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Another Chance

 Request: Hi there, I recently discovered your blog and I love your stories. I was wondering if you could do one where Negan visits Alexandria and while walking around he hears a woman singing like ‘In the arms of the angels’ or something like that. He finds her working in the gardens and is so mesmerized by her singing that he wants to take her back to the sanctuary. I’ll let you take it from there but maybe some light smut?😁. Thank you -   @lokis-imaginary-friend (won’t let me tag.. so please tag them if you can so they can know this is done)

A/N: Sorry this took so long to do! Also, if you can please tag the requester, because I can’t and I really want them to see this! Hope you enjoy! Leave feeback! Sorry for the big gifs, but oh well!

Word count: 1.6kish

Originally posted by grungedaddykinks

Originally posted by grungedaddykinks

“What the fuck is this shit, Rick?” Negan asked staring at the curly headed man before him. “I give you two damn weeks to find me some good hit and this what you offer me. This is fuckin’ ridiculous prick.”

Rick looked down avoiding Negan’s glare. “We’ll get more,” Rick grunted raising his head to peak at Negan. “Just give us more time.”

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Smart Mouth Chapter Five

Chapter One Chapter Two  Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Six Chapter Seven  Chapter Eight  Chapter Nine


Rating: Teen, first two chapters are NC-17

Notes: Get ready for the fluff! I needed to make Guzma happy in this fic, I just had to. Smut will return in the next chapter! 

As always requests are welcome! Thank you for reading my dears! 

A smile grew on my face without my say so and my eyes lit up. He came! He actually came! I was so elated. I wanted to jump with joy and scream off the roof tops. Ha ha fuck you bitchy female grunt from a few days ago. Guzma must see something in me because the mother fucker came to Poni Island. If I was alone I would have danced and made a fool out of myself. Instead I rubbed my sweaty palms off on my dress and forced the smile off my face.

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Percabeth Kisses

Hey guys this is my first actual story post enjoy and pls don’t judge ik it’s probably crap

Percy couldn’t concentrate on anything but how Annabeth felt as she left hot kisses along his jaw. All he could focus on was her soft lips and the way she would moan every so often as Percy readjusted his position. Every kiss sent small shocks down his spine, especially when she raked her hands through his hair.

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Fun? I Can Give You Fun.

A/N: This is my entry for @cici0507 Cheesy Song Challenge. I hope you guys like it because I’m super nervous with this one. I’ve never written Benny before so I really don’t wanna muck it up.

Song: Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex

Pairing: Benny Lafitte x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, implied smut, nicknames, no beta so brace yourself for really shit writing lhh

Word Count: 1264

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I sighed, “C’mon, Sug, this ain’t the time for games. We still got a lot of cleanin’ ta do.”

“But I don’t wanna,” she whined. I could see the adorable pout that adorned her face. Her voice rang from my right and I knew exactly where she was. I turned and walked to the standing cabinets in the corner. I opened the door to the cabinet to find her stooped down in the fetal position, trying to make herself as small as possible.

“What are you doing?” I asked with a raised eyebrow. She looked up at me with big, doe eyes and a pouty lip. Jesus, I’m going to lose it if she keeps looking at me like that.

“Awww. You found me,” she pouted.

“Well, it wasn’t that hard when you kept talking,” I smirked.

“I’ll have ta remember that for next time.”

“Why is a grown woman playing hide n’ seek in a diner kitchen,” I questioned her, shook my head amusedly, smiling at her. She raised her arms up, making grabby hands at me until I helped her up. When she stood she brushed the dust off of her, grumbling when she couldn’t get the back.

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One in the Same

Originally posted by minimochijimin

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst

Content: Taehyung falls in love with the “clone” of his deceased lover

Word Count: 7k+

Warnings: Violence, mentions of death, unedited

A/N: Merry Christmas, I come bearing pain. Also, @thedemigoddeatheater you asked for it :’)

Cromulent: (n) appearing legitimate but actually being spurious

When you were first born, you dreamt of the sky. It was vibrant blue and wide, the expanse dotted with small wisps of clouds that dragged lazily in the summer breeze. It stretched endlessly from where you stood in a field of barley flowers that raced along with the sky to meet with the horizon. From this, you registered your first emotion; wonder.

Only sparsely scattered trees and a small greenhouse interrupted the skyline. The moment your eyes touched the shelter, a smile tugs at your lips. Your feet began to move on their own accord, and then you were running, running barefoot towards it, ignoring the way small stems caught at the hem of your dress. As you got closer to the greenhouse, you could spot figure just a head of it. A young man with his hands shoved into blue overalls, a black tee shirt and sun kissed skin. The smile on your face became impossibly wider at the sight of him, and when you were a few feet away, it was easy to see he had a brilliant one to match. Something warm and dizzying all at once crawled up your spine, tickled the nape of your neck and stained your cheeks pink. He opened his arms as you approached him, laughed as you quite literally flung yourself into him, eyes closed. There was the sensation of falling, and when you opened your eyes again, you were greeted with the white popcorn paint on the ceiling rather than the endless sky. The young man was still beside you, his arms hung loosely around your waist. It takes a second to grasp that there’s less denim blue overalls and more bed sheets and bare skin.

He didn’t seem to mind though, and neither did you, pressing your face into his chest as he stared down at you with a somewhat reverent look. When he entangled your adjoined legs in the sheets, a quiet laugh bubbled up in your throat, and you met his eyes once more. His hair was a mess, disheveled by sleep and maybe something more than that judging by the purple bruises that blossom down his jawline to the juncture of his neck. The young man laughed at your suddenly bashful expression. His laugh was rich and deep and pure joy, paired with a boxy smile to pull that giddy feeling again from the base of your spine.


You could hear a voice in your ear, just as warm as you were feeling.

“What are you smiling at Kim Taehyung?”

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Marinette (accidentally) flashes Chat Noir

Based on this post I made and this scene. It’s 2:30 am and I have exams tomorrow but yeah, okay, Marichat.

If someone still wants to draw it, go for it, and be sure to tag me in it!

Marinette’s room was dark when she pushed her way inside. It was close to two in the morning, the akuma battle having taken much longer than she expected. Every part of her body ached; Tikki had run out of energy before she could return home, and had had to walk several blocks before finally reaching home. She could only hope that Chat Noir had managed to make it back to his own home safely. He’d taken a nasty beating, and they both deserved a good nights rest.

Chat Noir hadn’t visited in a very long time. Following the events of the Evillistrator, he had taken up an interest in her, and she soon found herself sitting across from him in her bedroom as they simply talked. She didn’t consider him much more of anything other than friend, but the telltale feelings were stirring in her gut, and though she still hadn’t forgotten Adrien, that stupid cat was slowly slinking his way into her heart. Yet for the past couple weeks he had neglected to drop down onto her balcony. Marinette chalked it up to busy schedule, and she found some part of her hoping that he would reappear soon. She hoped he was okay.

Marinette sighed and laid her purse gently on the chaise, mindful of the sleeping kwami inside. She left the lights off, unwilling to let the brightness burn her weary eyes. Her eyes adjusted quickly to the darkness, and she began to rummage in her closet for nightclothes.

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x files fic: five ways fox mulder was addressed by his children

so this was inspired by the deleted william scene from s10. (what can i say, i’m a follower. but everything posted related to this is about 10x better than my thing) it takes place in the himym au (pt 1 and pt 2) which i love entirely too much, okay.

also the “mudler” in pt 1 is dedicated to @haikyuucentric and @american-p-s-y-c-h-o, who don;t give a shit about txf, but still believe that “mudler” is mulder’s name.


There’s a small girl on the couch, almost engulfed by the Pomeranian in her lap, fingers tangled in his orange fur. Scully pulls him through the door, muttering something about her being shy. He replies with something about how he can go, but Scully tugs him straight to the couch without argument. “Emily,” she says. “This is my… friend, Fox Mulder.” Friend, he supposes, is the best term for what they are.

The little girl stares at him with wide Scully eyes. “Hi,” Mulder says. “Is that your dog?”

Emily shakes her head. “It’s Dana’s dog,” she says in a soft three-year-old voice. “He has a funny name.”

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I Thought You Were Different: Book 2 (Part 31/?) (Rogers/Stark x reader)

Part 30

Two weeks later and everyone was home at the compound, and life was moving forward.  Six more weeks later, you and Steve had finally found your groove with your three, and the team was back to business as usual. You held Steve to his agreement that the two of you would take a break, and had worked out a deal with Nick and Tony that you would start with three months off and then go from there, barring any all-out global catastrophe, of course.  The team had continued with business as usual while you and Steve stayed behind in domesticity, though you knew that he was talking shop with the guys when they were alone; you didn’t say anything because it would be unheard of for him to be completely out of the loop, and he was still abiding by the agreement.  He didn’t go on missions, but he was always there to meet the team when they came back; he was Captain America, after all, and deep down, you both knew that he would always be this.

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So this all stemmed from imagining Emma Swan playing Pokemon go in my head and somehow this happened. Idek.

“I fucking hate this game,” Emma mumbles as she and Ruby stroll up to granny’s. They’d circled storybrooke at least five times and Emma had caught literally like two Pokemon and they were both rats.

“I guess this is what happens when you live in a town that’s literally not on the map.”

Emma shrugs because good point and closes the stupid app.

Emma and Ruby sit at their usual booth and Emma orders her usual, hot cocoa with cinnamon, and Ruby orders her usual, coffee- black.

“Shit, fuck.” Emma mutters and then ducks her head down making it way more suspicious than she actually has to.

“What? What is it?” Ruby immediately starts craning her neck, looking around the diner. Also, suspicious as fuck. Then Ruby sees her. “Ooooh. Regina.”

Emma kicks her under the table, “can you like, shut the fuck up. She’ll hear you.”

“Honestly, Swan. You’re hopeless. Just go talk to her. She’s the mother of your son, for Christ’s sake.”

Emma just shakes her head. No way she can go over there right now. Not when Regina is sitting over there with her perfect fucking hair and her perfect fucking suit jacket and– Emma looks a bit to the side, enough to where she can see the rest of Regina’s outfit and she gulps– and her perfect fucking pencil skirt and God, her perfect fucking legs. Emma burns her mouth as she attempts to chug her cocoa. “Fuck.”

“You’re pathetic you know that, right?” Ruby just shakes her head, laughing to herself as she needlessly looks over the menu (as if she doesn’t have the damned thing memorized).

“I’m well aware,” Emma grumbles and then opens that damn game, pointless Emma thinks but at least it’s a distraction.

And it’s a pretty good one until Emma scans the room with her phone and then “holy mother of Jesus, /shit/.”

Ruby looks at her over the menu, “what now?”

“Fucking PIKACHU.”

“Where?!” Ruby drops the menu.

Emma slams her phone down. No way. “At Regina’s table.”

Ruby throws her head back this time and laughs. “Fate is cruel to you, Emma Swan.” Emma gives her friend a pointed look, “or perhaps, very kind. Go over there, catch your Pokemon, and your woman.”

Emma shakes her head, “I can’t. No way, Rubes.”

“You got this. After all, you’re Emma Swan, savior and Pokemon master!”

Emma stares at the condescending little pikachu shit on her screen, under the table, bouncing around on one Regina’s fuck me heels.

“You’re mine!” Emma mumbles and Ruby isn’t sure whether the blonde means Pikachu or Regina but either way, she encourages her friend, “that’s the spirit! Now go!”

Emma slides out of the booth, phone in hand. She doesn’t have to get THAT close, she tells herself. Just walk up, catch that little fucker and leave. No big deal.

Emma walks up, a mere foot /maybe/ from Regina’s table and holds up her phone, aims the poke ball at Pikachu on Regina’s foot and 1…2….3…

“Exactly what do you think you’re doing Miss Swan?” Shit. “Are you taking photos of me?”

Emma almost drops her phone. She turns back to glance at Ruby who is just giving her a thumbs up and Emma reminds herself to disown her later. “Hey, Regina, I - um no, I was trying to catch a pikachu….”

Regina’s eyes boggle, “you were trying to catch a peek at what?! Miss Swan that is highly inappropriate, even for you.”

Emma is sweating. If the earth ever decided to open up and swallow her this would be a great moment. Maybe she could ask Regina for a sleeping curse after this. “No, no, it’s a game. A pikachu… It’s a Pokemon… Surely Henry has played before?”

Regina shakes her head and then takes a sip of her coffee. “I’m afraid not.” Regina tries to look disinterested but there’s a slight quirk to her lips, she’s amused.

“I didn’t mean to disturb your lunch, Regina –I…”

“Too late. Have a seat, Sheriff.”

Emma gulps and turns back to Ruby as she goes to slide in the booth and Ruby is fist pumping like this is the key to Emma getting laid and she played a part of it.

“So tell me, EM-ma,” and the way her name slides off those Crimson lips, it almost sounds sinful and Emma has to wipe the sweat from her palms on her jeans, she’s fidgeting, “did you catch what you were looking for?”

And somewhere in the tone of maybe it’s in the smirk that’s all in the way Regina is staring at her there’s a double meaning to her question and Emma’s throat is suddenly very dry because on one hand, no, she didn’t catch pikachu but here she is with Regina and…. Maybe. “I, uh, yeah, I think I got it.”

Regina glances at the menu, feigning disinterest again, “well good.” Emma suddenly feels awkward again, because /well good?/ how the fuck is she supposed to work with that? And then the toe of Regina’s heel is sliding up her leg and holyshitwhatthell and Regina’s voice is low and husky in a way that leaves no room for confusion on Emma’s part, “and, Sheriff, if you ever DO want to catch a peek of me, next time, dear, just ask.”

xf wip: a thousand panes of glass (4/?)

Title: A Thousand Panes of Glass
Author: dashakay
Summary: Another impossible miracle.
Pairing: Mulder/Scully
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 2,000 for this chapter.
Thanks: To my wonderful squad, who wouldn’t let me forget this fic and encouraged me when I was feeling down. And to leiascully and scienceandmysticism for amazing insta-beta.
Feedback: Very much appreciated and loved. Feel free to message me.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

The drive home from the hospital at dusk is quiet, Mulder piloting the car northwest on 64. Scully rests her head on the passenger window and closes her eyes. She listens to the spatter of light September rain and the swish-swish of the windshield wipers. Mulder switches on the radio and she hears the hosts of All Things Considered chat about the news of the day in soft, smug tones.

This reminds her of car trips with her family, squished between Bill and Melissa in the back seat of the Buick, driving halfway across the country to visit her grandparents in Iowa. She remembers driving at night, everyone half-asleep but her father, who sat in the driver’s seat at rigid Navy attention, steering their boat through dark waters.

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Untitled Big/Little Snow Sisters Snippet

Fandom: Frozen 
Rating: K
Pairings: None (but with a side of established Kristanna I suppose)
A/N: searlait had a random Age!AU idea/prompt that I happened to catch. Decided to give it a go; I’ve been meaning to write Big/Little Snow Sisters. Short. Barely edited. Beware spelling/grammar mistakes. 

“Elsa, you’re going to be an aunt, isn’t that exciting?”

Elsa made a face. She and Anna didn’t have an aunt, so her experience with them was limited at best, nonexistent at worst. To her young mind, shaped by the accounts of fellow third graders and what she could gather from movies and books, aunts were old and kind of crazy and sometimes had a lot of cats and usually ended up being witches, or something.

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I Don’t Do Relationships

“I think,” Judy has to swallow, and swallow hard, to bring herself to say it, “Francine may have a thing for you.”

“Francine?” Nick’s eyebrow raises as he tries to remember if he’s ever met a Francine.

“You know, the woman on our team? The team you’ve been on for a month now?” He just shakes his head and she sighs, “The elephant?”

He hits his hand against the table startling her a bit, “I remember her now. Wait, what makes you think she’s interested in me?”

She pokes her fork at the last piece of carrot on her plate. Even though she keeps her head down, purposely avoiding him, she knows that he never looks away from her, “Honestly, it’s just a feeling I had. She’s single, you’re single. She’s looking and you’re…”

“Not interested,” all at once his voice became agitated and his foot tapped against the ground. She took this as sign to not bring it up.

She ignored it, “Why not?”

“I don’t do relationships, sweetheart, “ Nick went silent after saying it, even when she asked why not. Especially when she said there’s plenty of eligible women for him. Over their partnership, she’s learned to read his emotions just by his facial looks.. He shifts his ears back, something’s making him angry. His mouth curls into a grin, he’s happy or has a plan.  However, his ears stay stood up and his grin from earlier is long gone. Maybe she hit a nerve with him, which wouldn’t make sense. Never let them see that they get to you. Clearly she got to him.

“Also isn’t there a rule to not date your co-workers?” he finally manages to ask. Briefly she tries to remember if there were a rule against it, yet nothing came to mind.

“Not, nothing that I can think of. I guess Chief Bogo doesn’t care as long as it doesn’t affect your work,”


“What?” She asks after his eyes widened, ears seeming to point upward more than before, if possible. He opened his mouth, and quickly closed it back., “Come on, Nick.. What is it?”

“It’s just I always thought there was something about that,” there’s an unusual look in his eyes. Nervousness? No. Fear? Definitely not, but maybe a mixture. What was so strange about this?


Later that night, she sat at her desk. Paper after papers cluttered the top yet they couldn’t be farther from her mind. Of course Nick was front and center, consuming every thought. With his words echoing. I don’t do relationships.  The fox was a loner and she knew this. Has been for their entire friendship.. She became so distracted by this that she didn’t hear the door opening with Nick strolling inside.

“I brought dinner, Carrots,” the door slams shut causing a few pages to fly off the table. Immediately, she spins her chair around shooting a look-what-you-did look his way, “Sorry about that. Would a carrot donut make up for it?” He holds it out and the smell becomes intoxicating, but she pretends not to care.

“Donuts hardly count as a meal, Nick,” she grins and notices that he’s wearing his glasses. For some reason, the thought that he looks kind of handsome crosses her mind. One that she shuts down.

“In my world, they do,” he shuffles across the floor to her. Each step provoking her heart beat to skip. Then when he’s directly in front of her, he pulls the glasses from his face and she swears she’s burning up, “Been working hard?”

“No!” her voice is louder than she hoped. Thank goodness he doesn’t comment on it. Instead he hands her the donut, her fingers accidentally brush against his, and pushes his back against the wall. Hand shoved in his pocket while the other holds a donut.

“So, I talked to Francine today,” he bites into the donut and the scent of raspberry jelly fills her nose. That, mixed with whatever emotion she was getting from hearing the comment made her head ache.

“Oh?” she glares down at the top of her desk as if donuts and paperwork were more important than him at the moment.

It isn’t until the last bite is gone that she sees him turn to her. Pressing one paw on the table while the other briefly pats her head, “Your bunny instincts are wrong. She doesn’t like me. In fact she’s married.”

“Wh-” she doesn’t realize it until she snaps her head toward him that he’s closer than she thought. So close that her nose bumps against his. She mumbles out an apology, but he doesn’t respond. His sly smile gone replaced with an eyebrow raise and a deep breath that hits her. She tries breathing herself, but it’s hard to do when she’s wondering what would happen if she just moves forward a little. But she doesn’t have to because he’s pressing his lips to hers and she can finally breathe.

The kiss ends as quickly as it starts. Her hazy eyes stare deeply into his half-lidded ones, “I thought you didn’t do relationships.”

“For you, sweetheart,” he pecks her lips once more, “Anything.”

anonymous asked:

Please write more Buffy/bellarke AUs omg I'm in love with this concept!!!

one girl in all the world - part 2

Summary: Four times Bellamy takes a weapon away from Clarke (+one time he puts one right into her hands). { wc = ~3.7k }

[ i. ]

When Bellamy snatched the stake out of her hand for the second time, Clarke almost punched him in the nose.

“I’m not holding it wrong,” she said through gritted teeth. He had been on her case for weeks about her Slaying techniques, and she was at the end of her rope.

He snorted, then adjusted his grip on the raised stake. “You’ll have better leverage if you hold it closer to the tip, and better thrust too–”

Childish snickering from Jasper and coughing from Monty made them both whip around and glare disapprovingly.

“Oh my god,” Bellamy muttered under his breath. “It’s like we’re with–”

“A bunch of high schoolers?” Octavia chimed in, looking up from the text she was scouring with a grin.

Bellamy just exchanged a baleful look with Kane, whom Clarke considered a traitor for taking to the elder Blake so well. Watcher solidarity and all, she understood, but they actually got drinks the other night, as if they were friends. Kane was supposed to be her Watcher, and as her Watcher he shouldn’t be associating with assholes who told her she threw a stake like a first-year Slayer.

She was able to snatch her weapon back with him distracted, though he grunted in protest when she wiggled it in front of him tauntingly. He tried to grab it again, but she hopped back out of reach. To her embarrassment, she stuck her tongue out at him as she did so.

“High schoolers,” he snorted, raising his hands in disdainful defeat.

Though she had walked into it, it was a low blow, and Clarke bided her time for revenge as Kane took over her training for the rest of the afternoon. It wasn’t very productive, as she spent most of it fuming and watching Bellamy out of the corner of her eye while he joined his sister researching.

It was only when he and Octavia were leaving that she saw her chance. Quickly, so Kane couldn’t stop her, she snapped off a blunt piece of wood from the stake and whipped it at Bellamy’s retreating head. He grunted as the small piece–no bigger than a wood chip you’d find on the playground–smacked him, twisting around with an annoyed expression.

“Guess my aim is top notch after all,” Clarke taunted, wiggling her fingers at him. “Or it’s just not that hard to miss hitting your big, big egotistical head.”

He glowered at her, rubbing the sore spot before storming out of the library. Octavia followed him, and Clarke grinned when she heard the other girl’s laughter echo loudly in the hall outside.

So Kane may have given her an extra thirty minutes of running laps later that week as punishment, but Bellamy also seemed extra cautious to not turn his back on her in the following days. He even left her training alone, and so to Clarke, her sore legs were entirely worth it.

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In Too Deep

Finally, a part five to the Bad Things ‘Verse. And it only took me over a year to do it.

(Better late than never???)

[Also on AO3]


My anaconda don’t-

My anaconda don’t-

Loki sighed in annoyance grabbing his phone off the coffee table and answering. “Quit changing my ringtone, asshole.”

But it’s so fun,” Tony said with a laugh, which trailed off strangely fast. “Hey, do you know the names of the bars Thor owns?

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Castle Fanfic: Out of the Blue 9/14

As always, my thanks to everyone still reading and enjoying this fanfic. I apologize for making you wait for this chapter.

Out of the Blue - Chapter 9

They really need to close on the house.

It’s already been delayed twice,the most recent setback coming just yesterday, the Thursday before Thanksgiving. Apparently, their sellers haven’t moved into their new place completely and the two month closing he and Kate asked for was contingent upon that happening. He’s pretty sure they’re more than set, but they just want one final celebration in their home before leaving. Of course, he has no proof and Kate – yet again – won’t use her connections to find out. Party pooper.

Taping his last box for the evening, he makes a mental note to call Connie in the morning. She’d been apologetic yesterday, but he needs to find out how long this newest delay is really going to last so he can Kate can reevaluate things. Kate can’t keep taking mornings off for closings that won’t happen, especially not as the weeks progress.

Kate’s second trimester was good to them, more than good to them (really he’s never going to forget how thoroughly she exhausted him most days), but at twenty seven weeks they’re on the cusp of moving into the third, and she’s starting to get nervous. He is, too, if he’s honest. It’s been a long time since he did this with Alexis and experience has taught him that it won’t be a cakewalk from here on out. He knows what could go wrong, he knows the exhaustion that’s ahead of them.

Nerves aside, though, he’s so excited. He’s so excited to finally meet the little person who nudges his palm when he talks, and drives Kate up the wall with kicks when she just wants to relax. He’s so excited to hold his child, to trace their tiny fingers and toes, to see them greet each day with innocent eyes.

He knows Kate’s eager, too, and he also knows she’ll be even more ready once things start to feel under control again. The changes her body’s going through, work, the back and forth with the sellers, hell even the packing he’s been doing have all been ganging up on her. He just wants to put a stop to that. He wants to give her that calm place they both fell in love with a couple months ago.

The clunk of the lock turning is enough to distract him from his annoyance. She’s home early today.

“Hey, Castle,” Beckett greets easily, shoving the door closed against the wind with her shoulder. “Mmm, it smells good in here.” She shivers against the door. “And it’s warm, too.”

Scrambling to his feet, Rick pushes the boxes out of the way to get to her. It’d been much, much warmer this morning when she’d left for work, but yet another cold front moved in around noon. He should’ve brought her a heavier coat or the gloves she’d left at home, but security at her work frowns upon visitors showing up and walking in, even ones with good intentions.

“Hey, Beckett, c’mere, I’ll warm you up.”

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sandmancircus  asked:

Gnome AU. SoMa

(Last prompt answered on this blog, I promise. Everything else will go through my side blog. For those of you who aren’t into anime…I am so sorry)

Lord Jesus this prompt. Welp. I tried. It turned out kinda crack-y, but I suppose that was inevitable. Thanks Sandman…

The first time Maka saw the creature, she thought she must have fallen asleep while reading Alice in Wonderland. Again.She might have continued to believe she was dreaming had it not been for the excruciating pain in her ankle, courtesy of her inattention combined with a rather unfortunately placed gopher hole. 

She hissed in pain and tried to shift to ease the throbbing, but her frock was tangled between her legs and restricted her movement. A scream of frustration ripped from her throat, scaring a family of crows from a nearby tree. 

This was just like her, she thought. She’d only wanted to escape the disgustingly soppy gazes her father kept shooting the newest maid, and the forest bordering their estate had seemed the best place to do just that. Now she was caught with a twisted ankle in a gopher hole, and she was unlikely to be found for quite some time. 

“You’ve got quite the penchant for trouble, don’t you?” The voice was rough and unmistakably masculine.

Maka stiffened, then twisted her head this way and that as she tried to catch a glimpse of its owner. “Hello? Who’s there?" 

"Over here.” The voice came from behind a tree not three feet from the hole she was stuck in, though Maka couldn’t see anyone there. 

“Uh…” she said inelegantly, craning her neck. 

The voice sighed irritably. “Down here.”

Maka’s eyes fell to the root base of the tree just as a small figure stepped out from behind it. And that was when Maka thought herself to be dreaming. 

Because small wasn’t quite the word to describe the creature in front of her. Maka was small. This thing was absolutely miniature. She doubted it would stand any taller than three full handspans. 

But aside from the diminutive stature, the creature looked like a human man–for the most part. Spiky white hair stuck up in tufts while bright red eyes surveyed her with a look of total disdain. He spoke suddenly, and his deep voice contrasted so completely with his size that if Maka hadn’t been so taken aback, she might have laughed.  

“Shut your mouth, you’ll catch flies,” he said in a bored tone. “Now do you want me to help you or not?" 

Maka blinked stupidly. "I don’t even know what you are. Or if you’re real.”

The creature bristled. “I have a name, you know. It’s Soul. And of course I’m real.” He hopped off the root and approached her, rolling his eyes as she flinched away. “I’m not going to hurt you. Be pretty hard to, considering you’re five times my size.”

“I am stuck in a gopher hole,” Maka pointed out, “so you have the advantage right now.”

Soul looked thoroughly unimpressed. “You caught me,” he said as he bent to examine her ankle. “I put that hole there to capture underdeveloped girls like you. Saw right through my plan, you did.”

Maka flushed and huffed angrily, but couldn’t find a single thing to say. 

“‘Sides, it’s not a gopher hole.”

“What is it, then?”

“My front door. And your fat ankle is wedged in it." He prodded her foot suddenly with one small finger.

Pain shot through Maka’s ankle and she yelped in pain. "Watch it!” she cried. He ignored her and continued to poke at her. 

“Not broken. Just twisted.”

“Still stuck in the hole,” Maka hissed. 

“I’m getting there.” Soul huffed impatiently and placed his hands on either side of her ankle bone. Before Maka could ask what he was doing, a numbing sensation bled through her skin and wrapped her joint in warmth. There was the strangest sensation of sinews stretching and compressing, then there was a snap like an elastic band. Maka jerked back, bracing for pain, but none came. 

She reached forward and probed the skin around her ankle, but felt nothing aside from a faint throbbing. “What…how did you…”

“This forest holds more than you’d think,” Soul answered cryptically, stepping back. “You’re welcome, by the way.”


"Why what?" 

"Why heal my ankle?" 

Soul looked at her like she was stupid. "Did you miss the part where your foot was in my front door?" 

"Didn’t have to heal it, though.”

A hint of a smile crossed his face. “You’re clever, I’ll give you that. Be more careful from now on.” He turned to disappear behind the tree again.

“Wait! You never told me what you were! Or why you healed me!”

Soul looked at her over his shoulder. “You’re so smart; figure it out for yourself.” He bared his teeth at her in a wide grin, revealing razor sharp teeth, before vanishing into the tree roots. 

Maka blinked, rubbed her eyes, and squinted at the tree. Nothing. Perhaps she’d dreamed the whole thing? She pushed herself to her feet, and her ankle gave a low throb. So, not a dream then. 

It took less than three minutes for a burning curiosity to worm its way into her brain, and it took ten more for her to run back to the massive library tucked away in the back corner of the estate. Unfortunately, due to the sheer size and volume of books, it took quite a lot longer for her to find the information she wanted. 

Two hours after meeting the strange creature in the woods, Maka found the book that contained her answer. Her eyes scanned the page eagerly, latching onto the sentence she wanted. 

Her brows drew together as she read, and her face began to contort into a fierce scowl. By the time she reached the end, her face was bright red and she was practically having kittens. 

Maka screamed in anger and threw the book as hard as she could. Her stomping footsteps echoed through the room as the hardback leather cover fell open to the page she’d been reading. A detailed color illustration of the creature she’d met decorated most of the page, leaving little room for the caption that had so incensed Maka. 

Gnomes are magical creatures that most frequently live in the root systems of trees. They are mostly reclusive creatures, tending to shy away from others of their kind. They are known, however, to watch after certain humans, particularly…

…prudish women.