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Q  (About Steve’s checklist in CATWS): If you had to recommend anything for Steve, what would it be and why?S: The Godfather for sure, I mean, right? The Godfather and maybe cronuts? I don’t know.

Happy 32nd Birthday, Sebastian Stan!

{August, 13; 1982}.

winning season


because of this prompt from museelo and this picture [ao3]


When the final whistle blows, chanting erupts into cheers and screams and one distinct ‘fucking wankers!’,  the stadium bursting with white confetti and blue fireworks. She can already see it, the commentators yelling  ‘they’ve done it! Chelsea have won their second consecutive title!’ as fans of the opposing teams spew off on Twitter accusing the club to have bought their win. 

It’s all background noise though, with the groundsmen continuing to set the prize giving platform up with quick efficacy and the players making their laps around the field pulling out cheers from the crowd. The chants start up again, a hum of ‘Diego Costa! He scores when he wants! He scores when he wants!‘ rumbling through the stadium, and the man himself holds his arm up in thanks for the support as he makes his laps around the field. 

She notices how David fidgets in the plastic seat, sees how eager he is to run the camera onto the field, but they’ve gotten specific orders to wait after they get their medals. Emma places a hand on his bouncing knee shooting him a look to be patient. 

But for all her talk, her heart beats heavy with anticipation and she can’t help the how the grin on her face grows as the boys bite into their gold for the pictures. 

The moment the first player steps off the platform and back onto the field, they run.

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