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Teens Are Tough

Word Count: 1.5k+

Triggers: Arguments (?), Rude words (?)

Summary: Dan and his daughter get into an argument and she says some really mean things to him. As he cries in bed, Phil tries to figure out what happened. In the end, they make-up.

“Sammy, your father and I just bought you the iPhone 6. We are not getting you the iPhone 7,” Dan sternly told his and Phil’s fourteen year old daughter.

“But all my friends are getting it and I’ll be so embarrassed without it,” she groaned, throwing her hands up into the air angrily. “Please, Dad.”

“I said no, Samantha, and that’s final,” Dan snapped as he crossed his arms.

“It’s like you want be to be a loser in school like you were! You’re ruining my life! I’m going to be made fun of because I’ll have an outdated phone and it’ll be your fault!” Sammy stomped over to the stairs and made one last remark before going to her room. “I wish you weren’t my dad and that I had a better father that actually cares about me! I hate you! You suck!”

Dan let his arms drop to his side as he stared at the stairs, gaping. He felt his heart drop to his stomach while tears welled up in his eyes. As he started to cry, his face in his hands, the front door opened and his husband, Phil, walked in.

“Hey, baby, how are - what’s wrong?” Phil set his bags down on the couch before he engulfed Dan in a hug, letting him cry into his shoulder.

“She hates me, she hates me and I’m the worst dad in the world,” Dan let out a sob that echoed throughout the room.

“Dan, baby, what are you talking about?” Phil pulled away and cupped Dan’s face in his hands, looking into his swollen, red eyes. “Tell me, baby.”

“She hates me,” Dan choked out before he rushed to his and Phil’s bedroom, slamming the door.

Confused, Phil stood in the living room before putting it together.

“Samantha Jane Howell-Lester, what in God’s name did you do?” Phil asked as he entered Sammy’s room.

“What do you mean, Papa?” she asked, looking up from her laptop.

“You wanna tell me why your dad is crying his heart out in our room?” Phil stared at his daughter with a frown on his face, waiting for a response.

Realization struck Samantha, her eyes widening. “He’s crying?”

“Samantha Jane, don’t make me ask again,” Phil snapped.

“I didn’t expect him to cry, honestly, all I did was ask him if I could get a new phone snd he said no. That’s all that happened!” words flew out of Samantha’s mouth but Phil remained frowning.

“That’s not all that happened, Samantha,” he crossed his arms and started to tap his foot. “Tell me, what did you say to your dad?”

“I didn’t say anything, Papa! I swear!” Samantha continued but Phil knew she was lying.

“Goddammit, Samantha Jane! I know you’re lying! Your dad wouldn’t be sobbing if you just had some simple conversation about a phone!”

“Papa -”

“He said you hated him,” Phil muttered, looking down then back at Samantha with anger in his eyes. “You told your dad you hated him? What the actual fuck Samantha! Why would you do such a thing? You are going to be in big trouble, missy.”

“Papa, I’m sorry,” Samantha started to cry, frightened by her father’s outburst.

“I’m not the one you should be saying sorry to.” Phil snapped before heading off to his room to comfort Dan.

As he opened the door, Phil could see Dan’s form under the blankets shaking as tears racked his body.

“Oh, baby,” said Phil, walking to the bed and laying beside Dan. “Can you tell me what happened?”

“She wanted the i-iPhone 7 a-and I told her no. S-she called me a loser and she said t-that I was ruining her life,” Dan curled up to Phil, still crying. “S-she also said she wishes t-that I wasn’t her dad and she hates m-me.”

“It’s wrong of her to say that, Dan, but she doesn’t mean it. She was just angry, baby,” Phil tried to reassure Dan.

“I’m going to lay down for a bit. Do you think you can be in charge if dinner?” Dan asked, changing the topic.

Phil sat in silence for a moment, sympathetically. “Of course, baby. You get you rest.”

Phil placed a kiss on Dan’s forehead before heading to the kitchen to make dinner.

“Daddy?” Samantha whispered, slowly opening the bedroom door for Dan and Phil’s room.

She walked in, closing the door behind her, and strode over to Dan’s side where he lied, staring at the wall.

“Mm?” he mumbled, not paying attention.

“I’m sorry for what I said to you, Daddy, it was disrespectful of me.I honestly think you are one of the greatest dads ever, next to Papa of course, and I love you. I’m sorry,” Sammy spoke softly, watching Dan’s face for a reaction to her words.

He continued to stare at the wall, not making any sounds.

“Daddy?” Samantha asked again, shaking her father’s shoulders.

“Yeah, yeah. That’s nice sweetheart,” Dan mumbled, taking a quick glance as his daughter before staring out into space again.

“Daddy? I said I was sorry,” Sammy shook him again but he just lightly pushed her hand off.

“Go help you father, he’s in the kitchen making dinner,” Dan mumbled before turning away.

Sammy felt that something was wrong.

“Papa,” Sammy said hesitantly as she walked into the kitchen. “I went to apologize to Dad. All he said was ‘yeah, yeah that’s nice sweetheart.’ I think something is wrong.”

Phil turned to glance at Samantha who kept her gaze down on the floor. “What you said really hurt him, Samantha.”

“I’m sorry, Papa,” Sammy pleaded. “I really am. I love Daddy and you more than anything. I know it was wrong of me to say those things to Dad.”

“You know,” Phil turned back to the pan, stirring, “what you said really hurt me too.”

“How so?” asked Samantha as she took a seat on a bar stool.

“I’ve known your father for many years and we have been together for quite some time,” Phil turned the stove off and looked at Samantha. “I love him a lot. When he’s happy, I’m happy. When he’s sad, I’m sad. And when he’s hurt, I’m hurt.”

“I’m so sorry, Papa,” Samantha had a tremor in her voice and Phil noted this as he saw her lip start to tremble. “I just want Daddy to love me again.”

“Oh, Sammy,” Phil engulfed the girl as she started to cry. “He still loves you very, very much. He’s just hurt so give him some time, okay? You are the greatest gift to your father and I, never forget that.”

“There’s still something wrong with Daddy though, Papa. He just stares at the wall,” Samantha told Phil and he sighed.

“Why don’t you set the table and I’ll go talk to him, okay?” he said.

As he walked to his and Dan’s room, he heard the soft clinking of dishes and among that a small voice softly singing. Phil smiled to himself as he opened the bedroom door and walked to Dan’s side, crouching.

“Hey, baby,” Phil smiled, pushing Dan’s hair out of his eyes.

“Hi,” Dan mumbled in a small voice making Phil’s heart flutter.

“How are you feeling?” Phil asked as he sat down beside Dan who wrapped his arms around Phil’s waist.

“I’m feeling a bit better,” Dan’s voice was muffled by Phil’s shirt seeing that the man buried his face into his husband’s chest. “Still hurts though.”

“Samantha is really sorry, Dan,” Phil responded, combing his fingers through Dan’s hair. “She thought you no longer loved her.”

“I would never stop loving her, she my baby girl,” Dan peeked up and stared into Phil’s eyes. “It just really hurt, Phil. It really hurt.”

“I know, baby, but you have to get over it,” Phil felt Dan’s grip around him tighten.

“I know,” Dan murmured. “I just. I just don’t understand.”

“Understand what?” Phil asked, confused.

“Why would she say those things,” Dan said.

“Baby, she was just upset. She didn’t mean it,” Phil sighed. “You know how it is, we say things we don’t mean sometimes when we’re mad. Even you and I do it.”

“I know, Phil.” Dan frowned.

“Besides, in the end, we are still a family and that’s - ” Phil was cut off by a knock.

“Come in,” Dan feebly called.

The door opened slowly, Samantha peeking in, “I - I set the table. Everything should be done by now.”

“Okay, sweetie,” Phil smiled at her and unlatched himself from Dan. “I think you two need to talk so I’ll be serving.”

Giving Dan’s hand a squeeze of assurance, Phil left and Samantha made her way in.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I am so - oomph!” Dan pulled Samantha onto the bed and hugged her tight.

“I forgive you sweetheart,” Dan said, his breath tickling Samantha’s neck as he spoke. “But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t in trouble. What you said was really rude and hurt my feelings a lot.”

“I know and I’m sorry Dad,” Samantha cowered her head.

“I love you Sammy, don’t ever forget that okay?” Dan whispered as he placed a kiss on her forehead.

“I love you too Dad,” she smiled in response and hugged him tighter.

Help || Scott

Request- ‘Can you do one where the reader and Scott are dating and get into a fight. The reader leaves and either gets attacked by something supernatural or In a car accident and tries to call Scott for help but he refuses to answer bc he’s mad. So she calls stiles and then he tells Scott once they are at the hospital. Scott feels absolutely horrible. You decide whether or not the reader makes it. -sorry for such a long request but you are an amazing author and will do it justice.’ - ANON

A/N- tHIS REQUEST OMG!! And thank you for the compliment, I really appreciate it! Hope you enjoy this and I do your idea justice. <3 Warnings: Cursing, Angst.

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anonymous asked:

How do you think the rfa + Saeran would react to MC having a child with a previous lover? Obviously, they are not with the child's other parent anymore. I really enjoy reading your posts. :)

im really glad you enjoy my posts, thanks for the request!!!

~headcanon requests closed for now~


  • he is having a very hard time grasping this concept
  • “MC, you can’t be having a child! we havent even….done anything”
  • “Yoosung, the child isnt yours…”
  • “not mine?! but your only dating me, so who else could the child belong to?”
  • MC lets out a heavy sigh
  • “Yoosung before we met i was…dating someone else”
  • “why are you bringing that up now?? shouldnt we be focusing on the child???”
  • oh my god, BOY
  • “Yoosung…”
  • his eyebrows are scrunched together as he strains to put together every piece of the puzzle
  • suddenly his face relaxes
  • “ooooohhhhhh”
  • “do you understand now?”
  • he nods
  • MC starts to get anxious
  • “well? what do you think?”
  • was Yoosung ready to be a father? he could barley take care of himself…
  • Yoosung places a hand under MC’s chin gently
  • “i think i want to be with you, MC. even if that means raising a child”
  • tears well up in MC’s eyes
  • “Yoosung, you dont have to-”
  • “you’re right, i dont have to. i want to”


  • Zen is ready to kill
  • he’s honestly so fired up he can’t even speak
  • “how-what-when-WHO”
  • “Zen please calm down…”
  • he’s real ojaoeueblaidvnasjadks right now yknow
  • “sorry i’m getting upset im just so….just how dare they, yknow?”
  • MC’s expression darkens
  • “are you really that upset that i’m having a child…?”
  • they look at the ground, trying to hold back tears
  • oh no no no thats not what he meant
  • “baby, no. it’s not that. i’m just having a hard time expressing my feelings”
  • Zen takes a deep breath and grabs MC’s hands
  • “i guess i’m just angry that you’re last partner was so irresponsible”
  • MC was still looking at the floor, and Zen leans down to try and get their attention
  • “but i promise i’ll share this responsibility with you. we share everything now, right? even this”
  • they laugh a little at Zen, looking up at him
  • thank goodness MC has him through all this 


  • Jaehee doesnt really know what to say at first
  • MC is going to have…a child?
  • like, a child. that they’ll have to raise
  • all by themselves?
  • according to MC, their ex wasnt planning on helping out
  • Jaehee sat next to MC on the couch, trying to grasp the gravity of the situation
  • raising a child is no joke
  • a child needs a good home
  • can MC provide that all alone?
  • “Jaehee…?”
  • without realizing it, Jaehee had gone quiet for a few minutes after hearing the news
  • “oh, i’m sorry, MC. i was just thinking”
  • “what were you thinking?”
  • Jaehee’s silence made them nervous
  • “i guess i was just thinking…that you need some help”
  • “yea, help would be nice, but who could help me? i’m not with anyone anymore and-”
  • “i’ll help you”
  • Jaehee?
  • “you cant! you have your job and-”
  • “my job isnt important. this child is. MC, you are”
  • “but-”
  • Jaehee interrupts them again
  • “MC, you cant talk me out of this. i’m going to help you, so dont worry about anything”
  • she smiles brightly and MC feels all of their anxiety melt away


  • “a…child?”
  • “Jumin, i’m so sorry. i swear if i had known before i met you things would have been…”
  • Jumin started zoning out while MC was frantically apologizing and attempting to explain
  • a child…
  • any child with MC’s DNA would probably be very beautiful, he thought
  • a child…
  • he pictured MC holding a baby in their arms, looking at the child lovingly
  • that’s something he would love to see
  • Jumin had never really thought about it, but raising a child with MC sounded…nice
  • he’s never considered being a father before
  • but if MC is by his side, how terrible could it be?
  • they were still talking when Jumin decided to speak up
  • “sweetheart”
  • “um…yea?”
  • “you don’t have to apologize or explain anything to me”
  • “Jumin…”
  • “i think…i think i’m ready to be a father. together we can do anything, right?”
  • thats true
  • MC felt like they could to anything with Jumin be their side
  • they had never considered starting a family with him
  • but Jumin was the man they loved, so who better to start one with?


  • Seven stay calm stAY CALM
  • is he dreaming right now??
  • MC is going to have a child???!??
  • but he’s like…dating MC
  • but how could he ever be a FATHER
  • he’s sure MC’s hands are full just taking care of HIM
  • hell, he can barley feed himself
  • how is he supposed to put food on the table for a family?!
  • wAIT
  • he hadn’t even realized his mouth had been hanging open since MC told him the news
  • they run out of the room, head buried in their hands
  • “i knew it! i ruined everything!”
  • wait, NO DONT GO
  • Seven didnt feel ready to be father
  • but he promised MC he would love them forever
  • and he promised himself he would be whatever MC needed
  • and right now, they needed him to be a father
  • so he sucks up all his childish fears and goes to comfort MC
  • “hey, you dont have to freak about this. i’ll be beside you forever, just like i said i would be”


  • Saeran has developed the habit of taking a few steps back before reacting to something
  • okay, MC is going to have a child. what does that mean
  • it means he needs to baby proof the house
  • it means they need a crib
  • he’s on it
  • without saying anything, Saeran stands up from where MC told him the news and starts to walk out of the room to get his laptop
  • they bolt upright, voice strained
  • “are you leaving me, Saeran?!”
  • he turns around slowly, walks toward MC, and hugs them tightly
  • “no, i’m not leaving you. why would you think that?”
  • “well i kid is a big responsibility and we havent even been together for that long and i-”
  • “MC, that doesnt matter. the only thing that matters to me is you. and if staying with you means raising your child, than i’m more than happy to do it”
  • “Saeran…”
  • “and before we raise a child, we need to baby proof our house. so can i get my laptop now, sweetie?”
  • MC smiles
  • “sure, Saeran. sorry i doubted you”
  • Saeran winks at MC
  • “just dont do it again”
  • ;)


A Little Help From My Friends

REQUESTED BY:  @superlogancooper

PAIRING: Peter ParkerxReader


PROMPT: * “Can you do a short where the reader is dating Spider-Man and he finds out about some bullies at her school then gets the entire squad of Avengers to show up?  I just want to see what Tom Holland’s overprotective!Spider-Man would look like!”*

*And my parents always took me for ice cream when I’d had a crap day at school so I had to add it!*


Originally posted by marveldcuniv3rse

Originally posted by kittyhan

“Hey, Peter!” Y/N smiled, pushing her bag into the locker.

She giggled as he wrapped his arms around her waist, hugging her tight.

“Hey to you, too,” he laughed, pressing a soft kiss to her cheek.

“Oh, my god! Get a room, nerds!” a girl shouted from behind them as her friends laughed, and Peter noticed Y/N’s face drop a little.

The bell rang and she untangled herself from him, holding her books tight.

“I’ll see you later, okay?” she muttered, glancing up at the group of girls before hurrying away.

Peter followed her gaze to the group as they walked away. He made sure he remembered their faces – because he didn’t want to forget anyone who upset Y/N.

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anonymous asked:

I love what you wrote about the guys and MC getting caught by their kids doing it!! Besides that SITS one can you make a KBTBB one too? Pleaaase.

I would use back the triplet in this story and they are now 4 years old and their names respectively are Akio, Eiji and Choko


Eisuke had just gotten back from his business trip. Since it had been a while that you had touches you, that night was very passionate for both of you. He misses you badly and is hungry for you. In your bedroom, your clothes were removed instantly and he hovers on top of you, kissing you passionately. He runs his fingers from your calves to your inner thighs, before caresses your clitoris. You moan and grab his arm tightly, losing yourself in ecstasy. He spread your legs apart and penetrated deeply into you. He then starts oscillating his hips roughly on you, sending your body to quiver at his intense movement. Just when you feel his hot liquid shot out inside you, both of you heard a tiny voice behind you.

“Dad, why are you bullying mum? Mum seems to be in pain from the voice she made.” Akio asked timidly.

Taken a shock by your elder presence, you immediately grab the blanker to cover both of you. Eisuke never expect his son to come in and he is not sure if he sure pulls out now as he is still ejaculating inside you.

“No, I am not bullying mum. Just go to bed.” Eisuke‘s voice tremble as he replied and his face had turn bright red.

After you son left, both of you flop down on the bed wondering how you should explain to him. He had seen everything.

“Let’s worry about it tomorrow. I need to continue “bullying” you.” Eisuke smirks and get on top of you again.


Soryu had to make a trip to Hong Kong and finally he is back tonight. By the time he is back, the triplet already sleeping. He immediately carries you back to the bedroom and strips both of you naked. He is crazy and hungry for you. He needs to feel your soft skin to recharge himself. His kisses are hungrier than usual as he places his kisses on all your sensitive parts. You arch your back in pleasure and moan his name loudly. He penetrates deeply into you and starts oscillating his hips roughly on you. He lifts your butt up slightly, allowing him to thrust into all your sensitive spots inside. Just when he shot his seeds inside you, a tiny voice was heard from behind. In his panicked, Soryu pulls out immediately and his sperms shot out all over on your body. You immediately grab the blanket to cover both of you.

“Mum, Dad, why are you naked? And why is dad shot out white liquid?” Eiji asked as he rubs his eyes sleepily.

Both of you turns bright red and not sure how to answer him.

“Em.. Er… It is late. Just go to bed.” Soryu finally voice out.

However, Soryu simply just sends him to bed without explaining anything. You can see his face still red and you can feel your face flush as well. Looking down at your sticky body, Soryu smirks.

“Let’s go to the bathroom and clean you up and continue from there. We just have to make sure the bathroom is lock.” Soryu whisper and carries you up in his arms.


Finally the exhibition is over and Ota is so exhausted. He needs you to recharge him and he wants you badly. After the triplet had sleep, Ota immediately drags you back to the bedroom. He strips both of you naked and get on top of you immediately. He kisses you passionately and penetrated deeply into you. He moves his member back and forth in fast pace, causing you to moan his name loudly. Just when you think you are about to reach your climax, he pulls out from you and turn you around with your stomach facing down. He lifts up your butt and penetrates deeply inside you again form behind. He grabs your butt tightly and moves his hips in roughly and in fast pace, while you continue your moaning sound. Just when he shots out his seeds deep into you, a tiny voice was heard from behind.

“Mum, dad, why are you naked? Dad why are you holding mum’s butt? Is this a new game?” Choko asked curiously.

Given that positions both of you are in, there is no time to cover up and Ota also can’t pull out from you. Both of you flush until your ears turn red.

“This game is only for adult. Not for children. Just go back to sleep now, sweetie.” Ota smiles and send her back to the room.

After she left, he pulls out and flops down beside you. You can’t believe your girl just walk in and saw everything and you wonder how you are going to explain to her.

“Just let her think that this is an adult game, like what she thinks. Anyway, should we continue with the game?” Ota smirks and get on top of you again.

Just Run II pt.1

The government created steps of perfect human life. One of them required starting a family and forced love. You escaped from the rules, running to the forest. And then you met someone very special…

JiminAu! x Reader

/ blood / death / drama / 

Thanks for reading! ❤️

masterlist ◀️ ◀️ here

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Me - A Rucas Fic

So this is set after GMSL2 and is mainly based on my opinion of how Riley is sometimes treated, and goes with the theories of a mental illness arc for her. 
What if Riley finally crumbles except now she has someone who notices? Someone like Lucas. (Loosely based on Me by The 1975)


I gave you something you can never give back, don’t you mind
You see my face like a heart attack, don’t you mind don’t you mind

Oh I was thinking about killing myself, don’t you mind
I love you, don’t you mind don’t you mind

2 weeks, 14 days, 336 hours. That was how long it had been since the trip to the ski lodge, since Lucas told Riley it had always been her, since Maya told her she never really liked him, since everything she’d been wishing for since Texas happened; she should be happier than she’d ever been.

But she still felt numb.

And sad.

And worthless.

So why hadn’t it stopped?

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Christmas Morning (Roc Royal Imagine)

You’re married to Roc with 2 kids Miranda: 10 years old and Jason: 14 years old

You: *still in bed*

Roc: *Taps you* Bae…….

You: *Still in bed*

Roc: *taps you a little harder* Baeee..

You: *snores and turns*

Roc: Uh and she says I snore

Miranda: *comes in the room* ITS CHR——

Roc: *finger to mouth* SHHH..your moms sleeping…wait go get your brother and we will meet in the kitchen. ……

Miranda & Jason: *sitting down on the stools*

Roc: *stands behind the counter* Ok operation wake up mom for Christmas morning.

Jason: *leaning back in the chair* dad don’t get us in trouble, because last year you sure did

Miranda: *Nods*

Roc: Yeah Yeah Yeah, that’s last year. but today we are going to wake her up…differently

Miranda & Jason: *look at each other* maybe that’s not a good idea

Roc: : ok so would you rather wait for mom to wake up..which would be at like 2:00pm or wake up mom and open presents.

Jason & Miranda: Wake up mom.

Roc: okay then stop complaining. Now we’re going to wake her up.

Miranda: how?

Roc: ok so you Miranda, your going to go in me and your mom room and make sure you turn up the volume on the radio all the way before you turn it on. Jason you’re going to get to pots and pans and when Miranda is about to turn the radio on you bang the pot and then she turns the radio on.

Jason: Mom is going to kill us

Miranda: yup

Roc: as I say again would you rather wait for mom to wake—

Jason & Miranda: we know we know we said wake up mom

Roc: okay now get in position warrior. Miranda and Jason gets in their spot, upstairs.

Roc: *outside the door* 1 two 3 The loud music and banging of the pots began.

You: o.0 *sits up* STOP!!! *breathing hard* The loud music stops, but not the banging pans.

You: *angry*JASON!!

Jason: o.0 *run out the room*

You: *evil eyeing roc*

Roc: *hands up in surrender and backing up* well you see…it was Miranda’s idea!

Miranda: No it wasn’t!

Roc: *runs out*

You: *laughing* wow like father like son.

Miranda: well mom can we open present now? *smiling*

You: Yes sweetie pie just let me get dress…Im going to kill Roc