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8 for Klarisse :>

#8 || A Party Outfit

((Klarisse isn’t really into dressing up and going to parties but every now and then she’ll go just to have fun. Also don’t mind the shoes, Mun was tired and lazy.))

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I somehow find the 2D art of Tadashi to be lazy... like IDK... it looked no amount of effort was put into making Tadashi look like the one we had in theaters.

I wish I could say that I agree, but I don’t sorry. Still, I will do some comparisons because that seems fun! 

So here we have a side-by-side. Now, I have to say that one of my first thoughts (between all the internal screaming) was whoa the ears are completely spot on. So continuing with the facial features, there’s really not much I can nitpick on. The shape of his chin is great, the nose is long, his eye shape is great, he’s got a cute, dorky smile, his hair is looking good. The shape of the eyebrows are good too. I wouldn’t be upset if they were just a tad bit thicker, but they’re good

Now, moving onto the outfit. They have everything in here that he usually wears. The signature hat, a t-shirt, cardigan and blazer. Now, I almost wanted to say I’m upset that the San Fransokyo Ninjas logo isn’t on the shirt. But then I remembered….

….he does have a plain white shirt. 

I don’t have any issues with the cardigan or blazer. 

Maybe it has something to do with his posture? I feel like his head is leaning down a little bit, but maybe that’s just for the sake of the picture? 

I will say that the one thing that is bothering me is the SFN logo on his hat. If you look at the comparison above, you can clearly see that it’s there, but it’s not in its usual red and yellow color. 

Although it is in color here. I’m just going to say that it might be an animation error in the picture. Maybe it’ll be in color if there’s another scene that shows the picture. Maybe it won’t. I don’t know.

Overall, I think 2D Tadashi looks great! He looks better than how I was picturing him, so that’s that. I’m going to give the animators/character designers the benefit of the doubt. This photograph may be one of their first times drawing Tadashi. I have a feeling he’ll look good if we do see more of him somehow 

Dolan's New Neighbor Part II - Requested

Part I

I went back upstairs to go shower after moving all of the boxes. As soon as I got out, your mom called your name from the bottom of the stairs. I poked my head out of my bedroom door and replied, “yes.” “We’re going over to our neighbors tonight for dinner. Where something casual but not like what you wore earlier today. Also our neighbors have a daughter a couple years older than you and two sons who are the same age. Hurry up because we’re leaving in half an hour,” my mom said while walking away.

I ran to my boxes trying to find something nice to wear. Now that I knew I was going to be having dinner with Ethan, I knew I had to look nicer than before. My eyes found the box with all of my shirts in it and found a neon orange long sleeve shirt with an open back. I paired it with white shorts I got from Hollister. [outfit] Now onto shoes I thought. My black sandals with a gold bow would look good with this, so I went searching for them and found them after going through three boxes. [shoes]

My hands searched for my phone, so I could check what time it was. The gold back shined as it sat on my bed. I brought myself up to my legs to get my phone. I clicked the home button and saw that I had fifteen minutes left. I took my makeup bag and ran into my bathroom. I put on some eyeliner and mascara and headed downstairs to meet the rest of my family. My mom was running around trying to make sure that she had the dessert that she was bringing over while arguing with my dad about what wine to bring.  I saw my older brother sitting on the couch watching TV, so I made my way over to them and plopped down next to Alex while Jack was on his phone.  

I unlocked my phone and saw that I had a text from Ethan. It said, “So I guess you’re the family that I’m having dinner with tonight?” I replied, “I guess so haha.” A few minutes later my phone buzzed again, and it was Ethan. “My mom said that you guys can come over now if you want cause she’s almost done with dinner.” Before I responded, I yelled for my mom. She came running into the room with a panicked look. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “Oh nothing’s wrong, but Ethan said we can go over now because his mom is almost done with dinner,” I explained. “Oh ok, well your father and I are just finishing getting ready, but I want the three of you to go over now and give them the cookie dish. Alex, go into the kitchen and get the plate of cookies. Jack, you take the bottle of wine, and (Y/N), do your usual and charm the shit out of them ok?” I laughed and said, “Yeah, we got it.” She ran back upstairs shouting about looking for an earring.

Jack, Alex, and I made our way across the lawn and over to Ethan’s house. Ethan opened the door and let us in. I followed my brothers and turned to Ethan and said, “Oh yeah, Ethan, my mom said that she just had to finished getting ready, so she’s going to be here a little later with my dad. Also We have these cookies for dessert.” Ethan just stared at me without saying anything. Ever since I said his name. ‘Is he just going to pretend that he didn’t know me’ I thought.

All of a sudden it was like his brain had turned on. “I’m not Ethan,” he said. I’m Grayson his identical twin, but you could probably tell,” he said while smiling. “Ah ok this makes more sense now,” I said laughing along with him. Then I heard footsteps come down the steps. I looked up and saw Ethan, and he immediately said hi to me. Grayson shot a look at Ethan, but I decided to ignore it. We stood there for a few minutes before Grayson called his sister Cameron down to meet us. She was a year younger than my brother Alex, so we figured they could do something together. Alex had just turned 22 and was happily texting his girlfriend Amy for the past week.

When Cameron came down the stairs James couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. She came down and introduced herself. We all introduced ourselves before Grayson suggested we go sit in their basement while we wait for his mom to finish dinner.

Cameron led the way with James walking with her. I was walking with Grayson and Ethan, and Alex was following us constantly looking back down at his phone. We got down to the basement and Ethan grabbed my hand and led me to a part with a couch and a TV. He sat down, and I took the seat next to him.

“So (Y/N), tell me about yourself,” Ethan started while pretending to be an interviewer. I opened my mouth to talk, and right as I was about to speak, I felt weight being applied to the spot next to me. I turned and saw that it was Grayson. He smiled at me as I leaned back, so I could talk to the both of them at once.

“Well as you already know I just moved here. Um… I didn’t move out of state or anything; I’ve always lived in New Jersey. My favorite color is green. I love winter and fall. I play softball, and I can kind of play lacrosse-”

“Oh hey I play lacrosse too,” Grayson interrupted.

“Oh well I’m not really that good. My friend just started teaching me like a month ago, and all we ever did was passing back and forth. I can’t really do anything besides that,” I replied sheepishly.

“Well I can teach you. I play too,” Ethan said turning my attention back to him.

“That’d be really cool,” I said right before their mom called us upstairs for dinner. The three of us walked back up together. I saw my mom help set up the table for us while my dad was talking about sports with Mr. Dolan.

We all sat down for a while just listening to our parents talk. “So (Y/N), I hear you’re in the same grade as Ethan and Grayson,” Mrs. Dolan began to say. “Oh yeah I am,” I said. Mrs. Dolan then took her fingers and pointed between Ethan and Grayson and said, “You two better be nice to her and show her around town.” “Don’t worry, mom. We were already gonna do that,” Grayson said.

I smiled at the thought that the Dolans already cared about me even though they just met me.

We had all finished dinner and were waiting on our parents to finish, but they’ve been talking so much that it looks like they haven’t even touched their plates. Mr. Dolan had noticed and told us that we could go, and they’ll call us back down when it was time for dessert.

Ethan got up and picked up his plate. I was about to pick up mine when he did for me and said, “Don’t worry I got it.” I smiled and whispered, “Thanks.” I followed him without noticing that Grayson was following us too. Once we got to the kitchen and Ethan put our plates in the dishwasher, he turned to Grayson and said, “Hey Gray, can you show (Y/N) to my room? I think I forgot my phone on the table.” Grayson nodded and showed me up the stairs into Ethan’s room.

He sat down on the bed and told me to come sit next to him. “So (Y/N), what shall we do?” Grayson asked trying to eliminate the awkward silence. I laughed and said, “I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me about yourself now?” “Ugh but (Y/N) that’s so much effort. I have to think of what facts to say,” Grayson whined. I laughed again and said, “How about we play 20 questions?” Grayson looked at me for a few seconds squinting his eyes before opening them even wider and screaming, “(Y/N), you’re a genius!” I couldn’t stop laughing at him. Grayson was just such a funny person. “Ok so (Y/N), you said that you moved here from another town in New Jersey. Now could you please answer what town you are from?” “I used to live in Short Hills.” “Dayum girl you lived in Short Hills? My mom always drags us to the mall there. She says she likes the classy feel.” “Yeah a lot of people say that.”

The door creaked, and we both turned our heads to see Ethan walk through the door. “Gray, mom said she wants you downstairs for something,” Ethan said while walking over to the bed.

Grayson got up and walked out of the door and shutting it behind him. “I’m sorry I left you with him and for anything he said that you did not approve of,” Ethan said jokingly. “No, it’s fine. We were just talking,” I reassured him. Ethan and I sat and talked about school, the town, and his friends. He said that they were gonna come over tomorrow, and I should come over to meet them too.