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A note to fanfic writers from an artist.

I’m gonna say something that’s been on my mind for a while now. I want to thank the fanfic winters out there who spend hours writing beautiful pieces of work to share with others, and I’m sorry that so many of you don’t get the recognition or thanks that you truly deserve.

 Coming from an artist, I truly believe that writers have it much harder compared to illustrators in terms of gaining fans and receiving recognition. For artists such as myself, it’s much easier to receive followers, likes, and reblogs because people only need a few seconds to decide whether or not they like the art style and if they want to share it or not. I also have a multitude of social media platforms to choose from: Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Patreon, Deviantart, heck even YouTube and AO3 if I wanted to. For writers, it’s much harder (not only because their platforms are more limited) but because most people either skip past the word of text, don’t have the time to read the fic, or ‘like’ the fic to read it at a later time. This makes it very difficult for fanfic writers to get their work circulated and to gain new fans. 

Additionally, unlike artists, it’s extremely hard to profit off writing (unless you get to publish a book in which case- YAY!!!! But the chances of being published is very very slim;;). Illustrators frequently sell merch, have Patreons, or fill commissions to make a little extra money on the side. With fanfic writers, that’s close to impossible to do. I saw a writer I follow try to open a Patreon and charge three bucks a chapter for a fic they spent hours writing. Three bucks for a 5,000+ word chapter. Thats like five double-spaced, five-paged essays. Do you know how long it takes to write that many words? Asking for three bucks was already extremely, EXTREMELY cheap. But of course, ‘paying for fanfic???? Noooo.’ The amount of hate and negativity that the author received just blew me away. Authors spend just as much time on their works as artists do, so why are some people willing to pay $25-$85 for a drawing, but not three bucks for a chapter? I’m not saying that artists don’t deserve the recognition or money they earn because I know that artists put a lot of time and effort into their art, and I applaud them for utilizing their talents to reach where they are today. I just wish that more people would also give some of their love to the amazing fanfic writers who are underappreciated and deserve so much more. It’s very discouraging when you spend hours on something and barely get recognition for it. So please, help support fanfic writers by sharing their work so they can gain new fans and allow other people to see their amazing talents as well.

Dear White People.....

Y’all, really have been trying me lately, so with inspiration from the movie and Netflix show and all shit that has been happening lately, here is a list of things to not do or say to POCs


Dear white people

-I am not a petting zoo. When my hair is curly, don’t randomly come up to me and start touching my hair without asking me. It’s rude and disgusting.

Dear white people

-If I see you with cornrolls, don’t tell that it’s a “style and that anyome can wear”. NO! Having braids isn’t just a style to us, it is our culture and there is a reason for why we get out hair braided.

Dear white people

-Don’t you ever fucking say “well its culture appropiation if you straighten your hair” because now you sound dumb. Here’s a fun fact, POCs can have naturally straight hair too.

Dear white people

-If you support Miley Cyrus on her “transitioning” back to her old self, don’t talk to me, don’t follow, unfollow, I don’t care. I will NEVER support a person who culture appropiated and then talks about is it was just a phase and that she doesn’t do that kind of stuff. It pissed me the fuck of that she could just sit here and “rap”. To us, rap isn’t just entertainment but it is an outlet for us to  give out messages on all of the this we go. She really just disrespectedall that we have done, made it into a shit show to get ratings, and tossed it away like it’s nothing.

Dear white people

-Stop telling me “you talk proper for being black.” EVERYONE TALKS A DIFFERENT WAY SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Dear white people


Frankly, I don’t even know if Mexico considers it as a holiday, but we should not be sitting here, “celebrating” anothers country’s victory, from a battle they had to fight,

How would you feel if other countries went out and “celebrated” Memorial Day by partying, getting drunk, wearing Trump shirts, talking with country accent, while listening to Taylor Swift.

Yeah, now y’all quiet.

Dear white people


Dear white people


Dear white people

-I’m allergic to watermelon and kool-aid is disgusting.

Dear white people

-My braids do not indicate that I smoke weed. I actually have asthma, so even if I did want to, I’d die.

Dear white people

-”I’m not trying to be racist, but….” THEN DON’T FUCKING SAY IT!!!!! SIMPLE AS THAT!!!!!!!!

Dear white people

-Once you get done asking me “is there anything I can help you find” and I answer with “no thank you”, leave me the fuck alone and go help Debbie in the panty department! I don’t want to see your face while I am in the juniors department, I don’t see you while I’m at the makeup counter, I don’t want to see while I’m at the shoe section. I’m not stealing shit so leave me that fuck alone!

Dear white people (makeup companies)

-I’m pretty sure that there are other names for darker foundations than just food

-Nude colors do not just stop at the pale pinks.

-Please make fondations with yellow undertones, because I am so tired of looking like Trump, when the foundation has an orange/red undertone.

-How hard it to find a POC, to do swatches on them!?!? Like come on! I want to know how it will look like on my skin tone, before buy it!

-I’m going to need y’all to go back to school and you know what Rich, Deep, and Dark look like.

Dear white people

-My race is NOT a fetish, stop it with the ra.ce pl.ay shit!

Dear white people



-My race is NOT UP FOR DISCUSION! I am black, native american and caribbean. Don’t tell me what I am because of my skin tone. That goes for all other races and ethnicity.

So is what I have dealt with, within the last month and all my life. I hope you guys take something out of this.

Also to POCs, if there is anything you want to add, feel free to.

This Friday (31st March) is Trans Day of Visibility

[This post refers to TDoV 2017; other years will have TDoV on a different day of the week]

It’s that time of year again! That awesome day where trans people share their selfies and stories. It’s one of the two largest trans advocacy days, the other being Trans Day of Remembrance (20th November). That day is dedicated to mourning and solemnity, while this day is a day to celebrate being alive! Like last year, I’m not sure of the absolute official hashtag, so I’m guessing there’ll be a variety in use, such as: #tdov #transdayofvisibility #trans day of visibility #trans visibility #trans pride #transresistance #trans resistance

This day has been recognised since 2009 and is increasing in popularity and support each year, but there’s still a long way to go in spreading the word. Visibility is something that the trans community often has to struggle for, so this is our time to step out of the shadows, take pride in who we are, and show the world that we exist and we’re here to stay.

If you are trans

This is your day. No matter your gender - whether you’re male, female, or any nonbinary gender - anyone who isn’t cis (ie. whose gender is different from the gender they were assigned at birth) can participate. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the community and be visible. If you’re comfortable, post a selfie. Share your story. This is your time to be proud of who you are! It can get hard and lonely sometimes, but there’s a whole community here who have your back.

If you are not trans

Please also get involved - don’t leave this day just up to us. Today is a day for you to support and listen to the trans community. Show us some love by reblogging some selfies and reading some stories, whether you browse through the tags listed above or stick to your mutuals. Now is a perfect opportunity to learn about our wonderful community and to look at some beautiful people. It’s a win-win, really.

Above all, I hope everyone has a fantastic TDoV! Have fun and keep it positive.


Hello my incredible and beautiful followers!! For those who doesn’t know my name is Lolo and I am the girl who runs @mylifeiskpoptrash and @imhoseoktrash

Well I am here because today I’m celebrating three major events!!! I wanted to do only a post for my anniversary but then I reached my 9k and 3k in the two blogs and honestly I think it would be annoying to be tagged in three different posts, that is why I am making this big ass post, so be prepared because this is going to be hella long!!!

Also If you are interested in my new giveaway please read bellow the information about it!!!!!

First my first mylifeiskpoptrash anniversary!!!! I can’t believe I have a year here, it’s been a beautiful experience and I’ve met so beautiful and amazing people, I have friends here that are like my family and now I can’t live without them, so thank you for being here with me, thank you for all your support and thank you for being so amazing.

The second event is that I finally reached 9k+ here on my main which I really don’t get because I don’t deserve it, my blog is just trash and I don’t know what I did to make you follow me to be honest. I remember when I reached my first milestone and for me it was like a crazy dream and I never dreamed of having the number of followers that i have now. Thank you! I dont have enough words to say it.

And last but not least I reached 3k+ in imhoseoktrash, which is amazing because I only have a few months with my sideblog and because a lot of people love Hobi and that makes me so happy! I also have met a lot of beautiful ARMYs and Hobi stans!! thank you for following me there too!!!

**Also, I know I promised you a really big Giveaway! So I will give you a big opportunity here, I will reveal the prices and for all the ones who reblog or like this post I will give you 10+ entries and if one of you win my giveaway I will send you a signed price of the group you want (only of you reblog this post).The prices are: **

The first album of the group of your choice (photocard + photobook + cd) + The last album (photocard + photobook + cd, also if the last album has more than one version I will give you all versions) + a poster + some official merch (whatever you want) + unofficial merch (jewerly, clothes, charms, etc.) + a draw or a fanart. 

And well finally here are some of my mutuals from my two blogs (I follow all as @mylifeiskpoptrash): bold= favorite mutuals, 💕=Best friends and people I care about


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Thank you for all

Yoooooo! It's dark skin appreciation day! That means it's the day where you show love to all the beautiful darkskin people in your lives! Reblog they selfies and let them know you see them and that they not invisible!

As a matter fact let’s all shout out all the beautiful darkskin people on tumblr who help make tumblr dopetacular(yes that’s a thing now roll with it.

S/O @kimreesesdaughter she’s has a really dope blog and always caping for darkskin black women. I’m sure her blog has helped alotta people and its so important. I’m so here for it! So thank you!

Mexico needs you if you don't live in here.

If you are in Tumblr, and don’t live in Mexico, I need you to reblog this until it gets to many countries.
The government of my country is taking people away. They are suffering of torture. Physical and psychological.
They are spreading terror.
Tonight, the 8th of november, we took streets in Mexico City and after we walked peacefully, a strange and anarchist group with masked faces put the main entrance of “Palacio Nacional” on fire.
They didn’t came with us.
We were walking in peace. Yelling, yes. A lot. But in peace.
We are fighting against violence, so it is really, really stupid to claim for peace, with actions like these.
This is not new in Mexico. The government always use these payed groups of people to criminalise any social movement.
But we are possibly heading to a new era in our country.
We are tired of corruption. We are tired of cold assassination. We are tired of the criminals who can walk in peace, and we are tired that both police and military forces protect them.
We are so alone right now.
We are so unprotected right now.
We are not scared. We are terrorised.
We need you to focus your attention for the next few days, so they don’t dissappear and kill more of our young people.
Government are killing people just because they can, and no one can stop them.
We have no weapons, and we don’t want some.
We want to make a change after 70 years of corrupcy. They have took everything.
They took our faith, our hope, our jobs, our dreams.
They are destroying us.
My country is one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in the world, and now foreign people are even recommended not to visit this beautiful land because of insecurity.
We need you to reblog everything about Mexico these days.
Don’t leave us alone.
Don’t leave us to get killed.
Don’t leave us to get burned, like our missing 43 students.
Don’t leave us to be forgotten.
Please don’t leave us.

hi loves~ so today’s the 1 year bday for this blog 🎉🎉 & I wanted to say thank you sososo much to all my followers, mutuals, & everyone who’s liked/reblogged my content~ it means so much to be able to share my love for bangtan with you. in such a short span of time I would’ve never imagined to meet so many people who love bangtan as much as I do, & some of which who are now mainstays in my life. Thank you for such an incredible experience so far, here’s to more great memories~ I love you all! 💕

these are blogs who brighten all of my days with their amazing content & beautiful souls; thank you for filling up my dash with such great vibes!

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screams into the abyss 

i need domesticated cooking at three in the morning because neither party can sleep. 

lazy afternoons on the couch; cuddled up together while one watches some tv show that they’ve become recently obsessed with and the other reading a book on something they enjoy, every so often looking over the rim of their glasses to see how the show has progressed and look up out of the corner of their eye to their partner with a fond loving smile.

early morning baking sessions. cupcakes, or sophisticated cakes. learning how to make fancy frosting, throwing flour at each other. one cracking an egg on their partners shoulder, which becomes an all out food war, but they manage to salvage enough to make a few of the original cakes.

late night love making. not sex, not fucking. just pure love between two people. sharing soft whispers and kind words, warm gazes. nothing crude about it but just pure love.

six in the morning walks in the snow because “wow new york looks beautiful right now” with the snow on the ground and covering essentially everything and the sun just poking through the white clouds to throw a few beams of magnificent colour through the skies.

i need domesticated coupley!things with no angst in sight.

i need snk season two. i’ve been reblogging variations of the same 10 anime scenes for almost two years now and it is driving me insane. i get it. the world is cruel and also very beautiful. eren and armin want to see the ocean and the outside world. i get it. levi’s squad died and it was sad. i get it. we are so thoroughly out of material it it driving me up a wall. possibly up many walls. maybe even wall maria.

people can say whatever they want about larries but in the end of the day it wont change how much they deeply adore louis and harry and you can see it from even the simplest things like the tags they put when they reblog from us and i creep and read them like yeah ive seen some cute ones for louis and harry separately (ive been running this blog for almost 3 years now ive read them all lol) but for some reason reading the tags people post for louis and harry are so damn cute and so so so pure i just i literally want to hug every single one of you lol its always in this like adoring almost motherly tone when i read the tags like very proud like, “yes these two grown men are my babies, they are in love hello yes look at them ima reblog them for you guys can see my beautiful babies” anyways this is really random but idk i was reading some tags and i just i love you guys, im so glad louis and harry have such a amazing, loving, support system nomatter what people may say or think or whatever may be going on around them currently it will never change the fact that you guys love them so damn much and all you want is for them to be happy and feel loved and since you cant tell them you have these blogs, tags, etc. showing everyone else how much you love them and thats beautiful.

RFA with a tumblr obsessed MC

(Basically you, the actual person reading this, don’t lie to yourself fam.)


  • This guy probably doesn’t have a tumblr. He’s more of a post every 3 years on facebook guy.
  • But LOLOL guy doesn’t judge you. Probably very curious as to what you post.
  • Aesthetic? “That’s so pretty MC!” Bands? “I’ll listen to them to see if they’re good!” Mystic Messenger? You probably broke space time continuum. “OH MC! You run an RFA blog??? THAT’S AWESOME!”
  • Everything in moderation though, don’t try to force him to quit LOLOL if your addicted to tumblr.
  • He’ll call you out on your hypocrisy
  • He’s pretty chill and he’ll search you up every now and then to see your post.


  • It’s canon that he doesn’t really wander around in social media. (Unless it’s instagram don’t even start)
  • But he’ll definitely open up a tumblr just to follow you. (and keep tabs in case you post anything abnormal)
  • Likes everything you post and would feel good if you’d like his stuff too. He’d never tell you though
  • Starts running a white aesthetic blog and would understand your post, unless it’s like a fandom blog with a lot of inside jokes.
  • He probably reblogs a lot of different type of people and tags it as ‘Beautiful people’ Tell me why he religiously reblogs the blackout tag
  • It’s almost like a decently, aesthetically pleasing body positivity blog.
  • Bcuz he keeps breaking aesthetic with your reblogs lol
  • He’ll probably post an original every 8 years though,,, because he doesn’t care about social media and spams the chatroom instead but you’ll always be tagged.


  • You deal with her Zen rants I’m sure she could deal with your tumblr obsession.
  • I think she would be the most unfazed by it.
  • Wouldn’t open up a tumblr and wouldn’t search you up but wouldn’t ignore you when you talk about it.
  • She doesn’t have any type of social media and doesn’t really care to make one so she just happily listens to you rant about things she doesn’t really understand.
  • I like to think that Zen would open up a tumblr in any route you go (just because he’s that kind of good friend) so if you start posting anything worrying he’ll show Jaehee.
  • “MC! Did you hear about Zen’s new play?!” “Yes! Tumblr is freaking out about it!” “-Wait? Tumblr cares about Zen?” “Tumblr cares more about Zen than his own Fan Page!”
  • After that opens up a musical blog (Mostly Zen) and is kind of a ghost blog.
  • Has a good amount of followers but, Doesn’t have asks on, only accepts messages from people she follows and just gets 1-3 notes on anything she posts unless it’s a personal picture of Zen.


  • Confused
  • “So… you run a blog? Why?”
  • Wants to buy you the fancy themes even though no one cares for them.
  • Doesn’t open up a tumblr obvi But if Zen tells him that your posting ‘weird’ stuff he’ll have a talk with you about it.
  • Will never fully get it, but as long as you don’t run a gore blog or pro-ana he doesn’t really care.
  • Discreetly looks over your shoulder and snickers at tumblr non-sense.
  • Once went on it and searched through the cat tag and secretly still does.


  • Obviously already has one.
  • He has every type of social media. 
  • Prefers Reddit and IFunny over Tumblr so he doesn’t log in often.
  • He didn’t really know you were that deep in hell. He didn’t even know you had a tumblr because like honestly,,, it’s not that big of a deal.
  • At least he thought so…?
  • You love tumblr so much, and if you make original content Mr. Hacker here finds a way to make you really popular.
  • 89% of your anons are him and you know it.
  • Calls you by your url and always tags you in memes.
  • “Luciel! Why does my tumblr account keep getting deleted!?” “I don’t know Zen~ Maybe tumblr doesn’t like you~” everyone knows it’s Seven

[This is such a shit prompt lmaoooo i made this in like an hour lol]

I have reblogged this over and over

It is now time to say it from my own mouth. My blog is a supporter of…

🌟Straight People
🌟Male witches
🌟Non Religions
🌟Baby witches
🌟Older witches
🌟People who identify as an animal
🌟All religions
🌟All People
🌟All political Views

Everyone is welcomed and loved on my blog, if you don’t like someone who is up there👆 then my blog is probably not the blog for you. I personally do not care who you are, or how you identify sexually. You are you and that is ALL that matters. For all you beautiful people out there you are just that, BEAUTIFUL.

We need to STOP separating everyone, we are all the same on the inside, BEAUTIFUL energies of love and acceptance.


If something or someone needs to be added please chime in 💜💚💙❤🖤 Blessings to you and yours.


I know I have a shit ton of requests to do… but I really wanted to just put this up. I will get around to all the requests in the next two weeks, they will all be done. I promise!! 

Oh and guys, I’m so fucking happy. On the first of January 2017 we had 50 followers, which was amazing. But we now have 450, IN SUCH A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME. I can’t even begin to thank all of your, seriously. I am so so thankful, to all of you who like, reblog, comment, request and personally message me. I am so so grateful! I love you all, you beautiful people!! 

BTW, I don’t know what this is. Nonetheless enjoy! 

Originally posted by yoongles

When you are told you can’t do something, you want to do it more, right? When you are told you can’t have something, you want it more, right? Well, in your case its a person. You are told to stay away from him, hes bad news, he’ll never get anywhere in life. Said the people don’t even know the person, and you believed every word that came out of your parents mouths. To stay away from these thugs… 

Your little story starts in school. You weren’t the smartest in your year, but you put in your given effort and achieved at a well standard. You tired your best, that’s all that matters. It was in your senior year when it started, you met him, well formally met him. Min Yoongi. 

The infamous bad boy, he was in a gang, he had piercings, tattoos, he could knock any wanna be bitch out. He was cool to say the least. No one ever questioned him to why he would miss so many days of school. There was crazy rumurs about him, for example he was a drug lord, sure… He never confronted that shit, because it was just made up shit. 

You had to admit, he was good looking. His hair never stayed the same, going from mint to grey, to blond, to black. No one ever knew what to expect with him. You did feel your self draw to Yoongi. He wasn’t your average bad boy, he fucked around but he didn’t lie about it. Before he had sex with a girl he would straight up tell her, I won’t call you, I won’t even talk to you if we were in the same line at Mc D’s. At least he was honest. 

You knew he was dangerous and if he got the chance, he would probably break your heart. You did notice him staring at you when he would come to English class. His stares would make your skin itch with need to be touched by him. He was dangerous, he was forbidden and delicious. 

But you didn’t want to be fucked around with, you pity those girls. The girls that didn’t get that you can’t change him, you won’t, so move the fuck on and stop friend zoning the boys that would do anything for them. Like bitch please.. 

You were sitting in your English class,  your favourite class of the day. Your teacher was rambling about a shit poem about flowers and how they die. Sometimes English was boring… But you still listened and enjoyed… and argued about how you think the poet feels with your teacher. He was here today, Min Yoongi. He was sitting at the back with his gang, talking which really pissed you off, like fuck off. Why come to class if your just going to talk? You wipe your head around to see Yoongi staring directly at you. Why did he always stare. You quickly turned back around in your seat and listened to your teacher drown on. The last bell of the day finally went. 

You packed up all your shit and made a b-line for your locker. You were safely at your locker, putting what you needed in your bag. You slipped on your jacket, grabbing your keys. Suddenly, your locker door slams shut. Your being turned around by your shoulders and pushed against your locker. You open your eyes to see Yoongi. Hes smirking down at you, with his pierced lips.. Flawless. 

“Hey babygirl.” He swiftly says. 

“Babygirl? Who, me?” You scoff. He displays a bright, gummy smile across his lips. 

“Yeah, you. Look honey, there’s this party tonight and I won’t you to go.” He leans down to put his lips on the shell of your ear, he kisses it softly. “We don’t have to stay long. I know somewhere private we can go.” This cocky ass bitch. It bit have your panties wet as fuck though. You push him back. 

“Listen, honey! I’m not a hoe ass bitch you can toy with, okay? So go find your self someone else to fuck with.” You grab your bag off the floor and walk out towards your dads car. But Yoongi grabs your wrist and whirls you around. 

“Y/N, I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t think about doing inappropriate things to you, because I do. I’d say your a wild one in bed and taste glories. But we don’t have to do anything. I think you’d like this little club I go to. Its kind of… lets say exclusive. Just hit me up if your going to come.” Yoongi lets go of your arm and walks in the other direction, getting on his motorbike and riding away in rapid speed. You stood there for a minute before getting into your gathers car. 

“Who was that, Y/N?” Your fathers eyes have a hint of anger and a sprinkle of annoyance, nothing new. 

“Em.. hes a boy in my English class. Hes cool.” You state. 

“Y/N, those boys are trouble. They do nothing but cause trouble, don’t be getting involved with the likes of him. Its your last year, you need to find your self a nice boy, like James next door. I don’t want to see you with that boy again. understand?” You rolled your eyes and stuck your earphones in. 

What was so bad about Yoongi, apart from a few these he was normal. So what he had piercings and tattoos. He was showing off himself with his body. You felt drawn to him. You felt a buzz in your lap. 

Unknown- Honey, its me. Wear something just for me tonight. 

You giggled at Yoongis message. You knew he probably did this with every other girl but you couldn’t help your self. He was someone that was different and afraid to be. 

One night couldn’t be so bad.. right? What your dad doesn’t know won’t kill him… 

You- I’ll see you later. 

A/N- So, I’d love some feedback, should there be a part two? Thank you again to all the people that followed. I hope you all enjoyed!! 

-Admin Abe x

hey babes! it’s coming up on the one year anniversary of this blog (!!!) and wow, i can hardly believe it! to celebrate, i wanted to once again do something special for all you lovely people following me! now as a song of ice and fire/game of thrones were my original purpose for making this blog (and still my main fandoms) i decided i wanted to do a very special queen of love and beauty contest, basically just a blog of the year type award, for one lucky follower - and three runners-up! 

how to enter:

+ more info and prizes below the cut!

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A new future project!!

We’re working on the first chapter, but we need a Japanese translator to continue.

If you want to help, contact us at

Reblogging helps

I’m happy to be working on Takasaki Bosco’s new project called Torokeru Kuchibiru.  The second part of Tadoru Yubi

Because I hate MPreg, and I think we have more interesting, beautiful, and mature projects to release, I’m going to drop Haramibara. Don’t worry. Another scanlation group will be working on it! So I won’t be releasing the color scans or the extra that appear in the tanko.

Even so, it has been an honor to me to introduce this mangaka, unknown to many people, and that now so many scanlation groups want to work on her books.


The Accident Part 7

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5  Part 6   Part 7 (Final)

Fandom: Riverdale

Ship: Jughead x Reader

Characters: Jughead, Betty, Veronica

Warnings: Mild panic attack; mentions of the car accident; major fluff

Side note - there’s been a real Shakespeare theme with these lately and I’m blaming it on the fact that I’m a total Shakespeare nerd #sorrynotsorry

Thank you so much to everyone who has like, reblogged, or responded to my story. Without y’all, I don’t have too much motivation to write. My inbox is empty right now so feel free to drop in as many requests as your heart desires! I need substance to write, and I must appease my peoples :)


He murmured, “Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight, for I never saw true beauty till this night,” quoting the very play we were watching. The line caused you to blush, knowing what it mean. You couldn’t tell if he meant to say it out loud or think it, but he didn’t seem to notice, and this was just one more thing you found to love about Jughead Jones.

It had been a week since you had shared your first kiss with Jughead. Since then, you two were practically inseparable. Your dad let Jughead stay in the guest bedroom most nights because he suspected something about his home situation. You had seen Archie around school and at lunch, but he made no efforts to talk to you. In the afternoons, you spent time with either Betty and Veronica talking about the hardships and trials of love, or at Pop’s with Jug. Today happened to be a day with B and V before some jock’s party started - you refused to go, but even so the two girls convinced you to help them get ready. 

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kisses and love for the klonnie fam

it’s been like 4 years and i just wanted to s/o all the folks who’ve made me fall in love with this ship, inspired me to write, and supported me in a variety of ways:

@cheleonrage712: this girl is a BEAST y’all. She’s written cross overs for Bonnie and Klaus with almost every fandom imaginable, from Black Panther to Game of Thrones. Writes some of the most amazing kidfic out there, with kid OC’s that have the most adorable personalities, and is always reblogging and boosting other writers and artists. One time she wrote a drabble about klaus having a tea party with his and Bonnie’s daughter that was so FREAKING CUTE it made me lie down and cry. No joke.

@bonneibennett: my OG! She’s best known as queen of the b*amon fandom and possibly the most perfect cinnamon roll to ever roll, but she’s also a multishipping STAR whose amazing klonnie gifsets and graphics sucked me in. Nisha also has the dubious honor of reccing me my first klonnie fic that forever cemented my love for the ship and ruined my life. Without her encouragement and amazing artwork I would’ve never taken the plunge to writing klonnie. I mean, just look at this talent right here. Enough said.

@darwinquark: another beast of a girl who’s always around when i’m feeling EXTRA SALTY about that one Ship That Must Not Be Named. Her one klonnie fic is so amazing and she herself is so freaking talented. I mean, she gifs, she vids, she edits, she writes, she throws shade like no one’s business. Is there anything this girl can’t do????

@thebennettdiaries: UH-MAZING writer and lovely person. Seriously, this girl is like writing #goals. Wrote one of the hottest klonnie fics TO DATE that I always return to when I need inspiration, incredibly supportive to other writers, always down to talk plot bunnies and headcanons, and consistently fills the klonnie tag with amazing drabbles and chapters. A veteran of the klonnie fandom and one of my all time faves.

@iputaspxllonyou:  runs like one of the most beautiful Bonnie Bennett RP blogs I’ve ever seen, is undiluted 100% klonnie trash, and aside from being a talented writer herself, is always around to help me talk ideas and scenarios and read over scenes I’m having trouble with. One of the wittiest people I know, takes no shit, and writes some of the most heartbreaking and beautiful stuff. She has a drabble about Klaus helping Bonnie babysit the neighbor’s kids that I’m pretty sure made me ovulate spontaneously. 10/10 would recommend.

@thehedgerider: YO this girl always leaves the best reviews, smart as a whip and has a brain that can assemble and disassemble stories at the drop of a hat. She started writing Klonnie fic last summer and her very first fic SOMEHOW managed to take 8 years of shitty shitty canon and weave it into something magnificent that develops Bonnie and Klaus both individually and as a couple. I still don’t know how she managed it. Tbh she may have sold her soul to the devil, cos it was that.freaking.brilliant. Also always around to talk sensibly when I’m freaking out about canon stupidity. Bless your heart girl. Go read her fics!

@lilac17: once upon a time I said a prayer for someone to write a klonnie babyfic where everyone’s in character, the cuteness is balanced with development, the angst is paired with fluff, and Bonnie has agency and Klaus grows as a person, and the fandom gods sent THIS GIRL. She’s also currently writing a soulmate fic that breaks and restores my heart in every chapter, and her mastery of emotional conflict breathes so much intimacy and warmth into her stories it’s almost unbearable. She’s also a sweetheart who supports other fans and always stands up for creativity. Go read her stuff and catch all the feels!

@thefudge: if y’all follow us both then you know we spend an inordinate amount of time up each other’s butts so please excuse this gratuitous affection. But YO, she’s my trash sis for a reason. My evil twin. My road dog. My fellow bride of Dracula. The other raccoon in the dumpster with me. This girl is the Lestat to my Robert Redford. She’s such a gifted writer it’s ridiculous y’all. I mean, go see for yourself. Whether it’s gothic romance or bittersweet indie ventures, I always end up flailing and demanding more. This chick’s writing will keep you up at night, but in like a GOOD, i-didnt-know-i-needed-this-until-now kinda way. Aside from being brilliant, she’s also kind and smart and has helped me get through some of the craziest stuff in my life with her beautiful gifsets, amazing fics, and always rewarding conversation. So much so that I hereby forgive her for hurting me with beautiful Klonnie AUs. (You’re welcome bish)

Additionally, there’s so many more people who fill the tag, who review and reblog fics, who’re part of this classy little ship, and even though I don’t talk to all of you regularly I want you to know I love seeing y’all on my dash, and your artwork and contributions and support helps keep this fandom going. @capesandlace @godiva-duchess @prairienina @aprilgeorge365 @ofdragonsanddreams16 @gray-jedi-scavenger-rey @lilouklonnie @danya1980 @ishipwhateverthefuckiwantto @fortheloveofklonnie @tehzo @bellavida0213

Each and every one of you are responsible for creating a lovely little community in which I’ve felt more inspired, more creative, more welcomed and supported than any other fandom community I’ve been in. Y’all seriously rock, and I can’t wait to keep rocking with this fam <3 Viva la us my loves!

one year.

exactly 1 year ago today, i made this blog and posted this to introduce myself.

i had no idea what was in store for me and my writing. in the past year, i have made so many memories on this blog and i’m grateful for every single one. i just wanted to make a post to talk about the past year. click the keep reading to read a long ass post about the history of this blog.

my friends are some of the most wonderful people i’ve ever met. i just want to take a moment to thank my close friends for always supporting me and reblogging my work. it means the world.

  • lena ( @madelyne-pryor ) - you have been like a big sister to me. you helped me learn how to make gifs, helped me with writing, and overall were just an amazing, beautiful, iconic friend.
  • lala ( @sweetievalencia ) - i know you’re out partying it up on vacation right now, but i have to thank you. you became one of my closest friends when you drew that picture of erik and peter and sent it to me. you were the first person on here who actively tried to talk to me and be my friend. i’m forever grateful for meeting you.
  • heather ( @pizzaplanethq ) - you are such an important source of positivity in my life. whenever i’m feeling down, you have something to say to make me feel better. you’ve helped me through some rough times before and i will be thankful for eternity that i met you.
  • holly ( @dicckgrayson ) - your writing is amazing and you were actually one of the first imagine blogs that i followed when i started this blog. i remember when you were trash-imagines and raved about how much you love hank (but that hasnt changed). thank you for always inspiring me to keep writing.
  • karley & alex ( @kurtwxgners & @alexsunmners ) - i included you two together because both of you were the first people whose imagines i read. i followed you before i even started this blog because i fell in love with everything you wrote. thank you both for writing such amazing things and inspiring people like me to keep improving.
  • rax ( @rax-writes ) - rax, you will always be so, so, so close to my heart. i’ve spoken to you about things that i’m hesitant to talk about even with my real life friends. you’re so amazing and i love talking to you. your writing is also always so amazing. i love everything you create.
  • pasc ( @emmcfrxst ) - i know you haven’t even been around my blog for as long as i’ve had it, but you’ve impacted me so much. you’re so so kind and i know whenever something i happens, i can message you and you’ll instantly be there to help.
  • cas ( @mutantlaura ) - i remember giving you the jubsxlee url last year and being hesitant to talk to you because i was hesitant to talk to anyone. but then when we started talking, i realized you were cool as hell. thank you for playing overwatch with me and dealing with my snapchats.
  • calli ( @stevvenrogers ) - you are the only irl friend who will ever know about this blog because i know your love for superheroes is just as big as mine. i’m so grateful to be able to go to someone at school and rant about xmen or avengers or whatever we like that week.
  • the rp squad ( @overtheoceanwaves @societaluproar @dragonassmilk @lancemclxin @poliahua @ anyone else ) - you guys are the best! you made my summer so amazing and i love our groupchat. i can always go there to rant and i have all of you supporting me. i love you all so much.
  • all my followers - you guys are pretty much my best friends. you support my writing, my gifs, and my shit posts that are pretty much daily. i will forever be grateful that all of you actually enjoy me and my personality.


  • i have made 17,791 posts on this blog
  • i have written 122 imagines, headcanons, and drabbles
  • i have (somehow) gotten 3,427 followers

i don’t really know what else to say other than THANK YOU. i couldn’t have written all that i did without requests from all of you and support in my writing. in all honesty, if i didn’t find the amazing community i did when i made this blog, i don’t even know if i would have made it to a year. but i did and i’m forever grateful to all of you.

thank you for 1 amazing year xx


hello beautiful people! since i’ve recently changed blog styles, i thought now would be the perfect time to update my favourites! url was previously bhliss now it’s dhusty x

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higher chances
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thank you for reading, xoxoxo kirra

Goodbye Everyone! 💟

Hello Lovelies! I have sad news…

I’m sorry that I haven’t had the opportunity to come onto here in such a long time, as I have started work and had no time or energy to spare to tell you this:

Admin Erika has been kicked off of all of my blogs due to what she has done to myself and my family in real life. She had come up to move with us and frequently lied and other things so we kicked her out and we sent her back home. The one person that I always thought would be there for me, who wouldn’t lie to me or manipulate me, did and that was a very painful truth and lesson to both learn and face. She’s a coward and twisted, a very vile snake and that’s all that I will say about this.

The reason that I have decided to post the things she had wrote on this blog was so you all wouldn’t be let down, and some of her work was quite decent, which I told her myself.

I’m afraid that all of the posts before this are the ABSOLUTE LAST things that I will be writing and posting upon this blog. Why? I do not feel that Tumblr is the same place that it was the first day that I started up this blog about a year or so ago. The fandom’s are surely not the same and I have seen quite an increase of selfish desire in a lot of my reader’s and follower’s to have their thirst for fanfiction met more than the person behind it all’s, - creating it all’s-, need’s being met or mental, emotional, physical, etc. need’s being met. And you know what? I don’t need that in my life right now.

For a long time I haven’t had the thirst or the passion or the drive to keep up with the growing demand of writing fanfiction for you all because hardly anybody actually realizes that there’s a person beyond the keyboard or device that is being used, and I find that sad, as I have always thrived to treat those with respect and love, and always in the way in which that I would like to be treated, but that is not being returning to me on my blogs and I am tired of it. It seems that a lot of you just do not care about me as a person like you used to or whether you ever have, and you expect and expect and expect the world from me, but I cannot give you that.

Another reason as to why I am leaving this blog is due to the fact that my life is changing and so are priorities. I’m working now, I no longer feel that need for diving into fictional writing, because I’ve gotten to a stage in my life that I adore where I am, I love work and I love my life and family; I’m so much more confident, happy and appreciative in life and I truly mean that. I’ve also lost the drive to write or really think of fictional worlds because Admin Erika ruined that for me and she made very many things clear to me, and how I was before wasn’t healthy. She helped me to learn that I deserve better in this world, in this life and I need to start being myself, being true to who I am, instead of bending and pleasing everyone else. Because I can’t do that. I can only please myself and those who truly matter.

I grew up with an imaginative mind. I always wanted to be a writer. I grew up with thinking about fandom’s or thinking about my role models cheering me on every step of the way - even when I was going through the roughest moments or even the most thrilling of moments -; and I do not denote that in anyone else. Nor do I pity anyone for doing that, in fact, I cherish people whom look up to fictional character’s or whatever it may be, because let’s get real here: Fictional world’s are horrible. I mean that, most fictional worlds have trouble’s in them and character’s overcome phenomenal things and teach us strength and many other things.

I will always remember what these fictional characters have taught me in my life, but for now I need to put this all to rest because I’m growing up, new opportunities are presenting themselves to me in my life and there are many new people to meet and places to go to and all sorts of things that I have yet to discover. I made the step to close my laptop, step out of my door and out of my comfort zone and for that I am grateful for.

When I started this blog, I wasn’t in a very good place, mentally or emotionally or financially or anything, but I have overcome mountains through writing, through fictional world’s, through having the courage to evolve and grow as a person. And I am completely content with that.
I started this blog wanting to spread some love to fandom’s that hadn’t gotten much love, and had the courage to start up two other blogs too; @lostinnarutoscenarios @thekeytoerebor. And I will always remember how it really did start: Through Twilight and The Little Vampire, etc. But the one that really made me strong was The Outsiders. I remember coming into class in grade 7, I was twelve years old and my teacher told us about a new book we’d be reading in class, and through that I met a wonderful gang of boys who all helped me to become who I am today, and everyday I preach the lessons that those boys and S.E Hinton have taught me. I found my passion through written through that novel, movie, TV series and I am forever grateful for The Outsiders coming into my life and blessing it with such knowledge, wisdom, comfort and the Universe only knows what more!

This is heart wrenching for me because my family and true friends know how much I love writing, but my passion isn’t there for fanfiction any more. I am not sorry to say goodbye to all the wonderful people I have met upon all three of my blogs, because I have loved each and very one of you who have supported me, hearted my posts, reblogged my posts, shouted my stuff out or my blog out, given me such beautiful messages when I was having so much hate and hurt coming through my inbox or in my real physical life. You have helped me have so much confidence within myself and I love all of you to the moon and back (and I only ever say such things when I truly mean it).

Now is the time for me to turn over another page in my life, end a chapter, but also to end this book of my life, and to open a new one. Now is the time for me to open that brand new front cover with passion, hunger, confidence, love, happiness, and so much more, and read that first word, that first sentence, that first paragraph and page and persevere and carry on.

This isn’t goodbye forever - or maybe it may be-, you never know, one day I may have that passion and thirst back for writing, for fanfiction, for goodness knows what else that has to do with writing, and I may come back and spread what I have learnt. So I will definitely say goodbye and farewell for now, my lovelies, my sunshine’s my sweetheart’s, my sweetie’s, my follower’s and my supporter’s.

I wish nothing but the best for all of you, and I hope you find yourselves and what you would like to do in life. Never mind what other’s say, okay? Your dreams are valid and they are true, and you CAN accomplish anything as long as you believe in yourself. Opportunities come in many shapes and forms, as do blessings and I hope many miracles and blessings come into your lives. Thank you for ALWAYS blessing my life - to those who have on here - with such love and support, I truly respect, admire and love you all!

Remember to always be open and try something new. Take that first step. That first step may not always be as you expected or the happy break you were looking for, but persevere like all of our fictional character’s and inspirations, role models, etc. have taught us to do. Do not be afraid of change, but embrace it with grace, love and gratitude, because as one door closes, another door opens. As one page turns, another one begins. As one book ends, another one begins. As one thing begins, another one ends. Life continues on.

Never be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone, explore and create your life the way you would like it to be, because it takes courage to form your life with your interests. And NEVER EVER let ANYONE tell you that your dreams and goals, your aspirations, etc. are impossible, because they aren’t. I believe everyone has a purpose - and I don’t give a single damn if you give me hate for it - and I believe that we are all here for a reason. As long as you have courage, be kind, are accepting of other’s and receptive and just spread love and light, good will always come your way.

Remember, your thoughts create your reality and it is always daunting to begin that first step to achieve your dreams, etc. but all of those great people out there who have accomplished their dreams or are on the road to finding out or realizing their dreams have always carried on or overcome so much. Your life is amazing, no matter what you go through and never let anyone tell you that your views, opinions, beliefs, race, where you come from, your background, your life experience, etc. is worthless, dis-countable, appropriate to be undermined or stepped on, etc. because they are wrong. As long as you come from a place of love and goodness, you, your beliefs, etc. are valid and important and should be appreciated, accepted and so much more.

Accept all areas of yourself, explore your gifts, natural talents, or even begin things that you never thought you’d be good at, okay? Because you’d honestly surprise yourself. I’ve learnt that I am a creative, honest, loving, amazing person who has so much passion and good to share with this world. I have learnt that I am amazing at art, dancing, counselling and helping other’s, hair & beauty, fashion, interior decorating, scrap booking, shining some light in other people’s day, being a phenomenal friend and so much more, right? And you know what? I’m going to explore and stay open and not turn down these new opportunities, etc. that comes into my life because every day is a new day and life is what you make it and I’m choosing to make my life great.

I’m wishing you all a lot of love and blessing’s, peace and goodness in all forms and ways because I love each and every one of you wholly and fully. Visit my blogs at ANY time you’d like, read my imagines, look at my posts, etc. and I hope I’ve given and continue to give you inspiration, hope, admiration, light in your life and so much more. I hope I’ve been and continue to be a positive influence upon you all.

I love you all! Peace and love, lovelies. This is goodbye for now. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍- Admin Kat 💟

P.S. Please look at this blog and give this blog a shout out! This is going to be the last time that I shout out someone on this blog or anything, but I’m glad to help someone! ❤

Farewell, Sunshines! ❤