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Anon: So I’m new to this whole yuzuvier otp/brotp thing and I was wondering what the highlights of their friendship are and if they are still as close and playful with each other in 2017 and now 2018? 

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Hello! First of all, welcome! So get ready for some fluffy things ahead ;)

Their friendship started when Yuzuru moved to Canada to train under Brian Orser, with his training mate Javier (and they got close lol who’s language barrier??? they don’t know her???

They got even more close


So adorable and respectful towards each other

Quality hug

This is why  medal ceremonies are iMPORTANT :’) much cute

And then Worlds 2015 came 

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The important thing is it appears the Rose and Terezi arc is available now. So you click on that and read it. 

If this thing breaks one more time, I’m going to repost all the leprechaun romance stuff here instead.

I’m going to make a bold prediction and say we’re going to get another look at the leprechaun romance stuff soon.

(But hey, we finally have non-glitchy versions of all three character select screens!)

I love Roxas so much. I don’t think I’ve colored a picture of him in my sketchbook in a long time. He’s such an important character to me though. It reminded me of when I was younger and I was so lonely I’d draw him and his friends all the time like how Namine drew Sora and manipulated his memories so he’d come rescue her. I always wanted Roxas to come rescue me. Then Riku. Then my character Kayta. I think I’m more grounded in reality now. And it’s for the better. There are so many things that make me smile now that I don’t need to latch on to them anymore even though I’ll still obsessively love them forever haha. That probably doesn’t make sense lol I don’t know why I felt like sharing that. Just been talkative lately I guess. Now I wanna watch 358/2 Days. ❤

For True Satanists

Know that this Blog is the ‘real thing’ … too long now has Satanism been tarnished with those who deny Satan’s existence, I have Worked with Satan and His Demons for years and believe me His power is real and ineffable … the Satanic Rites and Black Arts being revealed here are those that are practiced in the clandestine underground Satanic Occult Cabals and they explore and relay the darkest and most Unholy of Rites long forbidden by the Orthodox Churches and hidden by the secretive Practitioners of the Old Ways of Satanism.
There is a conflict that has raged throughout the realms since the inception of all things and it is once more rising to a new apex of power, that those who seek the true knowledge of Satanic Black Magick should have a place to access it is of great importance … gather now Infernal Kindred, for the Call of Our Lord Satan is strong and the Grimoire Malediction and the Order The Black Lodge Of Satan are the answer to this Call … .

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Not gonna lie, every artist has their faults. I know one of mine is giving female characters ‘same face’, it’s an issue I’m working on and practicing right now. There is no shame in recognizing that there are things that you need to work on. It’s growth. Noticing that you need to change is great because that means you are seeing more than you did yesterday and it’s a step forward.

Goodnight, I sleep, but before I sleep I just wanna say that I love you so much and I’m proud of u for existing today and doing important things

I hope you see a dog tomorrow and have many more good things happen, okok now I sleep™

I keep seeing posts and tweets like this becoming more common…

And I’m just curious about you guys’ thoughts on this?

The biggest thing I’m wondering is… why is this becoming such an issue now?

I’ve become pretty desensitized to naked art of fictional, animated characters.**

(**”Animated” is the important part here. Animation, books/comics, video games, etc. Basically anything not live-action. When it’s a live-action character, things get more complicated because the character may be portrayed by an actor who is a minor, and that’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed because it’s involving a real person at that point.)

When I first joined tumblr, I saw fanart involving smut and nudity of teenage anime characters a lot. I remember being like “uhh that’s kinda weird, I’m just gonna scroll passed that.” 

But I never thought “ugh the artist who did that is a disgusting pedo, sexualizing minors with this drawing!” 

To me, nsfw artists’ intentions never seem… gross or vulgar. Like I think most people who draw nudity just… want to draw nudity. And they pick a fictional character who happens to be a teenager as their subject. It’s not that deep or ill-intentioned.

No one else seemed to make a big deal about it either back then. People tagged “nsfw” properly and put warnings. Others were really kind and would explain xkit and Tumblr Savior to people who didn’t want to see nsfw so they could block it. 

No one made serious accusations of “you’re disgusting for sexualizing a minor.” It was like “oh you drew the anatomy in this really well!” 

I could understand someone facing backlash for drawing a 10 year old character, a pre-pubescent minor in that manner. But a 16 year old fictional character? Not a big issue. Teens have sex and make innuendos all the time among friends. It only makes sense that teenage fictional characters would do the same.

So I’m just so baffled as to why now people are making such a fuss about someone drawing nsfw art of animated characters who are teenagers.

Also… there are teenage fans/artists who draw teenage characters nude and in smut art. Are they not allowed to do so? People don’t always reveal their ages online. With the mindset of this tweet, it’s just a matter of time before someone starts a witch hunt on some no-age user for making a sexual comment about a fictional 16 year old, only to find out that the user is a 16 year old themself. Then what? It’s a waste of time and energy on a honestly, kind of unproductive endeavor. 

You know what disgusts me more than fanart of a teenage anime characters? The p0rn bots that follow me with the word “teen” in the url. The p0rn bots who invade the tags with spam links to watch “teenagers” or “check out these hot 18-year-olds” with a p0rn gif. It’s gross that they’re using actual teenagers to try to draw in clicks. I don’t watch p0rn but I’m sure the “18 year old, fresh out of high school” gimmick is quite popular. That right there is disgusting, and that right there is what these people should be fighting against if they actually do care about not sexualizing minors and teenagers.

Outside of that, there are people online preying on real life minors every day. And online predators can use literally anything to groom children. Smut art of an anime ship isn’t a predator’s first go-to. If anything, online predators are gonna jump straight into sexting with a minor, showing them p0rn, etc. That’s why it’s important to teach minors the kinds of online interactions that are and are not okay.

I think people need to worry more about that, and less about the kind of fanart people draw. In the grand scheme of things, nsfw fanart of animated, fictional characters is one of the least dangerous parts of the internet. 

Everything I do now, I do to please Allah. I conquered the world and it didn’t bring me true happiness. The only true satisfaction comes from honouring and worshipping God. Time passes quick. This life is short, I see my daughter Maryum. Yesterday, she was a baby, now she’s grown and is ready to get married. Everyday is a judgement for me. Every night when I go to bed, I ask myself: ‘If God was to judge me on what I did today, would I go to heaven or hell?’ Being a true Muslim is the most important thing in the world to me. It means more to me than being black or being American. I can’t save other people’s soul, only God can do that. But I can try to save mine. - Muhammad Ali ️

the best part about producing is it taught me how to communicate effectively and efficiently. like my hatred of real estate is unreal but the skills i’ve gained as a producer are now assisting me greatly on the real estate end, just like when i first started producing my skills as a property manager transferred over seamlessly. i knew how to handle things under fire and operate under pressure but i wasn’t very good at follow up or supervising a job and communicating swiftly — producing and my love for it taught me the importance of just that and despite the fact i’m juggling both right now at critical moments in each, the mental switch of my brain going from one to the other has never been more efficient or effective

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I used to think I was crazy. I had a LDR with this gal once and i always wanted to Skype and stuff and she would tell me "well but I want to hang out with people, you can't expect me to give up plans with real people to sit on my computer" and I felt like I was the problem for wanting to Skype her once a week or more. But... that seems to be what you'd suggest and I just feel better? (We didn't work and she was bad for me but I'm engaged and with my lovely fiancee for 3 years now!)

It’s important that both the people in the relationship take it just as seriously. Just because it’s a long distance relationship it doesn’t make it any less of a “real” relationship - it seems as if this ex girlfriend of yours didn’t value what you had as a regular relationship.

Everyone wants different things out of a relationship - personally, I want to be with my girlfriend as often as I simply can, and I wish that she feels the same (which she does). This does obviously not mean that sometimes I’ll choose to hang out with friends instead of staying in skyping her, and the same goes for her. 

The fact that she implied that she doesn’t even see you as a “real person” is quite troubling, though. I don’t think you were the problem, especially not judging by the fact that you wanted to skype her. The way she acted seems pretty disrespectful. 

I’m glad you’re with someone better suited for you now - I wish you both all the best!!

/ Mod W

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sorry, but do you have any tips for making poses/ full bodies? Whenever i try i end up giving up and crying. If you don't wanna answer that's okay too :)

why do I have a feeling that I know you…

I’m gonna sound like any other artist, but seriously, ref is kEY. Try studying it,(trace over it if you have to but please don’t post that) just do whatever to understand it. When you think you’ve got a hang of it, you can try sketching it without reference. (if it turns out disappointing than you can always go back) 

If it’s a more dynamic pose, try loosening lines and strokes, make them curved and don’t add sharp edges. 

it goes for stiller poses too: 

but yeah, that’s all I got :D Please don’t cry. You’ll improve if you put your heart into it >:D 

Net Neutrality Information/Update

Guys, there are only 5 days until the FCC votes. The FCC vote on December 14th IS NOT THE DEATH DAY FOR NET NEUTRALITY!

The FCC votes then whether they will send their proposition/bill to Repeal Net Neutrality to Congress/The Senate for them to vote on.

The FCC CANNOT PASS/MAKE LAWS. The reason we email the FCC members was for making them vote to save Net Neutrality and vote against the repeal of it.

If enough members of the FCC vote against the proposition to repeal Net Neutrality, then it will not go up to The Senate/Congress to be officially voted on.

Important Information on USA Government:

•In America, The Legislative Branch is made up of Congress.

•The two main law making/passing parts of Congress are The Senate and The House Of Representatives.

•The FCC is not apart of Congress, therefore they cannot make/pass laws.

•There are 435 members in The House Of Representatives.

•There are 100 members in The Senate.

The Senate is considered to be higher up than The House Of Representatives.

•According to some articles and informative post I’ve found, 250/435 members in The House Of Representatives have been said to have been “bought out”. This means big business companies that want the repeal of Net Neutrality paid them money to vote for the repeal. ((Information like this for The Senate is unknown, but if I find out I’ll update this post/make another post))

((More information follows in smaller text, do not skip please!))

This is why the importance of calling and emailing both sections of Congress ((The House Of Representatives and The Senate)) is CRUCIAL TO SAVE NET NEUTRALITY!!!

We have to try and persuade our Representatives in The Senate and The House Of Representatives to be on our side if we want to save Net Neutrality!!!

Sad and Unnerving Realizations:

•America’s government mainly ignores it’s people and our opinions.

•Big Business and Money is clearly more important to most people in power in our government.

•Net Neutrality gives people freedom online, it lets users express themselves freely online, whether they are looking for help, finding friends, looking for a relationship, raising money, or creating a small business.

•Freedom is a natural right, not a privilage given at expense.

•Most users online, which is mainly social media, are to young are to poor to pay fees just so the website/video/specific web page on a website will load.

•Suicide rates will rise for those who loose contact with friends and lovers who they communicate with online. They will loose contact with people who can save them if they don’t have anyone in real life to turn to. That includes people in other countries around the world who loose contact to those in America.

•Fandoms (not all) can/will die out and loose their voices.

•It will be harder to share opinions, art work, OC’s, Ships, and OTP’s with others in your fandoms.

How you can help in America:

•Peaceful Protesting.

•Emailing your Representatives and Senators.

•Calling your Representatives and Senators.

•Sign Petitions.

•Spread the word online and in real life with friends, family, and followers.

•Translate this post and other information for those who don’t speak english.

How you can help outside America:

•Most online petitions allow people online from various parts of the world to sign them.

•Spreading the word online and in real life to friends, family, and followers.

•Translate this post and other information for those who can’t speak english.

What NOT to do:

•Send Threats

•Be Rude


•Use improper grammer/spelling/text talk/abbreviations

•Contact Representatives/Senate without knowing facts, having supportive details, or doing research

•Do nothing to help

Some Relieving Information:

•December 14th is NOT the death day of Net Neutrality!

•We still have time to save it! The FCC just votes on officially presenting the proposition to repeal Net Neutrality to Congress on that date.

•We will still have Net Neutrality for Christmas.

•If we have a majority votes against the repeal in the FCC/House Of Representatives/Senate we will save it.

•We have the ability to boycott companies/ISP’s who cause problems if the repeal passes.

•There’s always a chance/hope for reviving it in the future, we are the generation that wants it safe. We can bring it back if we loose it even if it takes a long time.

•We can still be able to text message through phone numbers/emails and communicate through online games and servers ((not websites, downloadables like overwatch, minecraft, etc.)).

•Apps will probably be left alone since they aren’t websites and therefore have different rules

•It lets ISP’s/Companies/websites CHOOSE to cause certain places to go to the slow lane, some may not change if they like how things are now.

•Less people online means they make less money instead of more like they want too.


If there are any questions, got incorrect/old information, or if I missed anything PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

My inbox is always open, anonymous questions are on, and tagging me/others in any post you think are useful I will see and reblog.

I hope this helped, the importance of spreading the word and speaking out is crucial. Your voice matters! All our voices matter!

Please reblog this information despite what your blog is or where you live. TRANSLATING IT AND SPREADING THIS TO NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING FOLLOWERS HELPS TOO!!!

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i spent too much time on this– so I’ve been toying with the idea of an RPG!AU! Despite the fact that I know next to nothing about D&D or fantasy/RPG settings… (fhkdjs blame my nerris muse for this…) The colours are in no way final, either. Preston gave me a hell of a time…

They’re all older as well! Anywhere from mid-late teens/early-20s. I have most of the cast’s classes and alignments sorted out; I would’ve started out with the main 3, but Max and Nikki are harder for me to nail a design for.  Hit me up if you’ve got some thoughts on this or would like to know about the other characters before I draw them!

I’ll put all my current headcanons for these 3 under the cut ↓ ↓ ↓ (Classes are loosely based on the many from D&D, but I wanted to keep things flexible so m(_ _)m) 

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a nocturne that’s more of a bird than a bat seemed like an interesting idea (´ι_` )


[ 20SVT ]  |   new logo & mixed unit songs

So, serious talk.

How is anyone supposed to both have a full time job and be a solo 1d fan?

Like… how?


Louis tweeting Harry happy birthday is fucking EMOTIONAL okay??? Those two had an undeniably close bond in the early days of the band, and over the years it’s stretched and withered and hidden itself and morphed and been tried by people putting something on it other than what it was. 

But they have grown. And gotten older. And changed. And Louis has had a son. And they have both lost people they loved. And they may not be those same boys who moved into the most garish flat in all of London together. But their hearts are the same. And the love and friendship forged in the fires of what they went through has brought them out on the other side to where they can be there for each other. To mourn and to celebrate. Publicly. 

And that’s some beautiful shit right there. 

International fans, it’s up to us to #SaveDirkGently

So, as you have probably heard, BBC America made the decision to drop Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

And it sucks.

But AMC (the company involved with international distribution) are still up for carrying on with it, so we need to take action now.

The American fans did their bit by watching as the show aired. Now us international fans need to show that the world wants more Dirk Gently.

What can we do?

The most important thing is to watch the show on Netflix. Season 1 is available to be viewed right now, and the christmas holidays are the perfect time for a rewatch, no? You can also use this time to introduce all your friends and family to the show and prove that it’s gonna be worth watching season 2 and getting more seasons.

When January 5 comes around, we need as many different netflix accounts watching the show as possible. It’s all well and good if you want to watch it with your friends, but 2 separate accounts = 2 separate people watching, and we need the numbers.

Tell your family and your friends and everyone you know to watch the show on January 5 or very soon after so that we can show that the dedication that we have to it, and hopefully get it renewed on Netflix.

Is there anything else?

Yes! You can keep tweeting using the hashtags #SaveDirkGently and #RowdyForS3. For more information on who to tweet, I suggest you contact @busy-thinkin-bout-dirk or @sharkcats.

There is also a petition that you can sign here in order to show your support for Dirk Gently getting future seasons.

I love the little holistic family that we have, but the truth is that we need more people to join our ranks so that we can get our show renewed.

I believe in us, so lets show the powers that be that we ARE NOT GIVING UP ON DIRK GENTLY.