now she barely has any bones

Him: What’s the M –

Me: I just think it’s funny how Zeke stay forgiving Mylene for everything she has done to him from the blatant emotional abuse to the neglect to how she talks down to him as if she is better than him. I mean, Mylene barely has a loyal bone in her body.  She is all talk. And worse, she tried to drag her friend Yolanda down into doing some hyper sexual bullshit with her without even asking her if she felt comfortable. That’s some low shit. Meanwhile, he’s out here trashing Shao like Shao knew any better. Shao was sexually abused,  blatantly. Period. He was prostituted by Fat Annie and forced into this box since he never had anyone. Now, he finally has a family and he doesn’t get how a family operates. Yeah, he did osme wrong, but Zeke, an orphan, promised to be the one looking out for him. Leaving him like that was just a blatant way of abandoning him, like he finally found his out. Worse, he never sat down and told Shaolin WHY he wanted to leave to college He just assumed he would know how much it meant to him. Shao ain’t ever know ANYBODY who went college, and doesnt ever see the point in it. Maybe instead of abandoning the people from your old block, you would try to help them see the fortune in it. He messed up with Boo Boo, true, but Boo Boo isn’t entirely clean in this either. Boo Boo had a will to do something, and Shao thought he was protecting him. That’s it. Zeke, you invented Rap Music, and I pay respects to you for that homie, but you dont know how to be anything but lovesick. You know all about romantic love, but you are shit platonically and I think you can blame your parents death for that.  And while I’m at it, let’s also talk about the elephant in the room: Shao is Queer. That is not up for debate. He is Queer as FUCK. In a series that does very good about showing LGBT throughout the series, while also carefully weaving through the latent homophobia in the black community (way better than they did in Part 1, might I add) I would think more people would have sympathy for Shao as he navigates what might be the newest feelings in the world for Zeke, someone he loves intensely and can’t even cognitively understand how to manauver through. He let him move in, and basically leapt out the window when he said he would stay forever. This guy didnt want Zeke to leave him and so he made mistake after mistake because of it. Let’s be real: that’s why Shao was ALWAYS so antagonistic to Rah Rah and Mylene: his two opponents for all of Zeke’s love. Let’s try to be more open to Shao’s flaws.

Fangs And Claws

Beauty And The Beast modern AU (violence)

Chapter 1

The bed is soft under her and the music is loud in her ears, perhaps too loud, but she can’t care less. She has the same song on repeat because honestly there is time to transfer them from her laptop but there’s no energy in her body, barely enough for her to survive her first day in school. She had always heard good things about taking a semester or a year abroad, but it always felt…. far-fetched, it is not in her nature to travel away from her family just for this, but she has no family anymore, the contact list on her phone is as empty as the desert and even if she fills it soon, she’ll probably get her landlord’s number and a couple of fast food restaurants, friends…. maybe in a couple of months.  

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Echo Lakes (pt. ii)

SUMMARY: With a new planet near the USS Enterprise and the possibilities of new discoveries, who wouldn’t want to travel to the unknown world? If only someone would’ve have told you and Bones what you were getting into before, then maybe you wouldn’t be stuck with hard decisions away from the Enterprise and with the fate of a whole community in your hands.

WORD COUNT: 1,481 words


NOTES: Here you go guys, part two! Alice and I are trying desperately to find time to write, but school has started and JROTC/Yearbook comes with high demands of time and effort. We have quite a few requests we are working on, so stick with us guys! Enjoy :)

part i/teaser

She couldn’t believe she was actually doing this. With her large backpack across her shoulder and a scowl on her face, she was beginning to regret accepting this mission. But a part of her was excited; she now has three days to discover a new planet and its flourishing life.

She just couldn’t believe it was with Bones.

“Ready, doll?” he asks as he steps onto the warp pad. She rolls her eyes, pulling her hair back into a ponytail as she follows suit.

“Dr. McCoy, I have a name,” she argues, and he smiles.

“Alright, Dr. (y/l/n), ready?”

She shoots him a hard look as James walks in, and she has to rip her eyes away from the doctor’s childish grin and flirtatious eyes.

“Doctors, set and prepped?” he asks, standing next to Scotty at the monitor. They nod, and he nods back. “You’ve been equipped with the needed tools to conduct your field studies, along with clothing, food packs, hydration pills, and one tent.” Both Bones’ and (y/n)’s eyes seem to go wide, and James smiles.

“Wait, one tent?” they say at the same time.

“Energize!” James shouts as he walks out, and (y/n) groans in frustration as she squeezes her eyes shut. After a small feeling of sickness in her gut and a moment of weightlessness, she feels humidity on her skin and inhales fresh oxygen and the smell of a new world.

She opens her eyes slowly, holding in a gasp as she scans the environment. It’s gorgeous, like from old pictures of the rainforests back on Earth that have long since been depleted. The trees are bright with dew and the wildflowers under her feet are as colourful as anything she had ever seen. She looks up, a bright sun shining on her face as a cool breeze brushes her skin, and she finds herself falling in love with the unexplored planet.

“Doctor McCoy, have you ever seen anything like this?” she marvels as she turns to him. As he looks to her, he can’t help but smile at the look of curiosity in her eyes and the upturn of her lips.

With a chuckle and a quick glance around, he says, “No, I don’t think I have.” His eyes set on the lowered sun, and he sighs deeply as he adjusts his bag. “Come on, doll, we gotta go set up camp.” She nods, and he has to grab her arm slightly to drag her from the beauty of the land.

They walk through the woods quietly, and (y/n) stumbles many times as she looks around. She smiles at the unknown ferns and the small critters, and she recognizes the feeling in her heart as the same excitement a child has on Christmas.

After only hearing his own footsteps for a bit, Bones turns around only to find that (y/n) isn’t near him. His eyes go wide and he spins in all directions, hissing her full name under his breath as he looks behind tall trees and overgrown shrubs.

After searching frantically for a few good minutes, he finds her kneeling in front of a three stump. He walks to her with a scowl on his face, standing behind her to see what has her bright mind so focused. It’s a small colony of bugs that have made a settlement on the stump. They look like ants, but with large head and a blue shimmer to their legs and a yellow on their bodies.

Bones kneels next to her, watching her face as she lets on crawl onto a leaf she holds. It runs up and down, crawls across the back and back onto the stump. She smiles, and Bones can’t help but chuckle softly.

“It’s getting dark,” he says quietly, and she just nods. He stands and sticks out a hand to help her up. She takes it, letting him lead her carefully over the stump and back north in search of a place to settle down for the night.

After a good half hour of walking, they stumble across a clearing amongst the tall trees. The opening overhead in the canopy shows a pink and orange sky, not too much daylight left for them to set up their one shared tent. (Y/n) begins to curse at James in her head at the reminder.

“Good?” Bones asks, and she nods as she sets her bag down next to his.

“Good.” She leans down and takes her jacket off, unstrapping the tent from his bag. She tosses it to him, a small rectangular box, and he sets it down in the center of the clearing. With a simple press of a button on top, the tent unfolds and sets itself up. It’s pretty large, a zipped-up door on the front of the dark green tent.

“Boy, I love technology,” Bones mutters as he picks up his bag. (Y/n) grabs hers and they walk inside, setting them back down. By now, the sun has lowered far enough to where there’s barely any light in the tent. So (y/n) grabs a small lantern from her bag and turns on the sterile white light, and she sets it down in the corner.

Bones begins to set up his sleeping bag on the right side, and (y/n) unrolls hers on the left. She takes her hair out of its ponytail and runs her fingers through it, sighing as she opens her bag. She finds a blue tank top and pair of shorts, with a small note at the top.

“Hey, James left something,” she says, and Bones leans over her as she reads it. “‘Gets cold at night, bundle up.’” There’s a little winky face in the corner and (y/n) rolls her eyes, setting the note back into her bag.

“How helpful,” Bones groans, walking back to his bag.

(Y/n) stands, looking over her shoulder and assuming now is the best time to change as Bones rummages through his bag. She slides her shirt over her head and throws it down, quickly putting the tank top on over her sports bra. She slides her pants off and sets them next to her bag, and she can feel a set of eyes on her.

“Turn around,” she snaps, and she can hear him laugh as she slides her shorts on. She turns around to find him shirtless, a pair of grey Starfleet Academy sweats on and his hair messed up from taking his shirt off. She shifts at the sight, trying to look away.

“Turn around,” he mocks, and she scoffs as she crawls into her sleeping bag. Already she can feel the temperature dropping, her feet becoming cold and her breath sharp. She lies her head on the built-in pillow and Bones turns the lamp off, climbing into his and sighing deeply.

It’s quiet, besides their breaths and (y/n)’s heartbeat in her ears. There’s a slight breeze that freezes their tent, and a soft hum of a cricket-like species in the distant. It’s nothing like the Enterprise with the constant hum of the machines, or Earth with the hustle of life. The silence here is pure, pristine in its way and unadulterated altogether.

But as the night goes on, (y/n) and Bones find it becoming unbearably cold. (Y/n) shivers, unable to sleep, and Bones buries his face into his pillow as he tries to tire himself somehow.

“He couldn’t have given us any warmer clothes?” (y/n) growls into bared teeth, and Bones laughs once to himself.

“Enough room in here for two, Doctor (y/l/n),” he mumbles, and she bites her lip.

Without another word, and sick of the bitter cold, she stands and walks to Bones. He looks up at her with raised eyebrows and she crawls into his sleeping bag as he scoots over to give her room. Automatically, it’s warmer for both of them, the body heat building up in the bag.

Bones wraps an arm around her, pulling her to his chest. She relaxes, finally feeling her fingers and toes, and rests her head on the doctor’s chest as their legs intertwine with each other. Never did she think she’d have to be in this position with anyone, but she’s glad it’s him. Because as much as she hates to admit it, her feeling towards Bones have grown stronger through their expedition of deep space. And what she doesn’t know is he shares the same feelings.

So as the night goes on, and the air gets cooler on this Earth-like planet, Bones and (y/n) drift to sleep in each other’s arms with visions of the new world beyond their tent.



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maybe one day i’ll actually write a novel with all these characters, but right now all i really have figured out about them is relational stuff and interpersonal dynamics… their story is kind of bare bones at most (with… far too many romantic subplots……..)

if you have any questions about them, ask!! i can talk about these guys for centuries honestly

anonymous asked:

Can you write a story where Amy sees Sheldon shirtless (coming out of a shower or something) and they sort of end up in bed together? Please? thanks you!

🚨🚨I give this one 🔥🔥🔥

“It’s so sweet of you to offer to make dessert.” Amy tells Sheldon as she sits at his kitchen island. They have the apartment to themselves and Sheldon is making them banana splits.

“Well you made dinner, it’s the least I could do.” He tells her smiling and Amy grins back.

In anticipation of this treat she had not eaten much if her dinner. So she was still hungry as she waited for dessert to be done. In true Sheldon fashion he was making something as simple as ice cream a complicated chore. The bowls had to be chilled to the right temperature. The ice cream had to be scooped proportionally. Amy gets so hungry waiting for dessert to be done she grabs an extra banana to snack on. Knowing it bothers Sheldon when she eats them horizontally, and figuring she was already a bad girl. Amy unwraps the banana and sticks it in her mouth. Sheldon who is getting ready to squirt chocolate sauce on the top of the ice cream notices her. The shock of seeing her eating a banana the correct way coupled with his body’s reaction to seeing her lips wrapped around the fruit ,cause him to squeeze the bottle extra hard. Chocolate sauce erupts from the bottle spraying all over his face and light blue dress shirt.

“Amy!” He yells annoyed like she was the one who sprayed him with chocolate.

“Sheldon, oh my god what happened?” Amy says getting up and rushing over to help him wipe off his face.

“You and that blasted banana!” He gripes.

“What? I ate it the right way didn’t I?” She asks worried. He is too embarrassed to tell her that is precisely what shook him up. It reminded him too much of watching her lips wrap around something else.

“Why were you eating it at all? Dessert was almost done.” He asks pulling off his shirts and bringing them to the kitchen sink to run water over.

Suddenly Amy’s brain can’t function. All she can concentrate on is his naked back standing at the kitchen sink. The supple muscles of his broad shoulder blades flexing as he scrubs the stain. The line of his spine that ends at at the top of his pants. She wonders what he would do with she ran her hand down his spine right now? Amy’s hands ache to touch him, to feel his bare flesh under her hands. It only gets worse when he turns around to face her his arms crossed. The muscles in his biceps bulge, and his sinewy forearms flex. Amy wants to nestle her hands in the notches made by his hip bones. To taste the skin on his neck. If he has any idea what he is doing to her he does not let on. Simply raising his eyebrow at her giving her an I’m waiting look.

“I got hungry.” Amy manages lamely.

“Well.” He says softly his voice a growl. “We better eat these sundaes now before they go to waste.”

Then to Amy’s surprise he walks back over to the counter still shirtless and finishes making dessert. Spraying the top of each scoop with whipped cream. Amy can think of a million other things she would like to lick that whipped cream off of. Sheldon pushes her bowl towards her and picks up a spoon and begins eating his bowl. No longer hungry for dessert Amy reluctantly begins to eat her bowl. Wondering when he will put a shirt back on and dreading it. Sheldon was unwittingly paying out a fantasy she hadn’t even known she had.

Sheldon watches Amy through his lashes as she eats her ice cream. Amy ate ice cream different than anyone he had ever met .She said it prevented brain freeze.Once she had a spoonful she sucked the ice cream slowly off. Then she turned the spoon over and licked off any remainder. It looked so sensual he was embarrassed to eat it with her in public. Afraid that his body’s involuntary reaction was evident. Now he is transfixed, unable to look away as she repeats the pattern, dunk, suck, lick over and over again. Between this and the blasted banana this woman would be the death of him.

Sheldon’s bowl is long gone and he is still watching her eat her’s. He feels a little foolish standing in his kitchen without a shirt. He had been trying to punish her for almost giving him a heart attack with the banana. He knew Amy’s feelings on his bare torso. Yet it is he can take it to more. He walks over to her and takes the spoon from her hand and sets it down. Then he spins her around in her stool so she is facing him. He leans over her setting his hands on either side of the counter for support. Framing her with his broad shoulders. She looks up at him and his gut wrenches. She is so beautiful that it makes his heart hurt. Wordlessly she reaches up and strokes his cheek. Then his lips are on hers crushing hers. Amy’s mouth is cool and tastes like strawberries and chocolate fueling his desire.

“What are you doing to me?” He pleads in her ear.

Amy’s hands explore his body. Up his arms, down his back, across his chest, down his belly. Stopping just short of the waistband of his pants. Like she is afraid to go further. He wants her too so he grabs her hand and places it on his erection, that is threatening to burst through his pants. As Amy massages him through his khaki’s he kisses her all over. Pulling off her sweater to get to her collarbone. Then hitching the silky material of her dress up and over her hips, fitting himself between her legs. Amy stops what she is doing to pull the dress up and over her head.

“What are you doing to me?” She counters as he lifts her off the stool and into the counter.

Amy undoes his belt and then his pants, sliding them down his hips. Settling her hands into the notches in his hip bones and pulling him closer. Sheldon buries his face in her breasts kissing them gently as his hands reach behind her and unhook her bra. He kisses each breast softly. Smiling to himself because they remind him of two scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with cherries. He would be hard pressed to decide which he thought tasted better at the moment. Amy pulls down his underwear and takes his erection into her hand. Stroking his length up and down.

“Do you want to do this here?” He asks her. Giving her the option to stop before it gets too far. To go into the bedroom and finish there.

“Yes, please.” She begs as he slides her panties off and moves inside her. The sensation of the angle created by him standing at her in the counter surprises them both. “Oh my, hoo.” Amy sighs as moves inside her. He feels so big and he is hitting her in just the right spot it almost takes her breath away.

“Do you need me to stop.” He asks as her nails dig into his shoulders. He is unsure if it is from pleasure or pain.

“No, don’t stop.” She pleads as he thrusts deeper into her. Sheldon tries to hang on as long as he can. Their first time he was so focused on her he barely thought of himself. This time the pleasure is so intense he can barely hang on.

“Amy… I..” He moans kissing her mouth deeply.

“It’s okay, I’m going to go too.” She murmurs in his ear and that is all it takes, he feels her cum around him, milking him and he let’s go . The rush of sensation so intense he sees stars. They stay wrapped in each other on the counter for awhile. Neither one wanting to break the spell if what had just happened.

“We better get dressed. Wouldn’t want anyone walking in on this.” He says looking around at the discarded clothes, and the melted half eaten bowl of ice cream beside Amy.

‘Yeah, this might take some explaining.” Amy says hopping off the counter and starting to get dressed.

“It’s your fault, you and that blasted banana.” He teases her swatting her behind.

“Nuh-uh it was you and your sexy shirtless dessert making.” She teases back.

“I think we can agree on one thing.” He says giving her a half smile that makes her melt.

“What’s that?” She asks starting to clean up.

“We’ll be doing it again.”

This Morning I Woke up, and I Have an Extra Kid

NOTE: I am not a writer. I am trying to get my head around something that is happening to me. Please excuse my fractured and sometimes muddled writing style.

I have two children. A son, and a daughter. I have given birth twice. I woke up this morning to the familiar sounds on the baby monitor of my daughter ( 2years old) playing and singing in her room. She was talking to her doll, which was making your standard recorded baby doll noises.

I slowly got motivated enough to get out of bed, went the kitchen and put the kettle on, and then went to wake my Son (8 years old) for school. As I walked by his room I noticed that the guest room door was a ajar. I peeked in, and there was a little girl standing by the foot of the bed. I just stopped in my tracks. She looked up, and said, “I can’t find my other sock Mum”.
Mum? I couldn’t form words. My husband appeared. Tossed a pair of socks to the little girl, and kissed me on the neck. “Mornin babe”.
The guest room. It has different furniture. A One Direction poster. Frozen doll collection. It started to spin, and I passed out.

My husband helped me go back to bed.

Migraine, I told him.

Everyone seems to think that she is ours, always had been. I’m afraid to say anything in case they think I’m insane.

I don’t know who this kid is. I don’t know what to do?!

Edit: my two year old had a toddler-meltdown just now. I went out to the kitchen to help out my husband, ( and honestly, I have to take another look). When the little girl came to the kitchen, my toddler said “hi! I’m Cara!”. My husband laughed it off… WTF is going on!!

Edit2: I have a cat. A fluffy, white, prissy cat. It’s cute. I guess.

(Mini edit) in my haste to update, I forgot to mention that, the cat is also new, I didn’t have a cat yesterday, now there is a unexplained cat, and it has apparently been around for several years.

Edit 3. It took absolutely ages for me to get into Facebook today. My password was changed, my account was disabled, my email account password was changed. I just don’t understand. There was no trace of any of the kids on my Facebook account. It’s down to the bare bones. Almost everything is gone. I have no photos, other than one or two from very early on. I talked to my sister, she knows about the little girl. She made an excuse to visit, ( unusual for her, we see each other on the holidays) rushed over, and everything was very tense. She didn’t say much. Other than to look concerned whenever I opened my mouth.

The kid, she’s very standoffish. Very cautious. I phoned my GP. I asked them for a copy of my file, and of our insurance details on file. I want to see if this has happened to me before, ( because I’m actually insane) or if they have insurance details of the little girl on file.

Her name is Alex.

Edit 4: Last night, as you can imagine, I couldn’t sleep. At 4am I got out of bed and went to the kitchen to make some tea. I sat there trying to wade through this dark confusion that is clouding my mind. I just feel… Wrong? I don’t know how to explain it. I eventually came to the realisation that my life is not in danger.

Whatever is happening, I can probably fix, or learn to live with. I went back to bed before the sun rose.

This morning I woke up and Alex was asleep in my bed. Jack,my eight year old, used to do this when he was very little, bad dreams, tummy aches, noises in his room. I studied the features of her face while she slept. She certainly has my nose, ( all the kids do). Her black hair though, the other two have a dull blonde/brown colour. I have to admit, she’s absolutely beautiful.

It felt awkward, and uncomfortable. I tried (unsuccessfully) to get out of bed without waking her. She turned towards me. Sleepy smile. And opened her eyes. Brown eyes. I have blue eyes. My husband has blue eyes. Jack and Cara have blue eyes. Is it possible for a child with two blue eyed parents to have brown eyes?

“Morning Mum, I missed you so much”. She missed me? I asked her when? “When did you miss me Alex?” She smiled, one of those toothy sleepy five year old smiles, “before I was born”.

my hands are shaky, tinged with a dash
of melanin, enough to proclaim my title
as a child of the sun

i am rooted in purple orchids
that have been grounded in the west
aching towards the east, my spine
contorted between two different sets of stars

my skin longs for better days, clearer skies
and my ancestors, they don’t recognize me anymore they
see me as a ghost, with my tongue burnt out of my mouth
all i can do is spit out ash and decay, and figure out what to do
with this grey matter that accentuates my scattered blue veins

—in-betweens (s.don)

I have always found comfort in the meaning behind words, in the form of books, poetry, or advice from my mother. The potential for one word to mean so many different things, fascinates me. I find myself up late at night, spellbound over the way a comma in a poem can mean three different things because of its placement, and two others if it wasn’t there. But sometimes, I get caught in the in-betweens. I stumble over binary arguments, whether something is this or that, and half way through my essay, I have disproved my thesis statement and I have contradicted myself. The place I find myself stuck at the most is in between Asian and American.

To be honest I don’t get the typical “Where are you from?” or “Your English is so good!” as often, but I still feel the discomfort of being one of the few Asian American English majors. I feel obligated to try harder than everyone else just to prove that I belong there, that I have a voice. I recall one instance in class when I made a comment and it went unheard, and the girl sitting next to me told me not to worry, I’m just “quiet”. Somehow, I felt offended, and I could feel my eyebrows knitting together under my skin, drawing blood to my face. Part of me scoffed at her assumption, but another part of me was angry at myself for not being loud enough and succumbing to being that docile Asian girl. Every day, I subconsciously try to disprove stereotypes and that has strengthened and weakened me in countless ways that make my head spin.

The problems I face as an Asian American woman don’t just come from non-Asians. A lot of tension exists in our community among ourselves that make my bones ache and lungs burn. For example, there is still this passive aggressive warfare between Asians and Americans, F.O.B.’s (Fresh off the Boat) and (in Chinese culture) A.B.C.’s (American Born Chinese). Entitlement is assigned to where you were born and it is a wicked thing that changes to whoever holds it, and has stolen my mother tongue away from me. I used to be ashamed of my heritage and refused to learn how to read and write Chinese because I thought it would make me more “fobby”, uncool according to Asian Americans. With more hindsight and maturity, I now feel the sting at my fingertips, ashamed and disappointed in myself that I can’t write poetry in Chinese. I can’t share my craft with my mother and I can’t fully comprehend how intelligent she is. I can barely write my own name.

I battle with myself a lot more than others do with each other and I have internalized my identity in a way that has altered my bone structure, the shape of my hips and the way I hold my pen. I used to be a quiet, bookish little Asian girl who never participated in classes but now, I am a woman who is desperately apologetic to the little girl I once was, convinced by the world that she could not have a voice, that she was not allowed to take up any type of space. Today, I am a woman who juggles metaphors with shaky hands, an ocean churning in her chest, trying to bring her mother back to the motherland, and earn back the right to call it home. I am trying to make ends meet, to untangle these in-betweens and to chase after sunrises. To have a voice and take up space that provides more for those who cannot.