now serious question here

in my dream I went to see cap 3 and the woman taking everyone’s tickets was asking trivia questions about the cap movies before she let anyone in

and i was like. cool. i know the cap movies i can do this.

her question for me was “which bath scene was your favourite?” ??? who tf takes a bath in captain america. nobody. wtf kind of question is that? ??

i think i made something up about a steve shower scene and she let me in

Two things I never really "got" in Christianity

1. Original Sin. Why the hell do all of us get punished because two people couldn’t control their fruit craving?

2. Christ’s “Death”. I mean, is it really even death if you come back a couple of days later? C'mon, dude, I’d just call that a really damn good nap. And how does that really fix the whole Original Sin thing?

Just seems like working a long con.

Now, my tone here is flippant, but the questions are serious. Or would be, if I was still seeking One True Faith. It all seems like Equivalent Exchange hocus pocus.

I’ve made some peace with Original Sin over the years. It makes sense even if only as a way for the mind to reconcile the cognitive dissonance of bad, horrible, really awful things happening to good people.

But Christ’s Death and Resurrection? I just don’t get it. Ransom sacrifice doesn’t make sense to me, any more than it does to punish the sons for the sins of the father.

If anyone has some insights, or lesser known perspectives, I’d love to hear them.