now say it again!

honestly debating whether or not to call the cops rn

it’s currently 4:40 AM as i type this, and there’s a guy who’s been periodically walking by my apartment building ranting to himself.

first, almost an hour ago, he was legit screaming in anger. i could hear him from way down the street, and he’d stop for like 30 seconds, then he’d start up again and he’d sound closer. then at one point he was literally directly across from my apartment when he started screaming again, and it was so loud and sudden it scared the shit out of me.

about 20 minutes ago, i could hear him as he walked by again, but was just talking at this point rather than screaming, though still sounded angry.

and just now he walked by again, saying, “i’m gonna burn this whole motherfucker to the ground. it’s too late. y’all gonna burn.”


should i do something about this, or………

i might call if i hear him walk by again, but maybe he’ll have already burnt down a building by that point.

ellabellabee  asked:

You always provide the most thoughtful answers to questions - thank YOU! While it's on my mind, I have something else for you: now that you've started writing Niall you've got two very different "versions of him"; Sangria Niall & Elementary Niall. What's amazing is how you make them seem so different. Could you list the top 3 descriptors for each of those character in your opinion ? & how would Elementary Niall feel about teyana? & how would Sangria Niall feel about rolly?

Firstly, it’s always a huge relief to know that when writing multiple versions of the same person, they don’t all read the same. The last thing I ever want to do is have my characters be too similar.

Now, to answer your question, which is, again, excellent:

I’d say the top three descriptors for Elementary Niall: introspective, charming, but a bit guarded. He’s a little different from who he used to be before he arrived at Wool Creek. Sort of closed himself off. But there are these moments where that Niall, the one he used to be, comes bursting through, like in his interactions with Rolly. Being around her and the gang at Wool Creek, he’s slowly being drawn back out of himself. I think there’s more to him than meets the eye, but when you initially connect with him, he’s careful about what you see of him.

However, Sangria Niall, to me, is warm, and sexy, and unbelievably kind. There’s a confidence to him that is lovely and honest and infectious, whether he’s onstage playing with Rookie Limelight or when he’s laying it down the way he does in sangria on your lips. Sangria Niall is very open and funny and desperately in love with his girlfriend, and while he definitely harbors some insecurities and worries, as anyone does, I think that overall, he’s a ball of self-assured sunshine. And whenever there’s a lapse in that confidence, he’s got Teyana to bring him back to himself.

Sangria Niall and Rolly would probably be great friends, I think. He would appreciate her klutziness and generally easygoing nature and I think they would get on quite famously. He’s very approachable and I don’t think he’d make her nervous the way Elementary Niall does, mystery that he is.

As for Elementary Niall and Teyana…in a way, I think the two of them are somewhat kindred spirits in that they love hard and fiercely, but that is what tripped Elementary Niall up in his past. He loved hard and fiercely but it wasn’t enough to hold things together for him. He was young and not as careful with his heart as he maybe should’ve been. So I feel like if they ever met, she would seem familiar to him in a way that would make him ache to be in that headspace again, where love is shelter and not a storm.

GOLDMAN SACHS: Here's how to make a killing this earnings season

(This guy obviously positioned himself effectively for corporate preannouncements.Scott Olson / Getty Images)
You’d think that investors would have trading on corporate earnings down to a science by now. Think again, says Goldman Sachs.

Investors are frequently ill-positioned for the preannouncements companies often make leading up to their scheduled earnings releases, Katherine Fogertey and the Goldman derivatives team wrote in a client note on Thursday.

They've gleaned this information from the options market. While traders are braced for increased volatility during the period most jam-packed with actual earnings reports, they’re woefully out of position in the weeks leading up to those releases.

This is potentially problematic, particularly heading into second-quarter earnings. Over the past six years, July has been the second-most-popular month for corporate preannouncements, Goldman data show.

The firm finds that the second week of July has historically been the peak for preannouncements, yet implied volatility sits far below the period from the end of the month through mid-August.

“We believe the options market often overlooks these historically stock moving catalysts for shares,” Fogertey wrote.

(Early July is one of the post popular periods for corporate earnings preannouncements.Goldman Sachs)

The reasons why corporations preannounce can vary. In many cases, a company will realize that it’s headed for an earnings miss, and let the investment public know ahead of time, so they can calibrate expectations accordingly.

(Expected price swings are subdued for the weeks leading up to earnings season, even though a good number of preannouncements occur then.Goldman Sachs)

Companies may also do this to spread the blow to their stock price over a longer period, resulting in a more muted move the day of the actual report. The stock impact immediately following the preannouncement is precisely what Goldman thinks is being overlooked.

Of course, preannouncements can also have a positive impact on shares. So what’s the best way to play that directional uncertainty?

Goldman has a solution: options straddles, which involve the purchase of both call and put contracts. If the stock price moves up dramatically, a trader can use the call option to buy shares at a big discount, while if the price drops far enough, the put option will instead turn a profit.

On a sector basis, technology and healthcare have previously seen the most preannouncement activity heading into second quarter earnings.

The unofficial start of earnings season comes on July 19, when market bellwether Alcoa reports.

NOW WATCH: An economist explains the key issues that Trump needs to address to boost the economy

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anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

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what she says: im fine

what she means: In a Crowd of Thousands reveals that Dmitry is set on the girl he saw when he was 10 years old, and when Anya remembers it being her, his first instict is to sing in rejoice because he found her again, and afterward leans in to kiss her. Anya isn’t opposed to it at all, but he stops because in that moment he has to realize that she’s not just the girl he’s been in love with all this time, she’s royalty. Dmitry literally finds his dream girl and then immediately after has to face the fact that she’s out of reach. His kneel is out of respect for her position, but it’s also the point where he is forced to accept that his dream was shattered as soon as it came true.

New kpop fans right now

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That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)

Ai Yazawa End-of-Book Notes 1-21

So at the end of every volume of NANA, Ai Yazawa has a brief paragraph about the manga or just some introspection about her life. They give great insight into the series and I think only a few are found on the scans of NANA online, so I thought I’d share them all!

Volume 1

The creator, Ai Yazawa, told us, “I created this story so that it could be enjoyed as a stand-alone and, at the same time, have a complete ending that could be connected to an ongoing series.  I hope you’ll look forward to the future of the two Nanas!”

Volume 2

A note from Ai Yazawa: “I had thought that if the two Nanas met each other, they would probably be constantly fighting, but they seem oddly friendly.  What’s up with that?!  It’s one of me (not so) seven wonders (ha-ha).”

Volume 3

Since childhood, the artists I’ve looked up to haven’t been writers and illustrators, but mostly musicians.  Music provides me the most emotional effect and excitement.  If there was no music, I don’t think my creative juices would boil.  Music is that important to my life.

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 4

I realized one day that there are hit songs with the same names as the main female characters, NANA, JUNKO, and SACHIKO (the kanji for JUNKO is different, though).  It’s not that big a deal, but I sometimes just hum the melodies longingly.

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 5

In the initial drafts, Nana’s band was a rockabilly band like the Stray Cats.  But due to various circumstances, I didn’t keep it that way.  But if they were rockabilly, Ren, Nobu and Shin would have had pompadours.  And Yasu too?

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 6

When I was a child, I used to take piano lessons.  Even after I stopped taking lessons, I bought sheet music I liked and continued playing.  I’ve had my hands full for several years now, but one of these days I’d like to learn how to play jazz piano, which I’ve wanted to do for years now.

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 7

I had an opportunity to interview a group of professional musicians.  I showered them with questions, but they answered willingly, and it was very helpful.  I was having problems balancing the fictional world of manga-like simplicity and gorgeousness with a sense of reality.  But I realized again that what’s important is the humanity of the characters.

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 8

When I was in high school, there was a cool girl in my class who was a lone wolf.  I was really into a foreign New Romantic-type band then, and when she asked me one day, “Do you want to go to their concert together?” I was overwhelmed.  My heart fluttered more than when I was with my boyfriend (☺).  Have you had a Hachiko experience like that?  - Ai Yazawa

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the thing about Bakugou is that, in the limits that his personality allows, he’s soft for Kirishima - he calls him by name, listens to him and always answers him, tries to help him out as best as he can, accepts his help when Kirishima offers it, actively works to make him feel better when he’s down, never yells at him unless it’s an answer to Kirishima’s teasing, has no problems in complimenting him and pointing out his strength, he’s soft for Kirishima

he openly considers him a friend and treats him as such, he cares and doesn’t really try to hide it, though his inexperience in showing that sort of feelings does make him come off as awkward now and again 

I guess what I mean to say is it’d be nice if the fandom could remember that, instead of writing him as angry and prickly and downright offensive and uncaring when dealing with what has been recognized by the canon as his best friend and someone he does enjoy the company of over and over again



heyy guess what series i finally watched

carried on the breeze [you’ll never find me]

inspired by this post from @stranger-who-writes-fiction

kara has flown myriad out into space,

and alex has gone after her in that damn pod. sure, getting the thing to space wasn’t a problem - reentery however was where things were going more than a little screwy. in no seconds flat  alex finds herself in a falling deathtrap with her unconscious sister draped mostly uncomfortably across her.

this pod was not meant for two.

nor, apparently, is it meant for rouge humans hijacking and then flying it, poorly but still functionally, into space to save their superhero little sisters. yet, alex had done it anyway.

and now, well, with the planet rapidly rising up to meet them, alex realizes the steering is gone. realizes that the best she can hope for is sending out some sort of signal and hoping that wherever they landed…the deo finds them first.

too bad it was going to be a water landing. which, god, that wasn’t what alex wants. any type of crash landing would probably kill her on impact, but at least crashing into some sort of land might ensure kara’s survival. kara who is still unconscious.

alex knows she has seconds left to come up with a plan. she’s feeling a little ill, the pod spinning around and with one arm holding kara to her chest, alex is left to crane her neck over her little sisters shoulder just to look at the console.

her eye catches a red button.

under the console, hidden from the normal line of sight - alex has to wonder if red buttons hold the same meaning on every plant. alex has to wonder why she never asked.

[to be fair, it’s an obscure question, but god, alex wishes she’d had  the foresight to see this coming]

what she doesn’t see coming are the clouds, the fog that seems to be way too high in the atmosphere, plunging the pod and the danvers sisters into a grey half light.

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My message to any Arc V fan that sees this. I actually did this about a month ago for a fanfiction but it felt better to upload this when the series has ended.  This is the first time I finished a Yugioh series on time, and Arc V was the series that reminded me to go finish watching all those other series (that I hadn’t remembered to go back to when I was much younger). 

It was really enjoyable meeting all you guys here on Tumblr. I felt quite welcomed even though I was a very late comer. Hopefully I’ll see you guys in the Vrains fandom as well. Thanks for the lovely fanfiction and art. Thanks also to everyone who has supported my art. I’m still an amateur but I’ll continue to do my best to improve and draw better. 


Voltron Characters as Cryaotic quotes:
  • Lance: “Don’t put your dick in things that don’t got a ring attached to it.”
  • Keith: “We are here to feel terrible on the inside and outside.”
  • Hunk: “Why isn’t there a game where I can parachute high five my friends?”
  • Pidge: “Looks like 25% of people are fuckin’ assholes.”
  • Shiro: “I’m the man of this house, I will bark as much as I wish.”
  • Allura: “I appreciate the words you’re saying, now please don’t ever say them again.”
  • Coran: “Son of a tit, not again.”
  • Slav: “Excuse me everybody, I’ll be hiding under a mattress.”
I love the stillness of a room after a party. The chairs are moved, the cushions disarranged, everything is there to show that people enjoyed themselves; and one comes back to the empty room happy that it’s over, happy to relax and say, ‘Now we are alone again.’
—  Daphné du Maurier, My Cousin Rachel