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i can’t believe i swore i was done with this hell of a show like literally two seconds ago and then the news broke and i sold my soul again

just like that

one headline and i’m back

Katie McGrath everybody. this is what she does to people


Acting will never stop to amaze me…

Major Arcana : The Lovers

Love, values alignment, choices

“No, they’re not here. Yeah, understood…Detective Johnson! That’s what I thought. Okay. Thanks, Dan. Thank you.”
“Detective Jose, Detective - Clemenson, come in here.”

Complete 3-video compilation of the T-Birds’ “scene work” at Rydell PD from Jordan Fisher’s Snapchat (jordan_fisher)…the gripping cop drama where Aaron appears to be playing the police receptionist or something.


“But I can’t help but drive away from all the mess you made
You sent this hurricane now it won’t go away
And I promised I’d be there but you don’t make it easy
Darling please believe me”

Bee: “…will you stay?”
OP: “I believe I should return to Cybertron, and investigate this… new regime.”

OKAY. NOW I need a spin off like crazy. We know there’s at least a council up and about… and that the general consensus is not very pro-Optimus… it’s probably bitter neutrals, but!! Indulge me in some crack ideas…

What if Starscream is somehow calling the shots? Like perhaps he was working in secret before, and since Bee and ol’ Team Prime either left or were banished, he decided to become more blatant in their absence?!? Then it’ll be like the idw comics… imagine OP touching down and pleading with the leader of Cybertron to talk to him, to better understand their frustrations, and the chair swivels to fins— muther fukkin SCREAMER.

OOOO! What if Optimus frowns upon a neutral’s regime and finds Megatron!? Like -boom- lands right in front of him and is all: “Oh my god, Megatron, I’m glad I found you! They’ve fucked it up! They’ve fucked it up so much!!! This is literally the opposite of what we fought for!” and Megs is like: “I think I have one last fight in me– be it political or physical confrontation… LETS GO KICK THEIR NEWSPARK AFTS!!!”