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Actually, going back to that theory with Tom, Star, and Marco all being bonded…

Remember how the fandom refers to that sun in the room as being Marco’s symbol? Because not only is that the symbol Marco heads towards, but the show originally wanted to give him the name “Sol”?

Yeah, i thought the same thing, until Deep Dive, where they gave Marco Moon Marks.

So, is Marco supposed to be still represented by the sun? Or is he actually the Moon now.

Cause now that I think about it, that sun symbol looks a lot like the floor of Tom’s ballroom.

Shalom friends!!

It’s ya mensch Harley back on the blog!!!

So before I left, I was having some pretty severe mental health problems in regards to my suicidal thoughts and actions.  But while I was gone for roughly six months, I was at rehab for self harm and suicide attempts, and with no access to social media.  I did a ton of work on myself at rehab, changed medication, (and met a follower by chance) and generally bettered myself and how I treat others.  I can now proudly say that I am happier and healthier than I can ever remember being.  In addition to this, I have a new therapist that specializes in LGBT+ kids and am working towards starting HRT!!  All in all I am very happy to be back and moderating the blog again!!!

Okay, now the logistical stuff:

Eli and I haven’t totally decided wether or not they’ll continue to moderate the blog since I am back now, but most likely we will co moderate but I will be much more active than Eli.  Also, I have only recently gotten out of rehab, so my time on social media is limited to one hour a day, but that’s just for a couple weeks.  I will make another update post when I have normal access to social media!

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Oh God. I just read the article about the original screenplay and it left me heartbroken. In your opinion Luca thinks Oliver was only his first love not the bigger one? :( It goes against the book so much. I hope that in talking to André for the sequel like he is now, he realises that Oliver is the love of his life.

Oh, anon! Yeah, the original ending in the first draft was a little… off. I spoke more about HERE.

James Ivory wrote the screenplay so that original ending is his idea, not Luca’s. If I remember correctly, it was Luca’s idea to change the final scene to what we now have. He made a good call! So yes, it appears that James Ivory saw the ending that way - it’s not how I see the ending or Elio’s relationship with Oliver at all and it appears to be a shared sentiment amongst a lot of us - but hopefully with the way Luca changed the ending to what we now see, we can have hope for the sequel that he will continue with that narrative and tell their story with the same themes and ideas that we’ve come to love in the book.


ALSO!! Because it has been an absolutely happening day, I also spent like the entire morning getting my hair cut short and dyed. So. This is how I look now apparently. It’s not exactly what I wanted/was hoping for, but still looks cool! And I can do a pretty good closet cosplay for Celine now?

So much eyeliner I’m gonna be a panda tomorrow lol.

I keep forgetting the freakin’ selfie camera flips things and I have no idea which direction is the correct one, but the hair is flipped to the left side. I remembered to unflip one photo and not the other, whoops.

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Do you have any recommendations of not-sucky satan-y music of any genre? Ghost is pretty alright but I hate that it's all I really can find, or I'm not looking hard enough lol.

Do I have any explicitly Luciferian or Satanic music to share otherwise? Not really. At least not off the top of my head.

Do I have any music that I feel expresses Luciferian themes? You bet I do. These are all to my own taste though and reflect how I see Lucifer, so you may not like it. Sorry this ask took forever. My browser crashed and I lost all my progress.

Key Entity Extraction V: Sentry The Defiant by Coheed and Cambria. Rock.

“Can you remember
When there was no wrong in what I could do
So young, biting off way more than I could chew
And then one day I grew too old
And my cares were now theirs to mold
Please accept this as my resignation
It’s time to go

Face the honest truth
You were never you

Now be defiant, the lion
Give them the fight that will open their eyes”

Here For You by Oliver Hart aka Eyedea. Rap.

“I stare up at the naked moon, and she stares down at me
Outside false boundaries I’m all I look outward to see

The universe is not something separate from yourself
I know you feel alone, but that’s why I’m here to help
I know you feel alone, but just look up at the stars
And everything that is out there is what you really are”

Take Me To The Basement by The Opus feat. Aesop Rock. Rap.

“It’s getting brisk, brisk as fuck
My skin ain’t thick enough, these icicles ain’t civil
How many freezer burn victims can one society on tilt manufacture prior to higher being intervening just to release last laughter?

And every tree trunk’s made of third rails with tourniquet branches
And I learned to walk with an anchor in my back pocket
And man, I read palms during even the most brief handshakes
And man I ain’t alive to pull the weeds around the spotlit”

Broken Bones by Kaleo. Country.

“I’ve busted bones, broken stones, looked the devil in the eye
I hope he’s going to break these chains, oh yeah

The devil’s going to make me a free man
The devil’s going to set me free”

The One Who Fell To Earth by In The Presence of Wolves. Rock.

“To anyone anywhere, you pray that they hear you
These are my last steps so I’m sorry if I wake you
Stuck inside your mind though I’m saying my goodbyes
These words will be my epitaph as my face shatters on the ground”

Barrier by 3. Rock.

“At the edge of tomorrow
And no turning back

Reanimate angel
Break from your cage
Witness the prophecy
Sprung from the page

The moon in your marrow
The smoke on your skin
The mask in the mirror
The master within”

Save Rock And Roll by Fall Out Boy. Pop Punk.

“You are what you love
Not who loves you
In a world full of the word yes
I’m here to scream

No, no!”

Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz. Pop Rap.

“Y'all can see me now, ‘cause you don’t see with your eye
You perceive with your mind; that’s the in
So I'ma stick around with Russ and be a mentor
Bust a few rhymes so motherfuckers remember
Where the thought is, I brought all this
So you can survive when law is lawless”

This Is Gospel by Panic! At The Disco. Pop.

“The gnashing teeth and criminal tongues conspire against the odds
But they haven’t seen the best of us yet”

Tiger Mountain Peasant Song by Fleet Foxes. Folk.

“Dear shadow alive and well
How can the body die?
You tell me everything
Anything true”

Ana Lama by CocoRosie. Freak Folk (?)

“And you crushed me like a flower
The final hours but how to go
I thought you loved me
The way you touched me
Your wicked violence I did not know

I thought the father was the protector
Was the creator but you are none
Although my bones you may have shattered
It doesn’t matter, ‘cause I am whole”

This is all I’ve got for now! Hope you found something to your tastes.   

I’m really mad because I’m proof of how useless this sort of thing is and now I’m kind of personally offended we’re still doing it

My mother handed me over one out of the three (I don’t remember three, but apparently this happened) IQ tests I took as a kid. I thought it would say something like 107 and we could all laugh at how my mother exaggerated, but apparently I’m superior in all areas (again, take a good hard look at my grades in math) and in general I’m in genius territory (140+). Having learned that I’m in the upper .25% percent of the population I am now against nuclear power and people putting rockets into space. Also human race should strongly consider universal safety vests and Velcro shoes

(No but on a serious note raw processing power is such a delicate and complex and indefinable topic to the point where it really means nothing, all the “trappings” of intelligence I have, the kind of things that make people tell me I’m so smart, like a big vocabulary or lots of trivia are just cultural markers and also mean nothing - and I don’t have to tell you how much nothing other stuff like a nice-looking male presentation or the ability to use Standard American English even though it isn’t my first dialect amounts to. And you can get the trivia-and-vocabulary kind of thing through lifestyle, like reading books. And if you want to read a lot of books it’s because of what you’re passionate and enthusiastic and curious about, and if you cultivate those three traits - and I think everybody on the planet can if they just tend to them, like a seedling - you can do all of the things that I do. I mean, what is ranking something like this even going to do? Either make me feel good for no substantiated reason (give me three minutes and one of your better quality smutfic and I can come up with a much more efficient way of doing that) or feel bad because I haven't fulfilled some kind of nebulous potential I’m obligated to meet (also no real reason). Or it’ll promote some kind of eugenics nonsense where people get to fantasize about the elite role they’d play, having been officially recognized as a genius, in a better-arranged society; or in real life people are already arranging the quality of childhood education according to these highly specific and abstract standardized tests, or even job placement for adults. Or even without all that I don’t want packs of assholes out there daydreaming about stupid people not being able to breed strangers from the government deciding whether a person gets to control their own body based on how closely they can emulate some kind of 19th century white upperclass male, or whatever other horrible nonsense these people are into. These are the only uses I can think of. It’s one of these three things and it’s mostly the last one.)

I also don’t think it’s useful as a tool to assess people with intellectual disabilities compared to just working on their case and seeing their abilities, strengths, weakness, and needs on an individual basis, but the things I know about taking care of patients with intellectual disabilities couldn’t fill a thimble. But as someone with autism, and we all know that distinctions like high-functioning and low-fuctioning don’t help us or describe what kind of services we might need or what symptoms hurt us the most, my instinct is that boiling it down to a number is also pretty useless. I think I know (in a really vague network sort of way) some people studying such disabilities for the purposes of figuring out how to best give them education, being a caseworker, etc; I wonder what they think about all this. /tangent

(This isn’t even getting into how intensely frustrating people have found it trying to port IQ tests over to different cultures. You know there’s an optical illusion, the one with the line that looks like it’s wobbling but really isn’t, that won’t work on people who are living in traditional savannah cultures because their brains aren't used to constantly seeing unnaturally straight lines like the laptop, and the keys, and the Tumblr window I’m writing this in? How are you gonna figure out how “smart” they are showing them that weird thing with the black and white squares? Don’t even try saying there’s a genuine difference between the races. I know that, I think at the end of the 19th century or the beginning of the 20th, a Russian scientist (from the intelligentsia, naturally) finally gave up trying to come up with a test to measure the intelligence of the serfdom because he couldn’t find a way to measure how those people think. They would have been genetically almost identical to him.) (I wish I could source that, I read about it a long time ago and never managed to remember the guy’s name.)

Basically my problem here is why would you go around ranking people and telling people towards the bottom they’re inherently not as capable as those at the top what is the point stop crushing the human spirit

Personally I spend a lot of time thinking about learning and how I learn and retain information and practice it, and if I had to be brutally honest - just from watching myself try to learn skills and interpret information and so on since childhood, and it took me a long time to admit this to myself because I was praised so much for being “smart” as a kid and it took me a while to learn that wasn’t the foundation of my identity - I would consider myself no higher than average. Maybe a scooch higher than average or a scooch lower than average depending on my self-esteem that day, but there is n o t h i n g different about me compared to basically everyone else I’ve ever met. And I struggle a lot with a lot of things now that I’ve Gone Mad.

(By the way, I’ve also known and been close to some of the best of the best in intellectual accomplishment, true brilliant and capable people - Fields medal contenders, that kind of thing. They don’t really think any differently, at least not to the extent that they’re on some other plane of existence. And some of those guys I wouldn’t even trust to make toast.)

(Still it’s very cute and very flattering to have a nice high number so I still feel good about that for absolutely no reason, which only gets my feathers even more ruffled. -_-)

Big confession

24m,I posted anonymously recently, now I figure I can just tell y'all.
I love to have ass played with. I remember I lived with my now wife’s sister and she had a big dildo, maybe 9", when ever she would be gone from the house I would put her dildo in my ass. I would love for her to be working nights, cause them I would have hours alone with “my” new favorite toy. I would get on Kik and show off how well I could take it; and also some sins would make me do ATM. When this happened I was new to the anal thing, I didn’t know much about it all but having a women command me to pleasure her self was everything I wanted in life. To feel that again would be amazing.
Anyone wanna play over DM or Kik please let me know

Remember that time George Lucas casually inserted the dialogue “you’re shorter than I expected” when Anakin Skywalker encounters General Grievous in Episode III, indicating that he had never seen him before? And then they made a tv show set *before* those events and Dave Filoni had to spend 6 seasons doing narrative backflips to keep these two, the main protagonist and a major antagonist, from ever meeting face to face? Because of one throwaway line? Remember that?

I do. It’s my favorite goddamn obscure Star Wars trivia please put it on my fucking gravestone.

If national parks had giant skeletons casually lying around like big rocks and old trees.

i keep trying to memorize every detail of the moments i live in. in the soreness of my legs from standing so long at a concert, the chill of the night, the patterns of a tablecloth, the oily texture in my mouth after eating fried bananas. i keep trying to memorize the feelings, the quiet contentedness, the laughter, the excitement. i keep trying to memorize the people, their smiles, the way they speak, what makes them laugh. i’m constantly on the cusp of the next part of my life and that’s just so.. strange. but it makes it so much easier to find happiness no matter what’s happening to me, in a way? because i’m already kind of looking at life with those rose-colored glasses of nostalgia, simply because i know these are times i’ll never be able to live again, and these are people i might not always have, and that makes it so much easier to appreciate everything i might miss later. 


hadn’t drawn these two in a while, had I

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Chat Noir #143 please

Decided to make one more before going to bed. That was actually not as easy as it might look? Idk.


They had a bonding moment.

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