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Dating Leo Valdez Would Include

Request: Dating Leo Valdez would include?

  • You met Leo through Annabeth
  • He was very upfront with you and you kinda just clicked
  • You were always talking to each other but you never realized you were falling for him
  • It wasn’t until some of your friends started telling you how you’re always talking about him and how you just drool over his existence
    • “Oh my God! I fell so hard for him!” you looked at Percy and Annabeth. “Yeah,” Annabeth nodded her head. “You kinda did,” Percy tried his best to hide his laugh.
  • You became a little more distant with him because you didn’t want to mess anything up
  • He noticed and immediately started asking why you weren’t talking to him
  • You tried your best not to say anything but it kinda just slipped
    • “But all in all it’s only because I really like you. So, I just kinda steered around your path from time to ti-” “Wait for just a second, did you just say you like me?” Leo held up a finger as he looked at you. “What?! Of course not! Why would I say that- that’s absolutely…” you looked up Leo and down to the ground. “Yeah… I kinda did,” you chuckled nervously. “Great!” “What?!” you looked up quickly. “I said ‘Great’. How ‘bout you meet me at the lake at 8 tonight?” Leo started walking away. “Uh… I mean sure I guess… what just happened?” “He just asked you on a date idiot.” “Shut up Percy!”
  • It kinda started slowly after that
  • You automatically became the cutest couple at Camp Half-Blood
  • Leo would always bring you on walks around camp and you would just talk and hold hands
  • When sitting around a campfire he would make little fire hearts and things
    • “Leo! Stop! You’re gonna make the fire go out!” “Shut up! I am doing it for a totally good reason!” “It might be a good reason to you, but I don’t want to freeze my ass off because you’re trying to impress Y/N!”
  • Cuddling is like a daily routine, you cuddle at least an hour a day
  • He uses pickup lines all the time
    • “Hey Y/N?” Leo was already laughing. “What Leo?” you looked up at him. “How many letters are there in the alphabet?” he asked. “26, why?” you narrowed your eyes. “Oh really, I thought there was only 21. I guess I forgot U, R, A, Q, T.” “I swear if you use one more cheesy pickup line, I’m breaking up with you!”
  • Leo is still a major flirt with you
  • Sitting by the lake at night, just looking at the stars and talking
  • Playing pranks on your friends together
    • “Did you put the water bucket up yet?” Leo asked, a huge grin on his face. “We should be getting the signal in 3, 2-” “Oh my Gods! Y/N, Leo! You’re so dead!” everyone stopped and looked at the two of you. “Run,” Leo said taking your hand. “Go! Run now!”
  • Would fight every breathing living thing for you
    • Having to calm him down before he burns everything down
Peter Pan Imagine/ Do You Love Me? Pt. 2

“ Is there a part 2 to do you love me? ”

“ Are you going to update “Do you love me?” It’s really good❤️ I don’t want to be pushy and I’m sorry if it seems like it ”

“ Omg!! Part two of “do you love me?” Please??”

“ Part 2 to do you love me!“

“ Do you love me? Part 2 😍 please”

“ Part 2 of do you love me plaseeeee”

“Part 2 plz”

“I must know how this ends”

“Yes yes yesssss part two”

“Please part 2″

“yes pls part 2 woyld be lovely”

“definitely part 2″

“Part 2 please!!!!!!”

“HELL yeah a part two”

“yesss pleaseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Part 1 here–>

“Bloody hell, I know where this kid is.” Hook said

You popped your head up a little curious and playing with your food just in case you weren’t supposed to be hearing.

“Where?!” Regina and Emma yelled at the same time.

“Neverland.” he says

Your fork dropped on the floor and so did your heart, you haven’t seen Peter since you yelled a him, since he sad all those terrible things.

You were terrified, but you had to get your best friend and brother back, and Peter was not going to stop you.

You arrived on the Neverland, you rub your shoe against the soil, trying to calm down your nerves. It seemed impossible.

“You okay kid? “ Swan asked and you jumped

“Oh shit.” you almost yelled “Yeah yeah yeah I’m fine.” you try to look calm but the group looked at you strange.

“Okay…” Hook said with a confused look

“Listen enough of this we need to get back to what’s important and that’s finding Henry!” Regina stated.

“Hook, you know this place better than anyone else, where would he be?” Swan asked Hook

“Well I guess anywhere his lost boys are, he doesn’t go anywhere without them.”

“Lies.” you said in your head, Pan was always one to wonder off into the night, leaving you naked under his sheets with nothing but his scent lingering the room you stay in.

“So do we just go and find wherever there is noise or?” Mary Margret asked

“It’s not that easy ?” Swan asked

“He’s the only one on the bloody island besides the boys and mermaids, it’s that easy.” Hook stated

“Great should we split up?” Regina asked

“No, that’s very dangerous, Pan maybe be a teenage boy but he is smart.” Hook said

You rolled your eyes, yeah sure he is. You had to do everything for him, he couldn’t even cook himself eggs. You were his eyes, his arms, and legs, you were his “sidekick” the lost boys would call you, you missed the boys a lot actually, they were never the mean ones, Pan was.

You guys start to walk and you start to feel goosebumps rise up, it’s like you could feel his presence against the trees, the wind, the sounds that would go in and out your ear, oh how you missed it all, you start to wonder how it be if you stayed.

Pan’s Point Of View

I start to feel something, something so familiar but something yet so new. What was it? It was such a sweet and beautiful feeling, but then it became sorrow and pain. This was something I never felt before, it was bizarre.

“Pan, want breakfast?” Felix asked as he knocked on the door.

“I’m coming.” I yelled

I open the door and I see Felix.

I nod my head signaling we can walk together. We do so.

The air was ..different, but in a familiar way.

“Hey Felix you feel, like different?” I ask him

“Uh no I mean I’m hungry, but when am I ? Why do you ask?” he asked

“Nothing Fe, just asking, forget I said anything.” I said.

I walk to the camp grounds and sit at my usual spot, waiting for the lost boys to feed me.

“Here ya go Pan.” an older lost boy gives you a plate.

“What the bloody hell is this bullshit?” I yell, its the same shit every day.

“It’s uhm fruit , and uh salad, without the dressing, and the croutons, and the cheese.”

“Ugh!” I yell again, “This is torture, we haven’t had meat, sweets, and barely any bread in forever, someone better learn how to bloody cook fast or else you all are getting banned from this island.” I yell and get up and sit on a long next to the fire.

All the lost boys stare at you, looking confused and scared.

“Pan you’re acting a little weird, you okay?” Felix asked

“Something is up, there’s something,UGH!” I’m clearly frustrated, nobody feels what I feel, there is something up today, it’s different.

“I’m going for a walk.” I say.

I start to walk to my thinking spot, the first place me and Y/n ever kissed.

I remember clear as daylight, I had asked her what she had to offer me, right on top of this hill, and she looked at me dead in the eyes and said “Me.” that was the day she changed my life.

I remember walking up to her, grabbing her face and rubbing my thumb against her soft cheeks, she looked at me with such joy, such a beautiful face, and I kissed her, never have I felt such an amazing feeling, I had goosebumps rising up and down my spine, the way she tasted, oh my, she tasted like cinnamon spices, and she told me I tasted like vanilla, together it was the most wonderful taste you could ever experience.

I snapped out of my thought as I saw something, no someone, as blond women, I became curious, what was she doing on my island, how stupid of her, I’ll have her in my cages in no time, or maybe she will be my slave and cook for me actual good food, unlike the lost boys crappy disgusting food.

Then , but then I see more of them, it was a group of adults , “Oh great.” I say as I roll my eyes. I hate grown ups, nothing but wanna be know it all who are always up your ass about something.

I walk away, I’ll deal with that bullshit later, right now, I just needed to think.

Regular Point Of View

My feet start to hurt, and I become weak.

“Hey can we like chill for a second? My feet are killing me.” I asked

“No we can’t we need to find Henry!” Regina yelled at me.

“We’ve been walking for 3 hours straight this place is going to at least take 4 days to search everywhere!” I yell back

“She’s actually right.” Hook said agreeing with me

“How would you know?” Mary Margret asked

“Oh.. it was just a wild guess..” you try not to blow your cover

“Look maybe she’s right, we do need nutrition if we are going to keep searching for Henry.” David said

“Okay fine, We can eat and then start to search again.” Regina said.

You guys start to make food, you cooked most of it, you were the chef in the family, and you loved to cook, so you didn’t mind.

You all gathered around the fire that the men made.

Enjoying your lunch you decided to hum, hum a song you would sing every time you cooked, Peter would always love when you sang, but of course he would never tell you.

Speaking of Peter he began to smell something, and it brought a smile to is eyes.

“Real food, but where?”  he got up “Lost boys, follow me.” he smiled

They walk to your campfire, Peter only saw the grown ups,”Okay boys, follow my lead.” he said cocky as ever

“Well , well ,well.” he said

Your head shot up like a deer in headlights, it was Peter, it was him in the flesh, and he hasn’t changed a bit. He was so tall, and still handsome as hell, he looked so bad but he does it so well.

“That smells wonderful I must say, but what are you doing o my island?” he asked in such a cocky way.

“Shut it Pan.” Hook said

“Oh how funny, you’re going to tell me to shut up when it’s my bloody island.” he looked mad

You couldn’t help but stare, you felt terrible but it was just too hard not to, his arms were so muscular, his eyes were almost emerald green, his smile and the way he ran his fingers through his hair, it brought you back to the good days.

“I however will forgive me, as long as you swear to cook for me and my boys for the rest of, oh I don’t know, your lives.” he smiled.

He started to laugh but then he made eye contact with you, your heart skipped a beat.

“What the fuck.” he whispered to himself, his heart sank to stomach, but he snapped out of it and quickly turned back to his cocky self.

“What are YOU doing here?” he walks up to you.

You then get up and stand face to face with Peter Pan himself.

“Where is my brother?” you asked him

He laughs “Who is your brother?” 

“Henry.” you said

“Oh Henry?” he folded his arms

“Yes Henry.” you never lost eye contact with him.

“Henry is YOUR brother?” he smiled almost in a evil way.

“YES! Now where is he?” you yelled

“Oh Henry isn’t going anywhere now that I know that he s your brother.” he cocked a brow

“You are such an asshole , tell me where he is or else-”

“Or else what ? Huh?! You’re gonna leave again?” he said 

Now everyone is looking at you, and your group starts to ask questions.

“You know him?” Regina asked

“I knew something was up.” Mary Margret said

“Oh Y/n was my “Lost girl.” she was my special princess, sin’t that right?” he started at you in a way you never seen Peter before.

“You think just because you left you can come here and act like you’re all big and bad, pathetic.”  he said

“Give me back my brother and we will leave and you’ll never see my face again.” you said trying to reason with him.

“You’re not getting it are you? I’m keeping you here, forever.” he said

“The hell you are!” you yelled as you run next to your group.

Peter now looked annoyed

“You use to be so good, so obedient.” he shook his head

“I’m not a dog Pan.” you said

“No but you wanna know what you are? You’re fucked.” he said

“Yeah because of you! I’m so fucked up from all the shit you did to me! You  dragged me through hell and I called it love as long as you were holding my hand!” you yelled at him.

“Gosh you try to act so innocent! You wanna know the truth? The real truth?” he said as he backs you up as you try to stand your ground.

“I wanted to fuck you up, I wanted to tear you into pieces, you were so damn pure, and sweet, and nice, and I.” he looked at you up and down. “I just wanted to make your life hell, I never loved you,I don’t understand how you thought I could ever love you. So you know what? I’ll give you Henry.” 

He snapped his fingers and Henry appears, he runs to your family and you jst stand there with tears running down your face.

“Now you have to live with it, bye Y/n. For good this time.” he said as he walked away.


You were all packed to leave tomorrow mornig

You ran straight to your tent and you didn’t stop crying that night, how could Peter say that? After all you’ve been through, that was the most gut wrenching, heart breaking, thing you ever heard and that has happen to you in your entire life.

Peter lay in his bed that night, with tears in his eyes for the first time.

I loved her, no more than that , I was in love with her, as soon as I saw her I wanted her in my arms, and not in my bed, for the first time I wanted to hold her, and not fuck her senseless, she looked so dam beautiful, but I just couldn’t let her do that to me,, I couldn’t let her break me down, and let everyone and her know that I loved her, so I pushed her away, which was the most stupidest thing I have ever done in my whole entire life.

You woke up and to hollering , your eyes were super swollen but manged to run outside to see what the ruckess was all about.

You see Peter  with the lost boys and other people who you never saw in your life.

“Who the fuck are you?” Peter asked

“What time is it?” you asked David 

“It’s 12 afternoon.” he said

“What?! We were supposed to leave at 8:00am today what happen?” you asked

“This.” he pointed

“These people are trying to fight Pan and his crew but also not let us through the portal we’re suppose to go through. We have to go through soon portals don’t last forever you know.” Hook said

“Well then, let’s fight.” you puled out his sword and winked

You all began to fight off whoever these people where that were getting in yur way, you were clearly winning because you had your group and Pan’s group, you were fighting side by side next to Peter, and it was so weird.

You weren’t paying attention and and you were about to get stabbed by a sword, Peter saw and started to run to your rescue

“Y/N WATCH OUT!” Peter yelled and he pushed you out the way, you fall to the ground but quickly look up to see there was a sword in Peter’s stomach!

“PETER!” you yell and run to his rescue, the lost boys fight off all the rest of the evil people to make sure everyone is safe, so its just you, Peter, the lost boys, and your family.

You began to cry “Peter why?” you asked

“I had to, I couldn’t see you like this.” he said with his eyes heavy

“He’s bleeding a lot.” Felix said , he signaled the lost boys to go get the care package

“But, but you said you didn’t love me.” you were still crying

“I lied, I love, I’m in love with you Y/n, don’t you get it? I’ve been in love with you since you walk on this damn island.” he said as he tried to move but just fell again.

“Don’t move Peter we’re getting you help.” Felix said

“Only love makes you crazy, but what I said to you yesterday, that was plain stupid Y/n.” he said wincing in pain.

You just si there and cry while holding unto him, “Peter you’re going to make it do you hear me? I won’t let you die.” you yell as you sob

Peer’s eyes became heavy, and he started to breath uneven, you were seeing the signs, he wasn’t holding on unto you like he was, and the lost boys were taking forever.

Everything became a blur until you heard “We got it! We got the stuff!” the lost boys yelled

They came and Felix pulled the sword out of Peter, spilling blood out of him and turning Peter pale.

Sooner than later they get him all stitched up and the bleeding stops, but Peter stops breathing.

“He’s not breathing!” Felix yelled

“What do we do?” a lost boy yelled

“Give him air!” an on other boys said

“How?!” said an other

You push them out the way and start doing CPR.

“1 2 3 “ you start to breath into him and you do this for at least a minute, everyone just stairs at you, hoping you do the trick.

Peter shoots up and gasped for air and your eyes start to water

“He’s alive!” You yell and all the lost boys yell “Hooray!”

He grabs your cheeks on your face and kisses your lips so soft, not rough at all, and it was a different side you seen from Peter.

“I love you Y/n.” he said

“I love you too Peter.” you smiled

Henry and your family went back to StoryBrooke and you stayed in Neverland with Peter and the lost boys, you visit each other once a week.

Peter started to show his emotions and not be scared of him, for every boy, has a soft side, you just have to find it.

Only Us (Part Thirteen)

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you? (things have changed but fuck it I’m still using this summary cuz idk)

Word Count: 1464

Warning(s): Swearing

Additional Notes: If you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk. Also there is only gonna be a few more parts to this series. 

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10 Part 11  Part 12

“Peter.” A woman’s voice said before I felt someone move next to me. “Peter Parker.” I opened my eyes as someone jerked underneath me.

“Uh—hey May.” I heard Peter’s voice. My eyes opened and I yawned my hand traveling up the cloth of Peter’s shirt. I turned on the couch realizing Peter and I had fallen asleep on the couch…again. I looked up to see a women I recognized as May standing above us a smile on her face. Peter moved slightly causing me to fall of the couch.

“Ow.” I groaned as my head hit the ground.

“Shit sorry Y/N.” Peter said looking down at me. He helped me up as I blushed.

“So is someone going to tell me what’s going on?” May crossed her arms.

“Sorry.” Peter blushed as I sat next to him on the couch rubbing the back of my head. “Uh May this is Y/N, you remember her—uh and Y/N this is my Aunt May.”

“I know who she is Peter.” May chuckled. “You never stop talking about her.” I blushed looking over at Peter who turned bright red. “My question is why she’s here, why you two were sleeping on the couch and why there is a bruise on her cheek.”

“Uh—” Peter blushed. “Well she—she’s my girlfriend.”

“Really!” May’s face brightened looking between us. “Oh that is just adorable.” I blushed looking at Peter who had gone bright red.

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Spiderman's Unwanted "Helpers"
  • Villain : - injures Spidey in a fight-
  • Spidey: -groans loudly- You're going to regret that....
  • Villain: - laughs - Oh yeah? What are you gonna do, call in an army?
  • Spidey: -sighs- I don't even have to call. Stupid tracking devices and suit scanners imbedded in the mask....
  • Tony: - breaks down the wall - MY SON!YOU COME TO MY TOWN AND HURT MY KID?!
  • Spidey: This is Queens. You live in New York City. You are also not my dad. None of your statement is true.
  • Steve : - breaks through window -
  • Spidey: - standing up from the floor, trying to calm the No Chill brothers- Honestly, it's only a broken arm, I'll be OKAY
  • Winter Soldier: - walks in after explosion outside - Steve told me somebody beat up my little bro. I'm here to bury that person.
  • Spidey: -Desperately apologizing to his bad guy - I don't KNOW how to turn them off , just run before SHE gets here, move countries , go into hiding , I am so sorry but your life is forfeit now , you'll have to make your living selling homemade cookies now but just RUN
  • Wanda: All right, who tried to kill Peter? I must return the favor, as they say.
  • Villain: Is that her?
  • Spidey: Wait for it....
  • -badass motorcycle entrance by Natasha-
  • Bruce: Yeah, hey, I barely KNOW the kid but he's a sweet child and you hurt him and - HULK WILL BREAK YOU
  • Thor: I have been alerted through the Phone of Cells that Man of Arachnids has come to harm . Darcy recommended I remove the spine of his enemy . Jane requests for me to protect Man of Arachnids as he is "smol" and " precious ". I must honor these wishes.
  • Villain: - has resigned themselves to their fate-
  • Spidey: - has climbed onto the ceiling and made a web in the corner to wallow in shame- I hate all of you
Doctor, Doctor, Can’t You See I’m Burning (Part 4)

     You are a small town physician and an Omega.  Treating an injured Sam in your home office led to you, Dean and Sam running for your lives from vampires.  Now you are trapped in the bunker in heat with Sam and Dean who are Alphas, and Cas who is a Beta,

A/N  This Part is a bit shorter that the others, but the next will be longer. Thanks to everyone who has messaged me about how much you like this story.  It means a lot.

This is an A/B/O story.  Standard A/B/O warnings such as heats, knotting, aggression, etc.

Part 1      Part 2       Part 3

Characters: Alpha!Sam, Alpha!Dean, Beta!Cas, Reader

Cas was apparently uncomfortable with crying women because he left you alone soon after your meltdown. .  You lay curled in a fetal position on your bed trying not to think about how much pain you were in.  There was a knock at your door not long after Cas bailed.

“It’s Dean, can I come in?”

“Okay.” You said in a tired voice.

Dean came in and sat down on the edge of your bed.  “Sorry about Cas.  He just doesn’t know what to do when women cry.  It  really freaks him out. ”

You chuckled weakly.  “I kinda figured that.  How is Sam?” 

Dean’s face sobered instantly.  “He really wants you.  I’ve never seen such a strong reaction to an Omega’s heat before, never.”

“Yeah, about that, why isn’t it bothering you at all?  Your an Alpha too.”

“Once your mated, you are able to control yourself much better.  Sam’s never had a mate.  I was mated once., a long time ago.”  Dean’s eyes got a faraway look and you could tell he was lost in memories.

“What happened to her?” You asked.

Dean sighed. “Demons went after her and her son.  I had Cas wipe their memories so they would forget they ever met me.  For their own safety.”

Tears began to pour from your eyes.  “That is the saddest thing I have ever heard, Dean.  You gave up the woman you loved to keep her safe?”

You could tell the topic was making Dean really uncomfortable. “Could we talk about you for a few minutes please?” Dean asked. “So I guess you don’t have any suppressants on you?”

Your mood flipped from sad to angry on a dime.  “Well excuse me for not thinking about grabbing them when I was running for my freaking LIFE from vampires!”

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Trouble (Chapter 3)

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(This is a short one and if I missed you in the tags please send it on in again! If you want to be tagged or if you have any suggestions for the next chapters send them in! I don’t bite, I promise. Unless you want me to.)

Trouble (Chapter Three)

Chapter One / Chapter Two

Summary: Kai Parker is on the run from Damon and Stefan Salvatore and he finds his way to New Orleans, Louisiana hoping that the large supernatural population will hide him in plain sight; When he sees you, a beautiful witch that just so happens to be friends with the Original Family. What are the chances he can make his move before Kol Mikaelson can?

You and Kai were having a movie night. It was raining outside and your roof had a leak so while the workers worked through the night (Kol compelled them) Kai was letting you stay over his apartment.

“Why aren’t you staying at the history buff’s place tonight?” Kai asks as you scroll on your phone, almost completely ignoring the movie.

“Kol? We had fight. He’s such a- such a child sometimes.” You respond angrily as you type. You put the phone down to talk to him.

“What happened?” Kai shuffles a little closer after he talks, you pull your feet back to give him more room.

“His family- well, his brother, really- he’s really paranoid. He keeps thinking that I’m out to get him, out to get his daughter. I know I’ve done some really messed up thing but I would never hurt a kid, never.” Kai nods, wanting you to continue. You sigh and run a hand over your face.

“And the thing is- Kol isn’t even going against it- and if he is he won’t tell me so. He’s being so immature and stubborn. It’s such bullshit, he’s an asshole.” You tilt your head back and sigh loudly. Kai raise his hand to hold yours and you lift your head to look at him.

“I’m here to listen, you know. I’m not going to turn into an asshole.” You snicker as you move to place your head on his shoulder, still holding his hand.

“Thanks.” He leans his head on yours as you watch the movie.


In the morning you wake up on the couch of Kai’s apartment. He was nice enough to put a blanket on you but now that the rain had stopped and the sun had started to shine again New Orleans suddenly felt like a sauna. You throw the blanket off our body and sit up, stretching your arms and groaning. You check your phone as you gather your stuff into the grocery bag you brought it over in.

“Leaving so soon?” You look up and then promptly go speechless. There he was, Kai, with no shirt and low hanging sweatpants. Did every attractive man in this town have a six pack, or were you under a delusion?

“T-The work men stopped so my apart-ment is done and I should go see w-what they did to it. Uhm, bye.” You rush out of the apartment leaving behind a smirking and snickering Kai. But it didn’t matter, because right now your heartbeat was going a million miles a second and you could practically hear Kai laughing from his apartment.

You look up at the ceiling once your heart calms down and sigh. The ceiling looks great, fixed, better than when you first bought the apartment but now dust covered your whole living room. You run a hand through our hair as you curse the workers under your breathe. You brush away all the dust before collapsing onto your couch.

Someone knocks on your doorway. You stand up and march towards the door.

“What the hell do you want?!” You rip open the door to find Kol standing there holding flowers.

“To apologize.” He offers you the flowers and you stare at them incredulously.

“Flowers? Flowers?! You wouldn’t even stand up for me and now you think that a bouquet of roses can make it all better?! How could you think that I could hurt a kid, Kol, a kid!” You swipe the flowers out of his hands as you yell. They fall apart on the floor as you point at him.

“I was trying to convince Klaus not to kill you. I brought you them because they’re your favorite.” Kol walks into your house behind you and shuts the door.

“And you couldn’t tell me anything? You couldn’t compel someone to tell me? To bring a letter? Kol you have a phone, you could have called me!” You turn around to face him, to yell at him more, when he grabs your face and kisses you. You barely have time to react before you kiss him back.

“What- the fuck- was that?” You say, panting after he pulls away from the surprise of it.

That, was something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.” You don’t say anything, truly and utterly speechless as you stare up at him.

“Fuck you, get out! You can’t just fix everything with a kiss and a love confession! Get out!” You push him out of the door and slam it loudly. You can hear Kol walk down the stairs. You put your head in your hands when you sit down, hands still shaking from the anger and now the rush of kissing someone.

What the hell were you going to do now?

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Old friends (Prompts)

45 & 62 with Newt, takes place in the scorch because Jorge knows the reader and the reader knows the gladers, but she doesn’t want them to know that, it hurts to much

Hope you like it @my-unique-mi

Group A also known as the group were your old friends are. You started working for WICKED when you were 14 and got close to the guys especially Newt, who was quite shy but noble at the same time.

It all went downhill when you found out the real propose WICKED had for your friends. Of course you tried to warn them but Janson stopped you by firing you and throw you in The Scorch, that was were Jorge found you and kind of took you in.

Now 3 years later your friends somehow managed to get to you and Jorge, when you first saw Newt you froze feeling the urge to run in to his arms, feel his warm embrace gripping your body tightly, nevertheless you didn’t, you knew you couldn’t. Because none of them recognized you. None of them remembered you.

So you hold yourself together, and pulling up a cold and serious treatment towards the whole group. For Jorge it was heartbreaking because he knew about your past with the group. You were like a daughter for him and seeing you like this was sad so he tried to convince you to tell them

“What’s the point?” You asked “It won’t change anything” you declared sadly

Right now you and the guys were running for your lives as some Cranks followed you, ready to eat your flesh out, and as if couldn’t get any worse Janson and some WICKED guards were following you as well. As you were running you heard a loud gun shot, then the sound of something or rather someone falling to the group, you felt your heart aching sign that something wasn’t right.

Turning around you saw Newt whining in pain, you instantly forgot about everything else and ran towards him you put his arm around your neck and kept running ignoring his constant complains telling you to leave him behind.

Finally you did it. Ones you managed to escape and found somewhere to hide you let go of Newt

“Oh my god! Newt, you’re bleeding!” You exclaimed looking at the wound located in his rib. You wasted no time and took some bandages out of your backpack

“Wha…?” He said trying to sit down to look at the wound but you stopped him by putting your hand on his chest

“Stop moving I need to examine it” You scolded him like a little kid

Ones you were finished helping Newt you stayed up making sure he was okay, everyone was fast asleep but not you. And it didn’t take long before Newt woke up too. He rubbed his eyes that were adjusting to the lack of light until he finally recognized you

“Y/N? What are you doing awake?” He asked and you shrugged

“Making sure you’re okay” you said simply. There was a moment of silence after that but Newt spoke again

“Why are you doing this for me?” He asked curiously

“Have you ever heard about compassion?” You retorted but you instantly were taken back after another silence you sighed “We used to be close you know” You said “Before the Maze obviously, but of course you don’t remember” you said the last part angrily, but he could tell you weren’t angry at him.

The Boy Next Door

Pairing: Matt Peake x reader
WC: 1762.
Warnings: none
AN: hey guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA so long. I’ve been working on this for a couple weeks now and with @jolheyman’s help I wrote this. I was gonna do a whole story all together but this is nowhere near done so here’s the first chapter! Hope you enjoy!

Your earliest memory, was of the new neighbors.

They had just moved in next door and your mother had walked next door to greet them, with you holding her hand, barely even 4 years old yet you smiled up at the adults towering over you, and waved a delicate little hand up at them in a friendly gesture.

You hear your mother introduce herself to the strangers, shaking their hands when they respond. When they finish they bend down to greet you and tell you their names, after a little prompting from your mother you quietly reply to them with yours.

The woman turns towards their front lawn and calls to someone you hadn’t noticed, “Matthew! Come say hi!”

A little boy a few inches taller than you runs over with a Transformer in one hand and the other sticks out towards you as he starts to speak. “Hello, my name is Matthew and I’m 5 years old.”

You quietly stare at him before raising your small hand and grasping it, mimicking your mother from just moments before.

“Don’t be rude my love,” your mom bends down to whisper in your ear, “tell him yours.”

“Y/n”, you whisper to the boy standing before you, turning to clutch onto your mom’s pant leg.

“You’re pretty, let’s be friends.” The little boy says as he grabs your hand excitedly and runs back to his toys, pulling you along after him.

“Oh I can already tell, they will be trouble.” His mother states matter-of-factly, grinning at the two of you with her arms crossed over her chest.

“At least we’ll have each other.” Your mom replies, watching you interact with the little boy and casting a smile to his parents.


It had been 9 years since The Peakes moved, 9 years of being best friends with the boy next door,9 LONG years of putting up with the boy next door.

You had just turned 12 and were in the middle of 6th grade. Middle school was definitely different than elementary school. While you wanted to talk about what games you were eager to play and tv shows that caught your attention, your peers mostly talked of who kissed whom, and who this week’s cutest “couple” was. Needless to say, you didn’t have very many friends.

The school day had ended and you were boarding the bus home. You rolled your eyes as you passed two girls in your grade flirting with a boy behind them.

You threw yourself into a seat already occupied by Matt and heave a dramatic sigh.

“Hello to you too.” He smirks over at you, taking out his earbuds to give you his full attention.

“Hello.” You murmur as you lay your head down on his shoulder and close your eyes.

“Catch any sleep?”

“Nope, Peter Parker occupied my night.”

“Why am I not surprised?” He laughs as he looks out the window and plugs his earbuds back in.

You pluck one out of his ear once more and shove it in your own.

He says nothing as he just smiles out the window.

When you get to your stop you both go to Matt’s house for pizza rolls and a few games of Mario Kart.

After beating Matt 3 times in a row you turn to him in seriousness.

“Have,” you start and stop, trying to phrase it correctly.

“Go on.” he smirks over at you while he pauses the game and turns in your direction.

“Have you ever kissed someone?” You ask him.

He blushes,unable to answer, looks away from you.

“Oh.” You say, taking his silence for a yes.

“No,” He says interrupts. “I uhm, haven’t actually.”

“Really? I figured… You’re, ya know… Older and stuff.” You trail off, not knowing how to continue the now pained conversation.

“You should know that I would have already told you, if I had…” He trails off and looks back at you. “Have you?”

“No,” you also blush and look anywhere but him. “It’s all the girls in my grade talk about.”

The mood in the room changes, and you can’t tell exactly what it is, but the energy in the room isn’t negative.

You look back over to Matt who is already looking at you, confusion written all over his features.

“What?” You ask him, scared that there might be pizza on your face, you wipe away at your mouth.

“I was just thinking….” He trails off, looking at you even more confused.

“Spit it out freak.” You say, nervous for whatever it is that is keeping him silent.

“Can I kiss you?” He blurts out, surprised by his own outburst. But he doesn’t say anything else. Just stares at you, holding his breath in anticipation of your response.

“Okay.” You breathe out, not even giving it a second thought.

He leans in close to you, hesitant to make contact, shifting his gaze from your eyes to your lips.

You lean in, closing your eyes as an instinct and you feel your lips touch.

It was gentle, neither of you knowing what to do, you stay there for what feels like hours, but in reality it had merely been seconds.

You open your eyes and see his are closed. You lean back and break the kiss, suddenly hyperaware that you were just kissing your best friend.

And even more aware of the fact that you had liked it. You wanted more.

So you leaned in again and kissed him a little too eager with force.

But before he could reciprocate the kiss, you hear someone clear their throat in the kitchen and see his mother smiling over at the two of you.

She turns away with a knowing look on her face and you can only assume she was heading to go inform your mother of what she had just witnessed.

“Uhm, I think I have to go now.” You quickly grab your backpack and run out of the living room, making a beeline for your house in the hopes of beating his mom and hiding in your room for the next 10 years.

You quietly open your front door, and slowly tiptoe to the stairs that lead up to your bedroom only to hear laughter in the kitchen down the hall.

You tiptoe closer and hear Mrs. Peake’s voice, your mother’s laughter continues as she listens to the story.

“I knew I shouldn’t have said anything oh my god, you should have seen their faces!”

“I wish I had!” Your mom interjects between her laughter.

“I knew it would happen one day. I just didn’t think I would interrupt it!”

“Do you think it was their first kiss? Like, virgin lips?” Your mom giggles at her choice of words.

“No doubt, they both looked confused. I only saw Y/n open her eyes and pull back but it was enough to know what I had missed.” Mrs. Peake chuckles when she finishes her sentence.

“Awh,” your mother coos as she wipes tears from under her eyes, “our babies are growing up so quickly.”

After a beat your mother adds, “You know, I am actually glad this happened now. There’s no one is rather Y/n be with than Matt, he’s a great kid.”

“I agree, we all love Y/n. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be family!”

You hear laugher and squeals and assume they were hugging each other.

You slowly walked up the stairs to your room, trying to process what had just happened…..

You had kissed your best friend.

His mother had CAUGHT you kissing your best friend, her own son.

You heard your mother and his mother… celebrate? you two kissing.
They were happy?

But the most prevalent question that you couldn’t ignore, did you like Matt?

“Well,” you sigh to yourself, a smirk on your face, “there’s only one way to find out.”

And with that you climb out your window and shimmy down the vine covered wall on the side of the house and sneak over to the fence that separates your yard from the Peakes’.

Matt’s window is open with his light on indicating that he was in his room.

He walked by right as you threw a pebble in through the window, hitting his arm and causing him to grumble and look out the window to see you ushering him outside in a frantic wave.

He walks out his back door and meets you under a tree tucked away in the back corner of the yard.

“Hey.” He breaths out when he stands next to you, kicking at the fallen leaves on the ground, too scared to look you in the eye.

Sensing his hurt you start to apologize. But before you have a chance to open your mouth you hear him whisper, “Why’d you run?”, still looking to the ground.

“I thought my mom would be mad….” You don’t exactly know what to say, not sure how to handle an upset Matt.

“Was she?” He looks up at you and you chuckle, remembering what you overheard.

“No actually, neither of them were… They were actually happy about it.”

“Of course they were.” He says looking up at the sky. “Were you?” He asks as he glances back to you.

“Well, I wasn’t upset over it.” You joke trying to make light of the situation. Also not to seem too eager over it, although you knew you were secretly happy over having your first kiss. (And even more ecstatic over the fact that it happened to be with your best friend, that just so happens to be cute.)

“Okay…..” He trails off and turns back to the sky.

“I uhm, actually came over to talk to you about that.”

“Okay.” He repeats, not taking his eyes off the sky.

“Matty, look at me.” You demand, annoyed with his distant demeanor.

“What, Y/n?” He snaps, finally looking at you he continues. “You come to tell me that was the worst first kiss? Or that it’s gross because I’m like your brother or something? Just tell me already. Get it over with.”

“It’s not that at all, Matty.” You gently reply trying to calm him.

“Then what is it?”

You forgo words and walk up to him resting a hand on his cheek and kiss him again.

He reciprocates the kiss and unlike the last two times, the kiss is more slow, but also meaningful. Almost as if the two of you were exchanging emotions in a buzz of electricity.

You could definitely get used to this.

Myshka (Bard the Bowman x Reader one shot)

Title: Myshka

Rating: PG

Word Count: 6537 ( I know, I  know, it’s a long one!)

Notes/Summary:  So I had a request over on deviantart to write a one shot about Bard the Bowman rescuing the reader form the lake, and it turned into this.  I also realised it kind of fits in with this imagine over at imaginexhobbit and they are always looking for more Bard.  So here we go!

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A/N: you all deserve fluff since i haven’t been giving it to you lately *blows kiss* and i’m sorry for the google translated italian.

“Honey, I’m home!” Steve called as he entered their floor, shrugging off his coat, mindful of the rose bouquet he was carrying. “Where are you?”

“Here!” Tony answered from the kitchen.

When Steve entered the kitchen, he was greeted by a sight he had come home to so often but still, it made his heart flutter as if it was the first time he came home to Tony cooking while their 3 children sat at the dining table, doodling.

“Smells good, babe,” He commented as he went to kiss each kid on the cheek before he made his way to Tony, kissing him sweetly on the lips.

“Of course, it does, it’s your favorite,” Tony rolled his eyes at him, swatting his arms playfully with the spatula.

Steve hummed, agreeing. Then, he showed the roses he hid behind his back to Tony, handing it over with a kiss on his forehead. “For you.”  

“Grazie,” Tony mumbled, blushing, as he ducked his head to inhale the scent of the roses. “I didn’t even notice it was Thursday already.”

“It’s still Tuesday,” Steve informed.

“You usually give me flowers on Thursday,” He recalled as he rummaged around to find a vase in one of the cupboards. He ended up choosing a round vase, and with a content smile, he placed it in the center of the dining table.  

“Oh, you’re still getting flowers on Thursdays,” Steve assured. “But I saw these when I was heading back and I couldn’t resist.”

Tony went to stand by Steve near the stove again, kissing him soundly on the lips. “You spoil me too much.”

“Never too much,” Steve said, tucking a strand of hair behind Tony’s ear.

“Papa, let Daddy cook,” Peter whined suddenly. Steve glanced away from Tony’s mesmerizing brown eyes to look at their oldest son who was pouting at them. “Ho fame.” I’m hungry.

Chuckling, Tony stepped away from Steve to resume stirring the sauce in the pan. “You heard the squirt. Mind setting the table?”  

“Of course not,” Steve said and with one final kiss, he began to rearrange the dining table.

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Dating Blues (Bias x Reader) Pt. 7

B/N sat against the stone wall with you leaning against his shoulder. You were breathing heavy, either fending off sleep or from the extreme blood loss. He grit his teeth at what you’ve just done. His emotions mixed with gratitude and anger. Grateful that you’ve saved his life, once again. Angry that you had to save his life at the near cost of your own.

He knew you had fallen asleep on his shoulder because your body weight increased. He fought a slight panic as he thought the worse, but your deep breaths reassured him that all was well.

He knew that you both couldn’t stay here. He needed to find a car and get you and him anything to nourish you. Ignoring the pain in his side, he picked you up and placed you on a beaten up sofa farther into the warehouse.

“I’ll be right back,” he whispers as he smooths your cheek with his thumb. Your skin was too cold for his liking. He removed his jacket and laid it over you.

He walked beside the train tracks, all the while fighting the idea of leaving you. But when he arrived at a parking lot, he dropped his worry and looked for a car. A car that was fast and wouldn’t give him problems.

After skillfully hot-wiring the car, he quickly drove back to you to find that you haven’t moved an inch. As he drove, your head kept falling to the side against the window. He reached over and reclined your seat and simply looked at you. Your skin was pale, blood smeared over your clothes, hands, and face.

He sighed, wishing he just did as he would told. But he hadn’t expected any of this. He hadn’t expected to…feel this way.

Seven months ago he wouldn’t have hesitated to do his job. But now, he kept checking to make sure you were still breathing.  

When did it start? When did his mind switch from putting a bullet through your brain to making sure you didn’t hurt your head as you slept? Was it when he’d follow you from country to country per assignment? Was it when he’d study your every move, picking up on your habits? Was it when he realized that the only reason his people wanted you dead was because you were protecting people?

He slapped the steering wheel in frustration causing the horn to blare. You stirred a bit. He closed his eyes and rested his head in his hands, pressing the exhaustion from his eyes.

Now look where his decision got him? Running for your lives. Both agencies wanted you both dead. He pulled at his hair, overcome with the absurd situation. But he quickly realized he needed to get you something to eat.

He turned to you, touching your forehead. Not freezing, but getting warmer. Last thing he needed was you with a fever, especially when he didn’t feel too good himself. As he began to drive you began to wake up.

You sit up, wincing from the soreness of your body. You pulled your seat up and looked around, but he doesn’t look at you.

He drives to a gas station knowing they’ll have something to eat in there. You reach for the door handle to get out but he stops you.

“I’ll get it. What would you like?” he asks and you simply stare at him, “Fine. Don’t answer.” your mouth opens to speak but he already closes the door.

That could’ve went better, he thought to himself. He got you hot chocolate, since coffee doesn’t appeal to you and a sandwich. He knew you preferred turkey over chicken and ham. When he came back out, he finds that you’re about to get out the car.

“I thought I said to stay in the car,”

You scoff, “First of all, no you didn’t. Secondly, I need to stretch,” you pull your arms above your head as far as your cracked ribs will let you. That’s when you notice the car.

“This is what you call blending in?” he stole a Nissan Maxima 2015, the newest model. 

“Look,” he says opening the door, “at least I lowered my standards a bit,”

“I feel sorry for you,”

You eat the food that he’s bought, practically devouring it.

“I keep forgetting you have a mad appetite,” he says watching you eat.

You speak with your mouth full, “I just practically gave you half of my blood, can I live?”  

He ignores the statement, still mildly sensitive about it, “You have your passport right?”

You nod, “I don’t go anywhere without it,”

“Good,” he says pulling up at the airport, “we’re catching a flight,”

Your eyes widen, “Where to?”

He parks the car in a section where it won’t stand out, “How about my hometown?”

“Well, where are you from?”

He gives you an obvious look, “South Korea,”

“Oh,” you say sarcastically, “you weren’t lying about that?”

He gets out the car and starts walking, “Like you’re any better,”

You jog to catch up to him, “At least I didn’t try to kill my date,”

He turns to you sharply and you stop suddenly beneath his glare. He finds that you’re biting your lips to keep from smiling. Clearly, you know that he hates it when you bring it up.

“Please, shut up with that,”

Once you enter the airport, he feels the nervousness surround him. He bought a new sweater since his other one was destroyed. Some foul design of a cartooned creature which he covered with his coat to hide his distaste. You flaunted your Spongebob sweater with delight, after all that was your favorite character, as he remembered.

“Any blood on me?” he asks walking backwards in front of you.

You look at him carefully as he turns his head and holds up his hands, “Nope. You’re good. What about me?”

He looks you up and down and peers at you, “Yeah, you got something there,” you freeze once you see guards passing by.

“What? Quick, get it off!”

He leans down and plants a kiss on the side of your mouth which freezes you in place. He takes your chin in his hand, examining your face, “Aish, I missed a spot,” he kisses you softly, lips against yours. He pulls away with a smile, “All gone,”

He walks away but finds that you’re not behind him. You’re involuntarily stuck in place. He walks back and takes your hand, pulling you behind him with a smile.

You Accuse Him - Zayn Imagine (Part 1)

Anon: I was the Anon about the imagine hehe and ummm could I maybe get an imagine with Zayn please?? One where we get into a realllly big fight and I leave him for the night and go stay with like liam or Niall but a couple of hours later he like turns up and tries to win me back?thank youuuu xxx


You smiled to yourself and put the final touches of your make-up across your cheeks, impatiently counting down the minutes till he was home. Zayn was finally back from tour and tonight he had promised you a special dinner date and you couldn’t be more ecstatic.

You looked down at the dress, smiling as you stroked the red material and reminisced to the time you wore this dress  on your first date, the memories still crystal clear in your mind as if they had happened yesterday.

You nervously walked up to the figure who had his back faced to you, a black shirt over his black trousers, the look tied together with a suit jacket and tie.

You tapped his shoulder with shaking hands and he turned around, his lips instantly curving up into a beautiful smile at the sight of you

He placed his hand in yours and leaned forwards, placing a soft warm kiss on your lips. His mouth warming you instantly. “You look absolutely beautiful” he whispered, pulling back from the kiss.

You blushed severely and he chuckled at your cute reaction  as he took your hand once again, leading you inside the restaurant.

You still felt the warmth when you kissed him, those goosebumps when he held your hand, the butterflies when he would smile or laugh with you.

You glanced at the clock on the wall… 

5 minutes.

He’d be home in five minutes.


You tried calling his phone for the umpteenth time and it would go straight to voice-mail… again and again and again. You had tried the other boys but they had no idea where he was, only adding to your worries. 

It had been an hour and you were running your hands through your now dishevelled hair, pacing the living room, awaiting his arrival.

One minute turned to two, which turned to five… then ten… twenty… thirty… fourty…


Your eyes were puffed up, makeup running down your cheeks, lips now stained slightly  with the taste of your blood as you constantly gnawed on it.

Where is he… it’s been three hours.You slumped down on the sofa, head buried in your hands when all of a sudden you heard the jingle of keys in the door and it slammed shut soon after.

You jumped up and ran in the direction of the noise, engulfing Zayn in a much needed hug for your current emotional state.

You pulled away and wiped your tears, peppering his face with kisses as he stood there with a confused look on his face.

“Babe… what’s the matter” he asked, and you sighed happily, registering his velvety voice in your ears. He stepped forwards and wiped away the remaining tears and you sniffed quietly.

Your face transformed into a look of confusion as you thought you could smell a feminine scent on his body, but you dismissed the thought as you pulled him into another hug.

“Where the hell were you! Do you realise how worried I was?!” you cried, and hugged him tighter.

“Hey hey hey… calm down babe… I’m here now aren’t I?"he whispered against your hair, kissing the top and you sighed happily.

"Anyways… what are you so dressed up for anyways?” he asks confusion laced in his voice.

He forgot…

“Zayn… d-don’t you remember? W-we were supposed to go on a d-date… and…” you said shakily, a  bit dishearted that he forgot.

“Oh!!! Babe I’m so sorry! I was busy with-” he stopped mid sentence, eyes widening as if he said something that shouldn’t be said causing you to raise a brow. “Busy… busy with who babe?” you asked calmly, not wanting to jump to conclusions.

“Umm.. uhh, with uhh… with Harry”


“Ohh… okay, it’s fine…you go freshen up and  I’ll fry some chips?” You asked, not wanting your behaviour to raise suspicion.

“You are the best babe, I love you” he replied, pecking your lips and shrugging his coat and shoes off before he went upstairs.

You eyed  his coat and contemplated whether or not you should look through his phone… I mean… he WAS lying.  Harry himself had no idea where Zayn was.

In one swift movement, you had his phone in your hands and you  were going though his messages when a notification popped up

“One new message from Y/F/N”

You frowned and opened up the messages…

A tear slipped from your eye and you  made no attempt to wipe it off. “H-he’s cheating on me… with Y/F/N?…”

Footsteps were heard coming down and a shirtless Zayn came into view, usually you’d love the sight but tonight you were numb… all feelings being sucked out of you like a vaccum.

“Hey babe, I ne-WHAT THE FUCK  Y/N…” he stopped mid sentence and began shouting at you as he took strides forwards and snatched his phone out of your grip.

“D-did you uh… did you read anything?”

“Yes” your voice came out in a strangled cry

“Oh… so  uhh…”

“Why Zayn?”

“Why  what?” he asked. Seriously! Is he thick?!

“"Why the fuck are you cheating on me” you whispered, your voice dangerously low

“Ch-cheating on you! What! I’m not fuc-”

“Don’t. Just don’t… ” your voice broke and you began crying. “I love you Zayn and… I-I  thought you loved me too… g-guess we were both wrong”

“No! Babe pl-”

“I don’t want to hear it”

“Babe pl-”



“GO AWAY ZAYN, JUST GO” you cried, pushing him away, but in a quick movement, he had you pinned up the wall, his body flush against yours.

“Listen to me and listen to me well… I would never fucking cheat on you okay” you scoffed at his behaviour and pushed his hands away. “Then what the fuck were all those messages about?”

His eyes looked defeated and he sighed, letting go of your wrists.  "I-I can’t tell you babe… I’m sorry"

“Well until you’re willing to tell me, I’ll be at Liam’s… goodbye” you stated, grabbing your coat and forcefully ripping your  shoes on.

“Babe wait! I can explain!”

“I thought I could trust you Zayn… guess I was wrong”

You close the door with a slam and begin your walk to Liam’s, icy wind whipping  at your skin, making your tears even more painful.

   - Part 2


(A/N: 5 notes for part 2? xx)

More advice for the signs

Aries: Stop being such a pussy. Try morphing into a different animal for once! Have you even tried water buffalo?

Taurus: You’re fake astrology blog is terrible and I really think you should just go ahead and delete it. This is embarrassing. I’m embarrassed for you.

Gemini: Perhaps it would be wise for you to stay home today. No particular reason for this of course. The stars haven’t predicted your death or anything… When was the last time you told your family you love them?

Cancer: That skirt with those shoes? I think not.

Leo: When it comes to battling flesh eating diseases, screaming really doesn’t do much. Another strategy is advised.

Virgo: Please don’t take your girlfriend to Chez Louis again. That’s where we went last time and the risotto was disgusting.

Libra: Setting things on fire is not a suitable replacement for polite diner conversation.

Scorpio: Contrary to popular belief, meth is a terrific aphrodisiac. Keep that in mind when you visit the bank today.

Sagittarius: Please, put that down.

Aquarius: Muppets aren’t as sexy as you think they are.

Capricorn: You should make an effort to notice when your check-engine light is on. Although, I suppose it’s too late for that now… You had a good run Capricorn.

Pisces: Your mother is concerned you aren’t living up to your fullest potential. I’m inclined to agree with her on this one. Try harder.


“Zach! Just run!” You scream, dodging the trees as you run from the Indominus Rex. “What the hell do you think I’m doing?” He screams back, pointing to his feet as proof. You two had just been on a nice walk when it showed up.

Now you two were running for your lives and of course it had to be the day you wore your uncomfortable sandals. “Y/N! In there!” He points to a metal building and you nod, following him into it.

The walls were too strong for the Indominus to break through and the door too small, so she waited outside, pacing in front of the doors.

“Oh my god, Zach. What do we do? What do we do?” You begin to hyperventilate and Zach hugs you, whispering reassuring words into your ear. “It’ll be alright. It’ll be alright.” But you shake your head, “We might die! Oh my god, we’re going to di-” He slammed his lips on yours, making you shut up and respond.

His tongue entered your mouth and traveled by now well-known territories. He held on to you like life depended on it and you didn’t mind. You both broke apart to breathe and before he could start speaking, you kissed him again.

Moans and groans escaped both of your mouths and you had just taken off his shirt when a voice interrupted. “We’re here to save you- oh.” Claire’s voice stood out against the silence like a black animal hiding in the snow.

Owen, Gray, and Claire all stood in front of the door. Owen was basically a walking arsenal. Claire and Gray were both shocked but Owen only smirked, “I think they were fine. In fact, more than fine.” He started to chuckle when Claire hit the back of his head fairly hard.

“Oww.” He huffed in annoyance and looked back to you, the smirk now returning. You were still straddling Zach and his shirt in front of his aunt seeing as you threw it when they walked in. Zach cleared his throat, “Well, this is awkward.”

life of a fangirl

do you obsess over something because it just makes you so happy but at the same time it can rip your heart out and crush it into a million pieces?

well you my friend, are a fangirl. 

we are a unique fraction of our generation but trust me it is both a sin and a blessing to be apart of the fangirl population. being a fangirl, not only separates you from normal people but puts you ahead in the sense that you are always up to date with what is happening in the world (as long as in relation to your fandom) than others. now you may love boy bands or musical artists, you may love books, tv shows and movies, you may just love celebrities in general but everyone is a fan of something, the level of the obsession determines the fangirl status. 

for me, being a fangirl allows me to express feelings like no one else such as through phrases like ‘ASJAHBDSHABFB and OMGSJKBHAKB’ also known as complete excitement, language used that only other fangirls can understand. when something exciting happens in your fandom such as a new harry styles picture, conversations begin and end with CAPITALS and emoji alongside jumbled letters. you may say, we go into a state where words are just not comprehensive or we have just gone cray. the adrenaline rushes, the eyes bulge, breathing becomes heavy and most often then not tears and sobs are formed but it is all apart of the fangirl experience. 

there are always those occasions where your fangirl reaches a whole new level as too many things lead up to over excitement and joy, causing you to lose your shit. for readers this may be when your ships are actually shipped, or christian grey says ‘i love you’ or the movie is released and casted with beautiful people. for boyband fangirl’s this may be when a new tour, album, movie, song, music video or photo is released in which ‘THE FEELS’ are brought on.

the feels, a sensation unlike no other, it is an extreme emotion brought on by a variety of feelings such as excitement, happiness, depression and lust. every fangirl has had the feels and trust me, it isn’t pretty. you tend to go through stages of feelings, first beginning with shock and hyperventilation from whatever the stimulus may be, moving onto excitement to happiness then becoming lustful and most often then not becoming depressed due to the thought of never actually meeting this person ever in your life, never getting to touch them, never getting to tell them how much they mean to you and never getting the closure you need to realise that they actually know you exist and you are not just some random person in this world. finally the feels take over and only chocolate, ice cream, food and taylor swift can help you now. 

although there are some limitations of being a fangirl it is also filled with joy and happiness for eternity. however the great thing is that you are never alone, every fandom is filled with millions of fangirls going through the same thing, so its great to make friends and fangirl together because lets face it, being a fangirl is a full time job and you need support.

being a fangirl consumes your life, sooner or later every moment of the day is spent thinking about that person, what they are doing? how they are feeling? your wallpapers will no longer be cute dogs, they will now be hot af photos of your true love, your contacts names will change to the members of the band creating an illusion that each time your mum calls you, it is actually zayn malik. you become broke af because you need to have the latest merchandise, books, albums and the best concert tickets. you need to plan for when they come to your town because you need to stay in hotels, wait at airports and stalk the fuck out of them to get your selfie. you cannot live a day without having something come up that just so happens to coincide with something that relates to a song lyric or a quote from years ago. you cannot sleep without praying to meet them, you are constantly on social media following their every move and you absolutely cannot stop talking about them, so you have probably already lost all your friends, or you have disowned people that do not support your fandom, because who needs haters? basically your life is run by your fandom and it is now the way you live and the way you will continue to live until death do us part. 

being a fangirl is something no one can really explain unless you are one yourself. people can judge and thats all good because we live in a world where judgement is everywhere, so why not flaunt your fangirl and tell everyone how much you love high school musical, how much you want a christian grey, how badly you want to hug harry styles and scream ‘I AM 1D AF!’ , because you do you and tell everyone who you are!

once you join a fandom there is no exit, you are in it for life, so enjoy the fucked up ride, we are all in this together. flaunt your fangirl status. - K