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I’m gonna post the whole story when I have the JPEG but let me just tell you right now this whole experience was as amazing as you think it is

yo yo so i got obs set up to work and set up my twitch so from now on i can stream over on twitch


Ginzura Week Prompts:

Friday Dec 4 :  “Childhood”
Saturday Dec 5 : “War”
Sunday Dec 6 : “Cosplay”
Monday Dec 7 : “Yorozura” (Yorozuya + Zura)
Tuesday Dec 8 : “Cats”
Wednesday Dec 9 : “Promise”
Thursday Dec 10 : “Modern AU”
Friday Dec 11 : “Future”

AO3 Collection

  • everyone: i like origins more than da2 because da2 is on such a smaller scale!! you spend the whole time in one city and it's so insignificant compared to saving all of ferelden from the blight!!
  • me: nah tho

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OF is winning in the polls and some of them are STILL complaining, because WA are in a good place right now. I don't know what to say.

Some ppl can never be happy smh. But I low-key/high-key want to beat them, just to see how they will react lol

I came home all cranky and stressed tonight and one of my cats came up and started rubbing on my legs for attention. And I was like NO! I don’t want to be touched or be affectionate right now! I sit down in front of my computer, intending to catch up on messages and email and OF COURSE the cat’s not taking no for answer and proceeds block my screen, walk all over my cintiq and generally just prevent me from working like he always does when he wants to be the center of the universe. So finally I grumpily picked him up and held him in a tight, grudging hold and said “HERE IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? WHY WON’T YOU LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE?!”

And the little fucker had the audacity to PURR and go boneless and then rub his face all over me and GOD I can’t even stay mad at you cuz you’r so cute aren’t you?! And I know you’re the type of cat who I had to work really hard to be this affectionate up until this point so it means a lot that your want my attention and…ugh why do you have to be so soft and know you’re flexing your claws cuz you’re resisting the urge to make biscuits on my shoulder cuz you love me and…

OK I’m not stressed anymore I feel better now, thank you cat.

listen I’m not even remotely fucking around, this blog is meant as a safe place to discuss and laugh about our struggles with executive dysfunction and to find a sense of community. This blog is meant to provide validation, resources, and humor, and I am NOT here for people trying to shut that down by misinterpreting and misrepresenting the scope of how disabling executive dysfunction can really be.

this started as a vent blog but I’ve gotten so many nice messages and tags from people so happy they’ve finally found an explanation for this intangible horror they’ve struggled with their whole lives, people who are learning to not hate themselves and to not feel so goddamn alone. I didn’t have any sense of any of that until my early 20s after a lifetime of struggling without knowing why, blaming myself and hating myself for being disabled.

I have words and resources and the pissy attitude to put those into action and that’s what I’m going to do here. It’s hard to advocate for yourself, and it’s hard to advocate for other people, especially about something you’re self-conscious about or hate about yourself or don’t have the words or resources to explain. So as long as this blog can serve as an effective platform, that’s what I’m gonna use it for. I’m sick of people stepping all over me and I’m sick of watching other people get stepped on.


shoutout to sadtit for tagging me in the 20 beautiful ppl thing also these selfies are old as hell

you guys are all gorgeous and amazing and ily so i’m tagging u communistbakery memejpg spixa laundryapocalypse bruhjpg buzzfeeds nerdjpg valiantbitch socrpio trashgf vampdun spinachoffical purplestt pianope lcuigi goggling germanshephercl connecticutest amishhumor and dennys (especially dennys)

Reading fics where louis is mean or rude and then just logging on to tumblr or twitter to see him doing something being his angelic self and you have to take a step back like woah … Was that the same person I was reading about !!! So moral of the story is … Stop writing him like that :)

Steve Rogers X Reader: Ticklish


     You threw a handful of popcorn at Steve and flashed a winning smile before he tackled you onto your couch yelling:

“Why you little!”

When Steve agreed to come over to watch a movie it would end in one of two ways. You two flat out ignoring the movie to mess around or sex.

Steve’s muscular body blanketed you as he moved his hands to your hips and moved his fingers.

You busted out laughing and grabbed your hips to shield them. Steve grinned.

“Ticklish?” He asked.

You shook your head no, knowing what would inevitably happen.

He quickly moved your hands and tickled your sides unrelentingly. You laughed until your chest hurt and you were all pink.

Steve removed his hands and you lightly punched his chest.

“That’s not cool! I don’t like being tickled, you bully.” You said playfully.

He sat up and put a hand on his chest then flashed his best offended face.

“Me? A bully? Well I’d never.” He said in a silly voice. He looked back at you with a very different kind of look and whispered:

“I guess I’ll have to make it up to you.”

Honestly ya’ll changing your URL’s like every week stresses me out lol