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So Bibros are now saying that the Cockles Date was selective hearing because we erased Jared from it? But Jared was never mentioned? And now they're saying again that we hate Jared and ignore him. *rolls eyes* Their only reason is because Jenmish said they ordered the /three/ least ordered things. Selective hearing my ass.



I can’t anymore. 

This is just ridiculous. 

Jensen and Misha are friends just like Jensen and Jared are friends.  WHY CAN’T THEY FUCKING ACCEPT THAT?


So ok here is my theory of this. So the Don’t Remember video and most recent video a message said “You Have To Wake Up”.

So what if it’s Damien? Remember Mark said Damien and Celine make up Dark but what if there is some good left?

Think about it in the video you here voices which sound like they are arguing, in the beginning the voice says “I hate you” obviously not us but someone else. After you hear the voice of which I believe is Damien saying “Do you remember what I said to you?” then continues saying “I said we were going to do great things together”, clearly he’s talking to us bc in WKM we were the District Attorney and we were going to help Damien with the city.

Now after this you hear the voice arguing again bc it says “noone asked for this” and the other voice responds saying “are you sure?” So obviously Damien and Celine are arguing and we’ve seen them.argue in WKM

So they don’t necessarily always agree. So maybe we are hearing them argue about being trapped in a broken body, Damien probably blames Celine bc she was the one that sent us back and Damien only wanted to help us. Somehow I think that some good is in Damien and he’s angry with Celine about the situation hence why he says “I hate you” and “noone asked for this”

Now to the recent video where the end a message appears and says “You Have To Wake up” which contradicts the previous video Don’t Remember where the voice said “Go back to sleep”, so someone wants us to wake up and remember what happened to us and maybe even to remember what happened to Damien. This is why I believe it’s Damien trying to get us to remember him, to remember our past, the friendship we had with him and the incident but Celine maybe doesn’t want us to remember.

In WKM Celine showed her anger and she was willing to use US as means to coming with the dead, we were expendable to her.

So obviously she was willing to do what it took to get answers and maybe she was the one who trapped us in the mirror?

In ADWM we were brought back by Dark somehow bc he replied “Did you miss me? I missed you, I’ve been waiting a long time to see you again”. So we’ve met him and seen him in the past (WKM) and then something happened and we don’t remember anything from WKM and now Damien is trying to reach out to us and Celine doesn’t want us to remember but why?

Guess we won’t know for sure but anyways that was my rant/theory thing

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May I ask what made you drop Touken from 1st (I assume) to 4th?

No worries! It’s not really anything specific; Touken was my main OTP in the first TG (along with Akiramon) and then in :re Ayahina and Mutsurie were introduced, and later in :re, Uihai too (also :re made me love Tsukikana, Takirona, Seiaki, and others too). It’s not so much that my love for Touken waned because it hasn’t at all; it’s just that I connected with the dynamics in these other ships a bit more/or at least they give me more feels right now. It could definitely shift again lol. I will say my one quibble with canon Touken is that they did ignore their issues (like Kaneki aging and not being a good leader), but that came back to bite them (the axe is gonna fall on Akiramon too soon, I would presume, probably even more severely) so I presume they’ll learn from that. I think they’re good for each other and will overcome their flaws together and I really debated adding it to that list as a bonus runner-up because I love it so much; I really do.

'what are words' starter pack

- “how are you?” “Yes.”

- no volume control. Yell or whisper, there is no inbetween

- what was this sentence about again

- clicking/tapping/’umm’ing furiously while trying to focus your mind enough to remember what the sentence was about

- stammering

- worse: spitting by accident

- i’m rambling about myself again how do I stop

- *says someone’s name once* *they don’t hear* “oh well guess that’s the end of that. we had a good run”

- rehearsing any kind of request, compliment, or any planned exchange a trillion times in your head

- writing out said exchange as a form of rehearsal, ums and errs included, so literally nothing is left to chance

- the inevitable sequel: why aren’t they following the script?!?

- the mind-wipe mid-conversation

- focusing so much on paying attention that you don’t actually process what they’re saying

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

Whenever someone says things like “well some of us have to work” or “not everyone can stay at home all day” I get an actual physical pain in my chest. Saying something like that to a disabled person who cannot work is one of the cruelest things you can say because believe it or not we actually want to be able to work. we don’t want to be stuck at home 24/7. most of us have this longing to be productive members of society but we just can’t because of our disabilities. If you’ve ever said anything like that to a disabled person who can’t work then you should be ashamed of yourself.


hadn’t drawn these two in a while, had I

what she says: im fine

what she means: In a Crowd of Thousands reveals that Dmitry is set on the girl he saw when he was 10 years old, and when Anya remembers it being her, his first instict is to sing in rejoice because he found her again, and afterward leans in to kiss her. Anya isn’t opposed to it at all, but he stops because in that moment he has to realize that she’s not just the girl he’s been in love with all this time, she’s royalty. Dmitry literally finds his dream girl and then immediately after has to face the fact that she’s out of reach. His kneel is out of respect for her position, but it’s also the point where he is forced to accept that his dream was shattered as soon as it came true.

so about a year and a half ago, i set out to draw every clara outfit ever
74 outfits later, i’m finally done

prints/mugs/totes and all that jazz are up on society6 and redbubble now!


s1 vs s6


uhhhh anyways mary’s the only character i can draw and i love her


Couple of assorted haikyuus

a request!

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That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)

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how do you mean lotor is a better option for the universe than the paladins? he may be different from zarkon but he basically has the same goal. i don't intend to sound rude. i'm merely curious

to be completely blunt: the paladins have no idea what they’re doing. 

their goal to achieve peace by freeing the universe from the hands of the galra is admirable. their methods, however, are not. as things are now, they’re doing more harm than good. 

now, keep in mind i’m not saying lotor is the good guy here - from an objective standpoint, none of them are. 

we’re being told the story from the paladin’s point of view, which makes us perceive them as “good”, while anyone and anything that gets in their way is “bad”. but protagonist isn’t the same as hero, and antagonists aren’t always the villains - an important distinction to make, in this case. (some examples i can name off the top of my head are megamind, death note & peter pan) 

side note: if this story were being told from lotor’s perspective, it’d be about an exiled prince struggling to reform the empire his father created because he’s sick of his old man’s ways, and voltron would be the “villain” that popped out of nowhere to ruin his plans. badly worded, but you get the point.

the beginning of season 3 was the perfect example of that. the paladins liberated planet puig, got them to join their alliance, and once that was done they had no idea how to further go about their mission. 

i’m incredibly glad the writers made lotor himself point this out - because unless the paladins change their method, it’s always going to be like this. 

they free a planet. the galra strike. and boom - it’s part of the empire again

but lotor has an army at his hand, while the paladins have what? a 10.000 year old castle ship and a robot? 5 mini robots if you will? backed up by the “thinly spread defences” of the blade of marmora? 

this genius may not have a weapon as powerful as voltron yet, but he’s got an army. the amount of time voltron takes to defend one planet, he takes back 50 of them simultaneously. while the paladins may be strong in battle, they’re weak in war. 

lotor aims to integrate the newly conquered planets into the system of the empire while letting them continue to rule themselves (although his methods aren’t nearly as diplomatic as i’d like to believe). meanwhile team voltron practically go “you’re free now, baby. free. do what you want, we’re aware you have no experience managing things on your own whatsoever but you’ll do fine!”

not even taking into consideration that some of these planets have been enslaved by zarkon and haggar for 10.000 years. do they even know how to rule themselves anymore? voltron hands them ‘freedom’ with no outline of how to attain a manageable policy. that path leads down to poverty. famine. civil war. you name it. 

from their individual perspectives they’re all pursuing a “good” goal. but if we’re talking about what’s best for the stability of the universe, lotor’s leadership is way more functional than voltron’s current alliance.