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i used 2 like.. care a lot when i lost a bunch of followers but now i don’t even care i’m just surprised i have as many as i do. anyways just saying if you’ve been wanting 2 unfollow me fckin go for it it’s not gonna hurt my feelings . the only time i mind is when i lose followers directly after posting selfies like how .. rude y'all .

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Scenario Eldarya : Ezarel/Valkyon/Nevra 's reaction if Gardienne ask to stay over a his place for the night (does it makes sense? 😝)

I think I got it, Anon. Let me know if you wanted something different!


“So you’ve finally decided to join me in my bed?” Nevra teased, laughing at the blush that rose to your cheeks.

“No! Of course not!” He laughed again at your indignant reply, before posing his next question.

“Then why do you wanna stay over?”

“What, do you mind if I do?”

You evaded the question. Now his curiosity was peaked. For what reason would you avoid such an innocuous question? Theories and ideas swam through Nevra’s head, but in the end they were just that: theories.

If you weren’t going to tell him, than there was little he could do other than to let you stay. Even if his curiosity couldn’t be sated, didn’t mean you’d have to spend the night alone.

“I suppose not,” He hummed thoughtfully, “I guess I’ll see you in my room later then.”


“Ezarel, pleeease!”


You’d been bugging him about staying the night for some time now, and Ez was confused as to why. Wasn’t that ‘no mattress’ thing dealt with ages ago? Why did you feel the need to come into his space and sleep there?

“C’mon, Ez! It could be fun!” You chirp cheerily.

“I can’t see how.” He muttered drily, arms crossed as he faced you. “Besides, don’t you have your own bed to sleep in?”

“It’s not my bed I want to sleep in.” He spluttered for a second, red-faced as you giggled at him.

“I’m joking, Ez. I just didn’t want to sleep alone tonight, is all.”

“That’s not much better.” He grumped, glancing to the side as he reconsidered. It wasn’t going kill him (probably) and if it would make you feel less lonely at night then…

“You can stay over. Just keep your hands off my stuff, got it?”



“Wait, seriously?”

Valkyon didn’t know why you wanted to sleep in his room, as far as he knew there was nothing wrong with yours, but figured you had your reasons and agreed easily. Much your apparent confusion.

“Is that it? No questions?”

“None. Unless you want me to ask?” Valkyon hoped that you didn’t because he really didn’t want to play Eldarian Inquisition right now. If the reason were important, then he trusted that you would tell him. Otherwise, it was your personal matters and he wasn’t going to pry.

“No, no, I just… I thought you’d be a little more against this.”

“You’re just going to be sleeping, right? As long as you don’t disturb Floppy, I don’t have an issue.”

“Oh, okay. Thanks, Val.” He nodded, watching as you waved goodbye before going about his day.



  • Dad: Can't you just name the dog something normal?
  • Me: Like what?
  • Dad: I don't know. Like Cooper.
  • Me: Only if his first name can be Special Agent Alice.
  • Mom: What does that even mean?
  • Me: It means he's a federal agent disguised as a rock star disguised as a dog, Diane.
  • Dad: ...what?

Sneak Peak #1 for 2x04 is only a 90 second clip, and I have ALL THE FEELS ABOUT IT!!! 

  • Alec and Magnus openly together in the middle of the ops center
  • Alec telling Magnus that his presence was important in keeping him alive
  • Alec looking Magnus in the eye and saying thank you
  • Magnus asking about Jace, even though he’s uncomfortable about it
  • Alec’s pure soul is so sure that truth and justice will always prevail
  • Alec getting all twitchy and stuttering while trying to talk about dating
  • Magnus totally loving watching him flounder for words, but cutting in before it went from adorable to painful
  • Alec’s grin when Magnus talks about a first date
  • Magnus wanting to impress Alec by portalling to Marrakesh for dinner
  • That was totally Magnus giggling, and I will not be dissuaded from this opinion
  • Magnus being a dick to Raj
  • Alec grinning at Magnus being a dick to Raj
  • Alec making sure that Magnus is okay with postponing their date, like he actually would have left with Magnus during an emergency at the Institute if Magnus had asked him to
  • Magnus and Alec parting ways to be their own people, because these characters are more than just there for Malec

If I can have so many feelings about a minute and a half, this next episode is going to slay me.

(below: a gif of Malec in this sneak peak)

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it was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Good things:

1. yesterday a freshman girl came up to me after class and said “everytime you raise your hand I get excited because you make the best points that blow my mind.” It should be noted that after 3.5 yrs of school, debate & mock trial I am very articulate at this point, if nothing else my ability to express ideas is like pretty good. 

And it was a freshman girl?? Like, guys speak so much in class, and teachers call so much more on male students and if I can inspire young female students to speak out and show that it’s okay to be loud and have just as much to say as the guys than I am seriously happy.

2. my teacher: “Only one person in this class got 100%.”

me: lol, not me, I only studied two hours for that test.

test: 45/45, me: hot damn!! (it should be noted I’ve taken classes that have covered the exact same material as this boring ass class, but it’s still like…!!!)

Bad things:

1. I have no idea tf is going on in econ?? Like I’ve only ever got a D in one class and it’s microeconomics. I hate econ so much. I thought that havig to take it a second time would make it easy & put me ahead of the curve, but my brain just doesn’t wrap around any of it. Price elasticity: :((((

 2. My first section of my honors thesis is due Friday haha. Ten pages in two days. I mean I can 100% do it, but I want it to be good, this whole thing determines how I graduate and it’s the biggest thing that reflects me. But the thesis isn’t that groundbreaking or clever so I’m pretty bummed.