I’ll shed my tears until I drown, or until I am underground.
I’ll take another breath for you…
Will you still be there when I’m home, out from the great unknown?

Stubborn (Pt.1)

Summary: Punk!Dan is too stubborn to admit that’s he’s in love with Pastel!Phil. High School au.

A/N: I’m really excited to be doing another chaptered fic as I haven’t done one in a while. This is completely based off a prompt my friend gave me. 

Song: Stupid & Anxious - Sew Intricate

Warnings: None

Word Count: 859

“Green today.” Phil hummed to himself as he pulled the mint coloured jumper over his head.

He fixed the matching flower crown on his head before checking himself in the mirror one last time, grabbing his bag and then heading out his bedroom door.

Phil loved his school. He honestly did. He had a small, but great group of friends and along with getting pretty good grades, Phil didn’t mind going everyday.

Phil switched to his current school in Year 8 when the kids at his previous one had begun making fun of him for his “unique” choice of dressing.

Maybe that had been the reason he had become so quiet over the last few years, but Phil wasn’t really the one who took much mind to it. His parents were usually the ones who were bothered. They often talked about him when they though he wasn’t listening saying things like, “He just doesn’t have the spark he used to anymore,” or “He’s become a little princess.” It didn’t really bother Phil at first, but he slowly noticed his parents growing further from him. Most days even walked to school just to avoid them.

“Philip!” He heard Nick call him over when he arrived on campus.

Nick was one of Phil’s best friend in a matter of speaking. They didn’t really hang out outside of school, but he was definitely one of the people Phil talked to most. Their little friend group also consisted of Nick’s girlfriend, Maggie, who ironically was probably closer to Phil than she was to Nick.

Phil had been pining for Maggie’s affection ever since he first came to the school. They instantly became best friends in 1st period biology all those years ago. It wasn’t until around Year 10 that Maggie and Phil invited Nick into their exclusive friendship and Mag fell right into Nick’s arms. 

Phil’s jealously got the best of him every now and then, but because he also loved Maggie in more than one way, he just wanted her to be as happy as possible. And honestly, Phil completely trusted Nick. If he wasn’t the one to hold her heart, Phil was glad Nick was the one to.

Maggie soon joined the small talk Nick and him had been making in the few minutes they had before class. They were in the middle of talking about a random ‘Buffy’ episode when Phil felt a pressure lift off his head.

He turned around to see the school’s unmistakable punk, Dan Howell, now wearing an unfitting flower crown on the top of his head.

“Dan! Give that back!” Phil tried reaching for it, but Dan was too quick. 

“Come and get it.” Dan teased and ran off.

Phil sighed. “I’m not even gonna bother.”

“You do realize he’s completely into you, don’t you?” Maggie asked with a smirk.

“Excuse me? Who? You can’t possibly be talking about Howell.”

“Yes, Howell! He does that like at least once a week.”

“No, Mag. He does not like me. He messes with everyone like that.” Maggie just looked at Phil. “C’mon. Nick! Back me up here.”

“Uh, I mean, she does kinda have a point, dude. Honestly, he really doesn’t mess with many other people. Only you.” Nick replied hesitantly.

“Okay, whatever. It doesn’t matter. Besides, we’re not exactly a ‘perfect match’” Phil gestured at himself.

The bell rung shortly after and the trio parted to their own classes. Their conversation, however, hadn’t parted Phil all morning. He didn’t think he had been missing any signs. He just thought it was too obvious that a guy like Dan couldn’t be into a guy like Phil.

Part of him was just pissed that Maggie, out of all people, was the one giving him love advice. Another part of him was genuinely curious about his relationship with Dan. Dan wasn’t exactly the most friendly or approachable person in perspective, but to Phil, Dan had always been just that.

Phil had hardly noticed that he completely daydreamed through his first three periods. Before he knew it, it was time to break for lunch.

Usually this was the time of the day when he ran into Dan, angrily requesting for him to give him his headwear back. Still, Phil jumped when he heard someone call his name.

“Lester.” It was Dan.

“Howell, can I have my crown back now?” Phil asked in a annoyed tone.

“Uh, nope.” Dan pulled a cheeky smile.

“Dan. Seriously.” Phil became more agitated.

“Well…what do I get in return?” Dan said in what Phil thought was a bit of a flirtatious tone.

“What do you want, Dan?” Phil said still agitated.

“I dare you to kiss me.” Dan said almost inaudibly.


“Kiss me.” Dan repeated confidently. “Kiss me, Lester.”

Dan was now only a few inches away from Phil face. The two stood there staring each other down for a few seconds before Dan’s smile dropped. He stepped away from Phil, shaking his head slightly.

“Guess I’ll be keeping this.” Dan’s smile returned and he placed the flower crown back on his head.

Phil didn’t even have a response as he watched Dan walk away.

Pt. 2

anonymous asked:

prompt: Ginny finding out she's pregnant in her second season. Ginny going through the stages of denial, acceptance etc. Mike somehow finally finding out and the aftermath. Please and thank you.

a/n: i was blasting the power of love by gabrielle aplin during this. that should give you an indicator of the weird mix of angst and happiness that is this fic.

Ginny’s about 90% sure she should have seen this coming.

Still, nothing quite prepares her for the little pink plus sign that shows up on a home pregnancy test when she’s in a hotel bathroom in Denver.

(Of all the fucking places to learn she was pregnant it has to be however many goddamn miles from her own home, her own bathroom and her own bed. She’d really rather much hide under own covers and not hotel covers.)

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TITLE: The Empirical Endeavor 


AUTHOR: Quixotic-Dreamland

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that one day, the TARDIS lands on Asgard when there’s a royal ball being held in the palace. You both attend, and you and Loki fall in love with one another at first sight, despite the Doctor’s clear disapproval-which becomes clearer as time goes on.

 RATING: Teen +


After many unstimulating interactions with countless strangers, The Doctor finally decides to leave me in a corner by myself. He is immediately clung to Odin’s side, immersed in what looks like a very focused, upbeat conversation between the two of them. 

And here I stand, watching as pairs of people begin making their way to the center of the dance floor, anticipation in their every step.

My eyes sweep the group of dancers as I watch them begin their waltz; the woman’s right hand intertwined in the man’s, the other delicately placed on his shoulder. In return, the man’s firm grasp lay steady on the woman’s waist.

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At first, I had zero interest in Splatoon because I was expecting Super Mario Sunshine HD at last year's E3 and felt let down. Your M(ink)u art convinced me to check Splatoon out and give it a try, and I'm so glad I finally gave in and played it. I want to personally thank you for being the cause of Splatoon entering my life. You are officially the Squid Princess.

I get a crown right? No but really that’s super awesome to hear, anon! I’m so glad that my art made you wanna try it and now you’re having fun with it!~ Like just ahhhh that makes me so happy that my art played a role in showing someone something cool they enjoy now! >w<

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I don't think you're really as nice as you try to look

I usually won’t post asks that are meant to be purely hate (because why give negative a platform?), but I did just ask for anon confessions AND I actually love this one. Because it is so wonderfully nonchalant and the subtext of it is so unintentionally positive.

Because this means that I have managed to piss someone off by being too unbelievably nice.

I wish you could see me right now, anon, because my heart is filled with joy and I’m happily sighing. Behind me, the clouds have parted and a rainbow has appeared in the sky. Icelandic ponies frolic in the distance while a small flock of tiny songbirds have placed a crown of wild lilies upon my head. Woodland creatures are braiding my hair, butterflies are flying in heart-shaped formations around me, and a unicorn has come to eat from my hand. The world is shining and bright and I feel so fucking magical, because apparently I have reached the point in my life where someone on the internet is angry at me for being too nice. That is some fairytale villain level bullshit, anon, and I, for one, am delighted by this. So please excuse me, anon, while I gloriously ride off into the dawn upon my unicorn from the magical realm of Don'tbeabitchtopia, flip you the bird, and continue to shoot pure sunshine and niceness out of my eyeballs.

For those of you who want to send something please message me direct. Mrs Lee Grinner Pace I will be mailing out the box no later than March 10th. 

I have gotten suggestions:

Selfies with a Daisy, Crown, Red Bandit mask, A PIE, White gems, So many cute ideas. 

Mail a card, hand write a letter or type it up for me to print out, I have taken a sworn oath not to look at anything anyone has written. 

Now, I have the address for Hollywood for his management. Someone mentioned Atlanta??? If you can give me that address that would be great! I have been talking to great people about this, If I missed a name below, I have gotten quite a bit in my inbox and DONT STOP. 

                         Thank you so much to Lady Pace And Gedebe,  leee-pace, leelliputiancirionentinw, leepacesfaces, kafu, elfsongs,

Please, lets make this happen!!!!!!!!! Keep reblogging!

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A Complicated Love Part44 Finale (Nash Grier)

“Now we had a write in this year for the Kings, that was you’re popular boy Nash. He did not run for prom king intentionally. But did other people decide to vote for him anyway?” The girl said. I looked up at the stage to see three of our most popular guys standing there on one side with three of our most popular girls on the other side. Britney was amongst them. Great. She’s probably going to win and I already know Nash will win. And this years Junior Prom King of the 2016 graduating class is… Nash Grier.” The girl said in excitement. A smile spread across my face and I looked up to him as he stood next to me. He leaned down and kissed me quickly before running up on stage as I started clapping. I felt someone walk up to me on both sides. I looked to each of my sides and there stood Cam and Johnson. I smiled at them and linked my arms with theirs. I stared at Nash as he received his crown and stood next to the girl. I tightened my grip as she was handed the card for the winning Prom Queen. “And now to accompany our king here we give you our queen. This years prom queen is…” She said and opened up the card. She had a confused look on her face as it opened. Everyone on stage looked confused as well along with everyone else in the room. She whispered to another guy and they were talking about the results. I looked at Nash and he was already looking down at me. He shrugged and then my attention was brought back to the girl. “Alright well this is a very big surprise. Give it up for you’re 2016 Junior Prom Queen… Ally Hemmings!” She yelled. I froze and I could feel Cameron, Sam, Lilly, Jack and Jack all pushing me and congratulating me. I walked slowly through the crowd that was erupted in cheering. My smile widened as I lifted my dress enough to not walk over it as I climbed the short four steps to the stage. I walked over and the crown was set on my head. I looked up at Nash and he kissed me receiving loud oohs from the crowd. “Now please give a round of applause to our Prom King and Queen as they have their first dance together.” The girl said. Nash held his hand out to me and I took it.

Me and Nash walked down off the stage and went over to the middle of the dance floor for our first dance as Prom King and Queen. He rested his hands on my waist as mine wrapped around his neck. Our foreheads rested against each other as we swayed to the beat of the slow song playing in the background. I didn’t pay any attention to it or to the people surrounding us. All my mind could focus on was Nash. “How’d I get so lucky?” I asked. “I think I should be the one asking that.” He laughed with his wide bright smile showing. “Guess we’re both just really lucky I guess.” I laughed. The both of us smiled and then he kissed me quickly yet full with passion. We danced in silence for a few seconds until Nash broke it. “I’m sorry for everything I did in the past Ally. For bullying you and cheating on you and everything else. I’m really happy that you decided to forgive me and give me a chance. My life would mean nothing without you. I still really don’t understand how I have you or how you forgave me. But I’m just going to cherish what I have and every little moment I share with you.” He said his voice soft and quiet. I could feel tears forming in my eyes at the sound of his voice and the words that I was hearing. “I love you so much Nash. Deep down inside I always have, even through all the bullying. I knew deep inside you, there was a good caring person. Sometimes it just takes that one person to get it out of you. I’m just glad to call me that person that was able to do it. You definitely have my heart, I wouldn’t give it to anyone else either. You’re my life and the one who was able to help me with all of my problems. I couldn’t be happier than I am now. Cause with you my life is complete.” I said looking straight into his eyes as my voice started breaking with the emotion building up in me. He smiled and leaned in connecting our lips slowly and passionately. That spark that was there the first time was there again. I was planning to keep it there for awhile too. “I love you. Even though our relationship has been through its downs. I’m sure there are more to come but I’m ready to face them… with you and our…” He said and then paused as I could tell he was trying to describe our relationship the best. “Our complicated love.” I said. He smiled down at me and nodded. “We can call it that.” He laughed and kissed me again before hugging me tightly as the song ended.

Sometimes people are all caught up in their love stories. They get so caught up that everything around them seems to disappear. I’ve always told myself to not get so into love and relationships, but dating Nash has taught me one very big lesson. That is, you don’t choose who you fall in love with, your heart does. It can choose at any given time. No matter when or with who. I never envisioned myself falling in love with my school bully. But turns out… that was the best decision I ever made. Whether it was perfect, or complicated, just like ours was. But I’ve never been happier.

A/N–Alright guys it is done and over!!! I really hoped you guys enjoyed this story and hope maybe you’ve even learned a few things from it. This has definitely been really fun to make and I’m glad I’ve been given this opportunity to show my talents and creativeness to others. And I know with me writing I’ll improve those areas that I needed to work on. So many things had happened and it was always fun to see your guys’ reactions to some of the events in the story. I loved hearing all the nice things you all had to say to me too. It was really overwhelming and mind blowing. You guys have even made me consider to write an actual book when I’m older. I mean maybe I should.