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Each member of One Direction is now worth at least £50m
The five members of One Direction – all aged 25 or under – are each worth at least £50million. They have sold ten shares in their company, 1D Media, for £70,131,909

As the baby-faced schoolboys nervously shuffled around the X Factor stage, warbling slightly off-key, few could have predicted they would go on to become global superstars.

But seven years on, and all still aged 25 or under, the five members of One Direction are each worth at least £50 million.

A year after announcing their ‘semi-retirement’, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik have sold 10 shares in their company, 1D Media, for £70,131,909 – the equivalent of £14,026,381 each – according to records filed with Companies House.

None of the group ever needs to work again as they are also still rolling in royalties from two of their other companies, Rollcall Touring and PPM.

In addition, each member has gone on to sign lucrative solo record deals, taking their individual worth to £50 million or more each.

Two of the singers – Styles, 23, and Tomlinson, 25 - are also pursuing successful extracurricular ventures in film and television respectively.

Last night a source who worked closely with One Direction said: ‘Almost from the off the boys were extremely canny when it came to matters of the purse.

‘They received sound financial advice straight away, and none of them have been reckless with their earnings.

‘The plan was always to get to this situation, and have the freedom to pursue what they really wanted. In ten years’ time, they could easily be worth £100 million each. It really is quite incredible.’

Undoubtedly the most successful of all the X Factor roster, One Direction were put together on Simon Cowell’s ITV show in 2010.

Although the quintet only came third in the competition – losing out to that year’s winner, Matt Cardle – over 17 million viewers watched the final and the band were immediately signed by Cowell’s Syco label.

One Directions established themselves as teen favourites. Obsessed fans began self-harming when Malik, 24, quit in March 2015, and helplines were set-up when the group declared they were taking a hiatus last January.

They have won six Brit awards and sold over 20 million records worldwide.

They also managed to conquer the notorious tough US market, becoming pin-ups on both sides of the Atlantic.

In 2015 it was revealed the group had earned £105 million over the course of the year, making them the wealthiest boyband in British history, and last year all five members made the Sunday Times under-30 rich list.

The singers have enjoyed the trappings of fame, including numerous five-star holidays, designer wardrobes and, between them, a fleet of luxury supercars.

But they have also invested their money wisely, with properties both here and in America and, in the case of Styles, artwork worth millions.

Last night their representatives declined to comment.  


The story of Rainbow Bears, who are now iconic figures in the One Direction fandom, is rooted far in 2014. Namely, on may 30, 2014. On this memorable day, one of the fans threw on the stage a Teddy bear rainbow coloring hair. Bear did not immediately flew to the scene - the way he crashed into one of the guards, which caused a smile on the beautiful lips of Harry Styles. Later Bear, with full honors, as befits a future king plush showbiz, was delivered on stage to the feet of Harry Stiles, at the time still the current king of showbiz.
Early in his career, the Bear has not yet been RBB (Rainbow Bondage Bear), wearing bondage on him was after, but we don’t know for whom, Harry, or Louis.
So it looks newborn rainbow Bear before he became the RBB:

A little later, the Bears found a friend, SBB (Sugar Bear Bondage), I don’t know where. In the end the Bears (RBB&SBB) are present at every concert, and their furry personality overgrown with legends. From July 2015, their absence at the concert was seen by fans as a cause for concern. And it is, in fact, sometimes it is!

At the moment, RBB & SBB are unofficial mascots of the group, but I, personally, think that they need to produce in the rank of the official mascots.
It is considered that the RBB is the embodiment of Harry, and SBB is the embodiment of Louis.
There are a lot of very compelling evidence

Fandom using all your (highly appreciated Liam) deductive and analytical skills, trying to figure out who is behind the Bears, who dresses up, puts especially, who steers the OFFICIAL TWITTER of Teddy BEARS!

Taken as proved that steers the Twitter Louis. Presumably, care about the outfits and the accessories (always having meaning) themselves personally, Harry and Louis!

There was a time when people believed that Josh Devine, the drummer of the group, as he was photographed with a Bear and was the first subscriber on his Twitter account. BUT! As it turned out, it was used only to assure fans of the AUTHENTICITY of Twitter Bears, which currently does not exist.
Later, Josh wrote that he is NOT dealing with Bears.

The guards for some time it was STRICTLY forbidden to touch the Teddy Bears!
Later, the Bear was put in charge of private security.
In addition, at the last concert, in October 2015, they were sent the rays of powerful spotlights GREEN and BLUE colors.

The bears gave the fans to link your phone, it is possible to call, write SMS, you can write an e-mail that will be free. Ie the BEARS in this VIDEO DIRECT, INFORMAL communication with your fans. Neither band did that for his fanbase!!!
Pay attention to it! This is very important!

15 year old me meeting 20 year old me

15 year old me: So, did you get into the school of your dreams? Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, I don’t know? Do you have a drivers’ license? Do you have a car? Did you move out? Are you happy with your life?

20 year old me:

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Harry Styles + Cocky/Smug Moments

Louis tweeting Harry happy birthday is fucking EMOTIONAL okay??? Those two had an undeniably close bond in the early days of the band, and over the years it’s stretched and withered and hidden itself and morphed and been tried by people putting something on it other than what it was. 

But they have grown. And gotten older. And changed. And Louis has had a son. And they have both lost people they loved. And they may not be those same boys who moved into the most garish flat in all of London together. But their hearts are the same. And the love and friendship forged in the fires of what they went through has brought them out on the other side to where they can be there for each other. To mourn and to celebrate. Publicly. 

And that’s some beautiful shit right there.