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Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:  835
Requested by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing:  Your requests thing. How about Y/N is working on SPN (actor or crew anything you like) Single!Jensen tries to help her out with different small things but she is too proud to take any help plus it annoyes her. She feels he things she is doing a bad job. She can’t see it is just his way to spend time with her, until he gets so frustrated with her that he just blabbers that he likes her and takes her completely by surprise (surprise me with the ending :P But fluff would be nice lol) 

         You were walking toward set for your last scene of the day when you saw Jensen walking toward you. You had enjoyed working with him and Jared when you first started on the show, but now, you weren’t so sure.

           “Hey, Y/N,” Jensen smiled at you.

           “Hey,” you tried to smile back.

           “I was wondering if you’d like to run lines with me tomorrow before we start filming?” he asked.

           “I think I’m good on my lines for tomorrow,” you said. This was what you were talking about. You knew cast members ran lines together a lot, but it was like Jensen insisted on always asking if you wanted to. It was like he didn’t think you were capable of learning your lines or being able to perform like you needed to.

           “Oh,” he said, “Well, okay. Umm … did you want me to get your gun for you?” he asked.

           “I can get it,” you said.

           “Sure,” he nodded, “Well, I’ll see you on set then.”

           “Yeah,” you said, “See ya on set.”

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Jensen please😍😍 - @atc74

Jensen laid back and opened his eyes as you rolled off of him, sweat-slicked and out of breath.

“You good?” He turned and looked at you, a wide grin on his face.

“I’m fuckin’ great, Ackles.” You sighed, giggling afterwards.

“Yeah, me too.” He rolled onto his side and slung his arm over your waist.

“When are we gonna tell Jared?” You rolled toward him and snuggled into his chest.

“Don’t say your brother’s name while you’re in bed with me.” Jensen faked a gag.

“Oh c’mon. We have to tell him soon…” You pulled back and looked up into the gorgeous green eyes you’d fallen in love with during your time in Vancouver.

“Yeah, I know. But right now, let’s just keep this between us. You’re too good to share, and the last thing I want is him going all big brother on me.” He chuckled.

“Me too. He could totally kick your ass.” You joked, shoving Jensen’s chest, noticing the tattoo that hadn’t worn off from the shirtless scene he’d filmed yesterday. “Hey, this is nice. I think you should get a real tattoo.” 

“What? No way. Not my thing… at least, not yet.” He shrugged.

“What does that mean?” You creased your eyebrows.

“I mean - it’s just - I vowed I’d never get a woman’s name tattooed on me and nothing else in my life means enough to me right now to get it permanently etched into my skin, ya know? Only thing I’d ever consider would be something involving our future kids.” He brushed hair out of your face. 

You didn’t miss it. He said ‘our future kids.’ Jensen wanted a future with you.

“We keep goin’ at it like this and kids are gonna be around a lot sooner than you think.” You chuckled, shaking your head and wiggling your eyebrows.

“Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad.” He whispered, pulling you close and kissing the top of your head.

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I’ve been asked to share my story here. I’ve commented bits and pieces of it when it seemed relevant on posts, but I’ve never told the whole thing before, so here goes:

I didn’t have it easy growing up: I lived with an abusive parent and spent my teenage years struggling with anorexia and then bulimia, whilst cutting myself and eventually becoming suicidal. When I moved away to college, rather than finding the freedom I’d hoped for, my depression only got worse. Then I discovered Supernatural.

I quickly caught up (watched seasons 1-8 in a month) and then a week after finishing I suddenly realised that I hadn’t cut myself, I’d eaten good healthy meals and been genuinely happy for that whole week. I’d always admired Sam greatly and identified with him to a certain point, I knew even then that this monumental shift in my thinking was due to his amazing example of perseverance through adversity and fighting for the good in this world even when it seemed hopeless. In retrospect (and after many a re-watch) I now know that the line that caused this turn around was from 7x04 Defending Your Life: “I finally feel like my past is my past and I can move on with my life.”

At first, after this first good week in years, it was hard not to relapse, but it seemed like if I did it would be betraying Sam and this miracle that he had done me. Then I went online to investigate the fandom and discovered the incredible SPNFamily. I soon realised that Jared is just as amazing as Sam and it became my dream to be able to go to a convention and thank him in person for changing my life. The thought of doing that is what I held onto when the road to recovery was hard, but I can proudly say that it’s been over two years now and I have not once relapsed and that is all down to Jared and the wonderful character he portrays.

But that’s not all Jared’s done for me. 

Despite now having lived away from home for six years, my biggest fear (really my only fear) was my abusive mother. On the rare occasions where I did have to see her - Christmas, grandmother’s birthday etc - I would spend the entire train ride to my hometown silently crying. When I got off the train (and at any time during the encounter I was struggling) I would imagine Sam was walking with me, holding my hand, and that gave me just enough courage to make it through the time I was there. Over the years, every time I re-watch season 1, I’ve noticed myself shifting from the way Dean blindly follows his father’s orders to the way Sam stands up to him and argues for what he thinks is right. Very recently I finally found the courage to stand up to my mother and confront her over the way she treated me as a child. We’re not quite there yet, but things have definitely improved and I do have genuine hope that one day we will be able to have a good mother/daughter relationship. Again, thank you Jared and Sam for making something that seemed impossible come true.

Finally (if anyone’s still reading), there was the time last November when everything went to shit and I nearly killed myself. I’d thought that I was in a good place, stable mentally and emotionally, and so was excited when I had the chance to move to another country for work. I was not prepared for the return of my depression along with crippling anxiety. I was having weekly panic attacks, I was so terrified that I’d made a mistake in something that I was unable to check my email or listen to my voicemail. I felt like a complete failure of a person and that just by being alive I was a burden to everyone around me and that they were constantly wishing I wasn’t there. I would spend the entirety of my work day counting down the seconds til I could leave, but then get back to my apartment and wish I were dead because being alive was so painful. I couldn’t even sleep because I felt so paranoid, but I didn’t even know what I was scared of. Just that I was shaking and had a pain in my chest that nothing would get rid of. Then one day when I was just staring out the window at the city (my apartment was on the 7th storey) it occurred to me how easy it would be to jump and end it all. I got up and walked to the window. I opened it. I took a deep breath and prepared myself, then another miracle happened. 

I had a flash of memory of Jared at a recent convention talking to a fan who was struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. This is what Jared said to her: “Getting rid of yourself won’t help anyone. Keep fighting, even if you don’t know what you’re fighting for, one day it’ll become clear.”

It was Jared’s voice I was hearing in my head so I automatically listened. Then the words sank in and I was immediately overwhelmed with the knowledge that I didn’t want to die. That I wanted to live, and it didn’t matter if I’d been through hard times, I wanted to be like Sam and keep fighting for good and to help others wherever I could.

Since that moment I’ve never once thought about killing myself again and I know now that I never will. I’ve come to accept that yes, some days will be more difficult than others, but even when those days happen I just think about all the amazing the things Supernatural and the SPNFamily has done and it doesn’t seem so hard to carry on. 

I always enjoyed writing and now I focus my efforts on writing SPN fics dealing with triggering topics and the response I’ve had of people saying how I’ve helped them or made it possible for them to make it to tomorrow has been truly overwhelming. “I’m not some hero who can just hit the road to go fight monsters” but I’m trying to follow both Jared and Sam’s example to do a little good and help people where I can. 

I guess what I really want to say is: THANK YOU JARED for bringing such a truly inspirational character to life through your incredible hard-work and talent. You’ve definitely made the “saving people” part of the family business true in real life as much as on screen and the response to the #Always Keep Fighting campaign is proof of that. I wouldn’t be here today if you hadn’t said those words, and I know the same goes for so many people in the SPNFamily. So, thank you.


guys. if i know anything by now - it’s that every thing you do in life should have a lesson. a teachable moment. it’s how we grow and evolve and enlighten ourselves as human beings, higher-minded individuals, how we continue to engage ourselves and enrich society.

what have i learned after spending a bit of time gif'ing 2006 Jared’s moment of infatuation with a broccoli bouquet seconds before jumping out onto a stage?

it’s that when he’s ready to walk down the aisle & we’ve got “Closer” queued up on the ol’ iTunes Library in our DJ laptop, he’s gonna make the goddamn prettiest vegan-bride ever.