now remember how is it now

I remember how being around you felt like I was on clouds.
In those hours I felt lighter than the air around me. You touched me, and I was on fire.
In those hours I was actually living; rather than existing.
Now I know how it feels to lose you. I feel like I’m underwater. I feel so heavy that I can’t seem to lift myself from my bed.
But if you were to touch me now, I wonder what’d it’d feel like.
—  v.m // would I still be on fire?

My favorite accusation from Kylo Ren defenders is how I, and other people who criticize Kylo Ren, “lack compassion”.

Because they’re right of course.  Even if Kylo Ren WERE a canon victim of abuse (which he, as of now, is not).  Even if Kylo Ren WERE a canon sufferer of mental illness (which he, as of now, is not)…

I don’t have compassion for an adult man who has shown over and over again that he has the opportunity to choose, and he has chosen to murder innocent people, assist in slavery and genocide, and abduct and torture both enemy combatants and civilians.

You know who I have compassion for?

I have compassion for the villagers on Jakku, who were massacred as they stood, disarmed and subdued by an invading foreign force.

I have compassion for Lor San Tekka, who, unarmed, faced a villain and tried to appeal to his humanity.

I have compassion for Poe Dameron, who was captured, tortured, and mentally violated.

I have compassion for Rey, a CIVILIAN, who was captured, tortured, and mentally violated.

I have compassion for Finn and all of the other Stormtroopers, who the First Order raised from childhood to be dehumanized cannon fodder and weapons.

I have compassion for the people of the Hosnian system, who died in the First Order’s genocide.

(Both of these crimes Kylo aided, with full knowledge of what they entailed.)

I have compassion for the people of Takodana, who died at the hands of an invading, foreign military force.

I have compassion for Han Solo, who was murdered at the hands of his son, when he begged the man to come home.

THAT’s where my compassion is.  So you can forgive me for not having any to spare for a man who has chosen his fate.

Fuck Kylo Ren.


…what are you looking at? 

i keep trying to memorize every detail of the moments i live in. in the soreness of my legs from standing so long at a concert, the chill of the night, the patterns of a tablecloth, the oily texture in my mouth after eating fried bananas. i keep trying to memorize the feelings, the quiet contentedness, the laughter, the excitement. i keep trying to memorize the people, their smiles, the way they speak, what makes them laugh. i’m constantly on the cusp of the next part of my life and that’s just so.. strange. but it makes it so much easier to find happiness no matter what’s happening to me, in a way? because i’m already kind of looking at life with those rose-colored glasses of nostalgia, simply because i know these are times i’ll never be able to live again, and these are people i might not always have, and that makes it so much easier to appreciate everything i might miss later. 

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Chat Noir #143 please

Decided to make one more before going to bed. That was actually not as easy as it might look? Idk.


So I decided to see what would happen if I did indeed race Ardyn, Pass him, rear end him. Ya know, all the things he told you NOT to do while following him.

Learned there’s some Dialog hidden in there if you do break the road rules!

I must say, however: Ardyn Uses his turn signal .He is a rare creature in the driving world. Bless him.

Glitchtale “Geonocide continues” theory

Ok, so to start off, the “Geonocide continues” or “Gc” theory is going to focus not on how plot progresses, but mainly on “How the game works from programming aspect”.

You may think that Camila wouldnt do something as “Advanced” as that, and you may think something like “Camila is animator, not a programmist DUH”, but let me prove you wrong.

In this case, she has basic knowledge on how game would behave, so lets continue.

Now, lets talk about how the game would behave.

Undertale save works as a text file, that game can read, for example, if you didnt kill papyrus it would look like that (simplified version)

Papyrus killed = 0

And in this case, “0″ means null, he was not killed.

Lets talk about how reset works.

It basically erases current variables all to “0″, but Undertale was programmed to remember some things.

Now, lets see how would it look if you had killed papyrus .

Papyrus killed = 1

And after reset it should have been something like that

Papyrus killed = 0


Yes, but with one exception, it would create ANOTHER variable, so the thing would look like this

Papyrus killed = 0

Papyrus REMEMBERS being killed = 1

And that is basically how undertale behaves.

Same works with routes, and as we know, Frisk had completed every possible route (seing every line of dialogue means beating every neutral version, because of unique Sans’ dialogue at the end), up to the Megalomaniac when they fail to complete Geonocide route.

Now, in healthy condition after resetting it should make save to something like:

Geonocide = 0 

But as we know, after Frisk had escaped they have created first glitch, allowing them to reset mid-battle.

Now, we’ve seen more glitches after resetting, meaning that something went wrong with “Reset” option.

And quickly we can come to conclusion that it didnt reset values, but created two values that cannot co-exist.

for example you can’t have values like

Papyrus killed = 1

Papyrus killed = 0

At the same time, because the game will not know what to do, creating more and more glitches after resets, as resetting adds false variables to the save file.

In Glitchtale, it eventually came to point where ONE MORE false value in save file, will make timeline (in this case save) to erase itself.

At this point in time, we know that we are on hard mode, because in “Yet darker” we saw the file being named “Frisk”

And as it is hard mode, game GAINS the ability to SPAWN objects, for example it can spawn final froggit in ruins.

But what if it can spawn something to fix itself?

As it is spawning more things, it also gains ability to create new “stories”.

The game is smarter than we thought.

What if the game was to create one powerfull being, so that it can fix the game itself?

And you are right, the game did that, and so the game created Betty.

Now, for some of you being like “But it was bravery who created her!”

I need to say one thing, the bravery, twins, and whole story is STILL inside the game, it is still INSIDE the window frame.

Meaning that game could “create” story for Betty to make it look less, well, suspicious?

How would Betty work by then?

Well, Betty would be just a “Eraser tool” to erase every false value to point it was last time the game was ok, and this last time was Geonocide run.

By that, it means that from these two values:

Papyrus killed = 0

Papyrus killed = 1

Betty would have erased “ Papyrus killed = 0 “, leaving him killed as it originally was on the Geonocide route before Frisk decided to glitch.

And what’s the order of killing?

Everything in the game needs to proceed with some sort of “order”.

And get ready for your mind to get blown,

The game thinks we are inside “Pacifist” route, but with Geonocide value, meaning it would take ONLY order we see in Pacifist route, and let Betty kill them by it.


That is right!

We dont get a chance to see anything other in normal pacifist route in game, so the Game itself took the only order it could find.

The core starting point is Frisk, and the nearest ones to stand by them will die first.

For example, Sans And Alphys are standing RIGHT next to frisk, and they died first, the next one in order would be Undyne, but she has the thing.

After some calculations I’ve come to this order:

- Sans

- Alphys

- Undyne (She will loose her whole determination but not die just now)

- Papyrus

- Undyne (Now she dies, no determination =D )

- Toriel/Asgore (it is hard to tell which one)

So as we came to the conclusion,

The villain is the game itself.

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked my theory, and remember, it is ONLY a theory, meaning it can be wrong with some things, or with everything or it can also be 100% accurate!

Feel free to voice that on YouTube, just say that it is MINE theory and put my name on screen and in description of video.

Don’t copy-paste theory, just reblog it.

Ya’ll weren’t talking all this shit when Remy released Another One which was a flaming pile of garbage (the fact that she said “cash me ousside” & “make your head red like lil yachty” or something like that,  but ya’ll ignored it tells me a lot). Also, no one wants to point out how different shether was compared to another one (flow, rhyme scheme e.t.c) cuz then we’d have to discuss the possibility of them being written by 2 different people. 

Nicki made a smart business move which is what I expected from her. You don’t spend almost 10 years at the top of the game by making emotional decisions. Emotional decisions like like hopping on an instrumental, making a diss track, & putting that shit on Itunes without even getting permission from the owners. Now she can’t even perform it live :( 

Nicki gave Remy about a minute & 20 seconds on No Frauds which is more than she deserves tbh. Remy gave Nicki 7 minutes of fan fiction & read it over a Nas beat. Nicki could’ve easily done the same but 1) whose really trying to get some “tea” (real or fake) on Remy 2) that’s lazy.  

i disliked how the rest of the drawing looked like, so i erased everything, but you can have this brionne

Reblog this if you had to learn cursive writing as a child

If you were ever told or were made to learn cursive writing when you were in grade school.
I wanna see how many of you suffered like I did.


Richard Madden as Peter Leigh in Oasis

I haven’t read The Serpent’s Heir yet but I headcanon that Hiccup calls Astrid ‘General’ in the bedroom.

Maybe even “General Hoff”.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Does anybody really stop to think about Gravity Falls' Sock Opera episode? I mean, the contrasts between the A plot and the B plot are unnerving. Mabel's plot revolves around her weekly crush on a boy who loves puppets and she spends the whole week creating a fantastic and fun sock puppet show to impress him- it's cheery and bubbly. Meanwhile, Dipper's plot revolves around him descending into sleep deprived madness while trying to crack a code to a computer that might give him all the answers to Gravity Falls, and when the information on the computer is threatened, he is desperate enough to make a deal with an untrustworthy demon who literally ends up using his body as a puppet. This gives Mabel's puppet show a much darker meaning, since her brother's body becomes part of it- both in the fact that there is a demon in Dipper's body and that Dipper's soul has to possess one of Mabel's socks in order to be heard or seen. Also, Mabel didn't even notice that her brother's behavior was out of the ordinary at first, and if Dipper hadn't figured out how to contact her, he could have died (as revealed in Journal 3). Bill, as evidenced in the various actions like sticking forks in Dipper's arms and throwing his body down a flight of stairs, could have cared less about the state of Dipper's physical self while using it to achieve his own ends. In fact, he even wrote a suicide note to Mabel from Dipper, and would have thrown Dipper's body off the Gravity Falls' water tower and framed his death as a suicide, leaving his mental self to wander the Dreamscape forever in madness if Dipper had not gotten his body back. Literally how is this a canon series of events in a kids show what in the everloving f-

eternal mood: James’ screams of horror every time Aleks landed a shot in balsamic vinegar beer pong