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Name: Allison

Nickname: Alli
Gender: female

Star sign: scorpio

Height: 5′3″?
Time right now: 16:20

Last Thing I googled: malachite

Fav bands: Boston, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Ghost

Fav solo artist: Sithu Aye?

Last movie I watched: I don’t remember
Blog Birthday: 2013
When did your blog reach its peak: now?

Do you have any other blogs: nope
Why did you choose your URL: I love Oliver Riedel, especially his beard
Hogwarts house: Slytherin 💚🐍 (same!)

Do you get asks regularly: not really

Fav colours: greens, lots of cool colors
Average hours of sleeping: about 9

Lucky numbers: 12
Fav characters: Locus, Agent Washington, Lorne Malvo, Wes Wrench, Gus Fring
What am I wearing: light green pj pants and a Rammstein shirt

How many blankets do I sleep with: 1

Dream Job: dead
Dream Trip: Switzerland
I taaaag: @cactiflowergirl @missqueen-b @automata-enthusiast @ddraconian-love @lein-wahliik and @dumbluck-and-pneumonia

For the sake of compositional balance and thoroughness.



1st Row: Christian Delcroix, Will Blum, Jordan Matthew Brown, Michael Buchanan, David O’Reilly

2nd Row: John Finley, Lee Slobotkin, A.J. Holmes, Nyk Bielak, Jon Bass

3rd Row: Cale Krise, Jared Gertner, Coby Getzug, Brian Sears, Cody Jamison Strand

4th Row: Ben Platt, Chris O’Neill, Conner Peirson, Josh Gad, Jay James Moody

……….now onto doing all the Elder Prices, all the Elder McKinleys, and all the Nabas. 


Organic veggies from the garden

With the wacky weather we’ve experienced this growing season in the Pacific Northwest (too wet and cold, and then bouts of extreme heat), our garden isn’t pumping out the vegetables at this stage of the game as typical. We ate every single sugar snap pea, but there were fewer. The radishes have peaked, and now we’re about ready to start eating the carrots. But the squash isn’t thriving and our tomatoes haven’t grown much. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out.

Lettering and creating artwork is keeping me busy, along with remodeling an exciting new studio. I’m painting so much these days, my skin is raw from trying wash off primer and latex paint from my hands and arms in the shower. I cook and bake as much as ever, however the time I used to spend writing and posting here has definitely taken a hit. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some balance that will include posting more often.

You are a successful Art critic who is slowly losing their sight. Your career is now at its peak, but no one seems to notice that you have been completely blind for the last year and a half.

okay but Alana and Evan being friends in middle school though

  • Alana likes Evan because he’s one of the few kids that actually listens to her and she can tell he’s listening because even though he doesn’t say much during their conversations, the few things he says make it clear that he’s actually absorbing the information she’s telling him.
  • Evan likes Alana because she doesn’t mind carrying the conversation by herself and she notices things. Like she notices when he’s feeling especially anxious and she won’t mention it, she’ll just treat him like normal and give him half of her zinger because Alana is a good friend like that. She noticed that he didn’t have a pen in class once because he didn’t have a lot of pens to begin with but Jared asked if he could borrow the one pen Evan did have and Evan didn’t want to tell him no, so he let him take it, leaving Evan with nothing to take notes with, and Alana just kind of casually set her most favorite pen on his desk like it was nothing and got another pen out of her bag and went back to taking notes and Evan stared at the pen for a little bit before he picked it up and started using it. He gave it back to Alana once the class was over and she just smiled and said “anytime, Evan” 
  • After the pen thing, Alana starts sitting in the cafeteria with Evan instead of going off to sit in teacher’s classrooms or the library at lunch. They don’t talk much because neither of them particularly want to yell to be heard over the roar of the cafeteria at lunch time, but they do their homework together or they read their books together and it’s nice. It’s like they both have a friend, and that’s really more than they ever hoped for in middle school
  • When it’s Alana’s birthday, she finally has someone she can invite over that she knows is coming over because they like her, not because they’re just being polite, and Evan brings her a gift that’s super carefully wrapped with sharply folded edges and like two pieces of tape and he’s super proud because he wrapped it himself after forcing Jared to play a YouTube video on how to properly wrap things like ten times because he wanted to get it just right and Alana’s parents take a ridiculous amount of pictures of them together and Evan’s voice cracks when they’re singing happy birthday and he looks all panicked for about two seconds before Alana and her parents start laughing and he laughs too because this doesn’t feel like they’re laughing at him, it feels like they’re laughing with him and that’s kind of nice
  • On Evan’s birthday, Alana’s parents, Heidi, and the two of them drive out to the national forest that’s like a half hour outside of town and they eat store bought birthday cake in the picnic area and then Alana and Evan go on one of the trails and get more than a little lost and end up taking the four mile trail instead of the two mile trail and it takes forever because Evan keeps stopping to point out a certain tree he really likes or to climb up one because he insists that the forest looks way cooler from up high and Alana laughs at him when he trips over tree roots or slips when he’s climbing over a fallen tree and face plants in a bunch of leaves and Evan doesn’t mind because Alana laughing at him is different than Jared laughing at him–it makes him feel kind of proud, like he’s finally the type of kid who can make his friend laugh
  • They go to one of the lame dances the school puts on together because Alana likes those kinds of things and Evan stands awkwardly in the corner the whole time and Alana stays with him, content to spend the dance chatting with her friend and not making a fool of herself on the dance floor. She only forces him to dance once the whole night and it’s at the end, when everyone’s gone except for the clean up crew, and it’s awkward and it’s really just the two of them jumping beside each other, but it makes Alana happy and she won’t stop talking about how fun the dance was when her parents come to pick them up and Evan thinks it’s cool that Alana can get so much enjoyment out of jumping up and down for five minutes
  • Evan’s constantly at Alana’s house over the summer. She drags him along to all her summer activities–she makes him volunteer at the animal shelter with her and Alana doesn’t think she’s ever seen Evan as happy as he was when he got to hold one of the kittens and it licked his hand a little bit. She drags him with her to Bible camp even though his family isn’t religious and he wins a hat because he memorized the Bible verse of the day each day for a week because he thought that was required but apparently it was not, She forces him to come to the beach with her and her parents and Evan spends half the day refusing to take his shirt off and only takes it off near the end of the afternoon because it’s sopping weight and it’s starting to chafe. They make a sand castle that Evan promptly destroys by accidentally stepping on it and Alana throws a fistful of sand at him even though she’s not really mad, she was honestly kind of expecting it, and then Evan dumps the bucket of sea water he got to fill the moat on her head and things get real. The day ends with both of them covered in wet sand and Alana’s parents trying to figure out how to get them in the car without getting everything sandy

idk I just like the idea of Alana and Evan being lonely middle schoolers together

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Black Hat and Flug go shopping for food and Black Hat is DISGUSTED with Flug's taste

Does this work?

I call it:

Hey Black Hat, what the fuck?? 

417 words of bullshit

Flug thought back on all his choices in life. He just, really contemplated them, wondering how it was that he had reached this point. Where had he gone wrong? Was it becoming a scientist instead of a lawyer like his mom had wanted? Finally deciding to go for that doctorate? Applying to work for a demon?

Actually, no, it was pretty obviously that last one. His bad.

Now though, he stood staring as Black Hat, famous criminal, known villain, probably on several watch-lists, stood in front of his grocery cart in their local Walmart, smiling widely and holding out an entire birthday cake.

“It’s not anyone’s birthday is it?” Flug asked, raising an eyebrow.

“No,” Black Hat replied, “but I want it. So…”

“You don’t need –  “

“Oops,” Black Hat said, tossing the cake into the cart. “Slipped right out of my hands.”

Flug sighed, and just continued forward.

This repeated several times, with various foods – from anchovies to pistachios, and even what looked like an entire leg of beef. Where did he even get that?

“Oh no, I’m not touching that,” Flug said, reeling back from it slightly and scrunching up his face as Black Hat approached from out of nowhere again, smiling widely and brandishing the hunk of raw meat.

“Okay,” Black Hat replied, shrugging, smirking and dropping it in the increasingly filling grocery cart of ridiculous groceries.

“Please tell me you at least cook – “ But Black Hat was gone again, racing down another isle like an overly excited child.

Flug was starting to wonder if he was just doing this to freak him out.

When Black Hat came back again with a cantaloupe, Flug just watched in disbelief. He sighed, not reacting, and just continued on his way. When Black Hat began to hover behind him though, he wondered if refraining from reaction was the best choice. He did it anyway though.

Finally, he reached the breakfast isle, smiling slightly as he picked out his favorite box of cereal.

“Urgh,” he heard behind him, and turned to see Black Hat making a disgusted face, sticking his long tongue out. “You don’t actually eat that filth do you?”

At that point, Flug just threw the box directly at his boss’s head and turned to leave, ignoring Black Hat’s indignant yelp and his “Wait Flug come back, I didn’t mean it. Well I did because that’s disgusting but – wait Flug please, Flug, dear, Flug,” as he marched straight out of the store.