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Since this blog reminds me of yeeem, I wonder how it would go if a Space Pirate met a Sangheili. Probably just worting and screeching and then a protracted war that ends in the Covenant collapsing again

then the planet got glassed the end

hectoor submitted to badly-drawn-ndrv3: new danganronpa v3 is my favorite zero escape game, i loved the twist on finding out who mod glurpr truly is!! it’s a vn masterpiece!!!!!!!

I am not emotionally prepared for the end of series 10 and the end of Capaldi’s doctor (at least the Christmas special is still to come). I felt like series 8 and 9 were “the Clara show featuring the doctor” and we didn’t get to see twelve in all his glory, it seemed as though he was having the timelord equivalent of a mid-life crisis (sonic sunglasses anyone?). With the exception of a few episodes it felt as though Capaldi/twelve was restrained from being his true doctor and we finally got to see him in series 10. It is as though this should be his beginning and not his end, we were cheated out of a great doctor.

“No, they’re not here. Yeah, understood…Detective Johnson! That’s what I thought. Okay. Thanks, Dan. Thank you.”
“Detective Jose, Detective - Clemenson, come in here.”

Complete 3-video compilation of the T-Birds’ “scene work” at Rydell PD from Jordan Fisher’s Snapchat (jordan_fisher)…the gripping cop drama where Aaron appears to be playing the police receptionist or something.

everyone on the duel links FB page is responding to a news post by bitching about arkana card drop rates and i’m just sitting here like TWO NEW LEGENDARY DUELISTS WHO ARE THEY GONNA BE???? ?? ?? ?? ? ? ????


Acting will never stop to amaze me…

chloesengel asked: max debryn or jim strange

I’m playing ME1 again to romance Garrus this time, and it’s amazing that all the other aliens on your team talk for ages about being an alien, what their peoples are like, what their histories and cultures are

but Garrus (the big dinosaur lion parakeet) is like “let’s talk about my police career” and he will only field questions about being in the space police

Garrus, buddy, we really need to talk about how you’re a big dinosaur bird alien. At least for 2 minutes. We have to address it. you’re my bro but I can’t let this slide, you’re the only Turian I know in the whole galaxy